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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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10/02/2014 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140294137 - Device and computed tomography scanner for determining and visualizing the perfusion of the myocardial muscle: A device is disclosed for determining and visualizing the perfusion of the myocardial muscle with the aid of static CCTA images. In at least one embodiment, the device includes a segmentation unit for segmenting the coronary blood vessels and the left myocardial muscle from a CCTA image of the heart;... Agent:

20140294136 - Non-destructive inspection of an article using cross-sections through internal feature: A method of non-destructively inspecting an article includes scanning an article to produce a computerized three-dimensional representation of an internal feature of the article. A measurement characteristic of the internal feature is then generated from a plurality of cross-sections through the computerized three-dimensional representation of the internal feature. The measurement... Agent:

20140294138 - Out of plane artifact reduction in digital breast tomosynthesis and ct: Reduction of artifacts in digital breast tomosynthesis and in computed tomography. Because of the limited angular range acquisition in DBT the reconstructed slices have reduced resolution in z-direction and are affected by artifacts. Out-of-plane blur caused by dense tissue and large masses complicates 3D visualization and reconstruction of thick slices... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140294139 - Method and apparatus for adaptive x-ray filtration: The present invention pertains to a system and method for adaptive X-ray filtration comprising a volume of X-ray attenuating material with a central less attenuating three-dimensional region. The volume of X-ray attenuating material can be positioned within 10 cm from an X-ray source and rotated around an internal axis of... Agent: Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.

20140294140 - Radiographic phantom apparatuses: There is provided a radiographic phantom for inter alia mimicking specific anatomical parts in a computerized tomography scan. Methods are provided for a variety of purposes including detecting a difference between a measured optical deformation of a radiographic phantom pair and a theoretical deformation of the radiographic phantom pair.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140294141 - Computed tomography system with dynamic bowtie filter: A CT apparatus for scanning an object is provided. An x-ray source is provided, wherein the x-ray source provides a collimated x-ray beam with a cross-section. A plurality of wedges is provided between the source and object. An actuator is connected to the wedges for moving the wedges substantially perpendicular... Agent:

20140294142 - X-ray imaging device and method of controlling the same: The X-ray imaging device includes an X-ray source to generate X-rays and emit the X-rays to an object, an X-ray detector to detect X-rays transmitted through the object and convert the X-rays into an electrical signal, an object contact area mounted on the X-ray detector a compression paddle to compress... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140294144 - Foreign matter detector: A foreign matter detector includes an X-ray source which irradiates a sample moving in a constant direction with primary X-rays, a parallel two-dimensional slit which includes a plurality of slits arranged in at least a moving direction of the sample and emits parallel secondary X-rays by extracting a parallel component... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140294143 - X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer includes: a sample stage configured to place a sample thereon; an X-ray source configured to irradiate the sample with primary X-rays; a detector, which is configured to detect fluorescent X-rays produced from the sample irradiated with the primary X-rays, and which includes an X-ray incident window... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140294145 - X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer includes: an X-ray source which irradiates a sample with primary X-rays; a light condensing device which condenses the primary X-rays to reduce an irradiation area on the sample; a detector which detects fluorescent X-rays produced from the sample irradiated with the primary X-rays; a housing which... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140294146 - Radiation control and minimization system and method using collimation/filtering: A radiation control system and method are provided in which radiation delivered to a patient and/or the operator of the equipment is minimized. The radiation control system may be used in a large variety of applications including applications in which radiation source is used to inspect an object, such as,... Agent:

20140294147 - Systems and methods for multi-view imaging and tomography: Radiation scanning systems providing multiple views of an object in different planes and a reconstruction algorithm for reconstructing quasi-three-dimensional images from a limited number of views. A system may include bend magnets to direct accelerated charged particles to multiple targets in different viewing locations. Another system collimates radiation generated by... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140294149 - Image support: A method includes x-ray image recording of a sequence of overview images of a guidewire during movement of the guidewire through an occlusion, and continuously updated determining of the position of the guidewire using an image recognition algorithm from the overview images. The method also includes continuously updated determining of... Agent:

20140294151 - Nondestructive inspection device and method for correcting luminance data with nondestructive inspection device: A nondestructive inspection device 1 comprises an X-ray indicator 20, a low-energy detector 32, a high-energy detector 42, a low-energy transmittance calculation unit 72, a high-energy transmittance calculation unit 74, a detection unit 76, and a correction unit 78. The calculation unit 72 calculates a value indicating the transmittance of... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140294152 - Pairing of an anatomy representation with live images: The present invention relates to pairing an anatomy representation with live images. In order to provide an enhanced and more flexible pairing of an anatomy representation with live images, for pairing an anatomy representation with live images, reference projected-anatomy image data of a device in a spatial relation to the... Agent:

20140294150 - Radiation generating apparatus and radiographing system using the same: In a radiation generating apparatus of the invention, a radiation tube having a cathode for emitting an electron and an anode for generating a radiation by an irradiation of the electron emitted from the cathode is enclosed in a housing container filled with an insulating liquid. The apparatus has a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294148 - X-ray recording system for x-ray imaging at high image frequencies of an object under examination by way of direct measurement of the interference pattern: An x-ray recording system is disclosed for x-ray imaging of an object under examination by way of direct measurement of an interference pattern, especially for differential, real-time capable phase-contrast imaging. In at least one embodiment, the system includes with at least one x-ray emitter for creating quasi-coherent x-ray radiation; an... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140294154 - Magnetic confinement for microbeam radiation damage area: Various embodiments relate to a method of performing microbeam radiation therapy on a subject, including: producing a high-energy radiation beam in a first direction; producing planar microbeams using the high-energy radiation beam in the first direction, wherein the microbeams have a width, wherein the planar microbeams produce scattered electrons; and... Agent: Microbeam Therapy, LLC

20140294153 - Safety methods and apparatus for low dose-rate radiation for medical and veterinary therapies: Various embodiments relate to a microbeam radiation therapy (microbeam radiosurgery) system, including: a radiation beam source; a collimator with slits, wherein the collimator only passes a radiation beam from the radiation beam source through the slits; a filtering and limiting system; a source shutoff controller connected to the radiation beam... Agent: Microbeam Therapy, LLC

20140294155 - Radiography device and method for examinations in the field of pediatric radiology: A radiography device and a radiography method are specifically adapted for examinations in the field of pediatric radiology. The radiography device examines a diagnosis-relevant region of a patient. The device has a radiation source, which emits radiological rays in an irradiation direction. An irradiation surface is selectable in dependence of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140294156 - Compact x-ray source: A compact x-ray source can include a circuit (10) providing reliable voltage isolation between low and high voltage sides (21, 23) of the circuit while allowing AC power transfer between the low and high voltage sides of the circuit to an x-ray tube electron emitter (43). Capacitors (11, 12) can... Agent: Moxtek, Inc.

20140294157 - Support structure and highly aligned monochromating x-ray optics for x-ray analysis engines and analyzers: A support structure having multiple highly aligned curved x-ray optics, the support structure having multiple internal partially or fully concentric surfaces upon which said optics are mounted, thereby aligning said optics along a central optical axis thereof and therefore to a source, sample, and/or detector in combination with which the... Agent: X-ray Optical Systems, Inc.

20140294158 - X-ray waveguide: Provided is an X-ray waveguide including a core and two clads opposing to each other so as to sandwich the core, wherein one of the interfaces between the clad and the core has a periodic relief structure in a direction perpendicular to an opposing direction of the two clads and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294159 - Drive system for imaging device: A drive mechanism for a mobile imaging system comprises a main drive geared into a drive wheel for propelling the imaging system, including a base and one or more imaging components, across a surface. The drive mechanism can also include a scan drive that moves the drive mechanism and the... Agent:

20140294160 - Method and device for establishing object data: A method establishes a spatial position of a part of an x-ray ruler imaged in at least one x-ray image. The X-ray ruler is attached to an alignment of an object to be x-rayed. The X-ray ruler has at least a first part and a second part each having x-ray... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

09/25/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140286473 - Estimation of xrf intensity from an array of micro-bumps: A method for inspection includes capturing an optical image of one or more features on a surface of a sample and irradiating an area of the sample containing at least one of the features with an X-ray beam. An intensity of X-ray fluorescence emitted from the sample in response to... Agent: Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.

