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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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11/13/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140334597 - Medical system, server apparatus, and power management method: A medical apparatus includes an apparatus main body (11) configured to execute imaging or treatment of an object in accordance with an imaging plan or a treatment plan, an electric power calculation unit (29) configured to calculate an electric power required for the imaging or the treatment based on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140334598 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus may include a frame, an X-ray generation unit that radiates X-rays onto an object, an X-ray detection unit that detects the X-rays transmitted by the object, and a compression paddle that is combined with the frame so that the compression paddle is placed above the X-ray... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334604 - Microstructure, and imaging apparatus having the microstructure: A microstructure includes a substrate, and a grating provided in the substrate and made of metal. The grating is provided with a plurality of holes. The plurality of holes are arranged in a first direction. In a plane containing the first direction, the maximum value of the distance between the... Agent:

20140334603 - Opposed view and dual head detector apparatus for diagnosis and biopsy with image processing methods: The invention relates generally to biopsy needle guidance which employs an x-ray/gamma image spatial co-registration methodology. A gamma camera is configured to mount on a biopsy needle gun platform to obtain a gamma image. More particular, the spatially co-registered x-ray and physiological images may be employed for needle guidance during... Agent: Hampton University

20140334601 - Solid-state image sensor and imaging apparatus including the same: An image sensor includes a first semiconductor chip including first and second surfaces; a second semiconductor chip including first and second surfaces; and a first adhesive layer between the second surface of the first semiconductor chip and the second surface of the second semiconductor chip, the first semiconductor chip being... Agent:

20140334600 - X-ray detector, x-ray imaging apparatus having the same and method of controlling the x-ray imaging apparatus: An X-ray detector includes a light receiver configured to generate charges of a quantity corresponding to energy of a photon, a comparison device including a plurality of comparators, each of the comparators being configured to compare a voltage signal corresponding to the quantity of the generated charges with a respective... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334602 - X-ray diagnostic apparatus: An X-ray diagnostic apparatus includes an imaging unit, a moving mechanism unit, a modeling unit and a mechanism controller. The imaging unit includes an X-ray generating device which generates X-rays for irradiation of an object put on a table-top and an X-ray detecting device which detects the X-rays. The moving... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140334599 - X-ray imaging apparatus: The present invention relates to an X-ray imaging apparatus, comprising: an X-ray imager including an X-ray beam generator for emitting an X-ray beam, an X-ray beam detector for detecting the X-ray beam to obtain an X-ray image of an object, and a main body unit in which the X-ray beam... Agent: Morpheus Co., Ltd.

20140334605 - X-ray inspection device: Provided is an X-ray inspection device having a pair of conveyor frames that is disposed symmetrically with respect to a center line as an axis along a substrate conveying direction, and clamps a printed substrate in a substrate width direction. A substrate conveying mechanism conveys in an X axis direction... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334606 - Process for producing a high-temperature-resistant composite body: A high-temperature-resistant composite body is formed by joining over an area of a first, nonmetallic section via a bonding solder layer to a second, metallic section composed of Mo, an Mo-based alloy, W or a W-based alloy. A first arrangement composed of the first section, a first Zr solder and... Agent:

20140334607 - Diffraction leveraged modulation of x-ray pulses using mems-based x-ray optics: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing Bragg-diffraction leveraged modulation of X-ray pulses using MicroElectroMechanical systems (MEMS) based diffractive optics. An oscillating crystalline MEMS device generates a controllable time-window for diffraction of the incident X-ray radiation. The Bragg-diffraction leveraged modulation of X-ray pulses includes isolating a particular pulse, spatially... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20140334608 - Medical treatment or examination device: A medical treatment or examination device includes at least one device component that may move relative to at least one other device component via a drive device. A measuring device is provided for detecting a load acting on the movable device component. The measuring device includes a support that bends... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 25 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140328449 - Method for examining samples of frozen rocks: A sample of frozen rocks is placed into contact with a frozen solution of an X-ray contrast agent at subzero temperature. Upon the end of saturation of the sample, a computed X-ray microtomography of the sample is conducted at a subzero temperature. The obtained microtomographic image is analyzed and spatial... Agent:

20140328448 - System and method for multi-material correction of image data: A method is provided. The method includes acquiring projection data of an object from a plurality of pixels, reconstructing the acquired projection data from the plurality of pixels into a reconstructed image, performing material characterization and decomposition of an image volume of the reconstructed image to reduce a number of... Agent:

20140328447 - Systems and methods for computed tomography (ct) imaging using variable image quality factors or image capture settings in a single acquisition: Systems and methods for computed tomography (CT) imaging using variable image quality factors or image capture settings in a single acquisition are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes using a CT system to capture CT image data of an object in a single acquisition. The method also includes... Agent:

20140328446 - X-ray ct imaging device and x-ray ct imaging method: According to an X-ray imaging device for performing CT imaging, a main body control section controls at least one of an X-ray revolution plane formed by an X-ray cone beam along with the revolution of a revolving arm and a revolution range of the revolving arm in accordance with a... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20140328451 - Apparatus and method for dynamic calibration of spectral ct with rotating x-ray source and stationary energy discriminating detectors: An apparatus and method for dynamically calibrating a computed-tomography (CT) scanner that includes a rotating X-ray source and a plurality of stationary energy-discriminating detectors configured to capture incident X-ray photons emitted from the X-ray source. A bowtie filter with a unique geometry and material composition is used to generate reference... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140328450 - System and method for reducing high density artifacts in computed tomography imaging: An imaging system includes a rotatable gantry for receiving an object to be scanned, a generator configured to energize an x-ray source to generate x-rays, a detector positioned to receive the x-rays that pass through the object, and a computer. The computer is programmed to obtain knowledge of a metal... Agent: General Electric Company

20140328452 - X-ray ct device and method for correcting scattered x-rays: It is an object to prevent a poor X-ray CT image due to scattered X-rays. An X-ray CT scanner (100) uses an X-ray detector (4), etc., to scan (F1) an object (3) to obtain X-ray transmission image data, and estimate (F3) an X-ray absorption coefficient distribution inside the object (3)... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140328453 - Computed tomography system with dynamic bowtie filter: A CT apparatus for scanning an object is provided. An x-ray source is provided, wherein the x-ray source provides a collimated x-ray beam with a cross-section. A plurality of attenuation elements is provided between the source and object. An actuator is connected to the attenuation elements for moving the attenuation... Agent:

20140328454 - System and method for determining an orientation of reservoir geobodies from unoriented conventional cores: A system and method for determining an orientation of a reservoir feature from an unoriented core. The method includes selecting an arbitrary inclined plane in a longitudinal or transverse cross sectional CT scan image of the unoriented core; flattening the inclined plane by realigning all voxels within a volume of... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140328455 - Diagnostic imaging apparatus and control method of the same: An diagnostic imaging apparatus including: a correction table; a top panel height calculation unit configured to calculate a height of the top panel corresponding to the distance between the fulcrum of the top panel and the imaging position, from an image captured by continuous imaging of the subject; an imaging... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140328456 - Radiographic system and control method thereof: A radiographic system includes a photographic unit; an operating panel including a button configured to be pressed to indicate that a movement direction of the photographic unit is to be limited to a specific movement direction; a measurement unit provided between the operating panel and the photographic unit and configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140328457 - Differential phase contrast x-ray imaging system and components: A differential phase contrast X-ray imaging system includes an X-ray illumination system, a beam splitter arranged in an optical path of the X-ray illumination system, and a detection system arranged in an optical path to detect X-rays after passing through the beam splitter.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140328458 - Individual monitoring of compression for mammographic examinations: The present invention relates to mammography. In particular, the present invention relates to a method and a corresponding system for individually monitoring a compression force in an apparatus for mammographic examination for personalized compression guidance. In order to provide a personalized guidance for the compression of the breast in a... Agent:

20140328459 - X-ray inspection device, inspection method, and x-ray detector: The X-ray inspection device includes: an X-ray source with a focal spot size greater than the diameter of a defect for irradiating a sample with X-rays; an X-ray TDI detector arranged near the sample and having long pixels in a direction parallel to the scanning direction of the sample for... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140328466 - Detection apparatus for detecting photons taking pile-up events into account: The invention relates to a detection apparatus (12) for detecting photons. The detection apparatus comprises a pile-up determining unit (15) for determining whether detection signal pulses being indicative of detected photons are caused by a pile-up event or by a non-pile-up event, wherein a detection values generating unit (16) generates... Agent:

20140328462 - Medical image processing apparatus, x-ray diagnostic apparatus, medical image processing method, and x-ray diagnostic method: According to one embodiment, a medical image processing apparatus includes an image storage part, an image acquisition part, an information addition part and an image composition part. The image storage part stores the first X-ray image data corresponding to different time phases and corresponding to a region including a ROI.... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140328460 - Method and device for assisting in the treatment of bone fractures: A bone fracture is treated by employing a database with comparison data records. The records each include at least one 3D image data record of at least one bone. Each comparison data record is assigned to an examination object, into which a comparison implant was implanted prior to recording the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140328463 - Method and device for detecting the structure of moving single items, in particular for detecting foreign particles in liquid or paste-like products: A method includes directing a broadband X-ray emission along a predetermined fixed detection line across a direction of travel of an object and detecting the X-rays at several sampling positions of the object relative to the detection line. Sensors making up the detection line simultaneously detect a first partial image... Agent:

20140328461 - Orthovoltage radiotherapy: Radiosurgery systems are described that are configured to deliver a therapeutic dose of radiation to a target structure in a patient. In some embodiments, inflammatory ocular disorders are treated, and in some embodiments, other disorders or tissues of a body are treated with the dose of radiation. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20140328464 - Radiographic apparatus for detecting photons with offset correction: The invention relates to a detection apparatus for detecting photons, such as used in radiographic imaging systems. A detection unit (14) generates detection signal pulses having a detection signal pulse height being indicative of the energy of the detected photons (13), wherein a detection values generation unit (16) generates energy-resolved... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140328465 - X-ray detector: The present invention relates to an x-ray detector comprising a sensor unit (200, 300) for detecting incident x-ray radiation comprising a number of sensor elements (230, 311-314), a counting channel (240) per sensor element for obtaining a count signal by counting photons or charge pulses generated in response to the... Agent: Konninklijke Philips N.v.

20140328467 - Apparatus and method for generating x-ray radiation: The present invention relates to an apparatus (10) as well as a method for generating X-ray radiation, in particular for generating an X-ray radiation field, comprising an electron source (11) for generating an electron beam (12) as well as a target (13) for generation of X-ray radiation, in particular of... Agent:

20140328468 - Mobile transport and shielding apparatus for removable x-ray analyzer: A mobile transport and shielding apparatus, which holds an x-ray analyzer for transport between operating sites, and also serves as a shielded, operational station for holding the x-ray analyzer during operation thereof. The x-ray analyzer is removably insertable into the apparatus and is operable either within the mobile transport and... Agent:

20140328469 - Control devices receiving users' commands and medical apparatuses including the same: A user control device may include a manipulation panel which receives an external force or input from a manipulating input or device, a frame that is spaced apart from the manipulation panel and having an accommodating unit accommodating the manipulation panel, and a sensing unit disposed in the accommodating unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140328470 - Composite skull pins with reduced x-ray signature: a jacket comprising a hollow cone terminating in a sharp distal point, the hollow cone of the jacket being sized and shaped so that it overlies, and closely conforms to, the exterior of the cone of the core, the jacket being formed out of a strong, hard material, and further... Agent: Neurologica Corp.

