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05/28/2015 > 37 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150144324 - Wired pipe and method of manufacturing wired pipe: A wired pipe includes a tubular pipe body having a wall. The wall including an inner surface, a flow channel formed by the inner surface, an outer surface, and at least one channel integrally formed within a thickness of the wall and between the inner and outer surfaces of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144325 - Volume synchronizer for tubular handling tools: A control system is configured to actuate a tubular handling tool. The system includes a fluid source and a tubular handling tool having a plurality of piston cylinders and a plurality of slips configured to engage a tubular string. The system also includes a volume synchronizer having a plurality of... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150144326 - Swellable packer with enhanced operating envelope: A swellable packer can include a base pipe, at least one swellable seal on the base pipe, the seal comprising a swellable material, and at least one other swellable seal on the base pipe, the other swellable seal comprising another swellable material, and the swellable materials being different materials. Another... Agent:

20150144327 - Torque anchor for blocking the rotation of a production string of a well: s

20150144328 - Downhole gas and solids separator: The disclosed downhole gas and solids separator includes a suspended helical flighting member for efficient downhole separation of both gases and solids from a hydrocarbon production stream. Centrifugal force, provided by the flighting member, accelerates the coalescence of like materials to enhance separation of both gases and solids within the... Agent:

20150144329 - Downhole force generating tool: The disclosure of this application is directed to a downhole tool comprising a central element/member and a sleeve that is rotatably and orbitally disposed around the central element/member. The sleeve rotates and orbits around the central element/member responsive to fluid flowing through the downhole too. The disclosure is also related... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20150144330 - Subterranean formation methods and apparatus: A method is for use with subterranean formations, such as oil and/or gas reservoirs. In some examples (e.g., production examples), the method improves the production from that formation. Some of the examples of the method describe selecting both an exertive force (e.g., a pressure) to apply at a wellbore, but... Agent: Darcy Technologies Limited

20150144336 - Automated system for monitoring and controlling water transfer during hydraulic fracturing: An exemplary automated system and method are provided for monitoring and controlling the transfer of water to frac water tanks during hydraulic fracturing. In one embodiment, the automated system includes a first manifold, a plurality of controllable valves, a plurality of level indicators, a pump, controller(s), storage device, and display.... Agent: Data Automated Water Systems, LLC

20150144334 - Differential pressure indicator for downhole isolation valve: A differential pressure indicator (DPI) for use with a downhole isolation valve includes a tubular mandrel for assembly as part of a casing string and for receiving a tubular string. The mandrel has a stop shoulder and a piston shoulder. The DPI further includes a tubular housing for assembly as... Agent:

20150144332 - Modeling the suspendability of fibers in a treatment fluid using equations: A method of predictive modeling of a treatment fluid comprises: determining the value of properties of a base fluid and insoluble particulates; providing a proposed suspending agent; performing a first calculation of the suspendability of the proposed suspending agent as determined by a yield gravity function equation; evaluating if the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150144333 - Monitoring fluid flow in a downhole assembly: A method of monitoring fluid flow in a borehole includes measuring acoustics at a plurality of locations along a downhole assembly in a borehole and calculating a fluid flow rate at the plurality of locations along the downhole assembly based on measuring the acoustics at the plurality of locations.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144335 - Power retrieving tool: Apparatuses and methods for retrieving a tool or bottom hole assembly. The apparatus may include a latching device that couples to a tool or bottom hole assembly to be retrieved and at least one seal extending radially from the apparatus to engage an inner diameter of a tubular, such as... Agent:

20150144331 - Systems and methods for real-time evaluation of coiled tubing matrix acidizing: A matrix acidizing monitoring system wherein a sensor array is operably associated with a matrix acidizing bottom hole assembly and contains first and second sets of sensors that detect a matrix acidizing operational parameter at different times at one or more particular locations along the wellbore. This allows the effectiveness... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144338 - Method and system of producing hydrocarbon: Heated production well for enhancing production of hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon reservoir are described. By heating the production well, heat is imparted to the reservoir and helps to mobilize the hydrocarbons and improve hydrocarbon production. A method of producing hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon reservoir, includes using a heated production well... Agent:

20150144337 - Waste heat recovery from depleted reservoir: A method of producing heated water from a reservoir having a hot bitumen-depleted zone adjacent to an aqueous mobile zone. The method includes generating fluid communication between the aqueous mobile zone and the hot bitumen-depleted zone. The method further includes driving water from the aqueous mobile zone through a portion... Agent:

20150144339 - Controlled inhomogeneous proppant aggregate formation: A method to improve fluid flow in a hydraulic fracture from a subterranean formation which includes the steps of (1) formulating a slurry which comprises (a) proppant particles, (b) a carrier fluid, and (c) low density particles, wherein the fluid is capable of undergoing a transformation to cause an agglomeration... Agent:

20150144342 - Downhole bypass tool: The present disclosure is directed to a downhole bypass tool that includes an inlet for receiving fluid into a housing of the bypass tool. The bypass tool also includes a flow directing apparatus disposed in the housing for directing fluid to flow into an operational flow path of a vibratory... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20150144340 - Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars: Embodiments herein include a casing cutting tool comprising a top mandrel operatively coupled to a conveyance; a first retractable wedge operatively coupled to the top mandrel; a jetting tool operatively coupled to the retractable wedge, the retractable wedge thereby interposing the top mandrel and the jetting tool, wherein the jetting... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150144341 - System and method for forming cavities: A technique facilitates forming cavities, e.g. perforations, into a geological formation. A jetting tool is moved downhole into a borehole, and an abrasive fluid is pumped down through the jetting tool. The abrasive fluid is discharged under pressure through a plurality of jetting nozzles to form jets of the abrasive... Agent:

20150144343 - Methods of obtaining a hydrocarbon material contained within a subterranean formation, and related stabilized emulsions: A method of obtaining a hydrocarbon material from a subterranean formation comprises forming a flooding suspension comprising degradable particles and a carrier fluid. The flooding suspension is introduced into a subterranean formation containing a hydrocarbon material to form an emulsion stabilized by the degradable particles and remove the emulsion from... Agent:

20150144344 - Methods of extracting hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation, and methods of treating a hydrocarbon material within a subterranean formation: A method of extracting hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation comprises forming a suspension comprising reactive particles and a carrier fluid. The suspension is introduced into a subterranean formation containing a hydrocarbon material. At least a portion of the reactive particles are exothermically reacted with at least one other material within... Agent:

20150144345 - Waste heat recovery from depleted reservoir: Described herein is a method of producing heated water from a hydrocarbon reservoir. The method includes injecting water into at least a portion of the hot bitumen-depleted zone to heat the water; and producing the heated water from a heated water production well. The method can includes generating the hot... Agent:

20150144346 - Interpolymer crosslinked gel and method of using: Disclosed herein is a gel comprising, polyacrylamide crosslinked with a non-metallic crosslinker, the non-metallic crosslinker comprising a polyamine. A method of making the gel and a method of using the gel are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150144348 - Ball sealer for hydrocarbon resource collection as well as production method therefor and downhole treatment method using same: A ball sealer for hydrocarbon resource recovery, comprising: a generally spherical entire structure including at least two layers of a spherical core and a surface resin layer covering the spherical core, of which at least the surface resin layer comprises a polyglycolic acid resin; and having a diameter of at... Agent:

20150144347 - System and method for re-fracturing multizone horizontal wellbores: A packer on a tubing string and diverting material pumped down the tubing string may be used isolate a fracture cluster in a multizone horizontal wellbore that has been previously hydraulically fractured. Once hydraulically isolated, fluid may be pumped down the tubing string to re-fracture the previously fractured fracture cluster... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144349 - Slant-drilled valve collar: A valve collar for use with a fluid actuated downhole tool includes a mandrel having one or more valve cylinders formed in the wall thereof, the valve cylinders formed at an angle to the mandrel. The valve cylinders may be connected to each other, to the interior of the mandrel,... Agent:

20150144351 - Flexible pipe and a method for providing buoyancy to a jumper or riser assembly: A riser or jumper assembly for transporting production, exportation or injection fluids is disclosed as is a method for providing buoyancy to such an assembly. The riser or jumper assembly includes a first segment of flexible pipe comprising a portion of flexible pipe body and a first and second end... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20150144350 - Riser assembly and method: A riser assembly and method of providing a riser assembly for transporting production fluids from a location deep under water are disclosed. The riser assembly includes a riser comprising a flexible pipe, the riser having a hang off point which is an end of the riser that in use connects... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Uk Limited

