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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150144725 - Device for winding elongate flexible objects: A device for winding elongate flexible objects is disclosed herein. The device includes a rigid member extending along a central axis between first and second ends. The device also includes a first fork having a base mounted to the rigid member at the first end of the rigid member and... Agent:

20150144726 - Electrical cord retaining sheath: An electrical cord retention device employs a sheath with a first end and a second end and cuffs folded on the first end and second end providing apertures at each end for insertion of a folded or coiled electrical cord.... Agent:

20150144727 - Seatbelt retractor: A seatbelt retractor has: a holding plate arranged at a housing outer side and including a shaft receiving hole which rotatably supports a cylindrical shaped boss portion formed at a take-up drum side end of the driven body; and a restricting member arranged at take-up drum side of the holding... Agent:

20150144728 - Wire-winding device: A wire-winding device comprising: an upper cover; a spiral spring; a rotary base having a groove to accommodate the spiral spring on the bottom surface thereof; a transmission line winding around the rotary base; a lower cover assembled with the upper cover; and a pillar, an outlet, and a wire... Agent:

20150144729 - Wire-winding device: A wire-winding device comprising: an upper cover having a bottom surface and a slot deviating from a center of the bottom surface; a rotary base having an annular track on a top surface thereof, the annual track and the slot of the upper cover constituting an orbit; a spiral spring... Agent:

20150144730 - Rotating expandable roll-out assembly and sheet tow assembly for rolled materials: A roll-out assembly for use in dispensing rolled materials on to a surface. An elongated frame has opposing ends including structure for attachment to brackets rotatably attached to the rolled material. A pivot structure is attached to the elongated frame between the opposing ends. An attachment structure is connected to... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150136889 - Spinning reel: The present spinning reel includes a reel body unit, a spool shaft, a spool, a drag mechanism, and a seal member. The spool includes a line winding cylinder part and a front flange. The drag mechanism includes a spool braking unit and a drag adjuster. The seal member is elastically... Agent:

20150136890 - Fly fishing reel: A fly fishing reel having a hidden counterweight system, reversible crank knob, mounting seat, and/or sealed spool and drag system.... Agent: 3-tand, LLC

20150136891 - Wire retaining ring for a welding system: The subject embodiments are directed to a system to allow an uninterrupted flow of a coil welding wire from one container to another container, the coil of welding wire including a coil top and a coil bottom. Each container includes at least one vertically extending side wall, a closed bottom,... Agent:

20150136892 - Cord winding structure for window blind: A cord winding structure for window blind includes a cord winding assembly composed of a first and a second plate member, a guide rod, a first and a second shaft, a first and a second guiding wheel, and a spiral spring. The first plate member has a guide rod support... Agent:

20150136893 - Method for winding an elastic yarn package: A method is provided for winding an elastic yarn into a cylindrical substantially straight-ended yarn package. The method includes feeding an elastic or elastomeric yarn at a substantially constant speed to a tube core to form the yarn package. The yarn package is rotated such that the yarn package with... Agent: Invista North America S.&#xe0 R.l.

20150136894 - Core member for an absorbent sheet roll: A hollow cylindrical core member (17) suitable for supporting a roll (11) of absorbent sheet material. The core member (17) includes a central axis (22), an outer cylindrical surface (20), and an inner cylindrical surface (23). The inner cylindrical surface (23) includes engagement means suitable for rotationally locking said core... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20150136895 - Manual wrapping apparatus: A manual wrapping apparatus includes: a wrap roll having a wrap wound around the outer surface thereof; a support rod, one end of which is provided with a first gripping area for the operator and the other end of which is coupled to the wrap roll; and a rotating grip... Agent:

20150136896 - Disposable protective covers and associated dispensing system for use on stethoscopes and other items: A protective cover used to cover the head of a stethoscope and other items that contact the human body. The protective cover is made from a substrate film. The substrate film has opposing curved edges and opposing flat edges. Tab material is applied to the substrate film proximate the opposing... Agent:

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