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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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01/22/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150023464 - Ct pilot image acquisition method and ct device: A CT pilot image acquisition method and a CT device are provided. The method may include: performing a helical scan on a predetermined area to be scanned, so as to obtain scanning data; reconstructing a tomographic image based on the scanning data; performing, at a predetermined positioning angle, a parallel... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150023465 - Source grating, interferometer, and object information acquisition system: A source grating includes a first sub-source grating, where first transmitting portions which transmit X-rays, and first shielding portions which shield X-rays, are alternately arranged in a first direction; and a second sub-source grating, where second transmitting portions which transmit X-rays, and second shielding portions which shield X-rays, are alternately... Agent:

20150023466 - X-ray reduction system: An x-ray system comprising an x-ray source, a single essentially round collimator, a camera, a detector and a monitor, means for moving the collimator in a plane generally parallel to the plane of the collimator; and the collimator comprising a central aperture that allows all the radiation to pass through,... Agent:

20150023467 - Well plate: The present invention includes an apparatus for preparing samples for measurement by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The apparatus comprises a plate having one or more holes passing through the plate. The holes are covered by a film on one side of the plate. The holes are less than 500 micrometers across... Agent: Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150023470 - C-arm mounting apparatus and x-ray imaging device with cage guide: A C-arm mounting apparatus for an x-ray imaging device includes a C-arm, a C-arm holding unit, and at least one cage guide unit. The at least one cage guide unit is moveably arranged between the C-arm and the C-arm holding unit. The C-arm is moveably mounted on the C-arm holding... Agent:

20150023469 - Irradiation field-limiting apparatus, x-ray-generating unit including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus, and x-ray radiography system including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus: An irradiation field-limiting apparatus connected to an X-ray-generating apparatus includes a pair of first limiting blades defining a width of an opening through which radiation is to pass; a first opening width-adjusting mechanism including a first opening width-adjusting shaft operable to adjust the width of the opening by moving the... Agent:

20150023471 - Stereo x-ray tube based suppression of outside body high contrast objects: A double focal spot X-ray tube (104) is used to acquire a set of two images PIα, PIβ for a given gantry position from slightly different view positions. The stereo or binocular disparity (BD) of imaged structures is used to estimate the object depth in view direction, which in turn... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150023468 - System and method for reducing a weight of an x-ray source: A portable x-ray system includes a light weight x-ray head including an x-ray tube and a high voltage (HV) tank, wherein the HV tank comprises a compact voltage multiplier configured to receive a low voltage signal and generate a high voltage signal based on the received low voltage signal. Also,... Agent:

20150023472 - X-ray testing device for material testing and method for the generation of high-resolution projections of a test object by means of x-ray beams: An X-ray testing device for generating high-resolution geometric projections of a test object, includes a highly focusing X-ray source having: a rotary anode assembly formed by a rotatably mounted anode plate, an anode plate drive connected to rotate the anode plate and a rotational angle encoder detecting the rotation angle... Agent:

20150023473 - Rotating x-ray anode with an at least partly radially aligned ground structure: A rotating x-ray anode has an annular focal track. The surface of the focal track has a directed ground structure. Over the circumference of the annular focal track and over the radial extent of the focal track, the alignment of the ground structure is inclined relative to a tangential reference... Agent:

20150023474 - Medical information management apparatus, medical information management method, and medical system: According to one embodiment, a medical information management apparatus includes an examination information acquisition unit acquiring examination information including an irradiation condition, an imaging region and an exposure dose for each examination on the imaging region, an archiving unit archiving an exposure dose calculation target region classified more detailed than... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150023475 - Apparatus and method for mobile x-ray imaging: Apparatus and methods for obtaining repeatable images of a patient are disclosed herein. Mechanical fixtures may be attached to a mobile imaging device and a patient support platform to allow them to be placed at a fixed relationship to one another. Additionally, devices for measuring movement of the mobile imaging... Agent:

20150023476 - Compact mechanism for moving a compression paddle: A mammography or tomosynthesis apparatus, comprising a mechanism configured to move a paddle, relative to a detector platform fixed to a main body of the apparatus, to compress a patient's breast against the detector platform to form a surface. The mechanism comprises a post that is mobile relative to the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150016586 - Imaging methods for image-guided radiation treatment: An IGRT system and methods are described embodiments of which perform selectively integration of x-ray source arrays, dual-energy imaging, stereoscopic imaging, static and source collimation, or inverse geometry tomosynthesis imaging to acquire or track a target during radiation treatment.... Agent:

20150016587 - Computed tomography system including rotatable collimator: Disclosed is a computed tomography (CT) system which includes a rotatable collimator. The CT system includes a gantry. The gantry includes an X-ray source that generates X-rays, a collimator that is provided inside the X-ray source to be rotatable and that limits an irradiation area of the X-rays generated by... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150016588 - Apparatus for holding and positioning x-ray film, photostimulable phosphor plates or digital sensors while taking dental radiographs: A positioner arm for positioning an imaging material, an imaging material holder, an aiming device or a combination thereof is disclosed that includes at least one positioning arm having a first end and a second end, wherein each arm comprises at least two fixed arm angles and wherein at least... Agent:

20150016589 - X-ray tube: A fluoroscopic system is disclosed with capability of differential exposure of different input areas of an image intensifier. The x-ray beam solid angle is limited by a collimator that is relatively near to the focal point of the x-ray tube, to occupy an area smaller then the input area of... Agent:

20150016590 - Soft x-ray curtain tube: An elongated x-ray tube that can emit a linear curtain of x-rays along its length. Methods of using an elongated curtain of x-rays.... Agent: Moxtek, Inc.

