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05/21/2015 > 46 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150136382 - Device for covering a pipeline from a wellbore: A device for covering a pipeline from a wellbore comprising a cover comprising at least one lower bearing surface suitable for being mounted on an end of a vertical annular pipeline of a wellbore. The device includes a distribution elbow comprising a lower end, intended to be connected to a... Agent: Dakeez France

20150136383 - Horizontal fracturing tree: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a horizontal fracturing tree. The horizontal fracturing tree includes a first hydraulic fracturing bore configured to flow a first fluid, wherein the first hydraulic fracturing bore extends along a first horizontal axis, and the first horizontal axis is generally perpendicular to a vertical axis... Agent:

20150136384 - Wiper and seal assembly for a pump: A tubing pump includes a seal housing insertable into a production string of tubing with a seal assembly mounted in an interior of the seal housing. The assembly includes at least an upper seal and seal holder and a lower seal and seal holder, each seal energizable by fluid to... Agent:

20150136385 - Simplified measurement of borehole fluid resistivity: A well logging system that includes a tool which is deployed within the well. The tool has a housing in which imaging hardware is stored, and on which sensors are located, where the sensors detect and measure electrical signals that have been induced in the formation surrounding the well. A... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Logging Services, Inc.

20150136386 - Enhancing well fluid recovery: A system usable with a well includes a waveform generator for enhancing fluid recovery from a reservoir by controlling a production pump or an injection pump downhole in the well with waveform signals to create a pressure wave which propagates into the reservoir and enhances the recovery of the fluid.... Agent:

20150136387 - Fluid excluder for logging in water based muds: A system and method for reducing borehole effects in a borehole within a subterranean formation is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fluid excluder, which includes a sleeve body and a sleeve opening defined by the sleeve body. The sleeve may be sized to fit around an induction tool. The sleeve... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150136388 - In-situ rock testing tool: A shear tester for in-situ determination of rock formation geomechanical properties is provided. The tester has a radially expandable cylindrical membrane, a metal sheath covering at least a portion of the outer surface of the membrane, at least one stud fixed on the sheath, at least one cone fixed on... Agent:

20150136389 - Plunger lift optimization: A logic used to auto-adjust plunger lift system parameters to optimize oil and gas well production with minimal human interaction is described. The auto-adjustments place and maintain the well in an optimized state wherein the well has either a Minimum-OFF time (e.g., length of time just long enough for the... Agent:

20150136390 - Extracting oil from underground reservoirs: Methods to extract oil from underground reservoirs are disclosed comprising pumping a gas comprising oxygen into the reservoir, causing combustion, and using the heat and pressure generated by the combustion to drive the oil through a well pipe to the surface. Systems for extracting oil from underground reservoirs are also... Agent:

20150136391 - Gravel packing apparatus having a jumper tube protection assembly: A gravel packing apparatus is provided, including first and second joints, each including a sand control screen assembly including a base pipe and a filter medium positioned exteriorly of the base pipe; and a slurry delivery subassembly positioned exteriorly of the sand control screen assembly, the slurry delivery subassembly including... Agent:

20150136392 - Multi-zone intelligent and interventionless single trip completion: A one trip interventionless method for fracking multiple intervals incorporates a remotely operated passage isolation valve for each interval. A screen backed by a base pipe is provided to route screened production through a shutoff valve before the production reaches the passage in the completion assembly. The shutoff valve is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150136396 - Telemetry operated ball release system: In one embodiment, a ball release system for use in a wellbore includes a tubular housing, a seat disposed in the housing and comprising arcuate segments arranged to form a ring, each segment radially movable between a catch position for receiving a ball and a release position, a cam disposed... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136395 - Telemetry operated cementing plug release system: A plug release system for cementing a tubular string into a wellbore includes: a wiper plug; a tubular housing; a latch for releasably connecting the wiper plug to the housing. The latch includes: a fastener engageable with one of the wiper plug and the housing; a lock movable between a... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136394 - Telemetry operated running tool: A running tool for deploying a tubular string into a wellbore includes a tubular body and a latch for releasably connecting the tubular string to the body. The latch includes a longitudinal fastener for engaging a longitudinal profile of the tubular string and a torsional fastener for engaging a torsional... Agent:

20150136393 - Telemetry operated setting tool: A setting tool for hanging a tubular string includes: a mandrel having an upper portion and a lower portion for extending into the tubular string; a housing connected to the mandrel upper portion; and a bonnet. The bonnet is: for receiving an upper end of the tubular string, disposed along... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136397 - Method and composition for enhanced oil recovery based on supercritical carbon dioxide and a nonionic surfactant: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards oil recovery compositions. As an example, an oil recovery composition can include a dimeric non-ionic surfactant and carbon dioxide.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150136398 - Retrieval tool and methods of use: A retrieval tool may include a body having a first end portion and a second end portion. A protrusion may extend laterally from the body proximate the second end portion of the body. The protrusion may have an engaging surface, two opposing side surfaces, and an outer surface. A path... Agent:

20150136399 - Steam-injecting mineral insulated heater design: Methods and systems for treating a subsurface hydrocarbon formation are described herein. A method for treating a subsurface hydrocarbon formation includes applying electrical current to a one or more heating elements positioned in a first tubular located in an opening in the subsurface hydrocarbon formation; providing fluid through a second... Agent:

20150136400 - Oil recovery process with composition-adjustable multi-component thermal fluid (mctf): The present invention relates to an oil recovery process with composition-adjustable multi-component thermal fluid, the process comprises: adding oxygen produced by air together with fuel and water into a reactor, in which the oxygen and the fuel combust to produce flue gas and heat, the heat heats water to generate... Agent: China National Offshore Oil Corporation

20150136401 - System and method for cold cracking: Method to enhance the recovery of oil from an oil field, comprising: applying heat to a colloidal hydrocarbonic medium that comprises hydrocarbon chains; and applying pressure waves having a predetermined frequency and intensity to hydrocarbon chains, in order to crack hydrocarbon chains into relatively shorter hydrocarbon chains. Optionally: applying heat... Agent:

20150136402 - Modified hydrocarbon resins as fluid loss additives: Methods for treating oil-based drilling fluids with a fluid loss additive that includes one or more hydrocarbon resins. An oil-based drilling fluid and a hydrocarbon resin can be combined to produce a treated oil-based drilling fluid. The hydrocarbon resin can include a polymerized product of a reaction mixture that can... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20150136403 - Ball seat system: The system and method for hydraulic fracturing includes a downhole tool with a sub, a sleeve, a ball seat support, and a ball seat holder. A ball dropped through the wellbore sits on the ball interface of the ball seat holder. Fluid flowing through the system pushes the ball against... Agent: Cnpc Usa Corp.

