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Wells December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 56 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130340997 - Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface and tools therefor: According to one embodiment, a system for accessing a subterranean zone from the surface includes a well bore extending from the surface to the subterranean zone, and a well bore pattern connected to the junction and operable to drain fluid from a region of the subterranean zone to the junction.... Agent: Vitruvian Exploration, LLC

20130340998 - Method and apparatus for inspecting and tallying pipe: A method and apparatus for inspecting and tallying pipe in a well completion system. In one embodiment, at least one sensor determines the length of a pipe and/or at least one thread protector sensor determines whether the thread protectors are removed from both ends of the pipe. The sensors may... Agent: Superior Energy Services-north America Services, Inc.

20130340999 - System and method for drilling hammer communication, formation evaluation and drilling optimization: A system and method are provided for producing controlled vibrations within a borehole. In one example, the system includes an encoder plate having a first surface, an anvil plate having a second surface, a movement mechanism configured to enable translational movement of the encoder plate relative to the anvil plate... Agent: Hunt Advanced Drilling Technologies, L.L.C.

20130341000 - Rig carrier interconnection support and method: A rig interconnection support and method for providing relatively precise and constant positioning between a rig carrier drilling mast assembly and a skid such as a skid mounted pipe arm for manufacturing the same. Rig interconnection supports, in one embodiment, utilize a pair of interconnectors positioned on opposite sides of... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341001 - Mobile coiled tubing unit: The present invention is directed to a mobile coiled tubing unit that has a moveable coiled tubing reel and mast. The apparatus itself can be moved laterally using retractable jacks and hydraulic cylinders. The mast is retractable into a mast sleeve. The movable nature of the elements of the apparatus... Agent: Option Industries Inc.

20130341002 - Pipe clamp mechanism and method: A pipe clamp mechanism and method for use with a pipe arm retracts beneath two laterally positioned pipe guide surfaces in a retracted position to allow a pipe to roll laterally into a pipe receptacle on the pipe arm along either of the two pipe guide surfaces. After at least... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341003 - Transportable single operator rig apparatus and method for optimizing drilling and/or completion: A transportable rig apparatus provides single operator control for moving pipe into and out of a wellbore. A transportable control van houses the operator. A rig carrier is utilized to transport the mast. A pipe tong is mounted in the mast and is remotely operable from the control van. Rig... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341004 - Mobile rig and method: A mobile rig for use in lowering a string comprising joints of a conduit into a well is provided with a rig transporter comprising a motorized unit, a mast assembly, a pivotal connection on the mast assembly with respect to the rig transporter. At least one hydraulic arm is pivotally... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341005 - Downhole method and apparatus: A method of injecting fluid into a formation, comprises exerting a mechanical force on a wall of a bore extending through a formation to modify the permeability of the formation; and injecting fluid into the modified formation. The mechanical force may be exerted through inflation of at least one pressure... Agent: Darcy Technologies Limited

20130341006 - Dehydrator screen for downhole gravel packing: Certain aspects and features relate to dehydrator screens that are inexpensively made wire, mesh, or stamped metal screens that can direct carrier fluid from a gravel pack slurry efficiently to one or more screens associated with a base pipe.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130341007 - Wireless downhole tool positioning control: For a free falling well tool sub having one or more pipe bore centering cages, a collapsible material cone secured inside of the centering cage half length with the cone base opening in the downhole direction restricts the rate of pipe bore fluid flow past the cone and thereby restricts... Agent:

20130341009 - Detector system of slickline irregularities: Detector of Slickline Irregularities (DILA) is a electronic system to detect and assess irregularities in production wells or to a new slickline by measuring eddy currents or eddies or Foucault currents. The system lines can vary in diameter depending on the operation to be performed on each well. The electronic... Agent:

20130341010 - Method for fracturing a formation using a fracturing fluid mixture: A method for fracturing a formation in a reservoir using a fracturing fluid mixture comprising natural gas and a base fluid, comprises: determining certain reservoir conditions of the reservoir comprising the formation; selecting at least one desired behaviour of the fracturing fluid mixture during a fracturing operation in the formation... Agent: Enfrac Inc.

20130341008 - Thermal optical fluid composition detection: A fiber optic sensing tool assembly is deployed in a wellbore that penetrates a hydrocarbon-bearing formation of interest to measure fluid composition and other fluid characteristics. This measurement is implemented by deploying the tool in a region in which there is substantially no fluid flow and by heating the tool... Agent:

20130341011 - Debris resistant internal tubular testing system: A tubular string testing system for use with a tubular string having a longitudinally extending flow passage can include a valve which selectively permits and prevents fluid communication between sections of the flow passage, a bypass passage which provides fluid communication between the sections of the flow passage when the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130341012 - Method for tracking a treatment fluid in a subterranean formation: A method of tracking a treatment fluid in a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore provides for injecting the treatment fluid with the plurality of tracer agents into the well and the formation. Each tracer agent is an object of submicron scale. The location and distribution of the treatment fluid... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130341013 - Methods for real time control of a mobile rig: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The control system can be used to automate operations of the... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341014 - Method of placing ball sealers for fluid diversion: A method for placing ball sealers within a well formed within a subterranean formation for sealing holes in a casing of the well is carried out by performing at least one of two operations. The first operation involves providing a tag with at least one ball sealer or a carrier... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130341015 - Downhole combustor: A downhole combustor system for a production well is provided. The downhole combustor includes a housing, a combustor and an exhaust port. The housing is configured and arranged to be positioned down a production well. The housing further forms a combustion chamber. The combustor is received within the housing. The... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20130341016 - Sampling assembly with outer layer of rings: A sampling assembly has an inner expandable packer, and an outer layer formed by rings may be disposed about and/or may be positioned on the outer surface of the inner expandable packer member. Drains may be positioned between the rings and may be located under ports positioned between the rings.... Agent:

20130341017 - Downhole debris removal tool capable of providing a hydraulic barrier and methods of using same: A downhole tool for removing debris from a wellbore comprises a body having a bore, a collection member, and a means for creating a hydraulic barrier within a wellbore annulus. The hydraulic barrier within the wellbore annulus restricts upward movement of a debris laden fluid within the wellbore annulus causing... Agent:

20130341018 - Recovery from a subsurface hydrocarbon reservoir: Methods and systems for improving recovery from a subsurface hydrocarbon reservoir are described. A method includes drilling a horizontal well in a zone proximate to a contiguous section of cap rock over a reservoir interval. A refrigerant is flowed through the horizontal well to freeze water in the zone, forming... Agent:

20130341019 - Remediation and extraction methods using citrus based solvents: The present invention relates to methods of extracting hydrocarbons from an oil matrix, either above the surface or in site in an oil deposit and to methods for treating soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and other contaminants. The methods of the present invention are based on the use of a citrus-based... Agent:

20130341020 - Methods of using nanoparticle suspension aids in subterranean operations: Methods of drilling wellbores, placing proppant packs in subterranean formations, and placing gravel packs in wellbores may involve fluids, optionally foamed fluids, comprising nanoparticle suspension aids. Methods may be advantageously employed in deviated wellbores. Some methods may involve introducing a treatment fluid into an injection wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130341021 - Leak diverter assembly for substation transformers: The present invention provides improved diverter assemblies (10) designed for installation on liquid-conveying conduit sections (12) having one or more joints susceptible to leakage of liquid. The assemblies (10) include a plurality of mating housing sections (34, 36) which are releasably interconnected and in surrounding relationship to the conduit sections... Agent: Andax Industries LLC

20130341022 - Methods of using nanoparticle suspension aids in subterranean operations: Methods of drilling wellbores, placing proppant packs in subterranean formations, and placing gravel packs in wellbores may involve fluids, optionally foamed fluids, comprising nanoparticle suspension aids. Methods may be advantageously employed in deviated wellbores. Some methods may involve introducing a pad treatment fluid into at least a portion of the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130341023 - Use of metal silicides in hydrocarbon production and transportation: A method of hydraulic fracturing is provided which uses metal silicides to generate significant pressure inside a wellbore. The method comprises injecting a fracturing fluid and an aqueous or reacting fluid into the wellbore to react with the fracturing fluid. The fracturing fluid comprises metal silicide, which may be uncoated... Agent:

20130341024 - Method of treating a subterranean formation with a mortar slurry designed to form a permeable mortar: A method of treating a subterranean formation may include preparing a mortar slurry, injecting the mortar slurry into the subterranean formation at a pressure sufficient to create a fracture in the subterranean formation, and allowing the mortar slurry to set, forming a mortar in the fracture. The mortar slurry may... Agent:

20130341025 - Method of using phthalic and terephthalic acids and derivatives thereof in well treatment operations: m

20130341026 - Fracturing apparatus: A fracturing apparatus in a wellbore, having a housing with at least one injection port; an injection fluid supply interface to provide injection fluid for the hydraulic fracturing apparatus; and at least one high pressure combustor received within the housing. The housing further includes a combustible medium interface that is... Agent:

20130341027 - Downhole debris removal tool and methods of using same: A downhole tool for removing debris from a wellbore comprises a screen member, an incoming fluid accelerator, and a cavity for capturing debris. The incoming fluid accelerator is disposed above the screen and accelerates the flow of an incoming fluid through the accelerator and into a screen bore. The incoming... Agent:

20130341028 - Controllably tuning properties of a fluid using modified nanoparticles: Properties of a base fluid may be controllably tuned to a pre-determined range of measurements by adding modified nanoparticles to a base fluid. The property to be modified may be or include, but is not limited to, electrical conductivity, dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, and combinations thereof. The modified nanoparticles may... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20130341029 - High strain rate method of producing optimized fracture networks in reservoirs: A system of fracturing a geological formation penetrated by a borehole. At least one borehole is drilled into or proximate the geological formation. An energetic charge is placed in the borehole. The energetic charge is detonated fracturing the geological formation.... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20130341030 - Methods of improving hydraulic fracture network: The complexity of a fracture network may be enhanced during a hydraulic fracturing operation by monitoring operational parameters of the fracturing job and altering stress conditions in the well in response to the monitoring of the operational parameters. The operational parameters monitored may include the injection rate of the pumped... Agent:

20130341031 - Insensitive explosive composition and method of fracturing rock using an extrudable form of the composition: Insensitive explosive compositions were prepared by reacting di-isocyanate and/or poly-isocyanate monomers with an explosive diamine monomer. Prior to a final cure, the compositions are extrudable. The di-isocyanate monomers tend to produce tough, rubbery materials while polyfunctional monomers (i.e. having more than two isocyanate groups) tend to form rigid products. The... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20130341032 - Subsea wellhead: The present invention provides a wellhead securement arrangement including a first inner casing string 32 which is held in axial loading and a second inner casing string 56 which is also held in axial loading. Both of the first and second inner casing strings 32, 56 are releasably clamped such... Agent: Plexus Holdings, PLC.

20130341033 - Diffuser for cable suspended dewatering pumping system: A pump includes one or more stages, each stage including a tubular housing and a mandrel disposed in the housing. The mandrel includes a rotor rotatable relative to the housing and having: an impeller, a shaft, and one or more helicoidal blades on an outer surface of the impeller. The... Agent: Zeitecs B.v.

20130341034 - Flapper retention devices and methods: A flow control device comprising a flapper retention device electrically activated to a hold position to retain the flapper in an open position in response to the operator being in a first position and the retention device electrically deactivated to a released position permitting movement of the flapper in response... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130341035 - Method and apparatus for remotely changing flow profile in conduit and drilling bit: f

