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Wen Zhao patents

Recent patents with Wen Zhao listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Device and method for antenna synchronization and selection

12/08/16 - 20160360564 - A device and method selects an antenna configuration. The method performed at a user equipment includes determining at least one communication functionality that is being used, each communication functionality configured to utilize at least one antenna in a multi-antenna arrangement of the user equipment. The method includes receiving a first
Inventors: Hsin-you Liu, Ruben Caballero, Mohit Narang, Peter M. Agboh, Paul V. Flynn, Qiong Wu, Nicholas M. Mcdonnell, Navid Damji, Ming Hu, Wen Zhao

Cloud support for discovery and data transfer for mobile client devices

09/08/16 - 20160262205 - A host device may include a wireless interface for communications, a memory, and a processor coupled to the memory and to the wireless interface. The host device may receive, via the wireless interface, an advertisement message from a client device. The advertisement message may include an identifier associated with the
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Ajoy K. Singh, Wen Zhao, Dennis Mathews, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

Determining when to establish connection between mobile client and proxy devices

09/08/16 - 20160262191 - A client device and a host device may create a local connection for providing wide area network access, such as Internet access, to the client device. In some embodiments, the client device may have limited network capabilities and may not be able to access the Internet without the host device.
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Dennis Mathews, Ajoy K. Singh, Wen Zhao, Yong Liu, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

Determining routing of proxy traffic between mobile client and proxy devices

09/08/16 - 20160262082 - A host device may include a first wireless communication circuit, a second wireless communication circuit including a proxy router, and a host processor communicatively coupled to the wireless communication circuits. The host device may receive, via the second wireless communication circuit, an advertisement message from a client device. The advertisement
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Wen Zhao, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

Device and method for block data transfer over wireless coexistence interface

01/01/15 - 20150003321 - A device and method transmits a data block over a wireless coexistence interface (WCI) pathway. The method includes generating a data block for transmission between a cellular chip and an Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) chip. The method includes converting the data block into messages, the messages having a format
Inventors: William Burchill, Paul Flynn, Wen Zhao

Hetnet mobility management

09/04/14 - 20140247811 - A wireless communication system is presented for robust mobility management in a HetNet communication system. A source cell can prepare a macro cell and a target small cell as handover candidates during handover decision making and/or preparation. The mobile device is informed about the prepared macro cell and target small
Inventors: Ajoy K. Singh, Tarik Tabet, Wen Zhao, S. Aon Mujtaba, Christian W. Mucke

Reducing round-trip times for tcp communications

07/24/14 - 20140204737 - The disclosed embodiments provide a system that processes network packets. Upon receiving a first Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) header for a first TCP segment from a network link, the system immediately provides a portion of the first TCP header to a transport layer prior to receiving all payload data for
Inventors: Wen Zhao, Wenping Lou

Conflict avoidance in a device configured to operate according to multiple cellular communication protocols

03/13/14 - 20140073366 - Avoiding conflicts between radio access technologies (RATs) in a device configured to operate according to multiple RATs. The device may be operated in a discontinuous reception (DRX) mode according to each of a first RAT and a second RAT using a shared radio. It may be determined that a conflicting
Inventors: Longda Xing, Wen Zhao, Jianxiong Shi

Apparatus and methods for synchronization recovery in a hybrid network

10/03/13 - 20130260758 - Methods and apparatus for synchronizing operational state during hybrid network operation. In one embodiment, the various access technologies that makeup the hybrid network not fully synchronized. Thus, a wireless device operating in a mixed mode must be capable of managing synchronization across multiple access technologies. The wireless device is configured
Inventors: Wen Zhao, Xiaowen Wang, Vinay Majjigi, Paul Flynn, Kee-bong Song, Tarik Tabet, Youngjae Kim, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Christian Mucke

Method and apparatus for compensating code channel power in a transmitter

06/23/11 - 20110149917 - It has now been found that in some transmitter implementations which transmit multiple code channels, for example CDMA transmitters, the observed power for each code channel at the output relative to the other code channels is dependent upon the total transmit power due to non-linearities in the transmitter. Methods and
Inventors: Xin Jin, Wen Zhao, Qingzhong Jiao

System and method of wireless device activity messaging

12/09/10 - 20100309898 - A method and system of reachability indication between a wireless device and at least one push server, the method comprising the steps of: sending device status information from the wireless device to the at least one push server; and receiving the status information at the at least one push server;
Inventors: Wen Zhao, Xin Jin, Muhammad Khaledul Islam, Haining Zhang

Apparatus and methods for providing location-based services to a mobile computing device having a dual processor architecture

11/11/10 - 20100285817 - Various embodiments of systems and techniques for providing location-based services (LBS) to a mobile computing device having a dual processor architecture are described. In one or more embodiments, the mobile computing device may comprise or implement hardware and/or software configured to enable LBS and data communications sessions using a single
Inventors: Wen Zhao, Isabel Ge, Dan Myers, Arun Mathias, Igor Braslavsky, Perry Zabaldo, Darren Lee Ang, Craig Hamilton, Eric Liu, Janell Paulson

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