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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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04/16/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150103968 - Computed tomography (ct) image reconstruction method: The present invention discloses a computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction method using two-dimensional images at different angles as well as a two-dimensional virtual matrix on a basis of spherical space, to process projection, comparison, and correction. Thus, it can obtain the tomography within predetermined difference value to reduce computational and... Agent: National Yang-ming University

20150103969 - Reconstruction of image data by means of contour data: A method is based on first projection data, recorded during a relative rotational movement between an x-ray source of a CT device and at least one examination object lying partly outside the field of view of the CT device. Contour data of the surface of the examination object is useable... Agent:

20150103971 - System and method for multi-energy x-ray imaging using a polychromatic source: A system and method for generating multi-energy computed tomography images of a subject using a polychromatic x-ray source with single spectrum includes acquiring a measure of a polychromatic spectrum of a polychromatic x-ray beam generated by the polychromatic x-ray source. The method also includes acquiring attenuation data generated by operating... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150103970 - Systems and methods for generating x-ray phase contrast images using a conventional x-ray imaging system: Described here are systems and methods for generating x-ray phase contrast images from conventional x-ray attenuation data. X-ray attenuation coefficients generated over a range of x-ray energies are used to compute the x-ray phase signal up to a calibration constant. This calibration constant is computed from provided calibration data, which... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150103972 - Motion layer decomposition calibration of x-ray ct imagers: An x-ray computed tomography system (14) includes a gantry (15), a plurality of elements (18), and one or more processors (28). The gantry (15) moves to different orientations and generates x-ray data which includes image projection data at a plurality of the orientations. The plurality of elements (18) connect to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150103973 - X-ray system with multiple dynamic range selections: An x-ray system with multiple dynamic range selections. The system including an x-ray source and a detector, wherein the detector includes a scintillator and a pixel. The pixel includes a photodiode and first and second capacitors connectable to the photodiode. The pixel is configured to be switched between a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150103974 - X-ray system, semiconductor package, and tray having x-ray absorption filter: An X-ray source is disposed and a detector is disposed adjacent to the X-ray source. A test specimen holder is disposed between the X-ray source and the detector. A filter is disposed between the X-ray source and the test specimen holder. The filter has a plate-shaped semiconductor, a granular semiconductor,... Agent:

20150103977 - Method of producing thin film transistor, thin film transistor, display device, image sensor, and x-ray sensor: A method of producing a thin film transistor includes: forming a gate electrode; forming a gate insulating film that contacts the gate electrode; forming, by a liquid phase method, an oxide semiconductor layer arranged facing the gate electrode with the gate insulating film provided therebetween, the oxide semiconductor layer including... Agent:

20150103975 - X-ray image sensor and x-ray image sensor system using the same: An x-ray image sensor and an x-ray image sensor system using the same is disclosed. The x-ray image sensor has a back-light unit emitting actinic and non-actinic lights. There is an x-ray-photoconductor-assisted liquid crystal light valve including an x-ray photoconductive unit to absorb x-rays passing through an object to be... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150103976 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the X-ray imaging apparatus are provided. The X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source configured to generate and emit X-rays having a preset broadband, an X-ray detector including a plurality of raw pixels configured to detect an average of ten photons or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103978 - Cooled rotary anode for an x-ray tube: An anode 30 for an X-ray tube 10 comprising at least a stem 29 for rotary supporting the anode 30 and a disc 34, being coaxially attached to the stem 29 and having a peripheral target area 32 as target for an electron beam 27 on its frontal side, can... Agent:

20150103979 - X-ray generator: An object of the invention is to provide an X-ray generator having a simple configuration where heat generated in the irradiation window can be prevented from conducting to a desired portion in accordance with the purpose of use, the method of use or the structure of the X-ray tube. In... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150103980 - X-ray diffraction based crystal centering method using an active pixel array sensor in rolling shutter mode: A method of centering a single crystal sample in the X-ray beam of a diffractometer uses detection of diffraction spots with an active pixel sensor operated in rolling shutter mode. A sample is mounted in the automated goniometer head of the diffractometer and an approximate center of the sample found... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150098547 - X-ray optical component device and x-ray analyzer: An X-ray optical component device having an X-ray optical component unit, a motor controller, and a connector. The connector has motor pins and motor terminals electrically connected to a motor when engaged with each other, and a signal pin and signal terminal for sensing detachment of the connector, the signal... Agent:

20150098548 - Blanking of electron beam during dynamic focal spot jumping in circumferential direction of a rotating anode disk of an x-ray tube: An apparatus (210) and method for total or partial blanking of an electron beam (e) during a jump between the 2 or more positions of a dynamic focal spot (FP) movement in circumferential direction of the electron beam impinging on the focal track (FPTR) of a rotating target disk (230)... Agent: Koninklijke Phlips N.v.

20150098549 - Radiography imaging system: Apparatus for radiography is disclosed, which includes a scintillator having a first surface for being exposed to radiation and a second surface for emitting visible light in response, and an associated imaging system. The imaging system includes a plurality of scanning mirrors, each associated with a respective sub-region of the... Agent:

20150098550 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source configured to radiate X-rays to a region of a subject, an X-ray detector configured to acquire a plurality of frame images related to the region of the subject by detecting the radiated X-rays, a filter configured to filter the X-rays radiated from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150098551 - X-ray apparatus and x-ray detector: An X-ray apparatus includes an X-ray radiation unit configured to radiate X-rays to an object; and a main control unit configured to acquire orientation information of the X-ray radiation unit and orientation information of an X-ray detector and select the X-ray detector based on the orientation information of the X-ray... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150098552 - Modular x-ray source: A modular x-ray source in which the x-ray tube is removably attached to a case and power supply by a removable cap.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 22 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150092908 - Control method of radiation tomographic imaging apparatus, radiation tomographic imaging apparatus and program: A control method of a radiation tomographic imaging apparatus having a gantry rotating section equipped with a radiation tube including a liquid bearing and a rotor configured to support an anode and configured to rotate is provided. The control method includes a control step that is configured to start a... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20150092907 - Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in computed tomography (ct) image reconstruction: A method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in Computed Tomography (CT) image reconstruction. The method includes: acquiring an original reconstructed image; conducting total variation processing for the original reconstructed image, to generate a total variation reconstructed image; conducting initial metal artifact reduction processing for the original reconstructed image, to generate... Agent:

20150092906 - Multiple imaging modality imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a first imaging modality (1021), a second imaging modality (1022), wherein the first and second imaging modalities are in alignment with scanning zones for scanning an object or subject, and a third imaging modality (102N) which is selectively moveable between a first location (114) in which... Agent:

20150092909 - X-ray-generating medical apparatus and acquisition window therefor with a releasable attachment to the medical apparatus: An acquisition window for a medical apparatus (in particular for a computer tomography apparatus) has an element made of a suitable material and at least one attachment element for attachment to the medical apparatus.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150092910 - Computed tomography scanning apparatus, gantry rotation control device and method thereof: A gantry rotation control device for a computed tomography scanning apparatus The device includes a radiation dose determination unit for determining radiation doses of the X-rays that will be emitted to each site of the target object to be scanned, a minimum velocity determination unit for determining a minimum rotation... Agent:

20150092911 - Thoracic diagnosis assistance system and computer readable storage medium: Provided is a thoracic diagnosis assistance system. The system includes, an imaging unit, an extracting unit, a region dividing unit, an analysis unit and a display unit. The extraction unit extracts a lung field region from the plurality of successive image frames generated by the imaging unit. The region dividing... Agent:

20150092913 - Detector module: A detector module is provided, where a side of a signal adapter circuit board opposite to an X-ray source has an analog signal output terminal, at least one A/D chip is installed on an A/D conversion circuit board, and the signal adapter circuit board and the A/D conversion circuit board... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150092912 - Systems and methods for filtering emissions from scintillators: Systems and method for filtering emissions from scintillators are provided. One system includes a scintillator having a scintillator material portion formed from a base scintillator material. The scintillator also includes a photodetector and a filter portion, The filter portion includes a material blocking near-infrared (IR) emissions. The filter portion is... Agent: General Electric Company

