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Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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10/02/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140291429 - Continuously dispensing wick protecting lighter sleeve: The present invention is capable of continuously dispensing a wick from under a protective package by level winding a paper tube with one layer of wick then covering the wicked tube with a thin plastic layer leaving only the ends of the invention open to allow the wick to dispense... Agent:

20140291430 - Reel part for fishing reel: A reel part is provided for a fishing reel. The reel part includes an inner member and an outer member. The inner member has a surface treatment layer. The outer member is fixed to an outer peripheral side of the inner member. The outer member includes a processed part that... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140291431 - Cord-winding device for a venetian blind: A cord-winding device for a Venetian blind includes: a first reel; a driving unit including a driving wheel and a spring-winding wheel; and a brake unit including a driven gear, a driving member, a ratchet wheel sleeved on the driving member, a plurality of friction members disposed between the driving... Agent: Taicang Kingfu Plastic Manufacture Co., Ltd.

20140291432 - Belt tensioner for a safety belt system: The invention relates to a belt tensioner (10) for a seat belt system comprising a belt shaft housing (18) and a belt shaft (12) pivoted in the belt shaft housing (18) about an axis (A), wherein prior to activation of the belt tensioner (10) the belt shaft (12) is retained... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140291434 - Belt delivery and removal system: A delivery and removal system used to transport, install, and remove a belt for use with mining equipment. The system includes a first frame member and a second frame member. A deck extending between the first frame member and the second frame member, and a winder is supported by the... Agent:

20140291433 - Device for winding and unwinding two-dimensional roll material: The invention refers to a device for winding or unwinding two-dimensional roll material, such as for example sheets and/or bands of artificial turf, with at least one pair of tongs, wherein at least two gripping and/or tongs elements delimiting at least partly a winding space with each time at least... Agent: Smg Sportplatzmaschinenbau Gmbh

20140291435 - Device for feeding yarn to a textile machine: A device for feeding yarn to a textile machine, including a main body defining an entry portion and an exit portion for yarn; a rotatable drum for winding the yarn originating from the entry portion and a motor connected to the drum for rotating the drum; a control member active... Agent: Btsr International S.p.a.

20140291436 - Recording device: A recording device includes a recording unit and a medium support unit. The recording unit is configured and arranged to perform recording on a recording medium. The medium support unit is arranged below the recording unit, and configured and arranged to support the recording medium that is in a continuous... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140291437 - Electronic roll towel dispenser: This disclosure relates to a dispenser which in one embodiment is a motorized electric dispenser that reliably detects a request for a portion of product and electromechanically dispenses a pre-determined length of product to the user, without the user needing to directly touch any part of the dispenser. The dispenser... Agent: Dispensing Dynamics International Ltd.

20140291438 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes a medium support section that has a supply section supplying a continuous-shaped recording medium, a medium path through which the recording medium supplied on the supply section passes, and a transportation mechanism that transports the recording medium; and a recording section that performs recording on the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140291439 - Wipes dispenser: A dispenser for wipes materials and for enabling convenient dispensing of wipes from a roll. At least one side port with a cap is provided to enable the removing of a wipe. An orifice within the port may frictionally engage the wipes. A curved barrier sheet of material between the... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140284411 - Bobbin winder spindle adapter: A bobbin spindle winder adapter having conical base, a tubular guide that attaches to the conical base, and conical cone stabilizer that is mounted on the tubular guide after a cone spool has been placed on conical base tubular guide assembly.... Agent:

20140284412 - Electrostatically pinned glass roll, methods and apparatus for making: A roll (10) of glass ribbon (20) and an interleaf material (40) disposed in alternating layers, wherein a layer of the interleaf material is pinned to an adjacent layer of the glass ribbon by an electrostatic force that is of a value so that a shear force required to cause... Agent: Corning Incorporation

20140284413 - Method of spooling a bi-metallic pipe: A method of spooling a marine pipeline (90) including a plurality of bi-metallic pipe sections (10) (66) onto a reel (60) including at least the steps of: (a) filling a first pipe section with a fluid (12); (b) spooling the first pipe section onto the reel; (c) filling a second... Agent:

20140284414 - Sheet winding apparatus: A sheet winding apparatus has a sheet, a winding axis to which one end of the sheet is fixed and having a cylindrical shape, a spring that is arranged in the winding axis and gives a biasing force to the winding axis in an opposite direction of drawing-out direction of... Agent: Hayashi Telempu Co., Ltd.

