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Wolf Kienzle patents

Recent patents with Wolf Kienzle listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Wolf Kienzle - Related organizations: Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc patents, Microsoft Corporation patents

Smart ring

01/26/17 - 20170024008 - The description relates to a smart ring. In one example, the smart ring can be configured to be worn on a first segment of a finger of a user. The example smart ring can include at least one flexion sensor secured to the smart ring in a manner that can
Inventors: Wolf Kienzle, Kenneth P. Hinkley

Real-time hyper-lapse video creation via frame selection

11/10/16 - 20160330399 - Various technologies described herein pertain to creation of an output hyper-lapse video from an input video. Values indicative of overlaps between pairs of frames in the input video are computed. A value indicative of an overlap between a pair of frames can be computed based on a sparse set of
Inventors: Neel Suresh Joshi, Wolf Kienzle, Michael A. Toelle, Matthieu Uyttendaele, Michael F. Cohen

Smart ring

03/17/16 - 20160077587 - The description relates to a smart ring. In one example, the smart ring can be configured to be worn on a first segment of a finger of a user. The example smart ring can include at least one flexion sensor secured to the smart ring in a manner that can
Inventors: Wolf Kienzle, Kenneth P. Hinckley

User interface for overlapping handwritten text input

06/18/15 - 20150169975 - A “Stroke Untangler” composes handwritten messages from handwritten strokes representing overlapping letters or partial letter segments are drawn on a touchscreen device or touch-sensitive surface. These overlapping strokes are automatically untangled and then segmented and combined into one or more letters, words, or phrases. Advantageously, segmentation and composition is performed
Inventors: Wolf Kienzle, Kenneth Paul Hinckley, Mudit Agrawal

Stereoscopic object detection leveraging assumed distance

12/25/14 - 20140376770 - A method of object detection includes receiving a first image taken by a first stereo camera, receiving a second image taken by a second stereo camera, and offsetting the first image relative to the second image by an offset distance selected such that each corresponding pixel of offset first and
Inventors: David Nister, Piotr Dollar, Wolf Kienzle, Mladen Radojevic, Matthew S. Ashman, Ivan Stojiljkovic, Magdalena Vukosavljevic

Composition of handwritten messages on mobile computing devices

06/19/14 - 20140171153 - Technologies pertaining to composing, displaying, and/or transmitting handwritten content through utilization of a touch-sensitive display screen of a mobile computing device are described herein. A user of the mobile computing device can set forth strokes on the touch-sensitive display screen, one on top of another, wherein such strokes correspond to
Inventors: Wolf Kienzle, Kenneth Paul Hinckley

Crosstalk cascades for use in object detection

06/19/14 - 20140169688 - Technologies pertaining to object detection are described herein. A cascaded classifier executes over subwindows of an image in a plurality of stages. A crosstalk cascade is employed to reject subwindows as being candidates for including an object that is desirably detected, where the crosstalk cascade is a combination of multiple
Inventors: Piotr Dollar, Wolf Kienzle

Real-time face detection using pixel pairs

05/15/14 - 20140133758 - The subject disclosure is directed towards a face detection technology in which image data is classified as being a non-face image or a face image. Image data is processed into an image pyramid. Features, comprising pixel pairs of the image pyramid, are provided to stages of a cascading classifier to
Inventors: Wolf Kienzle

Image completion including automatic cropping

09/19/13 - 20130243320 - Described is a technology by which an image such as a stitched panorama is automatically cropped based upon predicted quality data with respect to filling missing pixels. The image may be completed, including by completing only those missing pixels that remain after cropping. Predicting quality data may be based on
Inventors: Johannes Peter Kopf, Sing Bing Kang, Wolf Kienzle, Steven M. Drucker

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