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10/02/2014 > 37 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140290930 - Wired pipe coupler connector: A wired pipe coupler includes a coupler carrier having a first side and a second side opposite the first side, first and second metal plates carried by the first side and one or more antennas supported by the second side. The coupler also includes one or more electrical connectors electrically... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140290931 - High temperature solder for downhole components: A downhole tool conveyable within a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation, wherein the downhole tool comprises a first component, a second component, and a solder electrically and mechanically coupling the first and second components, wherein the solder comprises or consists of: from 0.001 to 1.0 weight % of copper;... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140290932 - Gripper assembly for a coiled tubing injector: The present disclosure provides an improved gripper shoe for a coiled tubing injector having a gripper shoe having a plurality of arcuate gripper elements spaced apart at predetermined intervals, a gripper carrier having a base having an upper surface and a lower surface, a first wall and a second wall... Agent:

20140290933 - Debris barrier assembly: A method and apparatus for a debris barrier assembly having a sleeve, an outer housing assembly coupled to the sleeve, and first and second biasing members disposed within the outer housing assembly. A support member is coupled to the sleeve and is in contact with an end of the first... Agent:

20140290934 - Radio frequency heat applicator for increased heavy oil recovery: A radio frequency applicator and method for heating a geological formation is disclosed. A radio frequency source configured to apply a differential mode signal is connected to a coaxial conductor including an outer conductor pipe and an inner conductor. The inner conductor is coupled to a second conductor pipe through... Agent:

20140290935 - Stimulation method: The present invention relates to a stimulation method comprising the steps of arranging a fluid-activated gun in a well through a well head and/or a blowout preventer, dividing the well into a first and a second part, the first part being closer to the well head and/or blowout preventer than... Agent: Welltec A/s

20140290938 - Circumferential displacement tool system: Just above an oil wellbore, an example circumferential displacement tool grips a threaded coupling in performing a circumferential displacement method of properly tightening the coupling to an upper sucker rod and/or to a lower one. In some examples, upper and lower joints of the coupling are tightened sequentially and independently... Agent:

20140290939 - Exercising a well tool: An exercise tool assembly for operating a downhole tool auxiliary to a primary actuator system of the downhole tool includes a cylinder mandrel configured to be received in the central bore of the downhole tool. A piston mandrel is in and sealed with the cylinder mandrel. The exercise tool assembly... Agent:

20140290941 - Sample capture prioritization: A method for determining formation fluid sample quality includes analyzing sample capture data to identify distinguishing features indicative of whether a successful sample capture has occurred within a downhole tool. The method further includes prioritizing, based on the analysis, the sample capture data for transmission to a surface system.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140290940 - Systems and methods for the evaluation of passive pressure containment barriers: Systems and methods for the advance, real-time and/or post-event evaluation of inaccessible passive pressure containment barriers using an iterative process.... Agent:

20140290936 - Hydraulic fracture monitoring using active seismic sources with receivers in the treatment well: A method for obtaining information about a hydraulic fracturing operation in a fracture zone in a well, comprises a) providing at least one acoustic sensor in the well and at least one acoustic source, b) injecting fracturing fluid into the well so as to cause fractures in a fracture zone... Agent:

20140290937 - Shale fracture flow simulation apparatus: An apparatus having conduits, flattened tubing or pipes of varying widths, heights and/or lengths may simulate a network of fractures that may be used to experimentally evaluate the flow of treatment fluids (e.g. fracturing fluids) within narrow, shale-type fractures. The tubing or pipes each have an interior space with a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140290942 - Method for injecting low salinity water: Methods, apparatuses and computer readable instructions for determining the effectiveness of, and for performing, a low salinity waterflood. An ion diffusion distance value is determined based on the rate of diffusion of ions within the rock of a reservoir and the residency time of floodwater within the reservoir. The thickness... Agent: Bp Exploration Operating Company Limited

20140290943 - Stabilized fluids in well treatment: Proppant pillar placement in a fracture with a stabilized slurry treatment fluid. A method of placing a proppant pack by injecting a well treatment fluid comprising proppant and a stabilized slurry, and a slurry destabilizing system to consolidate solids from the slurry, and placing the proppant in the fracture in... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140290945 - Methods of zonal isolation and treatment diversion: Methods of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a well bore, by providing a treatment fluid comprising a blend including a first amount of particulates having a first average particle size between about 3 mm and 2 cm and a second amount of particulates having a second average size between... Agent:

20140290944 - Zonal isolation utilizing cup packers: Zone isolation is a leading concern for operators that wish to fluidly treat a well. Typically in an open hole packers hydraulically actuated solid body packers have been are deployed at particular intervals along the wellbore to provide zonal isolation of various formations or portions of a formation. By isolating... Agent: I-tech As

20140290946 - Big gap element sealing system: A sealing system includes a packing element having a groove in a surface thereof. The packing element is adapted to form a double hump configuration upon compression. The sealing system may include a first ring member disposed a first end of the packing element, a second ring member is disposed... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140290948 - Pressure-activated switch: A first end of a conductive spring is embedded in a wall of a large chamber of a piston housing. The spring is held in tension by a second end of the spring being pinned against a bead contact by a trigger pin. The diameter of the piston and a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140290947 - Radiused id baffle: A method for servicing a subterranean formation comprising providing a wellbore penetrating the subterranean formation, and placing a wellbore servicing tool in the wellbore, wherein the wellbore servicing tool comprises a baffle, wherein the baffle comprises a seat contoured to match a spherical zone of an obturator.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Sevices, Inc.

20140290949 - Apparatus, module, device and method for shearing objects: An apparatus, a module, a device and a method for shearing objects are disclosed. The apparatus is configured for insertion into a borehole. The apparatus comprises: a primary axis; a movable shearing means; and a deflecting means. The deflecting means and the movable shearing means are mutually configured such that,... Agent:

20140290950 - Multi-scale, multi-layer diode grid array rectenna: An antenna for receiving electromagnetic energy with multiple grid arrays includes first and second grid patterns of diodes each acting as a half-wave rectifying element when illuminated by the electromagnetic energy whereby the electromagnetic energy is efficiently converted into electrical current at an output even when the electromagnetic energy is... Agent:

20140290951 - Filtercake removal using exothermic in-situ nitrogen-producing reactants: Removal of filtercake particles from a wellbore is achieved by injecting two (2) water-soluble nitrogen-containing salts and an organic acid resulting in the generation of nitrogen gas and elevated temperature.... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140290952 - Flameless heating method: A method of cleaning a wellbore that may include pumping a process fluid through a flameless heating unit, controlling the flameless heating unit to heat the process fluid to a temperature in a range sufficient to chemically alter or induce phase change(s) to one or more deposits disposed in the... Agent:

20140290955 - Method: The invention provides a method for increasing the retention of a scale inhibitor within a hydrocarbon producing system, including the steps of: (i) pre-flushing said system with a liquid; (ii) treating said system with a scale inhibitor; and (iii) over-flushing said system with a composition comprising an ionic polymer and... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140290953 - Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbons recovery from a formation containing a crude oil: A hydrocarbon recovery composition comprising vinylidene olefin sulfonates is described. A method of treating a crude oil formation and a method of preparing the hydrocarbon recovery composition are also described.... Agent:

20140290954 - Wellbore strengthening composition: In one aspect, embodiments disclosed herein relate to a wellbore strengthening composition including at least one polymer capable of polymerizing through a free radical polymerization reaction from the group of epoxy acrylates, modified epoxy acrylates, epoxy precursors, modified epoxy vinyl esters, unsaturated polyesters, urethane(meth)acrylates, polyester acrylates, epoxy vinyl ester resins... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140290956 - High pressure pump: A pump assembly including a plunger in communication with a pumpable media, a plurality of combustion chambers and a plurality of pistons. Each piston is associated with one of the combustion chambers. The pistons are in communication with the plunger and operatively arranged to together collectively urge the plunger in... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140290957 - Reactor tank: Disclosed is an improved water treatment cavitation reactor cone. The tank operates on a continuous flow of fluids which are subjected to ultrasonic waves in combination with a high level of injected ozone. The treatment tank includes a tangential inlet that induces a rotating flow into the tank thereby increasing... Agent: Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

20140290958 - Use of nanoparticles in cleaning well bores: Embodiments relate to removing residue from a well bore and well bore equipment with a treatment fluid composition, and in some embodiments, to treatment fluid compositions that comprise nanoparticles. An embodiment provides a method of removing drilling fluid residue from the surfaces of well equipment. The method comprising: applying a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140290959 - Flow stop valve: A flow stop valve (20) positionable in a downhole tubular (6), and a method, are provided. The flow stop valve (20) is in a closed position when a pressure difference between fluid outside the downhole tubular (6) and inside the downhole tubular (6) at the flow stop valve (20) is... Agent:

20140290960 - Annular circulation valve and methods of using same: Valves comprise a chamber having a piston disposed therein. One side of the piston defines a hydrostatic chamber in fluid communication with an outside environment, such as wellbore annulus, through a port. Operatively associated with the piston on the other side is a sleeve in sliding engagement with an inner... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140290961 - Method and arrangement for establishing and operating a riser less coiled tubing: A method and system are for establishing and operating a riser less coiled tubing intervention arrangement from a surface vessel, the vessel having a deck and a coiled tubing reel holding a coiled tubing, and where a subsea injector is connectable to a head of a subsea borehole. The method... Agent: Agat Technology As

20140290962 - Valve system: A valve system for use in a wellbore includes a side pocket mandrel and one or more well tools, where the side pocket mandrel includes an elongated body section provided with a connector at its ends, the elongated body section being provided with a substantially fully open main bore for... Agent:

20140290963 - Electromechanical actuator apparatus and method for down-hole tools: An apparatus and method for the actuation of down-hole tools are provided. The down-hole tool that may be actuated and controlled using the apparatus and method may include a reamer, an adjustable gauge stabilizer, vertical steerable tools, rotary steerable tools, by-pass valves, packers, whipstocks, down hole valves, latch or release... Agent: Bench Tree Group LLC

