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09/04/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 46 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140238657 - Erosion ports for shunt tubes: A gravel pack apparatus for a wellbore has a shunt tube disposed along the apparatus near a wellscreen. The shunt tube is typically composed of stainless steel and has an internal passage for conducting slurry. Along its length, the tube has flow ports for passing the conducted slurry into the... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140238658 - Well shut in device: An arrangement for extraction of hydrocarbons includes a flow conduit that leads from a subsurface region to an above-surface region. A normally-closed shut-in valve is located in the subsurface region of the flow conduit. A hydraulic system is arranged to cause the shut-in valve to open when the hydraulic system... Agent: Wireless Measurement Limited

20140238659 - Articulated wireline hole finder: The articulated wireline hole finder is a modular device which attaches to the bottom of a wireline logging tool-string to aid conveyance down irregular shaped and/or deviated boreholes which possess features such as ledges, washouts, and contractions, that might otherwise terminate full descent of the tool-string to the bottom of... Agent:

20140238660 - Downhole seal element and related apparatuses: A downhole seal element (10) comprises a cup portion (11) formed of or including a resiliently deformable material. The cup portion (11) extends between on the one hand a nose part (12) comprising an annulus intended for sealingly mounting the seal element on a mandrel (22) and on the other... Agent: Reeves Wireline Technologies Limited

20140238661 - Threaded tubular component and resulting connection: A threaded tubular component configured for drilling or working hydrocarbon wells, the tubular component including, at one of its ends, a threaded zone formed on its external or internal peripheral surface depending on whether the threaded end is male or female in type. The end portion is at least partially... Agent: Vallourec Oil And Gas France

20140238662 - Mitigation of downhole component vibration using electromagnetic vibration reduction: An apparatus for reducing vibration in a downhole component includes: an electrically conductive auxiliary mass attached to the component and configured to vibrate in a direction corresponding to a direction of downhole component vibration and absorb a portion of the downhole component vibration; and a magnetic component configured to generate... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140238663 - Apparatus and method for determining closure pressure from flowback measurements of a fractured formation: An apparatus for determining a closure pressure of a fractured formation surrounding a wellbore is disclosed. The apparatus, in one embodiment, includes an isolation device for isolating a section of the wellbore, a fluid supply unit for supplying a fluid from the wellbore under pressure into the isolated section of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140238667 - Downhole fluid analysis methods: Fluid analysis measurements may be performed during withdrawal of a downhole tool to the surface. Fluid may be collected within a fluid analysis system of the downhole tool and the collected fluid may be exposed to the wellbore pressure during withdrawal of the downhole tool. Measurements for the collected fluid,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238666 - Method and apparatus for magnetic pulse signature actuation: A wellbore servicing tool comprising a housing comprising one or more ports and generally defining a flow passage, an actuator disposed within the housing, a magnetic signature system (MSS) comprising a magnetic sensor in signal communication with an electronic circuit disposed within the housing and coupled to the actuator, and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238664 - Noise isolation tool: Generally, the present disclosure is directed to noise isolation tools that may be used to minimize or even eliminate the detrimental effects that rogue noise events may have on the noise data acquired by a noise logging tool during a noise logging operation. In one illustrative embodiment, a noise isolation... Agent: Fmc Technologies, Inc.

20140238665 - System, method and apparatus for manufacturing stable cement slurry for downhole injection: A method for manufacturing stable lightweight cement slurry in a continuous manner for downhole injection comprising the steps of manufacturing a foamed gas having desired density ranging from about 2.15 to about 2.35 lb/cubic ft. and utilizing foam stabilizing nonionic surfactant. And, an apparatus for carrying out the method.... Agent:

20140238668 - Testing while fracturing while drilling: A drilling procedure is operated such that a formation around the wellbore being drilled is fractured and then reservoir fluids from a hydrocarbon reservoir contained in the formation are flowed into the wellbore where the flow of the reservoir fluids is tested. Production predictions for the wellbore are processed from... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238669 - Magnetically clamping a downhole component to a direction of a borehole casing: Systems and methods for magnetically autonomously clamping a downhole component in a select direction of a borehole casing. The systems can include a sensor package that obtains a downhole measurement in a position in a cased borehole. The systems can include an integral magnetic clamp that removably clamps the downhole... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238670 - Downhole measurement of formation characteristics while drilling: Methods and apparatus for acquiring mud gas logging data, comparing the mud gas logging data to second data associated with a sidewall fluid sample measurement, and adjusting calibration data associated with a mud gas logging tool based on the comparison of the mud gas logging data and the second data... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238671 - Phenol-alkoxylate co-solvent surfactant composition: Provided herein are, inter alia, compositions including a surfactant and a phenol-alkoxylate co-solvent useful in enhanced oil recovery. The compositions and methods provided herein are particularly useful for oil recovery under a broad range of reservoir conditions (e.g. high to low temperatures, high to low salinity, highly viscous oils).... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140238672 - Systems and methods for multi-fluid geothermal energy systems: A method is disclosed for extracting geothermal energy from a geothermal reservoir formation. The method may involve using a production well to extract brine from the reservoir formation. At least one of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) may be used to form a supplemental working fluid which may be... Agent:

20140238673 - Methods of stabilizing weakly consolidated subterranean formation intervals: Methods of fracturing a weakly consolidated target interval in a wellbore in a subterranean formation including providing a pad fluid comprising an aqueous base fluid and nanoparticulates; providing a fracturing fluid comprising an aqueous base fluid and gravel; introducing the pad fluid in the wellbore at or above a fracture... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238674 - Clean fluid loss control additives: Methods of providing fluid loss control in a portion of a subterranean formation comprising: providing a treatment fluid comprising a base fluid and a plurality of seeds; introducing the treatment fluid into a portion of a subterranean formation penetrated by a well bore such that the seeds block openings in... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238675 - Downhole injection tool: The present invention relates to downhole injection tool (1) for injecting an injection fluid into an annular space (5a) surrounding the downhole injection tool and enclosed by an inside wall (3a) of a borehole or a well tubular structure (3). The downhole injection tool comprises an injection unit (1a) comprising... Agent:

20140238676 - Cement slurry compositions and methods: A cement slurry composition is described as having cement, water, and organic polymeric particles. The composition also includes non-ionic surfactants, which may contain ethoxylate groups or contain both ethoxylate groups and propyxlate groups in the hydrophilic part. The non-ionic surfactant acts to disperse the hydrophobic polymeric particles in the slurry... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238677 - Chitin nanocrystal containing wellbore fluids: The current invention relates to the use of chitin nanocrystals and chitin nanocrystal derivatives. More specifically, the present invention relates to the use of chitin nanocrystals and chitin nanocrystals used in oil and gas operations. The chitin nanocrystals and chitin nanocrystals derivatives can be used as additives to cement and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238678 - Method and apparatus for ballistic tailoring of propellant structures and operation thereof for downhole stimulation: Propellant structures and stimulation tools incorporating propellant structures may comprise composite propellant structures including two or more regions of propellant having different compositions, different grain structures, or both. An axially extending initiation bore containing a initiation element may extend through a center of the propellant structure, or may be laterally... Agent:

20140238679 - Transport of heavy oil: Provided herein are, inter alia, heavy crude oil emulsion compositions and methods of making the same. The compositions and methods provided herein are particularly useful for the transport of heavy crude oils.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140238680 - Downhole steam generator and method of use: A downhole steam generation system may include a burner head assembly, a liner assembly, a vaporization sleeve, and a support sleeve. The burner head assembly may include a sudden expansion region with one or more injectors. The liner assembly may include a water-cooled body having one or more water injection... Agent: World Energy Systems Incorporated

20140238681 - System and method for controlling and optimizing the hydrothermal upgrading of heavy crude oil and bitumen: A system and method is provided for upgrading a continuously flowing process stream including heavy crude oil (HCO). A reactor receives the process stream in combination with water, at an inlet temperature within a range of about 60° C. to about 200° C. The reactor includes one or more process... Agent: Aduro Energy, Inc.

20140238682 - Method and apparatus for wellbore fluid treatment: A tubing string assembly is disclosed for fluid treatment of a wellbore. The tubing string can be used for staged wellbore fluid treatment where a selected segment of the wellbore is treated, while other segments are sealed off. The tubing string can also be used where a ported tubing string... Agent: Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.

20140238683 - Integrated arctic fracking apparatus and methods: An apparatus includes a frame structure and one or more fracking fluid tanks carried by the frame structure. The one or more fracking fluid tanks arranged to contain a fracking fluid usable during a fracking procedure. One or more fracking pumps may be carried by the frame structure, the one... Agent: Nabors Alaska Drilling, Inc.

20140238684 - Debris evacuator for cleaning a masonry bore: A fitting having a cover tube connected to one end and a pressure line in the fitting, connected to a rigid tube projecting from the fitting and through the cover tube. The method includes projecting a rigid tube in a masonry bore, and applying pressurized air to blow debris from... Agent:

20140238685 - Locking mechanism: A device for heave compensation of a tool unit that is suspended via one or more wires from a mast mounted on a platform, each wire at a first end being attached to the mast via an attachment and running via a first heave compensation unit, and each wire at... Agent:

20140238686 - Internal riser rotating flow control device: A rotating flow control device, and more particularly a rotating control flow device for use inside a riser assembly during offshore drilling activities. The rotating flow control device has a stationary housing adapted to mount between the interconnected ends of riser pipe. The bearing assembly of the rotating flow control... Agent: Elite EnergyIPHoldings Ltd.