20140286474 - X-ray fluorescence analyzer: An X-ray fluorescence analyzer includes a sample stage having an opening at an X-ray irradiation position, an X-ray source which irradiates a sample placed on the opening with a primary X-ray from below, a detector which detects an X-ray fluorescence generated from the sample, a transparent drop prevention plate supported... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140286475 - Interferometer and object information acquisition system: An interferometer includes a diffraction grating that forms a first pattern by diffracting X-rays; a shield grating that forms a second pattern by blocking one or more of the X-rays forming the first pattern; a detector that detects information on the second pattern by detecting X-rays from the shield grating;... Agent:

20140286477 - Radiation photographing apparatus: A radiation photographing apparatus 1 includes a radiation irradiating unit 11, a first grating 31 which has a periodic structure which is formed by arranging a plurality of linear bodies 31b and forms a radiation image including a periodic intensity distribution by the passing radiation; a detecting unit 14 which... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140286476 - Systems and methods for high-speed radiography with high resolution imaging of large-area fields: The present invention proposes a high speed radiographic system for use with megavolt linear-accelerator pulsed x-ray sources to produce video images of large-area fields. A linear accelerator is positioned above a field of view. X-ray photons are directed through an object of interest traveling and/or colliding within the field of... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140286478 - Method for characterizing a material: A method for characterizing a material, comprising: arranging a piece of the material near a source of ionizing photons and a detector; irradiating the piece with photons and acquiring, via the detector, two energy spectra of a photon flux that has been diffused into the material at various depths, the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140286479 - Guided imaging system: Apparatus for wirelessly controlling a guided imaging system based upon the relative motion of the user. The system includes a power supply, a memory, an x-ray source, an image intensifier and a wireless transceiver coupled to the image intensifier. A separate wireless input device comprising a wireless transmitter for communicating... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 42 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140270051 - Diagnostic scanning apparatus: A diagnostic scanning apparatus includes a hollow rotor sized to receive a patient. First and second flanges are connected to and extend radially outward from the rotor in a spaced-apart relationship, each of the first and second flanges including, at least in part, a magnetically-permeable material. A radiation source is... Agent: Skf Magnetic Bearings

20140270053 - Method for consistent and verifiable optimization of computed tomography (ct) radiation dose: A system and a method is disclosed for consistently and verifiably optimizing computed tomography (CT) radiation dose in the clinical setting. Mathematical models allow for estimation of patient size, image noise, size-specific radiation dose, and image quality targets based on digital image data and radiologists preferences. A prediction model estimates... Agent: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140270052 - Systems and methods for evaluating a brain scan: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for evaluating a brain scan using reference data. Specifically, the systems and methods include a computed tomography (CT) scanner for the purpose of diagnosing concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). The system includes a multi-energy x-ray source (i.e., spectral CT), a photon... Agent:

20140270054 - Adaptive ct scanning system: Apparatus, systems, and methods that provide an X-ray interrogation system having a plurality of stationary X-ray point sources arranged to substantially encircle an area or space to be interrogated. A plurality of stationary detectors are arranged to substantially encircle the area or space to be interrogated, A controller is adapted... Agent:

20140270055 - X-ray ct apparatus: X-ray CT apparatus is provided in which the photon energy distribution of X-rays to be radiated is flattened. X-ray CT apparatus includes an X-ray tube, a detector, a data acquisition system, a tube voltage generator, and a grid controller. The X-ray tube radiates X-rays onto a subject. The detector includes... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140270058 - Ct system and detection device for ct system: A detection device for a CT system comprises a low-energy detector assembly; and a high-energy detector assembly disposed under the low-energy detector assembly. The high-energy detector assembly comprises: a plurality of rows of high-energy detectors arranged at predetermined intervals. With the detection device, detectors and data acquisition units are greatly... Agent: Nuctech Company Limited