20150144352 - Chemical injection mandrel pressure shut off device: Disclosed herein is a shut off system for a hydrocarbon recovery mandrel comprising an inline valve assembly comprising a nipple comprising a chemical flow line; the chemical flow line being operative to transfer fluids from outside the wellbore to a mandrel channel; where the mandrel channel is disposed in the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144353 - Downhole system having chemical injection valve assembly and method of chemical injection: A downhole system having a chemical injection valve assembly configured to inject at least one chemical from a chemical injection line into a downhole tubing. The chemical injection valve assembly includes a passive access control mechanism configured to reveal a first port to the tubing in a first condition and... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144354 - Method and apparatus for tool retrieval: The present disclosure is directed towards, in general, retrieval tools operable for conveyance within a wellbore extending below a wellsite surface, and methods of using such retrieval tools. One such retrieval tool comprises an annular member operable to receive a conveyance terminating at a downhole tool lodged within the wellbore.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150144355 - Die holder device and method for utilizing the same: A die holder device includes a die holder that has an axial centre line and is adapted to receive a clamp die. The die holder is included in a clamp arm or slide block. The die holder is restricted from axial movement by at least a first complete or partial... Agent:

20150144356 - Spherical-annular blowout preventer having a plurality of pistons: A blowout preventer includes a housing including interconnected cylinders formed therein, a main seal positioned within the housing, cylindrical sleeves removably placed within the interconnected cylinders, annular pistons and glands placed within the sleeves; and an energizing ring configured to be operated on by the annular pistons in order to... Agent:

20150144357 - Use of multiple stacked coiled tubing (ct) injectors for running hybrid strings of ct and jointed pipe or multiple ct string: Methods and apparatus are disclosed concerning an injector apparatus, comprising: an upper injector coupled to a frame, wherein the upper injector has an upper injector passage; a lower injector coupled the frame, wherein the lower injector has a lower injector passage; wherein the upper injector and the lower injector are... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150144358 - Downhole release tool: A downhole tool has a release device for releasing a downhole device in a wellbore. The downhole tool has a collet with an inner surface and a collet shoulder; a release rod configured to engage the collet shoulder in a locked position and disengage from the collet shoulder in a... Agent:

20150144359 - Method of using a downhole force generating tool: The disclosure of this application is directed to a downhole tool comprising a central element/member and a sleeve that is rotatably and orbitally disposed around the central element/member. The sleeve rotates and orbits around the central element/member responsive to fluid flowing through the downhole too. The disclosure is also related... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20150144360 - Drill element and associated equipment and methods: A drill string element for use in the drilling of a borehole, the drill string element comprising: a main body; and a flow control mechanism, wherein the drill string element defines a first aperture, another aperture and a passage configured to provide a fluid flow path between the first aperture... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 46 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150136382 - Device for covering a pipeline from a wellbore: A device for covering a pipeline from a wellbore comprising a cover comprising at least one lower bearing surface suitable for being mounted on an end of a vertical annular pipeline of a wellbore. The device includes a distribution elbow comprising a lower end, intended to be connected to a... Agent: Dakeez France

20150136383 - Horizontal fracturing tree: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a horizontal fracturing tree. The horizontal fracturing tree includes a first hydraulic fracturing bore configured to flow a first fluid, wherein the first hydraulic fracturing bore extends along a first horizontal axis, and the first horizontal axis is generally perpendicular to a vertical axis... Agent:

20150136384 - Wiper and seal assembly for a pump: A tubing pump includes a seal housing insertable into a production string of tubing with a seal assembly mounted in an interior of the seal housing. The assembly includes at least an upper seal and seal holder and a lower seal and seal holder, each seal energizable by fluid to... Agent:

20150136385 - Simplified measurement of borehole fluid resistivity: A well logging system that includes a tool which is deployed within the well. The tool has a housing in which imaging hardware is stored, and on which sensors are located, where the sensors detect and measure electrical signals that have been induced in the formation surrounding the well. A... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Logging Services, Inc.