20150092916 - Material differentiation with phase contrast imaging: A method and system to determine material composition of an object comprises capturing a series of digital radiographic images of the object using a single exposure energy level. An intensity of the captured images is determined as well as phase shift differences. A difference in material composition of the object... Agent:

20150092915 - Method for examining an object using an x-ray recording system for phase contrast imaging with displacement measurement: A method, for examining an object using an X-ray recording system, includes aligning the object in the X-ray beam and the X-ray recording system with one another such that regions in the X-ray beam are uncovered for measurement of a free field. During an X-ray image recording, the components are... Agent:

20150092914 - Method for examining an object using an x-ray recording system for phase contrast imaging with stochastic phase scanning: A method, for examining an object using an X-ray recording system, includes during an X-ray image recording, moving components relative to one another with the lateral displacement by displacement distances. The method includes generating the X-ray image recording during the displacement from n partial images, so that the total exposure... Agent:

20150092917 - X-ray beam shaper: An imaging system (500) includes a focal spot (508) that rotates along a path around an examination region and emits a radiation beam that traverses a field of view of the examination region and a subject or object therein. The system further includes a detector array (520) that is located... Agent:

20150092918 - X-ray detector and x-ray photographing apparatus including the same: An X-ray detector and an X-ray imaging apparatus including the X-ray detector are provided. The X-ray detector includes a detector element including a cathode electrode and an anode electrode which are spaced apart from each other and a photoconductive layer located between the cathode electrode and the anode electrode and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092919 - X-ray image apparatus and control method for the same: Disclosed herein are an X-ray image apparatus and a control method for the same. The X-ray image apparatus includes an X-ray generator configured to sequentially irradiate an object with a plurality of X-rays of mutually different energy bands, an X-ray detector configured to acquire a plurality of pieces of X-ray... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092920 - Intelligent machines and process for production of monocrystalline products with goniometer continual feedback: The present invention consists of an x-ray goniometer which is positioned directly adjacent to processing machines used in the cutting, milling, drilling and shaping of crystal boules and crystal ingots, used in conjunction with an adjustable tilt platform capable of pitch, yaw and roll movement, to allow in-situ measurement and... Agent: Rubicon Technology, Inc.

20150092921 - Methods and apparatus for x-ray diffraction: Methods and apparatus are provided for performing back-reflection energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction (XRD). This exhibits extremely low sensitivity to the morphology of the sample under investigation. As a consequence of this insensitivity, unprepared samples can be analysed using this method. For example, in a geological context, whole rock samples become amenable... Agent: University Of Leicester

20150092922 - System and method for image compression in x-ray imaging systems: An imaging system includes an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert an analog pixel value into a first digital pixel value. The imaging system also includes an index value source configured to receive the first digital pixel value from the analog-to-digital converter and to generate a digital index value based on... Agent:

20150092923 - Devices having an electron emitting structure: The disclosure relates to an image capture device comprising an electron receiving construct and an electron emitting construct, and further comprising an inner gap providing an unobstructed space between the electron emitting construct and the electron receiving construct. The disclosure further relates to an x-ray emitting device comprising an x-ray... Agent:

20150092924 - Structured targets for x-ray generation: e

20150092925 - X-ray monitoring optical elements: An X-ray article and method for analyzing hard X-rays which have interacted with a test system. The X-ray article is operative to diffract or otherwise process X-rays from an input X-ray beam which have interacted with the test system and at the same time provide an electrical circuit adapted to... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20150092926 - Medical imaging device with a gripping module: A medical imaging device includes a gripping module having at least a first holding grip and a second holding grip. The first holding grip and the second holding grip are configured for holding by a patient during an image recording. A control unit is arranged on the medical imaging device.... Agent:

20150092927 - Method and magnetic resonance system for acquiring magnetic resonance data: A medical imaging apparatus has a gantry having a stationary gantry housing and a rotor that is rotatable relative to the stationary gantry housing. At least one component to be cooled is arranged at the rotor, and a cooling device produces a cooling of the component. The cooling device has... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

03/26/2015 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150085969 - High frequency power distribution unit for a ct system: A CT system includes an x-ray source, a high-voltage power supply (HVPS) coupled to the x-ray source, and a high-frequency power distribution unit (HFPDU) having an input bus that is coupleable to a three-phase source, and having an output bus. The HFPDU includes a three-phase rectifier coupled to the input... Agent: General Electric Company

20150085970 - Systems and methods for hybrid scanning: A system includes a detector and a processing unit. The detector includes multiple pixels configured to detect computed tomography (CT) events and nuclear medicine (NM) imaging events. The CT events correspond to X-rays emitted from a X-ray source through an object to be imaged, and the NM imaging events correspond... Agent: General Electric Company

20150085971 - Method and system for the automatic selection of a scanning protocol: A method is disclosed for automatically selecting a scanning protocol for a tomographic recording of an X-ray image of a patient in that at least one patient-specific value is retrieved in the internal memory of a first computer. The patient-specific value can in particular be a measure of the anticipated... Agent:

20150085972 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray generator configured to transmit X-rays to an object, an X-ray detector configured to detect the X-rays transmitted through the object and convert the detected X-rays into electrical signals, a gantry in which the X-ray generator and the X-ray detector are installed so as... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150085973 - Computed tomography device based on straight trajectory and x-ray imaging device: A straight trajectory CT device can be used in radiation imaging. The device includes: a ray-generating unit that generates a ray within a specific range of field angle; a channel for an object to be inspected though which the object to be inspected passes; a first collimator; and a ray... Agent:

20150085974 - X-ray mask structure and method for preparing the same: An X-ray mask structure includes a unibody support substrate having at least one thinned portion surrounded by a wall portion, a top layer disposed on the at least one thinned portion of the support substrate, and a plurality of X-ray absorber patterns disposed on the top layer over the at... Agent: National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

20150085975 - X-ray diagnostic apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An X-ray generation unit irradiates a subject with X rays. The X-ray detection unit detects the X rays. An image data generation/processing unit generates data of an original image based on output from the X-ray detection unit, and generates a first image data and a second image data based on... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150085977 - Portable analyzer with radiation safety features: A portable analyzer comprises a detector of ionizing radiation that is configured to detect radiation from spontaneous radioactive decay within an environment of the portable analyzer and or ionizing radiation that propagates past a front end of the portable analyzer towards its user.... Agent:

20150085976 - X-ray fluorescence analyzer with safety features: A portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer comprises a detector of ionizing radiation that is configured to detect radiation from spontaneous radioactive decay within an environment of the portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer and or ionizing radiation that propagates past a front end of the portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer towards its user.... Agent: Oxford Instruments Analytical Oy

20150085979 - Image distortion correction and robust phantom detection: The invention relates to Method for detecting a phantom, comprising the steps of: arranging a phantom (20) with respect to an object, the phantom (20) comprising a plurality of first calibration fiducials (Mi1, Mi2, Mi3) in a first plane, acquiring at least one image of said object by means of... Agent: Universitat Bern

