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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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12/04/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140355734 - Anti-scatter collimators for detector systems of multi-slice x-ray computed tomography systems: A detector system for multi-slice X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) system is disclosed. The detector system comprises a plurality of X-ray detector modules for detecting X-ray photons; wherein each detector module is divided into individual detector elements organized in a matrix fashion with element rows (z-axis for row direction) and element... Agent:

20140355735 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an X-ray imaging apparatus capable of reducing a dose of radiation, and a control method thereof. The X-ray imaging apparatus includes: a gantry configured to rotate around an object, the object being placed on a table that is configured to be transported into a bore; a depth... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355736 - X-ray computed tomography apparatus, high voltage generation device, and radiological image diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, Switching units are configured to switch the intensity of X-rays to be generated by an anode. An X-ray controller controls the switching units to switch the intensity of the X-rays to be generated by the anode, and controls a rotor control power generator to rotate the... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140355737 - Apparatus and method for fluid phase fraction determination using x-rays: An apparatus for determining fluid phase fraction of a multiphase fluid mixture (13) comprises:—a x-ray generator (20) arranged to emit a x-ray radiation spectrum comprising a low energy region and a high energy region, the high energy region including a Bremsstrahlung spectrum;—a pipe section (27) through which the multiphase fluid... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140355738 - Digital x-ray imaging system with still and video capture modes: In one aspect, a system includes a conventional, film-based X-ray machine and a digital imaging assembly. The X-ray machine includes an X-ray source and a bracket assembly configured to hold X-ray film. The digital imaging assembly is configured to be mounted on the bracket assembly of the X-ray machine. The... Agent: Ann Arbor Digital Devices Inc.

20140355740 - Generating attenuation image data and phase image data in an x-ray system: In generating phase image data 38 first x-ray image data 28a comprising first pixel-wise measurement signal values 30a and second x-ray image data 28b comprising second pixel-wise measurement signal values 30b are received. The first x-ray image data 28a was obtained in a first measurement mode and the second x-ray... Agent:

20140355739 - Radiographic imaging apparatus and radiographic image generation method: The radiographic image generation method includes acquiring a plurality of radiographic images corresponding to the number of radiation dose portions by emitting radiation to an object by dividing a radiation exposure dose into the radiation dose portions, and by detecting the emitted radiation, and matching the plurality of acquired radiographic... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355741 - Modulated x-ray harmonic detection: The presently disclosed technique provides a method and apparatus for use in modulated X-ray harmonic detection and identification. More specifically, it specifies a X-ray backscatter imaging system using radio frequency modulation of the incident X-ray beam at two frequencies and detection patterns in the backscattered signal corresponding to harmonics of... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140355742 - Brazed x-ray tube anode: A method (100) creates a braze joint (58) between an anode plate (52) and a piece of graphite (56) of an x-ray tube (38). The method (100) includes receiving (102) the anode plate (52) and the piece of graphite (56). A barrier layer (66) and a braze layer (62) are... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140355743 - Liquid bearing assembly and method of constructing same: A bearing assembly is disclosed that includes a sleeve having an opening formed therein and a shaft positioned within the opening of the sleeve such that a gap is formed between an inner surface of the sleeve and an outer surface of the shaft. A lubricant is disposed in the... Agent:

20140355744 - Hand-held direct digital image sensor device with protective cover: A hand-held direct digital image sensor device includes a connection handle having a grip portion, a bite portion, and a carrier portion provided with at least one male coupling unit; a soft protective cover provided with at least one female coupling unit for engaging with the male coupling unit; and... Agent: Densmart Dental Co., Ltd.

20140355745 - Semiconductor radiation detector and nuclear medicine diagnosis device: Provided are a thallium bromide semiconductor radiation detector having stable measurement performance with little noise increase even during prolonged measurement, and a nuclear medicine diagnosis device employing the same. In a semiconductor radiation detector using thallium bromide as a semiconductor crystal sandwiched between cathode and anode electrodes, a remaining surface,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

11/27/2014 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140348288 - Ebeam tomosynthesis for radiation therapy tumor tracking: A system for tracking tumors during radiotherapy for interleaving treatment pulses with imaging pulses is disclosed. The system includes a multisource scanning eBeam X-ray tube having a plurality of focal spots. The X-ray tube is configured to emit X-rays in a plurality of different locations on a target by sequentially... Agent: Telesecurity Sciences, Inc.