20140238687 - Apparatus and method for recovering fluids from a well and/or injecting fluids into a well: Methods and apparatus for diverting fluids either into or from a well are described. Some embodiments include a diverter conduit that is located in a bore of a tree. The invention relates especially but not exclusively to a diverter assembly connected to a wing branch of a tree. Some embodiments... Agent: Cameron Systems (ireland) Limited

20140238688 - Modular top loading downhole pump: A method and apparatus for improving the production efficiency of a well and preventing gas lock. The apparatus is a downhole pump and comprises a barrel, a reciprocating plunger and a body having a plurality of inlet valves. The apparatus does not require outlet valves. The body and inlet valves... Agent:

20140238689 - Wellbore packer and method: A wellbore packer for setting against a wellbore wall in a wellbore, the wellbore packer including: a mandrel including a upper end and an lower end; and an outer housing encircling the mandrel and including a first compression ring, a second compression ring, an annular packing element encircling the mandrel... Agent: Resource Well Completion Technologies Inc.

20140238690 - Curved casing pipe with timed connections: A casing pipe assembly can include a first casing pipe having a top coupling member and a pipe curvature, where the top coupling member has first threads in a first direction, and where the pipe curvature substantially corresponds to a wellbore curvature. The casing pipe assembly can also include a... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140238691 - Anti-alteration wellhead vault: A wellhead vault for preventing alteration of the wellhead of a water supply. The vault is a heavy bell-shaped structure, formed of concrete, and having a downwardly facing concavity, and the vault placed over, with the concavity around the wellhead. The vaults too heavy to be removed by human lifting.... Agent:

20140238692 - High pressure tie back receptacle and seal assembly: A tie back assembly and method of use is presented. In one method, a tie back seal mandrel is inserted into a tie back receptacle. Both the inner surface of the tie back receptacle and the outer surface of the seal mandrel are tapered to cooperate when mated. A seal... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238695 - Stroker device: A stroker device (1) for use in a borehole (2) in the ground, the stroker (1) at least comprising an actuator (6) arranged for displacing a tool (10) in a longitudinal direction of the borehole (2), and grippers (26) arranged to anchor the stroker (1) to the wall (36) of... Agent: Aker Well Service As

20140238694 - Support device for use in a wellbore and a method for deploying a barrier in a wellbore: The present invention relates to a downhole support device (100) for use in a wellbore and which is adapted to be run into the wellbore through or run on an elongate member string (2) such as on a string of tubulars, a coiled tubing string or a slickline. The downhole... Agent: Smjm Limited

20140238693 - Wellhead system for tieback retrieval: A wellhead assembly includes a casing head, tubing head, and a production tree mounted on the tubing head. An isolation sleeve is set in a main bore of the wellhead assembly that extends across an interface between the casing and tubing heads so that a portion resides in each. The... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp

20140238696 - Method and apparatus for drilling and servicing subterranean wells with rotating coiled tubing: A system is provided for drilling and/or servicing a well bore using continuous lengths of coiled tubing in which a turntable assembly rotates a coiled tubing reel assembly and a counter balance system about the well bore such that the coiled tubing is rotated while in the wellbore. A coiled... Agent: Reel Revolution Holdings Limited

20140238698 - Capillary hanger arrangement for deploying control line in existing wellhead: To deploy a capillary string through a wellhead to a downhole safety valve, a control port and a retention port are drilled in an adapter between a casing hanger and a gate valve or elsewhere. The capillary string is connected to a first port of a capillary hanger and installed... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140238697 - Downhole tool with remotely actuated drag blocks & methods: Apparatus useful for remotely actuating the drag blocks of a downhole tool includes at least one remotely actuated sleeve configured to allow the drag blocks to move from one position to another when the downhole tool is disposed in a well bore.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140238701 - Mill diverter having a swellable material for preventing fluid flow past the material: A method of preventing fluid flow past a tapered face of a mill diverter in a wellbore comprises: positioning the mill diverter in the wellbore, wherein the mill diverter comprises: a body; the tapered face, wherein the tapered face is located at one end of the body; and a swellable... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238700 - Resettable packer assembly and methods of using the same: A wellbore servicing tool comprising a mandrel generally defining an axial flowbore and comprising a threaded exterior surface, an upper housing generally comprising a threaded interior surface, wherein the upper housing is movably positioned about the mandrel such that the threaded exterior surface at least partially engages the threaded interior... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238699 - Wellhead annulus seal having a wickered surface: An annular seal for use in a wellhead assembly has inner and outer legs that each extend in a direction that is generally parallel with an axis of the seal to define an annular space therebetween. Wickers are provided on an outer surface of the seal, so that when the... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140238702 - Low ph crosslinking of polymers: The invention is directed to polymers that self-crosslink at acidic pH or can be crosslinked by phenolic agents in brine. Such polymers have lower viscosity and can be pumped deep into reservoirs, where they will cross link in situ, thus increasing their viscosity and/or form a gel and blocking thief... Agent: Conocophillips Comapny

08/21/2014 > 36 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140231064 - Insert assembly for downhole perforating apparatus: An insert for perforating a subterranean formation sealingly engages a port in a production casing run into a wellbore intersecting the formation. The insert has a core where in a first mode it prevents fluid passage through the insert, and a second mode where the core disengages from the insert... Agent: Ten K Energy Services Ltd.