20150085980 - Radiological image-capturing device, radiological image-capturing system, radiological image-capturing method, and program: A radiological image-capturing device includes: a first read control section that executes a first read mode in which electric signals stored in a plurality of pixels are read out simultaneously in units of a plurality of rows; and an emission-start determining section that determines that the emission of radiation from... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150085978 - X-ray and optical image sensor: An image sensor for capturing X-ray image data and optical image data includes an X-ray absorption layer and a plurality of photodiodes disposed in a semiconductor layer. The X-ray absorption layer is configured to emit photons in response to receiving X-ray radiation. The plurality of photodiodes disposed in the semiconductor... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20150085981 - Method of image registration in a multi-source/single detector radiographic imaging system, and image acquisition apparatus: A method, an imaging apparatus and a computer readable medium are enabled for automatically registering medical images. The imaging apparatus may be an amended C-arm. The image acquisition apparatus has a primary x-ray source and at least one auxiliary x-ray source, a detector for receiving radiation of the primary and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150085982 - Collimator for radiotherapy apparatus: A collimator for a radiotherapy apparatus, comprising a block of radiation-attenuating material having a front face forming the leading edge of the block and at least one main rear face defining the trailing edge of the block, in which the or each rear face is substantially planar in the direction... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20150085983 - Angle-dependent x-ray diffraction imaging system and method of operating the same: An x-ray diffraction imaging (XDI) system having a system axis includes at least one x-ray source configured to generate x-rays directed toward an object that includes at least one substance. The at least one x-ray source is further configured to irradiate at least one voxel defined within the object with... Agent: Morpho Detection, Inc.

20150085984 - Scanning method and device with reduced scanning dosage: A scanning method and device are provided. The method includes: determining values for a first scanning dosage and a second scanning dosage used in a scanning process based on a trigger condition which varies regularly and attenuation fluctuations of an object to be scanned, wherein the first scanning dosage is... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150085986 - Control device, medical apparatus and method to control movements of the medical apparatus: In a method to control movements of a medical apparatus via a control device with a touch-sensitive display, an apparatus component of the medical apparatus is selected and; and move the selected apparatus component is moved according to commands made at the touch-sensitive display. A safety loop must be closed... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150085985 - Signal processing device and signal processing method: According to an embodiment, a signal processing device includes an integrator, a first analog-to-digital converter, and a histogram creator. The integrator is configured to integrate an electrical charge corresponding to electromagnetic waves. The first analog-to-digital converter is configured to perform an analog-to-digital conversion operation that generates digital data of the... Agent:

20150085987 - Method for the determination and use of a standard operational value for the delay time of a radiographic system: A method for the determination of the delay time of a radiographic generator and to the setting of a standard value for such delay time. According to the method it is determined by a series of decreasing chosen values for the delay time whether a signal for the confirmation of... Agent:

20150085988 - Pixel architecture for imaging devices: An imaging apparatus includes a plurality of detector pixels. Each detector pixel comprises a detector element configured to generate a first signal in response to x-ray photons incident thereon, a current mirror configured to generate a second signal representative of the first signal, and a switching transistor configured to allow... Agent:

20150085989 - Apparatus and a method for generating a flattening x-ray radiation field: An apparatus and a method are for generating a flattening x-ray radiation field. The apparatus includes: plurality of electron accelerators for generating high-energy electron beam current; and a common target unit including a vacuum target chamber, a target and plurality of input connectors. The plurality of input connectors are connected... Agent:

20150085990 - X-ray imaging device including anti-scatter grid: An x-ray imaging device includes an anti-scatter grid placed inside the housing of the imaging device and adjacent to an x-ray detector.... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20150085991 - Stand with device for distortion compensation: An X-ray stand includes a device that compensates for distortions caused by weight. The stand includes a horizontal bracket. The device for distortion compensation includes an inclination-angle transmitter that generates an inclination signal as a function of an inclination angle of the bracket. The device also includes a control device... Agent:

20150085992 - Motorized drive for mobile fluoroscopy units: A mobile C-arm fluoroscopy unit comprising a self-contained radial coordinate or vector movement mechanism utilizing at least one motor-driven wheel, wherein the at least one motor-driven wheel is individually continuously steerable around a generally vertical steering axis.... Agent:

20150085993 - Dosimetric end-to-end verification devices, systems, and methods: Dosimetrical end-to-end quality assurance devices, systems, and methods for radiation devices using X-ray imaging, optical surface imaging, and electromagnetic navigational systems to position the quality assurance device either absolute or relative in space.... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

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