20140290964 - Pressure control in drilling operations with offset applied in response to predetermined conditions: A method of controlling pressure in a wellbore can include determining a desired well pressure setpoint, adding an offset to the setpoint in response to an actual well pressure deviating from the setpoint by a predetermined amount, and adjusting a flow control device, thereby influencing the actual well pressure toward... Agent:

20140290965 - Deactivation of packer with safety joint: A packer deactivation system can include a packer and a safety joint. Activation of the safety joint can prevent setting of the packer. A method for use with a subterranean well can include activating a safety joint in the well, and deactivating a packer connected to the safety joint, in... Agent:

20140290966 - Torsional restraints for downhole transmissions: A noninvasive method for the affixing of a transmission in a downhole housing wherein the housing is deformed, creating an oval cross section, and inserting the transmission into the housing with the greatest cross section of the transmission being positioned along the major axis of the oval created and, thereafter,... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140284044 - Autonomous cut-off device: A self-contained cut-off device for the use in oil and gas extraction comprises a body, a stop valve, a potential energy accumulator, and a hold-release arrangement. The arrangement, fixed in the body, is equipped with clamping elements. The valve comprises a drum-shaped valve head and a seat. The head outer... Agent:

20140284045 - System and apparatus for geothermal pyrolysis: A spallation drilling apparatus is also disclosed that uses jets of hot fluid for drilling. This is compatible with drilling wells in high temperature zones, such as a lava dome. A simplified pyrolysis reactor for use in a lava dome is also disclosed, in which the dome functions to contain... Agent:

20140284046 - Wellbore isolation tool using sealing element having shape memory polymer: Anti-extrusion devices, packer elements, and inflatable packers include shape memory polymer (SMP) materials to enhance the operation of a packer, a bridge plug, or other downhole isolation tool. Seal system use seals of various material including SMP materials as booster for the seal produced. Tool for flow shut-off and sliding... Agent:

20140284047 - Expandable packer: An expandable packer tool comprising a mandrel tool body; a sleeve-like packer element mounted on the tool body; and a setting mechanism that is operable to axially compress the packer element such that the diameter of the packer element in its compressed state is increased compared to it uncompressed state.... Agent:

20140284048 - Thin wall active casing hanger: A wellbore system includes a housing assembly and first and second position casing hangers supported by the housing assembly. A load member is provided that is adapted to extend between the first position casing hanger and the housing assembly to enable the housing assembly to support the first position casing... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140284050 - Downhole pressure compensator and method of same: The techniques herein relate to a pressure compensation system for a sensor in a wellbore having a wellbore fluid therein. The system includes a downhole tool (104) and at least one pressure compensator (112) positionable therein. The pressure compensator includes a first compensating fluid section having a first compensating fluid... Agent:

20140284051 - Downhole steam generator control system: A control system for controlling the operation of a Downhole Steam Generator (DHSG) system includes a cascade control strategy for control of individual final control elements in communication with a local well master controller. The final control elements may control fuel, oxidant, feedwater, and/or carbon dioxide flow to the downhole... Agent: World Energy Systems Incorporated

20140284049 - Method of determination of fracture extent: A pressure pulse is initiated from the wellbore into the fractured formation where the frac fluid brings into the fractures a material that is responsive to the pressure pulse alone. Alternatively, or with a combination with a wellbore pressure pulse, well conditions such as time exposure and temperature can initiate... Agent:

20140284052 - Compositions and methods for servicing subterranean wells: Cement compositions comprising an inorganic cement, water, polymer particles and a water immiscible fluid are useful for reducing the torque necessary to rotate casing during a cementing operation. Such casing movement promotes efficient removal of drilling fluid from the annulus between the casing and the formation or the casing and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140284053 - Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells: Methods and compositions comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives.... Agent: Cesi Chemical Inc.

20140284054 - Methods for consolidation treatments in subterranean formations using silicon compounds derived from furfuryl alcohols: Methods of treating a wellbore in a subterranean formation including providing a treatment fluid comprising a consolidating agent, wherein the consolidating agent comprises the reaction product of a furfuryl alcohol or a furfuryl alcohol derivative and a silicon derivative compound selected from the group consisting of a siloxane; a silane;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140284055 - Subterranean vibrator with lateral vibration feature: A vibratory tool for use in a tubular string to prevent sticking or to release a stuck string features a fluid operated dart valve working in conjunction with an impact sleeve to deliver continuous axial jarring blows in opposed directions as long as flow is maintained. Movement of one of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140284057 - Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells: Methods and compositions comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives.... Agent: Cesi Chemical Inc.

20140284056 - N-acyl amino acid alkylamide in oil-based particulate carrier fluids for well treatments: A well fluid including: (i) an oleaginous continuous phase; (ii) an N-acyl amino acid alkylamide; and (iii) a solid particulate. A method of treating a portion of a well with a particulate, the method including the steps of: (A) forming the well fluid; and (B) introducing the well fluid into... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140284058 - Pressure response fracture port tool for use in hydraulic fracturing applications: A pressure response fracture port tool and method for its use reliably provides a noticeable indication at surface to an operator as to when the flow port is opened. The tool includes an outer housing and a sliding sleeve which resides within the outer housing. The outer housing has a... Agent: Watson Well Solutions, LLC

20140284059 - Amide branched aromatic gelling agents: p

20140284060 - Casing mounted metering device: The present invention relates to an inflow control device for controlling the flow of fluid into a tubular deployed in a wellbore comprising coupling between joints of tubulars. The inflow control device is mounted transversely through the coupling in any inflow can control devices the initial condition fluid flow between... Agent: Downhole Innovations LLC

20140284061 - Free flow valve: A valve for use with a downhole pump, wherein the valve comprises a single moving part that in a first position forms only a first interface and in a second position forms only a second interface, each interface presenting a barrier that cannot be breached by fluid, whereby the first... Agent: Multilift Wellbore Technology Limited

20140284062 - Method and apparatus for controlling fluid flow in an autonomous valve using a sticky switch: Apparatus and methods are described for autonomously controlling fluid flow in a tubular in a wellbore. A fluid is flowed through an inlet passageway into a biasing mechanism. A fluid flow distribution is established across the biasing mechanism. The fluid flow distribution is altered in response to a change in... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140284063 - Isolation devices having a nanolaminate of anode and cathode: A wellbore isolation device comprising: a nanolaminate, wherein the nanolaminate comprises two or more layers of a first material and two or more layers of a second material, wherein the first material and the second material form a galvanic couple, and wherein the first material is the anode and the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140284065 - Tubular component for drill stem provided with a transmission sheath fixed by threadings, and method for installing said component: A component for a drill stem including a tubular body with at least one first end zone and a second end zone. The component includes a sheath for passage of a cable extending inside the tubular body between the first end and the second end zone and at least one... Agent: Vallourec Drilling Products France

20140284064 - Wet connection system for downhole equipment: A wet connection system suitable for use in hydrocarbon wells preferably comprises one or more elongate, small diameter conduits (50) which extend down the wellbore (2) and terminate adjacent a locating structure (11) on the production tubing (10). Equipment (70) deployed at the locating structure is connected to one or... Agent: Artificial Lift Company Limited

20140284066 - Systems and methods for generating in-situ carbon dioxide driver gas for use in enhanced oil recovery: The present invention is an in-situ apparatus for generating carbon dioxide gas at an oil site for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The apparatus includes a steam generator adapted to boil and superheat water to generate a source of superheated steam, as well as a source of essentially pure... Agent: Pioneer Energy, Inc.

09/18/2014 > 149 patent applications in 81 patent subcategories.

20140262203 - Polymer coated sand and methods of manufacture and use: Described herein are systems for manipulating a flowable substance, comprising: a flowable substance; a heating means; a cooling means; and a composition comprising chemically inert particles coated with a stimuli-responsive material. Compositions and methods for using the compositions are also described herein.... Agent: Lehigh University

20140262204 - Modular well plunger and system for use of same in a well bore: A variable volume modular well plunger with fishing neck segment having an upper fishing neck receiver and a lower threaded receiver and defining therebetween an annular chamber, at least one extension segment having a first end threadedly engaging the lower threaded receiver and a second end and defining therebetween an... Agent:

20140262205 - Annular blowout container (aboc): An annular blowout container (ABOC) that may be used in multiples in a stack in conjunction with additional gate and shear valves to protect a wellhead. The ABOC incorporates a cylindrical formed bladder that provides a tight constrictive seal around whatever pipe or tubing may be in the well bore.... Agent:

20140262206 - Barrier for a downhole tool: A barrier assembly for use with a downhole pump includes a first tubular adapter; a second tubular adapter; a braided sleeve disposed between the first tubular adapter and the second tubular adapter, wherein the sleeve is configured to block passage of a particulate.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262207 - Ball check valve integration to icd: A production sleeve assembly for use downhole comprises a fluid pathway configured to provide fluid communication between an exterior of a wellbore tubular and an interior of the wellbore tubular, a flow restriction disposed in the fluid pathway, and a valve disposed in series with the flow restriction in the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

20140262208 - Shunt tube connection and distribution assembly and method: A shunt tube assembly comprises a plurality of shunt tubes, a jumper tube, and a coupling member configured to provide fluid communication between the jumper tube and the plurality of shunt tubes. The coupling member can comprise a first end and a second end. The coupling member may be configured... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262209 - Downhole sealing assembly: A sealing assembly for sealing an annulus in a downhole application including a sealing ring and a deflecting ring axially aligned between axially opposed mesh back-ups, each of the sealing ring and the deflecting ring defining a first ramped end, the first ramped ends facing each other such that an... Agent: Cdi Energy Products

20140262211 - Controller for downhole tool: A controller for operating a downhole tool includes a tubular body; a seat disposed in the body for receiving first and second pump-down plugs, at least a portion of one of the seat and the plugs being radially displaceable to pass through or allow passage of the other at a... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262210 - Molded swellable packers: Embodiments of the present invention provide a swellable packer and a process for manufacturing swellable packers that may be used for sealing off chambers within a well bore. Various embodiments of the present invention include a variety of in situ molding techniques, such as injection molding and compression molding. Furthermore,... Agent: Longwood Elastomers, Inc.

