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Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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04/16/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150102151 - Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool: A novel retractable cord reel with electrical contacts that engage when the spool is locked from retraction. The spool moves axially to engage stationary electrical contacts mounted to the cord reel housing. These stationary contacts are typically connected to a stationary cord that is routed out of the cord reel... Agent:

20150102152 - Active center pivot device for controlling sheet tension and method of using same: A device for controlling web tension is disclosed. The device includes a carriage in which a first guide roller is spaced from a second guide roller by a frame. The carriage or frame pivots about a pivot location. A moving web is threaded through the carriage in a serpentine path.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150102153 - Suction roll device: The negative pressure roll 1 is provided with a rotating shaft 2, an internal cylinder 3, an intermediate cylinder 4 and a multi-layered non-woven fabric laminated outer layer 5. Further, the rotating shaft 2 is a member at the center of rotation of the negative pressure roll 1 and connected... Agent: Jdc, Inc.

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150097065 - Coiled rod reel: A reel for transporting continuous rod with a clamping system to hold the rod against excess, unsafe movement of the rod during the loading and unloading of the rod onto the reel. The clamping system has a rod end clamp and a guide that can move with the rod or... Agent: C-tech Oil Well Technologies Inc.

20150097066 - Cord reel: Cord reels are disclosed, which are adapted to keep electrical cords organized within a reasonable area. According to one example, a cord reel can include a fixed housing with electrical prongs protruding from one end, and a rotational housing coupled to the fixed housing. The rotational housing may be adapted... Agent:

20150097067 - Adjustable bed mat roller: An bed roller machine for use in rolling a rug having a leading edge, comprising a main body having a main bed, a plurality of belts configured to move the leading edge of the rug into the cavity and up, a first set of fingers, each finger of the first... Agent:

20150097068 - Apparatus for dispensing absorbent sheet material from a roll: An object of the present disclosure is to provide an apparatus for dispensing absorbent sheet material from a roll. The apparatus includes a roll holder for rotatably supporting said roll, and a roll fill level indicator arrangement. The roll fill level indicator arrangement includes a pivoting arm and a moveable... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20150097069 - Conveyor belt take-up drum: A conveyor belt take-up drum includes spacers of substantially the same length as the width of a conveyor belt being taken up onto a core section are detachably provided between opposing outer ends of main radial direction members of flange sections linked to circumferential direction members on which ground-contacting sections... Agent:

20150097070 - Sheet stabilizer with suction nozzle having center protrusion: This invention is related to suction nozzles having a center protrusion for stabilizing a continuous web for various web property measurements. Suction nozzles blow air out of the nozzle, yet produce a vacuum proximate thereto. Two nozzles are disclosed, a single sided sheet-contact stabilizer and a non-contact sheet stabilizer. An... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150090819 - Fishing spinning reel: The present invention provides a fishing spinning reel in which handle operation in high load winding is smooth. Specifically, the fishing spinning reel includes: a pinion gear having a rotor fixed on an end of the pinion gear and meshing with a drive gear rotationally driven by rotational operation of... Agent: Globeride, Inc.

20150090820 - Reciprocating mechanism for a fishing reel: An oscillating mechanism includes a traverse camshaft, an engaging unit, and a slider body. The traverse camshaft includes a spiral groove. The traverse camshaft rotates in conjunction with the winding operation of a handle attached to the reel main body. The engaging unit includes an engaging claw configured to engage... Agent:

20150090821 - Roller clutch for fishing reel and spinning reel: A roller clutch includes an outer ring, an inner ring, a roller, a first spring member, a retainer, and a protrusion portion. The roller is disposed between the inner ring and the outer ring and is movable between a transmitting position and a non-transmitting position. The retainer has a roller... Agent:

20150090822 - Dual-bearing reel: A clutch mechanism includes a clutch pin, a pinion gear, a first bearing, a second bearing and a clearance adjusting part. The pinion gear is axially movable to an on-position that causes the pinion gear to engage with the clutch pin and be unitarily rotatable with the spool shaft and... Agent:

20150090823 - Fishing reel: One object is to maintain the moving performance of a power transmission member for a long period and maintain excellent operation of a clutch mechanism. In accordance with one aspect, the clutch mechanism includes a power transmission member supported by a bearing so as to be rotatable and movable in... Agent:

20150090824 - Fishing reel: A dual-bearing reel includes a reel body, a spool shaft, and a spool body. The spool shaft is rotatably mounted to the reel body. The spool body is non-rotatably mounted to the spool shaft. The spool body has an insertion hole. The spool shaft is inserted into the insertion hole.... Agent:

20150090825 - Spool device for a fishing reel: A spool device includes a spool shaft and a spool. The spool shaft is rotatably mounted to the reel body. The spool is mounted to the spool shaft. The spool device has a notch part and a protruding portion. The notch part is disposed on one of the spool and... Agent:

20150090826 - Image forming apparatus: Provided is an image forming apparatus including plural image forming portions that form an image on a recording medium, and a transport unit that transports the recording medium to at least one image forming portion selected among the plural image forming portions, wherein the transport unit includes plural transport paths... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150090827 - Guide with adjustable nose cone: A guide is adapted to be positioned for encirclement by a helical formation of rod rings free falling from the delivery end of a conveyor. The guide comprises a vertically projecting mandrel terminating at its upper end in a nose cone. The nose cone has a horizontal profile defined in... Agent:

20150090828 - Casing structure of cable reel: A casing structure of a cable reel includes a hollow main body, which has two ends communicating with the outside and an interior space rotatably receiving therein a reciprocal rotary disk that receives therein a cable having first and second end sections in such a way that the first and... Agent:

20150090829 - Winding device and winding method: According to one embodiment, a winding device includes a supporting part, a pressing part, a movement part configured to move a positional relationship between the supporting part and the pressing part, a control part, a target movement speed calculation part configured to detect a target relative movement speed of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150090830 - Winding apparatus and winding method: According to one embodiment, winding apparatus includes a bobbin, a core, a pressing section, a moving unit, a first rotating unit, a second rotating unit and a control unit. The moving unit is configured to move the pressing section relatively to the core along each of first to third axes... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150090831 - Method and a device for changing carrier units with flat packaging material wound on supply rolls within a packaging machine: The invention comprises a method and a device for changing removable carrier units (8a′, 8b′) with flat packaging material (10) wound on supply rolls (9), in particular, packaging film (11) within a packaging machine (3), which is equipped with devices for at least partially wrapping piece goods, containers, article groups,... Agent:

20150090832 - Automatic paper product dispenser with data collection and method: Sheet product dispensers and methods are provided. A sheet product dispenser includes a loading station for sheet material, a sheet feeding mechanism configured to feed the sheet material, a presentation station for presenting one or more discrete sheet products to an end user, a sensor downstream of the feeding mechanism... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20150090833 - Brake to facilitate dispensing of material from a roll: A rolled material dispenser includes a brake mechanism designed to govern the rolling of a roll of packing material during dispensing of the packing material to reduce unintended tearing of the packing material and improve the user experience of handling such material dispensing. In one example, the brake mechanism includes... Agent: Encore Packaging LLC

20150090834 - Coil component: A coil component has a core including a winding core extending in a predetermined direction, and a winding wrapped around the winding core in two or more layers. A first winding portion at one end in the predetermined direction in an (n+1)'th layer of the winding, where n is a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150090835 - Tube free toilet paper roll adapter: An Adapter (device) facilitating the insertion of a Tube Free Toilet Paper Roll onto a conventional wall mounted toilet paper dispenser shaft by being inserted in place of the cardboard tube cores traditionally used in toilet paper.... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150083840 - Dual-bearing reel: An electric reel includes a reel unit, a spool, a level wind mechanism and a plate member. The reel unit includes a fishing rod attachment leg and a frame. The frame includes a first side plate disposed on the same side as a handle and a second side plate disposed... Agent:

20150083841 - Belt retractor with two force-limiting devices acting in parallel: A seat belt retractor including a belt shaft rotatably supported in a frame and two force-limiting devices acting in parallel. The first and the second part of the belt shaft axially overlap forming an annular space. The second force-limiting device is a band element abutting a radial outer wall of... Agent:

20150083842 - Belt retractor for a vehicle seat belt: A belt retractor for a vehicle seat belt comprises a rotatably supported belt reel from which webbing can be unwound, a force limiting means which in a force limiting phase permits controlled webbing extension in the webbing extension direction when the belt reel is blocked and a particular force threshold... Agent:

20150083843 - Method of providing a clutch for a spool: The method of mechanically controlling the rotation of a spool comprising a clutch providing a first position in which a first motive force is applied to the spool through the clutch, providing a second position in which a second motive force is applied to the spool through the clutch, providing... Agent:

20150083844 - Label issuing device and detachable container: The label issuing device, which reels out linerless paper having an adhesive face on one side and cuts the reeled-out linerless paper to issue individual labels, has a cutter part for cutting the reeled-out linerless paper and a detachable container that is detachable from an enclosure of the label issuing... Agent:

20150083845 - Tape feeder, and method for displaying setting information in tape feeder: Each of a plurality of tape feeders arranged in a component feed section includes a feeder storage part which stores information used in a control process by the tape feeder, a display part which displays setting information which is previously set and inputted and stored in the feeder storage part... Agent:

20150083846 - Towel dispenser: An improved towel dispenser includes a rotatable driveshaft mounted in a one-way clutch bearing fitted with a pinion which engages a vertically oriented press bar assembly including at its lower portion a rack which engages the pinion to advance paper towel through a dispensing nip upon pivotable motion of the... Agent:

20150083847 - Sheet dispenser roll holder with lockout feature(s): Embodiments of a roll support, and a roll support system, for a sheet product dispenser are disclosed. One such roll support includes an arm having an end portion and an aperture proximate the end portion of the arm and recessed therein. The aperture includes a capture region and a release... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20150083848 - Apparatus for positioning an advancing web: An apparatus may be used to control the cross-directional movement of a web advancing in a machine direction. The web defines a machine direction centerline. The apparatus may include a frame rotatable about a first axis of rotation and a guide member connected with the frame and configured to receive... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

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