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05/28/2015 > 26 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150146841 - Metrology device and metrology method thereof: A metrology device includes a light source and an image sensor. The light source is configured for providing an X-ray illuminating a wafer. The image sensor is configured for detecting a spatial domain pattern produced when the X-ray illuminating the wafer.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150146843 - Live 3d x-ray viewing: System for live 3D x-ray viewing comprising an x-ray source, an x-ray detector, a processing unit, a monitor and means for detecting viewer's eyes, wherein the x- ray source and the x-ray detector are arranged at a movable C-arm. The x-ray source comprises two focal spots, wherein a separation of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150146842 - Radiation detector module, radiation detector and radiation imaging apparatus: A detector module for a radiation detector in a radiation imaging apparatus is provided. The detector module includes a detecting element array including a plurality of detecting elements arranged in a matrix form in first and second directions orthogonal to each other, the detecting element array configured to allow radiation... Agent: General Electric Company

20150146844 - Method and system for spectral computed tomography (ct) with inner ring geometry: Photon counting detectors are sparsely placed at predetermined positions in the fourth-generation geometry around an object to be scanned in spectral Computer Tomography (CT). An X-ray emitting source rotates radially outside the sparsely placed photon counting detectors. Furthermore, the integrating detectors are placed in the third-generation in combination to the... Agent:

20150146845 - Methods and systems for performing model-based image processing: Methods and systems for model-based image processing are provided. One method includes selecting at least one reference image from a plurality of reference images, partitioning the at least one reference image into a plurality of patches, generating a probability distribution for each of the patches, and generating a model of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150146846 - Method and apparatus for eliminating residual charges in a flat-panel x-ray detector: A method and an apparatus for eliminating residual charges in a flat-panel x-ray detector are provided. The apparatus includes a flat-panel x-ray detector, a first bias voltage source and a second bias voltage source. The flat-panel x-ray detector includes a photoconductor layer and an electrode layer disposed on the photoconductor... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150146847 - Systems and methods for providing an x-ray imaging system with nearly continuous zooming capability: Systems and methods for obtaining and displaying an X-ray image are described. The X-ray system contains an X-ray source, a CMOS based X-ray detector containing an active area for detecting an X-ray beam from the X-ray source, the active area containing an array of physical detector pixels having a pixel... Agent: General Electric Company

20150146848 - Method for coded-source phase contrast x-ray imaging: Described here is a method for performing phase contrast imaging using an array of independently controllable x-ray sources. The array of x-ray sources can be controlled to produce a distinct spatial pattern of x-ray radiation and thus can be used to encode phase contrast signals without the need for a... Agent:

20150146851 - Bone densitometer: A method includes moving a radiation source and a radiation detector along a scan path substantially transverse to a longitudinal axis of a patient. A beam of radiation is emitted from the radiation source. The beam of radiation is detected at the radiation detector. The detected beam is processed so... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20150146854 - Dynamically scanned x-ray detector panel: An x-ray imaging system for imaging a subject includes an x-ray source configured to project an x-ray radiation toward a portion of the subject and a panel detector positioned opposite the x-ray source relative to the subject and configured to receive x-ray radiation passing through the subject. The panel detector... Agent:

20150146850 - Management system for x-ray detector and x-ray diagnosis apparatus: The management system of the X-ray detectors according to the embodiments detects X-rays irradiated from the X-ray generator when X-ray imaging is carried out, and includes an inspection unit and a validity period setting unit. The inspection unit inspects at least one of performance, function, and operation of an actual... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150146853 - Radiation imaging device with irregular rectangular shape and extraoral dental imaging system therefrom: A radiation imaging device includes plural individual detectors defining an irregular rectangular active area responsive to x-rays and with different widths along a length of the active area. The individual detectors may be of different rectangular shapes and mounted on a motherboard. The motherboard may be formed of a first... Agent:

20150146849 - Radiographic imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: Provided are a radiographic imaging apparatus and a method of controlling the same. The radiographic imaging apparatus includes a radiographic source configured to emit radiographic rays in a discontinuous eigen energy spectrum, a radiographic detector configured to receive the radiographic rays, convert the received radiographic rays into electrical signals, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146852 - X-ray detector, x-ray imaging apparatus having the same, and method of controlling the same: An X-ray detector capable of independently controlling a read-out rate for each region, an X-ray imaging apparatus having the same, and a method of controlling the same are provided. The X-ray detector includes a plurality of pixels which are two-dimensionally arranged and configured to output an electrical signal corresponding to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146855 - Medical image system and program: A medical image system includes: a storage unit which stores a first medical image; a selection unit which selects a medical image to be associated with a second medical image; a designation unit which designates an abnormal shadow candidate; a reception unit which receives the second medical image newly created;... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc

20150146856 - Radiation therapy techniques using targeted wave superposition, magnetic field direction and real-time sensory feedback: New techniques for radiotherapy and radiosurgery are provided. In some aspects of the invention, multiple sources of radiation with characteristics that are projected to constructively interfere at a treatment target are provided. In other aspects, hardware directs multiple radiation sources from the same side of a treatment target, and focuses... Agent:

20150146857 - Inspection method for bearing part and inspection apparatus for bearing part: An inspection method for a bearing part includes the steps of: emitting X-rays onto a fatigued portion of a bearing part to be inspected; detecting annular diffracted X-rays (X-ray diffraction ring) diffracted by the fatigued portion; and estimating a use condition of the bearing part to be inspected, based on... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150146858 - X-ray topography apparatus: Disclosed is an X-ray topography apparatus including an X-ray source, a multilayer film mirror, a slit, a two-dimensional X-ray detector, and a sample moving device that sequentially moves the sample to a plurality of step positions. The X-ray source is a minute focal spot. The multilayer film mirror forms monochromatic,... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20150146860 - Optical axis adjustment device for x-ray analyzer: Provided is an optical axis adjustment device for an X-ray analyzer comprising an incident-side arm, a receiving-side arm, an X-ray source, an incident-side slit, and an X-ray detector, wherein the device comprises a shielding strip disposed at a position blocking X-rays received by the X-ray detector from the X-ray source,... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20150146859 - Optical axis adjustment method for x-ray analyzer and x-ray analyzer: An optical axis adjustment method for an X-ray analyzer. In a 2θ-adjustment step, a 0° position of the rotation of a receiving-side arm and a 0° position of the angle of diffraction 2θ are aligned. In a Zs-axis adjustment step, the position of an incident-side slit along a direction orthogonal... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20150146861 - X-ray diffraction apparatus and method of measuring x-ray diffraction: There is provided an X-ray diffraction apparatus configured to irradiate a sample S on a sample stage with X-rays generated from an X-ray source and detect the X-rays diffracted by a sample using a detector, including a virtual mask setting section and a signal processing section. The detector outputs detection... Agent:

20150146864 - Radiation imaging apparatus: A cassette holder of an imaging stand is provided with first and second catch members for catching and holding an electronic cassette from above and below. The first catch member has a multi connector connected to a multi terminal of the electronic cassette. The multi connector is offset with respect... Agent:

20150146862 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source to generate and irradiate X-rays; an X-ray detector installed in at least one module of one or more modules, to detect the irradiated X-rays; an Identification (ID) resistor included in the module; a port included in the X-ray detector; and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146863 - X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source to generate and irradiate X-rays; an X-ray detector installed in at least one module of one or more modules, to detect the irradiated X-rays; an Identification (ID) resistor included in the module; a port included in the X-ray detector; and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146865 - Field emission device having field emitter including photoelectric material and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a field emission device and a method of manufacturing the same. The field emission device includes an anode electrode and a cathode electrode which are opposite to each other, a counter layer provided on the anode electrode, and a field emitter provided on the cathode electrode and facing... Agent:

20150146866 - Coated x-ray window: An X-ray window includes a primary and a secondary window element. In order to evaporate debris by ohmic heating, current flows through the secondary (upstream) window element. Meanwhile, electric charge originating from electron irradiation and/or depositing charged particles is to be drained off the secondary window element via a charge-drain... Agent: Excillum Ab