20140262212 - Resin system for composite downhole frac plug and bridge plug tools and related methods: A new resin blend is disclosed, which may be referred to as a hybrid resin. The resin blend includes an effective amount of benzoxazine resin or benzoxazine derivative mixed with at least one of epoxy resin, phenolic resins and other thermosetting polymers at varying ratios. The new resin blend has... Agent: Ccdi Composites, Inc.

20140262213 - Couplings for expandable tubular: An expandable tubular for use in a wellbore includes: a pin formed at a first longitudinal end of the expandable tubular; a box formed at a second longitudinal end of the expandable tubular; a tubular body connecting the pin and the box; and an elastomeric seal disposed in a groove... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262214 - Bonded segmented slips: A slip assembly for a downhole tool, such as a bridge plug, has a slip body composed of independent segments. The segments are affixed together along their longitudinal sides by a bond, which can be composed of thermoplastic or thermoset resins, an elastomer, epoxy adhesives, bonding agent manufactured using ceramic,... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262215 - Casing centralizer: A casing centralizer comprising a cylindrical base and a plurality of blades extending from the cylindrical base, wherein the plurality of blades and the cylindrical base are compression molded as a single piece from a mineral filled, glass and specialty fiber reinforced polyester molding compound.... Agent: Summit Energy Services, Inc.

20140262216 - Friction reducing downhole assemblies: A friction reducing assembly has a substantially cylindrical body member having an outer surface and friction reducing elements, such as ball transfer units or other omni-directional rolling-element bearing assemblies, disposed along such outer surface. The friction reducing assembly can take many different configurations including a rolling sub assembly, a mule... Agent:

20140262217 - Wear resistant coatings for radial bearings and downhole tools: Abrasion resistant coatings useful for improving abrasive wear and/or corrosion resistance in radial bearings and downhole tools exposed to drilling forces as well as abrasive and/or corrosive drilling fluids. An abrasion resistant coating is disposed on at least one surface of a component body to increase the resistance of the... Agent:

20140262218 - Apparatus and method for generating power downhole and using same for performing a downhole operation: In one aspect, a wellbore system is disclosed that in one embodiment may include a coil in the wellbore, a magnetic element conveyed from a surface location configured to oscillate or rotate in an opening in the coil to generate electrical energy, and a device in the wellbore that utilizes... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262219 - Dual underground tunnel system for hydrocarbon exploitation: A system for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation includes an upper tunnel extending through the formation. In addition, the system includes a lower tunnel extending through the formation below a portion of the upper tunnel. Further, the system includes a plurality of conduits extending from the upper tunnel through... Agent:

20140262220 - Cellar oil recovery techniques for in situ operations: Techniques for recovering hydrocarbons, such as heavy hydrocarbons or bitumen, from a cellar region below a horizontal production well can include providing a cellar well section that extends from the horizontal production well into the cellar region. The horizontal production well can be part of a Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)... Agent:

20140262221 - Electrical heating of oil shale and heavy oil formations: A method (and system) is provided that enhances production of hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation by identifying at least one target interval of the subterranean formation that is in proximity to a pay interval, wherein the at least one target interval has an electrical resistance less than electrical resistance of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262226 - Method and apparatus for generating high-pressure pulses in a subterranean dielectric medium: An apparatus and method for generating high-pressure pulses in a subterranean dielectric medium are provided. The method includes providing an electrode assembly in the medium, the electrode assembly having first and second electrodes that define a gap therebetween. A shaped electric current pulse is delivered to the electrode assembly. The... Agent:

20140262225 - Oil extraction using radio frequency heating: Oil extraction from an oil-bearing formation includes: heating a first portion of the formation containing oil with radio frequency energy; extracting the oil from the first portion of the formation; injecting steam into the first portion of the formation to heat a second portion of the formation containing oil adjacent... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262223 - Rf antenna assembly with dielectric isolator and related methods: An RF antenna assembly is positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The RF antenna assembly includes first and second tubular conductors and a dielectric isolator therebetween. The dielectric isolator includes a dielectric tube having opposing first and second open ends, a first tubular connector... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140262224 - Rf antenna assembly with feed structure having dielectric tube and related methods: An RF antenna assembly may be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The RF antenna assembly includes first and second tubular conductors and a feed structure therebetween defining a dipole antenna to be positioned within the wellbore, and an RF transmission line extending within... Agent:

20140262222 - Rf antenna assembly with series dipole antennas and coupling structure and related methods: An RF antenna assembly is to be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The RF antenna assembly includes a series of tubular dipole antennas to be positioned within the wellbore, each tubular dipole antenna having a pair of dipole elements, and an RF transmission... Agent:

20140262227 - Ring electrode device and method for generating high-pressure pulses: A method, system, and electrode assembly are disclosed that maximizes the lifetime of electrodes for high energy electrical discharges in water by arranging the electrodes in concentric rings or a stack of concentric rings. The radii and the thickness of the ring electrodes are optimized for electrical reliability, low jitter,... Agent:

20140262229 - Acoustic artificial lift system for gas production well deliquification: An acoustic artificial lift system and method for deliquification of gas production wells is provided. The artificial lift system comprises a down-hole acoustic tool suspended by a power conductive cable that converts electrical power to acoustic energy, thereby generating an acoustic wave. The acoustic tool is moved within the wellbore... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262230 - Acoustic artificial lift system for gas production well deliquification: An artificial lift system and method for deliquification of gas production wells is provided. The artificial lift system comprises a downhole tool suspended by a power conductive cable in a wellbore. The downhole tool comprises an atomizing chamber for conversion of the liquid into droplets having an average diameter less... Agent:

20140262228 - Mechanically degradable polymers for wellbore work fluid applications: A composition including a wellbore work fluid and a polymer having mechanically labile chemical bonds is injected downhole, and combines with fluid present downhole to yield a composite fluid. Mechanical energy (e.g., ultrasonic energy) is provided to the composite fluid downhole to cleave the mechanically labile chemical bonds in the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262234 - Dual magnetic sensor actuation assembly: A well tool comprising a housing comprising ports and defining a flow passage, an actuator, a dual magnetic sensor actuation assembly (DMSAA) in signal communication with the actuator and comprising a first magnetic sensor up-hole relative to a second magnetic sensor, and an electronic circuit comprising a counter, and wherein,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262238 - Enhanced oil production using control of well casing gas pressure: There is provided a system for producing oil from a well bore extending through a fossil fuel reservoir. The system includes a plurality of perforations defined in the casing proximate the fossil fuel reservoir. A gas flow tube is in communication with the annulus volume of the casing proximate the... Agent:

20140262235 - Method of optimization of flow control valves and inflow control devices in a single well or a group of wells: A method and an apparatus for managing a subterranean formation including collecting information about a flow control valve in a wellbore traversing the formation, adjusting the valve in response to the information wherein the adjusting includes a Newton method, a pattern search method, or a proxy-optimization method. In some embodiments,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262231 - Methods for treatment of a subterranean formation: The present disclosure relates the methods of treating a subterranean formation. In various embodiments, an acidic treatment fluid can be injected through tubing while a non-acidic fluid is pumped through an annulus. In various embodiments, acidic treatment fluid can be pumped through coiled tubing while at least one of acidic... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262233 - Monitoring produced water: This disclosure relates to systems, methods, and devices useful for monitoring and controlling water that has been used in, for example, oil and natural gas production, recovery, or hydraulic fracturing processes. An on-line unit for measuring, controlling, and optimizing the quality of produced water after being used in a hydrocarbon... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140262239 - Preparing a wellbore for improved recovery: The present disclosure provides a system for and method of preparing a wellbore for improved recovery from a formation and a method of producing hydrocarbons from a formation. The system includes an approximately horizontal wellbore in a formation, a liner enclosing a portion of the approximately horizontal wellbore; and a... Agent:

20140262240 - Producing hydrocarbons from a formation: A system for and methods of producing hydrocarbons from a formation. A method may include drilling a wellbore in a formation, forming a first fracture in the formation that emanates from the wellbore, forming a second fracture in the formation that emanates from the wellbore and is approximately parallel to... Agent:

20140262243 - Systems and methods for accelerating production of viscous hydrocarbons in a subterranean reservoir with thermally activated chemical agents: A method for mobilizing viscous hydrocarbons in a reservoir includes (a) injecting an aqueous solution into the reservoir with the reservoir at the reservoir ambient temperature. The aqueous solution includes water and a water-soluble chemical agent that is substantially non-decomposable and substantially non-reactive in the reservoir at the reservoir ambient... Agent:

20140262241 - Systems and methods for the production of a subterranean reservoir containing viscous hydrocarbons: A method for recovering viscous hydrocarbons from a reservoir in a subterranean formation includes (a) injecting steam into the reservoir. In addition, the method includes (b) injecting a surfactant into the reservoir with the steam during (a). Further, the method includes (c) decreasing the viscosity of the hydrocarbons in the... Agent:

20140262242 - Systems and methods for the production of a subterranean reservoir containing viscous hydrocarbons: A method for recovering viscous hydrocarbons from a reservoir in a subterranean formation includes (a) injecting steam into the reservoir. In addition, the method includes (b) injecting a thermally activated chemical species into the reservoir with the steam during (a). The thermally activated chemical species decomposes at a temperature between... Agent:

20140262236 - Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing near-field communication: A wellbore servicing system comprising one or more wellbore tool nodes disposed within a wellbore, wherein each of the one or more wellbore tool nodes is configurable from a first configuration to a second configuration, and a controller node, wherein the controller node communicates with the wellbore tool node via... Agent:

20140262237 - Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing near-field communication: A wellbore servicing system comprising two or more sensing, tool nodes, wherein each of the sensing, tool nodes are configured to selectively allow, disallow, or alter a route of fluid communication between an axial flowbore thereof and an exterior thereof via one or more ports, and wherein each of the... Agent:

20140262244 - Apparatus and method for determining fluid interface proximate an electrical submersible pump and operating the same in response thereto: In one aspect, a production system is disclosed that in one embodiment may include a production tubing placed inside the wellbore, an ESP in the wellbore for flowing fluid from the wellbore into the production tubing, a sensor string including distributed sensors along the sensor string that provides temperature measurements... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262245 - Fluid level determination apparatus and method of determining a fluid level in a hydrocarbon well: A system for matching the hydrocarbon reservoir inflow with the outflow of an artificial lift system utilizes an apparatus which makes real time fluid level determinations based upon shock waves detected by a surface device and inputs the observed fluid levels into a processor which controls the speed of a... Agent: Hytech Energy, LLC

20140262246 - Method for controlling well bore pressure based on model prediction control theory and systems theory: A method for controlling well bore pressure based on model prediction control theory and systems theory, which belongs to the field of well bore pressure control technique, includes: detecting a well bottom pressure, a stand pipe pressure, a casing pressure, an injection flow rate and an outlet flow rate during... Agent:

20140262232 - Controlling net treating pressure in a subterranean region: In some aspects, an injection treatment of a subterranean region is controlled based on a target net treating pressure. A measure of fluid pressure acting on a subterranean region during an injection treatment is received. The measure of fluid pressure is compared against a target net treating pressure for fluid... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262247 - Composition and method for hydraulic fracturing and evaluation and diagnostics of hydraulic fractures using infused porous ceramic proppant: A composition and method for hydraulically fracturing an oil or gas well to improve the production rates and ultimate recovery using a porous ceramic proppant infused with a chemical treatment agent is provided. The chemical treatment agent may be a tracer material that provides diagnostic information about the production performance... Agent: Carbo Ceramics Inc.

20140262248 - Sand production control through the use of magnetic forces: A method for preventing the production and formation of loose sand particles during production of a production fluid includes converting in the production zone both a loose sand particle into a magnetized loose sand particle and a cemented sand particle into a magnetized cemented sand particle. The method includes introducing... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140262249 - Hydraulic fracturing with exothermic reaction: Method of stimulating subterranean formations for are given in which a thermite is placed downhole and then ignited. The thermite may be ignited with a downhole tool, the fracture may be mapped, and the thermite-affected region of the formation may be reconnected to the surface after the thermite reaction through... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262250 - Removal of fracture-induced anisotropy from converted-wave seismic amplitudes: The present disclosure provides a system and method for inferring one or more physical property parameters of a sub-surface media by inverting converted wave data acquired during a seismic survey. Composite seismic traces are generated at a plurality of survey azimuths (step 609). These composite traces are composed such that... Agent:

20140262251 - Method for inducing and further propagating formation fractures: Fractures are induced from lobe shaped inflatable members disposed at different axial locations along a string with frac ports in the circumferential gaps between the lobes. The lobes are inflated by landing a ball on a seat on a sleeve that is initially shifted enough to expose a fill port... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262252 - Acoustic line tracing system and method for fluid transfer system: An acoustic line tracing system for tracing a fluid transfer system tubing line includes an acoustic receiver operably connectable to the tubing line and configured to receive the vibratory signal. The acoustic receiver includes a vibration sensor disposed to contact the tubing line and configured for detecting vibration of the... Agent:

20140262254 - Oil recovery process including treating permeate from a ceramic membrane to enhance oil recovery: A process for recovering oil is provided. The process entails recovering an oil-water mixture from an oil-bearing formation. Next, the process entails separating oil from the oil-water mixture and producing produced water having hardness and other scale-forming compounds, suspended solids, free oil and emulsified oil. A pre-treatment process is undertaken... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies North America, Inc.

20140262253 - Process for recovering oil and treating resulting produced water with ceramic membranes: A method of recovering oil from an oil well includes recovering an oil-water mixture from the oil well and separating produced water from the oil-water mixture. Thereafter, the produced water is directed through a ceramic membrane that removes free oil and emulsified oil from the produced water. The method or... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies North America, Inc.

20140262255 - Methods for improving the sweep efficiency of gas injection: A method for recovering oil from a subterranean, hydrocarbon-bearing formation includes at least one injection well and injecting a carrier fluid including a diverting agent into a high permeability pathway within the formation. An activating fluid is injected into the high permeability pathway within the formation, resulting in the precipitation... Agent:

20140262256 - Method and apparatus for stimulating a geothermal well: m

20140262259 - Rod driven centrifugal pumping system for adverse well production: A downhole assembly of an artificial lift system includes: an adapter for connection to production tubing; a receptacle shaft; an up-thrust bearing; a centrifugal pump; and a down-thrust bearing. The receptacle shaft has a latch profile for receiving a latch fastener of a drive coupling and a torsional profile for... Agent:

20140262257 - Small supercritical once-thru steam generator: A small supercritical once-through steam generator (OTSG) includes a radiant section with a furnace coil, and a convection section downstream of the radiant section that includes a superheater which is fluidically connected to the furnace coil. Optionally, the OTSG is devoid of a steam separator. An economizer can also be... Agent:

20140262258 - Steam generation method and method for recovering crude oil by steam-assisted gravity drainage (sagd) including said steam generation method: The method include (a) compressing the feed water at a low pressure; (b) filtering the feed water; (c) compressing the filtered water stream at a medium pressure; (d) supplying the filtered water stream, compressed at a medium pressure, in the liquid phase of an instant expansion tank; (e) in the... Agent: Ingenica Ingenierie Industrielle

20140262260 - Sand control screen having improved reliability: A sand control device is used for restricting the flow of particles from a subsurface formation into a tubular body within a wellbore during production operations. The sand control device is divided into compartments along its length that provide redundancy for particle filtration. Each compartment first comprises a base pipe.... Agent:

20140262261 - Methods and compositions for stimulating the production of hydrocarbons from subterranean formations: Methods and compositions for stimulating of the production of hydrocarbons (e.g., formation crude oil and/or formation gas) from subterranean formations are provided. In some embodiments, the compositions are emulsions or microemulsions, which may include water, a terpene, and a surfactant. In some embodiments, methods of selecting a composition for treating... Agent:

20140262262 - Compositions and methods for the controlled release of active ingredients: This invention discloses articles, in the form of particles to small granules to macro sized objects, capable of the controlled release of active ingredients (AI) from a mixture as a solid solution, a matrix or an encapsulated system containing AI and one or more of polymers, additives and/or carriers. The... Agent: Landec Corporation

20140262263 - Hydraulic fracturing with proppant pulsing through clustered abrasive perforations: Well completion techniques are disclosed that combine the creation of perforation clusters created using abrasive-jet perforation techniques with hydraulic fracturing techniques that include proppant pulsing through the clustered abrasive jet perforations. Both the abrasive-jet perforation and hydraulic fracturing with proppant pulsing may be carried out through coiled tubing.... Agent:

20140262264 - Compositions and methods for increasing fracture conductivity: A method for treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore, comprising: providing a treatment slurry comprising a carrying fluid, a solid particulate and an agglomerant; injecting the treatment slurry into a fracture to form a substantially uniformly distributed mixture of the solid particulate and the agglomerant; and transforming the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262265 - Well stimulation with gas hydrates: Various methods for performing treatment operations at a wellsite having a subterranean formation with a reservoir therein are provided. The method involves introducing a treatment fluid comprised of at least a gas hydrate slurry to the subterranean formation.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262266 - Cementing tool: A secondary cementing apparatus includes a drill string, a coupling coupled to a distal end of the drill string, and a tool coupled to a distal end of the coupling, the tool having a distal portion offset from a central axis of the drill string, and the coupling configured to... Agent:

20140262268 - Drilling and completion applications of magnetorheological fluid barrier pills: A well apparatus including a magnetic field source positioned in a borehole and a magnetorheological fluid that forms a barrier pill proximate to the magnetic field source where the barrier pill formation isolates one well zone from another well zone. The apparatus may be used to define a treatment or... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. ("hesi")

20140262267 - Well sealing technology: A method for sealing a wellbore around a pipe placed within it is disclosed. The method includes providing to a wellbore site a pre-mixed pre-polymer sealant solution and storing the sealant until use. The sealant material may be injected into wellbore in the space exterior to the pipe so that... Agent:

20140262269 - Method to repair leaks in a cemented annulus: A method of providing pressure containment of a well having a well annulus. The well annulus contains a set cement, and the cement contains flow paths which communicate a well pressure to the surface. The method includes placing a containment cement slurry in a reception area at the top of... Agent: Superior Energy Services, L.L.C.

20140262270 - Modulated formation perforating apparatus and method for fluidic jetting, drilling services or other formation penetration requirements: Apparatus, systems, and methods, for perforating a downhole object while minimizing collateral damage to other objects, include use of a perforating device having a body, at least one fuel source having a characteristic that produces a selected mass flow rate, a selected burn rate, or combinations thereof, and an initiator... Agent: Mcr Oil Tools, LLC

20140262271 - Shock attenuator for gun system: A perforation gun string. The perforation gun string comprises a perforation gun that forms at least part of the perforation gun string; and a swellable material coupled to the perforation gun string. The swellable material is configured to be exposed to a downhole wellbore environment; the swellable material is configured... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262273 - Break-away support ring for wellbore apparatus: An apparatus and method of use for an apparatus that may include: a) a protuberance slicer and orientation device a cylindrical sleeve, the cylindrical sleeve having a down-hole end with an outer edge perpendicularly affixed to an annular support ring, and an up-hole end having a cut-out mating edge; the... Agent: Scientific Drilling International, Inc.