20140231065 - Perforating safety system and assembly: Perforating assemblies and perforating safety systems capable of being disposed in a wellbore for hydrocarbon fluid production are described. The perforating assemblies can include an isolation device that is capable of preventing a detonation train when the assemblies are in a first orientation and allowing a detonation train when the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231066 - Coiled tubing system with multiple integral pressure sensors and dts: A multiple integral pressure transducer system for installation in oil field downhole coiled tubing systems.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231067 - Base beam and self-propelled derrick rig assembly: Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed. The base beam is also designed to support the derrick rig. An optional counterweight assembly can be connected to the front of the rig. The self-propelled... Agent: Black Hawk Energy Services

20140231068 - Apparatus and method for setting a cementitious material plug: During the process of drilling for hydrocarbons, there is often the need to set a cementitious material plug in an open hole to allow the process of sidetracking and drilling of a new well bore. The present invention provides an apparatus and method for setting a cementitious material plug in... Agent:

20140231069 - Downhole tool and method of use: Embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a metal slip for a downhole tool, the metal slip having a slip body; an outer surface comprising gripping elements; and an inner surface configured for receiving a mandrel. The slip body may include at least one hole formed therein. The downhole tool may... Agent: National Boss Hog Energy Services LLC

20140231070 - Inhibiting effects of sloughing in wellbores: Certain embodiments provide a heater. A heater device includes a skin effect component having at least one insulated electrical core conductor in electrical communication with an adjacent and substantially parallel, elongated ferromagnetic shape having a reduction and localization of the depth and width of the effective conductor path in the... Agent:

20140231075 - Blowout preventer monitoring system and method of using same: A blowout preventer unit, system and method for monitoring a blowout preventer at a wellsite is provided. The blowout preventer is activatable form a seal to prevent leakage of the fluid produced from subsurface formations. The blowout preventer unit includes wellsite databases, at least one control unit and blowout preventer... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140231076 - Method and apparatus to position and protect control lines being coupled to a pipe string on a rig: Apparatuses and methods to cut a control line and/or to run a control line on a rig may include a movable cutting apparatus to cut a control line, a load transfer member to engage a control line, a load measuring device to measure a load imparted to a load transfer... Agent: Frank's Casing Crew And Rental Tools, Inc.

20140231073 - Method of incorporating remote communication with oilfield tubular handling apparatus: Apparatus and corresponding method for remotely communicating with a device in a wellbore, comprising: an oilfield tubular handling apparatus (200); partial toroidal coil sections (304) integrated with the oilfield tubular handling apparatus, wherein the partial toroidal coil sections form a toroidal coil upon a tubular member (102) with the handling... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140231074 - Methods and apparatus for determining downhole parameters: Apparatus and methods for determining downhole fluid parameters are disclosed herein. An example method includes deploying a downhole apparatus into a wellbore. The downhole apparatus includes a sensor including a heater and a temperature sensor. The example method also includes sending a signal to a downhole apparatus by changing a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140231071 - Systems and methods of positive indication of actuation of a downhole tool: Disclosed are systems and methods of positive indication of the proper actuation of a downhole tool. One system includes a work string providing a flow path therein, a downhole tool coupled to the work string and having a body fluidly coupled to the flow path, an indicator chamber defined in... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231072 - Method and system of planning and/or drilling wellbores: Planning and/or drilling wellbores. At least some of the various embodiments are methods including: receiving data indicative of position of a first wellbore; reading data indicative of position of an offset wellbore; reading data indicative of a fracture diameter for the offset wellbore; calculating a first positional uncertainty of the... Agent: Landmark Graphics Corporation

20140231077 - Use of nanotracers for imaging and/or monitoring fluid flow and improved oil recovery: A method of monitoring a reservoir during an oil recovery process includes placing a plurality of electrodes proximate the reservoir, injecting a nanoparticle dispersion into the reservoir with an injection fluid, and recording a current measurement and a voltage measurement from the plurality of electrodes with an electronic control module... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140231078 - Method of recovering hydrocarbons from a reservoir: A downhole steam generation apparatus and method of use are provided. The apparatus may include an injection section, a combustion section, and an evaporation section. The injection section may include a housing, injector elements, and injector plate. The combustion section may include a liner having channels disposed therethrough. The evaporation... Agent: World Energy Systems Incorporated

20140231079 - Velocity sensor for a plunger lift system: A velocity sensor, a controller, a plunger lift system and method for controlling a plunger lift system is provided. The velocity sensor can use a first magnetic field sensor and a second magnetic field sensor spaced a sensor distance to determine a velocity of a plunger as it passes the... Agent: Extreme Telematics Corp.