20150136386 - Enhancing well fluid recovery: A system usable with a well includes a waveform generator for enhancing fluid recovery from a reservoir by controlling a production pump or an injection pump downhole in the well with waveform signals to create a pressure wave which propagates into the reservoir and enhances the recovery of the fluid.... Agent:

20150136387 - Fluid excluder for logging in water based muds: A system and method for reducing borehole effects in a borehole within a subterranean formation is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fluid excluder, which includes a sleeve body and a sleeve opening defined by the sleeve body. The sleeve may be sized to fit around an induction tool. The sleeve... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150136388 - In-situ rock testing tool: A shear tester for in-situ determination of rock formation geomechanical properties is provided. The tester has a radially expandable cylindrical membrane, a metal sheath covering at least a portion of the outer surface of the membrane, at least one stud fixed on the sheath, at least one cone fixed on... Agent:

20150136389 - Plunger lift optimization: A logic used to auto-adjust plunger lift system parameters to optimize oil and gas well production with minimal human interaction is described. The auto-adjustments place and maintain the well in an optimized state wherein the well has either a Minimum-OFF time (e.g., length of time just long enough for the... Agent:

20150136390 - Extracting oil from underground reservoirs: Methods to extract oil from underground reservoirs are disclosed comprising pumping a gas comprising oxygen into the reservoir, causing combustion, and using the heat and pressure generated by the combustion to drive the oil through a well pipe to the surface. Systems for extracting oil from underground reservoirs are also... Agent:

20150136391 - Gravel packing apparatus having a jumper tube protection assembly: A gravel packing apparatus is provided, including first and second joints, each including a sand control screen assembly including a base pipe and a filter medium positioned exteriorly of the base pipe; and a slurry delivery subassembly positioned exteriorly of the sand control screen assembly, the slurry delivery subassembly including... Agent:

20150136392 - Multi-zone intelligent and interventionless single trip completion: A one trip interventionless method for fracking multiple intervals incorporates a remotely operated passage isolation valve for each interval. A screen backed by a base pipe is provided to route screened production through a shutoff valve before the production reaches the passage in the completion assembly. The shutoff valve is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150136396 - Telemetry operated ball release system: In one embodiment, a ball release system for use in a wellbore includes a tubular housing, a seat disposed in the housing and comprising arcuate segments arranged to form a ring, each segment radially movable between a catch position for receiving a ball and a release position, a cam disposed... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136395 - Telemetry operated cementing plug release system: A plug release system for cementing a tubular string into a wellbore includes: a wiper plug; a tubular housing; a latch for releasably connecting the wiper plug to the housing. The latch includes: a fastener engageable with one of the wiper plug and the housing; a lock movable between a... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136394 - Telemetry operated running tool: A running tool for deploying a tubular string into a wellbore includes a tubular body and a latch for releasably connecting the tubular string to the body. The latch includes a longitudinal fastener for engaging a longitudinal profile of the tubular string and a torsional fastener for engaging a torsional... Agent:

20150136393 - Telemetry operated setting tool: A setting tool for hanging a tubular string includes: a mandrel having an upper portion and a lower portion for extending into the tubular string; a housing connected to the mandrel upper portion; and a bonnet. The bonnet is: for receiving an upper end of the tubular string, disposed along... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136397 - Method and composition for enhanced oil recovery based on supercritical carbon dioxide and a nonionic surfactant: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards oil recovery compositions. As an example, an oil recovery composition can include a dimeric non-ionic surfactant and carbon dioxide.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150136398 - Retrieval tool and methods of use: A retrieval tool may include a body having a first end portion and a second end portion. A protrusion may extend laterally from the body proximate the second end portion of the body. The protrusion may have an engaging surface, two opposing side surfaces, and an outer surface. A path... Agent:

20150136399 - Steam-injecting mineral insulated heater design: Methods and systems for treating a subsurface hydrocarbon formation are described herein. A method for treating a subsurface hydrocarbon formation includes applying electrical current to a one or more heating elements positioned in a first tubular located in an opening in the subsurface hydrocarbon formation; providing fluid through a second... Agent:

20150136400 - Oil recovery process with composition-adjustable multi-component thermal fluid (mctf): The present invention relates to an oil recovery process with composition-adjustable multi-component thermal fluid, the process comprises: adding oxygen produced by air together with fuel and water into a reactor, in which the oxygen and the fuel combust to produce flue gas and heat, the heat heats water to generate... Agent: China National Offshore Oil Corporation