20140262275 - Alkali polymer surfactant sandwich: Aspects of the invention relate to methods for enhancing the amount of oil recovered from subterranean reservoirs or reducing the amount of surfactant needed. The method includes injecting a first alkali-polymer slug through a wellbore into a reservoir, followed by injecting a alkali-polymer-surfactant slug through the wellbore into the reservoir,... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262274 - Oxidative breakers in a silicone based suspension: An oxidative breaker system for use in reducing the viscosity of a guar-based suspension includes a silicone oil carrier fluid, an oxidizer and a suspension aid. The suspension aid is preferably fumed silica. The oxidizer may be selected from the group consisting of alkali metal peroxide, transition metal peroxide, persulfate,... Agent:

20140262276 - Viscosity enhancement of polysaccharide fluids: A method of treating a subterranean formation includes providing a treatment composition comprising at least one hydroxyl carboxylic acid, a crosslinkable component and a crosslinking agent. The treatment composition is then introduced to the subterranean formation, such that the combination of the hydroxyl carboxylic acid, a crosslinkable component and a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262277 - Downhole tool for debris removal: A downhole tool for use in a wellbore having a tool body with a blade assembly slidably mounted thereon and movable between a retracted and an outwardly extended position. The blade assembly is biased towards the retracted position and movable with an actuating force to the extended position. The tool... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262278 - Method and apparatus for extracting frozen volatiles from subsurface regolith: A volatile extraction well and method to utilize heat, which could be from the sun or from some other energy source, to directly vaporize subsurface water-ice, or other frozen volatile substance, in-situ. The pressure of the vaporized water (or other volatile gas) released in the heated soil causes the vapor... Agent:

20140262279 - Modular system for extracting hydrocarbons from subterranean volumes and associated methods: Modular systems for extracting hydrocarbons from subterranean volumes and associated methods are generally described.... Agent: Vestigium Engineering, Inc.

20140262280 - Prevention of sludge formation during acidizing procedures: The present disclosure provides chemical compositions useful for minimizing or preventing the precipitation of sludge, such as asphaltenes, maltenes, or similar asphaltic components, during an acidizing treatment. Methods for preventing or minimizing sludge formation are also disclosed. The anti-sludge compositions can be added to an aqueous acidic solution before injecting... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140262286 - Composition and method for remediation of near wellbore damage: Aspects of the invention relate to compositions and methods that are used for remediation of near-wellbore damage. A specific aspect is a composition comprising an olefin sulfonate, a sulfosuccinate, and a chemical selected from the group consisting of an alcohol alkoxylated sulfate, an alcohol alkoxylated carboxylate, or a combination thereof.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262287 - Environmentally friendly quaternary salts of amines and their use as temporary and/or permanent clay stabilizers and methods for making and using same: New classes of temporary and/or permanent clay stabilization compositions including at least one quaternary salt of primary amines, secondary amines, tertiary amines, reaction products of these amines with at least one aldehyde, or mixtures and combinations thereof and to methods for making and using same, where the quaternary salts have... Agent:

20140262284 - Method of forming and compressing carbon dioxide: A method and apparatus to form and compress relatively pure carbon dioxide includes a syngas generator which forms syngas and directs it into a combustion chamber where it is combined with oxygen and combusted to form relatively pure carbon dioxide. A first portion of the formed carbon dioxide is directed... Agent: Enerjetik LLC

20140262285 - Methods for fraccing oil and gas wells: A method for stimulating or fraccing an oil or a natural gas well by adding a liquefied hydrocarbon such as liquid petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas, a proppant and a diluent such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or mixtures thereof to the well. The order of addition is typically liquefied... Agent:

20140262283 - Methods for treatment of a subterranean formation: The present invention relates to methods of treating subterranean formations. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a method of treating a subterranean formation including placing a first aqueous composition and a second aqueous composition in a subterranean formation. The placing includes injecting the first aqueous composition through a tubular... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262281 - Methods of designing a drilling fluid having suspendable loss circulation material: Methods including providing a wellbore in a subterranean formation having at least one pore opening; providing a proposed wellbore operation; providing a proposed treatment fluid; providing proposed FLCM particulates; calculating the suspendability of the proposed FLCM particulates in the proposed treatment fluid as determined by a yield gravity function based... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262282 - Mixed carbon length synthesis of primary guerbet alcohols: In an embodiment of the disclosure, mixtures of different carbon length alcohols are used as the primary feedstock for Guerbet alcohols. Specifically, embodiments relate to a method of synthesizing mixed molecular weight surfactants from a mixture of primary alcohols comprising, receiving a mixture of primary alcohols comprising at least two... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262289 - Methods for acidizing a subterranean formation using a stabilized microemulsion carrier fluid: Acidizing fluids may be formulated to minimize the detrimental effects of precipitation during an acidizing operation by promoting production of precipitates from a subterranean formation. Methods for acidizing a subterranean formation can comprise: providing an acidizing fluid comprising a stabilized microemulsion carrier fluid, a chelating agent, and an acid source;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262288 - Siloxane surfactant additives for oil and gas applications: A well treatment additive includes a siloxane surfactant, a solvent and an aqueous phase. The solvent is preferably a terpene hydrocarbon. Also disclosed is a method for using the well treatment additive to form and enhance the properties of terpene solvent based additives useful for the treatment of oil and... Agent:

20140262290 - Method and system for treating a borehole: A method for treating an open borehole including running a tool having axially spaced isolation band assemblies disposed thereon. The isolation band assemblies are deployed by pressuring on the tool. Fluid is applied to the open borehole between the isolation band assemblies. The tool is continuously moved through the borehole... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorpoarated

20140262292 - Stimulation with natural gas: Apparatus, systems, and methods in which a fracturing fluid source is in fluid communication with a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation. A compressor has an input in fluid communication with a natural gas source, and has an output in fluid communication with the wellbore. The compressor is operable to... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262291 - System and method for complex fracture generation: A system includes a first fluid comprising a viscosified fluid composed to generate an initial fracture geometry, a first spacer fluid, a second fluid being a high solids content fluid (HSCF) having a fine particle formulation, a third fluid being an HSCF having a coarse particle formulation, a second spacer... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262295 - Encapsulated proppants: A capsule for carrying a proppant for emplaced in a formation containing formation fluid by a hydraulic fracture operation using a fracturing fluid. The capsule includes a capsule body. The capsule body includes a proppant. There is a surface layer on the capsule body that is permeable to the formation... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140262294 - Methods of treating a subterranean formation with one-step furan resin compositions: Methods including providing at least one target interval in a wellbore, wherein the at least one target interval has a temperature of at least about 70° F. to at least about 290° F.; providing a pad fluid; providing a treatment fluid comprising proppant particulates coated with a one-step furan resin... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262293 - Temperature sensitive viscoelastic well-treatment fluids: The present invention is directed to fracturing fluids having temperature-sensitive viscosities. The fracturing fluids may include a mixture of a hydrophobically associative polymer (HAP) and a surfactant in an aqueous medium, wherein the surfactant imparts a critical solution temperature (CST) to the fluid. The fluid is more viscous at temperatures... Agent:

20140262296 - Methods, systems, and compositions for the controlled crosslinking of well servicing fluids: Treating fluid compositions for use in hydrocarbon recovery operations from subterranean formations are described, as well as methods for their preparation and use. In particular, treating fluid compositions are described which comprise a liquid, a crosslinkable organic polymer material that is at least partially soluble in the liquid, a crosslinking... Agent: Tucc Technology, LLC

20140262297 - Foamers for liquid removal: Disclosed herein are methods of recovering a low molecular weight alcohol or alcohol containing fluid in natural gas and oil production and transmission. Disclosed herein are also methods of recovering hydrocarbon fluid from a well, using fluids comprising an effective foam-forming amount of a fluorosurfactant compound.... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140262299 - Equalized hydrostatic bailer: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for collecting debris in a wellbore. The apparatus includes a housing for receiving debris defined by an endless wall portion, first and second end portions, at least the second end portion is provided with at least one closable aperture allowing... Agent: Aker Well Service As

20140262298 - Pipe cleaning system and method: A tubing cleaning system comprising: a body portion, a tubing aperture, a one or more spray heads, a fluid input and a one or more fluid channels. Said body portion comprising a one or more plates. Said tubing aperture through said one or more plates. Said one or more spray... Agent:

20140262300 - Scrubbing debris from a bored well: The present disclosure provides methods and compositions for scrubbing debris from a bored well and includes injecting a suspension of acrylonitrile fibers, into the bored well to its open end. The suspension of acrylonitrile fibers scrubs the bored well of loose debris without substantially impeding the drilling capability of the... Agent:

20140262301 - Mechanically adjustable flow control assembly: A flow control assembly can be mechanically adjusted, rotationally or translationally, inside a tubing downhole between multiple positions by an intervening tool from the surface to change resistivity to flow through the flow control assembly. The positions among which the flow control assembly can be adjusted can include a closed... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262302 - Ball injector system apparatus and method: A ball launching system includes a ball launcher with a removable ball pod and sleeve assembly that retains balls prior to injection. An interchangeable ball pod with a chamber corresponding to the ball diameter, fits into a pod sleeve and comprise the ball pod and sleeve assembly. The ball launcher... Agent:

20140262303 - Deepset wireline retrievable safety valve: The present invention generally relates to a deepset wireline retrievable safety valve for controlling fluid flow through a production tubing string. In one aspect, a valve for use in a wellbore is provided. The valve includes a housing having a bore. The valve further includes an actuator sleeve movable within... Agent:

20140262305 - Control valve timing: A method for lifting drilling mud from subsea to a drilling vessel which a pump having a body with a chamber, and a bladder in the chamber. The bladder attaches to the body and defines water and mud sides in the chamber. A mud inlet valve allows mud into the... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20140262304 - Diverter stabbing dog: A diverter system having stabbing dogs is provided. In one embodiment, such a system includes a diverter, a housing, and a plurality of stabbing dogs coupled to the housing. The stabbing dogs are positioned to enable locking elements of the stabbing dogs to be extended into recesses in the diverter... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140262306 - Subsea test adaptor for calibration of subsea multi-phase flow meter during initial clean-up and test and methods of using same: Adapters for inclusion on the lower end of a completion/work-over riser includes a flow loop in fluid communication with a production flow loop hub and a production bore to facilitate testing and calibration of a subsea multi-phase flow meter during completion operations. The flow loop can be in fluid communication... Agent:

20140262307 - Riser disconnect package for lower marine riser package, and annular-release flex-joint assemblies: A riser disconnect/reconnect system including a disconnection package (RDP) and a modified lower marine riser package (LMRP) are provided for quick disconnection of the marine drilling riser (MDR) from the LMRP. The RDP includes a flex joint and a release connector (RC) with a mandrel that engages a modified LMRP.... Agent: Safestack Technology L.L.C.

