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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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05/14/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150124927 - Dark field computed tomography imaging: A method includes obtaining a dark-field signal generated from a dark-field CT scan of an object, wherein the dark-field CT scan is at least a 360 degree scan. The method further includes weighting the dark-field signal. The method further includes performing a cone beam reconstruction of the weighted dark-field signal... Agent:

20150124928 - Method and ct system for topogram scanning: A method for improved utilization of a radiation dose applied to an examination object during topogram scanning of a CT system, and a CT system with a system axis using a cylindrical curved multi-row detector, are disclosed. In an embodiment, the method includes topogram scanning of the examination object with... Agent:

20150124931 - Cathode filament assembly: The present invention relates to a cathode for an X-ray tube, an X-ray tube, a system for X-ray imaging, and a method for an assembly of a cathode for an X-ray tube. In order to provide a cathode with an improved and facilitated assembly, a cathode (10) for an X-ray... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150124930 - Time-resolved pre-treatment portal dosimetry systems, devices, and methods: Systems, devices, and methods for pre-treatment verification of radiation dose delivery in arc-based radiation therapy devices using a time-dependent gamma evaluation method.... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20150124929 - X-ray anti-scatter grid: An X-ray anti-scatter grid having thinner X-ray opaque layers, smaller X-ray opaque diameters, greater aspect ratio, lower weight and improved image resolution is disclosed. A method of forming the X-ray anti-scatter grid is disclosed that includes a set of hollow X-ray transparent glass capillary tubes that are fused together, with... Agent: Incom, Inc.

20150124932 - Power system of x-ray tube and method of controlling the same: A method of controlling a power system of an X-ray tube is provided to supply power to the X-ray tube and control the emission operation of the X-ray tube. The method includes following steps: First, it is to judge whether a high voltage operation of the X-ray tube is started... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20150124933 - X-ray generator device: An x-ray generator device includes a housing at least partially holding a specific fluid pressure, with an arm positioned to be able to strike a strike plate within the housing. The housing contains an x-ray window. The arm is magnetically actuated in at least one direction by a magnetic field... Agent:

20150124934 - Distributed, field emission-based x-ray source for phase contrast imaging: An x-ray source for use in Phase Contrast Imaging is disclosed. In particular, the x-ray source includes a cathode array of individually controlled field-emission electron guns. The field emission guns include very small diameter tips capable of producing a narrow beam of electrons. Beams emitted from the cathode array are... Agent:

20150124935 - X-ray generation from a super-critical field: Described herein are methods and systems relating to an x-ray generation system. In some embodiments, the system includes an electron beam acceleration region that generates an electron beam and accelerates electrons in the beam and a radiation generation region that (i) receives the electron beam and (ii) generates an electric... Agent:

20150124936 - Rotating-anode x-ray tube assembly: According to one embodiment, a rotating-anode X-ray tube assembly includes a rotating-anode X-ray tube, a housing, a coolant, a first shell, an X-ray shielding member, a second shell and an air introduction unit. The first shell is provided apart from the housing and an envelope of the rotating-anode X-ray tube,... Agent: Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

20150124937 - X-ray tube rotor with carbon composite based material: The present invention relates to a rotor for an X-ray tube. In order to provide further possibilities for weight reduction in X-ray tubes for providing an increase of rotation frequency, a rotor (10) for an X-ray tube is provided, comprising a rotational structure (12) with a plurality of electrically conducting... Agent:

20150124938 - Multi-leaf collimators: A multi-leaf collimator for a radiotherapy apparatus comprises at least one array of laterally-spaced elongate leaves, each leaf being driven by an associated motor connected to the leaf via a drive means so as to extend or retract the leaf in its longitudinal direction, the drive means comprising a sub-frame... Agent:

20150124939 - Rail system including adjustable detector: A rail system including an adjustable detector. A rail unit is elongated in a longitudinal direction, and includes first and second rails which are spaced apart from each other in a horizontal direction and are fixed to the ground. An X-ray tube stand is movable in a lateral direction with... Agent:

20150124940 - X-ray detector, x-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: The X-ray imaging apparatus may include at least one X-ray detector including a storage unit configured to store ID information and a mounting position detecting unit; at least one mounting unit in which the X-ray detector is mounted; and a control unit configured to determine which X-ray detector among the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150124941 - C-arm sleeve: A C-arm sleeve for preserving the sterility of a C-arm. The C-arm sleeve includes a C-frame drape configured to cover the C-frame of the C-arm. The C-arm sleeve also includes an image intensifier drape configured to be placed over an image intensifier of the C-arm. The C-arm sleeve further includes... Agent:

20150124942 - Anatomical support facilitating medical imaging of the hip, leg and knee: An anatomical support is provided for facilitating the medical imaging of a patient's hip, leg or knee. The anatomical support has an operatively horizontal pelvis support panel to one edge of which is attached an edge of a thigh locating panel by a hinged attachment and that has attached to... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 28 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150117592 - Method and apparatus for increasing field of view in cone-beam computerized tomography acquisition: A method and apparatus for Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography, (CBCT) is configured to increase the maximum Field-Of-View (FOV) through a composite scanning protocol and includes acquisition and reconstruction of multiple volumes related to partially overlapping different anatomic areas, and the subsequent stitching of those volumes, thereby obtaining, as a final result,... Agent: Cefla Societ&#xc1 Cooperativa

20150117591 - Synchronized view data acquisition between stationary spectral detectors and rotating energy integrating detectors for spectral computer-aided tomography: A control circuit for a computer-aided tomography (CT) system includes an input that receives a master timing signal and an input that receives a first timing signal. The control circuit includes a mode detection circuit that determines the scan mode of the CT system based on the master timing signal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150117594 - Estimating multi-energy data in a radiation imaging modality: Multi-energy imaging is afforded with a single detector array by generating a first data set, indicative of a first radiation energy spectrum, using a first set of cells of the array, and by generating a second data set, indicative of a second radiation energy spectrum, using a second set of... Agent:

20150117595 - Method and x-ray system for generating a phase contrast image: A method and an X-ray system are disclosed for generating a phase contrast image of an examination object. In an embodiment, the distribution of an electron density in the examination object is determined by defining energy-dependent attenuation values for X-radiation with at least two different X-ray energy spectra, phase-shift values... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150117593 - Method for spectral ct local tomography: A method for performing reconstruction for a region of interest (ROI) of an object is provided. The method includes designating the ROI within the object, the ROI being located within a scan field of view (FOV) of a combined third- and fourth-generation CT scanner, the CT scanner including fixed photon-counting... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150117597 - Scanning system for three-dimensional imaging: A scanning system for three-dimensional imaging comprises a bench, a gantry frame, a light source, a sensor and a control unit. The bench is to support a subject to be scanned. The gantry frame is movably mounted at a lateral side of the bench. The light source is movably mounted... Agent:

20150117596 - System and method of noise deletion in computed tomography: An imaging system includes a computer programmed to reconstruct original CT projection data, estimate noise in image space, forward project the image noise estimate to generate an initial projection noise estimate, modify the initial projection noise estimate using a statistical property of noise in projection space, remove noise in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150117598 - Grating-based differential phase contrast imaging: An imaging system (200) is configured for grating-based DPCI. The imaging system includes a rotating gantry (204) that rotates around an examination region, a radiation source (208), supported by the rotating gantry, that emits radiation that traverses the examination region, a detector array (212), supported by the rotating gantry, that... Agent:

20150117599 - X-ray interferometric imaging system:

20150117600 - X-ray photographing apparatus: Disclosed is an X-ray photographing apparatus comprising: an X-ray generator for generating X-rays; an X-ray detector for detecting the X-rays discharged from the X-ray generator; and a collimator for permitting only a portion of the X-rays to pass through and blocking the rest X-rays, wherein the apparatus further comprising a... Agent: Genoray Co., Ltd.

20150117602 - Stereoscopic imaging systems and methods: A stereoscopic imaging system and method is disclosed. In one aspect the system includes a ray source that emits a plurality of ray fanbeams. The system includes columns of detectors. Each column of detectors is arranged at a preset angle with respect to the ray source. The detectors detect a... Agent:

20150117601 - X-ray source with module and detector for optical radiation: The present invention relates to an X-ray source for irradiating an object to be imaged with X-ray radiation, wherein the X-ray source is moveable into a plurality of defined recording positions relative to the object to be imaged. A module is arranged directly on the X-ray source, said module being... Agent:

20150117608 - Alignment system: A method includes a obtaining an image of a center of a pelvis of a patient captured by an imaging device and analyzing the image of the pelvis center to determine whether or not the pelvis center is aligned with the imaging device using a computing device. When the pelvis... Agent:

20150117604 - Balancing in an x-ray tube: The present invention relates to an X-ray tube with an active balancing arrangement, hi order to provide improved balancing for a minimized imbalance during operation, an X-ray tube (10) with an active balancing arrangement (12) is provided, comprising a rotating anode arrangement (14), a bearing arrangement (20, 22, 24), a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150117603 - Detector assembly for recording x-ray images of an object to be imaged: The invention relates to a detector assembly for recording x-ray images of an object to be imaged, said object being located on a support plate of a table, wherein the table has at least one adjustable support foot for moving the support plate, comprising: a detector for detecting x-radiation and... Agent:

20150117605 - Image processor, treatment system, and image processing method: According to some embodiments, an image processor includes a perspective image generator, a perspective image acquirer, a corresponding point acquirer, a first calculator and a display image generator. The first calculator updates the position of the one or more first corresponding point on the first perspective image, based on a... Agent:

20150117607 - Radiographic image capturing system and console: A console includes a display section. The console performs a focus display of the icon corresponding to the imaging order information regarding a currently-performed imaging, and when the imaging ends, moves the focus display of the icon to the icon of a next imaging. The console performs a focus display... Agent:

20150117609 - X-ray imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a column supports the X-ray tube. A column includes a first sub column, a second sub column, a third sub column, a first connector, and a second connector. The first connector connects the second sub column to the first sub column and includes a first rotation... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150117606 - X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: An X-ray imaging apparatus is provided. The X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray generator configured to radiate X-rays onto an object having a region of interest (ROI) and a non-ROI, a filter configured to adjust an X-ray dose of the X-rays incident on the ROI and the non-ROI, an X-ray... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117610 - Methods and apparatus for measuring semiconductor device overlay using x-ray metrology: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for determining overlay error in a semiconductor target. For illumination x-rays having at least one angle of incidence (AOI), a correlation model is obtained, and the correlation model correlates overlay error of a target with a modulation intensity parameter for each of one or more... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150117611 - Single crystal quartz chips for protein crystallization and x-ray diffraction data collection and related methods: A crystallization device for in situ x-ray diffraction of biological samples includes a flat plate made of single crystal quartz, silicon or sapphire and having an array of wells or lanes defined on the plate. The crystallization device may be in the form of a cover slide used with a... Agent: Renz Research, Inc.

20150117613 - Radiation measurement apparatus: A radiation measurement apparatus 10 includes a visible image acquisition unit 11 that takes a visible image, a radiation intensity acquisition unit 12 that measures intensity distribution of radiation incoming from a direction being substantially equal to an image picking up direction of the visible image acquisition unit, and an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150117612 - Gamma imaging probe position signal processing method: The present invention based on not changing hardware design, which means that each imaging detector keep independent considerations, the weighted value of the circuit to be pushed back the weight of the original signal, and then estimate the amount of the original signal in a virtual cascade circuit to renew... Agent:

20150117614 - Mobile x-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: A mobile X-ray imaging apparatus and a method of controlling the mobile X-ray imaging apparatus are provided. The mobile X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray source mounted in a movable main body, a battery configured to supply operating power to the X-ray source, a charger configured to supply charging power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117615 - Collision sensor device for a medical apparatus, and medical apparatus: A collision sensor device for a medical apparatus includes a sensor structure having a first sensor and a second sensor that are separated by a spacer layer, at least one crumple layer that adjoins one of the first sensor and the second sensor and is configured to provide a run-on... Agent:

20150117616 - X-ray generation device and x-ray generation method: An X-ray generation device is provided with an electron gun unit for emitting an electron beam, and a target unit having a substrate comprised of diamond, and a target body comprised of a material for generating X-rays with incidence of the electron beam thereto and buried in close contact in... Agent:

20150117617 - X-ray tube: According to one embodiment, an X-ray tube includes an anode target, a cathode including a filament and a convergence electrode which includes a groove portion, and an envelope. The groove portion includes a pair of first bottom surfaces which are located in the same plane as the filament and between... Agent: Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