20150136404 - Large bore auto-fill float equipment: An auto-fill type float collar assembly is provided. The float collar assembly of the present invention has at least one curved flapper-style valve, preferably constructed of composite, non-metallic material. Each flapper of the present invention has a substantially 90° range of motion, and is closed via a torsion spring. Each... Agent:

20150136405 - Pressure pulse generating tool: A pressure pulse generating tool may include an upper valve assembly disposed within the bore of a housing, where the upper valve assembly is configured to allow a fluid to flow through the upper valve assembly when in an open state. The upper valve assembly may also be configured to... Agent:

20150136407 - Rotating control device docking station: A system and method is provided for converting a drilling rig between conventional hydrostatic pressure drilling and managed pressure drilling or underbalanced drilling using a docking station housing mounted on a marine riser or bell nipple. This docking station housing may be positioned above the surface of the water. When... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136406 - Subsea intervention plug pulling device: A plug pulling device includes an elongated housing comprising a production tree connection interface, a shifting tool disposed within and along a substantial length the housing and comprising a distal end configured to couple to a tubing plug, and a seal disposed within the housing and formed around a portion... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150136408 - Stab connector assembly and methods usable for establishing a fluid connection: Systems and methods enable connection of, and are usable to connect, well servicing equipment to other well equipment, including wellheads, blowout preventers, and other well servicing equipment. The systems comprise connecting apparatus having a male connector and female connector. The male connector comprises an elongate body having an axial bore... Agent:

20150136409 - Well intervention tool and method: A system to control fluid flow through a fluid passage includes a valve that is fail-safe closed to selectively control fluid flow through the fluid passage, and a hydraulic actuator operatively coupled to the valve to open the valve when hydraulic pressure above a predetermined amount is received. The system... Agent: OnesubseaIPUk Limited

20150136410 - Vessel for producing hydrocarbons provided with means for separation of hydrocarbons into gaseous hydrocarbons and non gaseous hydrocarbons and a method for operating such a vessel: A vessel for producing hydrocarbons, the vessel being adapted to be connected to at least one riser for transport of the hydrocarbons from a well on the seabed towards the vessel, wherein the vessel includes a separation station for separation of the hydrocarbons into gaseous hydrocarbons and non-gaseous hydrocarbons, storing... Agent: Single Buoy Moorings Inc.

20150136411 - Slug mitigation system for subsea pipelines and risers: A slug mitigation system for subsea pipelines includes a riser located between a low level and an upper (above sea-) level of a pipeline, where an inline separator, e.g. an “I-SEP”, is located upstream of a first stage separator. A throttling valve or fixed restriction is located downstream or upstream... Agent:

20150136412 - Riser tensioning system: The riser tensioning system (10) includes a tensioning ring (18) for secured engagement with the riser and plurality of hydraulic cylinders (12) extending between the tensioning ring and a floating platform. A gimbal mechanism (42) acts between the platform and the riser to allow the riser axis to tilt relative... Agent: Dril-quip, Inc

20150136413 - Single upset landing string running system: Systems, apparatus, and methods for longitudinally moving or running a tubular, with the system including an elevator suspended from a rig. The elevator includes a body defining a bore to receive a tubular and wedges defining channels therebetween, with the wedges being configured to engage the tubular. The system may... Agent:

20150136414 - Distributed lift systems for oil and gas extraction: A distributed artificial lift system is configured for use in a wellbore that includes a vertical section and at least one lateral section connected to the vertical section. The distributed artificial lift system includes a first remote assembly positioned within the first lateral section. The first remote assembly includes an... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150136415 - Triwall hydrocarbon well recovery system and method: A buoyant ball assisted hydrostatic lift system and method comprises a second annulus formed between a well bore and an outer pipe within the well bore, and a first annulus formed between the outer pipe and an inner pipe. The system includes a seal disposed on the second annulus on... Agent:

20150136416 - Downhole apparatus: Downhole apparatus comprises first and second tools for location in a tubing string. The first tool has a first seat of a first diameter and the second tool has a second seat of a second diameter larger than the first diameter. First and second activating devices are provided for use... Agent: Churchill Drilling Tools Limited

20150136417 - Method for handling tubulars and rigidizer therefor: A rigidizer and method for its use in supporting a tubular string during handling operations. The rigidizer includes upper and lower sleeves which pivotally open and close to clamp about the string. The upper and lower sleeves are rigidly connected by a number of structural telescopic legs that allow adjustment... Agent: Stingray Offshore Solutions LLC

20150136418 - Deviation tolerant well plunger pump: A well pump assembly has an upper plunger and a lower plunger. A working fluid conduit extends between the upper and lower plunger. An upper piston in the working fluid conduit is connected with the upper plunger. A lower piston in the working fluid conduit is connected with the lower... Agent:

20150136419 - Tandem w angled gg port system and method of manufacture: An improved perforating gun comprising a titled ported sub in an improved perforating gun is disclosed, comprising a first end, a second end, a tilted port, a center portion, a central channel, and an outer body. Said central channel comprises a first bore in said first end, an electrical channel,... Agent:

20150136421 - Annular blowout preventer hydraulic supply system: A system and method for deploying a rod annular blowout preventer using existing hydraulic pressure is provided. The system connects between an existing hydraulic blowout preventer system and a blowout preventer device installed on the wellhead to provide regulated hydraulic pressure to a rod annular blowout preventer. The system comprises... Agent:

20150136422 - Apparatus and method for deploying equipment into a wellbore: A method for lubricating a downhole tool into a wellbore with a lubricator assembly comprising a hydraulic cylinder with a cylinder and a rod and a pressure isolation assembly connected to the bottom of the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder. The pressure isolation assembly has a base, a top, a... Agent:

20150136420 - Device and method for handling drill string components in a drill rig and drill rig: A device for handling drill string components in respect of a drill rig. A gripper is configured to grip a first drill string component to be threaded on to or off from a second drill string component being partly drilled into a rock formation. A support is configured to fasten... Agent:

20150136423 - Fluid connector assembly with automatic flow shut-off and method usable for establishing a fluid connection: Embodiments usable within the scope of the present disclosure relate generally to a connector apparatus and methods usable to securely and repeatedly connect a sub-sea fluid conduit to another fluid conduit or well equipment, such as a manifold, a wellhead, a BOP, or other associated items. The disclosed embodiments further... Agent:

20150136425 - Automated remote actuation system: A technique provides an actuation system employed to actuate a tool, such as a downhole tool. The tool is actuated by an actuator element, e.g. a ball, which is selectively releasable from a remote location for interaction with the tool. A carrier is used to hold the actuator element at... Agent:

20150136424 - Remote controlled self propelled deployment system for horizontal wells: A self-propelled, remotely-controlled equipment deployment vehicle is configured to deliver equipment to a desired location within the horizontal portion of a deviated wellbore. The deployment vehicle includes a cargo frame, an electric motor and an active mobility assembly. The active mobility assembly is connected to the cargo frame and powered... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150136426 - Retrievable horizontal spool tree sealing method and seal assembly: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward a seal assembly comprising a main body comprising a production fluid port configured to align with a production fluid bore of a tubing spool of a mineral extraction system, a first annular seal supported by the main body and disposed on a... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150136427 - Tubewire injection buckling mitigation: A tubewire buckling mitigation assembly for use with injection of tubewire into coiled tubing. The mitigation assembly includes a passageway having a small diameter passage, an intermediate diameter section and first and second tapered transition sections.... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 50 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150129194 - Gravel packing apparatus having optimized fluid handling: A gravel packing apparatus includes a base pipe having at least one opening in a sidewall portion thereof. A fluid filtration subassembly is positioned exteriorly of the base pipe and is in fluid communication with the at least one opening of the base pipe. The fluid filtration subassembly extends partially... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150129195 - Retractable cutting and pulling tool with uphole milling capability: Cutter blades extend and stay extended as long as pressure on a piston is continued. The blades either open fully in open hole or cut through the wall of a tubular and then mill in an uphole direction to take out a piece of the tubular. The piston that held... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129196 - Switch between redundant control systems for a subsurface safety valve: Two control systems are provided to run in parallel between a surface location and the final controlled element, in this case a subsurface safety valve. The primary control circuit is controlling until a predetermined signal is given to the secondary control line which has the effect of actuating the valve... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129197 - Bottom hole assembly for wellbore completion: A Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) tool and methods of downhole fluid management are disclosed. The BHA is deployed on a conveyance string to access a completion string and forming a tool annulus therebetween. A first assembly having a first bore fluidly connected to the conveyance string. A second assembly supports... Agent:

20150129198 - Fill up and circulation tool and method of operating: According to a first aspect, a fill-up and circulation tool includes a central assembly including a mandrel, a nose assembly disposed at a terminal end of the mandrel, an outer assembly coupled to the central assembly, and a valve configured to change position between a closed position and an open... Agent:

20150129199 - Nano-particle reinforced screen: A well screen for use in a subterranean well can include a filter with a nano-particle reinforcement. A method of constructing a well screen can include treating a filter with a nano-particle reinforcement.... Agent:

20150129200 - Slim-line casing centralizer: A casing centralizer having a multiplicity of support fingers positioned on a body of the casing centralizer each finger formed into a collapsible spring configured to support a predetermined load at an apex of the finger, each finger having a leading forward angle positioned downhole and a following aft angle... Agent:

20150129201 - Multipurposing of multilateral infill wells for bypass hydrocarbon recovery: In selected aspects, the present invention provides methods and systems for recovering hydrocarbons from a reservoir involving gravity-dominated recovery processes, such as steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). Aspects of the invention involve the use of multilateral wells in staged production processes, so that alternative segments of wells may be used... Agent:

20150129202 - Method of heating a hydrocarbon resource including slidably positioning an rf transmission line and related apparatus: A method for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation may include positioning a tubular conductor within a wellbore in the subterranean formation and slidably positioning a radio frequency (RF) transmission line within the tubular conductor so that a distal end of the transmission line is electrically coupled to the... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150129204 - Downhole disconnect device and method of operation: A downhole disconnect device for disconnecting an intervention tool string from a wireline, includes: a tubular body having a first part directly or indirectly coupleable to the wireline and a second part connectable directly or indirectly to an intervention tool string; an actuator for disconnecting the second part of the... Agent:

20150129205 - Downhole tools, system and methods of using: The present disclosure relates to downhole tools, including downhole valves, which actuate via a pressure differential created across a shifting element having one or more pressure surfaces isolated from fluid, and fluid pressure, flowing through the interior flowpath. Embodiment downhole tools of the present disclosure may actuate in response to,... Agent:

20150129207 - Methods utilizing polyamide-poly(phenylene ether) compositions: A polyamide-poly(phenylene ether) composition includes, based on the total weight of the composition, 35 to 80 weight percent of polyamide, and 20 to 65 weight percent of a poly(phenylene ether). The polyamide-poly(phenylene ether) composition is utilized in a variety of methods, including methods applicable to the oil and gas industry.... Agent:

20150129206 - System for monitoring linearity of down-hole pumping systems during deployment and related methods: Systems, program product, and methods for monitoring linearity of a down-hole pumping system assembly during deployment within a bore of a casing of a well positioned to extract hydrocarbons from a subterranean reservoir and selecting an optimal operational position for the down-hole pumping system assembly within the bore of the... Agent:

20150129203 - High power laser hydraulic fracturing, stimulation, tools systems and methods: There are provided high power laser perforation, hydraulic fracturing systems, tools and methods for the stimulation and recovery of energy sources, such as hydrocarbons, from a formation. These systems, tools and methods provide predetermined laser beam energy patterns, to provide for the down hole volumetric removal of custom geometries of... Agent: Foro Energy, Inc.

20150129208 - Calciner enhanced oil recovery: A method of supplying crushed alkaline carbonate from a carbonate resource to a first calcining site having a design calcining capacity; calcining the crushed carbonate within a prescribed carbon dioxide (CO2) delivery distance from a first enhancement location within a first hydrocarbon resource, whereby generating CO2 with a local CO2... Agent: Vast Power Systems, Inc.

20150129209 - Methods and systems for causing reaction driven cracking in subsurface rock formations: Methods and systems for causing reaction driven cracking in subsurface rock formations are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include the following: drilling one or more holes in a substantially porous subsurface rock formation, the one or more holes in fluid communication with pores in the subsurface rock formation; injecting... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150129211 - Multi-stage fracture injection process for enhanced resource production from shales: The invention relates to a method of generating an enhanced fracture network in a rock formation by the sequential stages of: i) injecting a non-slurry aqueous solution into a well extending into the formation at a rate and pressure which is close to the minimum hydraulic fracture initiation pressure and... Agent:

20150129210 - Oilfield surface equipment cooling system: Systems and methods for cooling process equipment are provided. The system includes a process fluid source, and a heat exchanger fluidly coupled with the process equipment and the process fluid source. The heat exchanger is configured to receive a process fluid from the process fluid source and transfer heat from... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150129212 - Method to underdisplace hydraulic fractures in horizontal or deviated well: A method for underdisplacing fracture proppant in a well bore. The method can include providing a set retainer having a passage configured to receive a wiper plug. The method may also include installing the set retainer in the well bore and injecting a proppant-laden fluid into the well bore, through... Agent:

20150129213 - Methods of treating subterranean formations with fluids comprising proppant containing particle: A method is provided for treating at least a portion of a subterranean formation. The method includes introducing a treatment fluid including a composite particle, which includes proppant incorporated into or attached to a swellable material and/or swellable materials, into a subterranean formation via a wellbore; and increasing the buoyancy... Agent:

20150129214 - Sealing by ball sealers: In downhole treatments in the oilfield, ball sealers seated in perforations may not fully seal and may leak fluid through gaps and asperities between the balls and the perforations. A method is given for improving the sealing of ball sealers in perforations by adding a sealing agent that forms a... Agent:

20150129215 - Method of treating a formation and method of temporarily isolating a first section of a wellbore from a second section of the wellbore: A method of treating a formation includes, setting a treating plug within a structure, withdrawing a mandrel from the treating plug after having set the treating plug, maintaining the setting of the treating plug within the structure without a member extending longitudinally through the treating plug, pumping fluid against a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129216 - Composition and method for treating subterranean formations using inorganic fibers in injected fluids: A method of plugging an opening in a subterranean formation such as a fracture system is provided. A gel composition can be provided which includes an aqueous fluid, a cross-linkable polymer soluble in the aqueous fluid and a cross-linking agent. Inorganic fibers can be added to the gel composition. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129217 - Wellbore cement compositions and wellbore cementing methods: A wellbore cement composition includes substantially unhydrated cement powder and additive powder for cement. The additive powder is formulated from ingredients including a liquid additive for cement and solid carrier particles. The liquid additive is absorbed by the solid carrier particles. A wellbore cementing method includes using a dry cement... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129218 - Fracturing sequential operation method using signal responsive ported subs and packers: The method allows a pressure test of a string with external packers without having the packer setting apparatus exposed to tubing pressure so that at a later time and at a lower pressure than the pressure test pressure, the external packers can be set with annulus pressure opened to a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129219 - Systems and methods for stimulating a plurality of zones of a subterranean formation: Systems and methods for stimulating a plurality of zones of a subterranean formation to increase production of reservoir fluids therefrom. The subterranean formation contains a well that includes a liner that defines a liner conduit, and the systems and methods include stimulating the plurality of zones with a stimulation assembly... Agent:

20150129220 - Pump actuated jar for downhole sampling tools: An apparatus configured to impart a force on a downhole component, having a piston configured to expand from a movement of a drilling fluid in a downhole environment, a weight configured to move from a first position to a second position, wherein the weight contacts the piston and the piston... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150129221 - Heat exchange in downhole apparatus using core-shell nanoparticles: In one aspect, a method of extracting heat from a downhole device is disclosed, which method, in one non-limiting embodiment, may include: providing a heat exchange fluid that includes a base fluid and core-shell nanoparticles therein; circulating the heat exchange fluid in the downhole device proximate to a heat-generating element... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129222 - Hydrocarbon resource heating apparatus including rf contacts and anchoring device and related methods: A device for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein may include a tubular radio frequency (RF) antenna within the wellbore, and a tool slidably positioned within the tubular RF antenna. The tool may include an RF transmission line and at least one RF contact coupled... Agent:

20150129224 - Hydrocarbon resource heating apparatus including rf contacts and grease injector and related methods: A device for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein may include a tubular radio frequency (RF) antenna within the wellbore and a tool slidably positioned within the tubular RF antenna. The tool may include an RF transmission line and at least one RF contact coupled... Agent:

20150129223 - Hydrocarbon resource heating apparatus including rf contacts and guide member and related methods: A device for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein may include a tubular radio frequency (RF) antenna within the wellbore and a tool slidably positioned within said tubular RF antenna. The tool may include an RF transmission line and at least one RF contact coupled... Agent:

20150129225 - Method of inhibiting scale in a geological formation: The present invention relates to a method of inhibiting scale in a geological formation such as a hydrocarbon reservoir and a kit of parts for performing the method.... Agent: University Of Leeds

20150129227 - Method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery: The invention relates to a method of treating a hydrocarbon containing formation, comprising the following steps: a) preparing an internal olefin sulfonate, comprising sulfonating an internal olefin into sulfonated internal olefin followed by contacting sulfonated internal olefin with a base containing solution resulting in the internal olefin sulfonate, wherein sulfonated... Agent:

20150129228 - Surfactant formulation for release of underground fossil fluids: The present disclosure provides a surfactant formulation for use in treating and recovering fossil fluid from a subterranean formation. The surfactant formulation includes a primary surfactant, a formulation stability agent and injection water. The surfactant formulation may be injected into one or more injection wells located within the subterranean formation... Agent: Huntsman Petrochemical LLC A Corporation

20150129226 - Thickening of fluids: An aqueous fluid, possibly a wellbore fracturing fluid, comprises an aqueous solution or dispersion of a first polymer, which may be polysaccharide, as a thickener and a cross linking agent to enhance the viscosity of the fluid by crosslinking the first polymer, wherein the crosslinking agent is a second polymer... Agent:

20150129229 - Fracking apparatus and method: A downhole tool for treating a zone adjacent a wellbore, comprising a body having at least two separable portions, the portions operable to open and close a fluid path through the tool, and at least one manipulator, like a spring-loaded finger, to establish a fluid path between an interior and... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150129230 - Pneumatic system and process for fracturing rock in geological formations: A tunable pneumatic fracturing system and process useable in some instances to extract oil and gas. Some embodiments provide a pneumatic fracturing tool with an elongated body that (a) contains (i) a propellant supply source intermediate opposed propellant gas discharge assemblies, (ii) a control system, and (iii) a communications port,... Agent:

20150129231 - Method of treating produced or flowback water with nucleophilic agent to deactivate breaker: Produced or flowback water from an underground reservoir having been treated with a fluid containing a viscosifying polymer and a vitamin B1 and/or ylide breaker may be recycled by deactivating the vitamin B1 and/or ylide breaker with a sulfur or phosphorus containing nucleophilic agent.... Agent:

20150129232 - Rotational wellbore test valve: A rotationally activated downhole well valve for connection in a tubing string is disclosed that can be repeatedly opened and closed selectively to place the tubing string in communication with the annulus. The valve is moved between the closed position and the open position by rotating the string in the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150129235 - Apparatus and method for connecting fluid lines: An apparatus and method for controlling fluid flow in a blowout preventer. In one embodiment, an apparatus for connecting fluid lines includes a socket fluid connector and a plug fluid connector. Each connector includes a flow channel. The plug fluid connector is detachably connectable to the socket fluid connector at... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150129233 - Assembly and system including a surge relief valve: A fluid control system may be included within a blowout preventer subsea control pod of a subsea drilling system. The fluid control system includes a primary fluid flow path including an inlet and an outlet, the inlet connectable to a fluid supply source, the outlet connectable to a component controllable... Agent:

20150129234 - Offshore drilling unit and method of maintaining stability of the drilling unit in potential ice conditions: An offshore drilling unit includes a main body configured to be bottom supported in shallow water. Also included is an anchoring assembly secured to a sea floor. Further included is a tensioning system operatively coupled to the main body and the anchoring assembly, wherein the tensioning system is configured to... Agent:

20150129236 - Wellhead system with gasket seal: An offshore well system for a subsea well. The system includes a floating platform, an external riser and an internal riser nested within the external riser. A external riser tension device tensions the external riser. The drilling system also includes a surface wellhead system that includes a wellhead, a collet,... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150129237 - Fpso field development system for large riser count and high pressures for harsh environments: In an offshore production system, a semisubmersible supports the risers and provides the service requirements for the wells, while an associated FPSO provides the processing functions and storage of the produced hydrocarbons. As a result, a greater number of risers can be supported in a harsh environment while the turret... Agent:

20150129238 - Device for compensation of wave influenced distance variations on a drill string: Device (11) for compensation of wave induced distance variations to a drill string between a floating drill rig and a seabed-fixed installation, comprising an extendable cylinder/piston unit (12) which is arranged to be able to compensate when the load exceeds a pre-determined threshold value. The cylinder (13) of the cylinder/piston... Agent:

20150129239 - Degradable packing element: A packing apparatus including at least one sealing surface formed from a degradable material. The degradable material may be a biodegradable polymer such as polyglocolic acid, polylactic acid, or their copolymers. The body of the packing apparatus may also be formed from a degradable material. The packing apparatus may be... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129240 - Completion systems including an expansion joint and a wet connect: A production string for use in a wellbore is disclosed that in a non-limiting embodiment includes a lower section that includes a first tubular having a first connection device at a top end thereof, and an upper section that includes a second tubular that sealingly slides against the first tubular,... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129241 - Cable having polymer with additive for increased linear pullout resistance: A cable apparatus having an increased linear pullout resistance and related methods is disclosed. The apparatus includes a metal tube. At least one conductor is positioned within the metal tube. An armor shell is positioned exterior of the metal tube and the at least one conductor. A polymer material is... Agent: Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corp.

