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Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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01/15/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150014460 - Fishing reel having centrifugal brake system: Disclosed herein is a fishing reel having a centrifugal brake system. The fishing reel includes a frame, a shaft, a spool and a centrifugal brake system. The centrifugal brake system includes a support member, a plurality of brake shoes, a brake disc, a controller and a connection member. The support... Agent:

20150014461 - Holder to maintain a continuous elongated flexible materials in a coiled orientation: A holder to maintain elongated flexible materials in a coiled orientation, has at least one coil support assembly. Each coil support assembly has a first support and a second support. At least one roller is supported by the first support. The second support is positioned in spaced linear relation to... Agent:

20150014462 - Continuous rod transport system: A transport system has a dedicated trailer for transporting a small transport reel (i.e., <18-ft in diameter) of continuous rod to the field. The trailer has a pedestal that can pivot the reel. A hub motor on the pedestal can turn the reel, and a transfer unit and rod bender... Agent:

20150014463 - Closure devices including incremental release mechanisms and methods therefor: According to an embodiment, a device for tightening an article includes a housing, a spool rotatably positioned within the housing, a knob operably coupled with the spool to cause the spool to rotate within the housing, and a stop mechanism. The device is configured so that incremental rotation of the... Agent:

20150014464 - Cable storage device: A storage device for a cable includes: a holder including a socket connected to a power source side; a reel attached to the holder so as to be attachable thereto and detachable therefrom and including a rotary drum to take up the cable; a socket provided on the reel and... Agent: Chuo Hatsujo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014465 - Positive feeder device for feeding metal wires at constant tension: A metal wire feeder device including a body presenting a wire braking member, one or more pulleys driven by respective motors about which the wire is wound, the wire before reaching a processing machine passing through a compensator member and a tension sensor, an electronic control unit able to continuously... Agent:

20150014466 - Moldable wire thread insert, method for its production, component with a moldable wire thread insert as well as a method for its production: A moldable wire thread insert for reinforcing a screw-in opening of a component has the following characteristics: a cylindrical spiral made of a helically, wound wire, the neighboring coils of which are arranged such that a closed cylindrical spiral wall is present, while at least one end of the cylindrical... Agent: B&#xf6 Llhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh

20150014467 - Tandem rolling mill output method and installation with coiling carousel coupled with on-line inspection: Method for coiling and on-line inspection of a continuously-rolled metal strip, involving a step of continuous coiling on at least one mandrel (10, 20) of a coiling station (3), preferably of carousel type, characterized by at least the following steps: the strip is cut by a shears (4) situated before... Agent: Cockerill Maintenace & Ingenierie S.a.

20150014468 - Systems and methods for facilitating wire and cable installations: Systems and methods for facilitating wire and cable installations are provided. According to embodiments, a system comprises a reel and a first parallel including a first conductor loaded onto the reel in a first layer. The system may further comprise a second parallel including a second conductor loaded onto the... Agent: Southwire Company, LLC

20150014469 - Medium processing device: A medium processing device includes a drum; plural inner tapes; plural outer tapes; differing regions formed on a starting end portion that is an end at a drum side of at least one of the plural inner tapes or the plural outer tapes, and on a terminal end portion that... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20150014470 - Delivery unit for products purchasable by length and method to supply such products: A display assembly for a plurality of thread-like products sold by length, with relative dispensing method, includes at least one display module provided with a plurality of reels with a dispensing path with a counting device thereon to measure the length of product, wherein the counting device includes: a counting... Agent: Maggi Catene S.p.a.

20150014471 - Cord reel container: A cord reel container includes a main body (2) around which a cord can be wound and a closure cover (3) couplable with the main body (2). The container (1) further includes at least one pair of repulsive. magnets (14a, 14b), reciprocally interacting by repulsion so as to enable the... Agent:

20150014472 - Portable rolled product dispenser: A rolled product dispenser. The rolled product dispenser includes an inner assembly configured to support a rolled product. The rolled product dispenser also includes an attachment configured to attach the rolled produce dispenser to an external object. The rolled product dispenser further includes a connector configured to secure the attachment... Agent:

20150014473 - Fiber bundle guide: A fiber bundle guide 1 includes a cylindrical guide roller 11, a support member 12 which rotatably supports the guide roller 11, and a movable mechanical section 13 arranged between the guide roller 11 and the support member 12, so that the guide roller 11 swings in response to widthwise... Agent: Kamitsu Seisakusho Ltd.

20150014474 - Feed guide device and printer: A feed guide device that can hold a movable guide firmly when locked without making unlocking difficult has a movable guide 36 that guides a side edge of die-cut label paper P; a guide shaft 35; and a lock mechanism 37 that locks the movable guide to the guide shaft... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

01/08/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150008273 - Spring-driven reel: A spring-driven reel is adapted to include a gear assembly, and a reel assembly operatively coupled to at least one gear of the gear assembly. The spring-driven reel can also include at least one spring assembly. The spring assembly can include a screw member and a non-rotatable nut moveably mounted... Agent:

20150008274 - Charging-cable storage device: Provided is a charging-cable storage device that includes a holder-side socket to be electrically connected to a side of a charging power supply, a holder provided with the holder-side socket, a reel that is attachably and detachably attached to the holder and that includes a rotating drum to wind up... Agent:

20150008275 - Optical fiber terminal fixing tool for winding optical fiber and optical fiber winding method: An optical fiber terminal fixing tool includes: a disc-shaped substrate having a plate surface; a holding surface which is provided on the plate surface and interposes the terminal portion of the optical fiber between the holding surface and the first flange portion; and a protrusion which continues in a circumferential... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150008276 - Method and device for winding a material web: Device for winding a material web, particularly a metal strip, wherein a coil (1) is supported during the winding process by at least two support rollers (2, 3), wherein the support rollers (2, 3) can be jointly pivoted about a pivot axis (18) between a first, substantially horizontal, position and... Agent:

20150008277 - Tape splicing systems and methods: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a tape splicing system for coupling a leading end of a staged tape to a trailing end of a running tape to form a continuous tape. The splicing system can comprise a connector having an opening for allowing the running tape to pass through, a... Agent:

20150008278 - Apparatus and method for transport of balancing weights: Apparatus and a method for transporting and positioning of balancing weights connected together to form a chain of balancing weights is disclosed. A drive means comprises at least a transport wheel and/or a transport belt. The drive means has at least one cam to interface with a gap between two... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150001327 - Flat cable winding device: Provided is a flat cable winding device which can prevent slack of a flat cable and achieve smooth winding and leading out of the flat cable. A flat cable winging device includes a rotating table, a plurality of rollers, a central shaft which rotatably and pivotally supports the rotating table,... Agent:

20150001328 - Self-locking belt retractor with deactivation of its belt webbing-sensitive control system operating in the retracting direction of the belt shaft: A self-locking belt retractor for seat belts having a belt shaft rotatably mounted in a housing frame and having a belt-webbing-sensitive actuation mechanism A control plate that can be deflected with a relative rotation between the belt shaft and the control plate The control plate bears a two-arm eccentrically mounted... Agent:

20150001329 - Seatbelt retractor: A counterweight that biases a ratchet lever toward an unlocking side, in addition to a self weight of the ratchet lever, is provided in a mechanism that locks pull-out operation of a seatbelt according to operation of an acceleration sensor. The counterweight is provided with a moment transmission projection that... Agent:

20150001330 - Device for positioning or stabilising a load attached to a crane: There is herein described a device and method for positioning a load (18) attached to apparatus (10) capable of lifting and moving loads in suspension. More particularly, there is described a device and method for safely positioning a suspended load (18) attached to a crane hook (16).... Agent:

20150001331 - Belt retractor with a recoil brake: A coupling element (32) which is movable between a coupling position in which the coupling element couples the belt reel (12) to the damping means (22) and an idle position in which the coupling element (32) is disconnected from the belt reel (12) is provided on a belt retractor (10)... Agent:

20150001332 - Pet waste bag kit: A pet waste bag kit includes a dispenser receiving a pet waste bag roll, and a roll-back arrangement. The pet waste bag roll includes a plurality of continuous disposable bags stacked in a roll form, wherein a distal of a preceding disposable bag is linked to a proximal of a... Agent:

20150001333 - Lower thread bobbin for sewing machine: The present invention relates to a lower thread bobbin for a sewing machine able to hold a thread, the bobbin comprising a crescent moon-shaped winding part on which a thread can be wound and a crescent moon-shaped securing part for covering the winding part on which the thread has been... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140374523 - Spinning reel for fishing and a braking operation lever for the rotor braking device: A braking operation lever for a rotor braking device of a spinning reel for applying a braking force to the rotation of a rotor rotatably supported by a reel body, the braking operation lever includes a lever main body, an operating section, a brake shoe, an elastic member, and a... Agent:

20140374524 - Dual-bearing reel spool braking device and a dual-bearing reel: A dual-bearing reel spool braking device for applying a braking force to a spool rotatably mounted on a reel body, the dual-bearing reel spool braking device includes a brake drum, a rotating member, and a brake shoe. The brake drum is configured to be non-rotatably attached to the reel body.... Agent:

20140374525 - Recording tape cartridge and brake member provided thereto: A recording tape cartridge of the present invention includes: a reel formed with an engagement portion on a bottom portion of a reel hub; a resin brake member moving toward and away from the bottom portion of the reel hub, and selectively adopting a rotation locked position and a rotation... Agent:

20140374526 - Rolling mill laying head: Aspects of the present invention relate to a rolling mill laying head. The rolling mill laying head comprises a quill rotatable about a central axis, said quill being equipped with a guide pathway configured and arranged to form a longitudinally moving product into a continuous series of rings; a stationary... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140374527 - End-fitting tensioner for a safety belt system: An end fitting tensioner (10) for a seat belt system includes a rotatable belt shaft (12) to which one end (14) of a webbing (16) is fixed, a belt shaft housing (18) in which the belt shaft (12) is supported, a rope reel (36) which is arranged at an axial... Agent:

20140374528 - Power-assist fire hose reel: A fire hose reel assembly comprising, a base, a front left angled bar, a front right angled bar, a rear left angled bar and a rear right angled bar. A top connecting bar connects the front left angled bar, the front right angled bar, the rear left angled bar and... Agent:

20140374529 - Conveyance device, printer, and conveyance method: Provided is a conveyance device including a roll storage unit that stores a continuous sheet conveyance medium in a roll, a tractor that sequentially engages engaging parts in engagement holes formed along the length of the conveyance medium and conveys the conveyance medium stored in the roll storage unit, a... Agent:

20140374530 - Winding assembly: A winding assembly includes a first supporting member, a pivot shaft, a driving assembly, and a limiting member. The pivot shaft is partly received in the first supporting member. The pivot shaft is configured to support the adhesive tape coil thereon. The adhesive tape coil is configured to be rotatable... Agent:

20140374531 - Retractable cable and cable rewind spool configuration: A spool apparatus is described to include in one particular example a cable spool with a first cylindrical lip and a second cylindrical lip on an opposite side of the cable spool. A center of the spool includes a clutch bearing in the center of both the first cylindrical lip... Agent:

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