20140231080 - In-situ artificial pressurization of a well with carbon dioxide recycling to increase oil production: Described herein are systems and methods that utilize bicarbonate and acid to form carbon dioxide in a well (e.g., an oil well) to increase pressure in the well to facilitate production of oil and other resources, such as hydrocarbons, from the well. The well can be a closed system that... Agent:

20140231081 - Hybrid steam generation with carbon dioxide recycle: Systems and methods relate to recovering hydrocarbons by injecting into a reservoir outputs from two different types of steam generators along with carbon dioxide. Synergistic results enable lower fuel consumption for such a hybrid based approach versus either type of steam generator alone. One steam generator vaporizes water by thermal... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140231084 - Drill cuttings re-injection: A method for re-injecting formation solids into a subsurface formation includes obtaining a volume of solid particles from drilling returns, and then obtaining an aqueous operations fluid comprising at least one surfactant. Mixing a volume of the operations fluid with the volume of solid particles to form a slurry which... Agent:

20140231083 - Fluid filtering device for a wellbore and method for completing a wellbore: A sand control device for restricting flow of particles from a subsurface formation into a tubular body within a wellbore, the device being divided into compartments along its length, each compartment comprises a base pipe. The base pipe defines an elongated tubular body having a permeable section and an impermeable... Agent:

20140231082 - Methods and compositions for treating subterranean formations with interlocking lost circulation materials: The present invention provides for methods of treating a fluid loss zone in a wellbore in a subterranean formation including providing interlocking notched particulates having an outer face comprising at least one notch therethrough; wherein the at least one notch has a shape and an inner perimeter value; providing interlocking... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231085 - Laser systems and methods for the removal of structures: There is provided high power laser systems, high power laser tools, and methods of using these tools and systems for cutting, sectioning and removing structures objects, and materials, and in particular, for doing so in difficult to access locations and environments, such as offshore, underwater, or in hazardous environments, such... Agent:

20140231086 - Methods and compositions for treating subterranean formations with swellable lost circulation materials: Methods of treating a fluid loss zone in a wellbore in a subterranean formation including providing swellable particles having an initial unswelled volume, wherein the swellable particles upon swelling adopt a specific shape; introducing the swellable particles into the wellbore in the subterranean formation; and swelling the swellable particles so... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

20140231087 - Apparatus and method for cutting and pulling of a casing: An apparatus and method are for cutting and pulling of a casing in a. well. The apparatus comprises a housing connected to a wired connection, a cutting tool arranged in connection with the housing, where said cutting tool is rotatable around the longitudinal axis of the housing and arranged to... Agent: Leif Invest As

20140231088 - Bop stack with a universal intervention interface: Systems for accessing a well bore including a BOP stack with a universal intervention interface are disclosed. In some embodiments, the system includes a BOP stack and a valve assembly. The BOP stack has a throughbore and is installable on a well such that the throughbore is in fluid communication... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140231089 - Floating offshore facility and a method for drilling a well: A floating offshore facility for offshore hydrocarbon production, comprising an upper deck, a lower deck, a well bay comprising a plurality of drilling slots and a plurality of production slots surrounding said drilling slots, a cart supporting a drilling riser and being movable together with said drilling riser inside the... Agent:

20140231090 - Lightweight and compact subsea intervention package and method: The present invention discloses apparatus and methods for a lightweight subsea intervention package that may be installed using vessels with a smaller lifting capacity than semi-submersible platforms so that the subsea intervention package can be transported, installed, and removed from a subsea well in less time and with less cost.... Agent: Worldwide Oilfield Mahcine, Inc.

20140231091 - Systems for stabilizing oilfield equipment: An apparatus for stabilizing a conduit, such as a riser, against motion. The apparatus comprises an outer wall portion, an inner tubular member having a longitudinal channel extending therethrough, a first tubular member at least partially located between the outer wall portion and the inner tubular member, and a second... Agent:

20140231092 - Annular pressure relief system: A modified casing coupling houses a pressure relief valve body having a through bore with opposing end openings. The through bore communicates with the interior of the modified casing coupling at one end opening thereof and with an area surrounding the modified casing coupling at an opposite end opening. The... Agent:

20140231093 - Hydraulic oil well pumping system, and method for delivering gas from a well: A hydraulic oil well pumping system is provided. The system uses a pump to exert hydraulic pressure against a reciprocating lift piston over a wellbore. The lift piston is operatively connected to a rod string and downhole pump for pumping oil from a wellbore. Thus, oil is pumped from the... Agent:

20140231095 - Autonomous fluid control device having a movable valve plate for downhole fluid selection: An apparatus and method are described for autonomously controlling flow of fluid in a subterranean well, where fluid flow is controlled based on a fluid characteristic, such as viscosity or density, which changes over time. Fluid flows into a vortex assembly where a centrifugal force is imparted to the fluid.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231094 - Autonomous fluid control device having a reciprocating valve for downhole fluid selection: An apparatus and method autonomously controls fluid flow in a subterranean well, as the fluid changes in a characteristic, such as viscosity, over time. An autonomous reciprocating member has a fluid flow passageway there through and a primary outlet and at least one secondary outlet. A flow restrictor, such as... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231096 - Downhole tool control: A method of operating a downhole tool in a no-flow configuration in which a piston and a flow-restriction cooperate to occlude a tool throughbore. The tool is reconfigured to an intermediate configuration by flowing fluid through the tool at an intermediate flow-rate lower than an operating flow-rate and axially translating... Agent: Nov Downhole Eurasia Limited

20140231097 - Securing connections in alternate path well screens: A method of securing connections in well screens can include engaging a resilient ring with recesses formed in respective well screen connectors, the ring including projections extending from respective opposite ends of the ring, and disengaging the resilient ring from one of the recesses by relative displacement between the projections.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140231098 - Methods of supporting a self-propelled derrick rig: Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed. The base beam is also designed to support the derrick rig. An optional counterweight assembly can be connected to the front of the rig. The self-propelled... Agent: Black Hawk Energy Services

20140231099 - Method and apparatus for dropping a pump down plug or ball: An improved method and apparatus for dropping a ball, plug or dart during oil and gas well operations (e.g., cementing operations) employs a specially configured tool body assembly having valving members (e.g., safety or kelly values) and valving members holding plugs, balls, or darts to be dropped. In one embodiment,... Agent: Gulfstream Services, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 42 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140224470 - Elevator grip assuance: An interlock device for connection within a load path of a tubular support device to lock the tubular support device in a closed position in response to detecting a load suspended from the tubular support device. The interlock device includes a first member moveably connected to a second member and... Agent: Frank's Casing Crew And Rental Tools, Inc.

20140224471 - Wellbore frac tool with inflow control: An apparatus for fluid treatment of a borehole includes: a tubular body having a long axis and an upper end, a first port extending through the wall of the tubular body, a second port extending through the wall of the tubular body, the second port having a fluid inflow control... Agent: Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.

20140224472 - Apparatus for heating hydrocarbons with rf antenna assembly having segmented dipole elements and related methods: The apparatus includes an RF antenna assembly to be positioned within a wellbore and coupled to an RF source. The RF antenna assembly includes a first tubular dipole element having opposing proximal and distal ends, an RF transmission line extending through the proximal end of the first tubular dipole element... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140224473 - Methods and multi-purpose apparatus for dispensing and circulating fluid in wellbore casing: A multi-functional apparatus and method for drilling fluid and cementing operations to set casing in a wellbore for use on either top drive or rotary type rigs. The apparatus and method includes a fill-up and circulating tool, a cementing head assembly, and a wiper plug assembly. The fill-up and circulating... Agent: Frank's International, Inc.

20140224474 - Apparatus and method for obtaining formation samples utilizing independently controlled devices on a common hydraulic line: In one aspect, an apparatus for use in a wellbore formed in a formation is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a device for supplying a hydraulic fluid under pressure to a common hydraulic line, a first pump in hydraulic communication with the common hydraulic line via a first variable... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140224475 - Downhole actuating apparatus: A downhole tool comprises a housing defining a main bore and an actuatable member moveable from a first configuration to a second configuration to permit actuation of the tool. The tool includes an indexer mounted within the housing and arranged to progress linearly in a first direction along the main... Agent: Petrowell Limited

20140224476 - Down hole tool having improved segmented back up ring: A down hole tool or plug includes a segmented back up ring acting to minimize extrusion of a seal in an axial direction thereby promoting radial expansion of the seal into engagement with the internal diameter of a casing string. The segments of the ring are joined to a ring... Agent:

20140224477 - Downhole tool having slip inserts composed of different materials: A downhole tool, such as a fracture plug used during a fracture operation, installs in a downhole tubular, such as casing. The tool has a mandrel with a sealing element disposed thereon between uphole and downhole ends. Slip assemblies on the mandrel can be moved to engage the downhole tubular.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140224478 - Tool and method for locking and releasing a plug: d

20140224479 - Stage tool apparatus and components for same: A stage tool apparatus and components for same are described. In several exemplary embodiments, the stage tool apparatus is part of tubular string or casing positioned within a preexisting structure such as, for example, a wellbore.... Agent: Top-co Cementing Products Inc.