05/21/2015 > 26 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150139381 - Parametric control of object scanning: A method of measuring an object having associated geometric data and material data receives the geometric data and material data relating to the object, and controls an x-ray device to scan the object. The x-ray device operates in accordance with a plurality of operating parameters. The method then varies at... Agent:

20150139382 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: Provided are an X-ray imaging apparatus that is capable of tracking a position of an object of interest using a Kalman filter so as to reduce the amount of X-ray radiation exposure of a subject, calculating covariance indicative of accuracy of the tracing, and controlling a collimator so that the... Agent:

20150139383 - Dark-field imaging: A method for dark-field imaging includes acquiring dark-field image projections of an object with an imaging apparatus that includes an x-ray interferometer, applying a pressure wave having a predetermined frequency to the object for each acquired projection, wherein the predetermined frequency is different for each projection, and processing the acquired... Agent:

20150139384 - Method and apparatus for reducing radiation from ct measurement of respiratory cycles and ct scanner: A method for reducing radiation from CT measurement of respiratory cycles and a corresponding CT scanner. The method includes: determining a lying direction of a patient to be measured; and setting a tube position for a first respiratory cycle measurement of the patient according to the lying direction.... Agent:

20150139385 - Rotational phase unwrapping: A phase unwrapping method for image demodulation comprises receiving a plurality of images of a fringe pattern captured by rotating the fringe pattern by a predetermined rotation angle. The method estimates a first wrapped phase value for a portion of a first image of the plurality of images and a... Agent:

20150139386 - Feedback modulated radiation scanning systems and methods for reduced radiological footprint: Methods and systems for scanning objects comprising scanning a portion of an object by a first radiation beam having a first value of a beam characteristic, such as the dose, and detecting the first radiation beam after interaction with the object by a first detector. It is determined whether to... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20150139387 - Radiation detection device, radiation image acquiring system, radiation inspection system, and radiation detection method: A radiation image acquiring system is provided. An X-ray image acquiring system irradiates X-rays to a subject from an X-ray source, and detects X-rays transmitted through the subject. The X-ray image acquiring system includes a first detector for detecting X-rays that are transmitted through the subject to generate first image... Agent:

20150139396 - Angiographic examination method to implement a rotational angiography: In an angiographic examination method to implement rotational angiographies, two x-ray projections of the examination subject are acquired from different acquisition angles, the x-ray projections are segmented to generate the outer contours of the examination subject in both x-ray projections, the outer contours of the examination subject are discretized in... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150139390 - Digital x-ray sensor: A digital X-ray sensor having a detection layer, and a collection layer formed by pixels in the form of a CMOS ASIC, wherein the sensor is provided with a “photon-counting” function and is suitable for radiological applications, so that the best arrangement is obtained between the image quality and the... Agent:

20150139389 - Fluoroscopy system: A mobile digital fluoroscopy system comprises either a G-arm (18) stand (1) having two X-ray beam transmitter (21,23)/receiver (22,24) pairs arranged at right angles to each other or a C-arm having a single transmitter/receiver pair. Protective collimator shutter plates (1060) at each transmitter limit the X-ray irradiation area. These collimator... Agent: Scanflex Healthcare Ab

20150139388 - Heartbeat synchronized cardiac imaging: This disclosure presents systems and methods that synchronize an x-ray imaging system with the heartbeat of a patient. A patient's heartbeat is sensed with a cardiac monitoring unit, and a processing unit generates x-ray pulses that are synchronized with the patient's heartbeat. Based on the real-time heartbeat information, an x-ray... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139397 - Imaging system and methods of manufacturing and using the same: Some embodiments include an imaging system. The image sensor array includes multiple image sensor sheets configured in an array grid. Each image sensor sheet of the multiple image sensor sheets can include a flexible substrate layer, and the flexible substrate layer can include a first flexible substrate side and a... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona, Acting On Behalf Of Arizona Stat

