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01/22/2015 > 44 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150021008 - Electromagnetic assisted ceramic materials for heavy oil recovery and in-situ steam generation: The disclosure provides a downhole tool, and method of using the downhole tool, for enhancing recovery of heavy oil from a formation. The downhole tool includes an outer core having at least one ceramic portion. At least one electromagnetic antenna is disposed within the outer core. The at least one... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150021009 - Modulated opto-acoustic converter: An opto-acoustic subsystem is provided. The subsystem includes an optical transmitter and an actuator device. The optical transmitter can be positioned at a surface of a wellbore. The actuator device can be positioned in the wellbore and can respond to a modulated electrical signal generated from a modulated optical signal... Agent:

20150021010 - Counterweighted pump jack with reversible motors: A counterweighted well pumping unit comprises two or more reversible motors, each of which is directly and operatively connected to a rotatable drive component mounted on a support structure positioned over a wellhead. For each motor, an elongate, flexible drive element is trained over the associated rotatable drive component, with... Agent:

20150021011 - Ball launcher for a tubing string: A ball launcher has a body and a ball conveyor. The body has a sidewall defining axial bore, an attachment for attaching to a tubing string, and at least one radial port that provides access though the sidewall to the axial bore. The ball conveyor is carried by the body... Agent: Redco Equipment Sales Ltd.

20150021012 - Method and apparatus for subterranean tool actuation using stored torsional spring energy: A coiled spring is extended axially and its outside diameter is reduced for the run in position of a tool preferably a liner hanger. Upon release of the stored potential energy the diameter of the spring grows so that contact of the surrounding tubular is made by the spring to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150021013 - Electromagnetic assisted ceramic materials for heavy oil recovery and in-situ steam generation: The disclosure provides a downhole tool, and method of using the downhole tool, for enhancing recovery of heavy oil from a formation. A method for enhancing recovery of heavy oil from a formation includes placing a downhole tool in a first wellbore. The downhole tool has an outer core having... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150021016 - Device and method for measuring torque and rotation: A device is taught for measuring and wirelessly transmitting one or more parameters during wellbore operations. The device comprises a torque sub releasably connected to a top drive at a first end and having a second end such that the torque sub rotates with the rotating top drive, one or... Agent: Mccoy Corporation

20150021014 - Forward deployed sensing array for an electric submersible pump: An electric submersible pumping system has an electric motor, a pump assembly driven by the electric motor and a sensor module. The sensor module preferably includes a detachable sensor array that can be selectively released from the sensor module. In preferred embodiments, the detachable sensor array includes a self-propelled sensor... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150021018 - High pressure large bore well conduit system: Well conduit system and methods using a first outer conduit wall and at least one second inner conduit wall positioned through a wellhead to define an annulus with radial loading surfaces extending across the annulus and radially between at least two of the conduit walls to form passageways through subterranean... Agent:

20150021015 - Inflow control valve and device producing distinct acoustic signal: Systems and methods for generating and monitoring an acoustic response to particular fluid flow conditions in a wellbore include incorporating a sound-producing element into each inflow control device installed in a wellbore. Each of the sound-producing elements generates an acoustic signature that is readily identifiable from each other sound-producing element... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150021017 - Inspection methods for reprocessing non-metallic oilfield tools: The disclosure relates to the treatment of non-metallic sucker rods, made of metal, particularly to the method of reclamation of used rods already used in the mechanical deep-pumping extraction of oil. The method of remanufacturing of standard length rods includes subjecting used non-metallic sucker rods to a destructive pull test.... Agent: Trc Services, Inc.

20150021019 - Downhole fluid flow control system and method having autonomous closure: A fluid flow control system includes a flow control assembly having a fluid flow path for a flowing fluid. First and second flow control components are disposed in parallel in the fluid flow path, the first having a positive flowrate response to decreasing fluid viscosity and the second having a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150021020 - Zonal compositional production rates in commingled gas wells: A production logging tool (PLT) is conveyed within production tubing containing production fluid flow established by zonal fluid flow from formation zones. The PLT measures a flow rate of the production fluid flow at each of a plurality of depths associated with a corresponding one of the zones. A flow... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150021021 - Multiple-interval wellbore stimulation system and method: Disclosed are systems and methods for carrying out multiple-interval stimulation of a wellbore. One disclosed method includes introducing one or more wellbore projectiles into a work string including a completion assembly having a first downhole tool arranged within a first interval, a second downhole tool arranged within a second interval,... Agent:

20150021022 - Energized slurries and methods: Energized slurries (including foams) comprising an Apollonian particle mixture and at least one additive selected from the group consisting of viscosifiers, gelling agents and rheological agents. Also, methods, fluids, equipment and/or systems for treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore, relating to treatment fluids based on the energized slurries.... Agent:

20150021023 - Encapsulated microenergetic material: Providing high energy materials that can be placed in previously created fractures and activating them in place to extend or change an existing fracture system. Also detecting the location of fractures or permeable pathways and a means to assess the extent and efficiency of proppant emplacement.... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20150021024 - Atmosphere to pressure ball drop apparatus: An improved ball drop apparatus including an atmosphere-to-pressure frac ball injection chamber. A ball is first inserted into the atmosphere-to-pressure ball injection chamber from a ball feeding apparatus. The ball is then pushed into a pressure equalization section through a first seal pack. In a preferred embodiment, the pressure equalization... Agent: Oil States Energy Services, L.L.C.

