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04/16/2015 > 43 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150101790 - Time delayed secondary retention mechanism for safety joint in a wellbore: Certain aspects and features of the present invention are directed to a safety joint that can be disposed in a wellbore through a fluid-producing formation. The safety joint can include a body configured to be disposed in the wellbore, a primary retention mechanism, a secondary retention mechanism, and a time... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150101791 - Method and apparatus for installing and removing an electric submersible pump: In combination, an inverted electric submersible pump (ESP) sized to fit within a downhole production path and a coiled tubing string. The coiled tubing string has an internal bore, and one or more supply lines housed within the internal bore and connected between surface and the inverted ESP. The inverted... Agent:

20150101792 - Apparatus for liquefaction of carbonaceous material: A carbonaceous material liquefaction apparatus which uses a nozzle assembly to supply a pressurised liquid towards a carbonaceous material as a high velocity liquid. A supply line (46, 39) supplies the high pressure liquid to the nozzle assembly (38). The high velocity liquid reacts with the carbonaceous material (35) in... Agent:

20150101793 - Drive unit for extracting water, petroleum or other fluids: This invention is a type of pump drive unit for extracting water, petroleum or other fluids by alternating between top-down and bottom-up operation using a pumping string that enables fluids to be extracted from thousands of meters down. This unit can be used in any well that uses a mechanical... Agent:

20150101794 - Hydrocarbon production apparatus: An apparatus is disclosed for use in a hydrocarbon production well that includes a casing extending from a segment of the production well to a wellhead. A production conduit extends inside the casing, from a first end in the hydrocarbon production well to a second end at the wellhead. A... Agent:

20150101795 - Downhole packer: A packer having at least two or more areas of relative rotation. The packer also incorporates a jet port, a highly debossed mandrel and/or a J-pin rotatably disposed within a drag block assembly for continuously and redundantly engaging a J-slot area disposed in the mandrel. The areas of relative rotation... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20150101796 - Downhole system for isolating sections of a wellbore: Embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a downhole system useable for isolating sections of a wellbore that includes a work string comprising a downhole end; a setting sleeve coupled with the downhole end; and a downhole tool engaged with the setting sleeve during run-in, the downhole tool further comprising a... Agent:

20150101797 - Downhole tool and method of use: A downhole tool useable for isolating sections of a wellbore, the downhole tool including a setting sleeve; and a mandrel further comprising a first end and a second end. The second end includes a first outer surface area and a second outer surface area. The second outer surface area is... Agent:

20150101798 - Centralizer preconditioning and testing apparatus and method: Apparatus, methods, and systems for preconditioning and/or testing a centralizer, and a preconditioned centralizer, are provided. The apparatus includes a restrictor positionable around a tubular and having an inner diameter that is greater than an outer diameter of the tubular. The apparatus also includes a driver configured to translate the... Agent:

20150101799 - Coiled tubing injector with load sensing tubing guide: The invention pertains to methods and apparatus for monitoring loads on an arched tubing guide of a coiled tubing injector caused by tension on coiled tubing. The load is sensed by a load sensor, for example, a load cell placed in a strut that supports the arched tubing guide, or... Agent:

20150101801 - System and method for sealing a wellbore: A method of pressure testing a wellbore during a cementing operation includes positioning a tubular within a wellbore, the tubular including a collar assembly at a distal end of the tubular; urging cement through the collar assembly using a plug, the plug including a releasable sealing member; releasing the sealing... Agent:

20150101800 - Variable stiffness downhole tool housing: Various systems and methods for implementing and using a variable stiffness downhole tool housing include cylindrical segments positioned along a common axis, with a pair of segments each coupled to a bulkhead and positioned at either axial end of the tool housing. The housing also includes a flexible cylindrical sleeve,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150101802 - Real-time methods of tracking fluids: A method of tracking an intelligent fluid in a well bore, comprising: providing an intelligent fluid; introducing the intelligent fluid into the well bore; sensing one or more well bore characteristics with the intelligent fluid; and wirelessly relaying data on the one or more well characteristics to the surface.... Agent:

20150101803 - Method and system for sealing an annulus enclosing a tubular element: The invention provides a method and system for sealing an annulus enclosing a tubular element in a wellbore. The method comprises the steps of: i) introducing a first drilling fluid in the wellbore; ii) drilling an open hole section of the wellbore using a drilling tool suspended at the end... Agent:

20150101804 - Screen communication sleeve assembly and method: Fluid flow between screen-pipe annuli of pipe sections in a down-hole well structure is provided by a fluid communication sleeve assembly that may be installed where adjacent pipe sections are connected. A flow ring is provided at each pipe section end, each flow ring providing fluid communication from and to... Agent: Delta Screens & Filtration, LLC

20150101805 - Viscoelastic surfactant based wellbore fluids and methods of use: A wellbore fluid that includes an aqueous based fluid; an amphoteric, viscoelastic surfactant; and a modified starch is disclosed. Methods of drilling subterranean wells, methods of reducing the loss of fluid out of subterranean wells, and methods of completing wellbores using aqueous-based fluids having an ampoteric, viscoelastic surfactant and a... Agent:

20150101807 - Fracturing fluid for secondary gas production: The invention pertains to a process for fracturing a subterranean formation using a mixture of methane (natural gas) and propane/butane (liquefied petroleum gas). The process comprises: a)providing a first fluid (in a gas or liquefied form) comprising at least 50 wt. % of methane: b)providing a second fluid (in a... Agent: Kenda Capital B.v.