10/30/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140321601 - Active shield for x-ray computed tomography machine: An active shield for an X-ray computed tomography machine includes a radiation shielding substrate and a flexible circuit board wrapped around the substrate.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140321602 - Imaging system gantry: An imaging system (100) includes a stationary gantry (102), a rotating gantry (104) that rotates around an examination region about a z-axis, an annular support (106) that is statically affixed to the stationary gantry and that rotatably couples the rotating gantry to the stationary gantry, and a radial compliant ring... Agent:

20140321603 - X-ray ct apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An X-ray CT apparatus includes an image generating unit, a discrimination unit, a monochromatic X-ray image generating unit, a combined-image generating unit and a display unit. The image generating unit generates a plurality of reference material images corresponding to respective ones of a plurality of reference materials on a basis... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140321604 - Systems and methods for improving image quality in cone beam computed tomography: The present invention focuses on an analytical model for hist and accurate scatter estimation. The present invention uses the Klein-Nishina (KN) formula as a starting point, which gives the Compton scattering differential cross-section for an interaction point. For a direct integration of the point scatter kernel over the irradiated volume,... Agent:

20140321605 - Cone beam ct scanning: A CBCT system is described that includes a radiation source for emitting a cone beam of radiation in a beam direction towards an object, a detector for detecting the cone beam of radiation, and a positioner for moving the radiation source and the object according to a scanning trajectory. The... Agent:

20140321606 - Method and apparatus for advanced x-ray imaging systems: The present invention pertains to an apparatus and method for X-ray imaging a human patient. A vacuum bell bonded to an X-ray radiation-permeable window that can emit X-ray radiation from a plurality of spots located 1 cm from its edge, a collimator, and a detector are used. A ring of... Agent:

20140321607 - Upright x-ray breast imaging with a ct mode, multiple tomosynthesis modes, and a mammography mode: A multi-mode system and method for imaging a patient's breast with x-rays in one or more of a CT mode, a narrow-angle tomosynthesis mode, a wide angle tomosynthesis mode, and a mammography mode, using essentially the same equipment, on one or more compressions or immobilizations of the breast.... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140321608 - X-ray ct device, calcuration device, recording medium for x-ray ct device, and maintenance method for x-ray ct device: In X-ray CT devices, degradation of quantitative determination ability for CT values resulting from the beam hardening (BH) effect of X-ray is prevented. X-ray absorption characteristic S obtained by simulation and a target value T thereof are saved beforehand, the simulation value S is revised by using projection data measured... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140321609 - Scintillator pack comprising an x-ray absorbing encapsulation and x-ray detector array comprising such scintillator pack: A scintillator pack (2) and a CT X-ray detector array (1) comprising such scintillator pack (2) are proposed. The scintillator pack (2) comprises an array of scintillator pixels (3). At a bottom surface (31) of each scintillator pixel (3), an X-ray absorbing encapsulation (13) is provided. This encapsulation (13) comprises... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140321610 - X-ray ct device: In order to suppress reduction in sensitivity when acquiring high-resolution data, an X-ray CT device is provided with an X-ray source that irradiates a patient with X-rays, and an X-ray detector that detects the X-rays. The X-ray detector includes a plurality of detection elements (scintillators and photodiodes) arrayed in a... Agent:

20140321611 - Radiation imaging apparatus, computed tomography apparatus, and radiation imaging method: A radiation imaging apparatus includes: a radiation emitter configured to emit radiation toward an object and to move around the object at a same time; a radiation detector configured to detect the radiation emitted from the radiation emitter, to change the detected radiation into a signal, and to store the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321612 - C-arm system with extended field of view: The present invention relates to a C-arm X-ray imaging system. In order to provide C-arm systems with an extended three-dimensional field of view, a C-arm X-ray imaging system (10), provided to acquire extended three-dimensional images of an object, is provided, comprising a C-arm structure (12) with an X-ray source (14)... Agent:

20140321613 - Compact, interleaved radiation sources: Compact, dual energy radiation scanning systems are described comprising two particle beam accelerators, each configured to accelerate charged particles to different energies, positioned parallel to a direction of movement of an object to be inspected. The accelerator may be positioned perpendicular to a plane of the conveying system, instead. Bend... Agent:

20140321617 - Detection apparatus for detecting radiation: The invention relates to a detection apparatus for detecting radiation. The detection apparatus comprises a GOS material (20) for generating scintillation light depending on the detected radiation (25), an optical filter (24) for reducing the intensity of a part of the scintillation light having a wavelength being larger than 650... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140321615 - Image-guided radiotherapy: A radiotherapy apparatus comprises a rotatable gantry, supporting a source of therapeutic radiation and a source of diagnostic radiation, the two sources being rotationally (or angularly) spaced apart around a rotation axis of the gantry, with at least one collimator associated with the source of therapeutic radiation and arranged to... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20140321614 - Mobile radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system: A mobile radiation generating apparatus comprising: a cart unit; a column extending from the cart unit; and an arm extending from the column; a radiation emitting unit arranged in a distal end portion of the arm, and configured to irradiate an object with radiation; a first display control unit configured... Agent:

20140321616 - X-ray detection apparatus: X-ray imaging apparatus,which includes an x-ray detector. The x-ray detector comprises a member configured to convert incident x-ray wavelength photons into emitted visible wavelength photons, a position for a material under test, an x-ray source, and a structure configured to perturb an x-ray energy spectrum, each lying on a common... Agent: Ibex Innovations Ltd

20140321618 - Device for addressing lines of a control circuit for an active detection matrix: A device is provided for addressing the rows of an active detection matrix for imaging by ionizing radiations comprising a plurality N of rows n of pixels, the addressing device being produced on a substrate on which the matrix is also producing and mainly comprising thin film transistors of single... Agent: Trixell S.a.s.

20140321619 - X-ray tube with heatable field emission electron emitter and method for operating same: An X-ray tube, a medical X-ray device comprising such X-raytube and a method for operating such X-ray tube are proposed. The X-ray tube (1) comprises an electron emitter (3) with a substrate (4) having an electron emission surface (5). The electron emission surface (5) is adapted for field emission of... Agent:

20140321620 - X-ray tube and anode target: According to one embodiment, an X-ray tube including an electron emission source which emits an electron, an anode target which comprises a target layer emitting an X-ray by the electron from the electron emission source, and a substrate supporting the target layer and composed from a carbide-strengthened molybdenum alloy, an... Agent: Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

20140321621 - Radiographic apparatus and control method thereof: A radiographic apparatus includes an X-ray source unit, a measurement unit configured to measure either one or both of a force and a torque applied to the X-ray source unit, at least one motor configured to move the X-ray source unit, and a system control unit configured to control the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321622 - Novel device for externally marking the location of organs on skin during a cat scan: A novel device for marking location of organs on skin as per CAT scan comprising of a sheet having a plurality of vertical, horizontal and oblique lines wherein the sheet is provided in the form of a mesh. The device can be used for radiotherapy of head to localize point... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140314196 - Tilted detector array for medical imaging systems including computed tomography: A medical imaging system can include a frame that has a bore that has a central longitudinal axis that intersects a target area for imaging, and a radiation source to emit radiation in radial directions towards the target area to form a fan or cone of emitted radiation that irradiates... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140314198 - Tomosynthesis with shifting focal spot and oscillatig collimator blades: In a tomosynthesis system a static focal spot is moved in a direction opposite to and generally synchronized with the directional movement of an x-ray source and X-ray collimator blades are moved during each exposure in synchronization with the shifting of the static focal spot. The synchronized movement of the... Agent:

20140314197 - X-ray tube assembly and x-ray computerized tomography scanner: According to one embodiment, an X-ray tube assembly includes a housing, an X-ray tube, a coolant to which at least a part of heat generated by the X-ray tube is transferred, a circulation channel through which the coolant is circulated, a circulation pump, a radiator, an air filter and a... Agent: Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

20140314199 - Hybrid multi-row detector and flat panel imaging system: A system and a method for acquiring image data of a subject with an imaging system are provided. The system can include a gantry that completely annularly encompasses at least a portion of the subject, and a source positioned within the gantry. The source can be responsive to a signal... Agent:

20140314200 - Ct security inspection system for baggage and detector arrangement thereof: The present invention discloses a CT security inspection system for baggage. The CT security inspection system comprises a scanning passage through which a baggage enters and exits the CT security inspection system for baggage, a X-ray source provided at one side of the scanning passage, and, a gantry provided at... Agent:

20140314201 - Methods and apparatuses for measuring effective atomic number of an object: Methods and apparatuses for measuring an effective atomic number of an object are disclosed. The apparatus includes: a ray source configured to product a first X-ray beam having a first energy and a second X-ray beam having a second energy; a Cherenkov detector configured to receive the first X-ray beam... Agent:

20140314205 - Positioning distance control for x-ray imaging systems: The present invention relates to providing guiding information for operating an X-ray imaging system. In order to provide an improved positioning distance control facilitating the work flow, an X-ray imaging system (10) is provided, comprising a moveable X-ray source (12) and/or a moveable X-ray detector (14). The system further comprises... Agent: Koninjlike Philips N.v.

20140314203 - Selected image acquisition technique to optimize patient model construction: A system and a method are disclosed that allow for generation of a model or reconstruction of a model of a subject based upon acquired image data. The image data can be acquired in a substantially mobile system that can be moved relative to a subject to allow for image... Agent:

20140314204 - User interface for x-ray positioning: The present invention relates to positioning of an X-ray source. In order to provide an improved user interface for facilitating the X-ray imaging positioning, a transportable handheld planning device (10) for visualizing projected X-ray radiation for medical X-ray imaging is provided, that comprises a first structure (12) for representing a... Agent:

20140314206 - X-ray diffraction apparatus, x-ray diffraction measuring method, and control program: The X-ray diffraction apparatus irradiates a sample with an X-ray and performs frame photographing in each X-ray diffraction angle, and includes a control section (141) controlling the frame photographing by scanning without closing a shutter, a data acquisition section (142) acquiring detection data of each frame which has been detected... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20140314207 - Device and method for determining the energetic composition of electromagnetic waves: The present invention relates to a method and device for determining the energetic composition of electromagnetic waves. It is the object of the present invention to provide a method and device for X-ray spectroscopy that allows simultaneous detection of the individual energies at a comparatively higher resolution and/or across a... Agent:

20140314208 - Balancing of a rotating anode: The present invention relates to balancing of a rotating anode. In order to provide a facilitated balancing of a rotating anode allowing balancing also in a state where the rotating anode disk is mounted inside an X-ray tube, an adjustment device (54) for balancing a rotating anode disk in an... Agent:

20140314209 - Multi-target x-ray tube with stationary electron beam position: A method of utilizing different regions of an x-ray tube target by tilting an x-ray tube window at an acute angle with respect to an electron beam axis to cause an electron beam to impinge on a selected region of the window and tilting the window in a different direction... Agent: Moxtek, Inc.

20140314210 - X-ray cells and other components having gas cells with thermally-induced density gradients: A method includes creating a gas flow in a gas cell and cooling a portion of the gas flow to create a thermally-induced temperature gradient in the gas flow. The method also includes directing at least one laser beam through at least a portion of the gas flow with the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140314211 - Pileup correction method for a photon-counting detector: A method and apparatus for determining a parameter vector that includes a plurality of parameters of a detector pileup model of a photon-counting detector, the detector pileup model being used for pileup correction for a spectral computed-tomography scanner. The method includes setting values of the parameters, the parameters including a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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