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X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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04/10/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140098930 - Extremity imaging apparatus for cone beam computed tomography: An apparatus for cone beam computed tomography can include a support structure, a scanner assembly coupled to the support structure for controlled movement in at least x, y and z orientations, the scanner assembly can include a DR detector configured to move along at least a portion of a detector... Agent:

20140098929 - Non-contact rotary power transfer system: A power delivery system includes a rotary transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding and configured to transfer power between stationary coupling elements on a stationary side and rotational coupling elements on a rotational side. The rotational coupling elements share a central axis with the stationary coupling elements,... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20140098931 - Dual display ct scanner user interface: A user interface for a CT imaging system is disclosed. The user interface includes a first display configured to enable an operator to perform set-up and scanning tasks associated with performing a CT exam on one or more patients, with the set-up and scanning tasks including acquiring and verifying scan... Agent: General Electric Company

20140098932 - Dual display ct scanner user interface: A CT user interface includes first and second displays that selectively display distinct display zones thereon. The first display includes a zone enabling the operator to create a record for each of a plurality of patients and an exam set-up and a protocol selection zone enabling the operator to select... Agent: General Electric Company

20140098933 - Dual display ct scanner user interface: A CT user interface includes first and second displays that enable an operator to perform set-up and scanning tasks associated with performing CT scans and enable the operator to perform image post-processing tasks associated with the CT scans. A plurality of distinct display zones are selectively displayed on the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140098934 - Image diagnostic apparatus, x ray computed tomography apparatus, medical bed apparatus, and bed control method: According to one embodiment, a support mechanism movably supports the table top. A bed driver generates driving power to be supplied to the support mechanism to move the table top. An imaging mechanism includes a mechanism for acquiring medical image data associated with a subject placed on the table top.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140098935 - Mammography system and method employing offset compression paddles, automatic collimation, and retractable anti-scatter grid: A mammographic imaging system is optimized for use with a single fixed size flat panel digital image receptor. It accommodates compression devices (paddles) of varying sizes, and positions them properly in a field of view of the image receptor. When a compression paddle with size smaller than the field of... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140098936 - Nondestructive examination of structures having embedded particles: A system comprises a structure having particles embedded at a level within the structure, and X-ray imaging apparatus for capturing images of the particles at the level.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140098937 - Mobile aircraft inspection system: A system for scanning aircraft for concealed threats is provided. The system comprises a vehicle and a manipulator arm attached with a scanning head that can be maneuvered in multiple directions to completely scan an aircraft from the outside. The system uses transmission based X-ray detection, backscatter based X-ray detection... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140098939 - Mobile radiation generation apparatus and mobile radiation imaging system: A mobile radiation generation apparatus includes a cart, a radiation generation unit, a positioning member fixed to the cart and configured to movably support the radiation generation unit, a receiving unit configured to store a radiation imaging unit, the receiving unit extending in a direction toward a lower inside portion... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098938 - Mobile x-ray imaging apparatus: A mobile X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray generation unit, a boom member configured to hold and arrange the X-ray generation unit at an arbitrary position, a supporting column unit connected to the boom member and configured to elevate and pivot the X-ray generation unit, a display unit, including a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098940 - Method and apparatus for investigating the x-ray radiographic properties of samples: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for studying the X-ray properties of samples (3c), wherein X-ray radiation scattered by a sample (3c) is recorded by a detector (5) positioned at a distance from the sample (3c) and is evaluated with respect to the characteristics of the sample.... Agent: Anton Paar Gmbh

20140098941 - Systems for transporting x-ray detector and detector control device: A system is provided. The system includes a portable digital X-ray detector and a portable detector control device configured to communicate with the digital X-ray detector. The system also includes a coupling mechanism configured to couple the portable digital X-ray detector to the portable digital X-ray detector to enable simultaneous... Agent: General Electric Company

20140098942 - Radiation generating apparatus: A radiation generating apparatus comprising: a radiation tube configured to irradiate radiation; an boom configured to support the radiation tube; an boom supporting unit configured to support the boom; a first column linked to the boom supporting unit and formed in a vertical direction; and a second column extensibly linked... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098943 - Mobile x-ray imaging apparatus: A mobile X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray tube configured to emit X-rays, an extendable arm configured to support the X-ray tube, a support post configured to move the extendable arm in a direction perpendicular to the ground, a carriage portion configured to control the X-ray tube to emit the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