20130341037 - Low wind resistance rig: A transportable rig apparatus provides for well completion operations while also providing a rig apparatus that readily resists or negates the effects of dynamic wind forces or other weather phenomenon. More particularly, the transportable rig apparatus provides a mast assembly that can extend in a generally vertical direction, e.g. perpendicular... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341036 - Method and apparatus for aligning a bop stack and a mast: A method and apparatus for aligning a wellhead or BOP stack with a mast assembly comprising a sensor which provides an initial alignment between a mast and a wellhead or BOP stack. A mast assembly is transported to a well site by a rig carrier which positions the mast assembly... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341038 - Method and apparatus for working multiple wellheads in close proximity: A rig system and method is provided for use with multiple wellheads in close proximity on a wellsite. A mast assembly is mounted to a rig carrier for alignment with a first wellhead. A pipe handling system is mounted to a skid having a pipe moving member mounted to the... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341042 - Gripping attachment for use with drive systems: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The mast assembly can extend in a generally vertical direction, e.g.,... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341039 - Ground level rig and method: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The control system can be used to automate operations of the... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341043 - Locking safety joint for use in a subterranean well: A safety joint for use in a subterranean well can include separable portions which, when separated, disconnect sections of a tubular string. Elongation of the safety joint can be permitted while longitudinal compression of the safety joint is prevented. A method of activating a safety joint in a subterranean well... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130341040 - Snubbing assemblies and methods for inserting and removing tubulars from a wellbore: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The mast assembly can extend in a generally vertical direction, e.g.,... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341041 - Upper mast fixture for positioning tubular and method: An upper mast fixture for positioning a tubular received from a pipe handling system for use with a top drive having a rotor utilized to connect with pipe. The upper mast fixture is utilized to assist and/or provide alignment of a threaded connection on a top of said pipe with... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341045 - Guide attachment for use with drive systems: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The control system can be used to automate operations of the... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341044 - Long lateral completion system and method: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The control system can be used to automate operations of the... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341046 - System and method for controlling surface equipment to insert and remove tubulars with a well under pressure: An apparatus and method is provided for controlling the coordination of pressure control equipment such as a BOP stack and/or a snubbing unit and/or other pressure control equipment in a well completion system while moving pipes into or out of a wellbore under pressure. In one embodiment, a moveable clamp... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341047 - Drive systems for use with long lateral completion systems and methods: A completion system and method adapted for use in wells having long lateral boreholes includes a mast assembly, a pipe handling mechanism, a pipe arm, a pipe tub, a pump/pit combination skid, a rig carrier, and a control system. The mast assembly can extend in a generally vertical direction, e.g.,... Agent: Complete Production Services, Inc.

20130341048 - Hydraulically triggered anchor: An anchor device is utilized to locate the whipstock both longitudinally and rotationally in order to properly orient the whipstock prior to beginning the sidetrack operation. The present embodiment may be used to either mechanically or hydraulically trigger an anchor device.... Agent: Its Tubular Services (holdings) Limited

20130341049 - Lock mechanism for downhole tools: Methods and apparatuses used in locking downhole tools such as locking packers, bridge plugs, and frac plugs are shown herein that decrease the loss of energy during pack-off.... Agent: Team Oil Tools, Lp

20130341050 - Device having a hard seat support: A device having a hard seat support disposed with a hard seat to reduce or prevent buckling, bursting, and/or permanent deformation of the hard seat that compromises the seal across the hard sealing surface and flapper sealing surface interface. The hard seat support may be positioned along an inner periphery... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130341051 - Metal to metal packoff for use in a wellhead assembly: A wellhead assembly having an inner tubular insertable into an outer tubular. A packoff is provided on an outer surface of the inner tubular for sealing between the inner and outer tubulars. The packoff includes an energizing ring, a U-shaped seal member, and a nut for retaining the seal member... Agent: Vetco Gray, Inc.

20130341052 - Seal element guide: A pressure control apparatus and methodology related to a drilling operation has a housing such as, for example, a bearing assembly configured to engage an item of oilfield equipment being delivered through the oilfield pressure control apparatus. The housing has an upper and/or a lower portion with a seal element... Agent:

12/19/2013 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130333872 - Magnetic field downhole tool attachment: A magnetic attachment mechanism for use with a downhole tool comprises a plurality of permanent magnets each having a magnetic field, a demagnetizer configured to at least partially cancel one or more magnetic fields in an activated state, an actuator configured to transition the demagnetizer between the activated state and... Agent:

20130333873 - Tools and methods for hanging and/or expanding liner strings: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to tools and methods for hanging and/or expanding liner strings. In one embodiment, a method of hanging a liner assembly from a previously installed tubular in a wellbore includes running the liner assembly and a setting tool into the wellbore using a run-in string.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20130333874 - Through tubing gas lift mandrel: This mandrel places injection gas at the optimum production depth. It has been proven successful and could increase production in America and the world by bringing back into production wells that are not economical any other way. One well at a time, or entire fields can be produced with a... Agent:

20130333875 - Plugging device: The present invention relates to a plugging device (1), comprising a packer device (4) for pressure tight sealing of a pipe. The packer device (4) comprises a cone device (10) comprising a first cone (12) and a second cone (14), each having their base faced towards each other and each... Agent: Interwell Technology As

20130333876 - Systems and methods of supporting a multilateral window: Disclosed are systems and methods of supporting a multilateral window or casing joint from pressurized collapse. In one embodiment, a casing joint assembly is disclosed and includes a casing joint having a pre-milled window defined therein, a sleeve arranged at least partially about the casing joint and configured to cover... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333878 - Alternate energy source usage for in situ heat treatment processes: Systems, methods, and heaters for treating a subsurface formation are described herein. At least one method for providing power to one or more subsurface heaters is described herein. The method may include monitoring one or more operating parameters of the heaters, the intermittent power source, and a transformer coupled to... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20130333880 - Method for obtaining diagnostics and control of the pumping process of rod pumped oil and gas wells and devices for the method execution: Devices and methods for obtaining diagnostics and control of the pumping process of rod pumped oil or gas wells are described. The diagnostics and control are implemented by means of the well simulation unit where surface load values are gathered through utilization of a load cell mounted on the carrier... Agent:

20130333877 - System and method of assessing a wellbore servicing fluid or a component thereof: A method of assessing a wellbore servicing fluid or a component thereof comprising providing a plurality of test organisms by introducing at least a portion of a population of the test organisms into a first section of a first fluid vessel, allowing at least a portion of the organisms of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333879 - Method for closed loop fracture detection and fracturing using expansion and sensing apparatus: An expansion and sensing apparatus used to detect natural and hydraulic fractures. In a closed loop aspect of the invention a microprocessor may be incorporated to process data which identifies natural fractures and optimises the coordinates for setting an isolation device, hydraulically fracturing the formation, identifying the effectiveness of the... Agent:

20130333881 - Selective extraction of fluids from subsurface wells: A method for reducing the extent of treatment required for groundwater comprises the steps of (A) determining one of groundwater (1) flow, and (2) chemistry within at least one of a plurality of fluid zones within a subsurface well having a primary pump positioned at least partially therein; (B) modifying... Agent:

20130333882 - Flowpath identification and characterization: Systems and methods are described for analyzing produced fluids in a mature water flood (or EOR scheme) and determining whether the introduction of an EOR agent, such as a chemical or a gas additive, or some other alteration in treatment, is enhancing the recovery of hydrocarbon from parts of the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130333883 - Correlating depth on a tubular in a wellbore: Techniques for correlating depth on a tubular in a wellbore include a casing collar locator tool that includes a tubular mandrel defining a bore therethrough; a top sub-assembly and a bottom sub-assembly carried on the tubular mandrel; a profile carried on the tubular mandrel axially between the top sub-assembly and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333885 - Lateral wellbore configurations with interbedded layer: Methods and systems relate to recovering hydrocarbons from within formations in which hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs are separated from one another by a fluid flow obstructing natural stratum. Relative to the reservoirs, the stratum inhibits or blocks vertical fluid flow within the formation. Lateral bores divert from lengths of injector and... Agent:

20130333884 - Side-well injection and gravity thermal recovery processes: Methods and systems relate to recovering hydrocarbons with an injection well placed at a bottom of a reservoir some horizontal distance from a producer, such that the injection well and producer may both be in a common horizontal plane. For some embodiments, the process includes co-injection of steam with a... Agent:

20130333886 - Breaking diutan with metal activitor down to 140 °f or lower: A method of gravel packing a treatment zone of a well includes the steps of: (A) forming a treatment fluid including a continuous aqueous phase and gravel, wherein the aqueous phase includes: (i) water; (ii) diutan; (iii) oxidizer in the range of 0.1% to 2% by weight of the water;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333887 - Washpipe isolation valve and associated systems and methods: A method can include closing a valve interconnected between sections of a washpipe of a service tool string by displacing the service tool string relative to a completion string, thereby preventing flow through the washpipe. A well system can include a service tool string reciprocably received in a completion string,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333888 - Self-degrading ionically cross-linked biopolymer composition for well treatment: A method of treating a well including the steps of: (A) forming a treatment fluid comprising: (i) water; (ii) a water-soluble β-polysaccharide selected from the group consisting of a β-galactomannan, a water-soluble derivative thereof retaining β-O-glycosidic linkages and a mannose:galactose of at least 5:1; and any combination thereof; (iii) a... Agent:

20130333889 - Method for the fracture stimulation of a subterranean formation having a wellbore by using impact-modified thermoset polymer nanocomposite particles as proppants: A method for fracture stimulation of a subterranean formation includes providing a thermoset polymer nanocomposite particle precursor composition comprising a polymer precursor mixture, dispersed within a liquid medium, containing at least one of an initiator; at least one of a monomer, an oligomer or combinations thereof, said monomer and oligomer... Agent:

20130333890 - Methods of removing a wellbore isolation device using a eutectic composition: A wellbore isolation device comprises: a first composition, wherein the first composition comprises: (A) a first substance; and (B) a second substance, wherein the first composition has a solid-liquid phase transformation temperature less than the solid-liquid phase transformation temperatures of at least the first substance or the second substance at... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333891 - Wellbore isolation device containing a substance that undergoes a phase transition: A wellbore isolation device comprises: a substance, wherein the substance: (A) is a plastic; and (B) undergoes a phase transition at a phase transition temperature, wherein the temperature surrounding the wellbore isolation device is increased or allowed to increase to a temperature that is greater than or equal to the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130333892 - Acidizing materials and methods and fluids for earth formation protection: Fluids for use in operations involving wellbores and/or earth formations, the fluids including formation protective materials for application to an interior surface of earth and/or of a formation and/or of a fracture and/or of a fluid channel of a fracture; acidizing materials and methods; and, in certain aspects, materials for... Agent:

20130333893 - Submersible progressive cavity pump driver: In a rotary pump having a rotor and a stator in communication with hydrocarbon production tubing, a submersible pump driver assembly includes a drive motor having an output connected by a drive link to the rotor of the pump. A production housing of the drive assembly includes a production passage... Agent:

20130333894 - Subsea actuation system: A subsea drilling, production or processing actuation system comprising a variable speed electric motor (10) adapted to be supplied with a current, a reversible hydraulic pump (8, 28) driven by the motor, a hydraulic piston assembly (92, 101, 111, 121, 131) connected to the pump and comprising a first chamber... Agent: Moog Inc.

20130333895 - Tool for extracting an object engaged in a fluid exploitation pipe, extraction device and related method: The tool includes a bearing member (70), a traction assembly (72) of the object (28), movably mounted in a first direction relative to the bearing member (70). It includes a plurality of hooking members (160), mounted radially mobile relative to the traction assembly (72) between a contracted configuration and a... Agent: Geoservices Equipements

20130333896 - Application of high intensity focused ultrasound to the displacement of drilling mud: A method for disrupting an obstruction from a wellbore includes determining a location of an obstruction within a wellbore. An ultrasound transducer is deployed down an interior of a casing in the wellbore. Ultrasound energy is focused, using the ultrasound transducer, to the determined location of the obstruction and the... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20130333897 - Diverter cover assembly and methods of use: A diverter cover assembly includes a first arrangement of sliding plates positioned above a central bore of a diverter and movable in substantially opposite directions to open and close over the central bore.... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20130333898 - Elastically responsive unibody shear valve: A shear valve utilizing an elastically responsive unibody seal member in operation. The unibody seal member is of unitary constriction and in terms of adjacent ends thereof and an energizing member disposed therebetween. Thus, governing of fluid flow through the metal valve may be achieved without undue concern over high... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130333899 - Disintegrable centralizer: A system including a first component, a second component disposed radially adjacent to the first component, and a centralizer disposed between the first component and the second component for at least partially filling a radial clearance between the first component and the second component. The centralizer is formed at least... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20130333900 - Coiled tubing injector with strain relief: A coiled tubing injector, rollers on the backside of grippers on a gripper chain pass over at least one shallow groove or depression formed in, or gap between segments of, a planar roller contact surface of a skate, thereby momentarily removing or reducing the force being applied by the skate... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20130333901 - Downhole seal element of changing elongation properties: An isolation device with seal element having substantial elongation properties at a time of setting and insubstantial elongation properties at time of drill out. That is, the seal element may be constructed of materials that are geared toward providing effective temporary sealing, for example to support stimulation operations. The seal... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327514 - Pressure-activated switch: A first end of a conductive spring is embedded in a wall of a large chamber of a piston housing. The spring is held in tension by a second end of the spring being pinned against a bead contact by a trigger pin. The diameter of the piston and a... Agent:

20130327515 - Enclosed coiled tubing boat and methods: An apparatus including a coiled tubing unit coupled to a drilling rig, and an enclosure surrounding the coiled tubing unit. The coiled tubing unit may include a coiled tubing reel and a coiled tubing injector, wherein the injector may move relative to the coiled tubing reel. The coiled tubing unit... Agent: Nabors Alaska Drilling, Inc.

20130327516 - Actuation and release tool for subterranean tools: An actuator for a subterranean tool is releasably retained by a collet. The actuation system features opposing actuation pistons with ports communicating to the tubing. The spaced ports are sequentially straddled for initial setting and a subsequent release using a predetermined applied pressure. The applied pressure overcomes the retaining force... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20130327517 - Pin-less composite sleeve or coupling to composite mandrel or shaft connections: Different methods, devices, and systems of downhole tools are disclosed. The tools each has a sleeve attached to a mandrel to form a composite frac or bridge plug or similar coupling to a downhole tool tubing product without the use of shear pins and with tensile and compressive strength over... Agent:

20130327518 - Improvements relating to core barrel outer tubes: Described herein is a “cross-over” connector that can be used with core barrel outer tubes to prevent damage and destruction when they are connected to one another by automated equipment on a rig floor, for example, automated rig-floor torque wrenches. Standard core barrel outer tubes having a pin connector and... Agent:

20130327519 - Tubing test system: A technique facilitates preparation of a tubing string, such as a tubing string located in a well. For example, a ball seat member may be mounted in a tubular of a tubing string. A system is coupled to the ball seat member to enable rotation of the ball seat member... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327520 - System and method for measuring well flow rate: The present invention discloses an improved system for measurement of the liquid flow rate and totalized liquid production of a producing well. In the method of the present invention, liquid production rate in a pumping well is determined by calculation based upon wellbore geometry and continuously monitoring the depth of... Agent: Production Sciences, Inc.

20130327522 - Fluid distribution determination and optimization with real time temperature measurement: Fluid distribution determination and optimization using real time temperature measurements. A method of determining fluid or flow rate distribution along a wellbore includes the steps of: monitoring a temperature distribution along the wellbore in real time; and determining in real time the fluid or flow rate distribution along the wellbore... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130327521 - Oilfield application framework: A method for performing an oilfield operation of an oilfield having a subterranean formation. The method includes collecting oilfield data and deploying a first plug-in including a first oilfield technology functionality into an oilfield hosting application. The method further includes performing an oilfield analysis on the collected oilfield data in... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327523 - Method of recovering oil from a subterranean formation: Method of recovering oil from a subterranean formation which comprises a step of injecting an aqueous composition comprising alkyl and/or alk(en)yl oligolucoside (ether) carboxylates into the subterranean formation and method of alkali-surfactant flooding and alkali-surfactant-polymer-flooding using such alkyl and/or alk(en)yl oligolucoside (ether) carboxylates.... Agent:

20130327524 - Method for recovering oil from a reservoir by means of micro(nano)-structured fluids with controlled release of barrier substances: The present invention relates to a method for oil recovery from a reservoir which comprises the following phases: a) injecting a volume of a micro (nano)-structured fluid with released control of barrier substances into at least a portion of an underground reservoir containing oil, said micro (nano)-structured fluid comprising an... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20130327525 - Thermal pulsing procedure for remediation of cold spots in steam assisted gravity drainage: A method for remediation of at least one cold spot in a producer well in a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process to increase hydrocarbon recovery from a hydrocarbon reservoir, wherein the SAGD process occurs at a site including an injection well, a production well and a steam chamber. The... Agent: Nexen Inc.

20130327526 - Expandable sand screen and method for well casing for thermal oil recovery: A method of well casing permitting thermal oil recovery includes drilling a wellbore to the top of productive formation, casing the wellbore with a casing string, drilling through the productive with a smaller diameter bit, running in a sand screen to the productive formation and subsequent drainage or heat carrier... Agent: Otkrytoe Aktsionernoe Obschestvo 'tatneft" Im. V.d.shashina

20130327527 - Method to enhance fiber bridging: A method of treating a geologic formation including injecting into a wellbore a high viscosity composition which comprises a base fluid wherein the base fluid has an initial viscosity of 100 cP or greater and which exhibits a decrease in viscosity upon exposure to a viscosity reducing agent, and fibers... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327528 - Downhole assembly for treating wellbore components, and method for treating a wellbore: A downhole assembly for delivering chemical treatment to a wellbore at the level of a hydrocarbon-bearing formation is provided. The chemical treatment is in solid phase, and slowly dissolves when exposed to wellbore fluids. A method of treating a wellbore using a solid chemical is also provided.... Agent: Odessa Separator, Inc.