20150117618 - Method and apparatus for correcting focus of ct device: A method and apparatus for correcting a focus of a CT device are provided. The method includes: calculating a total focus shift according to scanning data; and correcting, when the CT device is running, a deflection of an electron beam emitted from a ray source of the CT device, based... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150110239 - Method for acquiring morphology of a breast: An imaging method performed by a device comprising an X-ray emitting source, a receiver positioned facing the source, and a support on which a subject or organ to be imaged is positioned, the method comprises defining a first set of orientations of the source and a second set of orientations... Agent:

20150110240 - X-ray tomographic inspection system for the identification of specific target items: The present invention provides for an improved scanning process with a stationary X-ray source arranged to generate X-rays from a plurality of X-ray source positions around a scanning region, a first set of detectors arranged to detect X-rays transmitted through the scanning region, and at least one processor arranged to... Agent:

20150110241 - X-ray ct apparatus and x-ray diagnosis apparatus: An X-ray CT apparatus includes: an X-ray detector in which detecting elements that detect X-rays are arranged in a body-axis direction and a rotation direction; an acquiring unit that acquires signals of the X-rays detected by at least one group of detecting elements which includes a predetermined quantity of detecting... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150110242 - Optical fiber probe arrangement for use with x-ray mammography: An exemplary apparatus can be provided to determine information regarding a sample(s), which can include, for example an arrangement(s) composed of, at least partially, a particular material in a predetermined area thereof, and including a light facilitating device that can be configured to provide or receive a light radiation(s) to... Agent:

20150110243 - Compact mobile cargo scanning system: The present invention is a self-contained mobile inspection system and method and, more specifically, improved methods and systems for detecting materials concealed within a wide variety of receptacles and/or cargo containers. In particular, the present invention is an improved method and system with a novel boom structure that reduces the... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20150110244 - X-ray inspection apparatus: An X-ray inspection apparatus including: a transmission type X-ray source including an electron emission source configured to emit an electron beam, and a transmission type target; a collimator provided with a plurality of slits formed therein, each slit configured to form a fan beam X-ray by allowing the X-ray radiation... Agent:

20150110246 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method thereof, and image processing system thereof: The image processing apparatus includes a receiver for receiving a first image acquired by photographing scattered radiation of X-rays existing in a closed space and a second image acquired by photographing the closed space; and an image processor for generating a third image by combining the first image and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150110245 - Method and apparatus for obtaining x-ray image of region of interest of object: A method of obtaining an X-ray image, the method including: obtaining a first image of an object; receiving a determination whether the first image includes an entirety of a region of interest (ROI); and obtaining a second image of the object, the second image including a portion of the ROI... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150110248 - Radiation detection and method for non-destructive modification of signals: A radiation detector, comprising: a scintillator layer; an array of active pixel sensors (APS); at least one internal temperature sensor coupled to at least one pixel; at least two feedback circuits embedded into each pixel; processing electronics configured to allow sampling of said electrical signals by the at least two... Agent:

20150110247 - Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging: A phantom material may be irradiated with varying energy x-rays to determine its phase shift properties. A determination of the difference between those phase shift properties and the phase shift properties of another material of interest can be represented and stored in terms of a polynomial function. The stored function... Agent:

20150110250 - Personnel screening system: The present specification discloses an inspection system for detecting objects being carried by a person who is moving along a pathway. The inspection system has two detection systems configured to detect radiation scattered from the person as the person moves along the pathway and an X-ray source positioned between the... Agent:

20150110249 - Small-angle scattering x-ray metrology systems and methods: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for performing small angle x-ray scattering metrology. This system includes an x-ray source for generating x-rays and illumination optics for collecting and reflecting or refracting a portion of the generated x-rays towards a particular focus point on a semiconductor sample in the form of a... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150110251 - Coupled magnet currents for magnetic focusing: Issues related to maintaining the size of a focal spot on the target material of an X-ray source are addressed by linking the currents used in a magnetic focusing system employed in the X-ray source. The size of the focal spot on the target is less sensitive to current changes... Agent: General Electric Company

20150110252 - X-ray sources using linear accumulation: s

20150110253 - Rotor with a backplane bus having electrical connection elements to make electrical contact with electrical components in a medical apparatus, as well as rotating unit and medical apparatus with such a rotor: A rotor of a computed tomography apparatus has a rotatable mechanical support frame for mechanical retention of electrical components and electrical connection elements for electrical connection with electrical components of the computed tomography apparatus, with the electrical connection elements arranged in at least one backplane bus. A rotating unit and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

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