20140262308 - Supercharging pressure in a subsea well system: Pressure in subsea systems, and accumulators of the subsea systems, may be increased through the use of a supercharge cylinder to generate higher pressures from an initial pressure provided from a surface vessel. The supercharge cylinder may include a piston that can be stroked to increase pressure stored in accumulators... Agent:

20140262309 - Offshore well system with a subsea pressure control system movable with a remotely operated vehicle: An offshore well drilling system for drilling a subsea well is presented that includes a floating platform, a surface BOP stack, a riser, and a driveable environmental safe guard system. The safe guard system includes an upper wellhead connector, a lower wellhead connector, a blowout preventer with shearing blind rams,... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140262310 - Riser tension augmentation: A riser tension augmentation system includes a riser joint collar and a plurality of inflatable sleeves attached to the riser joint collar. Each inflatable sleeve includes a fill valve, a relief valve, and a bleed valve. A method of augmenting riser tension includes attaching a riser joint collar to a... Agent:

20140262312 - Sliding sleeve bypass valve for well treatment: A downhole bypass valve utilizes a stationary sleeve defining an interior ball-seat. When a dropped ball is seated, fluid differential pressure is diverted to an annular area adjacent a first sliding sleeve. The sleeve slides in response to the pressure differential upon shearing of a shear pin, or similar, and... Agent:

20140262311 - Temporary abandonment cap: Temporary abandonment caps include a cap body having an opening therethrough, and an inner sleeve that provides access to the wellbore, where the inner sleeve can be accessed through the opening in the cap body when a removable cover is removed. The inner sleeve also includes an injection port and... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140262313 - Riser gas handling system: A system including a modular riser gas handling system configured to couple to and be disposed vertically below a telescoping joint, wherein the modular riser gas handling system includes a diverter assembly configured to couple to and divert a flow of material into and out of a riser, and an... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140262314 - System for detecting, containing and removing hydrocarbon leaks in a subsea environment: A system for the detection, containment and removal of hydrocarbon leaks in a subsea environment.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140262315 - Drilling mud recovery system: A fluid recovery system is provided. In one embodiment, the fluid recovery system includes a telescoping joint of a marine riser having an inner barrel and an outer barrel configured to extend and retract with respect to one another when installed as part of the marine riser. A drip pan... Agent:

20140262316 - Riser assembly and method of providing riser assembly: A riser assembly and method of producing a riser assembly for transporting fluids from a sub-sea location is disclosed. The assembly includes a riser comprising at least one segment of flexible pipe, the riser having a first end for connection to a floating facility and a further end;at least one... Agent:

20140262318 - Automatic plunger: A downhole apparatus having an upper well stop disposed at the surface of a well and a lower well stop disposed in the well. The apparatus further includes a plunger disposed within the well, wherein the plunger has a first sleeve having an outer diameter and a ball valve disposed... Agent: A&o Technologies LLC

20140262317 - High-speed rod-driven downhole pump: A surface drivehead drives a downhole pump by rotating a rod string at the surface. The downhole pump can be connected downhole to the rod string via a downhole latching mechanism. The surface drivehead has an assembly that can move the rod string upwards or downwards along an axis to... Agent: Weatherford/lamb Inc.

20140262319 - Environmentally friendly permanent quaternaries of polyamines and their use as clay stabilizers and methods for making and using same: New classes of temporary and/or permanent clay stabilization compositions including at least one quaternary salt of polyamines or a reaction product of at least one polyamine having an NH moiety with an aldehyde, and to methods for making and using same, where the quaternary salts of polyamines have reduced toxicity.... Agent:

20140262322 - Apparatus and methods for well control: A completion joint 100 has two sand control jackets 120A-B connected on each end of an intermediately-mounted inflow control device 130. Both jackets 120A-B communicate with a housing chamber 155 through dedicated open end-rings 140A-B. The basepipe's flow openings 118 are isolated from this housing chamber 155 by a sleeve... Agent:

20140262323 - Method and apparatus for actuation of downhole sleeves and other devices: A downhole equalization assembly permits selective and remote opening of at least one downhole port or pathway to allow communication of pressure and/or fluid flow from inside a pressure containing system (such as, for example, a tubular pipe or other pressure containment system) to the outside of the containment system,... Agent:

20140262320 - Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing near-field communication: A wellbore servicing tool comprising a body, a near field communication (NFC) system disposed within the body and comprising a processor configured to communicate via NFC, one or more antennas each in signal communication with the processor, at least one input/output (I/O) device in signal communication with the processor, and... Agent:

20140262321 - Wireless activatable valve assembly: A wireless actuation system comprises a transmitter, an actuation system comprising a receiving antenna, and one or more sliding members transitional from a first position to a second position. The transmitter is configured to transmit an electromagnetic signal, and the sliding member prevents a route of fluid communication via one... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262324 - Multi-positioning flow control apparatus using selective sleeves: An actuating apparatus comprises a sleeve disposed within a wellbore tubular, at least one actuable member, and a deformable seat engaged to the sleeve. The sleeve is configured to longitudinally translate along the wellbore tubular interior, and at least one actuable member engages the sleeve and the wellbore tubular. The... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262325 - Resettable ball seat for hydraulically actuating tools: A downhole tool has a housing, mandrel, and ball seat. The housing defines a first bore, and the mandrel defines a second bore. The mandrel is disposed in the first bore of the housing and defines an annular space with the housing. The ball seat is rotatably disposed in the... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262326 - Purging fluid circuits in wellbore control devices: The disclosure relates to purging a RCD including a bearing of contaminants with a fluid circuit, the fluid circuit having at least one housing adjacent to the RCD, a first plurality of valves within the bearing, a second plurality of valves within the housing, at least one inlet port located... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262328 - Apparatus and methods for overcoming an obstruction in a wellbore: Apparatus and methods for penetrating a downhole target within a wellbore include providing a body with a longitudinal axis, a first end, and a second end into a wellbore, the body having a nozzle at the first end. The nozzle is adapted to project a medium, such as molten thermite,... Agent: Mcr Oil Tools, LLC

20140262327 - Ferrous disintegrable powder compact, method of making and article of same: A disintegrable powder compact includes a matrix; a plurality of dispersed particles including a particle core material dispersed in the matrix; a ferrous alloy including carbon disposed in one of the matrix or particle core material; and a secondary element disposed in the other of the matrix or particle core... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262329 - Concentric low profile clamping systems and methods for making and breaking threaded connections: A clamping system for making and breaking threaded connections between a first component and a second component includes a first clamp assembly and a second clamp assembly. The first clamp assembly includes a first clamp member and a second clamp member disposed about an opening in the first clamp assembly.... Agent:

20140262333 - Control choke system: A system, including a wellhead system, and a flow control system coupled to the wellhead system, wherein the flow control system includes a housing with a flow path between an inlet and an outlet, a flow control device disposed in the housing along the flow path, and a bonnet assembly... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140262331 - Plug and perforate using casing profiles: In order to overcome the need to remove each fracturing plug after a plug and perforate operation it is desirable to utilize a profile latch in conjunction with a coupling profile. By having a profile in each coupling or at least in predetermined couplings a tool such as a perforating... Agent:

20140262334 - Prevention of wireline damage at a downhole window: A bottom hole assembly (BHA) which is transported via a wireline through downhole and lateral wellbores and thence through a wellbore window aperture, the BHA carrying with it a blocking tool which is adapted to engage the edge of a lateral wellbore window and prevent the wireline from contacting and... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140262330 - Rod elevator: A rod elevator including a first latching mechanism and a second latching mechanism connected to one another in a spaced apart relationship for connecting a pair of rods to one another in an axially aligned relationship. Each of the latching mechanisms has a rod receiving space axially aligned with a... Agent:

20140262332 - Shunt tube connections for wellscreen assembly: A well screen assembly has a base pipe and one or more screen sections attached to the outer surface of the base pipe. The assembly also has one or more shunt tubes attached to the base pipe via top and bottom rings. The shunt tubes can be attached to the... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262335 - Two-piece connection lift system and method: A connection lift system and method for handling oil and gas drilling tubular components includes a core component and a ring-shaped component, where a range of ring-shaped components may be screwed onto the core component, such that the ring-shaped component may be configured based on the tubular component to be... Agent:

20140262336 - Systems and methods for tubular engagement and manipulation: A system for manipulating a tubular about a drilling rig is provided. The system includes a swivel body rotatably coupled with a becket. The becket is configured to couple with a traveling block of the drilling rig. The system also includes an engagement feature rotatably coupled with the swivel body.... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20140262341 - Apparatus and methods for limiting movement of gripping members: An apparatus to limit movement of gripping members relative to an elevator includes a locking arm coupled to the gripping members and a first engagement arm. The locking arm includes a set of teeth disposed longitudinally thereon, and the first engagement arm includes a first set of complimentary teeth configured... Agent: Frank's International, LLC