20150021025 - Method for combined cleaning and plugging in a well and flushing tool for flushing in a well: A method is for the combined perforation, cleaning, and the subsequent plugging of a longitudinal section of a well. The well is provided with two pipe bodies placed substantially concentrically. The method includes lowering a perforation tool into the innermost pipe body to the longitudinal section, forming perforations in both... Agent: Hydra Systems As

20150021026 - Zone select stage tool system: A stage tool operable with a plug is used for cementing a tubing string in a wellbore annulus. The tool can have a housing with a closure sleeve movably disposed in the internal bore of the housing. When pressure is applied downhole to the tool, a breachable obstruction on an... Agent:

20150021027 - Wellbore fluid: The present invention provides a wellbore fluid, such as a drilling, completion or workover fluid, said wellbore fluid comprising a glucomannan additive. Further provided is a method of forming a gel plug from the wellbore fluid, a method of modifying the properties of a wellbore fluid, a method of drilling... Agent: M-i Drilling Fluids Uk Limited

20150021028 - Sealing fluid for setting a packer: A method and a sealing fluid for setting a packer in an annulus between a well bore and a well tubular is provided, which by adjusting i.a. the density, viscosity and setting time of the sealing fluid is able to provide among other things a full radial seal with an... Agent:

20150021029 - Method and apparatus for casing entry: According to one aspect of the disclosure, an intercept well for penetrating an existing tubular is drilled. A casing entry tool is provided in the intercept well and operated to form at least one aperture in the wall of the existing casing. The casing entry tool may be oriented toward... Agent:

20150021030 - Temperature compensated element: A time actuated element includes a mandrel, a housing coupled to the mandrel, the housing defining a fluid expansion chamber. A piston is positioned within the fluid expansion chamber. A thermally expanding fluid is positioned within the fluid expansion chamber. An end ring coupled to the piston slides along the... Agent:

20150021031 - Electric and fired steam generation systems: Methods and systems relate to steam assisted oil recovery utilizing a fired boiler and an electric boiler, which may be disposed closer to an injection well than the fired boiler. A gas turbine produces electricity supplied to the electric boiler and flue gas exhaust that may input into the fired... Agent:

20150021032 - Method for fracking wells using a packer to form primary and secondary fracs and seal intervals for hydrualic fracturing: A method for fracking and completing a well (10) having a well bore (12) through a formation (14) includes the steps of: packer jack fracking the formation using a packer (22) to form a packer fractured formation (28), moving the packer (22) to seal the packer fractured formation (28), and... Agent: Baski, Inc.

20150021033 - Thixotropic agents and methods of use: A thixotropic agent comprised of a gel which is comprised of a polymeric organic material cross-linked with certain boehmite aluminas having a crystallite size of less than about 100 Å as measured on the 120 plane.... Agent:

20150021034 - Switchable magnetic particle filter: Systems, devices and methods for strands of conductor oriented in a first direction; and strands of soft magnetic material oriented in a second direction that is different from the first direction evaluating a downhole fluid from a borehole intersecting an earth formation. The method may include filtering magnetic particles in... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporation

20150021035 - Tubing head spool actuation through landing string: A landing string for landing a tubing hanger in a tubing spool has flow lines for actuating annulus access valves. A tubing string depends from the tubing hanger, and projects into a wellbore lined with casing when the tubing hanger is landed. Piping outside of the tubing spool connects to... Agent: Vetco Gray U.k., Limited

20150021037 - Pre-positioned capping device and diverter: Systems and methods contain fluids discharged from a subsea well or at the surface by capping the well blowout with a pre-positioned capping device and diverting flow of hydrocarbons to a secondary location for disposal/handling in situations where casing integrity is compromised preventing ability to close in the flow of... Agent:

20150021036 - Pre-positioned capping device for source control with independent management system: Systems and methods contain fluids discharged from a subsea well or at the surface by capping the well blowout with a pre-positioned capping device. The capping device includes at least one blind shear ram and is separate from a blowout preventer. Different personnel offsite of a rig drilling the well... Agent:

20150021038 - Pre-positioned capping device on high pressure wells: Systems and methods contain fluids discharged from a subsea well or at the surface by capping the well blowout with a pre-positioned capping device. The capping device includes at least one blind shear ram and is separate from a blowout preventer. The blowout preventer may operate to control well events... Agent:

20150021039 - Umbilical: An umbilical comprising an outer sheath, a core enclosed by the outer sheath and comprising a plurality of helically wound umbilical components, and a tape wound between the outer sheath and the core, wherein the tape comprises a plurality of rigid elements adapted to press into or against the outer... Agent:

20150021040 - Self-draining production assembly: A production assembly includes a tree body, in which the tree body includes a main production bore formed about an axis and a wing bore extending through the tree body from the main production bore. The tree body may further include a wing valve in fluid communication with the wing... Agent:

20150021041 - Setting assembly and method thereof: A setting assembly including a settable member. A housing including a chamber and a setting material disposed in the chamber and having a first phase of matter and a second phase of matter. The setting material occupying a greater volume in the second phase than in the first phase. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150021042 - Drillable plug: A drillable plug includes a mandrel having an upper end and a lower axial section, the lower axial section having a geometry transition point separating an upper circular mandrel profile from a lower non-circular mandrel profile, a seal element disposed around the upper circular mandrel profile, and a lower cone... Agent:

20150021043 - Safety device for retrieving component within wellhead: A system is provided that include a safety device configured to mount in a mineral extraction system and block axial movement of a plug in the mineral extraction system while the plug is released from a retainer. In one embodiment, the safety device may be a sleeve configured to receive... Agent:

20150021044 - Grooved swellable packer: A swellable packer which includes a generally tubular mandrel having a central axis and an exterior cylindrical surface. The swellable packer further includes a swellable elastomeric body fixed to the exterior cylindrical surface of the mandrel, wherein the swellable elastomeric body includes a plurality of grooves and wherein the generally... Agent:

20150021045 - Rotating flow control device for wellbore fluid control device: The invention relates to a rotating flow control device and methods of using the same for controlling wellbore fluids at the head of a riser diverter for use in offshore drilling operations or the head of a blowout preventer stacks annular for conventional land-based drilling operations. The rotating flow control... Agent: Elite EnergyIPHoldings Ltd.

20150021047 - Centralizer assembly and method for attaching to a tubular: A centralizer, method, and centralizer assembly. For example, the centralizer assembly includes a first stop collar fixed in place on a tubular, and a first end collar that is sized to slide axially over the first stop collar. The centralizer assembly also includes a first retainer coupled with the first... Agent:

20150021046 - Threaded connections and methods: Threaded couplings and methods for use in drilling with casing can include first and second male members having exterior threads engaged with interior threads of a female member. Exterior shoulders of the male members can abut interior shoulders of the female member to facilitate placement of the male members such... Agent: Houston International Specialty, Inc.