20150101806 - Method for providing step changes in proppant delivery: A method of creating a step-change in proppant concentration in a fracturing fluid at a desired location within the conduit or wellbore of an oil or gas well includes the steps of connecting an in-line mixer at an end of a conveyance, placing the in-line mixer within a conduit proximate... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150101808 - Methods and system for creating high conductivity fractures: Methods for forming proppant pillars in a formation during formation fracturing include include periods of pumping a first fracturing fluid including a proppant and an aggregating composition including a reaction product of a phosphate compound or a plurality of phosphate and an amine, periods of pumping a second fracturing fluid... Agent:

20150101809 - Piston float equipment: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to a valve assembly for use during a cementing operation. In one embodiment, a valve includes a housing having a bore. The valve further includes a piston member movable between a first position permitting fluid passage through the bore and a second position obstructing... Agent:

20150101810 - Cementing a wellbore using cementing material encaplsulateo in a shell: A system for cementing a wellbore penetrating an earth formation into which a pipe extends. A cement material is positioned in the space between the wellbore and the pipe by circulated capsules containing the cement material through the pipe into the space between the wellbore and the pipe. The capsules... Agent:

20150101811 - Method of treating a downhole formation using a downhole packer: This disclosure is directed to a method of using a packer having at least two areas of relative rotation. The disclosure is further directed toward a method of using a packer incorporating a jet port, a highly debossed mandrel and/or a J-pin rotatably disposed within a drag block assembly for... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20150101812 - Milling system for abandoning a wellbore: A mill for use in a wellbore includes a tubular housing having a bore therethrough and a plurality of eccentrically arranged pockets formed in a wall thereof and an arm disposed in each pocket. Each arm has a body portion and a blade portion extending from an outer surface of... Agent:

20150101814 - Method and system for heating a bed of rocks containing sulfur-rich type iis kerogen: Hydrocarbon-containing rocks comprising type IIs kerogen are introduced into an excavated enclosure (e.g. a pit or an impoundment) to form a bed of rocks therein. One or more heaters (e.g. molten salt heaters) are operated to pyrolyze type IIs kerogen of the rocks. In some embodiments, a hydrocarbon reflux loop... Agent: GenieIPB.v.

20150101813 - Methods for hanging liner from casing and articles derived therefrom: Disclosed herein a system comprising a casing; the casing being disposed in a borehole; a liner; the liner being disposed in the casing and being concentric with the casing; and a layer of material disposed between the liner and the casing; where the layer of material forms a first bond... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150101815 - Formulations and methods for removing hydrocarbons from surfaces: The invention provides formulations for facilitating the removal of oil from a surface using a chisel composition, wherein the chisel composition includes a polymer having one or more binding points with a high affinity for the surface, and one or more hydrophilic segments that form a hydrophilic coating on the... Agent:

20150101816 - Chemical amendments for the stimulation of biogenic gas generation in deposits of carbonaceous material: Methods of stimulating biogenic production of a metabolic product with enhanced hydrogen content are described. The methods may include accessing a consortium of microorganisms in a geologic formation that includes a carbonaceous material. They may also include providing hydrogen and one or more phosphorous compounds to the microorganisms. The combination... Agent:

20150101817 - Sub-surface formation boundary detection using an electric-field borehole telemetry apparatus: A method is disclosed for detecting the existence and direction of adjacent bed boundaries. A short hop transmitter assembly generates a signal that is detected by an associated receiver assembly. The received signal(s) are tied to the azimuthal orientation of the transmitter or receiver and processed to yield the direction... Agent:

20150101818 - Method of delaying crosslinking in well treatment operation: Crosslinking of a crosslinkable viscosifying agent and a crosslinking agent may be delayed in a well treatment fluid by incorporated within the fluid a glutamic-N,N-diacetic acid salt, such as a glutamic-N,N-diacetic acid sodium salt like tetrasodium glutamate diacetate. The crosslinking agent may be a zirconium containing crosslinking agent like zirconium... Agent:

20150101819 - Jumper support arrangements for hybrid riser towers: A hybrid riser tower is disclosed with a rigid riser column and a buoyancy tank positioned to apply tension to the riser column by buoyant upthrust when the tower is in an upright orientation for use. At least one jumper support structure is attached to a side of the buoyancy... Agent:

20150101820 - Subsea flow splitting arrangement: A subsea system and an oil/gas outlet arrangement for splitting of oil and gas. The subsea system comprising a separator (1), the separator (1) comprising; at least one well flow inlet (13) for a multiphase flow mixture of at least oil and gas, an oil/gas outlet arrangement (15) arranged... Agent:

20150101821 - Flow head swivel system and method of use: A flow head system, comprising a one or more load diversion devices releaseably attached to a first set of components. Said one or more load diversion devices comprising a lower load diversion device releaseably attached to said first set of components. Said one or more load diversion devices attached to... Agent:

20150101822 - Subsea differential-area accumulator: An accumulator for hydraulically actuating subsea equipment includes a hydraulic fluid chamber and a gas chamber. The hydraulic fluid chamber is in fluid communication with the subsea equipment and comprises a hydraulic piston slidably received, at least partially, within the hydraulic chamber. The gas chamber comprises a charge piston slidably... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20150101824 - Actuation mechanism for water hammer valve: The present invention discloses an actuation mechanism for a water hammer valve. The water hammer valve is initially prevented from operating, and an actuation mechanism for the water hammer valve is actuated by dropping one or more balls or other objects onto the valve. Once actuated, the pilot and piston... Agent: Tempress Technologies, Inc.

20150101823 - Seat apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for restricting fluid flow with a seat assembly. The seat is configured to go from a first position, in which it is adapted to engage a plug element, to a second position, in which the plug element passes through the seat. A second portion of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150101825 - Segmented seat assembly: An apparatus that is usable with a well includes a first portion and a second portion. The first portion includes a first plurality of segments, and the second portion includes a second plurality of segments. The apparatus is deployable in a tubing string that is installed in the well, and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150101826 - Automated roughneck: An automated roughneck may include a backup tong and a makeup tong. The makeup tong and backup tong may be selectively movable relative to one another. The makeup tong and backup tong may include spinner and gripper assemblies respectively adapted to make up and break out threaded connections. The automated... Agent:

20150101827 - Method and system to avoid premature activation of liner hanger: A technique facilitates avoidance of premature actuation of a liner hanger in a wellbore. The technique utilizes a running string which may be coupled to a liner having a liner hanger. The running string extends into the liner in a manner which creates an inner pressure region within the running... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150101828 - Tube forming device: A technique facilitates the plastic deformation of tubing to a desired size and shape. The technique enables deformation of tubing, such as a coiled tubing end, in a manner which facilitates installation of a tubing connector. A tubing forming device is used in cooperation with a tubing injector. The tubing... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150101829 - Method and apparatus for a wellbore assembly: A method and apparatus for a wellbore assembly. The wellbore assembly may comprise a conveyance member including at least one of a continuous spooled rod, a wireline, and a slickline; an accumulator system connected to the conveyance member; and a setting tool connected to the accumulator system. The accumulator system... Agent:

20150101831 - Apparatus & methods for sealing around the opening to an underground borehole: Apparatus useful for providing a liquid-tight seal around an opening formed in the earth's surface of an underground borehole includes a clamp and at least one platform. The clamp is configured to engage a wall extending around the borehole and the platform is configured to extend outwardly from the clamp... Agent:

20150101832 - Forming inclusions in selected azimuthal orientations from a casing section: A method of forming multiple inclusions into a subterranean formation can include initiating the inclusions into the formation, the inclusions extending outwardly in respective multiple azimuthal orientations from a casing section, and flowing fluid into each of the inclusions individually, thereby extending the inclusions into the formation one at a... Agent:

20150101830 - Lock ring and packoff for wellhead: A packoff and a locking assembly installed in a bore of a wellhead component are provided. In one embodiment, a packoff includes inner and outer annular seals and an energizing ring shaped to be wedged between the inner and outer annular seals so as to apply a radially inward biasing... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

04/09/2015 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150096737 - Shaft seal pressure compensation apparatus: A pressure compensating system that minimizes the pressure differences across multiple shaft seals in a rod driven downhole pumping apparatus. The system balances the pressures across the seals by forcing the external pressure of all seals and compensators to be equal to the highest external pressure in the apparatus, made... Agent:

20150096738 - Variable high pressure transition tube set point adapter: An apparatus, method, and system for inserting and securing a high pressure transition tube of a fluid transfer tool assembly into a positive position whereby the seal element is packed off in the wellhead set point. Once attached the transition tube is pushed to contact the bit guide, secondary seal... Agent:

20150096739 - Frac system with hydraulic energy transfer system: A frac system that includes a hydraulic energy transfer system configured to exchange pressures between a first fluid and a second fluid.... Agent:

20150096740 - Frack plug with temporary wall support feature: In a fracturing application a packer for a given zone to be fractured is reinforced during fracturing with an insert that is preferably a sleeve. During times of high collapse pressure loading, the sleeve provides the needed support. When fracking is over the liner sleeve is caused to disappear. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096741 - Member for hydrocarbon resource collection downhole tool: A downhole tool member for hydrocarbon resource recovery, comprising a shaped body of a polyglycolic acid resin having a weight average molecular weight of at least 70,000, having an effective thickness which is ½ or more of a critical thickness of surface decomposition, and exhibiting a thickness reduction rate in... Agent:

20150096742 - Downhole fast-acting shut-in valve system: A shut-in valve tool for use in a well, comprising; a tool body defining a flow path for the flow of well fluid from outside the tool through FIG. 1 the tool body to another part of the well; an inlet port defined in the tool body though which well... Agent:

20150096743 - Protective coating for a substrate: A coating having a gradient composite structure, applied to a substrate, which may be a disposable tool. The gradient composite comprises a bonding component and an erosion and/or corrosion resistant component. When applied to a disposable tool, such as a ball and seat assembly in a downhole environment, the coating... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096744 - Power supply for wired pipe with rechargeable energy storage: A power supply for a wired pipe system is provided. The power supply includes energy storage capabilities, and provides for operation in high temperature environments.... Agent:

20150096745 - Downhole monitoring using magnetostrictive probe: A system, method and apparatus for controlling a downhole operation is disclosed. A tool is operated to perform the downhole operation at a selected downhole location using a first value of an operation parameter of the tool. A magnetostrictive probe is used to determine a temperature profile along a section... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096746 - Wavelength-selective, high temperature, near infrared photodetectors for downhole applications: An apparatus for estimating a property of a downhole fluid includes a carrier configured to be conveyed through a borehole penetrating the earth, a fluid extraction device disposed at the carrier and configured to extract a sample of the downhole fluid, and a probe cell having a window to receive... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096747 - Determining the depth and orientation of a feature in a wellbore: The invention relates to a device for determining the depth and orientation of a feature in a wellbore, and to a corresponding method. It also relates to a downhole apparatus for performing an operation in a well comprising a device for determining the depth and orientation of a feature in... Agent: Halliburton Manufacturing And Services Limited

20150096748 - Systems and methods for enhancing steam distribution and production in sagd operations: A system for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation with steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) includes a steam injection well. The steam injection well includes a first portion extending from the surface through an unconsolidated layer of the formation to a consolidated layer of the formation, a second portion extending horizontally... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20150096749 - Method for removing contaminants from wastewater in hydraulic fracturing process: A borehole is drilled from the surface to an underground shale matrix. A pipe is inserted into the borehole. Openings are created in the pipe in fluid communication with fractures in the shale matrix. The interior surface of at least one section of pipe is coated with a contaminant-capturing substance.... Agent:

20150096750 - High internal phase ratio invert emulsion: A water-in-oil type emulsion having a dispersed particle volume fraction of greater than about 60 volume percent, based on the based on the total volume of the emulsion. Methods to produce the emulsion, treatment fluids comprising the emulsion, and uses thereof are also disclosed.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150096751 - Hydraulic fracturing composition, method for making and use of same: A hydraulic fracturing composition includes: a superabsorbent polymer in an expanded state; a plurality of proppant particles disposed in the superabsorbent polymer; a well treatment agent, and a fluid to expand the superabsorbent polymer into the expanded state. A process for treating a well with well treatment agent includes disposing... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096752 - System and method for performing a perforation operation: A technique facilitates performance of a perforating operation in a wellbore. The technique comprises positioning a perforating gun assembly downhole in a wellbore via coiled tubing. The perforating gun assembly has a plurality of individually controllable perforating gun sections which may be selectively fired at different well zones. An optical... Agent:

20150096753 - Casing cutting tool, with stabilizing structure: A casing cutting tool, to be disposed downhole in a casing string on a drillstring, for the cutting and/or milling of casing strings. The tool has a main body with a plurality of rotatable blades which can rotate between a first retracted position to a second position substantially at right... Agent:

20150096754 - Indirect boiling for water treatment: Systems and methods relate to vaporizing water into steam, which may be utilized in applications such as bitumen production. Initial indirect vaporization of the water at a first pressure for treatment precedes a steam generator boiling the water at a second pressure higher than the first pressure. The indirect vaporization... Agent:

20150096755 - Compositions comprising carbon dioxide and reverse micelles and methods of use: Provided herein is a composition comprising carbon dioxide, an aqueous phase, and reverse micelles, wherein the reverse micelles comprise a metal cation-chelating agent, and a metal cation; and methods of using said composition for sequestering carbon dioxide and/or recovering hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon reservoir.... Agent: New York University

20150096756 - System and methods for injection and production from a single wellbore: Methods and systems of treating hydrocarbon containing formations are described herein. A system for treating a subterranean hydrocarbon containing formation includes a wellbore, and one or more packers positioned in the wellbore. At least one of the packers allows fluid to be injected in a subterranean hydrocarbon containing formation while... Agent:

20150096757 - Optimized salinity for enhanced water flood applications: This invention relates to methods for enhanced oil recovery from subterranean formations. More particularly, it relates to methods for manipulating produced water compositions to increase the rate and/or amount of oil that is recovered from producing wells and/or a hydrocarbon reservoir.... Agent:

20150096758 - Manifolds for providing hydraulic fluid to a subsea blowout preventer and related methods: This disclosure includes manifolds, subsea valve modules, and related methods. Some manifolds and/or subsea valve modules include one or more inlets, each configured to receive hydraulic fluid from a fluid source, one or more outlets, each in selective fluid communication with at least one of the inlets, and one or... Agent:

20150096759 - Connector, diverter, and annular blowout preventer for use within a mineral extraction system: A subsea mineral extraction system including a subsea riser system comprises a rotary table positioned within a drilling rig, an operational joint configured to connect to and alter flow through the subsea riser system, in which the operational joint passes through the rotary table. An annular blowout preventer joint for... Agent:

20150096760 - Modular exploration and production system including an extended well testing service vessel: A modular exploration and production system combined with an oil well testing and service vessel is provided, the vessel comprising equipment for separating hydrocarbons and/or associated fluids and solids by means of a processing plant. The vessel is equipped with suitable equipment packages for all required functionality, so fluid received... Agent: Atlantis Offshore Holding Ltd.

20150096761 - Offshore vessel and method of operation of such an offshore vessel: The present invention relates to an offshore vessel capable of installing and removing a subsea well control device and a riser string, the vessel comprising a hoisting device comprising a travelling block for connecting a load, which travelling block is displaceable along a firing line which extends through a moonpool... Agent: Itrec B.v.

20150096762 - Flexible zone inflow control device: A device for controlling fluid flow from a subsurface fluid reservoir into a production tubing siring includes, a tubular member defining a central bore. At least one nozzle extends through a side wall of the tubular member. A popper is moveable between an open position where fluids can flow into... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150096764 - Interlock pipe connection: An interlock pipe joint includes a first and second tubular member. In some embodiments, an interrupted thread box and pin make up the interlock pipe joint. In other embodiments, a stepped interrupted thread box and pin make up the interlock pipe joint. In other embodiments, a twist-lock box and pin... Agent:

20150096763 - Slip-type elevator adapter: Methods and apparatus for adapting an elevator for use with a tubular are provided. The apparatus includes one or more axial extensions configured to engage one or more slip bodies of the elevator. The one or more axial extensions include a radial contact surface configured to slide along the tubular... Agent: Frank's International, LLC

20150096765 - Fluid container reloading tool: A fluid container reloading tool for a downhole fluid sampling tool is described. The reloading tool includes an elongated cylindrical body. The body may include a bottom opening sized to engage with a fluid sampling tool deployed within a borehole. A cache of empty fluid containers may be included within... Agent:

20150096766 - Floating device running tool: A running tool and delivery and/or retrieving apparatus, and method for use, are designed for optionally delivering and optionally retrieving an oilfield device down a borehole. A kelly extends into the borehole. The tool has a journal configured for slidable movement along the kelly, an engagement disk mounted around the... Agent:

20150096767 - Single size actuator for multiple sliding sleeves: A multiplier sleeve has a releasable seat coupled to a dog within the slidable sleeve allows a single sized ball, dart, or plug to actuate several sliding sleeves. Upon actuation by properly sized ball the ball, slidable sleeve, seat, and dog move downward where the dog is no longer supported... Agent: Swellfix Bv

04/02/2015 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150090437 - System to heat water for hydraulic fracturing: Generally, a system for hydraulic fracturing of a geologic formation. Specifically, a transportable heating apparatus and method for the production of heated water for use in hydraulic fracturing of a geologic formation.... Agent: H2o Inferno, LLC

20150090438 - Stacked tray ball dropper for subterranean fracking operations: A ball dropper has a stack of trays that have solid portions for supporting a ball and open portions to allow a ball to pass through a tray. Fixed barriers limit the travel of the ball with the rotating tray to allow the ball to become unsupported so that it... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150090439 - Downhole tool and method of use: Embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a downhole tool useable for isolating sections of a wellbore that includes a mandrel, the mandrel further having a body comprising an external surface, and an inner bore formed therein; a distal end; and a proximate end; wherein the mandrel is made of composite... Agent:

20150090440 - Applications of degradable polymer for delayed mechanical changes in wells: Degradable polylactic or polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers may be used to viscosify aqueous fluids for use in wells. Sand control screen or liner can be coated with a solid degradable polymer during placement in a well. Mechanical changes or flow changes in a well can be caused by solid degradable polymer that... Agent:

20150090441 - Anchor mechanism for use in a well: An anchor mechanism for use in a well including a housing with a plurality of openings evenly distributed along the circumference of the housing and each opening arranged to narrowly house a radially movably slip including first and second end portions, a gripping side facing a well wall, the gripping... Agent:

20150090442 - Chemical based well kickoff system for naturally flowing wells: A reaction apparatus for providing reactants from a surface to a wellbore to create a generated gas when the reactants undergo a reaction in situ to affect the density of a fluid in the wellbore, the reaction apparatus comprises a reaction housing, the reaction housing comprises a first reactant cell... Agent:

20150090443 - Methods for estimating resource density using raman spectroscopy of inclusions in shale resource plays: A method of determining the in situ pressure of a light hydrocarbon in a shale source rock formation comprising: providing an inclusion comprising the light hydrocarbon trapped within the inclusion; using Raman spectroscopy to determine the density and composition of the light hydrocarbon trapped within the inclusion; and calculating a... Agent:

20150090444 - Power systems for wireline well service using wired pipe string: A wellbore instrument system includes a pipe string extending from earth's surface to a selected depth in a wellbore. The pipe string includes at least one of an electrical conductor and an optical fiber signal channel. A power sub including an electric power source is coupled proximate a lower end... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150090445 - Detection of position of a plunger in a well: A system for detecting when a plunger reaches a bottom of a well includes a pressure sensor configured to measure a pressure of the well and provide a measured pressure output. Derivative calculation circuitry calculates a derivative of the measured pressure output. Detection circuitry detects when the plunger reaches the... Agent:

20150090446 - Downhole sampling probe with penetrating inlet and method of using same: A probe of a downhole tool deployable into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The downhole tool has at least one flowline extendable therein. The formation has a clean fluid therein. The probe includes a base carried by the downhole tool and positionable adjacent a wall of the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150090447 - Sample tank with integrated fluid separation: A method for obtaining a fluid sample downhole that has at least a target fluid and an undesirable fluid may include receiving the fluid sample into a sample tank positioned that has a main chamber and isolating at least a portion of the undesirable fluid from the target fluid in... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorported

20150090449 - Cement masking system and method thereof: A cement masking system including a tubular having a wall with at least one radial port. At least one swellable member arranged to cover the at least one port. The at least one swellable member configured to at least partially displace cement radially of the tubular during radial expansion of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150090448 - Downhole system and method thereof: A downhole system including a tubular having a wall with at least one port there through. At least one member arranged to cover the at least one port in a compressed condition thereof. Configured to at least partially displace cement pumped on an exterior of the tubular in a radially... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150090450 - Performing simultaneous operations on multiple wellbore locations using a single mobile drilling rig: A system is disclosed that includes a drilling rig having a substructure, the drilling rig being adapted to be positioned above a plurality of wellbore location such that each of the plurality of wellbore locations is simultaneously positioned below the substructure, equipment movement means for moving pressure control equipment between... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150090451 - Compositions and methods for cementing wells: A well cementing composition comprises water, an inorganic cement, a gas generating agent and a gas stabilizer. The gas generating agent may contain materials that release hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen gas or combinations thereof. The gas stabilizer comprises an aqueous mixture comprising polyglycols, oxyalkylates and methanol, or... Agent:

20150090452 - Shock mitigator: An assembly with a shock inducing tool and shock sensitive components. The assembly includes a shock mitigator that is constructed in a manner that allows a communication line to stretch across an interface of the mitigator between a housing for the components and the shock inducing tool. So, for example,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150090453 - Systems and methods for secondary sealing of a perforation within a wellbore casing: Systems and methods for secondary sealing of a perforation present within a wellbore casing associated with a primary sealing agent. The wellbore casing defines a casing conduit present within a wellbore that extends between a surface region and a subterranean formation. The systems and methods include a sealing apparatus that... Agent:

20150090454 - Hydromecanical piercing perforator and method of operation thereof: Proposed devices provide for a jetting process of formation critical areas after opening up a column, increasing a perforator's punch power and reliability, significantly preventing accidents. A hydro-mechanical piercing-type perforator includes a casing containing a hydraulic cylinder with a pusher, an operating tool radially movable and capable of interaction with... Agent:

20150090455 - Natural gas hydrate reservoir heating: A heating system for heating a natural gas hydrate reservoir. The heating system includes a fully enclosed wellbore extending through a portion of the natural gas hydrate reservoir. A heating fluid is passed through the wellbore to heat the portion of the natural gas hydrate reservoir. Additionally, a production system... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150090456 - Fluorescent nano-sensors for oil and gas reservoir characterization: Enhanced oil recovery becomes increasingly important in satisfying the growing demand for fossil fuel. The efficiency of secondary recovery processes like water flooding is however largely influenced by the rock characteristics, fluid characteristics, chemistry and physics. For development of the full potential of secondary oil recovery, it remains a challenge... Agent:

20150090457 - Selective removal of silica from silica containing brines: This invention relates to a method for selective removal of silica and silicon containing compounds from solutions that include silica and silicon containing compounds, including geothermal brines.... Agent:

20150090458 - Pulsating rotational flow for use in well operations: A system for use with a subterranean well can include a fluid oscillator which discharges pulsating fluid from a tubular string in a direction at least partially toward an end of the tubular string proximate a surface of the earth. A method can include discharging a fluid from the tubular... Agent:

20150090459 - Apparatus and methods for clearing a subsea tubular: An embodiment of a tool for clearing a deposit within a fluid flowline, including a body having a central axis, a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a radially outer surface extending axially from the first end of the second end. In addition, the tool includes... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20150090460 - Apparatus and method for producing oil and gas using buoyancy effect: A system for bringing producing oil and gas from a subsea gathering manifold or wellhead, including a loop having an upper end at the surface and a lower end below the surface, the loop rotatable around a closed path, and production vessels attached to the cable loop, each production vessel... Agent:

20150090461 - Detachable capping device and method for an oil/gas well under blowout conditions: Offshore and onshore oil well blowouts can bring serious environmental damages which can cause serious economic loses. Oil wells under blowout conditions can be gushing fluids for months before the well is capped and plugged. Placing a capping device on the top of the well head can be challenged. In... Agent:

20150090462 - Fluid vent assembly and method of venting fluid: A housing for a downhole tool, having a fluid vent assembly comprising a port passing through the wall of the housing to transmit fluid through the port when the port is open, a sealing device to seal the port, and a cutting device to disrupt the sealing device and permit... Agent: Rmspumptools Limited

20150090463 - Automated pipe slips: An automated pipe slips includes a pipe slips body having a generally frustoconically tapered inner wall. A plurality of wedges is positioned to slide along the tapered inner wall and may be hydraulically driven. In some embodiments, the wedges alternate between long and short wedges, such that only long wedges... Agent:

20150090464 - Lift frame system and method of use: A lift frame system and method of use including a lift frame capable of being moved from a stowed position to a drill center position and a skidding pallet with at least one personnel access and egress walkway platform. The skidding pallet is capable of moving along a plurality of... Agent:

20150090465 - Wellbore packer, method and tubing string: A wellbore packer for setting one or more packing elements in a borehole having an open hole section. The wellbore packer comprises a port-less mandrel configured with one or more packing elements and one or more setting mechanisms. The setting mechanism is responsive to a driving force and configured to... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 55 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150083386 - Cable head with cable shear mechanism for attaching to a wireline to support oilfield equipment in a wellbore: A cable head with cable shear mechanism for attaching to a wireline to support oilfield equipment in a wellbore formed from a housing with a cable bore. The housing comprises a tapered sleeve with a tapered sleeve cable bore, a sliding bell with a sliding bell cable bore, a drive... Agent: G&h Diversified Manufacturing, Lp

20150083387 - Rf antenna assembly with spacer and sheath and related methods: An RF antenna assembly is positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The RF antenna assembly includes first and second tubular conductors to be positioned within the wellbore, and having adjacent joined together ends, and first and second RF transmission line segments extending within the... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150083388 - Steam-impulse pressure generator for the treatment of oil wells: A steam-impulse pressure generator includes a burnable membrane separating (1) a heat-generating device, which is an hermetic enclosure, the cavity of which is filled with heat-generating blocks, from (2) a steam-kinetic chamber, which is a non-hermetic, open enclosure, with windows (nozzles), evenly distributed over the entire surface, with the minimum... Agent: Megat Ltd.

20150083389 - Non-rotation lock screw: A non-rotation lock screw for a wellhead assembly is provided that includes a rotating portion and a non-rotating portion. The non-rotating portion includes a distal end configured to engage a component of the wellhead assembly, and may include one or more seals. The rotating portion may be rotating into a... Agent:

20150083390 - Controlled rise velocity buoyant ball assisted hydrocarbon lift system and method: A hydrocarbon lift system and method for increasing petroleum production from an enclosed subterranean reservoir to the earth's surface comprises a column of buoyant balls in an outer pipe configured to entrain the buoyant balls into a first fluid in an annulus formed with an inner pipe drill string. A... Agent:

20150083391 - Casing running tool: A device is taught for gripping casing joints comprising one or more first cylinders and one or more second cylinders actuated by a singular hydraulic system. A second device is taught comprising a gripping system, said gripping system comprising one or more slips cammed against one or more inclined recesses... Agent:

20150083392 - Subterranean solids separator: A debris removal device for subterranean use features a debris laden inlet tube within a housing to define a debris collection space at the lower end of the housing. An eductor draws the debris laden fluid to the top of the inlet tube where the flow stream is returned to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150083393 - Hybrid electric generation plant fed by sources of a fossil/solar origin: The present invention relates to an electric generation plant (110) of the type without connection to an distributed electric supply network for generating an alternating electric current destined for a plurality of utilities (105) comprising: a first generator (101) fed with fuel of a fossil origin for generating a first... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20150083395 - Mitigating leaks in production tubulars: A well system can include a generally tubular production string extending to a surface location. A production packer seals off an annulus external to the production string. A swellable packer is interconnected in the production string between the production packer and the surface location. A method of mitigating a leak... Agent:

20150083394 - Production string activated wellbore sealing apparatus and method for sealing a wellbore using a production string: A wellbore sealing apparatus positioned along production string tubing is provided to allow for sealing of a wellbore without needing to use a work string. The sealing apparatus includes an outer sleeve, an inner mandrel telescopically received within the outer sleeve, a sealing element positioned on the inner mandrel, an... Agent:

20150083396 - Tool assembly apparatus and method: An apparatus, comprising a body extending in an axial direction, a sleeve for the body, and locking means for locking the body and the sleeve. The body and the sleeve comprise complementary mating protrusions and recesses configured to positively interlock the body and the sleeve in the axial direction and... Agent:

20150083397 - Method of inhibiting fouling on a metallic surface using a surface modifying treatment agent: Fouling caused by contaminants onto a metallic tubular, flow conduit or vessel in an underground reservoir or extending from or to an underground reservoir may be inhibited by applying onto the surface of the metallic tubular, flow conduit or vessel a treatment agent comprising a hydrophobic tail and an anchor.... Agent:

20150083398 - Producing hydrocarbons: A method and apparatus for producing hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation. A first well is provided in the formation, the first well being separated by an isolating material into at least a first and second zone, the first zone being substantially isolated from the second zone. A second well is... Agent: Statoil Gulf Services LLC

20150083403 - Device for sampling fluid under pressure for geological site development monitoring: The invention relates to a fluid sampling device comprising a sample chamber (01) including a lower piston (05), an upper piston (02) and an intermediate piston (28). Intermediate piston (28) is moved so as to guarantee a substantially constant volume for chamber (01) when closing the chamber.... Agent:

20150083401 - Drilling operation control using multiple concurrent hydraulics models: A control system for drilling a subterranean well can include multiple concurrently running hydraulics models, each of the hydraulics models outputting a pressure setpoint, in real time during a drilling operation. A method of controlling a drilling operation can comprise concurrently running multiple hydraulics models during the drilling operation, and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083399 - Evaluation of downhole electric components by monitoring umbilical health and operation: A method for monitoring the health of a downhole electrical system including a umbilical cable that connects a downhole electric tool to a power source or controller includes delivering electric signals, such as voltage pulses, to the downhole electric tool, which may be an electric submersible pump. The signals are... Agent:

20150083406 - Force monitoring tractor: A downhole tractor assembly that is configured for open-hole applications. The assembly includes a force monitoring mechanism to help monitor and control forces imparted through a drive mechanism of the tractor in real time. As such, damage to open-hole formations due to excessive tractoring forces may be minimized along with... Agent:

20150083400 - System and method for changing proppant concentration: Disclosed are systems and methods utilizing multiple parallel pumps to deliver a mixture of the proppant and clean fluid via a manifold trailer. One method of providing a step-change in proppant concentration includes selecting a first flow rate for a first pump connected between a first input node and first... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083402 - Water fraction monitoring technique: A method and system for estimating water cut or water fraction. The method may include independently establishing a production index for a region in a well. An initial flow rate in the region may be computed from the production index. Further, a measured flow rate may also be monitored within... Agent:

20150083407 - Method of removing wellbore fluid from well and water removal well: A method for removal of fluid from a subterranean formation is provided, the method including the steps of: providing a wellbore from the surface to within the formation: providing a pump in the wellbore capable of removing fluid from the wellbore to a surface location; establishing a pump performance function... Agent:

20150083404 - Determining proppant and fluid distribution: A method may include modeling a bulk electromagnetic (EM) characteristic of a composite material including a fracturing fluid, a proppant, and a sensing additive. The method may further include generating a modeled propped fracture pattern for a subterranean formation having the composite material injected therein, and generating a three dimensional... Agent:

20150083405 - Method of conducting diagnostics on a subterranean formation: A method including providing sensors in injection and observation wells; increasing pressure within the injection well until a fracture extends from an initiation location through a portion of a subterranean formation to an intersection location in the observation well, wherein increasing pressure within the injection well comprises introducing fluid into... Agent:

20150083408 - Device for measuring and transmitting downhole tension: A system is disclosed that includes a tool string including one or more perforating guns, a conveyance operably coupled to the tool string at a socket coupling location and configured to help convey the tool string downhole, a load-measuring device arranged on the tool string and including one or more... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083409 - Rotationally-independent wellbore ranging: In one example of a rotationally independent wellbore ranging system, a housing attached to a rotary component is positioned in a first wellbore and remains substantially stationary relative to the first wellbore when the rotary component rotates in the first wellbore. Multiple sensors affixed to the housing are operable to... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083410 - Wiper plug for determining the orientation of a casing string in a wellbore: A system for determining the orientation of a casing string in a wellbore. The system includes a downhole tool disposed interiorly of the casing string in a known orientation relative to at least one feature of the casing string. A sensor module is operably associated with the downhole tool and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083411 - Automated systems and methods for production of gas from groundwater aquifers: Automated systems and methods of extracting gas from groundwater aquifers are provided.... Agent:

20150083412 - Device and method for obtaining carbonic substances from oil sands: A device for obtaining carbonic substances, particularly bitumen, from oil sands is provided. The device has at least one steam generator, an injection pipeline and a production pipeline. Steam can be introduced into the oil sand via the injection pipeline, and the carbonic substance can be removed from the oil... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150083413 - Reducing solvent retention in es-sagd: Hydrocarbons in a subterranean reservoir are recovered using Expanding Solvent-Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (ES-SAGD), including recovering hydrocarbons while reducing the solvent retention in the reservoir. Reducing solvent retention improves process economics.... Agent:

20150083415 - Composites for use in stimulation and sand control operations: A composite having a solid particulate and a surface modifying treatment agent on the solid particulate wherein the surface modifying treatment agent has a hydrophobic tail and an anchor for adhering the hydrophobic tail onto the solid particulate. The anchor may be metal and the hydrophobic tail may be an... Agent:

20150083414 - Organophosphorus containing composites for use in well treatment operations: A composite having a solid particulate and a surface modifying treatment agent on the solid particulate wherein the surface modifying treatment agent has a hydrophobic tail and an anchor for adhering the hydrophobic tail onto the solid particulate. The anchor is an organophosphorus acid derivative. The composite may be used... Agent:

20150083417 - Method of using surface modifying metallic treatment agents to treat subterranean formations: A method of treating a subterranean formation comprises pumping into a well penetrating the formation a surface modifying treatment agent having a metallic anchor and at least one hydrophobic tail attached to the metal of the anchor. The surface modifying treatment agent is covalently bound to the surface of the... Agent:

20150083416 - Method of using surface modifying treatment agents to treat subterranean formations: A well treatment fluid contains a surface modifying treatment agent having an anchor and a hydrophobic tail. The surface modifying treatment agent is an organophosphorus acid derivative. After the well treatment fluid is pumped into a well penetrating the subterranean formation, the anchor binds to the surface of the formation.... Agent:

20150083419 - Fracturing valve and fracturing tool string: A fracturing valve comprising a tubular mandrel having a through bore continuous with a tubing string, and a frac window through the side of the tubular mandrel. An outer sleeve is radially disposed around the tubular mandrel. The outer sleeve includes a sleeve port in a sidewall. The tubular mandrel... Agent:

20150083418 - Well stimulation methods and proppant: A well stimulation method includes using a well formation containing fractures and placing proppant in the fractures. A plurality of individual particles of the proppant includes a core containing a swellable material. The method includes swelling the core and increasing a size of the fractures using the swelling core. A... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150083420 - Method for optimizing conductivity in a hydraulic fracturing operation: A method of distributing proppant in a spatial arrangement throughout a created or enlarged fracture by pumping into a subterranean formation penetrated by a well multiple stages of fracturing fluid wherein a fluid laden with proppant is pumped into the well and a fluid substantially free of proppant is then... Agent:

20150083421 - Mandrel-less launch toe initiation sleeve (tis): The present invention is a valve tool utilized for hydraulically fracturing multiple zones in an oil and gas well without perforating the cement casing. An oil/gas well completion method involves the use of a valve that is installed as part of the casing string of the well. A mandrel-less casing... Agent:

20150083423 - Method for improving isolation of flow to completed perforated intervals: A method for building a plug in a horizontal wellbore using a fluid pill containing a suspended well treatment composite. The well treatment composite contains a core comprising at least one deformable particulate and at least one dissolvable diverter. At least a portion of the surface of the core is... Agent:

20150083422 - Wellbore encasement: A method of encasing a wellbore is provided comprising the application of 3D printing technology to apply a series of layers of lining material to the interior surface of a wellbore. The layers may be of different materials to make best use of their different material properties, to provide structural... Agent:

20150083424 - Apparatus and method for high pressure abrasive fluid injection: A system for injecting high pressure abrasive fluid into an abrasive jet tool in a wellbore comprises an abrasives hopper; a slurry tank connected to the abrasives hopper; a low pressure abrasive pump connected to the slurry tank; a first high pressure vessel connected to the low pressure pump through... Agent:

20150083425 - Inline non-targeted component removal: An improved method for the removal of non-targeted components from a non-targeted component containing gas stream, the method includes the steps of: (i) contacting the non-targeted component containing gas stream with a fluid solvent stream; (ii) passing the product of step i) through a co-current phase separation step to produce... Agent: Release Energy Pty Ltd

20150083427 - High pressure multistage centrifugal pump for fracturing hydrocarbon reserves: The present invention relates to a multistage centrifugal pump design, which has the diffusers, impellors, and a shaft, inserted within a high pressure housing, such that this assembly is fully enclosed within the housing, and the housing is of sufficient strength to be suitable for safe pressure containment of the... Agent:

20150083426 - Solids delivery apparatus and method for a well: A method that is usable with a well includes introducing solids into a pneumatic stream to produce a solids-containing pneumatic stream; communicating the solids-containing pneumatic stream to a blender assembly to mix the solids with at least one other material to produce a flow; and pumping the flow into the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150083428 - Auto-filling of a tubular string in a subterranean well: A system can include at least one check valve which prevents outward flow through a wall of a tubular string in a well, the wall surrounding a longitudinally extending flow passage of the tubular string. The check valve can include a ball or poppet which sealingly engages a seat. Another... Agent:

20150083429 - Wellbore annular pressure control system and method using gas lift in drilling fluid return line: A system and method include pumping drilling fluid through a drill string extended into a wellbore extending below the bottom of a body of water, out the bottom of the drill string and into the wellbore annulus. Fluid is discharged from the annulus into a riser and a discharge conduit.... Agent:

20150083430 - Wellsite connector with floating seal member and method of using same: A wellsite connector for connecting components of a wellsite is provided. The wellsite has a wellbore extending into a subsurface formation. The wellsite connector includes a connector body and a floatable seal. The connector body has an end adapted for coupling to a first of the components, a pocket along... Agent:

20150083431 - Recovery valve: A tubing hanger landing system includes a tubing hanger running tool, a locking flowline to lock the tubing hanger running tool into a tubing hanger, and a lower body shear joint comprising a recovery valve. The recovery valve includes a valve body with a functional port, an operational port, a... Agent: Onesubsea, LLC

20150083432 - Triple activity drilling ship: A triple activity drilling ship may be provided with two separate drilling centers, each including drilling apparatus. In addition, a trolley that is capable of supporting tubulars may be positioned between a first position within one of said drilling centers and a second position outside that drilling center. As a... Agent:

20150083433 - Gas lift valve: A method for performing downhole gas lift operations includes coupling a gas lift valve to a tubing, wherein the gas lift valve includes an actuator, a flow control device disposed in the actuator, and a closure member that is initially in an open position; injecting a gas downhole and exterior... Agent:

20150083434 - Annular relief valve: A pressure relief valve assembly may be coupled to one or more casings and/or tubular members to control fluid communication therebetween. In one embodiment, the valve assembly includes a tubular body having a port for fluid communication between an exterior of the tubular body and an interior of the tubular... Agent:

20150083435 - Wellhead downhole line communication arrangement: A communication arrangement is disclosed for communication between a downhole line and a wellhead body having a through-hole and a valve member for closing the through-hole. The communication arrangement provides a fluid passage that extends from a wellhead body port to the downhole line thus allowing communication between the wellhead... Agent:

20150083436 - Method for installing and operating a cable head with cable shear mechanism for wireline cable supporting oilfield equipment in a wellbore: A method for installing and operating a cable head with cable shear mechanism for wireline cable supporting oilfield equipment in a wellbore. The cable head has a housing, a cable bore, a tapered sleeve, a sliding bell, a drive pinch cylinder, a linear biasing mechanism positioned between the tapered sleeve... Agent: G&h Diversified Manufacturing, Lp

20150083438 - Downhole tool shock absorber with electromagnetic damping: A technique facilitates absorption of shock experienced by a tool in a borehole. The technique comprises coupling a tool into a tool string sized for delivery into the borehole. A shock absorber is positioned along the tool string to absorb shock loads incurred by the tool. The shock load experienced... Agent:

20150083437 - Method and apparatus to enable toolstring to negotiate obstructions downhole: An apparatus to allow a toolstring to negotiate obstructions in a well includes an elongated body, a centralizer connected with the elongated body; and a nose connected with an end of the elongated body. The nose actuates the centralizer when moved towards the centralizer.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150083439 - Method and systems for stick mitigation of cable: A system for stick mitigation of a cable in a well includes a derrick operatively aligned with a well. The derrick supports a cable and a cable injector. The cable injector is operatively aligned with the well and the cable, and the cable injector is disengaged during normal operations.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150083440 - Rotatably-actuated fluid treatment system using coiled tubing: A system for treating a formation of a borehole having casing has a sleeve, a motor, and a packer. The sleeve is disposed on the casing in the borehole and has a port communicating out of the sleeve. An insert disposed in the sleeve is movable in the sleeve from... Agent:

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