20150139398 - Radiation image detecting device, radiation imaging system and operation method thereof: In capturing an image of a grid by an image detector, a measurement pixel that is not in the position of a specific point having a maximum or minimum value of an output signal is referred to as a first measurement pixel, and a measurement pixel that is in the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150139399 - Radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging system, computer-readable medium storing radiographic imaging program, and radiographic imaging method: The present invention provides a radiographic imaging device including: a detecting section that detects a dose of radiation that has been irradiated when imaging a radiographic image corresponding to irradiated radiation; and a determining section that determines whether the radiographic image is a valid image on the basis of the... Agent:

20150139391 - Voltage multiplier: A voltage multiplier 10 comprises a series of multiplier stages 12a, 12b, 12c, 12d. Each multiplier stage, for example 12b, comprises a first input 16b, a second input 14b, a first output 16c and second output 14c. The first and second outputs of a preceding multiplier stage are interconnected with... Agent:

20150139392 - X-ray detector pixel layout: The present invention relates to an X-ray detector and the pixel layout. In order to provide a facilitated way of avoiding artifacts in images provided by X-ray detectors, an X-ray detector (10) is provided, comprising a pixel array (12) with a plurality of pixels (14), each of which comprises a... Agent: Koninkljke Philips N.v.

20150139393 - X-ray diagnostic apparatus and dose distribution generation method: An X-ray diagnostic apparatus includes a first support mechanism supporting a first X-ray tube which irradiates an object with first X-rays along a first direction, a second support mechanism supporting a second X-ray tube which irradiates the object with second X-rays along a second direction different from the first direction,... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150139394 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source configured to radiate X-rays onto an object region, an X-ray detector configured to detect the radiated X-rays and obtain image frames of the object region based on the detected X-rays, and a filter configured to filter X-rays radiated from the X-ray source... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139395 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus and method are provided. The X-ray imaging apparatus according to an aspect includes an X-ray source configured to radiate X-rays onto a subject region, an X-ray detector configured to detect the radiated X-rays and obtain a plurality of frame images of the subject region, and an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139400 - System and method for determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit: There is provided a System and Method For Determining The Radiological Composition of Material Layers Within a Conduit. The system and method disclosed is equally applicable to pipes, vessels, and conduits as well as medical applications such as determining vessel thickness, occlusion, scarring, or the like in humans and animals.... Agent:

20150139401 - Method of treating a surface layer of a device consisting of alumina and respective device, particularly x-ray tube component: A method for treating a surface layer (3) of a device (1) consisting of alumina and a corresponding device (1) are proposed. The method comprises providing the device (1) with the surface layer (3) to be treated being exposed and heating the surface layer (3) of the device (1) in... Agent:

20150139402 - X-ray source, method for producing x-rays and use of an x-ray source emitting monochromatic x-rays: X-ray sources and production of X-rays, in particular, producing monochromatic x-rays is provided. More specifically, a method for producing X-rays and the use of the X-ray source for x-raying bodies (for example human bodies). An aerogel, for example in the form of a rod, may be provided in a housing... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesell Schaft

20150139403 - X-ray tube: An x-ray tube with a vacuum housing includes a cathode chamber with a cathode arrangement, an anode chamber with an anode arrangement, and a drift path disposed between the cathode chamber and the anode chamber. The drift path is surrounded by a magnet arrangement. The magnet arrangement is a self-supporting... Agent:

20150139404 - High power x-ray tube housing: An x-ray housing can include: a finned housing member having a tubular body with an external fin array on a finned external surface and an internal fin array on a finned internal surface, the finned internal surface defining a finned housing lumen, the internal fin array and external fin array... Agent:

20150139405 - Color coded dental x-ray positioning device: A positioning device for holding a dental x-ray imaging media during the taking of a dental x-ray includes an aiming ring, a bite block and a positioning arm extending therebetween. The bite block carries a journal or barrel for receiving a portion of the positioning arm therein such that the... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20150139406 - X-ray housing having integrated oil-to-air heat exchanger: An x-ray housing can include a tubular unitary body having an external fin array adjacent to an internal fin array through a heat exchanger portion of the unitary body, the internal fin array being on a luminal surface of a housing lumen of the unitary body. The external fin array... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

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