20150016591 - X-ray imaging system with cabling precharging module: An X-ray imaging system can include an X-ray tube, an X-ray generator, a precharging module and a triaxial cable. The X-ray tube can be configured to generate an X-ray emission and include an anode, a cathode and a filament. The X-ray generator can be coupled with the X-ray tube and... Agent:

20150016592 - X-ray output apparatus: There is provided a device including an X-ray output apparatus including an X-ray output section including a plurality of X-ray sources and outputting parallel X-ray beams, a shield section capable of changing a position which blocks the output parallel X-ray beams and permeate the parallel X-rays beams, and a control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150016593 - Radiation window with support structure: An improved radiation window comprises a film permeable to radiation disposed on a support structure. The support structure comprises a primary transmissive area comprising a plurality of support members defining a plurality of apertures for radiation to pass through; a flange disposed around the periphery of the primary transmissive area... Agent:

20150016594 - X-ray diffraction-based defective pixel correction method using an active pixel array sensor: A method for correcting erroneous intensity measurements caused by defective pixels of the detector for a single-crystal X-ray diffraction system uses collected diffraction images and a defective pixel list to modify three-dimensional reflection profiles by replacing profile elements affected by the defective pixels with corresponding profile elements from a model... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150010125 - Ct image generation device and method and ct image generation system: A CT image generation device for analyzing projection information acquired by scanning a scan subject with X-rays over a scan plane, and generating an image of the scan subject; wherein the CT image generation device comprises: a versatile processing unit for establishing a plurality of coordinate systems on the scan... Agent:

20150010126 - Apparatus and method for digital radiography: An X-ray apparatus for digital radiography has a rotating arm where the X-ray source and X-ray sensor cassette are oppositely mounted. The source has a primary collimator to adjust the X-ray beam size according to the selected imaging modality. The sensor cassette encloses a first X-ray detector for a first... Agent: De Gotzen S.r.l.

20150010127 - X-ray device, method, manufacturing method for structure, program, and recording medium on which program is recorded: There is provided an X-ray device irradiating a measuring object with X-ray and detecting transmission X-ray transmitted through the measuring object, the X-ray device including: a first information generation portion configured to generate first information in which a value according to an absorption coefficient is allocated to each of a... Agent:

20150010128 - Method and system for identifying a liquid product in luggage or other receptacle: A method, an apparatus and a system are provided for determining if a piece of luggage contains a liquid product comprised of a container holding a body of liquid. The piece of luggage is scanned with an X-ray scanner to generate X-ray image data conveying an image of the piece... Agent:

20150010130 - Radiation image detection device and radiation imaging system: A radiation imaging system comprises a radiation source and a radiation image detection device. The radiation image detection device has a solid state detector and a wavelength converting layer arranged in this order from a radiation-incident side. The wavelength converting layer detects radiation passed through the solid state detector and... Agent:

20150010129 - Selecting measurement fields for an x-ray examination: Selection of at least one measurement field of a measurement chamber formed with a plurality of measurement fields, for dose monitoring when making an x-ray recording of an object is provided. A subset of measurement fields from the plurality of measurement fields of the measurement chamber is predetermined by selecting... Agent:

20150010131 - X-ray apparatus and x-ray image diagnostic apparatus: In order to provide an X-ray apparatus and an X-ray image diagnostic apparatus that reduce uncomfortable feeling due to exhaust heat generated when air-cooling an X-ray tube device, the X-ray image diagnostic apparatus is comprised of an X-ray tube, the X-ray tube device 102 including the X-ray tube device housing... Agent:

20150010132 - Microcrystal structure analysis device, microcrystal structure analysis method, and x-ray shield device: A microcrystal structure analysis apparatus, a microcrystal structure analysis method, and an X-ray shielding device are provided which allow a favorable X-ray diffraction image to be obtained even when X rays are applied to a pseudo-single-crystallized sample while the sample is rotated. A microcrystal structure analysis apparatus 1 of the... Agent:

20150010133 - Methods for measuring a thickness of an object: A method for analyzing an object includes measuring a first reflectivity of light from a surface and measuring a second reflectivity of light from the object, after the object is formed on the surface. A variation between the first and second reflectivities is calculated, and the variation is transformed by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 17 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150003577 - Method for positioning a body region of interest in the isocentre of a ct imaging system: A method is disclosed for positioning a body region of interest of a patient in the isocentre of the imaging system of a computer tomograph or C-arm device. The method involves using the computer tomograph or C-arm device to record a topogram of the patient, determining a distance between the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150003578 - Automatic x-ray inspection apparatus for smt inline process: The invention relates to an automatic X-ray inspection apparatus for a SMT inline process, comprising: a stage unit for supporting an object to be inspected such that the object is attachable/detachable, the stage unit being movable on an X-axis and Y-axis in a plane and rotatable; an X-ray vacuum tube... Agent:

20150003579 - Apparatus and method for x-ray imaging of breast: An apparatus for imaging a breast using an X-ray includes a support having a through-hole, a holder having a cylindrical shape, disposed in the through-hole of the support, and accommodating a breast of a patient, a linear X-ray generator disposed outside the holder and emitting an X-ray having a linear... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003580 - Assembly of xrd/xrf sample cells: Sample cell assemblies containing and holding powdered, granular, paste, or liquid samples are assembled and manufactured in a way that allows them to be inexpensive enough to be disposable and configured to be attached to a fork member for providing shaking or vibrating movement to the samples for X-ray Diffraction... Agent: Olympus Scientific Solutions Of America, Inc.

20150003581 - Monochromatic x-ray methods and apparatus: According to some aspects, an x-ray apparatus for imaging and/or radiation therapy is provided, the x-ray apparatus comprises an electron source capable of generating electrons, at least one first target arranged to receive electrons from the electron source, the at least one first target comprising material that, in response to... Agent:

20150003582 - Apparatus for measuring the composition of a multi-phase mixture flow: An apparatus for measuring a composition of a multi-phase mixture, the multi-phase mixture comprising at least one liquid phase and at least one gaseous phase, comprises: a measurement tube that forms a conduit configured for receiving a flow of the multi-phase mixture; a radiation part configured for irradiating the multi-phase... Agent:

20150003583 - Method of operating a radiographic inspection system with a modular conveyor chain: A method of operating a radiographic inspection system is designed for a radiographic inspection system in which a conveyor chain with identical modular chain segments transports the articles being inspected. The method encompasses a calibration mode and an inspection mode of the radiographic inspection system. In the calibration mode, calibration... Agent:

20150003588 - Apparatus and method for controlling x-ray radiation field of x-ray imaging apparatus: An apparatus is provided for controlling an X-ray radiation field of an X-ray imaging apparatus including an X-ray generator and an X-ray detector arranged opposite to the X-ray generator. The apparatus includes a light-emitting unit configured to emit light and disposed adjacent to one of the X-ray generator and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003587 - Apparatus and method for x-ray imaging: An apparatus for X-ray imaging includes a cylindrical X-ray generator assembly including linear X-ray generators arranged along a circumference of a cylinder and having a linear shape, a linear X-ray detector disposed inside the cylindrical X-ray generator assembly, and a rotation driver rotating the linear X-ray detector along an inner... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003591 - Nuclear imaging system: Nuclear Imaging System The invention relates to a nuclear imaging system (1) for imaging an object (3) in an examination region. Multiple x-rays sources (2) generate first radiation being x-ray radiation (5), wherein the x-ray sources are arranged such that the x-ray radiation is indicative of a property of the... Agent:

20150003585 - X-ray generator and x-ray imaging apparatus including the same: An X-ray includes: electron emission devices that are arranged in one dimension or in two dimensions and are configured to emit electrons; and an anode electrode configured to emit an X-ray by using the electrons emitted by the electron emission devices and comprising regions having irregular thicknesses.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003584 - X-ray imager with cmos sensor embedded in tft flat panel: An x-ray imaging device include a scintillator layer configured to generate light from x-rays, a TFT detector array at the first surface of the scintillator layer to detect light generated in the scintillator, and a CMOS sensor at the second surface of the scintillator layer to detect light generated in... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20150003586 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of operating the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus and a method of operating the X-ray imaging method are provided. The X-ray imaging apparatus includes a first panel configured to contact an object; an X-ray generator configured to maintain a uniform distance with the first panel and configured to generate an X-ray; a second panel... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003589 - X-ray photographing apparatus and method of operating the same: An X-ray photographing apparatus and a method of operating the X-ray photographing method are disclosed. The X-ray photographing apparatus includes a plurality of X-ray generators configured to generate an X-ray; a plurality of X-ray detectors facing the plurality of X-ray generators and configured to detect X-rays that are transmitted through... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003590 - X-ray photographing apparatus and method of operating the same: An X-ray photographing apparatus and a method of operating the X-ray photographing method are disclosed. The X-ray photographing apparatus includes an X-ray generator configured to generate an X-ray; an X-ray detector configured to detect the X-ray that is transmitted through an object; and a panel that is provided between the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003592 - Diffraction imaging: A method of imaging phases in an inhomogeneous polycrystalline sample having a plurality of crystallites of at least a first crystalline component includes illuminating an illuminated area extending across a surface of a sample with substantially monochromatic X-rays incident at a Bragg-Brentano parafocussing geometry at first angle θ1 to the... Agent:

20150003593 - Method and apparatus for modulating current in computed tomography imaging system: A method and apparatus of current modulation in a computed tomography imaging system are provided. The method may include: selecting a plurality of sample points from an expected current modulation curve as approach points; establishing an actual current modulation curve, wherein an actual current value of the actual current modulation... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

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