20150021048 - Slip, tangential slip system having slip, and method thereof: A slip for a tangentially loaded retrievable slip system. The slip includes a frame including an interior having first and second sides; and, a key having a first portion within the interior of the frame. The first portion having first and second sides. The first portion of the key movable... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150021049 - Swellable casing anchor: A method for anchoring a casing string within a wellbore is disclosed. The method includes providing a casing string, where the casing string being generally tubular, and coupling a swellable elastomeric material on at least a portion of the exterior of the casing string. In addition, the method includes positioning... Agent:

20150021051 - Bonded slickline and methods of use: Disclosed is an improved tension member or slickline used in wellbore intervention operations. One exemplary tension member includes a first portion comprising a metallic material and having a distal end, a second portion comprising a non-metallic material and having a proximal end, and a joint coupling the proximal end of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

20150021050 - Tubing clamp assembly: A clamp assembly provides an attachment point for securely gripping pipe or other tubular goods including, without limitation, a section of coiled tubing. The clamp assembly beneficially includes a pad-eye member for attaching the clamp assembly (and any attached tubing) to a hook of a crane or other lifting mechanism.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 36 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150013962 - Heating cable for extraction pipes of viscous hydrocarbons or paraffinic in conventional wells and type tight wells, vertical or directional, with flooded annular in casual or permanent form, suitable for use between low and high fluid pressures ranges: The present invention relates to a heating cable for extraction pipes of viscous hydrocarbon or paraffinic in conventional wells and tight type wells, with flooded ring in eventual or permanent cases, suitable for use between low and high fluid pressure ranges. The cable, flat type with parallel electric conductors, is... Agent:

20150013963 - Insulating component: An insulating component for inclusion in a down hole drill string comprising: a first part or connected group of parts, the first part or group of parts including a first connection site (4); a second part or connected group of parts, the second part or group of parts including a... Agent:

20150013964 - Treatment plug, method of anchoring and sealing the same to a structure and method of treating a formation: A treatment plug includes, an anchor runnable and settable within a structure having, at least one slip movably engaged with the anchor to move radially into engagement with the structure in response to longitudinal movement of the at least one slip relative to surfaces of the treatment plug, at least... Agent:

20150013965 - Wellbore composite plug assembly: A down hole tool assembly can be installed at a desired location within a subterranean wellbore that is capable of isolating one portion of the wellbore from another, while sealing fluid pressure within the wellbore from at least one direction. The plug assembly can include components constructed of non-metallic material... Agent:

20150013966 - Flow control devices including a sand screen having integral standoffs and methods of using the same: In one aspect, a flow control device is disclosed that in one embodiment may include a sand screen that includes adjacent wraps of a longitudinal member, wherein the longitudinal member has a width, a first axial side and a second axial side, the longitudinal member further including spaced apart standoffs... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150013967 - Hydrocarbon resource heating system including rf antennas driven at different phases and related methods: A system for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having spaced-apart wellbores therein aligned in a plane may include radio frequency (RF) antennas to be positioned within respective ones of the spaced apart wellbores aligned in the plane. The system may also include a plurality of discrete RF sources... Agent:

20150013970 - Sand control screen assembly with internal control lines: Disclosed are sand control screens and completion assemblies that receive, retain, and protect control lines during installation and operation thereof. One disclosed completion assembly includes a base pipe, at least one screen jacket positioned around the base pipe and operable to prevent an influx of particulate matter of a predetermined... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150013968 - System and method for operating a pump in a downhole tool: A method includes pumping fluid from outside of a downhole tool through a flowline of the downhole tool with a pump and taking first measurements, using at least one sensor, within the flowline during a first stage of pumping the fluid. The method further includes estimating a saturation pressure of... Agent:

20150013971 - Test packer and method for use: A downhole tool having a throughbore is disclosed for use in a tubular located in a wellbore. The downhole tool has a sealing element configured to seal an annulus between the downhole tool and an inner wall of the tubular; at least one flow path formed in the downhole tool,... Agent:

20150013969 - Systems and methods for improving reservoir fluid recovery from fractured subterranean formations: Systems and methods for improving reservoir fluid recovery from fractured subterranean formations. The methods may include injecting a pressurizing fluid into an injection fracture that extends within a subterranean formation and producing a produced fluid from a production fracture that extends within the subterranean formation. The production fracture is spaced... Agent:

20150013972 - Surface confirmation for opening downhole ports using pockets for chemical tracer isolation: The invention provides an apparatus and method of using the apparatus for surface confirmation of opening of downhole ports in a downhole environment. The apparatus includes a tubular region that has an inner diameter. The tubular region includes at least two production ports and at least one non-production port. The... Agent:

20150013973 - Pump control for auxiliary fluid movement: A method for routing a fluid within a flowline of a downhole tool is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes moving a piston within a chamber of a downhole tool to push a fluid out of the chamber and into a flowline. The method also includes using a pump... Agent:

20150013974 - Fracture evaluation through cased boreholes: A method of estimating fractures in an earth formation includes: disposing an acoustic tool in a cased borehole in an earth formation, the acoustic tool including a multipole acoustic transmitter and an acoustic receiver; transmitting an acoustic signal into the borehole; measuring deep shear wave (DSW) signals generated from shear... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150013976 - Intelligent well system and method: An intelligent well system and method has a sand face completion and a monitoring system to monitor application of a well operation. Various equipment and services may be used. In another aspect, the invention provides a monitoring system for determining placement of a well treatment. Yet another aspect of the... Agent:

20150013975 - Method and system for monitoring and managing fiber cable slack in a coiled tubing: A method and system for monitoring a cable within a coiled tubing is disclosed. A first set of excitation signals is applied to the coiled tubing at a first point in time. The first set of excitation signals comprises one or more signals applied at one or more depths. The... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150013977 - Method of using carbon dioxide in recovery of formation deposits: The present invention relates to systems, apparatuses, and methods for providing a reliable, high purity source of CO2 that is used in the recovery of formation deposits, such as fossil fuels. At least a portion of the fossil fuels recovered may be directly combusted or extracted using the same process... Agent: 8 Rivers Capital, LLC

20150013978 - Inflow control valve for controlling the flow of fluids into a generally horizontal production well and method of using the same: An inflow control valve for controlling the flow of fluids into a generally horizontal production well located in an underground reservoir, where the production well has a well casing, a production tubing located within the casing and an annulus between the production tubing and the casing. The inflow control valve... Agent:

20150013979 - Hydrocarbon recovery system using rf energy to heat steam within an injector and associated methods: A hydrocarbon resource recovery system is provided for a subterranean formation having an injector wellbore and a producer wellbore therein. The hydrocarbon resource recovery system includes a tubular producer positioned in the producer wellbore and a tubular injector positioned in the injector wellbore. A steam source is coupled to a... Agent:

20150013980 - Flow control devices including a sand screen and an inflow control device for use in wellbores: A flow control device is disclosed. The device includes a tubular member having a plurality adjacent wraps, wherein each wrap has an outer surface and an inner surface. Some of the wraps include one or more flow control paths, wherein each such flow control path includes a tortuous path to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150013981 - Creation of swegs appendages and heat pipe structures: A process is shown to efficiently drill multiple, short-length, medium-radius lateral holes from a vertical well shaft. The disclosed process may be performed without the need to repeatedly pull down-hole equipment for every lateral hole drilled so as to make the lateral hole drilling process efficient. A heat pipe assembly... Agent: Gtherm Inc.

20150013982 - Fracturing valve: A downhole tool capable of performing both perforating and fracturing operations has a valve portion comprising a tubular mandrel having a through bore continuous with a tubing string, and a frac window through the side of the tubular mandrel. An outer sleeve is radially disposed around the tubular mandrel. The... Agent:

20150013984 - Fluid viscosity control: A method of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore includes introducing a treatment fluid comprised at least a crosslinkable component, and a metal crosslinker to the subterranean formation, forming a crosslinked treatment fluid, and de-crosslinking bonds of the crosslinked treatment fluid by manipulating a pH of the treatment... Agent:

20150013983 - Solid-supported crosslinker for treatment of a subterranean formation: The present invention relates to solid-supported crosslinkers for treatment of a subterranean formation. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a method of treating a subterranean formation. The method can include obtaining or providing a composition that includes a solid-supported crosslinker. The solid-supported crosslinker includes a supporting solid, and a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150013985 - Apparatus for recovering hydrocarbon resources including ferrofluid source and related methods: A device for recovering hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation may include a radio frequency (RF) source, a ferrofluid source, and an RF applicator coupled to the RF source and configured to supply RF power to the hydrocarbon resources. The RF applicator may include concentric tubular conductors defining ferrofluid passageways... Agent:

20150013986 - Water heating apparatus for continuous heated water flow and method for use in hydraulic fracturing: A method of hydraulic fracturing of an oil producing formation includes the provision of a heating apparatus which is transportable and that has a vessel for containing water. The method contemplates heating the water up to a temperature of about 200° F. (93.3° C.). A water stream of cool or... Agent:

20150013987 - Method for reducing sulfide in oilfield waste water and making treated water: A process for treating oilfield waste water includes contacting the oilfield waste water with hydrogen peroxide, the oilfield waste water comprising sulfide; oxidizing the sulfide to sulfur; and precipitating the sulfur to form treated water from the oilfield waste water. A process for recycling oilfield waste water includes combining the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150013988 - Mitigating annular pressure buildup using temperature-activated polymeric particulates: A variety of methods and compositions are disclosed, including, in one embodiment, a method that comprises providing a treatment fluid comprising a carrier fluid and temperature-activated polymeric particulates, wherein a compressible gas is trapped in the polymeric particulates; and introducing the treatment fluid into a well bore annulus.... Agent:

20150013989 - Interval control valve with varied radial spacings: A flow control device for use with a subterranean well, can include inner and outer flow trim sleeves. A radial spacing between the inner and outer flow trim sleeves increases in a direction of flow through the radial spacing. A method of regulating flow between an interior and an exterior... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150013990 - Double valve block and actuator assembly including same: A valve comprises a housing including a first chamber, a second chamber, and a neutral chamber. In addition, the valve comprises a stem disposed within the housing. Further, the valve comprises a first valve member at least partially disposed in the first chamber and connected to the stem and a... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150013991 - Downhole tool having a shock-absorbing sleeve: An apparatus having a shock-absorbing sleeve is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a housing, an axially moveable sleeve received in the housing and a sealed annular space having a fixed volume axially between the housing and the sleeve. A barrier axially moveable with the sleeve divides the annular space into a... Agent:

20150013992 - Top entry wireline apparatus and methods: A top entry wireline apparatus with a roller chain configuration for inserting a manipulating an electrical conduit into a wellbore and a method of using the same.... Agent: Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

20150013994 - Bell nipple assembly apparatus and methods: An apparatus including a bell nipple assembly defining a first internal passage that includes two sections forming first and second internal passages that may be aligned by a flexible connector disposed between first and second flanges in one of the sections to at least partially adjust for an offset amount... Agent:

20150013993 - Downhole construction of vacuum insulated tubing: A method for adjusting a pressure within a wellbore. The method can include inserting a first tubing into the wellbore. The method can also include mechanically coupling a bottom coupling feature of a multiple connection bushing to the first tubing. The method can further include mechanically coupling a second tubing... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150013995 - Methods and systems for operating a downhole tool: Apparatuses and methods for operating a downhole tool are disclosed. A downhole tool configuration device includes an upper stem movable between an up position and a down position. The upper stem comprises an extended portion. An outer sleeve is selectively coupleable to the upper stem at the up position and... Agent:

20150013997 - Downhole tool and method: A method of manufacture and installation of a resizable, plastically deformable or crimpable elastomeric bearing collar or stabilizer sleeve which can be installed over upset sections of rotary drilling and wellbore completion tubulars such as but not limited to subs, drill collars, drill pipe, wellbore casing, production liners and other... Agent:

20150013996 - Downhole tool and method of use: A downhole tool useable for isolating sections of a wellbore that includes a composite mandrel; and a metal slip disposed about the composite mandrel, the metal slip having a one-piece circular slip body; and a face comprising a set of mating holes; a sleeve comprising a set of pins configured... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150007974 - Hydrocarbon resource heating apparatus including ferromagnetic transmission line and related methods: A device for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein may include an RF antenna configured to be positioned within the wellbore to heat the hydrocarbon resources in the subterranean formation. The device may further include a radio frequency (RF) source, and an RF transmission line... Agent:

20150007975 - Downhole supercapacitor device: Certain aspects and features of the present invention are directed to a supercapacitor device that can be disposed in a wellbore through a fluid-producing formation. The supercapacitor device can include a body that can be disposed in the wellbore, a supercapacitor disposed in the body, at least two terminals disposed... Agent:

20150007976 - Method and apparatus for permanent measurement of wellbore formation pressure from an in-situ cemented location: A pressure gauge system and a method for in-situ determination of a wellbore formation pressure through a layer of cement, where the pressure gauge system comprises: a housing arranged to be permanently installed in the cement on the outside of a wellbore casing, wherein said housing comprises a pressure sensor... Agent: Sensor Developments As

20150007977 - Apparatus and methods for cemented multi-zone completions: A method and apparatus for determining a parameter of a production fluid in a wellbore by providing an initially blocked isolated communication path between a sensor and an aperture formed in a sleeve. The isolated communication path is subsequently unblocked to allow measurements of the parameter of the production fluid.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150007978 - Stuffing box leak containment apparatus: An apparatus for containing leaks from a stuffing box on a wellhead production assembly is provided. The apparatus comprises a containment vessel consisting of two half shells that are joined below the stuffing box. Additionally, the apparatus comprises a transparent lid having an upper opening to receive a polished rod... Agent:

20150007979 - Apparatus for retaining rig slips in alignment with a flow control device: The present invention provides an apparatus for retaining rig slips gripping a drill pipe through a bore of a flow control device. The apparatus includes a plate and a support means. The plate has an aperture that constricts the rig slips against passing trough the aperture. The support means attaches... Agent:

20150007980 - Combination plug and setting tool with centralizers: A series of down hole plugs are made from a common subassembly including, in some embodiments, a mandrel, a slips/seal section, a setting assembly and a mule shoe. To make the flow back plug, a ball check is placed in the mule shoe. To make the bridge plug, an obstruction... Agent:

20150007981 - Processing and transport of stranded gas to conserve resources and reduce emissions: the recovery unit is removed for redeployment either at a central plant or at other wells which are still at the high production and is substituted by a dehydration system and gas compressor arranged to fill portable pressure vessels typically on trucks for transporting the compressed natural gas to a... Agent:

20150007983 - Downhole imaging systems and methods: Downhole Camera systems and methods. Certain systems include a high-speed video camera configured with a 360 degree optical field-of-view, a jet-flushing system capable of temporarily displacing debris substantially simultaneously along all azimuths within the optical field-of-view, and optionally a downhole real-time image processing system for reducing the amount of captured... Agent:

20150007984 - Formation thermal measurement apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to activate a thermal source in a borehole to heat a portion of a geological formation proximate to the borehole, to move the thermal source or thermal receivers within the borehole (to... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150007982 - Telemetry system and method of communicating through a tubular: A telemetry system including a tubular. A pump in operable communication with the tubular configured to pump a fluid through the tubular; a flow altering arrangement in operable communication with at least one of the pump and the tubular. A flow interacting detail disposed in the tubular; and a load... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150007985 - Packer-packer vertical interference testing: A downhole tool having multiple packers and a controller operable to operate the packers to establish upper, middle, and lower intervals. The controller then establishes the upper and lower intervals at formation pressure, and establishes the middle interval at hydrostatic pressure. The controller then creates a pressure signal in one... Agent:

20150007986 - Acoustic determination of piston position in a modular dynamics tester displacement pump and methods to provide estimates of fluid flow rate: A method for determining a piston position in a downhole tool, having steps of providing a transducer in the downhole tool, wherein the tool has a piston used to create a vacuum for the downhole tool, providing a transducer tone burst to provide acoustic energy toward the piston, reflecting the... Agent:

20150007987 - Method for chemical treatment of a subsurface wellbore: A method for injecting treatment chemical into a well includes selecting times at which to operate a chemical dispenser to inject a selected amount of treatment chemical into a well. At each selected time whether a wellbore pump is operating is determined. If the pump is operating the selected amount... Agent:

20150007988 - Hydrocarbon recovery process exploiting multiple induced fractures: A method for enhancing production from multiple-fractured underground “tight” formations. Spaced upwardly-extending injection fissures are created along a horizontal injection wellbore, and upwardly-extending collection fissures, alternately spaced with the injection fissures, are created along the horizontal injection wellbore or another adjacent production wellbore. The injection wellbore is supplied with fluid... Agent:

20150007989 - Viscoelastic surfactants crosslinked with divalent ions and methods for making and using same: Viscoselastic surfactant systems including at least one viscoelastic surfactant and at least one divalent metal compound, where the systems are useable for enhancing oil production in oil wells that coproduce high volumes of gas and/or water and for enhancing gas injection uniformity into injection formations and methods including treating producing... Agent:

20150007990 - Drilling fluids: An improvement over known hydraulic fracturing fluids. Boundary layer kinetic mixing material is added to components of fracturing fluid wherein kinetic mixing material is a plurality of particles wherein at least 25% of particles are several types, i.e., having surface characteristics of thin walls, three dimensional wedge-like sharp blades, points,... Agent:

20150007991 - Method for establishment of a new well path from an existing well: A method is for establishing a new well path from an existing well, wherein the existing well, at least in a portion where the new well path is to be established, is delineated radially by a casing. The method comprises disposing and anchoring a plug base in the well; providing... Agent: Hydra Systems As

20150007992 - Use of terpolymers as fluid loss additives in well cementing: What is proposed is the use of a terpolymer comprising 5-95 mol % of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid, 5-95 mol % of N,N-dimethylacrylamide and 5-12 mol % of acrylic acid as a fluid loss additive in well cementing.... Agent:

20150007994 - Open hole casing run perforating tool: Disclosed is an open-hole casing perforation tool having projecting fins around the circumference of a mandrel that have firing mechanisms and shape charges to allow flexible operation of geological formation fracturing at desired predetermined locations in an oil or gas well bore.... Agent:

20150007993 - Protection of casing lowside while milling casing exit: The lowside of a casing joint is protected from wear while milling a casing exit for a lateral borehole. The casing joint is coupled to a casing string and is made of a material that is softer than that of the casing string. A whipstock assembly is arranged within the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150007995 - Lubricating compositions for use with downhole fluids: An aqueous-based downhole fluid having a lubricant therein may be circulated within a subterranean reservoir wellbore where the downhole fluid may be or include a drilling fluid, a completion fluid, a fracturing fluid, a drill-in fluid, a workover fluid, and combinations thereof. The lubricant may include a clay stabilizer and... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150007998 - Integral fracturing manifold: A fracturing system can include an integral fracturing manifold. More particularly, a fracturing system can include a plurality of fracturing trees and an integral fracturing manifold may be directly coupled to each of the plurality of fracturing trees. The integral fracturing manifold may also include adjustment and pivot joints that... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150007996 - Method for producing oil from induced fractures using a single wellbore and multiple-channel tubing: A method for sweeping a subterranean petroleum reservoir and recovering hydrocarbons therefrom. Such method utilizes a plurality of spaced hydraulic fractures extending radially outwardly from, and spaced laterally along, a length of a single horizontal wellbore drilled through the reservoir. The hydraulic fractures are each in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20150007997 - Well fracturing systems and methods: A fracturing system can include a fracturing manifold coupled to a plurality of fracturing trees. The fracturing manifold may include adjustment joints that enable adjustment of the length of the fracturing manifold. The fracturing manifold can also include pivot joints that allow angular displacement of portions of the fracturing manifold... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150007999 - Stoppers for structures attached to hybrid riser towers: A coated or sleeved pipe for a hybrid riser tower is disclosed. The pipe has at least one stop formation that is integral with or attached to an external coating or sleeve of the pipe. The stop formation is arranged to restrain movement along the pipe of a structure attached... Agent:

20150008000 - Power actuator device and method for submerged use at petroleum exploitation: Power actuator (2) device and method for submerged use at petroleum exploitation, where an electric motor (50) drives a displaceable actuating element (16) via a transmission element (80), and where the power actuator (2) comprises at least two parallel and cooperative screw-nut-connections (20) connected to the actuating element (16), and... Agent:

20150008001 - Subsurface well systems with multiple drain wells extending from production well and methods for use thereof: Drain wells can be used to direct a fluid to a central production well in a subsurface well system. Subsurface well systems can include a production well extending from the earth's surface, a collection region having a fluid connection to the production well and either being contiguous with the production... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150008002 - Tapered spline connection for drill pipe, casing, and tubing: An apparatus comprises a first number of splines located near a first end of a first joint section and a second number of splines located near a second end of a second joint section. The first number of splines extends in an axial direction of the first joint section and... Agent:

20150008003 - Selective plugging element and method of selectively plugging a channel therewith: An assembly for assisting performance of an operation involving a hardenable fluid in an axial flowbore of a casing string including a carrier disposed at the casing string. An operative device is carried by the carrier. A channel connects between the operative device and the axial flowbore. A plugging element... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

01/01/2015 > 47 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20150000890 - Drill rig and methods of manufacture and use of same: The present invention provides an improved drill rig for drilling vertical loop field for geothermal heating/air conditioning units, methods of designing and installing novel vertical loop fields under existing buildings, and novel vertical loop field structures and geothermal heating systems including such loop fields.... Agent:

20150000891 - Cementing tool: An improved cementing tool is presented which allows for relatively easy removal and insertion of the tool through the use of non-threaded low-torque connections. The cementing tool uses a combination of threaded connections and non-threaded, low-torque connections configured to create a stack of components including plug launchers, ball launchers and... Agent:

20150000892 - Downhole-adjusting impact apparatus and methods: A downhole-adjusting impact apparatus (DATA) mechanically coupled between opposing first and second portions of a tool string, wherein: the tool string is conveyable within a wellbore extending between a wellsite surface and a subterranean formation; the first tool string portion comprises a first electrical conductor in electrical communication with surface... Agent: Impact Selector, Inc.

20150000893 - Controlled aperture ball drop: A controlled aperture ball drop includes a ball cartridge that is mounted to a frac head or a high pressure fluid conduit. The ball cartridge houses a ball rail having a bottom end that forms an aperture with an inner periphery of the ball cartridge through which frac balls of... Agent:

20150000894 - Multi-stage apparatus for installing tubular goods: A pipe gripping assembly includes, among other components, a fluid conducting swivel, a fluid-powered linear actuator and a pipe gripping assembly. The linear actuator has a central rod mounted within a multi-stage, segmented barrel assembly. Each barrel segment acts as a piston, with control fluid forces being transmitted to the... Agent: Premiere, Inc.