20140262338 - Blender system with multiple stage pumps: A blending system for oilfield operations is disclosed having a first stage pump with a mixer having a housing and an impeller and configured to receive a liquid component at an initial pressure and a dry component and mix the liquid and dry components to form a slurry, add energy... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140262337 - Fatigue resistant coiled tubing: The disclosed manufacture method for a length of tubing can produce a length of fatigue resistant tubing that has relatively high fatigue resistance and relatively low strip-to-strip welding length. The Fatigue resistance is calculated from experimental settings with controlled parameters and/or simulations reproducing similar material properties and loading conditions. A... Agent: Tenaris Connections Limited

20140262339 - Method and apparatus for controlling erosion in a downhole tool: A drill string is comprised of a tubular element and an elastomeric element. The tubular element has an interior surface and a longitudinal axis. The elastomeric element is positioned on the interior surface of the tubular element, and includes one or more ribs extending from the interior surface of the... Agent:

20140262340 - Methods and systems for drilling from underground access tunnels to develop subterranean hydrocarbon reservoirs: A method for accessing a hydrocarbon reservoir in a subterranean formation from a subterranean tunnel system includes (a) drilling a first bore between an upper tunnel and a lower tunnel. In addition, the method includes (b) drilling a second bore downward from the lower tunnel.... Agent:

20140262342 - Downhole tubing rotators and related methods: Downhole tubing rotators and related methods are disclosed. A mandrel harnesses torque from a progressing cavity pump stator to which it is coupled. Operation of the pump rotor induces a torque on the pump stator, and that torque is harnessed by the mandrel. A rate of rotation of the mandrel... Agent: Premium Artificial Lift Systems Ltd.

20140262344 - Drillable slip: This invention particularly relates to improving the engagement of the slip elements within a casing or tubing. Particularly, the invention is directed to improving the penetration of anchors on slip elements to better set downhole tools. Generally, in one aspect, the invention relies on decreasing the contact surface of the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262343 - Rotatable tubing anchor: A rotatable tubing anchor for anchoring a tubing string to a casing in a well, wherein a lock pin extending radially inward from a cylindrical drag body interacts with a lazy T portion of a lock slot in a peripheral surface of a mandrel positioned in the cylindrical drag body... Agent:

20140262347 - Method for sealing of a borehole liner in an artesian well: A method for sealing a flexible liner that has been emplaced in a borehole manifesting artesian water flow. The upper end of the liner is closed with a plug, and a mud tube is extended from the plug down to a small volume of mud at the bottom end of... Agent:

20140262346 - Method of installation of flexible borehole liner under artesian conditions: An apparatus and method for facilitating eversion of a flexible liner down a borehole when an artesian head condition is producing a rate of water flow out of the top of the borehole. A bypass pipe channels artesian flow, moving upward in the borehole and/or well casing, past an everting... Agent:

20140262345 - Thick wall shouldered launcher: An expandable tubular system that includes a launcher section coupled to a tubular string and that houses an expansion device. A shoulder section that is formed at a transition point between the launcher section and the tubular string has a wall thickness greater than the wall thicknesses of the tubular... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262348 - Method of using gelled fluids with defined specific gravity: Gelled barrier fluids preventing the ingress of undesired fluids from subsurface environments into subsurface apparatus have a specific gravity which is within ±0.05 of the specific gravity of the undesired fluid.... Agent:

20140262352 - Cable by-pass for spooled cables: A downhole tool with a swellable mantle is configured for insertion of a cable into a longitudinal slit in the mantle. An arcuate groove is formed in an outer surface of the mantle corresponding to a displacement caused by the inserted cable, so that the displacement is counteracted and the... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262350 - Double compression set packer: A device and method allow a longer sealing element to be used on a packer or other downhole tool while providing an increase in the total amount of setting force that can be used and providing for more uniform or balanced setting of the sealing element. The packer may be... Agent:

20140262351 - Split foldback rings with anti-hooping band: A device and method prevent damage to an anti-extrusion device on a tool, such as a plug or a packer, prior to and during setting of the tool. Typically, the upper or outer edges of the anti-extrusion device are relatively delicate. A reinforcing band on the device's sheath strengthens or... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262349 - Weight setting indicator: The present invention generally relates to a weight setting indicator which is used to indicate that an applied force to a tool achieved or exceeded a predetermined amount. In one aspect, a packer actuator for use with a packer is provided. The packer actuator includes a body with a recess.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 100 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140251592 - Rotating magnetic field downhole power generation device: The present disclosure relates to a downhole rotating magnetic field generator, wherein a stator assembly is formed by fixedly connecting a guiding stator, windings, and a body together, and a rotor assembly is formed by mounting a turbine rotor and a permanent magnet together. Between the stator assembly and the... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corpoation

20140251593 - Shear member post shear segment retention apparatus: Shear member designs in various formats are presented with additional features for segment retention and subsequent removal after a shearing event and removal of the tool from a subterranean location. In some embodiments a portion of the shear member is retained by threads so that the segment stays in the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140251594 - Millable fracture balls composed of metal: A ball is used for engaging in a downhole seat and can be milled out after use. The ball has a spherical body with an outer surface. An interior of the spherical body is composed of a metallic material, such as aluminum. The spherical body has a plurality of holes... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140251595 - Rolled tubular centralizer: A method of forming a centralizer where a flat plate is created into a tubular where the flat plate is typically rolled so that two sides of the plate contact one another and are then linked, typically by welding. Openings are then created in the tubular such that there are... Agent: Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co., LLC

20140251597 - Apparatus for heating hydrocarbon resources with magnetic radiator and related methods: An apparatus is for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein. The apparatus includes an RF source, and a magnetic field radiator including a ferromagnetic body having an aboveground portion and a belowground portion coupled thereto. The magnetic field radiator includes a conductive wire coil surrounding... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140251599 - Method for developing deposits and extracting oil and gas from shale formations: A method for developing deposits and extracting oil and gas from formations is provided including pumping electrically conductive fluid under pressure into a first heating well and a second heating well, creating an electrically conductive zone between the first heating well and the second heating well, positioning at least one... Agent:

20140251598 - Radio-frequency enhancement and facilitation of in-situ combustion: Radio frequency radiation is introduced downhole to heat one or more components of an in-situ hydrocarbon mixture. The mixture is heated to a temperature conducive to auto-ignition. Upon heating, an oxidant is introduced at conditions supportive of auto-ignition. The combined oxidant/hydrocarbon mixture is then allowed to auto-ignite and combust to... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140251596 - Single vertical or inclined well thermal recovery process: The present disclosure describes a single well predominantly gravity-dominated recovery process for producing viscous hydrocarbons from a subterranean oil sands formation. The process operates a single vertical or inclined well within a formation, the wellbore having an injection means and a production means, the injection means being positioned in the... Agent: Cenovus Energy Inc.

20140251600 - Encapsulated microsensors for reservoir interrogation: In one general embodiment, a system includes at least one microsensor configured to detect one or more conditions of a fluidic medium of a reservoir; and a receptacle, wherein the receptacle encapsulates the at least one microsensor. In another general embodiment, a method include injecting the encapsulated at least one... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140251601 - Modeling acid distribution for acid stimulation of a formation: A method of evaluating a stimulation operation includes: receiving parameter information for the stimulation operation, the stimulation operation including injecting an acid stimulation fluid into an earth formation along a selected length of a borehole from a tubular disposed in the borehole; and generating, by a processor, a thermal model... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140251602 - System and method for obtaining load measurements in a wellbore: A technique for determining conditions downhole in a well, particularly load conditions acting on a well tool, e.g. a bottom hole assembly. The loads acting on a bottom hole assembly or other well tool during a well related operation are measured. Load data is collected and may be transmitted uphole... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140251603 - Cement plug location: The disclosure describes a system and a method for locating a cement plug within a wellbore. The system includes a signal transmitter mounted to the cement plug, a receiver at the opening to the wellbore, one clock positioned on the cement plug and in communication with the transmitter, a second... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140251604 - Sampler chamber assembly and methods: An apparatus comprising a fluid communication device, a sample chamber, and a coupling assembly. The fluid communication device is operable to establish fluid communication between a downhole tool and a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore in which the downhole tool is positioned. The sample chamber is in selectable fluid... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140251605 - Defoaming compositions and methods for gas well treatment: The present invention is directed to the use of non-silicon containing alcohol compositions that are capable of breaking a foam and preventing the formation of a foam for application to industries such as oil/gas extraction, production and refining.... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251606 - Method for increasing hydrocarbon extraction and for ensuring the continuous operation of wells: A method for increasing extraction of oil, gas and gas condensates from deposits is provided, including the steps of pumping a working fluid into a well, wherein the working fluid is an organic solvent comprising at least one aromatic hydrocarbon, at least one carboxylic acid and at least one organic... Agent:

20140251607 - Nonionic surfactants for enhanced crude oil recovery: The present disclosure provides methods of using a nonionic surfactant for enhanced oil recovery, where the nonionic surfactant is prepared with a double metal cyanide catalyst. The present disclosure also provides for an emulsion that includes carbon dioxide, a diluent and the nonionic surfactant.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140251608 - Single vertical or inclined well thermal recovery process: The present disclosure describes a single well predominantly gravity-dominated recovery process for producing viscous hydrocarbons from a subterranean oil sands formation. The process operates a single vertical or inclined well within a formation, the wellbore having an injection means and a production means, the injection means being positioned in the... Agent: Cenovus Energy Inc.