04/03/2014 > 24 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140093029 - Radiographic image generation device and method: Radiographic images for different imaging directions taken by applying radiation to a subject from the different imaging directions are obtained, and a plurality of first tomographic images having a first slice thickness are generated based on the obtained plurality of radiographic images and a plurality of second tomographic images having... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093030 - X-ray ct system, image display device, and image display method: Techniques are provided that enable displaying of medical images that depict cyclic motions in the subject. An X-ray CT system scans, with X-rays, the subject whose targeted region is experiencing a cyclic motion and acquires detection data. This X-ray CT system comprises a reconstruction processor, a moving image creator, and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140093031 - Tomographic imaging with asymmetric detection: A recording unit is rotatable about an axis of rotation, and includes an X-ray emitter and detector to detect X-rays from a fan-shaped region. The fan-shaped region is asymmetrical in relation to a vertical to the axis of rotation, running through the X-ray detector wherein the two edges of the... Agent:

20140093032 - Configuration and method for tomosynthetic fluoroscopy: A configuration and an associated operating method for tomosynthetic fluoroscopy utilize an x-ray emitter and with an x-ray detector. The configuration further contains a mounting device, which is rotatably mounted about a rotational axis and about which the x-ray emitter is arranged such that the optical axis of the x-ray... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140093035 - Gamma radiation breast imaging apparatus: A gamma radiation breast imaging apparatus, comprising an object positioning device, defining an imaging space and having as an intended insertion direction of the breast to be imaged, and a gamma camera positioned to image a volume in said imaging space. The gamma camera comprises a collimator with a first... Agent:

20140093033 - Press plate and radiographic imaging apparatus: A press plate includes: a press section that is disposed to face towards an imaging face of an imaging table and is resiliently deformable; and a movable support point portion that is movable and supports the press section at the opposite side to the imaging face so that a reaction... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093034 - Press plate and radiographic imaging apparatus: A press plate includes: a press section that is disposed to face towards an imaging face of an imaging table and is resiliently deformable; and a reaction force section that is capable of supporting the press section from the opposite side to the imaging face, that has a variable support... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093036 - Tomographic image generation device and method: Radiographic images for different imaging directions taken by applying radiation to a subject from the different imaging directions are obtained, and a plurality of tomographic images of the subject are generated based on the obtained plurality of radiographic images. Then, compression processing in the direction perpendicular to slice planes of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093037 - Measuring a flow-rate and composition of a multi-phase fluid mixture: An apparatus for measurement of a flow-rate and/or a composition of a multi-phase fluid mixture is provided. The apparatus includes a radiation device that generates a pulsed beam of photons to irradiate the fluid mixture spatially along a section of flow of the mixture. A controlling device is configured to... Agent:

20140093038 - Radiation detector and measurement device for detecting x-ray radiation: The invention relates to a radiation detector (10), in particular for detecting x-ray radiation, comprising a carrier substrate (11), a detector layer (12) which comprises GaN, is arranged on the carrier substrate (11) and has a thickness less than 50 μm, and contact electrodes (13) which form ohmic contacts with... Agent: Helmholtz Zentrum M&#xfc Nchen Deutsches Forschungszentrum F&#xfc R Gesundheit Und Umwelt (gmbh)

20140093041 - Detecting apparatus, radiation detecting system, and method of manufacturing detecting apparatus: A sensor panel provided with a photoelectric conversion element that detects entering light, a columnar-structure scintillator layer arranged on the sensor panel, a light reflection layer formed on the columnar-structure scintillator layer, and a resin layer including a particulate scintillator formed between the columnar-structure scintillator layer and the light reflection... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140093044 - Method to detect and indicate inaccuracies in long length imaging: Method of generating radiation images of an elongate body by applying different computer-implemented stitching methods to the same set of partial radiation images. A warning is generated in case of substantial deviation between the applied stitching methods.... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

20140093040 - Mobile radiation imaging apparatus and mobile radiation imaging system: A mobile radiation imaging apparatus includes a radiation generation unit configured to generate radiation, a cart, a supporting member formed on the cart and configured to hold the radiation generation unit in a movable manner with respect to the cart, a detection unit configured to detect arrangement of the radiation... Agent:

20140093043 - Radiation exposure dose obtaining method and apparatus, and radiation image capturing system: In the case where radiological imaging of a subject to be injected with a contrast agent is performed continuously and a radiation exposure dose of the subject due to the continuous radiological imaging is obtained based on a radiation image signal of each frame detected by a radiation image detector... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093042 - Radiation generating unit and radiography system: A radiation generating unit includes a radiation tube that has a vacuum chamber that has a cathode and anode at both ends of an insulating tubular member and is arranged inside a storage container filled with an insulating liquid in a state in which the radiation tube is arranged inside... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140093039 - Radiography imaging and radiation detection system: A radiography imaging apparatus comprises a radiation source to generate radiation for irradiation of a patient. A radiation detection unit comprises a plurality of detection modules to detect radiation having passed through the patient and to convert the radiation into an electrical signal and to convert the electrical signal into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140093045 - Portable x-ray diagnostic apparatus: There is provided a portable X-ray diagnostic apparatus. The X-ray diagnostic apparatus comprises an X-ray generation unit configured to generate X-rays, a display unit configured to display information about X-ray imaging by the X-ray generation unit, a column including a shaft extending in a first direction and configured to be... Agent:

20140093046 - Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling radiation imaging apparatus: A radiation imaging apparatus includes an irradiation unit configured to irradiate radiation, a positioning unit configured to position the irradiation unit, and a cart unit configured to move while the irradiation unit and the positioning unit are mounted on the cart unit. The radiation imaging apparatus includes a moving unit... Agent:

20140093047 - X-ray tube: An X-ray tube includes a radiopaque substrate including a window portion, an X-ray transmission window closing the window portion, an X-ray target provided at the window portion from an inner surface side of the substrate, a highly-evacuated container portion attached to the inner surface of the substrate, a cathode, a... Agent: Futaba Corporation

20140093048 - Active absorber for low-frequency vibrating structures: An active vibration absorber is provided for damping vibrations of a cantilevered portion of a support structure. The vibration absorber comprises a mass, wherein the mass is coupled without using a spring and through a drive that is controlled by a control device of the vibration absorber to a fastening... Agent: Integrated Dynamics Engineering Gmbh

20140093049 - Dynamic/adaptive treatment planning for radiation therapy: A facility for facilitating custom radiation treatment planning is described. During a distinguished radiation treatment session for a patient, the facility collects data indicating positioning of a predefined treatment site of the patient relative to a target treatment location throughout the distinguished radiation treatment session. The facility associates the collected... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140093050 - Dental sensor holder and method of holding a dental sensor: A dental sensor holder including a loop of material and an adjustable bond. The adjustable bond portion is located on the inside of the loop which may selectively be engaged to join adjacent portions of the loop into a functional bitewing.... Agent: Proedge Dental Products, Inc.

20140093051 - Mobile x-ray imaging apparatus: A mobile X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray tube portion, an arm capable of holding the X-ray tube portion, and a moving handle portion provided on the X-ray tube portion and operable to move the mobile X-ray imaging apparatus.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140093052 - Transmission-geometry electrochemical cell for in-situ scattering and spectroscopy investigations: The present invention relates to a test chamber that can be used to perform a variety of X-ray and neutron spectroscopy experiments including powder diffraction, small-angle scattering, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and pair distribution functions, such chamber comprising a first electrode with an X-ray transparent window; a second electrode with an... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

03/27/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140086381 - Computed tomography (ct) systems and methods analyzing rock property changes resulting from a treatment: The effect of a treatment on a rock sample or sub-sample extracted from the rock sample can be analyzed through computed tomography (CT). To determine the effect of a treatment of a rock sample or the sub-sample, pre-treatment and post-treatment CT images of the rock sample or the sub-sample are... Agent: Ingrain, Inc.