20140224480 - Electrorheological or magnetorheological compositions for treatment of subterranean formations and methods of using the same: The present invention relates to compositions for the treatment of subterranean formations, and methods of using the same. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a fluid for treatment of a subterranean formation, wherein the fluid is at least one of electrorheological and magnetorheological. Various embodiments also provide methods of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224481 - Method and device for supplying at least one electrical consumer of a drill pipe with an operating voltage: In a method and device for supplying at least one electrical consumer (10) of a drill pipe with an operating voltage, at least one electrical component (10, 11, 15) on pipe rods (6) of the drill pipe is tested for defects with a test voltage that is smaller than the... Agent: Advanced Drilling Solutions Gmbh

20140224482 - Subterranean formation oil mobility quicklook: A downhole tool is conveyed within a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation, and then utilized to obtain measurements at multiple different depths of investigation within the subterranean formation relative to the wellbore. The obtained measurements are then compared to assess mobility of oil within the subterranean formation.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140224483 - Hydrocarbon mobility and recovery through in-situ combustion with the addition of ammonia: Air and ammonia gas are introduced into a subterranean formation during the in-situ combustion to increase the mobility of hydrocarbons in a subterranean formation and facilitate recovery of the hydrocarbons from the subterranean formation. The air supports in-situ combustion of a portion of the hydrocarbon within the subterranean formation to... Agent:

20140224484 - Use of carbon dioxide soluble nonionic surfactants for enhanced crude oil recovery: The present disclosure includes a nonionic surfactant and a method of providing the nonionic surfactant, where the nonionic surfactant is soluble in carbon dioxide and is used as part of a dispersion for enhanced crude oil recovery. The nonionic surfactant can be part of an emulsion that includes carbon dioxide... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140224486 - Gravel packer assembly and method: A packer and screen assembly for a gravel or filter-packed well including a cylindrical shaped screen and a packer ring attached to an upper portion of the screen, with the packer ring positioned above an annular space surrounding the cylindrical-shaped screen and including an access opening having a closed configuration... Agent:

20140224485 - Invert emulsion gravel pack fluid and method: A gravel packing fluid and method for brine-sensitive formations. The fluid comprises an invert oil emulsion compatible with oil based drilling fluids and having a suspension agent comprising polyurea and dimer diamine. The fluid is capable of carrying gravel yet has a viscosity less than 100 cp, often eliminating the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224487 - Apparatus and methods of running casing in a dual gradient system: A method of running casing in a dual gradient system includes lowering a casing into a low density fluid region and allowing the low density fluid to enter the casing; releasing a plug into the casing; supplying a high density fluid behind the plug; and lowering the casing into a... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140224488 - System and method for temporarily sealing a bore hole: A production zone isolation system includes a sealing mechanism is positioned adjacent to or within the production zone of a well bore such that the expanders are positioned parallel to areas aft and fore of the area which is to be isolated. A refrigerant or cooling agent is pumped into... Agent: Triple D Technologies Inc.

20140224489 - Ammonium halide as gelation retarder for crosslinkable polymer compositions: A method for blocking the permeability of a portion of a subterranean formation including the steps of: (a) selecting the portion of the subterranean formation to be treated, wherein the bottomhole temperature of the portion of the subterranean formation is equal to or greater than 250° F. (121° C.); (b)... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224490 - Composition and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery: The invention relates to a method of treating a hydrocarbon containing formation, comprising: (a) providing a composition to at least a portion of the hydrocarbon containing formation, wherein the composition comprises water and an anionic surfactant which is an internal olefin sulfonate (IOS), which has a weight ratio of branched... Agent: Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij B.v.

20140224491 - System and process for recovering hydrocarbons using a supercritical fluid: A process is provided for recovering hydrocarbons, such as heavy oils, from a subterranean reservoir. The process includes providing a supercritical aqueous fluid at a high temperature and high pressure to the underground hydrocarbon reservoir, injecting the aqueous fluid into the reservoir to heat the hydrocarbons in the reservoir, and... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140224493 - Distributing a wellbore fluid through a wellbore: A method includes preparing a hydraulic fracturing fluid that includes a proppant mixture; adjusting the hydraulic fracturing fluid to a flow pattern operable to distribute a substantially equal distribution of an amount of proppant from the proppant mixture into a plurality of fracture clusters formed in a subterranean zone; and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224494 - Solid chemical well treatment: A solid chemical delivery system for delivering solid well treatment chemicals to an underground formation. The solid chemical is formed by dehydrating a silicate to form anhydrous silicate. Well chemicals are then introduced to the silica and form a tablet or pelletized chemical. The pelletized solid chemical is then delivered... Agent: Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.