20140270056 - Dynamic alignment of sparse photon counting detectors: An apparatus and method for controlling movement of a plurality of fixed detectors arranged in a computed tomography (CT) system that includes a rotating X-ray source. The method including obtaining a view angle of the X-ray source, determining a tilt angle for a detector of the plurality of detectors that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140270057 - X-ray sensor and signal processing assembly for an x-ray computed tomography machine: An apparatus having an X-ray sensor assembly with X-ray blocking pixels divided by X-ray transmitting gaps with the X-ray blocking pixels casting an X-ray blocking shadow; and a die containing signal processing electronics, with the signal processing electronics positioned substantially entirely within the X-ray blocking shadow. A method for detecting... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140270059 - High resolution models of a target object: Embodiments of the systems and methods of this disclosure utilize different positions, or poses, of a target object to collect images that can result in high-resolution volumetric models of the target object. In one embodiment, the object poses define a lateral position and an axial position (also “angular orientation”) of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140270061 - X-ray talbot interferometer and x-ray imaging system including talbot interferometer: An X-ray Talbot interferometer includes a first grating configured to diffract X-rays from an X-ray source and form an interference pattern, a second grating configured to block a portion of X-rays that form the interference pattern, and a detector configured to detect X-rays from the second grating. An inspection object... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140270060 - X-ray talbot interferometer and x-ray talbot imaging system: An X-ray Talbot interferometer includes a source grating configured to spatially split X-rays emitted from an X-ray source, a diffraction grating configured to form an interference pattern with the X-rays from the source grating, and an X-ray detector configured to detect the X-rays from the diffraction grating. The X-ray Talbot... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140270062 - Ceiling mounted medical imaging system: A medical imaging device mountable on a support structure having a horizontal surface and at least one substantially vertical surface. The imaging device includes a frame and a gantry having a radiation source and a radiation detector. The gantry is rotatable with respect to the frame. The imaging device includes... Agent:

20140270063 - Non-homogeneous sample handling apparatus and x-ray analyzer applications thereof: A sample handling apparatus/technique/method are provided for a material analyzer, including: a sample cell insert for carrying sample to and from a sample focal area of the analyzer; a removable sample carrying device for providing sample to the cell insert; and an actuator to flow sample from the carrying device... Agent: X-ray Optical Systems, Inc.

20140270064 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: The X-ray imaging apparatus to form a phase contrast image includes an X-ray source that generates X-rays to emit the X-rays to an object; an X-ray detector configured to detect X-rays having passed through the object to acquire phase contrast image signals on a per energy band basis; and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270065 - Apparatus and method for calibrating an x-ray image of a knee of a patient: An x-ray calibration apparatus includes a radiolucent knee alignment jig configured to receive a knee of a patient and a radiolucent cushion configured to hold a patient's knee at a fixed angle of flexion. The x-ray calibration apparatus also includes a number of radio-opaque fiducial markers positioned within the radiolucent... Agent:

20140270072 - Grain size inspection of a gas turbine component by x-ray refraction: A system and method for inspecting a grain size of a cast alloy component while maintaining the structural integrity of the cast alloy component is disclosed. The method includes recording a radiographic image of the component, identifying areas of the component to be inspected, and locating one or more lines... Agent:

20140270074 - Image acquisition optimization: A system and a method for acquiring image data of a subject with an imaging system is provided. The system can include a gantry that completely annularly encompasses at least a portion of the subject, with a source positioned within and movable relative to the gantry. The source can be... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20140270068 - Imaging system and method: The present invention is related to system and method for capturing dental images, for example, an aiming and positioning device for capturing dental images of a patient's teeth using a collimator. The system includes an image receptor holding device with an elongated arm adapted to receive and couple the receptor... Agent: Zuma Dental, LLC