20130327530 - Composition and method to replace polysacharides in hydraulic fracturing: A method to reduce the amount of gelling agent utilized in hydraulic fracturing fluids in the presence of a relatively high concentration of brine.... Agent: Trican Well Service Ltd

20130327529 - Far field fracturing of subterranean formations: A method of fracturing a subterranean formation includes providing a fracture field with multiple fractures. An explosive is injected into a selected fracture and detonated to increase permeability of the subterranean formation surrounding the selected fracture. The explosive is configured to detonate at a quench distance of less than a... Agent:

20130327531 - Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use: Viscoelastic surfactant based aqueous fluid systems useful as thickening agents in various applications, e.g. to suspend particles produced during the excavation of geologic formations. The surfactants are zwitterionic/amphoteric surfactants such as dihydroxyl alkyl glycinate, alkyl ampho acetate or propionate, alkyl betaine, alkyl amidopropyl betaine and alkylimino mono- or di-propionates derived... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327532 - Remote operation of cementing head: Methods and systems are provided for remotely operating a cementing head. Remotely operating a cementing head (202) may allow for continued rotation as well as up or down movements (e.g., of a top drive).... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20130327534 - Light well intervention umbilical and flying lead management system and related methods: Systems and methods for managing umbilical lines and one or more jumpers are provided. An example of a system includes a deployment platform carrying a winch and spool assembly, a tether management assembly, and an integrated electrical and/or hydraulic umbilical line extending between a spool on the winch and spool... Agent: Vetco Gray Uk Limited

20130327533 - Wellbore influx detection in a marine riser: Methods and apparatus for managing wellbore influx in a marine riser. In one embodiment, a method for managing wellbore influx includes identifying a difference between measured values provided by a plurality of sensors longitudinally spaced along a riser. Whether the difference between measured values provided by a given pair of... Agent: Intelliserv, LLC

20130327535 - Subsea overpressure relief device: Systems and methods for relieving pressure from a subsea transport line are provided. The system can include a vessel having a bottom end that can be at least partially open and in fluid communication with a subsea environment. The vessel can also include one or more relief lines each having... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

20130327539 - Downhole valve: A tool that is usable with a well includes a valve element, a mechanical operator, a pressure chamber and a regulator. The valve element has a first state and a second state. The mechanical operator responds to a predetermined signature in an annulus pressure relative to a baseline level of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327537 - Flow control system with variable staged adjustable triggering device: Techniques and equipment to facilitate controlling flow of a fluid along a flow passage. A flow control assembly is placed along a flow passage, and a bypass is routed past the flow control assembly. Flow along the bypass is controlled by a flow bypass mechanism which may be operated via... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327536 - Rotational shear valve: A rotating gate valve can be used to shear cables or tubing as it closes to obstruct flow. In embodiments, a valve body can have a flow passage and a lateral bore that is transverse to the flow passage. The gate can have a generally cylindrical shape and can rotate... Agent: Vetco Gray Uk Limited

20130327538 - Underbalance actuators and methods: An actuation method according to one or more embodiments includes axially translating an operator in a first direction in response to applying a tubing pressure to a first side in excess of an annulus pressure acting on a second side, axially translating the operator in a second direction to an... Agent:

20130327540 - Methods of removing a wellbore isolation device using galvanic corrosion: A wellbore isolation device comprises: at least a first material, wherein the first material: (A) is a metal or a metal alloy; and (B) is capable of at least partially dissolving when an electrically conductive path exists between the first material and a second material and at least a portion... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130327541 - Device and method for handling drill string components, as well as rock drilling rig: A handling device for handling drill string components (8, 8′,8″) in a rock drilling rig (1), wherein the handling device includes a gripper unit (11) for gripping drill string components (8, 8′,8″) to be put into and be brought out from the rock drilling rig, and wherein the gripper unit... Agent:

20130327542 - Jumper tube locking assembly and method: A jumper tube for use with a shunt tube assembly comprises a first tubular member configured to engage a first shunt tube, a second tubular member axially disposed within the first tubular member, and a locking member configured to prevent the second tubular member from axially displacing into the first... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130327543 - Drilling rig carriage movable along racks and including pinions driven by electric motors: According to one aspect, a drilling rig carriage is adapted to move along a drilling mast, and includes a body structure, electric motors coupled to the body structure, and pinions operably coupled to the electric motors, respectively. The pinions are adapted to engage racks, respectively. According to another aspect, a... Agent: Nabors Drilling International Limited

20130327544 - Wireline pressure setting tool and method of use: A method and apparatus for retro-fitting an explosive setting tool to a non-explosive setting tool is provided to eliminate the use of pyrotechnics when setting auxuliary tools. An explosive setting tool is retro-fitted by removing the pyrotechnic elements of the tool and replacing them with a conversion assembly including a... Agent:

20130327545 - System and method utilizing frangible components: A technique facilitates use of frangible components. The frangible components may comprise components of a gripping tool, e.g. anchor, used in a variety of applications, including well related applications. The tool is provided with a plurality of gripping members which each comprise a frangible structure. The gripping members may be... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327546 - Tubing string with latch system: A technique facilitates a variety of well services. A tubing string is provided with a latch assembly having a lower latch assembly portion, an upper latch assembly portion, and a latch mandrel. The latch mandrel comprises a weakened region disposed in a housing of the latch assembly. Additionally, a release... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130327547 - Aquifier flow controlling valve assembly and method: A valve assembly for use in aquifer liquid flow control in accordance with one embodiment can be used to deliver liquid to and/or from at least one selected aquifer in a plural aquifer system. In accordance with an embodiment, the valve can be used to route liquid to or from... Agent:

12/05/2013 > 45 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130319651 - Cutting unit of a hydromecanical slot perforator: The proposed hydro-mechanical slot-type perforator enables simultaneously performing at least two slots in a production column. The perforator includes a casing, upper and lower pistons movable within the casing, a cutting unit driven by the pistons and carrying extendable cutting tools, and, optionally, a retractable mechanism fixing the perforator for... Agent: Passerby Inc

20130319652 - Control and supply unit: A control and supply unit for an actuating device of a choke, a valve, a blow-up preventer or some other device applied in the field of oil and natural gas production includes at least an auxiliary power supply which is specially rechargeable, and a connecting means used for an exchange... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20130319653 - Wedge deflecting device for sidetracking: A wedge deflecting device useful in drilling and workover operations on oil and gas wells. The device includes a cutting tool connected to the upper portion of the wedge by means of the shear element provided with an external circular groove, located below the wedge deflecting surface, and with a... Agent: Otkrytoe Aktsionernoe Obschestvo "tatneft" Im. V.d.shashina

20130319654 - Plugging device: The invention relates to a plugging device (1) comprising a packer device (4) for pressure tight sealing of a pipe. The packer device (4) comprises a first outer packer supporting device (20), a second outer packer supporting device (22) and an outer packer body (50) provided axially between the first... Agent: Interwell Technology As

20130319655 - Downhole safety joint: A downhole safety joint for use in a wellbore, including an upper tubular member having an upper threaded end and a lower external threaded section; a lower tubular member having a lower threaded end and an upper interior threaded section for engaging with the lower external threaded section to form... Agent: Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

20130319656 - Enzyme breakers and methods for fluid systems: This invention relates to slurry compositions and their use in oil field applications. In particular, this invention is directed to slurry compositions comprising non-saccharide polymers (for use as thickeners and/or friction reducers) and enzymatic breakers, as well as methods of using such slurry compositions as fracturing fluids in slickwater fracturing... Agent: Trican Well Service Ltd.

