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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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02/05/2015 > 21 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150036787 - Collimator and inspecting system using the same: Disclosed are a collimator and an inspecting system using the same. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a collimator for setting a radiation irradiation range, the collimator comprising: a shielding portion blocking the radiation; and a block portion comprising a plurality of unit pieces which... Agent: University-industry Foundation (uif)

20150036786 - Common dc bus power ct system: A CT system includes a gantry having a rotatable base and having an opening for receiving an object to be scanned, and an AC-to-DC converter coupleable to a 3-phase AC facility power, and coupled through a DC bus to a gantry motor to rotationally drive the rotatable base using DC... Agent: General Electric Company

20150036792 - Computed tomography apparatus, and method of generating image by using computed tomography apparatus: A computed tomography apparatus includes an X-ray irradiation unit irradiating an X-ray to an object while rotating along a predetermined rotation path, a detector acquiring projection data by detecting an X-ray transmitted through the object, a filter unit located between the X-ray irradiation unit and the object and comprising a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150036790 - Method and apparatus to generate a panoramic radiography: A method for obtaining a panoramic image similar to a panoramic radiography obtained from a patient through X-ray emission by processing an acquired 3D digital volume in voxel, each voxel having values of X-ray absorption is characterized by selecting a curved surface in 3D volume and identifying a plurality of... Agent:

20150036788 - Radiation image pick-up device and image processing method: Irrespective of the layout, moving path, and moving range of the X-ray source and the detector, a highly precise image is acquired, in a similar manner as an X-ray CT scanner that is capable of acquiring a measured image using a rotation angle of 180 degrees or more. A measured... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20150036789 - Reconstruction with partially known attenuation information in time of flight positron emission tomography: Reconstruction in positron emission tomography is performed with partially known attenuation. A PET-CT scanner is used to generate a PET image with time of flight emission information. To limit x-ray dose while providing increased sensitivity at the ends of the CT volume in the PET image, attenuation coefficients for oblique... Agent:

20150036791 - Rotating unit with a device for wireless data transmission between two parts movable relative to one another, and method for wireless data transmission between two parts movable relative to one another: In a method and a device for wireless data transmission between two parts of a medical imaging device that are moving relative to one another, at least: a first communication device has at least one transmission unit to transmit at least one radio-frequency signal, a second communication device has at... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150036793 - Radiotherapy system: A radiotherapy system acquires an image which is necessary for positioning of a patient for radiation treatment and enables grasping of a positional relationship of a target in a treatment radiation irradiated state, a radiation passing area and a critical organ. An X-ray imaging device is attached to the rotatable... Agent:

20150036794 - System and method for improved spatial resolution of a multi-slice imaging system: A system and method include acquisition of a set of projections from an object using a CT imaging system and reconstruct an initial image of the scanned object from the set of projections, the reconstructed initial image comprising a plurality of pixels. The system and method also include identification of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150036795 - Multi-directional phase contrast x-ray imaging: The present invention relates to phase contrast X-ray imaging of an object. In order to provide phase contrast information in more than one direction, an X-ray imaging system is provided that comprises an X-ray source (12), an X-ray detector arrangement (16), and a grating arrangement (18) with a phase-grating structure... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150036796 - Mammography apparatus: In a mammography apparatus, a deflection of an x-ray source aligned on a radiation detector is predetermined depending on the size of a breast compressed in the compression unit and/or the density of the breast tissue. Given an increasing deflection on an arc-shaped trajectory of the x-ray source, the compression... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150036797 - Imaging system: An intraoral radiation device comprises a biocompatible intraoral receptacle with an X-ray source therein.... Agent:

20150036798 - Scanner systems: A crane including support means arranged to support a load and to move the load along a path, and a scanner including a radiation source and radiation detection means arranged to scan a scanning volume. The path is arranged to pass through the scanning volume so that the scanner can... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20150036799 - G-arm x-ray imaging apparatus: An X-ray imaging apparatus is provided having advantages of both C-shaped, G-shaped, and ring-shaped arm configurations. The device consists of a gantry that supports X-ray imaging machinery. The gantry is formed to allow two bi-planar X-rays to be taken simultaneously or without movement of the equipment and/or patient. The gantry... Agent:

20150036801 - Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system: A radiation generating apparatus 1 comprising a radiation generating unit 2 which emits radiation, and a movable diaphragm unit 3 which is arranged on the radiation generating unit 2, wherein the movable diaphragm unit 3 has restriction blades 18 which adjust a size of a radiation field, a light source... Agent:

20150036802 - Radiation image detecting device and radiation imaging system: In a detection panel, plural pixels which receive X-ray and accumulate electric charge and plural measuring pixels which detect X-ray dose are provided on an imaging surface. The plural measuring pixels are arranged periodically with an interval. In a position facing to the imaging surface, there is a grid where... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150036800 - Radiographic x-ray equipment: Radiographic X-ray equipment includes a revolution driving device that causes an X-ray irradiating member and an X-ray imaging member to perform a revolving movement around a subject with a revolution center line as the center, and a main body control unit that controls the revolution driving device, a secondary driving... Agent: The Yoshida Dental Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150036803 - Medical dose information management apparatus, x-ray diagnostic apparatus, and medical dose information management method: A medical dose information management apparatus according to an embodiment includes a dose measuring unit, a dose graph generation unit, a dose graph generation unit, a display mode setting unit and an output unit. The dose measuring unit acquires dose information including an area dose in X-ray irradiation. The dose... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150036804 - Portable x-ray analyzer having vibration, thermal and/or moisture isolation from exterior environment: A handheld x-ray analyzer, having an outer shell forming an inner cavity, the outer shell having at least one aperture; an x-ray engine positioned within the cavity; and a generally planar heat sink rigidly and thermally attached to the x-ray engine, and positioned in the aperture of the outer shell... Agent: X-ray Optical Systems, Inc.

20150036805 - Apparatus for amplifying intensity during transmission small angle- x-ray scattering measurements: The disclosure provides an apparatus for amplifying scattering intensity during tSAXS measurements. The apparatus includes an enhancement grating object and a placement mechanism. The enhancement grating object is positioned within a longitudinal coherence length of an incident X-ray from a target object. The placement mechanism is capable of placing the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150036806 - Method for real-time quality assurance assessment of gantry rotation and collimator rotation in radiation therapy: A method and device for real-time mechanical and dosimetric quality assurance measurements in radiation therapy provides a unified measurement of mechanical motion and radiation components of the machine. The device includes an imaging surface for receiving multiple energy sources. The imaging surface has an imaging plane positioned on a same... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 19 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150030118 - X-ray ct apparatus: X-ray CT apparatus is provided which can easily decide on a reconstruction method based on imaging conditions. X-ray CT apparatus comprises: irradiation unit irradiating a subject with X-rays, detector configured to detect X-rays transmitted through the subject, and rotator rotating irradiation unit and detector around the subject, and for generating... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150030119 - Multi-source radiation generator and radiographic imaging system: A multi-source radiation generator in which plural radiation sources are arranged in series includes a control unit that controls a dose of radiation emitted from each of the radiation sources depending on positions of the radiation sources, and reduces variation in a radiation dose resulting from differences in positions of... Agent:

20150030120 - Direct-conversion x-ray detector: An of the invention relates to a direct-conversion x-ray detector for detection of x-ray radiation, including a direct converter used for detection of the x-ray radiation, at least one collimator disposed at least partly in the direction of radiation of the x-ray radiation in front of the direct converter and... Agent:

20150030121 - Coordinate measuring apparatus and method for measuring an object: The invention relates to a coordinate measuring apparatus for measuring an object, having an x-ray sensory mechanism as a first sensory mechanism that is provided with an x-ray source and at least one x-ray sensor which detects the x-rays, and a second sensory mechanism such as a tactile and/or an... Agent:

20150030122 - Method for dual-energy mammography: The invention relates to a method for dual-energy mammography. To enable earlier recognition of the microcalcifications as precursors of an oncological tumor in the breast, the invention provides that a comparison pattern with known distributions for density, thickness and effective atomic number are disposed next to the breast; that based... Agent:

20150030123 - System for non-invasive classification of different types of micro-calcifications in human tissue: A non-invasive method distinguishes between two types of micro-calcification by x-ray imaging in mammography. Two major types of micro-calcifications are found and confirmed by histopathology and they are correlated to benign and malignant breast lesions. Distinguishing between them non-invasively will significantly improve early breast cancer diagnosis. This is based on... Agent:

20150030125 - Methods for improving processing speed for object inspection: The present specification describes methods and systems for inspecting objects by means of penetrating radiation where objects are conveyed through the penetrating radiation and subsequent images of objects are reviewed by an operator. Specifically, the present specification describes a system that decouples the synchronization between cessation of image generation on... Agent:

20150030124 - Vehicle pulling device, system for passing vehicle in two modes, and inspection system thereof: A vehicle pulling device, a system for passing a vehicle in two modes, and an inspection system for scanning a vehicle by radiation are disclosed. The vehicle pulling device comprises a movable chassis disposed in a travel passage for a vehicle and being movable in a first direction; and a... Agent:

20150030127 - Multi-source radiation generating apparatus and radiographic imaging system: In a multi-source radiation generating apparatus including a plurality of combinations of a cathode and a target, an extraction electrode is disposed for a plurality of cathodes in common. When a potential of the extraction electrode is constant, potentials for the cathodes are selectively switched between a cutoff potential which... Agent:

20150030129 - Radiation image detecting device and radiation imaging system: A detection panel has a plurality of pixels for accumulating electric charge by receiving X-rays, and a plurality of detection pixels for detecting an X-ray dose in an imaging surface. The detection pixels are disposed periodically with leaving space. A grid, which has X-ray absorbing portions and X-ray transmitting portions... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150030128 - Radiographic apparatus: A first and a second accumulated value calculating units re provided which, in a location where foil shadows by grid foil strips straddle pixels, identify this location based on geometry, and calculate straddle accumulated values of the foil shadows in the identified location. Even when the foil shadows by the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150030130 - System and method for correcting for image artifacts in x-ray image data: A computer-implemented method for reducing image artifacts in X-ray image data includes dividing pixels of X-ray image data into a plurality of pixel value regions based on a pixel value of each pixel, wherein each pixel value region has a different range of pixel values. The method also includes generating... Agent:

20150030126 - X-ray radiography system for differential phase contrast imaging of an object under investigation using phase-stepping: An X-ray radiography system for differential phase contrast imaging of an object under investigation by phase-stepping is provided. The X-ray radiography has an X-ray emitter for generating a beam path of quasi-coherent X-ray radiation, an X-ray image detector with pixels arranged in a matrix, and a diffraction or phase grating,... Agent:

20150030131 - X-ray irradiation device and x-ray radiation source: An X-ray radiation device comprises a plurality of X-ray radiation units, each having an X-ray tube for generating an X-ray, a drive circuit for driving the X-ray tube, and a trunk line connected to the drive circuit, and a controller having a control circuit for controlling the X-ray radiation units.... Agent:

20150030132 - Charge-sensitive amplifier: A charge-sensitive amplifier is disclosed for use in amplifying signals from a particle detector. This includes a field effect transistor having a gate, source and drain, the gate being connectable, using a gate pad, to the particle detector, for the receipt of said signals. Also included is an amplifier having... Agent: Oxford Instruments Nanotechnolgy Tools Limited