20140251609 - Assembly for toe-to-heel gravel packing and reverse circulating excess slurry: A treatment assembly treats zones of a horizontal borehole. For example, the assembly can gravel pack a zone by delivering slurry down a workstring. The slurry exits the workstring's outlet and pass to the borehole annulus of the zone through a flow port in the assembly. The gravel in the... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140251610 - Method of enhancing fracture conductivity: The method disclosed herein includes the introduction of proppant-free stage and a proppant laden stage into the wellbore and/or subterranean formation. The method increases the effective fracture width and enhances fracture conductivity within the formation. Either the proppant-free stage or the proppant laden stage contains a breaker. At least one... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140251611 - Methods of transporting proppant particulates in a subterranean formation: Methods of treating a wellbore in a subterranean formation including providing an oil-external treatment fluid, wherein the oil-external treatment fluid is a 3D-network comprising a chemical interaction between a hydrocarbon fluid, an aqueous fluid, and a surface modification agent; providing proppant particulates; suspending the proppant particulates in the oil-external treatment... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140251612 - Consumable downhole packer or plug: A packer or plug for use in a wellbore includes: a tubular mandrel made from a composite material including a pyrotechnic composition; an expandable seal disposed on an outer surface of the mandrel; and an igniter operable to initiate combustion of the mandrel.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140251613 - Inflow control valve: A valve and valve assembly are provided to allow opening of flow channels through the wall of a tubular by increasing and then decreasing pressure in the tubular. Slidable seals having different areas are used to apply an axial force to a shuttle in the valve in response to differential... Agent: Tejas Research And Engineering, LLC

20140251614 - Alkyl polyglycoside derivative as biodegradable foaming surfactant for cement: A cement composition: (a) a hydraulic cement; (b) water; and (c) an alkyl polyglycoside derivative, wherein the alkyl polyglycoside derivative is selected from the group consisting of: sulfonates, betaines, an inorganic salt of any of the foregoing, and any combination of any of the foregoing. A method comprising the steps... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140251616 - Downhole tool for removing a casing portion: A packoff device is disclosed for sealing an annulus within a wellbore, and for bypassing the sealed annulus. The packoff device may include a mandrel having a bore formed axially therethrough and first and second ports extending radially from the bore. A sealing element that extends radially-outwardly from the mandrel... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140251617 - Method and apparatus for removing unexpanded shoe: A method of removing an unexpanded shoe comprises disposing a tool in a wellbore. The tool includes a latch assembly and a mill body. The latch assembly is engaged with a shoe assembly that is coupled to the wellbore by a tubular having an expanded portion and an unexpanded portion.... Agent: Enventure Global Technology, LLC

20140251615 - Window milling systems: A window milling system can include a window mill having selectively retractable and extendable blades, and a whipstock assembly having a receptacle therein, the window mill being secured relative to the whipstock assembly the blades are received in the receptacle. A method of cutting a window through a wellbore lining... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140251619 - Method and apparatus for establishing injection into a cased bore hole using a time delay toe injection apparatus: An apparatus and method for providing a time delay in injection of pressured fluid into a geologic formation. In one aspect the invention a toe valve activated by fluid pressure that opens ports after a predetermined time interval to allow fluid to pass from a well casing to a formation,... Agent:

20140251620 - Method and apparatus for establishing injection into a cased bore hole using a time delay toe injection apparatus: An apparatus and method for providing a time delay in injection of pressured fluid into a geologic formation. In one aspect the invention is a toe valve activated by fluid pressure that opens ports after a predetermined time interval to allow fluid to pass from a well casing to a... Agent:

20140251618 - Method to improve conformance control in carbon dioxide flooding: This invention generally relates to the field of oil recovery from reservoirs. More specifically, it relates to enhancing the recovery of oil using carbon dioxide flooding processes. In general, the invention provides a process to improve oil recovery from a reservoir by injecting through a well into a reservoir a... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140251621 - Through tubing perpendicular boring: Methods for extracting more fluids from oil and gas wells reservoirs than is currently possible using the current art of drilling and hydraulic fracturing wells may be accomplished with methods and apparatuses to directionally control the construction of a plurality of substantially perpendicular boreholes from a common wellbore at a... Agent: Boaz Energy LLC

20140251622 - Methods for producing authigenic rock mineral for altering rock hydrology: The present disclosure relates to methods of reversibly altering the rock hydrology in systems, such as oil reservoirs, by inducing authigenic mineral-precipitating bacteria to produce authigenic rock mineral.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140251623 - Fracturing systems and methods for a wellbore: Systems, units, and methods usable to stimulate a formation include a first supply subsystem adapted to provide a first medium to the formation and a pressure subsystem that includes a pump in communication with the first medium to pressurize the first medium to a pressure sufficient to stimulate the formation.... Agent: Prostim Labs, LLC

20140251624 - Method of servicing a wellbore with an aqueous gel containing a friction reducer: A well may be serviced with a fluid formulated with components comprising a friction reducer having at least one polymer unit chosen from acrylamide groups, acrylate groups, sulfo groups, and maleic acid groups; and an anionic surfactant, a cationic surfactant and an aqueous base capable of forming a viscoelastic gel.... Agent:

20140251625 - Foamed fracturing fluids and methods for treating hydrocarbon bearing formations: Disclosed herein is a foamed fracturing fluid comprising a carrier fluid; a polymer that is soluble in the carrier fluid; the polymer being a synthetic polymer, wherein the synthetic polymer comprises a labile group that is operative to facilitate decomposition of the synthetic polymer upon activation of the labile group;... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140251626 - Method of enhancing the complexity of a fracture network within a subterranean formation: The complexity of a fracture network within a subterranean formation may be enhanced by pumping a high breakdown pressure fluid followed by a low breakdown pressure fluid into the formation. The method increases the Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV) of the formation and provides for a network of ancillary fractures within... Agent:

20140251627 - Mechanically adjustable flow control assembly: A flow control assembly can be mechanically adjusted, rotationally or translationally, inside a tubing downhole between multiple positions by an intervening tool from the surface to change resistivity to flow through the flow control assembly. The positions among which the flow control assembly can be adjusted can include a closed... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140251628 - Anti-rotation assembly for sliding sleeve: A sliding sleeve has an inner sleeve that moves in a housing. For example, the inner sleeve can move open relative to a port in the housing when a deployed ball engages a seat in the inner sleeve. Because the seat and the ball (if remaining) are preferably milled out... Agent:

20140251629 - Expandable ball seat for hydraulically actuating tools: A downhole tool has a housing, a mandrel, a seat, and a piston. The housing defines a first bore, and the mandrel is movably disposed in the first bore and defines a second bore. The mandrel has first and second mandrel sections or upper and lower cones, and the first... Agent:

20140251630 - Wellhead seal assembly lockdown system: A seal assembly (30) and a running tool (20) are provided for sealing a casing annulus in a wellhead (14). A casing hanger (12) includes a radially external groove therein, and wellhead has a radially internal groove therein. A locking ring (36) may be actuated by the running tool to... Agent: Dril-quip, Inc.

20140251631 - Riser breakaway connection and intervention coupling device: A breakaway connection for a subsea riser, the connection including a tubular stabbing member having a central axis, an upper end, a radially outer cylindrical surface, a radially inner surface, and an annular recess in the outer cylindrical surface. The breakaway connection also includes a tubular female member having a... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140251632 - Subsea hydrocarbon production system: A subsea oil and/or gas production system comprises a host production facility and a plurality of subsea wells. A fluid conveying network is provided that connects each subsea well to the host production facility. A separate electrical power and data network is provided for conveying direct current electrical power and... Agent:

20140251633 - Subsea well intervention system and methods: A system for performing an intervention on a subsea wellhead, the system including a production tree having a central axis, a first end, a second end, and a first flow bore extending axially from the first end to the second end. The production tree includes a master valve disposed along... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140251634 - Subsea wellhead system with hydraulically set seal assemblies: A wellhead system, the system including a wellhead housing having a central axis, an upper end, and a radially inner surface extending axially from the upper end. The system also includes a first casing string disposed within the wellhead housing. The first casing string includes a casing hanger and casing... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140251635 - Apparatuses and methods for gas extraction from reservoirs: Apparatuses and methods for extracting gas from a reservoir including a well bore having a large cross sectional area which may be determined by dividing a target flow rate of the reservoir by an actual sustained flow rate and multiplying a result by a flow path area for the actual... Agent:

20140251636 - Downhole tools, system and method of using: The present disclosure relates to downhole tools, including downhole valves, which actuate via a pressure differential created across a shifting element having one or more pressure surfaces isolated from fluid, and fluid pressure, flowing through the interior flowpath. Embodiment downhole tools of the present disclosure may actuate in response to,... Agent: Peak Completion Technologies, Inc.

20140251637 - Gripping dies for continuous coiled rod injectors and fabrication and use methods relating to same: Gripper dies for a continuous coiled rod injector are machined from a single, unitary, integral steel body forming both the base portion for connection to the injector drive chain and the gripping portion for engagement of the continuous coiled rod. Lower skate pressure is required relative to conventional aluminum dies,... Agent: Celtic Machining Ltd.

20140251638 - Tubular apparatus for making rigid tubular structures, and corresponding installation method: Described herein is a tubular apparatus for making rigid tubular structures, comprising a flexible cylindrical wall (11, 11′) defining inside it a hollow passage (19), and suited for being wound, in particular on a spool, and continuously laid for use. According to the invention, said cylindrical wall (11, 11′) comprises... Agent:

20140251639 - Method and devices for centralizing a casing: New apparatus and methods are provided for positioning and attaching centralizers to the inside sidewalls of a wellbore. One or more centralizers are maintained in the interior of a pipe that is transported downhole into a well for deployment. Preferrably, the pipe is also the wellbore's casing and the centralizers... Agent: Portable Composite Structures, Inc.

20140251641 - Expandable and degradable downhole hydraulic regulating assembly: A hydraulic regulating mechanism for disposal in a well. The mechanism includes a degradable metal based element and a swellable component for hydraulic regulation. The mechanism is configured for ease of setting and removal by allowing degrading of the metal based element upon exposure of certain downhole conditions to trigger... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140251640 - Extended length packer with timed setting: A device and method to control the rate of radial expansion of a compressible sealing element on a packer over the longitudinal length of the sealing element. By varying the rate of compression of the element, the rate of radial expansion of the corresponding portions of the element may also... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

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