20130319659 - Open-hole logging instrument and method for making ultra-deep magnetic and resistivity measurements: Methods and systems are provided for obtaining both magnetic and apparent resistivity ultra-deep reading electromagnetic measurements at the same time and/or by a single tool. The system can include a magnetometer, a current source electrode, a pair of voltage measuring electrodes, and a current return electrode. Using such a system... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130319660 - System for containment, measurement, and reuse of fluids in hydraulic fracturing: The system includes a number of flexible fluid containment structures, or tubes, for storing fluids used in or produced during fracking. The tubes may be filled to store water prior to introduction into the well or drilling waste expunged from the well. A series of valves and pumps control the... Agent: P.v. Flood Control Corp.

20130319658 - Wellbore isolation while placing valves on production: An internal completion string is anchored within a closed casing valve of a production liner in a wellbore. The internal completion string comprises a packer and a shifting tool. The production liner comprises a casing valve having a port and a moveable member. The annulus defined between the production liner... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130319661 - Downhole fluid transport plunger with thruster: A method for lifting fluids within a subterranean well includes lowering an elongated plunger to a lower region of a bore of the subterranean well. The plunger includes a motor assembly operably connected to a propeller. A seal can be created between the plunger and an inner surface of the... Agent:

20130319657 - Method for controlling the trajectory of a hydraulic fracture in strata-containing natural fractures: The method of controlling the parameters of a hydraulic fracture comprises creating a matrix of relationship between initial formation, injection and fracture parameters of and a predicted increment of a hydraulic fracture path. The matrix is used for retrieving and deriving the predicted increment of the fracture path, depending on... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130319662 - Systems and methods for hydrotreating a shale oil stream using hydrogen gas that is concentrated from the shale oil stream: Systems and methods for hydrotreating a liquid fraction of a shale oil stream using hydrogen gas that is concentrated from a gaseous fraction of the shale oil stream. The systems and methods include providing a portion of the gaseous fraction to a sorptive separation assembly and separating a concentrated hydrogen... Agent:

20130319663 - Sagd water treatment system and method: A method and system for treating a water stream which contains Fouling Organics, where the water stream is recovered from an underground hydrocarbon-containing formation during SAGD oil recovery operations conducted on said formation. The method comprises injecting an oxidizing agent, preferably air, into the water stream when first recovered from... Agent: Husky Energy Ltd.

20130319664 - Inflow control device having externally configurable flow ports: A completion joint 100 has a sand control jacket 120 and an inflow control device 130. The jacket 120 communicates screened fluid with a housing of the inflow control device 130. The basepipe's flow openings 118 are isolated in the housing from the screened fluid by flow devices 170. The... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20130319665 - Magnetic leak management apparatus and methods: Magnetic means for managing and stopping leaks in metal pipes such as we bores and pipe risers is provided. A magnetic leak arrestor comprises a spool with magnetic collar disposed thereabout. The spool has a tapered end for inserting into a pipe riser. The magnetic collar creates a seal with... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20130319666 - Gravel packing method for multilateral well prior to locating a junction: A lateral is gravel packed without a junction in place in a single trip into the wellbore. A disconnect is provided between the isolation packer in the lateral and a main bore packer. The inner string assembly in the gravel packing completion releases a disconnect with a shift tool and... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20130319667 - Degradable latex and method: Disclosed herein is a degradable latex comprising a stable dispersion of macromolecules in a liquid medium, wherein the macromolecules comprise a primary moiety comprising a plurality of functional groups, and a plurality of secondary moiety each chemically bonded through a labile linkage to the functional groups of the primary moiety,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130319669 - Continuous multi-stage well stimulation system: A system is provided that is conducive to multi-stage stimulation in a near-continuous fashion. That is, unlike conventional stimulation systems, embodiments herein may operate without the requirement of traditional plug-setting, perforating and fracturing interventions on a zone by zone basis for a cemented completion. Rather, the system is outfitted with... Agent:

20130319668 - Pumpable seat assembly and use for well completion: An assembly and process for fracturing, stimulating and producing a wellbore having a plurality of oil or gas producing zones is provided comprising introducing into the well the pumpable seat assembly comprising a generally cylindrical tube having an outer diameter and an inner diameter with an upper end forming a... Agent: Encana Corporation

20130319670 - Methods for servicing subterranean wells: Process fluids comprising more than 1 wt % polyacrylamide and a non-metallic crosslinker may be used to control lost circulation in subterranean wells. The process fluid is placed into a subterranean lost-circulation zone and allowed to crosslink, thereby forming a gel barrier that limits further flow of process fluid into... Agent:

20130319671 - Method and device for plugging of a subsea well: A method and a device are for plugging a submerged well in which a wellhead valve is arranged at the seabed. The method includes: moving a perforation tool into the well and perforating a first perforation in the wall of an inner casing; perforating a second perforation in the wall... Agent: Subsea P&a As

20130319672 - Methods of using wellbore servicing compositions: A method of servicing a wellbore comprising preparing a composition comprising a non-aqueous carrier fluid, an oil-wetting surfactant, a water-imbibition enhancing surfactant, and a cementitious material; placing the composition within a detrimentally permeable zone; and contacting the composition with water. A method of servicing a wellbore comprising placing a composition... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130319673 - Cement compositions comprising saponins and associated methods: A variety of methods and compositions are disclosed, including, in one embodiment, a method of cementing in a subterranean formation, comprising: introducing a cement composition into a subterranean formation, wherein the cement composition comprises cement, water, and a saponin; and allowing the cement composition to set in the subterranean formation.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130319674 - Rigless casing cutting/pulling stand: A tool for removing a portion of a casing from a wellbore. The tool includes a base having an opening or bore formed therethrough. A plurality of hydraulic cylinders may each have a first end portion coupled to the base and a second end portion distal the base. A first... Agent:

20130319675 - Face stabilized downhole cutting tool: Downhole cutting tools such as blade mills comprise a body having an upper end for connection with a rotating component of a drill string and a guide member disposed at lower end. The guide member can comprise a shape that is reciprocal to an engagement member disposed on an object... Agent:

20130319676 - Wellbore fluid treatment process and installation: A method for isolating a perforated interval of a well, the well including a casing liner having a wall with a plurality of perforations therethrough forming the perforated interval, the method comprising: providing a tool including a tubular body including an inner diameter and an outer surface, a first open... Agent: Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.

