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Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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05/14/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150122929 - Cable reel assembly: A cable reel assembly includes a fluted drum; a pair of circular flanges removeably attached to opposite ends of the drum; and a number of elongated rods that connect the flanges to the drum. The drum and flanges are preferably rotationally molded of synthetic resin materials and are partially hollow... Agent: Snyder Industries, Inc.

20150122930 - Magnetic fluid sealed bearing and fishing reel having the magnetic fluid sealed bearing: Provided is a magnetic fluid sealed bearing with which torque can be reduced without impairing a water and dust proof effect. A magnetic fluid sealed bearing according to the present disclosure includes a magnetic fluid retained by a ring-shaped magnet in an opening between an inner ring and an outer... Agent: Globeride, Inc.

20150122931 - Belt retractor for a vehicle safety belt: A belt retractor comprising a safety belt reel (1) rotatably mounted on a frame (7) and a load limiter (2) which acts on a rotational movement of the belt reel (1) and has a switchable energy consumption, said load limiter having a granulate (3), which is enclosed in a closed... Agent:

20150122932 - Barbed tape and apparatus for deploying a barbed tape: In some embodiments, a barbed tape can be formed from a planar strip of flexible material and include a plurality of barbs disposed therealong, the barbs being sufficiently resilient so as to impede, by entanglement with or otherwise, the passage of an object therepast. Apparatus for deployment of barbed tape... Agent:

20150122933 - System for winding and/or unwinding storage reels: The invention relates to a system (1) for the winding-up and/or unwinding of rubber sheet material (91) for tyres and an intervening liner (92) onto or from storage reels (6), comprising a first reel handling section (11), a second reel handling section (13) and a winding section (12) located between... Agent:

20150122934 - Winder and a turret unit: Winder for an endless lane of a plastic web (2), with a revolving unit (6, 6′, 55, 90), which is constructed so as to be rotatable about its axis (16) and has at least two winding shafts (10 to 12, 10′ to 12′) running parallel to its axis, onto which... Agent: Swiss Winding Inventing Ag

20150122935 - Traction control system for expansion and deployment of compact tightly wound paper with die cut slits: A traction control system expands and deploys compact tightly wound precut paper with die cut slits. The system has an axle with a smaller diameter as compared to the diameter of tube over which a precut paper package is wound, thereby providing friction free rotation. The precut paper roll rests... Agent:

20150122936 - Unwinding means: An unwinder for a sheet material has a housing and has crosspieces arranged laterally in the housing. To ensure the functionality of the unwinder even in the case of relatively large winding cores or of relatively large rollers, the crosspiece is connected, in a releasable and non-releasable manner, to an... Agent: Gms Gmbh

20150122937 - Sheet product dispenser: A sheet product dispenser includes a housing for accommodating a source of a sheet product and a dispenser opening for dispensing the sheet product. The dispenser opening is provided in a rotatable dispensing member. Rotation of the rotatable dispensing member is restricted to one rotating axis. The dispenser opening is... Agent:

20150122938 - Core intended to be used as a support for a roll of paper: A core intended to be used as a support for a roll of paper, especially toilet paper, is formed by winding at least one strip made of tissue, the strip being impregnated, at least locally, with starch so as to improve its stiffness. Thus configured, a core is provided having... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150115087 - Fishing reel: An object of the present invention is to provide a fishing reel wherein a bearing rotatably supporting a drive shaft securely shuts out water from its interior so as to maintain stable sealing and thus smooth rotation for a long period wherein such a bearing can be readily built in.... Agent: Globeride, Inc.

20150115088 - Fishing reel: One object is to provide a fishing reel including a magnetic fluid sealed bearing wherein foreign substances are shut out from the magnetic fluid seal to prevent degradation of the magnetic fluid (degradation of the magnetic sealing function). In accordance with one aspect, the fishing reel of the present invention... Agent: Globeride, Inc.

20150115089 - Fencing storage system: A cylindrical cartridge used for the storage and protection of all types of barrier fencing. The device is designed to extend the life of barrier fencing, reduce waste and reduce cost. The cartridge has an interior hollow pipe shaft with rollers mounted to the shaft to create a spool. The... Agent:

20150115090 - Assembly for a belt retractor: An assembly for a belt retractor includes a vehicle-sensitive sensor and a holding fixture (10) for the sensor. The sensor and the holding fixture (10) have geometric designs that interact and are adjusted to each other so that the sensor can be mounted at various spatial orientations in the holding... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20150115091 - Tensioner for the controlled clamping and moving of an elongated body, in particular for an installation for laying pipelines, umbilicals or cables: A tensioner for the controlled clamping and moving of an elongated body (A), in particular for an installation for laying pipelines, umbilicals or cables, includes a frame carrying at least two guiding boxes (3) that are arranged about an axis of symmetry (4), for clamping a segment of the elongated... Agent: Reel

20150115092 - Winding device and method for binding wire material to terminal: A winding device includes a wire cutting mechanism for cutting the wire wound around the winding target member in the vicinity of the terminal, and a wire binding mechanism for winding, around the terminal, the end portion of the wire wound around the winding target member and cut by the... Agent: Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150115093 - Component supply device and component mounting device: A component supply device loaded with a component supply tape for exposing and supplying an electronic component from the component supply tape with respect to a component mounting device mounting the electronic component on a substrate includes a replenishing unit performing replenishment of a new component supply tape when a... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Instruments Co., Ltd.,

20150115094 - Feeding device: A feeding device in manufacturing which is configured to feed a carrier tape includes a transmission mechanism and a buffering mechanism. The transmission mechanism is configured to receive the carrier tape and transfer the carrier tape to the buffering mechanism. The buffering mechanism includes a slide assembly, a feeder assembly,... Agent:

20150115095 - Cable carrying case: A cable carrying case, in one embodiment, includes a first halve and a second halve that are coupled together by a fastener. The first and second halves pivot between an open and a closed position around the fastener. The cable carrying case has a releasable support member that is configured... Agent: Ppc Broadband, Inc.

04/23/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150108263 - Seatbelt retractor: A seatbelt retractor includes: a take-up drum winding up a webbing thereon; a transmission member arranged coaxially with a rotation axis of the take-up drum, and including a plurality of convex portions protruding radially outward at a predetermined circumferential pitch on an outer periphery of at least one end of... Agent:

20150108264 - Wire reels, components thereof, and related methods: Embodiments provide reels comprising covers, wire hubs, and winding levers. The covers removably attach to casings and close spool apertures of the casings. The hubs spool wire into/out of the apertures via windows of the casings. Moreover, the hubs couple to the covers. Some levers operably couple to the covers.... Agent:

20150108265 - Cord reel device: The cord reel device comprises a first reel body and a second reel body which are linked so that their rotational axes coincide; a pullout cord that is wound around the first reel body so that it can be pulled out; an internal cord that is wound around the second... Agent:

20150108266 - Belt retractor: The invention relates to a belt retractor (10) for a seatbelt, comprising a belt reel (20) for winding up and unwinding the seatbelt, and a lockable locking base (30) which is connected to the belt reel (20) and, before locking, is rotated together with the belt reel (20) and, after... Agent: Takata Ag

20150108267 - Fiber optic/electrical cable cartridge system: A cartridge system for a cable reel. The cartridge system includes a case configured to hold the cable reel and a pair of reel roller elements inside the case, Each of the reel roller elements has ends that are connected to opposite sides of the case. Each of reel roller... Agent: Optical Cable Corporation

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