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12/18/2014 > 42 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140367082 - Diverter flow line insert packer seal: A diverter for redirecting drilling fluid in oilfield applications includes a support housing and a diverter body disposed therein. A lateral opening defined in the diverter body permits fluid communication between an interior passage of the diverter body and a lateral now outlet defined by the support housing. A pair... Agent:

20140367083 - Modular changeable fractionation plug: A modular changeable fractionation plug for use in a wellbore with a crown engagement and a plug receiving end formed on a mandrel which is adapted to be a caged ball configuration, a drop ball configuration and a bridge plug configuration.... Agent:

20140367084 - Snorkel tube with debris barrier for electronic gauges placed on sand screens: A sensing system comprises at least one gauge disposed in a wellbore, a sensing link coupled to the at least one gauge, and a debris barrier coupled to the sensing link. The debris barrier comprises a housing coupled to the sensing link, and a barrier element configured to reduce the... Agent:

20140367085 - Modified tubular: A positioning member (11) for a tubular (10) is formed using a prefabricated fibre-reinforced resin shell (1) positioned upon a surface of the tubular and bonded to provide a protrusion upon the surface of the tubular. In a disclosed method a fibre-reinforced resin shell (1) is secured to an external... Agent: Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co&#x3e , LLC

20140367086 - Apparatus and method for storing core samples at high pressure: A sampling tool to sample core samples from a wellbore is disclosed. A core sampling storage module includes a pressure housing to store a plurality of core samples, a core tube within the pressure housing, the core tube to store a plurality of core samples drilled from a downhole formation,... Agent:

20140367088 - Method of biological permeability modification of oil reservoirs using resident microorganisms and nutrient supplementation: A method of increasing oil recovery from oil reservoirs includes the step of conducting a series of lab analysis that lead to a specific nutrient formulation followed by or in parallel with a genetic analysis of resident microorganisms in water produced from an oil reservoir to determine if the population... Agent:

20140367089 - Method of gravity assisted microbiologically enhanced oil recovery by improving the distribution of nutrients introduced into oil producing rock formations: A method of improving oil recovery includes the step of selecting an oil containing rock formation having geologic structures and well completions with vertical permeability that allow a structurally high water injection point. Through a series of analyses a nutrient water mixture is determined and injected at the injection point... Agent:

20140367087 - Method of modification in oil reservoirs using resident microorganisms and nutrient supplementation through biological wettability alteration: A method for improving oil recovery includes determining a specific nutrient package or formulation for stimulating and altering resident microorganisms to increase wettability of reservoir rock formations in oil reservoirs. Once determined, the specific nutrient package is applied to the oil reservoir to stimulate the resident microorganisms. The stimulating application... Agent:

20140367090 - Biological augmentation of low salinity water flooding to improve oil release using nutrient supplementation of injected low salinity water: A method of enhancing oil recovery includes the step of determining a specific nutrient package used to initiate a microbiological response under actual reservoir conditions in combination with low salinity water injection. Once determined, the specific nutrient package is applied to at least one targeted well to stimulate resident microorganisms... Agent:

20140367092 - Methods and apparatus for evaluating downhole conditions through fluid sensing: An apparatus and method may operate to mount one or more communication assemblies relative to the exterior of a casing being placed in a borehole. Two communication assemblies can be placed in longitudinally spaced relation to one another along the casing, wherein each communication assembly is configured to obtain excitation... Agent:

20140367091 - Wellbore fluids incorporating magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons and methods of using the same: A wellbore fluid may include an oleaginous continuous phase, one or more magnetic carbon nanoribbons, and at least one weighting agent. A method of performing wellbore operations may include circulating a wellbore fluid comprising a magnetic carbon nanoribbon composition and a base fluid through a wellbore. A method for electrical... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140367093 - Combined anti-rotation apparatus and pressure test tool: A down-hole tool for pressure testing production tubing within a borehole of a well returning the well to production, includes an anti-rotational device comprising a tubular housing having a first end, a second end, an outer surface, and at least one anti-rotational wing disposed on the outer surface of the... Agent:

20140367094 - Method and apparatus for testing a tubular annular seal: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for testing a wellbore, and to an apparatus and method to efficiently and effectively test the annular seal of a tubular string positioned within a wellbore. More specifically, the cement seal between a casing string and a wellbore is tested to assure... Agent: Colorado School Of Mines

20140367095 - Chemical treatment for organic fouling in boilers: Methods and systems relate to generating steam from water that contains dissolved organic compounds. The methods mix a polymerization inhibitor with the water prior to feeding the water into a steam generator. The polymerization inhibitor limits coupling of the dissolved organics under boiler conditions to mitigate fouling issues within the... Agent:

20140367096 - Composition and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery: The invention relates to a hydrocarbon recovery composition comprising an anionic surfactant, wherein said composition is in the solid state, and to a shaped article comprising said composition. Preferably, said composition is in the form of a powder. Further, the invention relates to a process for treating a hydrocarbon containing... Agent:

20140367097 - Oil recovery system and method: A system and process are provided for recovering oil from an oil-bearing formation. An oil recovery formulation that is first contact miscible with a liquid petroleum composition that is comprised of at least 15 mol % dimethyl sulfide is introduced together with steam or hot water into a subterranean oil-bearing... Agent:

20140367098 - Hydrophobic compound emulsions free of silicon and fluorine for an oil recovering method that modifies the wettability of rocks from hydrophilic to oleophilic: An oil recovery method by the modification of the rock wettability from hydrophilic to oleophilic using hydrophobic compounds. Specifically, the method relates to the application of oil-type emulsions in water based on hydrophobic compounds free of silicon and fluorine to increase the oil recovery in mature sandstone-type reservoirs after the... Agent:

20140367099 - Degradation of polylactide in a well treatment: Methods of treating a portion of a well include the steps of: (A) depositing a solid particulate into the portion of the well, wherein the solid particulate comprises an aliphatic polyester, preferably a polylactide; and (B) contacting the particulate deposited in the portion of the well with a treatment fluid... Agent:

20140367100 - Simultaneous method for combined acidizing and proppant fracturing: A treatment fluid for use in a combined acidizing and proppant fracturing treatment, the treatment fluid comprising: (A) an emulsion comprising: (i) a continuous oil phase; (ii) an internal aqueous phase comprising: (a) water; and (b) a source of an acid; and (iii) an emulsifier; and (B) a proppant. A... Agent:

20140367101 - Protected scale inhibitors and methods relating thereto: Treatment fluids suitable for use in subterranean operations may include a base fluid; a protected scale inhibitor; and at least one selected from the group consisting of (1) a metal crosslinker and a gelling agent, (2) an amine-based resin curing agent and an epoxy-based composition, and (3) any combination thereof,... Agent:

20140367102 - Method for establishment of an annulus barrier in a subterranean well: A method is for establishing an annulus barrier in a subterranean well. The method comprises providing a plug in the well and along a longitudinal section thereof, wherein the plug, at least in a portion of the longitudinal section, covers substantially the entire cross-section of the well in such a... Agent: Hydra Systems As

20140367103 - Compositions and methods for completing subterranean wells: Spacer fluids that are stable at temperatures up to at least 260° C. comprise water, polystyrene sulfonate and a mixture of particulate materials. The particulate materials may be chosen such that the mixture has at least a trimodal particle-size distribution. The fluids may further comprise inorganic clays, mutual solvents and... Agent:

20140367104 - Compositions and methods for completing subterranean wells: High-specific-gravity micronized particulates, added to cement slurries in conjunction with certain high-molecular-weight water-soluble polymers, improve fluid-loss control of cement slurries during placement in subterranean wells. The particulates may have a specific gravity higher than 3, and a median particle size smaller than 3 μm. The particulates may include barite, manganese... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140367105 - Filler particles with enhanced suspendability for use in hardenable resin compositions: Filler particles having an average diameter of about 3 nm to about 20 microns may have enhanced suspendability and be useful in hardenable resin compositions and methods relating thereto. In some instances, a method may include providing a hardenable resin composition that comprises a liquid hardenable resin, a hardening agent,... Agent:

20140367106 - Shaped memory devices and method for using same in wellbores: In one aspect an apparatus for use in a wellbore is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a device or tool conveyable in the wellbore, wherein the device or tool further includes a shape memory member formed into a compressed state, the shape memory device having a glass transition temperature... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140367107 - Methods and compositions for stimulating the production of hydrocarbons from subterranean formations: Methods and compositions for stimulating of the production of hydrocarbons (e.g., formation crude oil and/or formation gas) from subterranean formations are provided. In some embodiments, the compositions are emulsions or microemulsions, which may include water, a solvent, and a surfactant. In some embodiments, methods of selecting a composition for treating... Agent: Cesi Chemical

20140367108 - Acidizing compositions including ampholyte polymers: Various embodiments disclosed relate to acidizing compositions including an ampholyte polymer. Various embodiments provide a method of treating a subterranean formation. The method can include placing in a subterranean formation an ampholyte polymer including an ethylene repeating unit including a —C(O)NH2 group, an ethylene repeating unit including an —S(O)2OR1 group,... Agent:

20140367109 - On-site generation of a fracturing fluid stream and systems and methods utilizing the same: On-site generation of a fracturing fluid stream system includes a fracturing fluid generation assembly and a fracturing fluid supply assembly. The fracturing fluid generation assembly is configured to receive a hydrocarbon stream and to generate a fracturing fluid stream from the hydrocarbon stream. The fracturing fluid stream has an oxygen... Agent:

20140367110 - Geomechanical weakening with surface acting agents: A method of hydraulic fracturing of a reservoir to improve drainage.... Agent:

20140367111 - Wettability altering gellable treatment fluids: Gellable treatment fluids containing an acrylamide copolymer and a suitable surfactant can be used in various subterranean operations where it is necessary for the treatment fluid to remain in a gelled state for extended periods of time at high formation temperatures. The surfactants are chosen to increase the relative permeability... Agent:

20140367112 - Device for recirculating grease/sealing oil in risers: A device for collecting used sealing fluids/grease being used as sealing and lubricating medium between two objects such as risers.... Agent: Green Well Technology As

20140367113 - Subsea production system with multiple location master control station system: A subsea production system for producing fluids from a subsea well in a subsea field. The production system includes a production facility and a production umbilical connecting the subsea well with the production facility. The production system also includes a control system for controlling production from the subsea well. The... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140367114 - Latch position indicator system and method: Latch position indicator systems remotely determine whether a latch assembly is latched or unlatched. The latch assembly may be a single latch assembly or a dual latch assembly. An oilfield device may be positioned with the latch assembly. Non-contact (position), contact (on/off and/or position) and hydraulic (flowmeter), both direct and... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140367115 - Multi power launch system for pressure differential device: An injection mandrel may include a valve controlling the flow of the injection fluid. A valve actuator operatively connected to the valve sequentially generates a first predetermined pressure and a larger second predetermined pressure in the valve. The valve actuator generates the second predetermined pressure in the valve in response... Agent:

20140367116 - Ball check valve integration to icd: A production sleeve assembly for use downhole includes a fluid pathway configured to provide fluid communication between an exterior of a wellbore tubular and an interior of the wellbore tubular through a chamber, a flow restriction disposed in the fluid pathway, and a valve disposed in series with the flow... Agent:

20140367117 - Agents for enhanced degradation of controlled electrolytic material: A method for degrading a downhole article includes exposing the downhole article comprising a controlled electrolytic material to a composition that comprises a reducing agent. The method also includes contacting the downhole article with the reducing agent to degrade the downhole article. Additionally, a composition for degrading a downhole article... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140367118 - Expandable translating joint: An expandable translating joint comprises a first expandable tubular member having a lower end with a recessed inner wall portion and a second expandable tubular member having an upper end with a recessed outer wall portion. The second expandable tubular member is partially disposed within the first expandable tubular member... Agent:

20140367119 - Threaded joint with low tightening torque: A threaded tubular connection includes a first body terminated by an external abutment, and linked to a male threading prolonged by a terminal portion forming an internal abutment surface at its axial end, such that the connection includes a second body defining a bearing surface for the external abutment at... Agent: Vallourec Oil And Gas France

20140367120 - Downhole fuel cell with steam adsorption and pressure compensation: A fuel cell for use in downhole applications stores steam created by the chemical reaction in a desiccant like Zeolite. The fuel cell also uses ambient hydrostatic pressure to increase cell voltage and power-density.... Agent:

20140367121 - Dual use cable with fiber optic packaging for use in wellbore operations: A dual use cable includes at least one fiber optic cable encased in a metallic component that is encased in a layer of polymer material. The polymer material is surrounded by a tube or armor wire strength members embedded in one or two additional polymer material layers. A final assembly... Agent:

20140367122 - Flowable devices and methods of self-orienting the devices in a wellbore: A wellbore flowable device comprises an orientor, wherein the orientor causes the flowable device to be oriented within the wellbore such that the flowable device has a higher pressure differential rating than a similar flowable device without the orientor. A method of orienting the wellbore flowable device comprises: introducing the... Agent:

20140367123 - Downhole tubular system and assembly for sealing an opening: The present invention relates to a downhole system (100) for sealing an opening (2) in a wall of a well tubular structure in a borehole (4) downhole by means of a downhole tubular assembly (1), comprising the downhole tubular assembly comprising an expandable tubular part (5) having an inner face... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140360716 - Stop loss tool for wellheads: The present application includes a tool configured to prevent bidirectional passage through a pipe or wellhead. The tool includes at least a housing and a latch. The housing is coupled to the wellhead. The housing has an interior volume in communication with an interior volume of the wellhead through an... Agent:

20140360717 - Liner hanger: An apparatus for suspending a liner within a bore comprising a central tubular member and first and second sets of radially expandable arms. Each set of arms are expandable by corresponding longitudinally movable cones spaced apart along the tubular member. The apparatus further includes a seal located between the first... Agent:

20140360718 - Sand filter and method of manufacture: Cylindrical screens and screen assemblies for use with perforated base pipe or casing for sand control in wellbores have generally longitudinally extending slots punched in the screen. The outer surface of the screen material is deformed below the inner surface causing apertures to form along the longitudinal edges of the... Agent: Anton Energy Services Corporation

20140360719 - Enhanced oil recovery method: A method for producing oil from a fractured oil bearing formation is provided in which an oil recovery formulation comprising water and dimethyl ether is introduced into a fracture in the formation to mobilize oil, the mobilized oil is contacted with water or brine, and the mobilized oil is produced... Agent:

20140360720 - Atmospheric ball injecting apparatus, system and method for wellbore operations: In one aspect the invention provides a ball injecting apparatus for releasing balls into the wellbore of a well. The apparatus comprises a body having an interior capable of housing one or more balls, at least one window in the body to allow for fluid communication between the body's interior... Agent:

20140360721 - Cement composition with fly ash: A cement composition comprising industrial waste containing calcium oxide and a retarder is disclosed. The cement composition is free of Portland cement. The composition also includes an alkali metal oxide, a hydrocarboxylic acid, and a sulphate compound. The cement may be used in methods for cementing subterranean formations such as... Agent: Cemblend Systems Inc.

20140360723 - Protective sheath through a casing window: Systems, assemblies, and methods are described which relate to drilling a lateral borehole from a primary wellbore. A primary wellbore may have a casing therein. A window may be milled in the casing using a casing bit. The casing bit may pass through the window and into the surrounding formation.... Agent:

20140360725 - Junk basket with self clean assembly and methods of using same: A downhole tool for removing debris from fluid flowing through the downhole tool comprises a screen member in sliding engagement with an inner wall surface of the tool. As the screen member becomes blocked, it moves from a first or initial position to a second or actuated position which causes... Agent:

20140360724 - Wireline hydraulic driven mill bottom hole assemblies and methods of using same: A bottom hole assembly for engaging and removing an object within a wellbore comprises a cutting tool at a lower end. Continued engagement of the cutting tool with the object is facilitated by an axial compression device disposed within the bottom hole assembly below the anchor of the bottom hole... Agent:

20140360726 - Steam generator and carbon dioxide capture: Methods and systems generate steam for injection into a formation in order to facilitate oil recovery and also capture carbon dioxide in a recovery unit that receives flue gas exhaust from such steam generation. The methods and systems integrate various process streams from and to the carbon dioxide recovery unit.... Agent:

20140360727 - Remediation of asphaltene-induced plugging of an oil-bearing formation: A system and method for remediation of asphaltene-induced fouling of an oil-bearing formation is provided wherein an asphaltene solvent comprising at least 75 mol % dimethyl sulfide is introduced into an oil-bearing formation containing asphaltene deposits and the dimethyl sulfide is contacted with the asphaltene deposits.... Agent:

20140360728 - Degradable composite materials and uses: In general, the current application relates to degradable composite and blend materials that have accelerated degradation in water in low temperature conditions, and their various industrial, medical and consumer product uses. In some embodiments, the degradable composite composition comprises a degradable polymer mixed with discrete particles of a filler that... Agent:

20140360729 - Subsea or downhole electrical penetrator: A subsea electrical device has a penetrator extending through a housing for the connection of a motor lead cable supplying electric power or electric signals. The penetrator has a glass or glass-ceramic body sealed to the housing. A connector, such as a pin connector, extends through the glass or glass-ceramic... Agent:

20140360730 - Downhole swivel apparatus and method: What is provided is a method and apparatus which can be detachably connected to an annular blowout preventer thereby separating the drilling fluid or mud into upper and lower sections and allowing the fluid to be displaced in two stages, such as while the drill string is being rotated and/or... Agent: Mako Rentals, Inc.

20140360731 - Blowout preventer shut-in assembly of last resort: A system for drilling and/or producing a subsea wellbore comprises a primary BOP comprising a primary ram BOP. The secondary BOP is connectable to a subsea wellhead such that the secondary BOP is positioned between the primary BOP and the subsea well-head, in which the secondary BOP comprises a shear... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140360732 - Bottle chamber gas lift systems, apparatuses, and methods thereof: Applicants have created systems, methods, and apparatuses for increasing the production of fluid from a subterranean well. The system can include a controller and upper and lower portions. The upper portion can include an injection valve for regulating the amount of a first gas injected into an injection conduit. The... Agent:

20140360733 - Controlled geyser well: A system and method for creating a controlled geyser well with sustained periodical production includes a cap (16) which prevents gas from entering a well tubing (14) while allowing liquid to enter and accumulate in the tubing, means for compressing the gas, and means for injecting the gas in the... Agent: The University Of Tulsa

20140360734 - Packer setting mechanism: A packer system including a packer and a setting mechanism. The setting mechanism has a setting piston that is actuatable in response to a fluid pressure in order to set the packer with the setting piston. The setting mechanism prevents actuation of the setting piston until the pressure is decreased... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140360735 - Geothermal integrated expansion spool assembly: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a geothermal expansion spool assembly having an integrated or single piece configuration. The geothermal expansion spool assembly comprises an upper portion adapted to directly couple to a production valve and a lower portion adapted to surround and engage with a surface casing... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140360736 - Chuck spider: An assembly to grip a tubular member in a wellbore includes a main body, a plurality of jaw assemblies, and a cover plate to retain the jaw assemblies within the main body. The main body includes a chuck ring and at least one rotation assembly. The plurality of jaw assemblies... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 44 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140352942 - Annular barrier with a self-actuated device: The present invention relates to an annular barrier (1) to be expanded in an annulus between a well tubular structure and an inside wall of a borehole downhole, comprising a tubular part (6) for mounting as part of the well tubular structure, said tubular part having a longitudinal axis, an... Agent:

20140352941 - Transmission line for wired pipe: A wired pipe system includes a wired pipe segment having a first end and a second end, a first coupler in the first end and a second coupler in the second end and a transmission line disposed in the wired pipe segment between the first and second ends. The transmission... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140352943 - Coating system for tubular gripping components: A gripping tool includes a gripping element and at least one gripping surface formed on the gripping element. The at least one gripping surface includes a plurality of teeth extending from the gripping element an outer layer. A method to surface process a gripping surface of a gripping tool includes... Agent: Frank's International, LLC

20140352944 - Packoff for liner deployment assembly: A packoff for hanging a liner string from a tubular string cemented in a wellbore includes: a tubular body having an outer groove and an inner groove; an inner seal assembly disposed in the inner groove; an outer seal assembly disposed in the outer groove; a cap connected to an... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140352946 - Controlling bioavailability of nutrient additions in subsurface formations: Controlling microbial growth and activity during Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery processes is disclosed. Specific control of microbial growth and activity in this process results in prevention of nutrient loss in transit and allows better targeting of microbial activity to the desired subsurface location(s).... Agent:

20140352945 - Degrading wellbore filtercake with acid-producing microorganisms: A method of degrading a filtercake in an interval of a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided, wherein the filtercake includes a gelled or solid material that can be dissolved or hydrolyzed with an acidic fluid. The method includes the steps of: (A) introducing a treatment fluid into the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140352947 - Stimulation method: The present invention relates to a stimulation method for stimulating oil- or gas-containing parts of a formation, said parts being situated between an injection or a production well and a production well. The method comprises the steps of arranging at least one mechanical wave activation device in one or more... Agent:

20140352948 - Apparatuses and methods for testing wellbore fluids: An apparatus may be used to test the ability of a first fluid to remove a second fluid from a surface. The apparatus comprises a reservoir that contains the first fluid and a testing cell that contains the second fluid. The testing cell also contains a rotor within. The first... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140352951 - Fine control of casing pressure: Back pressure control devices used to control fluid pressure in a wellbore require various utilities for operation, such as an air supply. Apparatus disclosed herein provide for the continued operation of one or more back pressure control devices when supply of utilities for operation of the back pressure control devices... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140352950 - Method of controlling a downhole operation: The present invention relates to a method for controlling a drilling or cutting operation performed by a wireline tool downhole, comprising the steps of commencing a drilling or cutting operation in a downhole object, such as a casing or valve; detecting vibration produced during the drilling or cutting operation in... Agent: Welltec A/s

20140352952 - Methods of using enhanced wellbore electrical cables: A method of deploying a cable into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation that includes providing a cable. The cable includes an insulated conductor; an armor wire layer surrounding the insulated conductor; and a polymeric material disposed in interstitial spaces formed between armor wires forming the armor wire layer, and... Agent:

20140352949 - Integrating rock ductility with fracture propagation mechanics for hydraulic fracture design: The invention relates to the calculation of parameters to inform hydraulic stimulation of non-conventional hydrocarbon-bearing rock formations, such as shales. Unlike conventional formations, non-conventional formations tend to display elastic-plastic behavior and have stress-strain characteristics which with substantial non-linear regions. A parameter which has been termed Elastic Index (EI) is proposed,... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140352955 - Downhole integrated well management system: Components of a downhole integrated well management system, and its method of use, can be deployed through tubing, a liner, or casing in existing wells without the need to deploy new pipe or remove and re-install pipe in the well. The system can seal the flow of hydrocarbon fluid and... Agent: Tubel, LLC

20140352953 - Integrated computational element analysis of production fluid in artificial lift operations: A downhole pump assembly for pumping production fluid to a surface of a well. The downhole pump assembly includes a fluid pump that is operable to pump the production fluid to the surface. An optical computing device having at least one integrated computational element and at least one detector. The... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140352954 - Synchronizing pulses in heterogeneous fracturing placement: A technique facilitates a fracturing operation by maintaining the heterogeneity of proppant fluid as it is injected into reservoir fractures. The technique comprises using a blender to deliver proppant material in a pulsating manner to create pulses of proppant. The pulses of proppant are mixed with a fluid to create... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140352956 - Production system for producing hydrocarbons from a well: The present invention relates to a production system (1) for producing hydrocarbons from a well (2). Said production system comprises a production casing (3), a monitoring unit adapted to measure a production outcome of the well, a first reservoir zone (6) comprising at least a first fluid (10), extending along... Agent:

20140352957 - Oil shale exploitation method: An oil shale exploitation method comprises: forming a gas inlet pipeline (1) and a gas outlet pipeline (3) in an oil shale; forming a gasification channel (5) that connects the gas inlet pipeline and the gas outlet pipeline in the oil shale; feeding combustible gas and oxygen into the well... Agent: Enn Coal Gasification Mining Co.

20140352958 - Process for enhancing oil recovery from an oil-bearing formation: A process for recovering oil from an oil-bearing formation is provided. A first oil recovery fluid is introduced into a formation through a first well for a first time period and oil is produced from a second well. A second oil recovery fluid different from the first oil recovery fluid... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140352959 - Diverting systems for use in low temperature well treatment operations: p

20140352960 - Ampholyte polymeric compounds in subterranean applications: Ampholyte polymeric compound that comprises at least one nonionic monomer, at least one sulfonic acid-containing monomer, and at least one cationic monomer may be useful in viscosifying treatment fluids for use in subterranean operations at a concentration of about 0.5 v/v % to about 30 v/v % of the treatment... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140352961 - Concentrated borate crosslinking solutions for use in hydraulic fracturing operations: Disclosed are treating fluid compositions for use in subterranean hydraulic fracturing operations, wherein the fluid compositions contain a liquid, a crosslinkable organic polymer that is soluble in the liquid, and a concentrated borate solution containing a refined, readily-soluble borate, the borate solution being present as a crosslinking agent to crosslink... Agent: Tucc Technology, LLC

20140352962 - Ampholyte polymeric compounds in subterranean applications: Ampholyte polymeric compounds that comprise at least one nonionic monomer, at least one sulfonic acid-containing monomer, and at least one cationic monomer may be useful as friction reducing agents in treatment fluids for use in subterranean operations at a concentration of about 0.001 v/v % to about 0.5 v/v %... Agent:

20140352963 - Powder defoaming compositions and methods of reducing gas entrainment in fluids: Powder defoaming compositions comprising one or more water soluble alkali salts, and one or more defoaming agents. Also disclosed are compositions including flowable materials and a defoaming composition, and methods for reducing the amount of gas present in a fluid using said defoaming compositions.... Agent:

20140352964 - Systems and methods for removing a section of casing: One disclosed method includes conveying a casing cutting tool into the wellbore lined with at least one casing string and cement, stroking the casing cutting tool over a predetermined axial length of the wellbore while ejecting fluid from one or more nozzles in the casing cutting tool and thereby forming... Agent:

20140352965 - Method and apparatus for downhole application of treatment chemicals in gas wells: Improved methods are provided for the application of downhole oil or gas well treating agents, such as liquid corrosion inhibition agents. The methods involve first lowering a liquid retainer device into a well casing, preferably at or above the location of the well production zone, followed by introduction of a... Agent: Jacam Chemical Company 2013, LLC