20140284415 - Bobbin winding machine: A device and a method for winding a roving onto bobbin tubes using a turret winding head is provided. The turret winding head has a turret base plate having a first and a second spindle that are held in the turret base plate and are provided for receiving the bobbin... Agent: Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

20140284416 - Leader devices usable with roll media and image forming system having output member: Leader devices usable with roll media arid an image forming system having an output member are disclosed. A leader device may include a leader member having a first end and a second end. The first end may attach to the output member of the image forming system. The leader device... Agent:

20140284417 - Movable device for holding reels and spools: A device is provided that is adapted for mounting on a vertical support, such as a stud at a construction job site, to hold a spool of wire off the floor, allowing the wire to be dispensed easily, yet providing sufficient drag on the reel to avoid excess unspooling of... Agent:

20140284418 - Reel: A reel includes: a hub in which plural through holes are formed at a connecting portion that interconnects a cylinder portion and an axial center portion; a first flange that is disposed on one end portion of the hub and equipped with a first inner peripheral portion, which contacts a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/18/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140263791 - Ratchet wheel for fishing reel: A ratchet wheel is provided for a fishing reel (e.g., a spinning reel or a dual-bearing reel). The ratchet wheel is mounted onto a first component of the fishing reel. The ratchet wheel being engagable with a claw member pivotally mounted to a second component of the fishing reel. The... Agent: Shimano Components (malaysia) Sdn, Bhd

20140263792 - Dual-bearing reel: A dual-bearing reel includes a reel unit, a spool, a spool shaft, a handle, and an attachment-detachment operating part, a lock member. The reel unit includes a frame having a first side plate and a second side plate. The attachment-detachment operating part has a protruding portion protruding towards the first... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140263793 - Dual-bearing reel spool braking device and dual-bearing reel: A dual-bearing reel spool braking device is configured to brake a spool that is rotatably mounted on a reel body by centrifugal force. The dual-bearing reel spool includes at least one brake shoe, a rotating member and a brake drum. The brake shoe is arranged to apply a braking force... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140263794 - Fishing line spool: A method of removing previously used fishing line from a fishing reel includes mounting a fishing line spool in a rotation apparatus, the fishing line spool including rods and a face plate including elliptical slots, each rod slidably secured via a rod securing mechanism to an elliptical slot at a... Agent:

20140263795 - Retractable wake surfing tether: An retractable tether device is used to alert the driver of a fallen athlete and to return the athlete, primarily a wake surfer, back to position behind the watercraft. The tether consists of a coil spring with a storage reel for the line and an audible alert notification. When a... Agent: Moerr LLC

20140263796 - Retractable in-wall cable system: A retractable cable system for coiling and uncoiling a cable. The system preferably includes an axle, a first drum having a spring nested inside the drum, a second drum, and a pulley assembly. The first drum is configured to be non-rotatably coupled to the axle while the second drum is... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20140263797 - Progressive load limiting restraing system: A torsion bar having progressive load limiting characteristics for use in a vehicle restraint system is provided. The torsion bar includes a longitudinal main body portion having a first end for mounting to a belt retractor spindle and a second end for being engaged and disengaged with a seatbelt locking... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140263798 - Webbing take-up device: In a webbing take-up device, a structure for interlocking a second lock pawl with a first lock pawl is only a shaft. It also suffices for switching between restricting of rotation of a lock ring and cancelling of the restricting to be carried out merely by moving a piston by... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

20140263799 - Retractor mechanism for collars: A retractor mechanism for a pet collar. The mechanism includes a case with a cavity, a spool assembly with a spool plate, a line wound on the spool assembly with a free end exiting the case that is attached to a leash handle, a power spring that biases the spool... Agent:

20140263800 - Method for controlling a reversible belt tensioner of a safety belt in a motor vehicle: A method for controlling a reversible belt tensioner of a safety belt in a motor vehicle includes detecting a time profile of at least one state variable and/or at least one variable relating to the surroundings of the motor vehicle, identifying a predetermined driving maneuver and/or a value characterizing the... Agent: Audi Ag

20140263801 - Rotatable cable guide for retractable cord reel: A novel retractable cord reel is disclosed. The retractable cord reel may have a rotating rotatable guide configured to adapt to an expandable wire coil that changes direction within the cord reel. The retractable cord reel may have splices between wire segments that are formed by electrical connectors that are... Agent: Response Engineering, Inc.

20140263802 - Filament winding appartaus: A filament winding apparatus that connects a driven shaft to a driving shaft automatically includes a rotation unit which can rotate a driving shaft 13 forward or reversely, a control unit which can control start or stop of the rotation of the driving shaft, and connection units which can connect... Agent: Murata Machinery, Ltd.

20140263803 - High speed winding machine with angular rotary spindle, and a method for using the same: The present invention relates generally to a high speed winding machine with angular rotary spindle, and a method for using the same. The present invention also relates generally to winding machines for winding a cable, and more particularly winding wire at higher speeds without the use, for example, of a... Agent:

20140263804 - Air knife configured to improve rolling of paper product: Described herein are methods and systems for minimizing folding defects when rolling a paper product. The method comprises rotating a roll in a manner that draws a paper product toward the roll. The location of a pick-up point between the roll and the paper product is altered by influencing the... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20140263805 - Winding apparatus with a support arm: A winding apparatus includes first and second frame members. A shaft is rotatably mounted to the first and second frame members. One or more arms extend radially outward from the shaft, each of which have a coupling and a connector positioned thereon. The connectors secure the arms to the shaft... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140263806 - Systems and methods for parent roll tail reduction: Described herein are methods and systems for reducing the tail on a parent roll. The system may comprise a web tail extending from a parent roll supported by an unwind stand. The system may further comprise one or more nozzles positioned below the web tail and configured to facilitate the... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20140263807 - Handle cover assembly: Disclosed herein is a handle cover assembly. The assembly is structured to dispense and recover handle cover material, such as a hygienic handle cover material in the form of a sheet, web, sleeve, or the like. The assembly includes a housing configured and/or structured to serve as a handle and... Agent:

20140263808 - Seatbelt pretensioner: A system for pretensioning a seatbelt includes a minispool and a drive rod. The drive rod includes a spiral portion that, when driven along a longitudinal axis, causes the minispool to rotate about the longitudinal axis. The spiral portion of the drive rod engages the minispool, which includes corresponding structure... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140263809 - Seatbelt pretensioner: A seatbelt pretensioner is provided including an inner tube with a gas generator housed therein, an intermediate sleeve extending over the inner tube, and a spool portion housing the sleeve and the tube. The spool portion includes spiraling flutes thereon that correspond to a protruding member in the form of... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140263810 - Grain bag winder: Systems methods and devices for packaging used grain bags as the grain bags are being unloaded. The system is located at the top of a grain unloader machine or a grain extractor machine. The invention uses a pair of plates with retractable winding cores placed at the center of each... Agent: Neeralta Manufacturing Inc.

20140263811 - Sheet product dispenser: A sheet product dispenser includes a transfer bar, a roller assembly, a motor, a sensor, and a controller. The transfer bar is movable between first and second positions. The roller assembly, disposed proximate the transfer bar second position, has a drive roller and a pinch roller that define a nip.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20140263812 - Electronic residential tissue dispenser: An automatic electronic dispenser for dispensing a roll of paper product. A dispenser module drives paper from the roll through a discharge chute at the bottom of the module. A front cover hinged on each side rotates to an open position for loading a paper roll. A back cover enables... Agent:

20140263814 - Cable assembly dispenser systems and associated methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to cable dispenser systems that generally include at least two cable assemblies. The cable assemblies includes at least one cable that includes an elongated cord. The cable assemblies include a support element configured and dimensioned to support the at least one cable thereon. The systems include... Agent: Ortronics, Inc.

20140263813 - Hygienic tissue dispenser: A hygienic tissue dispenser includes an enclosure, a lid, and a spool to allow a hygienic tissue paper to be stored and dispensed. The lid is hingedly connected to the enclosure at a pivot edge, opposite a primary side of the enclosure. At a free edge of the lid is... Agent:

20140263815 - Cable assemblies and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to cable assemblies that generally include a first cable and a second cable. The first cable includes a first elongated cord defining two ends, a first connector mounted with respect to one end of the first elongated cord, and a first bare cable defining an opposing... Agent: Ortronics, Inc.

20140263816 - Moistened toilet tissue and dispenser: Moistened tissue and dispenser includes a roll of moistened tissue disposed in a resealable cover. A flap on the cover can be opened to expose the roll of moistened tissue. The tissue can be removed through an opening in the cover and separated at a perforation. The cover can be... Agent:

20140263817 - Reel: A reel is provided with a hub main body portion and a winding portion, on which a recording tape T is wound. The hub main body portion includes a main body periphery wall portion formed in a tubular shape and a cap portion provided at an upper end portion of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140263818 - Reel: A reel includes: a hub in which plural through holes are formed at a connecting portion that interconnects a cylinder portion and an axial center portion; a first flange disposed on one end portion of the hub and equipped with first insertion portions that are inserted into the through holes;... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140252152 - Coil support for a trimmer line coil: A coil support with a coil of a trimmer line has a coil core with an outer wall surface and first and second axial ends. At the axial ends securing elements that project past the wall surface of the coil core are provided for positional fixation of the coil wound... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20140252153 - Externally-adjustable fishing reel drive gear pair backlash adjustment mechanism: Disclosed is an externally-adjustable fishing reel drive gear pair backlash adjustment mechanism which includes a drive spindle, a housing consisting of a main cover and a side lid, and a gear pair consisting of a rack and a main gear on the drive spindle; middle portions of the main cover... Agent: Yangzhou Yuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140252154 - Optical fiber screening test method and optical fiber screening test apparatus: An optical fiber screening test method in which while continuously travelling, an optical fiber passes a tension applying section which applies tension and the optical fiber which has passed the tension applying section is continuously wound by a winding bobbin is provided. The method includes running the optical fiber to... Agent: Fujikura, Ltd.

20140252155 - Endless clip-strip feed splicer: A splicer machine for feeding strips of closures or clips. The clips formed of flat plastic material, and for receiving portions of flexible bags. More specifically, the automated handling of strips of such clips, where strips of the clips are held together by interlocking portions of the clips.... Agent:

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