20150129243 - Method and system for hydraulically presetting a metal seal: A system and method is provided for hydraulically presetting a metal-to-metal seal, which may be installed in an annular space between wellhead components. A hydraulic running tool may be landed on a first wellhead component and coupled to a second wellhead component, for example, via a hydraulic or mechanical coupling... Agent:

20150129242 - Sealing annular gaps in a well: A well tool for sealing against a wall of well includes an elongate mandrel. A seal assembly encircles the mandrel and can change between an unset state and an axially compressed set state. The seal assembly includes an annular elastomer seal element configured to radially deform into contact with the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

05/07/2015 > 36 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150122476 - Device and method for sequestering a substance: There are provided a carbon dioxide storage apparatus and a carbon dioxide storage method which, through direct injection of carbon dioxide into an underground brine aquifer, can store carbon dioxide efficiently in the brine aquifer. A filter formed of, for example, grindstone is provided at a tip portion of an... Agent:

20150122477 - Method of hydrocarbon resource recovery including actuator operated positioning of an rf sensor and related apparatus: A method of hydrocarbon resource recovery from a subterranean formation may include forming a plurality of spaced apart injector/producer well pairs in the subterranean formation. Each injector/producer well pair may include a laterally extending producer well and a laterally extending injector well spaced thereabove. The method may include forming an... Agent:

20150122478 - Modular connector and method: A downhole modular tool includes a first module, a second module, a third module, and one or more connectors for connecting the first, second, and third modules. Each module includes a drill collar, a drilling fluid passageway, a first fluid passageway, and a second fluid passageway. The one or more... Agent:

20150122479 - Time of flight through mud: Among other things, there are disclosed embodiments of devices, suitable for incorporation into well-logging tools, for the in situ measurement of the acoustic impedance of a fluid in the well bore, such as drilling mud. The device includes a sonic emitter that emits sonic pulses into a solid probe. The... Agent:

20150122480 - Magnetic retrieval apparatus: A downhole retrieval tool includes a mandrel; an inner sleeve disposed around the mandrel; a plurality of magnets coupled to the inner sleeve; and an outer sleeve disposed around the plurality of magnets, wherein the inner sleeve and the plurality of magnets are rotatable relative to the mandrel. In another... Agent:

20150122481 - Systems and methods for de-oiling and total organic carbon reduction in produced water: Systems and methods for treatment of produced water form a steam assisted gravity drain operation are presented in which tight emulsions, total organic compounds, and solids are removed using a skim tanks that receives a multiphase mixture formed from a demulsifier and the produced water and that produces pre-treated water.... Agent:

20150122482 - Annular blowout container (aboc): An annular blowout container (ABOC) that may be used in multiples in a stack in conjunction with additional gate and shear valves to protect a wellhead. The ABOC incorporates a cylindrical formed bladder that provides a tight constrictive seal around whatever pipe or tubing may be in the well bore.... Agent:

20150122483 - Carbon composites, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof: A carbon composite contains expanded graphite; and at least one of a filler or a reinforcement; wherein the expanded graphite comprises a plurality of randomly oriented basal planes. Methods of making the carbon composite and articles comprising the carbon composite are also disclosed.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122484 - Modified tubular: A positioning member for a tubular is formed using a prefabricated fibre-reinforced resin shell positioned upon a surface of the tubular and bonded to provide a protrusion upon the surface of the tubular. In a disclosed method a fibre-reinforced resin shell is secured to an external surface of a tubular... Agent:

20150122485 - Aqueous solution and method for use thereof: Oilfield treatment compositions contain water, hydrochloric acid at a concentration between 15 wt % and 45.7 wt % and a first and second fixing agent. The first fixing agent comprises urea, a urea derivative or both. The second fixing agent may be a mixture or amines and alcohols. These compositions... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150122486 - Microbial-enhanced well cementing and remediation: Described are a method and composition which use microorganisms for downhole applications, in particular for the maintenance or restoration of the integrity of a cement sheath in a wellbore. The method of cementing a wellbore comprises preparing a cement composition comprising a pumpable slurry of cement, water and a healing... Agent:

20150122488 - Apparatus and method of using an inline electrical conductivity monitor: A method is disclosed in which an electrical conductivity of a treatment fluid is measured with one or more sensor at various instants of time. The method is further performed by generating one or more signals indicative of the electrical conductivity of the treatment fluid and transmitting the one or... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150122487 - Downhole electrochemical sensor and method of using same: An electrochemical sensor of a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The downhole tool has a flowline to receive downhole fluid. The electrochemical sensor includes a bulkhead carried by the downhole tool, a membrane exposed to the downhole fluid in the flowline, and an... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150122490 - System and method for mud circulation: Present embodiments are directed to a control system including a controller configured to regulate a drilling fluid flow through a pipe element during installation of the pipe element into a wellbore or removal of the pipe element from the wellbore, wherein the controller is configured to regulate the drilling fluid... Agent:

20150122489 - Systems and methods for downhole communication: A method of conducting multiple stage treatments. The method includes running a string into a borehole. The string having at least a first sleeve assembly and a second sleeve assembly. The first sleeve assembly in a position closing a port in the string; communicating from a radial exterior of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122491 - Systems and methods for in situ resistive heating of organic matter in a subterranean formation: A method for pyrolyzing organic matter in a subterranean formation includes powering a first generation in situ resistive heating element within an aggregate electrically conductive zone at least partially in a first region of the subterranean formation by transmitting an electrical current between a first electrode pair in electrical contact... Agent:

20150122492 - Systems and methods of controlling in situ resistive heating elements: Systems and methods for controlling in situ resistive heating elements may be utilized to enhance hydrocarbon production within a subterranean formation. An in situ resistive heating element may be controlled by heating a controlled region associated with the in situ resistive heating element, injecting a control gas into the controlled... Agent:

20150122493 - Frac sleeve system and method for non-sequential downhole operations: A downhole communication and control system configured for use in a non-sequential order of treating a borehole, the system includes a string having at least three ports including first, second, and third longitudinally spaced ports arranged sequentially in a downhole to uphole manner in the string; at least three frac... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122494 - Consolidation compositions for use in subterranean formation operations: Embodiments disclosed herein include methods comprising providing a consolidation composition comprising the reaction product of a liquid curable resin and a liquid curing agent, wherein the liquid curable resin is an epoxy-functionalized alkoxysilane and wherein the liquid curing agent is selected from the group consisting of: a polyamine; a hydrophobically... Agent:

20150122495 - Single trip cement thru open hole whipstick: An assembly for use to cement an uncased wellbore and create a sidetrack of a wellbore with a single trip into the wellbore. The assembly includes a mill selectively connected to a whipstock. A snorkel tube is positioned within a bore of the mill and within a bore of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incoporated