20150136401 - System and method for cold cracking: Method to enhance the recovery of oil from an oil field, comprising: applying heat to a colloidal hydrocarbonic medium that comprises hydrocarbon chains; and applying pressure waves having a predetermined frequency and intensity to hydrocarbon chains, in order to crack hydrocarbon chains into relatively shorter hydrocarbon chains. Optionally: applying heat... Agent:

20150136402 - Modified hydrocarbon resins as fluid loss additives: Methods for treating oil-based drilling fluids with a fluid loss additive that includes one or more hydrocarbon resins. An oil-based drilling fluid and a hydrocarbon resin can be combined to produce a treated oil-based drilling fluid. The hydrocarbon resin can include a polymerized product of a reaction mixture that can... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20150136403 - Ball seat system: The system and method for hydraulic fracturing includes a downhole tool with a sub, a sleeve, a ball seat support, and a ball seat holder. A ball dropped through the wellbore sits on the ball interface of the ball seat holder. Fluid flowing through the system pushes the ball against... Agent: Cnpc Usa Corp.

20150136404 - Large bore auto-fill float equipment: An auto-fill type float collar assembly is provided. The float collar assembly of the present invention has at least one curved flapper-style valve, preferably constructed of composite, non-metallic material. Each flapper of the present invention has a substantially 90° range of motion, and is closed via a torsion spring. Each... Agent:

20150136405 - Pressure pulse generating tool: A pressure pulse generating tool may include an upper valve assembly disposed within the bore of a housing, where the upper valve assembly is configured to allow a fluid to flow through the upper valve assembly when in an open state. The upper valve assembly may also be configured to... Agent:

20150136407 - Rotating control device docking station: A system and method is provided for converting a drilling rig between conventional hydrostatic pressure drilling and managed pressure drilling or underbalanced drilling using a docking station housing mounted on a marine riser or bell nipple. This docking station housing may be positioned above the surface of the water. When... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150136406 - Subsea intervention plug pulling device: A plug pulling device includes an elongated housing comprising a production tree connection interface, a shifting tool disposed within and along a substantial length the housing and comprising a distal end configured to couple to a tubing plug, and a seal disposed within the housing and formed around a portion... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150136408 - Stab connector assembly and methods usable for establishing a fluid connection: Systems and methods enable connection of, and are usable to connect, well servicing equipment to other well equipment, including wellheads, blowout preventers, and other well servicing equipment. The systems comprise connecting apparatus having a male connector and female connector. The male connector comprises an elongate body having an axial bore... Agent:

20150136409 - Well intervention tool and method: A system to control fluid flow through a fluid passage includes a valve that is fail-safe closed to selectively control fluid flow through the fluid passage, and a hydraulic actuator operatively coupled to the valve to open the valve when hydraulic pressure above a predetermined amount is received. The system... Agent: OnesubseaIPUk Limited

20150136410 - Vessel for producing hydrocarbons provided with means for separation of hydrocarbons into gaseous hydrocarbons and non gaseous hydrocarbons and a method for operating such a vessel: A vessel for producing hydrocarbons, the vessel being adapted to be connected to at least one riser for transport of the hydrocarbons from a well on the seabed towards the vessel, wherein the vessel includes a separation station for separation of the hydrocarbons into gaseous hydrocarbons and non-gaseous hydrocarbons, storing... Agent: Single Buoy Moorings Inc.

20150136411 - Slug mitigation system for subsea pipelines and risers: A slug mitigation system for subsea pipelines includes a riser located between a low level and an upper (above sea-) level of a pipeline, where an inline separator, e.g. an “I-SEP”, is located upstream of a first stage separator. A throttling valve or fixed restriction is located downstream or upstream... Agent:

20150136412 - Riser tensioning system: The riser tensioning system (10) includes a tensioning ring (18) for secured engagement with the riser and plurality of hydraulic cylinders (12) extending between the tensioning ring and a floating platform. A gimbal mechanism (42) acts between the platform and the riser to allow the riser axis to tilt relative... Agent: Dril-quip, Inc

20150136413 - Single upset landing string running system: Systems, apparatus, and methods for longitudinally moving or running a tubular, with the system including an elevator suspended from a rig. The elevator includes a body defining a bore to receive a tubular and wedges defining channels therebetween, with the wedges being configured to engage the tubular. The system may... Agent:

20150136414 - Distributed lift systems for oil and gas extraction: A distributed artificial lift system is configured for use in a wellbore that includes a vertical section and at least one lateral section connected to the vertical section. The distributed artificial lift system includes a first remote assembly positioned within the first lateral section. The first remote assembly includes an... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150136415 - Triwall hydrocarbon well recovery system and method: A buoyant ball assisted hydrostatic lift system and method comprises a second annulus formed between a well bore and an outer pipe within the well bore, and a first annulus formed between the outer pipe and an inner pipe. The system includes a seal disposed on the second annulus on... Agent:

20150136416 - Downhole apparatus: Downhole apparatus comprises first and second tools for location in a tubing string. The first tool has a first seat of a first diameter and the second tool has a second seat of a second diameter larger than the first diameter. First and second activating devices are provided for use... Agent: Churchill Drilling Tools Limited

20150136417 - Method for handling tubulars and rigidizer therefor: A rigidizer and method for its use in supporting a tubular string during handling operations. The rigidizer includes upper and lower sleeves which pivotally open and close to clamp about the string. The upper and lower sleeves are rigidly connected by a number of structural telescopic legs that allow adjustment... Agent: Stingray Offshore Solutions LLC

20150136418 - Deviation tolerant well plunger pump: A well pump assembly has an upper plunger and a lower plunger. A working fluid conduit extends between the upper and lower plunger. An upper piston in the working fluid conduit is connected with the upper plunger. A lower piston in the working fluid conduit is connected with the lower... Agent:

20150136419 - Tandem w angled gg port system and method of manufacture: An improved perforating gun comprising a titled ported sub in an improved perforating gun is disclosed, comprising a first end, a second end, a tilted port, a center portion, a central channel, and an outer body. Said central channel comprises a first bore in said first end, an electrical channel,... Agent:

20150136421 - Annular blowout preventer hydraulic supply system: A system and method for deploying a rod annular blowout preventer using existing hydraulic pressure is provided. The system connects between an existing hydraulic blowout preventer system and a blowout preventer device installed on the wellhead to provide regulated hydraulic pressure to a rod annular blowout preventer. The system comprises... Agent:

20150136422 - Apparatus and method for deploying equipment into a wellbore: A method for lubricating a downhole tool into a wellbore with a lubricator assembly comprising a hydraulic cylinder with a cylinder and a rod and a pressure isolation assembly connected to the bottom of the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder. The pressure isolation assembly has a base, a top, a... Agent:

20150136420 - Device and method for handling drill string components in a drill rig and drill rig: A device for handling drill string components in respect of a drill rig. A gripper is configured to grip a first drill string component to be threaded on to or off from a second drill string component being partly drilled into a rock formation. A support is configured to fasten... Agent:

20150136423 - Fluid connector assembly with automatic flow shut-off and method usable for establishing a fluid connection: Embodiments usable within the scope of the present disclosure relate generally to a connector apparatus and methods usable to securely and repeatedly connect a sub-sea fluid conduit to another fluid conduit or well equipment, such as a manifold, a wellhead, a BOP, or other associated items. The disclosed embodiments further... Agent:

20150136425 - Automated remote actuation system: A technique provides an actuation system employed to actuate a tool, such as a downhole tool. The tool is actuated by an actuator element, e.g. a ball, which is selectively releasable from a remote location for interaction with the tool. A carrier is used to hold the actuator element at... Agent:

20150136424 - Remote controlled self propelled deployment system for horizontal wells: A self-propelled, remotely-controlled equipment deployment vehicle is configured to deliver equipment to a desired location within the horizontal portion of a deviated wellbore. The deployment vehicle includes a cargo frame, an electric motor and an active mobility assembly. The active mobility assembly is connected to the cargo frame and powered... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150136426 - Retrievable horizontal spool tree sealing method and seal assembly: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward a seal assembly comprising a main body comprising a production fluid port configured to align with a production fluid bore of a tubing spool of a mineral extraction system, a first annular seal supported by the main body and disposed on a... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150136427 - Tubewire injection buckling mitigation: A tubewire buckling mitigation assembly for use with injection of tubewire into coiled tubing. The mitigation assembly includes a passageway having a small diameter passage, an intermediate diameter section and first and second tapered transition sections.... Agent:

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