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Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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04/10/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140097283 - String length adjusting device: Disclosed is a string length adjusting device, which includes a fixed housing including a drum rotation shaft formed in a central region thereof; a rotation housing rotatably coupled with respect to the fixed housing; a winding drum inserted into the fixed housing and the rotation housing and including a winding... Agent:

20140097284 - Spindle cover: A cord winder spindle cover housing, wherein the housing is mountable onto a spindle, and said housing has (i) a drive portion for receiving a cord that controls the extension and retraction of a blind and (ii) at least one opening through which the cord passes, the opening defined by... Agent:

20140097285 - Climbing assisting equipment: A climbing assisting equipment includes a rope transmitting device and a slow-descending device. The rope transmitting device includes a rope member and a rope reeling member. The slow-descending device has a transmission member connected between the rope reel member and a generator. When the rope member is pulled down, the... Agent:

20140097286 - Ferromagnetic metal ribbon transfer apparatus and method: Apparatus, system and methods for transferring of a ferromagnetic metal ribbon from a roll mounted on a mandrel to another mandrel, including a mandrel located around electrical coils of a transformer. The system includes an apparatus for securing a free end of a ribbon roll including a reel onto which... Agent:

20140097287 - Bulk wire delivery system: The invention described relates generally to a method and apparatus for improving existing bulk wire transfer methodologies and more particularly, to welding wire packages for use as an endless wire container such that the welding wire of multiple containers can be linked together to produce an uninterrupted flow of welding... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140097288 - Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus: A sheet feeder includes a spool and a pair of roll holders. The spool is configured to hold a roll of print medium having an adhesive surface with no release liner attached thereto, with the roll fitted around the spool. The pair of roll holders is configured to hold the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

04/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140091166 - Portable touch device with a stylus receiving function: The present invention discloses a portable touch device including a casing, a stylus, a rope and a reeling mechanism. An opening and a stylus slot are formed on the casing. The stylus is detachably received inside the stylus slot. The rope passes through the opening on the casing, and one... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140091167 - Belt retractor with control toothing: A belt retractor (10) for a vehicle seat belt, includes a frame (12) provided with a plurality of blocking teeth (22), a belt reel (14) being rotatably supported in the frame (12) and a blocking tooth system (24) adapted to be engaged with the blocking teeth (22). A control lever... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140091168 - Multi-function dispenser for dispensing paper sheet material: A paper sheet material dispenser selectively operable to dispense paper toweling or other paper sheet material from a roll of paper sheet material employing a plurality of alternative operational modes.... Agent: Dispensing Dynamics International

20140091169 - Rapid deployment packaging for optical fiber: A packaging arrangement for telecommunications cabling is disclosed herein. The packaging arrangement includes a modular spool assembly defined by a first flange, an opposing second flange, and a spool hub separating the first flange from the second flange, wherein a telecommunications cable may be wound between the first and second... Agent:

20140091170 - Device for repairing wire spools: The invention is a repair device for a spool on which a wire, cable or the like may be wound. The spool includes two parallel, spaced apart circular sidewalls which are connected by a transverse coaxial shaft. The shaft includes an axial bore and each sidewall includes an axial aperture... Agent:

20140091171 - Wire reel, reinforcing bar binding machine, and rotational information detecting method: A wire reel is detachably provided in a housing chamber of a binding machine body which binds a reinforcing bar. The wire reel includes a cylindrical hub portion which winds a wire, and a pair of parallel flanges overhanging outward from both external peripheral ends of the hub portions. A... Agent: Max Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140084096 - Drive gear: A fishing reel drive gear is used for a fishing reel. The fishing reel drive gear is arranged to be meshed with a pinion gear. The fishing reel drive gear includes a gear tooth portion and a disc portion. The gear tooth portion has first and second gear teeth. The... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140084097 - Fixed spool fishing reel: A fixed spool fishing reel having a spool shaft with a coaxial hollow rotor shaft rotatable thereabout. The reel is further provided with a handle shaft which extends transversely of and is offset relative to the spool shaft. First and second mutually orthogonal gears are coupled for rotation with the... Agent:

20140084098 - Webbing take-up device: A webbing take-up device is obtained that is capable of reducing the load on a reduction balance spring without using special components, and without performing special processing on a spiral direction inside end of the reduction balance spring. When the reduction balance spring rotates in a take-up direction as winding... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

20140084099 - Seatbelt retractor: A retractor includes a windup drum that winds webbing and a pretensioner unit that causes the windup drum to rotate in a windup direction of the webbing. The pretensioner unit includes a pinion gear configured to rotate in association with the windup drum, a piston that includes a rack for... Agent: Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

20140084100 - Torsion spring for control unit of curtains: A control unit for curtains includes a frame connected with a shaft and a torsion spring is mounted to the shaft. Two extension sections extend from two ends of the torsion spring at an angle. At least one of the two extension sections of the torsion spring has a contact... Agent: Uni-soleil Ent. Co., Ltd.

20140084101 - Method and device for feeding a thread to a textile machine with constant tension and constant velocity or quantity: A method for feeding a yarn with constant tension and constant velocity or quantity to a textile machine the processing point of which is distant from a spool from which the yarn unwinds. A first feed control and regulator loop provided presenting first tension measurer and regulator for the yarn.... Agent: Btsr International S.p.a.

20140084102 - Method and apparatus for producing coreless rolls of paper: A novel clasp is used to grasp and extract a tubular mandrel from the roll. The clasp includes a rigid shaft which is adapted to be inserted into a tubular mandrel. A plurality of clamping blocks are spaced radially outwardly from the shaft and are spaced circumferentially around the shaft.... Agent:

20140084103 - Tape cartridge: The disclosure discloses a tape cartridge comprising a first tape roll, a second tape roll, a connecting part, and a pair of gripped parts. A first tape consumed by feed-out is wound around the first tape roll. The second tape roll winds a second tape around an axis extending along... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084104 - Apparatus and system for improving accessibility of toilet paper holders: Method and apparatus are disclosed for mounting a roll of toilet paper to a support mechanism, and mounting the support mechanism to a surface such as the side of a vanity so that the toilet paper may be moved between two positions—a “retracted” position which stores the toilet paper out... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140077017 - Spinning reel: A spinning reel basically includes a housing, an oscillating mechanism, a retaining member and a first bolt member. The oscillating mechanism includes a traverse camshaft that is disposed in inside of the housing and a slider that slides along the traverse camshaft. The retaining member is arranged at a rear... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140077018 - Pretensioner of seat belt for vehicle: A pretensioner apparatus of a seat belt may include a movement tube, a piston movably disposed inside the movement tube, a gas generator fluid-connected to the movement tube and generating a gas upon crash of the vehicle so as to inject the gas into the movement tube to move the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140077019 - Cordset assembly: A cordset assembly having a charge controller interruption device and a cord reel. The charge control interruption device may have a housing and at least one cord. The cord reel may have first and second reel portions. The cord may be wound around the housing between the first and second... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140077020 - Hose reel system: A hose reel system for winding a liquid manure hose. The hose reel includes a spool pivoted in alignment with the wheels and axles of the system to allow for even winding of the hose on a spool. The spool is provided with curved domes on either, end and a... Agent:

20140077021 - Retractor safety device: Retractor safety device for identifying and controlling hazardous areas associated with unmarked, unbarricaded or unprotected areas of Construction and General Industry work sites, as well as any application requiring pedestrian movement-control, designed to meet all required safety standards in terms of color and signage, and will incorporate a variety of... Agent:

20140077022 - Desktop adhesive tape dispenser: A desktop dispenser includes a stationary base including a bottom member defining a bottom open chamber, a vacuum mount including a suction disc positioned in the bottom open chamber and an actuation rod extended from the top wall of the suction disc, and a carrier coupled to the stationary base... Agent:

20140077023 - Support strap dispensers and methods: A dispenser for storing and dispensing a rolled support strap, including but not limited to hanger straps (sometimes referred to as “plumber's tape”) such as those sold under the trade name TAB TAPE®, as well as assemblies that include a dispenser and a rolled support strap therein, and associated methods.... Agent:

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