20140270073 - Method and system for acquiring an x-ray image: A method acquires an X-ray image via a counting digital X-ray detector of an X-ray system. The X-ray detector has an X-ray converter for converting X-ray radiation into an electrical signal and a matrix having a plurality of counting pixel elements. At least one variable threshold value is applied for... Agent:

20140270067 - Radiographic marker: A radiographic marker. The marker includes a first portion of radiolucent material comprising a first radiopaque pattern. The first portion is configured to be positioned on a first surface of an imaging subject during use. The marker also includes a second portion of radiolucent material comprising a second radiopaque pattern... Agent:

20140270069 - Real-time moving collimators made with x-ray filtering material: An apparatus includes an x-ray source operable to generate x-ray beams, a collimator comprising one or more leaves configured to modify the x-ray beams, a motorized system operable to move the one or more leaves of the collimator independently in or out of the x-ray beams, and a controller configured... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140270066 - Systems and methods for detecting contraband using quadrupole resonance and x-ray detection: A contraband detection system is provided. The contraband detection system includes an X-ray system including a front X-ray transmitter/detector and a rear X-ray transmitter/detector. The contraband detection system further includes a quadrupole resonance (QR) system comprising a first QR coil, and a second QR coil, wherein the first and second... Agent: Morpho Detection, Inc.

20140270070 - X-ray recording system for differential phase contrast imaging of an examination object by way of phase stepping: An x-ray recording system is for differential phase contrast imaging of an examination object via phase stepping. In an embodiment, the x-ray recording system includes at least one x-ray emitter for generating quasi coherent x-ray radiation; an x-ray image detector with pixels arranged in a matrix; a defraction or phase... Agent:

20140270071 - X-ray tube comprising field emission type electron gun and x-ray inspection apparatus using the same: An X-ray tube and an X-ray inspection apparatus using the X-ray tube have improved workability of the baking for obtaining an ultra-high vacuum of the X-ray tube having a field emission type electron gun, and have stable performance. The X-ray tube includes a field emission type electron gun chamber, an... Agent: Mars Tohken X-ray Inspection Co., Ltd.

20140270077 - Method and apparatus pertaining to irradiating a treatment volume while maintaining the treatment volume a predetermined offset distance from the radiation-treatment isocenter: A control circuit is configured to control selective movement of at least the patient-support platform (during a radiation treatment session and typically while the radiation source is also moving) such that during at least a part of the radiation treatment session a patient's radiation-treatment target volume is maintained at a... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140270076 - Rodent ionizing radiation treatment device: The present application relates to rodent radiation device that enables simultaneous radiation treatment of a plurality of small animals such as mice with localized radiation therapy. The device can provide clinically-relevant homogeneous radiation dosing and scheduling to a plurality of small animals or other in vivo cancer models simultaneously. Specifically,... Agent: The Ohio State University

20140270075 - System and method for improved radiosurgery collimation: A system and method is provided for radiation system collimation and design. A plurality of channel waveguide assemblies are provided to be operatively associated with respective beam collimators having varying longitudinal bore diameters. The plurality of channel waveguide assemblies includes a plurality of guides and concentric spacers. The plurality of... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140270078 - Methods of detecting inhomogeneity of a layer and apparatus for performing the same: In a method of detecting inhomogeneity of a layer, an incident light may be irradiated to at least two regions of the layer at a first incident angle position. First reflected lights reflected from the two regions of the layer may be sensed. The incident light may be irradiated to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270079 - X-ray analyzing system for x-ray scattering analysis: An X-ray analyzing system for x-ray scattering analysis having an x-ray source for generating a beam of x-rays propagating along a transmission axis (3), at least one hybrid slit (5b) with an aperture which defines the shape of the cross section of the beam, a sample on which the beam... Agent:

20140270080 - Electrochemical test cell for enabling in-situ x-ray diffraction and scattering studies of scale formation and microstructural changes in materials with flow through solution: An electrochemical test cell apparatus is disclosed for enabling in-situ X-ray transmission of a flowing fluid using a small angle X-ray scattering technique. A base has a recessed portion that partially defines a volume for containing a test sample. The base may have a fluid supply passage for providing a... Agent:

20140270081 - Dynamic control of radiation emission: Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems for selectively inhibiting radiation from being generated by a radiation source are provided. A radiation source comprises an electrically conductive gate situated between a cathode and an anode. When a voltage potential is created between the gate and the cathode, a... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20140270082 - X-ray system having a user interface with swipe and log viewing features: An x-ray system including an x-ray source generating an x-ray stream. The x-ray system also includes a processor in communication with the x-ray source and a user interface module. The user interface module is configured to generate a graphical user interface to control the x-ray system. The graphical user interface... Agent:

20140270083 - Volumetrically efficient miniature x-ray system: A device for producing x-rays includes: a housing that includes a folded high-voltage multiplier coupled to a filament transformer, the transformer coupled to an x-ray tube for producing the x-rays. A method of fabrication and an x-ray source are disclosed.... Agent:

20140270084 - Transmission x-ray generator: An x-ray transmission device includes two surfaces in frictional contact within a low fluid pressure environment provided by a housing substantially opaque to x-rays. Materials of the two surfaces are selected such that the frictional contact generates relative charging between the surfaces. The housing includes a window substantially transparent to... Agent:

20140270085 - Continuous contact x-ray source: An x-ray device utilizes a band of material to exchange charge through tribocharging within a chamber maintained at low fluid pressure. The charge is utilized to generate x-rays within the housing, which may pass through a window of the housing. Various contact rods may be used as part of the... Agent:

20140270086 - Intra pulse multi-energy method and apparatus based on rf linac and x-ray source: The relative position of an RF waveform and electron bunches in a linear accelerator is controlled by appropriate control of the accelerator electronics. Thus the energy given to any particular electron bunch can be controlled by altering the position of amplitude peaks of the RF driving field relative to the... Agent:

20140270087 - X-ray generator including heat sink block: An x-ray generator includes a housing, a cathode block that is arranged in the housing and emits electrons via a field emission scheme, an anode block that is arranged in the housing and generates x-rays in response to the electrons emitted from the cathode block and collide with the anode... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270088 - Compact x-ray generation device: An x-ray transmitter, which may be compact, may be in the form of a housing with an x-ray transparent window sputtered with a metal on one wall, and tribocharging electron source on another wall.... Agent:

20140270089 - System and method for servicing x-ray tubes in situ: Systems and methods for replacing coolant of an x-ray tube assembly having a closed cooling system include a service port that is operatively installed in the cooling system and a vacuum assisted service kit that is operatively coupled to the service port. Used coolant is drained from the x-ray tube... Agent: Southern Linac, LLC

20140270090 - X-ray diffraction apparatus and method: An x-ray diffraction apparatus is provided having an x-ray diffraction head, a frame for supporting the x-ray diffraction head, and a pair of drive mechanisms of the frame configured to generate pivotal movement of the x-ray diffraction head about first and second orthogonal axes. The frame is configured such that... Agent: Proto Manufacturing Ltd.

20140270091 - Rotating drum collimator: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention are directed to a rotating drum collimator for collimating an energy beam to produce a scanning beam that includes a drum having a substantially cylindrical sidewall with a first helical groove and a second helical groove formed in the cylindrical side wall, and a... Agent:

20140270092 - Electronic cassette: A chamfered portion configured to have a surface which is tilted to a side surface and a rear surface is formed between the side surface and the rear surface of a housing of an electronic cassette. The chamfered portion has a boundary portion having a predetermined range in the vicinity... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/11/2014 > 52 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140254745 - Medical x-ray photography apparatus: A medical X-ray photography apparatus includes the turning arm and a moving mechanism. The turning arm supports an X-ray generator and an X-ray detector. The moving mechanism includes a turning part that turns the turning arm and a moving part that moves the turning arm along a two-dimensional plane orthogonal... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20140254746 - X-ray ct system: An X-ray CT system including: a rotator including an X-ray tube installed therein; a gantry, arranged on a floor part, and configured to rotatably support the rotator; a cover configured to cover the rotator and the gantry from the outside; and an elastic member, and mounted along the lower edge... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140254747 - X-ray imaging apparatus, wedge filter apparatus, and method of controlling wedge filter: According to one embodiment, a flexible wedge filter is arranged between an X-ray tube and an examinee to attenuate a dose according to an X-ray from the X-ray tube. The flexible wedge filter has a plurality of filter modules 39 having a configuration capable of individually changing an X-ray transmission... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140254749 - Photon counting detector: An imaging system (300) includes a detector array (314) with direct conversion detector pixels that detect radiation traversing an examination region of the imaging system and generate a signal indicative of the detected radiation, a pulse shaper (316) configured to alternatively process the signal indicative of detected radiation generated by... Agent:

20140254748 - System and method for saving time and dose in computed tomography: The present invention pertains to a system and method for X-ray imaging wherein a targeted fluence at the detector for projection images can be achieved at a plurality of projection angles around the imaging subject by control of exposure times implemented during image acquisition. Exposure time for a second projection... Agent: Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.

20140254750 - Medical x-ray ct photography apparatus: A medical X-ray CT photography apparatus body includes a turning arm that supports an X-ray generator and an X-ray detector while the X-ray generator and the X-ray detector are opposed to each other with the subject interposed therebetween, a bracket part that fixedly supports an axial center position of a... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20140254752 - Luminescence based spectrometers: Various embodiments of systems, components, modules, routines, and processes for luminescence based spectral measurement are described herein. In one embodiment, a method for measuring a scintillation property of a sample includes directing an ionizing radiation toward the sample, thereby inducing the sample to produce an emission. The method also includes... Agent:

20140254751 - Radiographic examination apparatus and method for the same: A radiographic examination apparatus improves response to fluoroscopy or continuous shooting by changing promptly the power-output of an X-ray tube. The apparatus and method, when an absolute value of variation C per fixed time interval between the filament electric current of current pulse-output calculated by the filament electric current variation... Agent:

20140254762 - Dynamic radiographic imaging system: A dynamic radiographic imaging system includes a detecting section that detects periodic changes of a predetermined site of a subject; a recommended imaging (start) timing specifying section that specifies a recommended imaging start timing based on the detection result; a notifying section that makes a notification to a photographer in... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140254759 - Imaging control apparatus, radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic image capturing system, control method, and non-transitory recording medium storing program causing computer to execute control method: An imaging control apparatus includes a determination unit and a setting unit. The determination unit is configured to determine, based on a state of communication to a radiation generator, which of a synchronous imaging mode and an asynchronous imaging mode is to be used to obtain radiographic image data. The... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254754 - Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system: A radiation generating apparatus including: a radiation generating unit for emitting radiation through a transmission window; and a movable diaphragm unit including a restricting blade for adjusting a size of a radiation field and a light projecting and collimating device for making simulation display of the radiation field with a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254756 - Radiation imaging system, radiation imaging apparatus, and apparatus: An X-ray imaging system includes an X-ray imaging apparatus for converting an X-ray into an image signal, a cable for transmitting signals to the X-ray imaging apparatus, a connector, disposed at an end of the cable, for connecting the cable and the X-ray imaging apparatus, and fixing portions for fixing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254753 - Radiographic apparatus and method for the same: A radiographic apparatus detector and method therefore obtains an image having excellent recognition without the effect of body movement. A single composite image is generated by connecting strip images in the movement direction of a radiation emitter, which are extending in a direction orthogonal to an emitter movement direction. A... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140254760 - Radiographic imaging control apparatus, radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic imaging system, method for controlling the same, and computer program relating to the control method: A radiographic imaging control apparatus includes a control unit, a setting unit, and an obtaining unit. The control unit performs a first control to cause a radiation sensor to transit into a state where electric charges can be stored if it is determined that a predetermined standby time elapses and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254761 - Real-time x-ray monitoring: A medical imaging system has a radiation source, a radiation sensor, a data-collection unit, and an imaging system. The radiation source has an opening to direct a collimated radiation beam in a direction towards a patient. The radiation sensor is disposed proximate the opening and within the collimated radiation beam... Agent:

20140254755 - X-ray generation tube, x-ray generation device including the x-ray generation tube, and x-ray imaging system: Provided is a high-output X-ray generation tube in which thermal damage to a target is reduced. The X-ray generation tube includes a target, an electron source, and a grid electrode having multiple electron passage apertures disposed between the target and the electron source. A source-side electron beam on the electron... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254757 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: Disclosed are an X-ray imaging apparatus, which may acquire different phase contrast image signals on a per energy band basis simultaneously without moving a detector or emitting X-rays multiple times by using a photon counting detector that separates detected X-rays into a plurality of energy bands, and a control method... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140254758 - X-ray imaging system: A management apparatus for managing radiation imaging receives function information about a radiation imaging apparatus and communication information about communication between the radiation imaging apparatus and a radiation generation apparatus. Based on the function information or communication information received, an operation setting unit in the management apparatus sets an operation... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254763 - X-ray diffraction method of mapping grain structures in a crystalline material sample, and an x-ray diffraction apparatus: An X-ray diffraction method of mapping grain structures in a polycrystalline material sample, where an X-ray detector detects substantially line-shaped segments from beams diffracted from at least some of the grains. A processing device analyses values received from the X-ray detector and identifies at least the position and the length... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

20140254764 - X-ray backscatter imaging of an object embedded in a highly scattering medium: An apparatus and associated method for obtaining a three-dimensional representation of a target object within a fluid-carrying conduit, such as a hydrocarbon exploration or production well, using high energy photons is provided. The representation is essentially a three-dimensional image that achieves visualization of the shape of the target object despite... Agent: Visuray Intech Ltd

20140254765 - Display control apparatus, display control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program: A display control apparatus includes a display control unit configured to display first image data and second image data in different display modes on a display unit. The first image data is generated by detecting, with use of a radiation detection unit, radiation that has transmitted through a subject, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140254766 - Method and arrangement for generating a jet of fluid, method and system for transforming the jet into a plasma, and uses of said system: A method and apparatus for generating a pulsed jet of fluid, and transforming the jet into a plasma. The method includes using a high-pressure rapid solenoid valve, and a pipe mounted on an outlet opening of the solenoid valve to produce a pulsed fluid jet which is sub-millimetric in size,... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique

20140254767 - Cathode assembly for a long throw length x-ray tube: Cathode assembly for a long throw length x-ray tube. In one example embodiment, a cathode assembly for an x-ray tube includes an electron emitter, an acceleration region, and a drift region. The electron emitter includes a curved emitting surface configured to emit an electron beam having a y-dimension that is... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140254768 - Multi-leaf collimators: The leaves of a multi-leaf collimator can be driven more easily and hence more quickly if they are supported on a ball-race instead of in a sliding groove. A recirculating path is preferred, in which the rolling elements of the ball-race support the leaf over part of their path and... Agent: Elekta Ab

20140254769 - Modality with multicomputer system and powering sequence therefor: An imaging modality includes a first computer, a second computer, a computer select circuit connected to a manually operable switch and configured to allow an operator to select whether to operate the first computer or the second computer by manually operating the manually operable switch, a single power supply unit... Agent: Virtual Imaging, Inc.

20140254770 - X-ray computed tomography device calibration and verification apparatus: An apparatus for calibrating an x-ray computed tomography device has a plurality of objects formed from a material that is visible to x-rays, and a base at least in part fixedly supporting the plurality of objects so that each of the plurality of objects contacts at least one of the... Agent: Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

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