20140086380 - Dynamic beam aperature control to reduce radiation dose using collimator: A computed tomography (CT) apparatus including: an X-ray source configured to direct X-rays toward a detector assembly; a dynamic beam collimator fixed in space and configured to dynamically limit an X-ray beam directed toward an object of interest, the dynamic beam collimator including a plurality of leaflets to block a... Agent:

20140086382 - Combination of contrast medium and mammography ct system with a prespecified energy range and method for generating tomographic mammography ct images by this combination: A mammography CT system is disclosed which includes an X-ray generator; and a first radiator-detector system. A contrast medium, including an opacifying element including an absorption peak in a first energy range, is useable for tomographic imaging of a female breast of a patient. After filtering, the X-rays with a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140086383 - Method and computerized tomography system for determining bone mineral density values: A method is disclosed for determining bone mineral density values of an object. In an embodiment, the method includes acquisition of first two-dimensional projection overview image data of the object to be examined in an image detail with a first X-ray energy; acquisition of at least second two-dimensional projection overview... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140086384 - Computed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and ct scan imaging system: The disclosure provides a Computed Tomography (CT) image acquisition device and a CT scan imaging system. The CT scan imaging system includes: an image acquisition device, which specifically includes a first image acquisition device (1A, 1B) and a second image acquisition device (2A, 2B) that are perpendicular to each other,... Agent: Beijing East Whale Image Technology Co., Ltd.

20140086385 - X-ray tomography device: An X-ray tomography device for providing a 3D tomography image of a sample comprising a X-ray source, a cell, a photon detector and a processing unit. The X-ray source is monochromatic and has a photon beam solid angle higher than 0.1 degree. The processing unit computes the 3D tomography image... Agent: Total Sa

20140086386 - Apparatus and method for estimating object information: An apparatus and method for estimating object information is provided. The object information estimating apparatus includes a database which stores phantom information obtained by projecting a first energy X-ray on a phantom, an input unit which receives first object information obtained by projecting the first energy X-ray on an analysis... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140086387 - X-ray generating apparatus and control method for x-ray generating apparatus: An object is to emit x-rays having a plurality of different energies and to suppress variations in the energy of the created x-rays. In an x-ray generating apparatus (14) provided in an x-ray inspection apparatus (10), a particle accelerator (20) creates a charged particle beam for generating x-rays having a... Agent:

20140086389 - Method and apparatus for more accurate positioning of dental imaging equipment: An apparatus for positioning an X-ray imaging system. The apparatus includes an intraoral sensor sized and configured for placement within a human mouth, the intraoral sensor having one or more sensing elements for detecting X-rays, the intraoral sensor further having a signal generation element. Also included is a collimator unit... Agent:

20140086390 - Radiation exposure dose obtaining method and apparatus, and radiation image capturing system: In the case where a radiation exposure dose of a human body that includes an artificial object is obtained based on a radiation image signal detected by a radiation image detector through the application of radiation transmitted through the human body, information of the artificial object included in the human... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140086388 - Radiation generating unit, radiation imaging system and target: A radiation generating unit of the present invention includes an electron beam source that emits an electron beam and can change the size of a region to be irradiated with the electron beam on a target while maintaining constant the center position of the region to be irradiated with the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140086391 - Radiographic image detecting device and control method thereof: An X-ray image detecting device has an FPD having a matrix of pixels each for accumulating signal charge in accordance with an X-ray irradiation amount. An imaging area of the FPD is partitioned into a plurality of divided sections A to I. Each of the divided sections A to I... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140086392 - Arrangement and method for modifying the local intensity of x-ray radiation: An arrangement for modifying the local intensity of x-ray radiation includes an x-ray filter with a plurality of absorption chambers, which may be filled by a ferrofluid. The absorption chambers are stacked in the x-ray beam direction. The x-ray filter includes a plurality of storage containers in which the ferrofluid... Agent:

20140086393 - Apparatus and method for positioning a medical device: A mobile C-arm is able to be positioned in a predetermined alignment by a positioning unit and an associated method. The apparatus has a positioning unit containing a controllable section having at least a first hinged bracket and a first hinge and is able to be positioned with a removable... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140086394 - System and method for correction of geometric distortion of multi-camera flat panel x-ray detectors: System and method for correcting geometric distortion in a multi-camera flat panel X-Ray detector. A scintillator converts X-Ray radiation generated by an X-Ray source into detectable radiation. Internal markers are placed at known locations adjacent to the scintillator, inside a casing of the detector. External markers placed at known locations... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140079178 - X-ray ct apparatus: An X-ray CT apparatus, which is capable of quickly acquiring information for determining whether further CT imaging is required, is provided. The X-ray CT apparatus according to the embodiment comprises a reconstruction processor, a setting unit, and a controller. The reconstruction processor carries out first reconstruction processing to be carried... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140079179 - X-ray diaphragm mechanism and x-ray ct apparatus: The present invention includes: X-ray shielding materials; X-ray shielding material mounting plates to which the X-ray shielding portions are fixed; a driven side link and a driving side link that connect the two X-ray shielding material mounting plates to each other so that the X-ray shielding portions face each other... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140079181 - Inverse geometry volume computed tomography systems: The present invention pertains to an apparatus and method for inverse geometry volume computed tomography medical imaging of a human patient. A plurality of stationary x-ray sources for producing x-ray radiation are used. A rotating collimator located between the plurality of x-ray sources and the human patient is also used.... Agent: Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.

20140079180 - Method of getting tomogram used by x-ray computed tomography and x-ray computed tomography system based on its method: An object of this invention is to provide a tomography method and a tomography system capable of tomographic imaging targeted uniquely to the test object among subjects under test. The method involves performing a process of generating projection data about the region of interest by selecting one reference projection data... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140079182 - Patient head support apparatus for imaging: A support apparatus for positioning a patient's head in an imaging apparatus. A main body has opposing first and second sides and supports first and second holding members for positioning against the patient's head. The first holding member has a first reference position along the first side of the main... Agent:

20140079183 - Apparatus for examining test bodies: The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for examining test bodies (P), in particular electronic subassemblies and electronic devices, comprising at least one radiation source (S) for X-raying at least one test body (P), at least one detection unit (3) for detecting radiation (S) emitted by means of the radiation... Agent:

20140079185 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, and computer-accessible medium: An image processing apparatus includes an image acquisition unit configured to acquire an image captured according to a predetermined image capturing method, an anomalous pixel acquisition unit configured to acquire an anomalous pixel occurring according to an image capturing method different from the predetermined image capturing method, and a display... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079184 - Single step x-ray phase imaging: A system and method for single step x-ray phase contrast imaging. In one embodiment, a method for single step x-ray phase contrast imaging includes illuminating an object to be imaged with x-rays. The x-rays passing through the object are detected by a spectral detector. Image data derived from the detected... Agent: University Of Houston System

20140079186 - X-ray imaging apparatus: An X-ray imaging apparatus includes an X-ray sensor configured to convert an X-ray into an image signal, a drive control unit configured to perform wireless communication with an external device and control driving of the X-ray sensor, a power supply unit configured to supply power to the X-ray sensor and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079187 - Emission surface for an x-ray device: Embodiments of the disclosure relate to electron emitters for use in conjunction with X-ray devices. In one embodiment, the emitter features a round emission area capable of emitting electrons when heated, wherein the round emission area comprises at least one of a gap, a channel, or a combination thereof that... Agent: General Electric Company

20140079188 - Photo emitter x-ray source array (pexsa): A photo-emitter x-ray source is provided that includes a photocathode electron source, a laser light source, where the laser light source illuminates the photocathode electron source to emit electrons, and an X-ray target, where the emitted electrons are focused on the X-ray target, where the X-ray target emits X-rays. The... Agent:

20140079189 - X-ray generating device and x-ray-generating-device control: An X-ray generating device (10) is provided with an electron gun (12) that generates an electron beam, a linear accelerator (14) that accelerates, by means of microwaves, the electron beam generated by the electron gun (12), an X-ray target (16) that generates X-rays by being irradiated with the electron beam... Agent:

20140079190 - Dental compositions comprising bisacrylamides and use thereof: A positioning device for holding a dental x-ray imaging media during the taking of a dental x-ray includes an aiming ring, a bite block and a positioning arm extending therebetween. The bite block carries a journal or barrel for receiving a portion of the positioning arm therein such that the... Agent:

20140079191 - Imaging device with a movable gantry: An imaging device has a gantry that is movable along a floor, and a supply unit for transmission of power and/or data between a stationary supply source and the movable gantry. The transmission of the power and/or data takes place via wireless transmission elements. This wireless transmission of the power... Agent:

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