20140352966 - Method for fast and uniform sagd start-up enhancement: A method is taught for creating a laterally-continuous, vertically-oriented dilation zone connecting the two SAGD wells. The method comprises the steps of drilling and completing the SAGD wells in a formation, conditioning said wells to create a stress condition favorable for forming a dilation zone, injecting one or both of... Agent:

20140352967 - Multi-component aqueous gel solution for control of delayed gelation timing and for resulting gel properties: A method of using a water based solution having a controllable gel time. The method includes providing a predetermined ratio of a water soluble silicate solution having at least one alkali metal, providing a predetermined ratio of a water dispersible polymer, and providing a predetermined ratio of a water soluble... Agent:

20140352968 - Multi-well simultaneous fracturing system: A system for simultaneously fracturing multiple wells is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes fracturing trees installed at multiple wells. A fracturing manifold is connected to the fracturing trees and includes output valves to independently control flow of fracturing fluid from the manifold to each of multiple wells. The... Agent:

20140352969 - Ampholyte polymers and methods of treating subterranean formations with the same: Various embodiments disclosed relate to a composition including a crosslinkable ampholyte polymer or a crosslinked product of the same, methods of making and using the composition, and systems including the composition. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a method of treating a subterranean formation. The method can include obtaining... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140352970 - Trigger mechanism: A trigger mechanism for a ball activated device comprises a seat sleeve with seat defining members forming a fluid seal between the ball and the seat in an initial state and allowing the ball to pass through the seat in a final state. An alternating member can move radially in... Agent: I-tec As

20140352973 - Method and system for stimulating fluid flow in an upwardly oriented oilfield tubular: A method for stimulating fluid flow in an upwardly oriented oilfield tubular (1, 12) comprises heating the tubular along at least part of its length to such a temperature that at least some liquid hydrocarbons, such as crude oil and/or condensates, evaporate and provide a gas lift effect.... Agent:

20140352971 - Solenoid-operated valve: A solenoid-operated valve of the kind that is used in a subsea control pod comprises a valve assembly (2) and a solenoid assembly (1). The valve assembly (2) comprising has fluid ports (P, S, T) for the receipt and delivery of hydraulic control fluid and a valve element (37, 38,... Agent: Bifold Fluidpower Limited

20140352972 - Systems and methods for pulling subsea structures: A system for pulling a subsea structure includes an adapter configured to be mounted to an upper end of a subsea pile. In addition, the system includes an interface assembly fixably coupled to the adapter. The interface assembly includes a first channel configured to receive a flexible tension member and... Agent:

20140352974 - Reactive choke for automatic wellbore fluid management and methods of using same: Fluid actuated chokes include an expandable material that expands due to an undesired fluid coming in contact with the choke. The choke includes one or more passageways through which desired fluids from a well flow unimpeded. The choke is disposed in a downhole tool as part of a downhole completion.... Agent:

20140352976 - Method and an apparatus for retrieving a tubing from a well: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for retrieving a tubing from a well at least partly filled with a liquid. The tubing having a first end portion and a second end portion. The method including the steps of (a) running a retrieval apparatus using a connecting... Agent: Altus Intervention As

20140352975 - System and methods for recovering hydrocarbons: A wellbore servicing method includes positioning a tubing string within a wellbore. The tubing string comprises a lower tubular coupled to an upper tubular via a disconnectable assembly having a lower section connected to the lower tubular and an upper section connected to the upper tubular. The method also includes... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140352977 - Combination fluid pumping sub and hanger lockdown tool: A tool for retaining an activator ring of a hanger within a wellhead assembly during a fluid pumping process includes an annular fluid pumping sub body having an end selectively coupled with a supply of fluids and a distal end selectively coupled with the hanger. An outer ring assembly circumscribes... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp

20140352979 - Collar: There is disclosed a tool for centering a casing or liner In a borehole. The tool Includes a tubular section Inserted In the casing/liner. A number of pressure cylinders (4) are mounted in the tubular section along the circumference. The pressure cylinders may be expanded by pressure from the Inside... Agent:

20140352978 - Device for a pipe handling unit and method of inserting and withdrawing a pipe string in/from a borehole: A pipe-handling system includes at least two pipe-handling units arranged in a vertically displaceable manner along respective guide tracks of, respectively, first and second portions of a tower. The pipe-handling unit is provided with lower and upper rotary units spaced apart vertically on a chassis. Each of the rotary units... Agent: West Drilling Products As

20140352980 - Wrap-around band and sleeve attachment apparatus for an oilfield tubular: An attachment apparatus for attaching to a tubular. The apparatus may include a flexible member extending circumferentially around the tubular more than once. A tension force on the flexible member may cause the flexible member to apply a first radially-inward gripping force on the tubular. An annular sleeve may be... Agent:

20140352981 - Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing downhole wireless switches: A wellbore tool comprising a power supply, an electrical load, a receiving unit configured to passively receive a triggering signal, and a switching system electrically coupled to the power supply, the receiving unit, and the electrical load, wherein the switching system is configured to selectively transition from an inactive state... Agent:

20140352982 - Side pocket barrier valve gas lift and mandrel: A gas lift barrier valve mandrel assembly includes a longitudinally extending tubular member that defines a production conduit and has a central longitudinal axis. A side pocket mandrel has a first pocket for accepting a gas lift barrier valve and has a first central axis. The side pocket mandrel has... Agent:

20140352983 - Downhole sealing assembly with swellable seal: A downhole sealing assembly comprises a sleeve adapted to be mounted on a tubular body disposable within a bore, the sleeve (12) including a swellable material and defining a sealing arrangement comprising inner and outer seals. Swelling of the material radially extends the inner seal into contact with the tubular... Agent: Swellfix B.v.