20150030133 - Two-dimensional radiation display device and two-dimensional radiation display method: A two-dimensional radiation display device includes: a data acquisition unit that acquires two-dimensional radiation data detected a plurality of times from a plurality of radiation detectors; a data division processing unit that divides the two-dimensional radiation data into data regions of each section of specified direction; an integration processing unit... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150030134 - Medical imaging device: A medical imaging device 10 comprises an inverter 12 with semiconductor switches 26 for generating an AC voltage to be supplied to a load 20, 22, a coil 32 inductively coupled to a conductor 34 of the inverter 12 connected with a semiconductor switch 26 of the inverter 12, and... Agent:

20150030135 - X-ray stitching jig: A medical imaging jig is provided with a foldable handle and an integral type foldable footstool, so that a patient having difficulty in movement can be easily and safely subject to medical imaging. In particular, the integral type foldable footstool is provided to be rotated on a hinge to be... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150030136 - Split ct gantry: A split gantry for a CT system includes a rotatable side comprising a configurable arrangement of image chain components of the CT system, a stationary side comprising a stationary support base and a gantry bearing, wherein the rotatable side is separate from the stationary side, and the stationary side is... Agent: General Electric Company

01/22/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150023464 - Ct pilot image acquisition method and ct device: A CT pilot image acquisition method and a CT device are provided. The method may include: performing a helical scan on a predetermined area to be scanned, so as to obtain scanning data; reconstructing a tomographic image based on the scanning data; performing, at a predetermined positioning angle, a parallel... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150023465 - Source grating, interferometer, and object information acquisition system: A source grating includes a first sub-source grating, where first transmitting portions which transmit X-rays, and first shielding portions which shield X-rays, are alternately arranged in a first direction; and a second sub-source grating, where second transmitting portions which transmit X-rays, and second shielding portions which shield X-rays, are alternately... Agent:

20150023466 - X-ray reduction system: An x-ray system comprising an x-ray source, a single essentially round collimator, a camera, a detector and a monitor, means for moving the collimator in a plane generally parallel to the plane of the collimator; and the collimator comprising a central aperture that allows all the radiation to pass through,... Agent:

20150023467 - Well plate: The present invention includes an apparatus for preparing samples for measurement by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The apparatus comprises a plate having one or more holes passing through the plate. The holes are covered by a film on one side of the plate. The holes are less than 500 micrometers across... Agent: Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150023470 - C-arm mounting apparatus and x-ray imaging device with cage guide: A C-arm mounting apparatus for an x-ray imaging device includes a C-arm, a C-arm holding unit, and at least one cage guide unit. The at least one cage guide unit is moveably arranged between the C-arm and the C-arm holding unit. The C-arm is moveably mounted on the C-arm holding... Agent:

20150023469 - Irradiation field-limiting apparatus, x-ray-generating unit including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus, and x-ray radiography system including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus: An irradiation field-limiting apparatus connected to an X-ray-generating apparatus includes a pair of first limiting blades defining a width of an opening through which radiation is to pass; a first opening width-adjusting mechanism including a first opening width-adjusting shaft operable to adjust the width of the opening by moving the... Agent:

20150023471 - Stereo x-ray tube based suppression of outside body high contrast objects: A double focal spot X-ray tube (104) is used to acquire a set of two images PIα, PIβ for a given gantry position from slightly different view positions. The stereo or binocular disparity (BD) of imaged structures is used to estimate the object depth in view direction, which in turn... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150023468 - System and method for reducing a weight of an x-ray source: A portable x-ray system includes a light weight x-ray head including an x-ray tube and a high voltage (HV) tank, wherein the HV tank comprises a compact voltage multiplier configured to receive a low voltage signal and generate a high voltage signal based on the received low voltage signal. Also,... Agent:

20150023472 - X-ray testing device for material testing and method for the generation of high-resolution projections of a test object by means of x-ray beams: An X-ray testing device for generating high-resolution geometric projections of a test object, includes a highly focusing X-ray source having: a rotary anode assembly formed by a rotatably mounted anode plate, an anode plate drive connected to rotate the anode plate and a rotational angle encoder detecting the rotation angle... Agent:

20150023473 - Rotating x-ray anode with an at least partly radially aligned ground structure: A rotating x-ray anode has an annular focal track. The surface of the focal track has a directed ground structure. Over the circumference of the annular focal track and over the radial extent of the focal track, the alignment of the ground structure is inclined relative to a tangential reference... Agent:

20150023474 - Medical information management apparatus, medical information management method, and medical system: According to one embodiment, a medical information management apparatus includes an examination information acquisition unit acquiring examination information including an irradiation condition, an imaging region and an exposure dose for each examination on the imaging region, an archiving unit archiving an exposure dose calculation target region classified more detailed than... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150023475 - Apparatus and method for mobile x-ray imaging: Apparatus and methods for obtaining repeatable images of a patient are disclosed herein. Mechanical fixtures may be attached to a mobile imaging device and a patient support platform to allow them to be placed at a fixed relationship to one another. Additionally, devices for measuring movement of the mobile imaging... Agent:

20150023476 - Compact mechanism for moving a compression paddle: A mammography or tomosynthesis apparatus, comprising a mechanism configured to move a paddle, relative to a detector platform fixed to a main body of the apparatus, to compress a patient's breast against the detector platform to form a surface. The mechanism comprises a post that is mobile relative to the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150016586 - Imaging methods for image-guided radiation treatment: An IGRT system and methods are described embodiments of which perform selectively integration of x-ray source arrays, dual-energy imaging, stereoscopic imaging, static and source collimation, or inverse geometry tomosynthesis imaging to acquire or track a target during radiation treatment.... Agent:

20150016587 - Computed tomography system including rotatable collimator: Disclosed is a computed tomography (CT) system which includes a rotatable collimator. The CT system includes a gantry. The gantry includes an X-ray source that generates X-rays, a collimator that is provided inside the X-ray source to be rotatable and that limits an irradiation area of the X-rays generated by... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150016588 - Apparatus for holding and positioning x-ray film, photostimulable phosphor plates or digital sensors while taking dental radiographs: A positioner arm for positioning an imaging material, an imaging material holder, an aiming device or a combination thereof is disclosed that includes at least one positioning arm having a first end and a second end, wherein each arm comprises at least two fixed arm angles and wherein at least... Agent:

20150016589 - X-ray tube: A fluoroscopic system is disclosed with capability of differential exposure of different input areas of an image intensifier. The x-ray beam solid angle is limited by a collimator that is relatively near to the focal point of the x-ray tube, to occupy an area smaller then the input area of... Agent:

20150016590 - Soft x-ray curtain tube: An elongated x-ray tube that can emit a linear curtain of x-rays along its length. Methods of using an elongated curtain of x-rays.... Agent: Moxtek, Inc.

20150016591 - X-ray imaging system with cabling precharging module: An X-ray imaging system can include an X-ray tube, an X-ray generator, a precharging module and a triaxial cable. The X-ray tube can be configured to generate an X-ray emission and include an anode, a cathode and a filament. The X-ray generator can be coupled with the X-ray tube and... Agent:

20150016592 - X-ray output apparatus: There is provided a device including an X-ray output apparatus including an X-ray output section including a plurality of X-ray sources and outputting parallel X-ray beams, a shield section capable of changing a position which blocks the output parallel X-ray beams and permeate the parallel X-rays beams, and a control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150016593 - Radiation window with support structure: An improved radiation window comprises a film permeable to radiation disposed on a support structure. The support structure comprises a primary transmissive area comprising a plurality of support members defining a plurality of apertures for radiation to pass through; a flange disposed around the periphery of the primary transmissive area... Agent:

20150016594 - X-ray diffraction-based defective pixel correction method using an active pixel array sensor: A method for correcting erroneous intensity measurements caused by defective pixels of the detector for a single-crystal X-ray diffraction system uses collected diffraction images and a defective pixel list to modify three-dimensional reflection profiles by replacing profile elements affected by the defective pixels with corresponding profile elements from a model... Agent:

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