20150122496 - Fluid loss control agents and compositions for cementing oil and gas wells comprising said fluid loss control agent: A method of cementing a well is disclosed. The method comprising pumping into the well a cement slurry comprising a solid blend including cement, water, and a fluid loss control agent, and allowing the cement slurry to set. The fluid loss control agent comprises a styrene-butadiene latex and a high... Agent:

20150122497 - Direct electrical steam generation for downhole heavy oil stimulation: A method of downhole steam generation comprising determining a desired level of electrical conductivity for water to be converted to steam in a downhole location, acquiring a main feedwater supply, wherein water of the main feedwater supply has an electrical conductivity lower or higher than the desired level, mixing water... Agent:

20150122498 - Method and device for concentrating dissolved solids in flowback and produced water from natural gas wells: A wastewater concentrator a liquid evaporator assembly, a gas-liquid separator, an exhaust assembly, and a flowback water concentrating system. The flowback water concentrating system includes a settling tank fluidly connected to the gas-liquid separator and a supernatant liquid concentration sensor for measuring a concentration of dissolved solids in the supernatant... Agent:

20150122499 - Aqueous solution and method for use thereof: Oilfield treatment compositions contain water, hydrochloric acid at a concentration between 15 wt % and 45.7 wt % and a first fixing agent. The first fixing agent comprises urea, a urea derivative or both. The molar ratio between the first fixing agent and water may be higher than or equal... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150122500 - Shaker screen assembly: A scalping insert includes a scalping surface having a plurality of scalping slots therethrough, and a vertical base portion. A shaker screen assembly includes a screen frame having at least one slot, and at least one scalping insert disposed in the at least one slot of the screen frame. A... Agent:

20150122501 - Subsea pipe cutting apparatuses and related methods: Some embodiments of the present subsea pipe cutting apparatuses use or include a frame, one or more water jet nozzles coupled to the frame and configured to apply pressurized fluid to a pipe to cut the pipe, and one or more of: a flange configured to secure the subsea pipe... Agent:

20150122502 - Riser sections and methods for making same: A riser section for joining to another riser section to form a drilling riser includes a weld region generated by welding a first riser tube to a second riser tube. The weld region includes a fusion zone in which material of the first riser tube coalesces with material of the... Agent: Advanced Joining Technologies, Inc.

20150122504 - Fischer tropsch method for offshore production risers for oil and gas wells: A method and an apparatus is disclosed that uses a gas lift tubing arrangement to produce synthetic hydrocarbon related products. Using the Fischer Tropsch process as an example, the tubing is packed with a suitable catalyst and then hydrogen and carbon monoxide are injected into the top of the tubing... Agent:

20150122503 - Marine subsea free-standing riser systems and methods: A free-standing riser system connects a subsea source to a surface structure. The system includes a concentric free-standing riser comprising inner and outer risers defining an annulus there between. A lower end of the riser is fluidly coupled to the subsea source through a lower riser assembly (LRA) and one... Agent:

20150122505 - Flow control system: A flow control system for drilling a well comprises a conduit defining a channel configured to accommodate a drill pipe and a flow of a returning drilling fluid, and an acoustic sensor array configured to detect a flow rate of the returning drilling fluid. The flow control system further comprises... Agent:

20150122507 - Rod annular blowout preventer hydraulic supply system: A system and method for deploying a rod annular blowout preventer using existing hydraulic pressure is provided. The system connects between an existing hydraulic blowout preventer system and a blowout preventer device installed on the wellhead to provide regulated hydraulic pressure to a rod annular blowout preventer. The system comprises... Agent:

20150122506 - System and method for actuating isolation valves in a subterranean well: A method of actuating one or more isolation valves in a well can include conveying a tubular string into the well, the tubular string including a shifting tool, inserting the shifting tool into an isolation valve, thereby opening the isolation valve, and withdrawing the shifting tool from the isolation valve,... Agent:

20150122508 - Centralizer for expandable liner: A centralizer comprises a plurality of bow springs, wherein each bow spring has a first and second end. A first collar is coupled to the first end of each of the plurality of bow springs and includes a longitudinal frangible region. A second collar is coupled to the second end... Agent:

20150122509 - Centraliser: A centraliser for centralising a tubular in a conduit is described. The centraliser comprises a body comprising a upper body portion and a lower body portion and a plurality of arms linking the upper body portion to the lower body portion. Relative movement of the upper and lower body portions... Agent:

20150122510 - Subterranean room conduit conveyor assemblies and methods for extending conduit from a subterranean room: Subterranean room conduit conveyor assemblies are provided comprising a conveyor operatively aligned with a guide assembly, the guide assembly operatively aligned with a subterranean well head. Methods for extending conduit from a subterranean room to within a well extending from the room to within the earth surrounding the room are... Agent: Nep Ip, LLC

20150122511 - Bridge plug tool: A bridge plug tool for use in a well, comprising: a tool body (70); a hollow mandrel (26) extending through the tool body, the mandrel having a removable plug (32) in an upper region (37) to prevent from of fluids through the mandrel, the plug comprising a plug locking member... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 53 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150114618 - Overvoltage fastening tool: An overvoltage fastening tool is disclosed having a quadrangular and parallelepiped-shaped container (A), a sensor (B), and a manual operating means (C).... Agent:

20150114620 - Increased load bearing thickness for anchoring slip: A slip design has segments that move relatively axially before moving in tandem up a ramp for radial extension. Due to the fact of the relative movement the segments interlock due to their geometric configuration or their surface treatment such that at the conclusion of such relative movement the load... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114619 - Tubing hanger annulus access perforated stem design: A wellhead assembly including a tubing hanger adapted to be connected to a tubing string and landed in a wellhead, and defining a tubing annulus between the tubing string and casing in a well. The wellhead assembly also includes a tubing annulus upper access bore extending downward from an upper... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20150114621 - Confined volume pressure compensation due to thermal loading: A pressure compensation system for enclosed spaces at a subterranean location changes volume with thermally induced solubility changes of a salt in water. The salt is held in an enclosure that is either rigid, or impervious and flexible or porous and flexible. As well conditions change and temperature increases, some... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114622 - Wellbore sealing assembly with grooves for enhanced sealing and lockdown capacity: A wellbore system includes a sealing assembly for creating an annular seal between wellbore members. The sealing assembly includes a seal body having a u-shaped cross section, with elongate grooves formed on inner and outer walls thereof. A depth of the grooves varies along a length of the grooves to... Agent:

20150114623 - Pulsed fracturing method and apparatus: The branching of fractures in shale formations surrounding a wellbore can be enhanced so that more rock surface is exposed in the formation and more hydrocarbon resources can be recovered using smaller quantities of fracturing fluids. The branching of the fractures can be enhanced by establishing a substantially static sub-threshold... Agent: West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation

20150114628 - Downhole pressure/thermal perturbation scanning using high resolution distributed temperature sensing: A system, method and computer readable medium for determining a feature in a wellbore is disclosed. A distributed temperature sensing system is disposed along the wellbore. A thermal perturbation is induced along the wellbore. A profile is determined of temperature change in response to the applied thermal perturbation using the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114629 - Electrical power distribution method for a wireline tool string downhole: The present invention relates to an electrical power distribution method for distributing power between two or more operating units of a wireline tool string downhole performing at least one operation. The electrical power distribution method comprises the steps of recording information (10) indicative of at least one operating condition (15)... Agent: Welltec A/s