20140352984 - Method and apparatus for using pressure cycling and cold liquid co2 for releasing natural gas from coal and shale formations: A method and apparatus for sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and releasing natural gas from underground coal and/or gas shale formations using CO2 gas captured from the flue gas of a coal burning power plant, and processing it to produce cold liquid pressurized CO2, and injecting the cold liquid CO2... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 34 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140345847 - Power charge retention and centralizing device for a wireline pressure setting assembly: The power charge of a wireline pressure setting assembly includes a barrier located adjacent an open upper end of the power charge. The barrier centralizes the power charge in horizontal applications to ensure the associated tool properly sets. The barrier also limits how much of the power charge can flow... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140345848 - Apparatus and method for representative fluid sampling: Apparatus and method for collecting and preserving in representative condition a fluid sample from a reservoir which comprises: positioning a sample container including a sampler in the vicinity of a subterranean zone to be sampled, and wherein the step of collecting and preserving the sample comprises allowing or causing the... Agent:

20140345849 - Full bore system without stop shoulder: A production assembly for controlling production from a well includes a wellhead and a tubing hanger assembly. The wellhead includes a bore formed through the wellhead with a first groove and a second groove each extending into the wellhead and axially spaced apart from each other. The tubing hanger assembly... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140345850 - Damage tolerant casing hanger seal: A seal assembly is inserted within an annulus between inner and outer coaxially disposed annular members having a common axis. The seal assembly includes a seal stack having a compliant element sandwiched between two anti-extrusion elements that contain the flow of the compliant element. The seal assembly also includes a... Agent:

20140345851 - Well tools operable via thermal expansion resulting from reactive materials: Methods of actuating a well tool can include releasing chemical energy from at least one portion of a reactive material, thermally expanding a substance in response to the released chemical energy, and applying pressure to a piston as a result of thermally expanding the substance, thereby actuating the well tool,... Agent:

20140345852 - Landing collar: A landing collar having a housing, a first sleeve configured to receive a lead wiper plug, and a latching mechanism configured to couple the first sleeve to an inner wall of the housing. The latching mechanism including a c-ring coupled to the housing and a landing insert disposed within the... Agent:

20140345853 - Composite bow centralizer: A centralizer can be produced from a process comprising forming a plurality of composite bow spring from a fiber and a resin, curing the composite bow springs in a desired shape to form a plurality of cured bow springs, disposing a first portion of a resin-wetted fiber about a cylindrical... Agent:

20140345854 - Method for making centralizers for centralising a tight fitting casing in a borehole: A centralizer for an oil well drill casing including at least one strip of ceramic or plastic material applied onto an outer wall of the casing.... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20140345856 - Method of drilling a well: The invention relates to a method of extracting oil from a reservoir. The method comprises the following steps: drilling of a first well; mounting and cementing of well pipes in the first well; mounting of a Blow Out Preventer or Lubricator in the top of the well. At a distance... Agent:

20140345855 - Radial fishbone sagd: The present disclosure relates to a particularly effective well configuration that can be used for SAGD and other steam based oil recovery methods. A central wellpad originates injector and/or producer wells, arranged in a radial pattern, and either or both provided with multilateral wells, thus effectively expanding the coverage.... Agent: Conocophillips Canada Resources Corp.

20140345857 - System and method for detection and classification of seismic terminations: The present disclosure provides a system and method for automatically identifying and classifying seismic terminations within a seismic data volume. A set of surfaces is obtained (step 303) describing the seismic data volume. A plurality of seismic terminations is identified within the set of surfaces (step 307). Based upon seismic... Agent:

20140345858 - Automated wellbore equipment feeding system: An apparatus for manipulating objects include a plurality of actuators distributed on a rig. The actuators cooperate to orient and move the well equipment. Each actuator may include at least one non-rigid tension member configured to engage the well equipment, and at least one sensor generating a signal representative of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140345859 - Hydrocarbon recovery facilitated by in situ combustion: A process for hydrocarbon recovery from an oil sands deposit includes injecting an oxidizing gas into an oil sands reservoir through an injection well. The oxidizing gas supports in situ combustion (ISC) in the reservoir. A generally horizontal well pair is used that is in fluid communication with the injection... Agent:

20140345860 - Downhole sample module with an accessible captured volume adjacent a sample bottle: Systems and methods for accessing a second or additional volume of sampled formation fluids identical to a first volume of formation fluids collected in a primary sample bottle during the downhole sampling process. The second volume can be accessed, extracted and analyzed without having to interfere with the first volume... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140345861 - Fishbone sagd: The present disclosure relates to a particularly effective well configuration that can be used for SAGD and other steam based oil recovery methods. Fishbone multilateral wells are combined with SAGD, effectively expanding steam coverage. Preferably, an array of overlapping fishbone wells cover the pay, reducing water use and allowing more... Agent: Conocophillips Canada Resources Corp.