20140348289 - Radiographic system: A radiographic system is provided that can shorten the work time required for adjusting the initial values. The radiographic system comprises: an X-ray tube controller; an initial value calculator; and a storage. The X-ray tube controller is configured to control a filament current flowing through a filament of the X-ray... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140348290 - Apparatus and method for low capacitance packaging for direct conversion x-ray or gamma ray detector: A direct-conversion X-ray detector includes one or more detector modules. The detector modules can include a substrate, one or more sensor tiles, and one or more photon-counting application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The substrate has a dielectric constant of less than about 3.5 and is capable of lithographic conductor patterning... Agent: General Electric Company

20140348291 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: Provided is an X-ray imaging apparatus including an X-ray source to emit an X-ray onto a breast, a detector assembly configured to detect the X-ray transmitted through the breast, a compression paddle configured to compress the breast positioned on the detector assembly, a paddle manipulator configured to control the compression... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140348292 - Radiographic apparatus: Provided is a radiographic apparatus configured to obtain an animated image of a fluoroscopic image, and thereafter complete fluoroscopy temporarily for taking a static image or the animated image for diagnosis, the radiographic apparatus allowing taking an image of a subject with suitable brightness. The apparatus determines a control condition... Agent:

20140348294 - Method and device for inspecting the cargo space of a truck: Methods for inspecting the cargo space of a truck in which the truck is moved past an X-ray source that is switched on while the cargo space is being moved past the source and is switched off while the driver's cab is being moved past the source. The truck is... Agent:

20140348295 - Method and device for inspecting the cargo space of a truck: A methods for inspecting a cargo space of a truck in which the truck is moved past an X-ray source that is switched on while the cargo space is being moved past the source and is switched off while the driver's cab is being moved past the source. The truck... Agent:

20140348293 - Photomultiplier and detection systems: The invention provides a switchable photomultiplier switchable between a detecting state and a non-detecting state including a cathode upon which incident radiation is arranged to impinge. The photomultiplier also includes a series of dynodes arranged to amplify a current created at the cathode upon detection of photoradiation. The invention also... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140348297 - Imaging-guided delivery of x-ray radiation: An X-ray system comprises: (a) a source providing an X-ray diverging beam having treatment and imaging angular portions; (b) one or more lenses transforming the treatment portion of the X-ray beam into a converging beam directed to a target; (c) a first shutter located between the X-ray source and the... Agent:

20140348296 - X-ray imaging guiding system for positioning a patient: The present invention relates to guiding in positioning a region of interest of a patient for X-ray image acquisition. In order to improve and facilitate positioning of a patient for X-ray image acquisitions, an X-ray imaging guiding system (10) for positioning a patient for X-ray image acquisitions is provided, comprising... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140348298 - Method of analysing a sample of material by diffractometry and associated diffractometer: A method for analyzing a sample by diffractometry and a diffractometer, where the diffractometer includes a collimated source, a detection collimator, and a spectrometric detector, the detection axis of the detector and the collimator form a diffraction angle with the central axis of an incident beam and an energy spectrum... Agent:

20140348299 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method: The present disclosure provides an X-ray imaging apparatus and method. When capturing an X-ray image using an automatic exposure request signal generated through detection of X-rays emitted from an X-ray generator, the X-ray imaging apparatus and method may verify validity of the automatic exposure request signal, thereby preventing unintentional generation... Agent: Vieworks Co., Ltd.

20140348300 - Apparatus, method and non-transitory computer-readable medium for detecting x-rays: An X-ray detecting device and a method of determining X-ray image quality are presented. The X-ray detecting device includes a panel unit configured to receive X-rays coming from an inspection object and output a video signal for a plurality of unit detecting regions according to incident intensity levels of the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140348301 - Method and apparatus for acquiring plurality of x-ray focuses: A method and apparatus of acquiring a plurality of focal spots for X-rays. The method includes radiating an electron beam from a cathode of a magnetic field generating apparatus toward a movable anode of the magnetic field generating apparatus, and irradiating a target with an X-ray that is produced from... Agent:

20140348302 - Supply of a liquid-metal target in x-ray generation: Closed-loop circulation for providing liquid metal to an interaction region at which an electron beam is to impact upon the liquid metal to produce X-rays is presented. In a method, the pressure of the liquid metal is raised to at least 10 bar using a high-pressure pump. The pressurized liquid... Agent: Excillum Ab