20150000895 - Ucg channel: A pressurized alkali dispersion supply system for use in permeabilizing a coal seam, and in particular for connecting together open zones in a coal seam using a (almost horizontal) linkage channel comprising a multitude of fine cracks. The system includes a source of alkali/alkali solution, a source of pressurized air,... Agent: Linc Energy Ltd

20150000896 - Debris chamber with helical flow path for enhanced subterranean debris removal: A subterranean debris catcher swirls the incoming debris laden stream by putting grooves or spiral projections on the inside of the inlet pipe. In some embodiments the solids come out of openings in the side of the inlet pipe and in others the solids can exit near the top either... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150000897 - Expandable well screen having enhanced drainage characteristics when expanded: An expandable well screen can include a filter section which is displaced outward when the well screen is positioned downhole, the filter section including an outer surface that is recessed relative to a raised boundary of the filter section adjacent the recessed outer surface. Another filter section can include an... Agent:

20150000898 - Systems and methods for decreasing compaction within a pyrolyzed zone: Systems and methods for decreasing compaction within a pyrolyzed zone are disclosed herein. The methods include injecting a sealing fluid into the pyrolyzed zone and flowing the sealing fluid to a peripheral region of the pyrolyzed zone. The methods further include fluidly sealing the peripheral region of the pyrolyzed zone... Agent:

20150000902 - Asphaltene content of heavy oil: A downhole tool is conveyed within a borehole extending into a subterranean formation. Fluid is drawn from the subterranean formation into the downhole tool, wherein the fluid comprises heavy oil. Fluorescence intensity of the drawn fluid is measured via a sensor of the downhole tool, and asphaltene content of the... Agent:

20150000901 - Ball launcher: A ball launcher system is provided. In one embodiment, such a system includes a ball launcher having a rotatable sleeve installed within an internal bore of a hollow body. The hollow body has ball chutes extending from an external surface to the internal bore. The rotatable sleeve has one or... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150000900 - Closed loop deployment of a work string including a composite plug in a wellbore: An apparatus for use in a wellbore is disclosed. The apparatus includes a downhole tool coupled to a wireline for conveying the downhole tool into the wellbore and for providing a data communication between the downhole tool and a surface device. The downhole tool further includes a settable device, a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150000899 - Downhole cooling with electrocaloric effect: Methods, systems, devices, and products for taking a downhole measurement are presented. The method may include cooling a sensor in a borehole intersecting an earth formation using an electrocaloric material associated with the sensor, wherein the sensor is responsive to a downhole parameter. The method may further include applying an... Agent:

20150000903 - Pore-space measurement method apparatus and system: A method for determining pore-space metrics for geological samples may include receiving an image of a geological sample, determining, via image processing, pore-space regions within the image of the geological sample, and measuring the pore-space regions to provide a pore-space metric for the geological sample. The method may also include... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150000904 - Downhole sensor flap and method of using same: A sensor flap for a downhole tool. The downhole tool is positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The sensor flap includes a sensor housing and at least one sensor. The sensor housing is operatively connectable to the downhole tool. The sensor housing is movably positionable between a retracted... Agent:

20150000905 - Method for hydrodynamic stimulation of the bottom of a seam: s

20150000906 - Apparatus for sampling water in borehole, and method thereof: Disclosed are an apparatus for sampling water in a borehole and a method thereof. The apparatus includes a water sampling cylinder to sample the water in the borehole; a first camera to monitor the water sampling cylinder and a sample discharging part provided in the borehole; a first motor to... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20150000908 - Altering the interface of hydrocarbon-coated surfaces: Methods and compositions are provided wherein microorganisms are used to alter the interface of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon-coated surfaces to increase oil recovery, for improved bioremediation and/or to benefit pipeline maintenance.... Agent:

20150000907 - Systems and methods for producing dimethyl sulfide from sour gas: Dimethyl sulfide is produced from sour gas. The dimethyl sulfide is utilized in an oil recovery formulation introduced into a petroleum-bearing formation to enhance recovery of petroleum from the formation.... Agent:

20150000909 - Compositions for oil recovery and methods of their use: Embodiments of the present disclosure include compositions for use in enhanced oil recovery, and methods of using the compositions for recovering oil. Compositions of the present disclosure include a nonionic, non-emulsifying surfactant having a CO2-philicity in a range of about 1.5 to about 5.0, carbon dioxide in a liquid phase... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150000910 - Methods for improved proppant suspension in high salinity, low viscosity subterranean treatment fluids: Methods of treating a subterranean formations including providing a treatment fluid comprising a high salt concentration base fluid, a charged polymeric gelling agent, and proppant particulates suspended therein; wherein the high salt concentration base fluid comprises a concentration of salt in the range of from about 0.5% to saturation, and... Agent:

20150000911 - Method of isolating a wellbore with solid acid for fracturing: Apparatus and methods of treating a subterranean formation including introducing a coiled tubing string into a wellbore to a wellbore zone, wherein the string comprises a packer on a bottom hole assembly; introducing an acid fracture treatment through the string; introducing bridging fluid comprising particulates through the string; circulating a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150000912 - In-situ downhole heating for a treatment in a well: The invention provides methods for treating a portion or treatment zone of a well that include introducing one or more treatment fluids into the well, wherein the one or more treatment fluids include: (i) a first reactant and a second reactant, wherein the first reactant and second reactant are selected... Agent:

20150000913 - Thermal buffering of downhole equipment with phase change material: A downhole assembly may include a housing containing a heat-producing component in thermal communication with a thermal buffering component. The thermal buffering component includes a container (232) having a phase change material disposed therein that is selected to have a phase change at or below a selected temperature.... Agent:

20150000914 - Method and apparatus for recycling water: We provide an evaporation based zero-liquid discharge method for generation of steam for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes utilizing once-through steam generators (OTSGs). The method includes feeding the OTSG(s) with produced water, vaporizing a fraction of this water for steam injection and blowing down the balance of the water. This... Agent:

20150000915 - Remediation of asphaltene-induced plugging of wellbores and production lines: A method of treating a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation comprising: providing an asphaltene solvent, wherein the asphaltene solvent comprises at least 75 mol % dimethyl sulfide and introducing the asphaltene solvent into the wellbore... Agent:

20150000916 - Enhanced oil recovery using seawater and edta: The enhanced oil recovery using seawater and EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a method that uses injection of EDTA in seawater to enhance the recovery of oil from sandstone reservoirs. The EDTA may be introduced into seawater during the initial extraction of oil from the reservoir by seawater injection, or a... Agent:

20150000917 - Method and system for impact pressure generation: A method is described for the recovery of hydrocarbon from a reservoir. The method includes arranging a chamber in fluid communication with the reservoir via at least one conduit, and having the chamber comprising first and second wall parts movable relative to each other. An impact pressure is provided in... Agent:

20150000918 - Catalyzed polyamine sulfide scavengers and methods of use in subterranean treatment fluids: Improved methods and additives for eliminating or reducing concentrations of hydrogen sulfide or soluble sulfide ions for use in subterranean formations and fluids are provided. In one embodiment, the methods comprise: providing a treatment fluid comprising an oil-based liquid and a sulfide scavenging additive comprising one or more polyaliphatic amines... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150000919 - Chelating fluid for enhanced oilrecovery in carbonate reservoirs and method of using the same: The chelating fluid for enhanced oil recovery in carbonate reservoirs and the method of using the same utilizes a chelating fluid injected into a carbonate oil reservoir through a fluid injection system. The chelating fluid is a solution of a polyamino carboxylic acid chelating agent in brine, with the polyamino... Agent:

20150000920 - Linearly indexing well bore simulation valve: Stimulation valves are provided that have a valve housing, an indexed driver, a reciprocating shifter, an actuation seat, and an isolation seat. The indexed driver is linearly actuated from an initial position through intermediate positions to a terminal position. In the driver initial and intermediate positions, the valve body shuts... Agent: Team Oil Tools Lp

20150000921 - Well bore stimulation valve: Stimulation valves for a well tubular having a cylindrical housing adapted for assembly into a tubular for a well. The valves have ports allowing fluid communication between a central conduit and the exterior of the housing and a valve body adapted for movement from a closed position to an open... Agent: Team Oil Tools Lp

20150000922 - Well bore tool with ball seat assembly: Tools for a well tubular comprising a ball seat assembly. The ball seat assembly comprises first and second ball seats. The first ball seat is adapted to receive a ball deployed into the tool, transition to a second state and release the ball. The first ball seat is operatively engaged... Agent: Team Oil Tools Lp

20150000923 - Adjustable riser suspension and sealing system: An adjustable riser suspension system for suspending a riser under tension including a riser hanger, a mating sleeve rotationally coupled to the riser hanger, a ratchet-latch sleeve located inside the mating sleeve with an external profile configured to engage an internal profile of the mating sleeve and an internal profile... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150000924 - Gooseneck conduit system: A gooseneck conduit system for use with a telescoping joint of a subsea riser. In one embodiment, a riser telescoping joint includes a tube and a gooseneck conduit assembly affixed to the tube. The gooseneck conduit assembly includes a gooseneck conduit extending radially from the tube, and a tenon projecting... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150000925 - Riser assembly from a vessel and on a seabed: A riser assembly for transporting a fluid from a vessel and on a seabed includes an elongate frame having a first frame end and a second frame end, where the first frame end is connected to the seabed and the second frame end is connected to a buoy, at least... Agent: Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland Se

20150000926 - Gas lift system for oil production: An improved gas lift system for use in oil production from a well bore (11) utilising a gas lift injection (10) system of the known type and further including a surface jet pump (16) downstream of the well head (13) for reducing the flowing well head pressure and capable of... Agent: Caltec Limited

20150000927 - Fusible alloy plug in flow control device: A “passive” apparatus and method for isolating flow within a thermal wellbore wherein inflow apertures are plugged with a temporary fusible alloy plug that can be selectively removed by increasing the wellbore temperature.... Agent: Total E&p Canada, Ltd.

20150000928 - Hydraulic system and method of actuating a plurality of tools: Disclosed herein is a hydraulic system. The system includes a chemical injection line and a plurality of tools in operable communication with the chemical injection line that are independently responsive to changes in pressure or flow through the chemical injection line and that are configured to control flow of wellbore... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150000929 - Method for producing hydrocarbon gas from a wellbore and valve assembly: The present invention provides a method for producing hydrocarbon gas from a wellbore and a control valve assembly for said wellbore. The wellbore comprises a wellhead, a production zone, a production tubing, and a velocity string installed inside the production tubing. The method comprises allowing gas to flow from the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20150000930 - Pump jack assembly: A pump jack assembly comprising: a horsehead mounted to rock on a frame; a polished rod connected to the horsehead; and a hydraulic motor connected to rock the horsehead.... Agent:

20150000931 - External grip tubular running tool: A method for running a tubular string in wellbore operations according to one or more aspects of the present disclosure includes providing a tubular running tool comprising gripping assembly rotationally connected to a carrier, the gripping assembly comprising a body and slips; connecting the carrier to a quill of a... Agent:

20150000932 - Completion system and method for completing a wellbore: In one aspect, a system includes a casing disposed in a wellbore in a formation, an installed tubular disposed within the casing and a treatment tubular disposed within the installed tubular, wherein no control line is provided in the treatment tubular, installed tubular or casing. The system also includes a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150000933 - Method and packages to protect electronics components in a subterranean environment: Methods and packages for containing electronics components are described that use characteristic dimensions, so that the electronics components can remain electrically functional within the package subjected to harsh environments, such as a subterranean environment.... Agent:

20150000934 - Apparatus and method to support a tubular member: Apparatuses and methods are disclosed herein relating to an apparatus to support a tubular member. The apparatus includes a bowl having a longitudinal axis extending therethrough, in which the bowl includes an inner wall formed about the longitudinal axis that is tapered with respect to the longitudinal axis. The apparatus... Agent:

20150000935 - Multi-stage well system and technique: A technique that is usable with a well includes communicating an untethered object in a passageway downhole in the well and using a cross-sectional dimension of the object and an axial dimension of the object to select a seat assembly of a plurality of seat assemblies to catch the object... Agent:

20150000936 - Energization of an element with a thermally expandable material: A system and method facilitates actuation of an energized device, such as a packer. The technique provides an actuating force with a thermally expandable material located in a container. The thermally expandable material is operatively coupled with an element, such as a packer sealing element, via an actuator member. When... Agent:

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