20140224492 - Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same: A method of servicing a wellbore in a subterranean formation comprising tethering a relative permeability modifier to one or more surfaces of the formation via a coupling agent. A method of servicing a wellbore in a subterranean formation comprising introducing into the wellbore a first wellbore servicing fluid comprising a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224495 - Hydrocarbon fluid flow improver: Disclosed herein is a fluid flow improver comprising a branched dendritic core comprising a first quaternary carbon center bonded to four second carbon atoms, wherein at least three of the four second carbon atoms are individually bonded to one or more chain extender ligands to produce the branched dendritic core,... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140224496 - Multi-component diffuser assembly: A diffuser assembly has pairs of split rings rotationally locked to each other in an alternating array with other pairs of split rings where adjacent pairs are responsive to pressure differential to be biased toward a sliding sleeve or the surrounding housing in an alternating pattern. The split rings are... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140224497 - Elongated sealing member for downhole tool: A downhole apparatus is described comprising a body and a sealing arrangement located on the body. The body has a longitudinal axis and the sealing arrangement comprises at least one elongated sealing member with an axis of elongation extending around the longitudinal axis. The sealing member comprises a material selected... Agent: Swelltec Limited

20140224498 - System and method to improve operation of hydraulic pump for subsea service: The operating performance and reliability of a pump, e.g. a hydraulic pump, can be significantly improved by incorporating an actively controlled positive displacement control valve in fluid communication with a fixed displacement pump, supply fluid line, and return fluid line. In use, the pump may be used to move fluid... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20140224499 - Modular well intervention assembly: A modular well intervention assembly includes a jack assembly having increased stroke length that can be installed directly over a well or above a BOP assembly. Modular work platforms and a telescoping mast assembly can be installed and secured in place around the jack assembly. Tongs can be suspended from... Agent:

20140224500 - Well emergency separation tool for use in separating a tubular element: A method of separating a tubular element, comprising providing a tubular element having an inner and an outer surface, a circumference of said outer surface, a longitudinal axis and a first end and a second end; radially surrounding said tubular element with an explosive shaped charge material, wherein said shaped... Agent:

20140224501 - Method for stopping or at least reducing the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons, blowout, from a hydrocarbon extraction well: Method for stopping or at least reducing the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons, blowout, from a well for the extraction of hydrocarbons, which comprises introducing high-density solids at the bottom of the well, through a suitable line, having a polyhedral, spheroidal, ellipsoidal or paraboloidal form, regular or irregular, possibly coated with... Agent:

20140224502 - Wellbore fluid lift apparatus: An apparatus and a method are provided for lifting wellbore fluids from a distal section of a wellbore. The apparatus comprises a suction generator connected to a communication line having an open free end that extends into the distal section. The suction generator creates suction to draw fluid from the... Agent:

20140224504 - Downhole tool and method: A downhole tool (10) and method for controlling fluid flow into and/or from a formation zone (FZ), the downhole tool (10) comprising a sliding sleeve device (12) disposed between, and forming a fluid coupling between a first screen (14) and a second screen (16), the sliding sleeve device (12) configured... Agent: Petrowell Limited

20140224503 - Hydraulic communication device: The present invention generally relates to a hydraulic communication device that is used in a wellbore for fluid communication during a wellbore operation. In one aspect, a hydraulic communication device is provided. The hydraulic communication device includes a body having a central passageway and a bore formed in a wall... Agent: Weatherford / Lamb, Inc.

20140224506 - Easy drill slip with degradable materials: Slip elements for a downhole tool include an inner body portion that is substantially formed of a material that is degradable by dissolution in response to a dissolving fluid and a hardened, resilient, radially outer contact portion. The inner body portion may be formed of magnesium, aluminum or iron based... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140224507 - Isolation devices having an anode matrix and a fiber cathode: A wellbore isolation device comprises: a first material and a second material, wherein the first material and the second material form a galvanic couple and wherein the first material is the anode and the second material is the cathode of the galvanic couple, and wherein the second material is a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224505 - Runnable member catcher, system and method of removing same: A runnable member catcher includes a body fixedly attachable within a tubular, the body defines inner radial dimensions that are smaller than portions of the body that are fixedly attached the body to the tubular, the body is configured to be structurally weakened upon exposure to an activation fluid to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140224508 - Integral centraliser: A method of providing at least one projection (4) on a tubular body (1) of the type required by the oil and gas industry for use in recovery of and transporting of crude oil or gas, namely oil-country-tubular goods (OCTG), said projection (4) having a predetermined form such as a... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20140224509 - System and method for continuous circulation: Present embodiments are directed to a circulation system including a circulation management system. A housing of a coupling feature of the circulation management system is configured to extend over a box end of a pipe element. A seal disposed within the housing is configured to engage with a face of... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20140224510 - Casing window assembly: A casing window assembly and methods for installing the casing window assembly.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140224511 - Pump drain arrangements for packer systems and methods for sampling underground formations using same: An apparatus, system and method of sampling a reservoir fluid is disclosed. An inflatable packer is deployed into a wellbore having one or more fluid ports for receiving the reservoir fluid. The fluid ports are positionable at different longitudinal and/or radial positions. One or more pumps are connected to the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

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