20140348303 - Apparatus for detecting x-ray, method of manufacturing the same, and method of repairing the same: An X-ray detection apparatus including a case; a circuit board disposed in the case; a connection circuit unit disposed in the case, where the connection circuit unit is electrically connected with the circuit board and includes an integrated circuit (“IC”) chip; a detection panel configured to be inserted into and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140348304 - Elevating column and method of controlling elevation thereof: An elevating column for an X-ray apparatus, the X-ray apparatus preferably being mobile, wherein the column is rotationally fixed in relation to a base of the X ray apparatus, and the column having a plurality of segments, including: a first segment, having a first end and an opposite second end,... Agent: Solutions For Tomorrow Ab

20140348306 - Mobile x-ray unit: One embodiment of the present disclosure is directed to a mobile X-ray unit. The mobile X-ray unit may include an X-ray applicator for emitting an X-ray beam for irradiating an object. The mobile X-ray unit may further include a phantom-based dosimetry system configured to perform a dosimetry check of the... Agent: Nucletron B.v.

20140348305 - Test body and method for checking the transmission properties of volume tomographs: The invention relates to a test body for checking the transmission properties of volume tomographs, in particular radiological tomographs, which comprises several plates (2) that are connected to form a stack, in which adjacent plates (2) contact each other and said body comprises spheres (4) made of at least one... Agent: Fachhochschule Koln

11/20/2014 > 24 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140341333 - Apparatus and method for collimating x-rays in spectral computer tomography imaging: A detector includes a photon-counting detector (PCD) layer and a cathode layer arranged adjacent to the PCD layer. The detector further includes a plurality of pixilated anodes arranged adjacent to the photon-counting detecting layer on a side opposite to the cathode layer. The detector also includes a plurality of collimator... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140341334 - Computation apparatus, program, and image pickup system: A computation apparatus that calculates subject information by using subject data, includes a calculation unit that calculates spatial distributions of a first-order phase value and a first-order measurement target value by using the subject data, a calculation unit that calculates an error correction function including the first-order phase value as... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140341335 - Computation apparatus, program, and image pickup system: A computation apparatus that calculates information of a subject includes: a calculation unit configured to calculate a spatial distribution of a first first-order phase value, a spatial distribution of a second first-order phase value, and a spatial distribution of a first-order measurement target value, by using the subject data; a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140341338 - Mammography-apparatus, paddle and method of measuring a contact area between a breast and the mammography-apparatus: Mammography-apparatus for detecting malignant cells in a breast, comprising an x-ray source and an x-ray detector that cooperates with the x-ray source for providing an x-ray image of said breast, and further comprising a paddle for flattening the breast by pressing it against said x-ray detector, and comprising a contact... Agent:

20140341337 - Methods and systems for dynamically modifying acquisition parameter during image acquisition: Systems and methods for automatically and dynamically modifying an image acquisition parameter for use in tomosynthesis breast imaging. A selected image acquisition parameter is modified in response to a measured characteristic of an imaged object such as a breast, and thus tailored to provide the highest quality image for the... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140341336 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus and method for controlling the X-ray imaging apparatus are provided. The X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source configured to generate and emit X-rays onto an object, an X-ray detector configured to detect the X-rays transmitted through the object and convert the X-rays into an electrical... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140341339 - X-ray testing facility for detecting certain materials in a test object: An x-ray testing facility for detecting certain materials in a test object, having a testing device containing a housing with a radiation tunnel, through which a transport device, particularly a transport conveyor for the test objects, passes, an x-ray generator arranged in the housing, which emits x-rays in a radiation... Agent:

20140341342 - Equipment for the radiography of a load for performing detection, and associated method: The invention relates to equipment (1) for the radiography of a load (11) moving relative thereto, the radiography equipment comprising a source (2) for emitting pulses (16) of divergent X-rays, a collimator (4) for the source for delimiting an incident x-ray beam (22), and sensors (8) for receiving X-rays, which... Agent:

20140341341 - High-energy x-ray-spectroscopy-based inspection system and methods to determine the atomic number of materials: The application discloses systems and methods for X-ray scanning for identifying material composition of an object being scanned. The system includes at least one X-ray source for projecting an X-ray beam on the object, where at least a portion of the projected X-ray beam is transmitted through the object, and... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140341340 - Method and system for extracting spectroscopic information from images and waveforms: The application discloses systems and methods for determining an atomic number of a material being scanned by generating a predetermined number of transmission data samples, determining a variance of the transmission data samples, and determining the atomic number of the material being scanned by comparing the variance or a derivative... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140341343 - Cargo scanning system with boom structure: The present application is a self-contained mobile inspection system and method and, more specifically, improved methods and systems for detecting materials concealed within a wide variety of receptacles and/or cargo containers. In particular, the present application is an improved method and system for inspecting receptacles and/or cargo containers using a... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140341344 - Integrated, portable checkpoint system: The present specification discloses a portable system for inspecting objects. The system includes a housing adapted to be carried by a vehicle, which houses a metal detector and an X-ray scanner and further includes a deployable boom positioned on a top surface of the housing. Operationally, the system is transported... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140341345 - Scanning systems: The invention provides methods, systems and detector arrangements for scanning an object moving in a first direction that includes the steps of irradiating the object with radiation having a peak energy of at least 900 keV, providing a first detector region having a thickness of at least 2 mm and... Agent:

20140341350 - Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus: According to embodiments, in a medical diagnostic imaging apparatus, an imaging unit captures a subject in a second X-ray irradiation area narrower than a first X-ray irradiation area. An X-ray image generating unit generates a first X-ray image in the first X-ray irradiation area and a second X-ray image in... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Engineering Co., Ltd

20140341348 - Radiographic apparatus: The disclosure provides a radiographic apparatus that allows suppression of needles radiation exposure to a subject. Specifically, the disclosure includes an X-ray tube 3, a collimator 3a, and a visible light source 9. The spread of visible light beams through the collimator 3a opening too largely may not possibly conform... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140341349 - Tube alignment for mobile radiography system: A radiography system for obtaining a radiographic image of a subject has a radiation source energizable to direct radiant energy along a radiation path and an imaging receiver sensitive to the radiant energy for forming the radiographic image. A sensor apparatus is disposed to provide one or more output signals... Agent:

20140341347 - X-ray detector of a grating-based phase contrast x-ray device and method for operating a grating-based phase contrast x-ray device: An x-ray detector of a grid-based phase-contrast x-ray device and a method for operating a grid-based phase-contrast x-ray device. Signal values of detector elements are combined to form group signal values. An image computing unit calculates an x-ray beam phase value from the group signal values.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140341346 - X-ray tube and receiver inside mouth: A method and a device for low x-ray radiation dosage while taking x-ray images of a patient's teeth is disclosed. The method includes use of an x-ray source and receiver positioned at least partially inside the patient's mouth. The device includes an x-ray source and receiver attached together by a... Agent: Moxtek, Inc.

20140341351 - Methods and systems in radiotherapy: A method of operating a radiotherapy system, comprising: receiving a treatment plan to be carried out using the radiotherapy system; detecting if there is a fault in a component of the radiotherapy system; determining whether the component is needed for delivery of the treatment plan; and if the component is... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20140341352 - System and methods of photon-based radiotherapy and radiosurgery delivery: Photon-based radiosurgery is widely used for treating local and regional tumors. The key to improving the quality of radiosurgery is to increase the dose falloff rate from high dose regions inside the tumor to low dose regions of nearby healthy tissues and structures. Dynamic photon painting (DPP) further increases dose... Agent: Stc.unm

20140341353 - Apparatus and method for the sterilization of containers with a screening device against x-rays: An apparatus for the sterilization of containers with a conveying device which conveys the containers along a pre-set conveying path, with at least one stressing device which acts upon the containers with radiation, for the purpose of the sterilization thereof, and with a screening device which screens off X-ray radiation... Agent: Krones Ag

20140341354 - Method of evaluating neutron scattering length density: The present invention provides a method of evaluating the neutron scattering length density, capable of accurately determining the neutron scattering length density. The present invention relates to a method of evaluating the neutron scattering length density of scatterers in a material, including determining the neutron scattering length density based on... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140341355 - Apparatus for scatter reduction for ct imaging and method of fabricating same: A collimator for an imaging system includes a first region comprising a first one-dimensional array of apertures along a channel direction, and a second region comprising a second one-dimensional array of apertures along the channel direction, wherein an aspect ratio of the apertures of the first region is greater than... Agent:

20140341356 - Medical imaging system and method for providing an x-ray image: An X-ray imaging system comprises an X-ray tube (6), a ceiling suspension (2) for the X-ray tube, a detector trolley (12) with an X-ray detector (10) mounted thereon, an active sensor matrix (24), an optical indication unit (20) and a control unit (26). The active sensor matrix (24) is fixedly... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140334597 - Medical system, server apparatus, and power management method: A medical apparatus includes an apparatus main body (11) configured to execute imaging or treatment of an object in accordance with an imaging plan or a treatment plan, an electric power calculation unit (29) configured to calculate an electric power required for the imaging or the treatment based on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140334598 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus may include a frame, an X-ray generation unit that radiates X-rays onto an object, an X-ray detection unit that detects the X-rays transmitted by the object, and a compression paddle that is combined with the frame so that the compression paddle is placed above the X-ray... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334604 - Microstructure, and imaging apparatus having the microstructure: A microstructure includes a substrate, and a grating provided in the substrate and made of metal. The grating is provided with a plurality of holes. The plurality of holes are arranged in a first direction. In a plane containing the first direction, the maximum value of the distance between the... Agent:

20140334603 - Opposed view and dual head detector apparatus for diagnosis and biopsy with image processing methods: The invention relates generally to biopsy needle guidance which employs an x-ray/gamma image spatial co-registration methodology. A gamma camera is configured to mount on a biopsy needle gun platform to obtain a gamma image. More particular, the spatially co-registered x-ray and physiological images may be employed for needle guidance during... Agent: Hampton University

20140334601 - Solid-state image sensor and imaging apparatus including the same: An image sensor includes a first semiconductor chip including first and second surfaces; a second semiconductor chip including first and second surfaces; and a first adhesive layer between the second surface of the first semiconductor chip and the second surface of the second semiconductor chip, the first semiconductor chip being... Agent:

20140334600 - X-ray detector, x-ray imaging apparatus having the same and method of controlling the x-ray imaging apparatus: An X-ray detector includes a light receiver configured to generate charges of a quantity corresponding to energy of a photon, a comparison device including a plurality of comparators, each of the comparators being configured to compare a voltage signal corresponding to the quantity of the generated charges with a respective... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334602 - X-ray diagnostic apparatus: An X-ray diagnostic apparatus includes an imaging unit, a moving mechanism unit, a modeling unit and a mechanism controller. The imaging unit includes an X-ray generating device which generates X-rays for irradiation of an object put on a table-top and an X-ray detecting device which detects the X-rays. The moving... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140334599 - X-ray imaging apparatus: The present invention relates to an X-ray imaging apparatus, comprising: an X-ray imager including an X-ray beam generator for emitting an X-ray beam, an X-ray beam detector for detecting the X-ray beam to obtain an X-ray image of an object, and a main body unit in which the X-ray beam... Agent: Morpheus Co., Ltd.

20140334605 - X-ray inspection device: Provided is an X-ray inspection device having a pair of conveyor frames that is disposed symmetrically with respect to a center line as an axis along a substrate conveying direction, and clamps a printed substrate in a substrate width direction. A substrate conveying mechanism conveys in an X axis direction... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334606 - Process for producing a high-temperature-resistant composite body: A high-temperature-resistant composite body is formed by joining over an area of a first, nonmetallic section via a bonding solder layer to a second, metallic section composed of Mo, an Mo-based alloy, W or a W-based alloy. A first arrangement composed of the first section, a first Zr solder and... Agent:

20140334607 - Diffraction leveraged modulation of x-ray pulses using mems-based x-ray optics: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing Bragg-diffraction leveraged modulation of X-ray pulses using MicroElectroMechanical systems (MEMS) based diffractive optics. An oscillating crystalline MEMS device generates a controllable time-window for diffraction of the incident X-ray radiation. The Bragg-diffraction leveraged modulation of X-ray pulses includes isolating a particular pulse, spatially... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20140334608 - Medical treatment or examination device: A medical treatment or examination device includes at least one device component that may move relative to at least one other device component via a drive device. A measuring device is provided for detecting a load acting on the movable device component. The measuring device includes a support that bends... Agent:

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