20150114624 - Method and apparatus for down-hole alignment of optic fibers: Methods for communicatively coupling components at down-hole locations within a wellbore include introducing first and second cables through which signals are transmissible into the wellbore. Terminal ends of the cables are coarsely aligned by coupling connector housings associated with the cables within the wellbore. The terminal ends are then finely... Agent:

20150114625 - Method of acquiring viscosity of a downhole fluid: Methods of acquiring viscosity of a downhole fluid in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The downhole fluid is measurable by a vibrating wire viscometer positionable in the wellbore. The method involves acquiring a signal of the downhole fluid from the viscometer, generating an initial estimate of the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114627 - Methods and systems for downhole fluid analysis: Example systems described herein to perform downhole fluid analysis include a depressurizer to be positioned downhole in a geological formation to depressurize a formation fluid in the geological formation. In such example systems, the depressurization of the formation fluid is to cause bubbles to nucleate in the formation fluid. Such... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114626 - Object launching system for well: An object launching apparatus for a well has a housing, a flow mandrel, and a cage. The flow mandrel is disposed in the housing's internal chamber, and a flow passage in the mandrel communicates flow from the housing's inlet to the mandrel's flow port, which in turn communicates with the... Agent:

20150114630 - Systems and methods for optimal spacing of horizontal wells: Systems and methods for optimal spacing of horizontal wells that maximizes coverage of a predetermined area within an irregular boundary by the horizontal wells.... Agent:

20150114632 - High-speed, multi-power submersible pumps and compressors: An apparatus, method and system for removing fluids from a well comprising a rotary pump for positioning within the well, the rotary pump including an inlet end and a discharge end, the rotary pump comprising at least one pump impeller intermediate the inlet end and discharge end, the at least... Agent:

20150114631 - Monitoring acid stimulation using high resolution distributed temperature sensing: A method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for stimulating a formation is disclosed. A stimulation operation is performed at a selected stimulation zone of the formation using a first value of stimulation parameter. A temperature measurement profile is obtained at the formation during the stimulation operation, wherein the obtained temperature measurement... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114633 - Monitoring of steam chamber growth: A methodology and system promote hydrocarbon production from a reservoir using steam assisted gravity drainage. The technique comprises deploying sensors in a subsurface environment containing the reservoir. The sensors are used to obtain data on properties related to a steam assisted gravity drainage region of the reservoir. Based on the... Agent:

20150114634 - System and method for drill pipe tallying: A method for drill pipe tallying includes detecting that a drill bit (14) has tripped in through a rig floor and monitoring movement of a drawworks (6) that supports the drill bit and a length of drill pipe. If a tag interrogating device does not detect a wireless tag (26)... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150114635 - Process for in situ upgrading of a heavy hydrocarbon using asphaltene precipitant additives: Disclosed is a process for in situ upgrading of a heavy hydrocarbon comprising the steps of: (a) positioning a well in a reservoir containing a heavy hydrocarbon having an initial API gravity of less than or equal to about 20, an n-heptane asphaltene content as measured by the ASTM D-6560... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150114636 - In situ upgrading via hot fluid injection: The invention relates to systems, apparatus and methods for integrated recovery and in-situ (in reservoir) upgrading of heavy oil and oil sand bitumens. The systems, apparatus and methods enable enhanced recovery of heavy oil in a production well by introducing a hot fluid including a vacuum or atmospheric residue fraction... Agent:

20150114637 - Alternating sagd injections: Methods produce heavy oil with steam assisted gravity drainage. Such methods alternate a traditional steam injection with an injection of a steam-plus-non-condensable gas (such as CO2 or CO2-plus-diluent) mixture. The CO2/diluent mixture is soluble in bitumen, leading to a reduction in viscosity of the heavy oil. Additionally, the steam-only injection... Agent:

20150114638 - Compositions and methods for hydraulic fracturing of natural gas and oil: The disclosed compositions and methods provide a system that is effective for hydraulic fracturing, which can be used to extract natural gas and oil from subterranean formations, such as deep shale and coal bed type rack formations. In a first aspect, the invention features a composition for hydraulic fracturing, which... Agent:

20150114639 - Re-fracture apparatus and method for wellbore: Re-treatment of a formation having a wellbore, which can be an open hole or a cased hole lined with casing, involves deploying a tubing string in the casing having tools disposed at intervals thereon. The tools position on the tubing string, and the tubing string with the tools thereon is... Agent:

20150114642 - Aggregating reagents and methods for making and using same: Methods including using fluid including an aggregating composition including heterocyclic aromatic amines, substituted heterocyclic aromatic amines, polyvinyl heterocyclic aromatic amines, co-polymers of vinyl heterocyclic aromatic amine and non amine polymerizable monomers (ethylenically unsaturated mononers and diene monomers), or mixtures or combinations thereof in the absence of phosphate esters or amine-phosphate... Agent:

20150114641 - Proppants with improved flow back capacity: A deformable particulate material made of cement materials such as aluminosilicate cement and having an aspect ratio of greater than 1 to about 25 may be mixed with conventional proppants to give a blend with improved flow back capacity when the blend is injected into a hydraulic fracture created in... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114640 - Proppants with improved strength: Cements, such as alkali activated aluminosilicate, may be used as coatings on proppants, such as brown sand and white sand, to improve the strength thereof. The resulting coated proppants show increased strength as well as produced fines of lower than about 10 wt % at 10,000 psi closure stress.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114644 - Compression-actuated multi-cycle circulation valve: A downhole tool conveyed via tubing within a wellbore at a wellsite comprises a hydraulic tool driven by fluid pumped to the hydraulic tool via the tubing. The downhole tool further comprises a valve in fluid communication between the tubing and the hydraulic tool. The valve is configurable in the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114643 - Wireline down jar: A jar assembly for use downhole includes a housing, a piston assembly slidable within and selectively coupled to the housing, a mandrel assembly coupled on a lower end of the piston assembly, and an anvil coupled to an end of the mandrel assembly opposite the piston assembly. The jar assembly... Agent:

20150114645 - System including compound current choke for hydrocarbon resource heating and associated methods: A system for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation having a wellbore extending therein, the system including a radio frequency (RF) source, an RF antenna configured to be positioned within the wellbore, a transmission line coupling the RF source and the RF antenna, and a compound current choke... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150114646 - Triggered heating of wellbore fluids by carbon nanomaterials: A method of triggering heating within a subterranean formation, that includes introducting a wellbore fluid containing a dispersed carbon nanomaterial into a wellbore through the subterranean formation; lowering a microwave or ultraviolet radiation source into the wellbore; and irradiating the wellbore with microwave or ultraviolet radiation, thereby increasing the temperature... Agent:

20150114647 - Aqueous solution and method for use thereof: Aqueous compositions contain hydrochloric acid at a concentration between 8 wt % and 28 wt % inclusive. The amino acid; hydrochloric acid mole ratio may be between 0.2 and 1.5. Sufficient water is present to dissolve the hydrochloric acid and the amino acid. Such compositions have utility as retarders for... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114650 - Flooding operations employing chlorine dioxide: A method includes introducing a treatment fluid including a first polymer gel into a subterranean formation to generate a production fluid having an aqueous portion and a hydrocarbon portion, treating the aqueous portion of the production fluid with chlorine dioxide to separate additional hydrocarbons from the aqueous portion, and adjusting... Agent: Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings LLC

20150114648 - Parylene coated chemical entities for downhole treatment applications: Fluids including a parylene-coated chemical entity and methods of treating a subterranean formation with such fluids are disclosed. The methods may include introducing a treatment fluid into a subterranean formation, the treatment fluid containing a parylene-coated particle having a chemical entity encapsulated therein.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114649 - Sealant compositions for use in subterranean formation operations: Methods comprising providing a sealant composition comprising an aqueous base fluid and a crosslinkable polymer composition, wherein the crosslinkable polymer composition comprises a crosslinkable organic polymer and a crosslinker; introducing an elastic gellable composition into the sealant composition, wherein the elastic gellable composition is an aqueous emulsion comprising an aqueous... Agent: Halliburton Energy Sevices, Inc.

20150114651 - Downhole fracturing system and technique: A system that is usable with a well includes a first tubing string and a plurality of tubing segments. The first tubing string is deployed in the well and includes a plurality of valve assemblies, which span a segment of the first tubing string. The tubing segments are adapted to... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114652 - Fracturing systems and methods for a wellbore: The disclosure contained herein describes systems, units, and methods usable to stimulate a formation including a pump usable to pressurize fluid, an electric-powered driver in communication with and actuating the pump, and an electrical power source in communication with and powering the electric-powered driver. The electrical power source can include... Agent: Prostim Labs, LLC

20150114653 - Method for remediation of subterranean-formed metal-polymer complexes using a metal complexing agent: This disclosure describes formulations and methods for remediating subterranean-formed metal-polymer complexes in wells in subterranean formations. In one embodiment, the method includes injecting a metal-polymer complex remediation mixture containing a metal complexing agent into a subterranean formation adjacent to a well at a pressure below the fracture pressure of the... Agent:

20150114654 - Slotted wellhead and multibowl polishing tool with woven polishing belt: A tool for polishing a seal surface of a wellhead assembly includes a cylindrical tool body with an axis. The tool body includes a base member with a first end, and a second end. A tubular skirt member extends from the second end of the base member. The skirt member... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp

20150114655 - Prevention of gas hydrates formation in bop fluids in deep water operations: The present invention is directed to a method for preventing gas hydrates formation in BOP fluids in deep water well operations that includes the step of adding at least 28% glycol by volume to a BOP fluid, whereby the hydrate phase equilibrium line shifts to the point where the operating... Agent:

20150114656 - Riser displacement and cleaning systems and methods of use: Disclosed are systems and methods of effectively wiping and displacing a deep water riser prior to disconnection from a blowout preventer. An exemplary riser displacement system includes a mandrel coupled to a work string, a seal containment canister arranged about at least a portion of the mandrel, and a seal... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150114657 - Soft landing system and method of achieving same: A subsea wireline system for soft landing equipment during installation. The subsea soft landing wireline system includes coarse alignment members that can be part of a tree and interact with a funnel located on the equipment to be installed by the soft landing system. Smaller alignment members can provide fine... Agent:

20150114658 - Oilfield apparatus and methods of use: The invention provides a flow control valve for a subsea hydrocarbon production system and a method of use. The flow control valve comprises an inlet configured to be in fluid communication to an injection fluid conduit and an outlet configured to be in fluid communication with a subsea flow system.... Agent:

20150114659 - Wellsite connector with piston driven collets and method of using same: A wellsite connector (110) includes a connector body (232) having an end adapted for coupling to a first of the components and a cavity (265) to receive a second of the components, a piston (234) axially movable in the connector body and having a piston profile along an inner surface... Agent:

20150114660 - Accumulator manifold: A manifold assembly and mineral extraction system including a multi-pressure flange is disclosed that includes a first set of fasteners in a first rectangular pattern for attachment in a first pressure rating and a second set of fasteners in a second rectangular pattern in which the first rectangular pattern is... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150114661 - Stem head adapter with pistons: A casing head assembly for landing on a stem head of a floating structure can include a stem head adapter assembly that includes a ring shaped stem head adapter plate. A solid upper ring is spaced axially above the stem head adapter plate, defining an adapter gap between the upper... Agent:

20150114662 - Pressure compensation for a backup well pump: Primary and secondary pump assemblies are mounted to and supported by a supporting device in a well. The supporting device has a valve that has a first position allowing flow from the primary pump assembly while the secondary pump assembly is in a storage mode, and a second position allowing... Agent:

20150114663 - Annular gas lift valve: A system for producing hydrocarbons may include a production control device positioned along a production flow line. The production control device may include an enclosure having an interior space and an isolation device disposed in the interior space. The isolation device may divide the interior space into an upper interior... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114664 - Multi-stage fracturing with smart frack sleeves while leaving a full flow bore: Fracking ports are initially obstructed with respective biased sleeves that have an associated release device responsive to a unique signal. The signal can be electronic or magnetic and delivered in a ball or dart that is dropped or pumped past a sensor associated with each release device. Each sensor is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114665 - Mill with adjustable gauge diameter: Milling tools, systems, and assemblies may have an adjustable gauge diameter. An example mill may include a body with tracks thereon. The tracks may slope in an axial direction and may be configured to couple to multiple blades. A locking collar may be positioned on the body and may be... Agent:

20150114666 - Tube arrangement to enhance sealing between tubular members: An well assembly having a housing with an inner surface, the assembly including a tubular member inserted in the housing and having an outer surface. The assembly further includes a plurality of protrusions extending from one of the inner or outer surfaces, the protrusions separated by gaps defined between adjacent... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20150114667 - High strength inlay to improve lock-down capacity in a wellhead: A wellhead assembly includes a wellhead housing having a bore and a locking profile including a gallery slot, and an annular notch. An inner wellhead assembly is selectively landed in the bore of the wellhead housing, the inner wellhead assembly having a lock ring with a lock ring profile that... Agent:

20150114668 - Flow-by holes with gallery and channel arrangement on wellhead and tubular hanger: A wellhead assembly includes a tubular wellhead housing having a bore and an annular gallery slot. The annular gallery slot is defined by an enlarged inner diameter of the bore. A tubular hanger is selectively landed in the bore of the wellhead housing, defining an annular cavity between the bore... Agent:

20150114669 - Method and system for retaining a lock ring on a casing hanger: A retention system for limiting axial and radial movement of a wellbore lock ring. The retention system includes pins for resisting axial movement of the lock ring and assemblies for limiting radial outward movement of the lock ring. The lock ring circumscribes and couples to a wellbore hanger. The pins... Agent:

20150114670 - Wellhead abandonment cap: A cap for sealing a wellhead assembly of a subterranean well and suspending well assets (e.g., tubing, rods, etc.) therefrom within the well to facilitate production at the well after a period of abandonment. For instance, a decompletion process may be performed on a particular well to be temporarily abandoned... Agent:

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