20140345862 - Oil recovery process: A method of recovering oil from a subterranean oil-bearing reservoir uses an injection fluid comprising a viscosifying polymer in a low salinity water. The reservoir is penetrated by one or more injection wells and by one or more production wells. The method comprises injecting the injection fluid into at least... Agent:

20140345863 - Electromagnetically active slurries and methods: Electromagnetically active slurries comprising stabilized fluids and methods of using the stabilized, electromagnetically active slurries in fluid flow control and detection. Also, methods, fluids, equipment and/or systems for treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore, relating to treatment fluids based on the stabilized, electromagnetically active slurries.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140345864 - Method for producing coated proppants: e

20140345865 - Wellsite surface equipment systems: A system for powering wellsite surface equipment comprises at least one prime mover in communication with a fuel source for powering the prime mover and having at least one heat source, at least one pump arranged to be driven by the prime mover, the at least one pump in fluid... Agent:

20140345866 - Modified cement composition, preparation and application thereof: Light to ultra-light cement compositions with modified rheological properties. The cement composition includes cement, hydrophobic nano-silica, at least one additive and a sufficient amount of water to make a cement slurry with high compressive strength, low porosity, low free water, and low fluid loss with a quick thickening time.... Agent: Research Institute Of Petroleum Industry

20140345867 - Cementing composition comprising anionically- and hydrophobically-modified cellulose ethers and its use: Disclosed is a composition and a method for cementing a casing in a borehole of a well using an aqueous cementing composition comprising (a) water, (b) a cementing composition comprising (i) a hydraulic cement, (ii) an anionically- and hydrophobically-modified polymer, (iii) a dispersant, and optionally (iv) one or more other... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140345868 - Method of maintaining oil reservoir pressure: The method of maintaining oil reservoir pressure involves injecting seawater having a concentration of about 1 wt % of a polyamino carboxylic acid or salt thereof as a chelating agent into the water zone of an oil reservoir, which reduces the formation of scale, thereby maintaining oil reservoir pressure. The... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140345869 - Moving liner fracturing method: A method for treating a production wellbore involves a moving liner run-in on a work string to a treatment zone. Treatment fluid is pumped at high flow rate and pressure down the annulus, through a crossover to the interior of the liner and to the treatment zone. Zones co-extensive with... Agent:

20140345870 - Methods for stimulation and stabilization of subterranean formations: Methods treating a subterranean formation including providing a one-step acidizing treatment fluid comprising a first aqueous base fluid, a formation stimulation agent, and a stabilizing emulsion, wherein the stabilizing emulsion is an aqueous external emulsion comprising a second aqueous base fluid, a surfactant, and an aqueous-based surface modification agent; introducing... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140345871 - Henna corrosion inhibitor for acid in a well: A method of treating a portion of a well including the steps of: (A) forming a fluid comprising: (i) an aqueous liquid phase; and (ii) a corrosion inhibitor selected from the group consisting of: (a) the leaves of henna, jewelweed, or any combination thereof; (b) an extract of the leaves... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140345872 - Laser assisted system for controlling deep water drilling emergency situations: There is provided a high power laser riser blowout preventer system and controller for operation thereof. The system utilizes high power laser cutters that are associated with the riser and the blowout preventer to provide an integrated operation to quickly weaken or cut tubulars to address potential emergency and emergency... Agent: Foro Energy, Inc.

20140345873 - Tubing hanger with coupling assembly: A tubing hanger (1) landing in a tubular element (101), having a coupling assembly (11) for hydraulic coupling between the tubing hanger (1) and the element. A coupling element (17) moves radially between an outer coupled position and an inner non-coupled position. An actuation element (25) with a contact surface... Agent: Aker Subsea As

20140345876 - Inflow control solutions for wellbores: A selectively openable inflow control sub includes a sliding sleeve valve slidable within an inner bore of the sub between a closed-port position, closing the inflow port, and an open-port position, opening the inflow port to fluid flow therethrough, the sliding sleeve valve is axially moveable from the closed-port position... Agent:

20140345874 - Retrievable stimulation frac plug with ball and seat: A retrievable stimulation frac plug for a well casing, having an elongate mandrel having a fluid bore, a valve seat, adapted to receive a sealing member for selectively sealing the fluid bore, a sealing mechanism for releasably sealing between the mandrel and the casing, a slip mechanism for releasably engaging... Agent: Stonecreek Technologies Inc.

20140345877 - Selectively degradable passage restriction: An actuation system and method, the system including a tubular having a passage, and an assembly disposed with the tubular. The assembly includes a degradable restriction, the restriction only partially blocking the passage prior to being degraded. The assembly is configured to receive and prevent further movement of a restrictor... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140345875 - Syntactic foam frac ball and methods of using same: A method of servicing a wellbore comprising providing a flowable component comprising syntactic foam, and communicating the flowable component into a wellbore.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140345878 - Syntactic foam frac ball and methods of using same: A method of servicing a wellbore comprising providing a flowable component comprising syntactic foam, communicating the flowable component into a wellbore, and allowing the flowable component to be removed from the wellbore.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140345879 - Extended range single-joint elevator: An elevator to manipulate a tubular segment includes an elevator body with a bore formed therethrough having an axis therein, the elevator body including a plurality of openings extending from an outer surface of the elevator body to the bore of the elevator body, and a base member coupled to... Agent:

20140345880 - Method and apparatus for sequestering co2 gas and releasing natural gas from coal and gas shale formations: A system for sequestering CO2 gas and releasing natural gas from underground coal and/or gas shale formations using CO2 gas captured from the flue gas of a coal burning power plant, and processing it to produce cold liquid pressurized CO2, and injecting the cold liquid CO2 under pressure to create... Agent:

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