20130319677 - Well completion: The present invention relates to a completion assembly for running into a borehole in a formation through a well head or blowout preventer, comprising a casing string having a first end and a second end, and a drill pipe having a first end and a second end and extending through... Agent: Welltech A/s

20130319678 - Multi-function surge reduction apparatus: A multi-function diverter tool is disclosed that allows positive-indication opening and closing of the tool in a downhole environment.... Agent:

20130319679 - Downhole deployment valves: Methods and apparatus enable reliable and improved isolation between two portions of a bore extending through a casing string disposed in a borehole. A downhole deployment valve (DDV) may provide the isolation utilizing a valve member, such as a flapper, that is disposed in a housing of the DDV and... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20130319680 - Drilling riser retrieval in high current: The disclosure is directed to a method for retrieving a drilling riser connected to a blow-out-preventer (BOP) located on a sea bed. The method includes the steps of: a) attaching the first end of the retrieval line to a vessel; b) attaching the second end of the retrieval line to... Agent: Transocean Sedco Forex Ventures Limited

20130319681 - Surface close proximity wells: An offshore oil production system, comprising a structure in a body of water, having a portion extending above a surface of the body of water; a first surface wellhead located at a top of the body of water; a second surface wellhead located at a top of the body of... Agent:

20130319682 - Well completion using a pumpable seat assembly: A process and an apparatus for use in fluid fracturing of a well and the like is provided, the apparatus being a pumpable seat assembly for temporarily sealing a well casing comprising a generally cylindrical tube having an outer diameter and an inner diameter; a upper slip assembly and a... Agent: Encana Corporation

20130319683 - Anchor: An anchor and a method for limiting the movement of a tubing string within a wellbore are provided. The anchor comprises a mandrel, a slip body assembly, a drag block assembly, and a mechanism for transitioning the anchor between a release position and a set position. The mechanism is operable... Agent: Giant Oil Tools Ltd.

20130319685 - Downhole tool coupling and method of its use: A downhole tool coupling (10) comprises first (11) and second (12) downhole tool elements that are securable one to the other in a releasably locking manner by moving the tool elements from a longitudinally relatively less proximate, especially overlapping position into longitudinally relatively more overlap with one another. The first... Agent:

20130319684 - Friction reducing stabilizer: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a friction reducing stabilizer. The friction reducing stabilizer includes an annular body and a plurality of blades, wherein each of the plurality of blades extends radially outward from the annular body and has a bearing mechanism configured to contact an annular down-hole... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20130319687 - Apparatus configuration downhole: A method comprising moving a shifting tool in a first direction through a moveable member positioned in a casing of a wellbore, including moving the shifting tool through a shifting tool interface member (STIM) adjacent the moveable member, until the shifting tool is positioned past the moveable member and the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130319686 - Centralizer connector: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward a wedge segment. In certain embodiment, the wedge segment includes an arcuate body having a tapered profile sized to engage with a tubular element, a first surface of the arcuate body comprising a first surface treatment configured to grip an outer surface... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20130319691 - Expandable liner hanger and method of use: The present invention generally relates to an expandable liner hanger capable of being expanded into a surrounding casing. In one aspect, an expandable tubular system is provided. The system includes an expandable tubular. The system further includes an expansion swage for expanding the expandable tubular, wherein the expansion swage is... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20130319689 - Pull through centralizer: A centralizer system comprising a centralizer disposed about a wellbore tubular, wherein the centralizer comprises, a first body portion, a second body portion, a plurality of bow springs connecting the first body portion to the second body portion, and at least one window disposed in the first body portion, and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130319690 - Pull through centralizer: A centralizer system comprising a centralizer disposed about a wellbore tubular, wherein the centralizer comprises, a first body portion, a second body portion, and a plurality of bow springs connecting the first body portion to the second body portion, and a plurality of limit collars coupled to the wellbore tubular... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20130319688 - Rotating casing hanger: The disclosed embodiments include a rotating casing hanger having a housing configured to abut a casing spool and a casing hanger body disposed within the housing, wherein the casing hanger body is configured to suspend a casing element within a wellbore, and the casing hanger body is configured to rotate... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20130319693 - Assembly and technique for completing a multilateral well: An apparatus that is usable with a well includes an assembly, which includes a whipstock and a lateral deflector that are adapted to be run downhole into a first wellbore of the well as a unit. The whipstock is adapted to guide at least a drilling string to form a... Agent:

20130319692 - Compliant cone system: The present invention generally relates to a cone system having a cone segment capable of deflecting in response to a restriction or obstruction encountered while expanding a tubular. In one aspect, an expansion cone system is provided. The expansion cone system includes a mandrel and two or more pockets disposed... Agent:

20130319695 - Downhole isolation tool having a ported sliding sleeve: A downhole isolation tool for insertion in a wellbore, for allowing, when a ported sliding sleeve thereof is slidably positioned in a first position and when coupled to a lower end of said pump apparatus, fluids within a hydrocarbon formation to be drawn through such tool and allowed to pass... Agent: Oil Rebel Innovations Ltd.

20130319694 - Downhole ported shifting sleeve: A pump assembly for recovering hydrocarbons from downhole wells. The pump assembly comprising a seating surface adapted to sealingly engage an interior surface of a first circumferential seal means situated within production tubing when said pump assembly is in a downhole operative position. A downhole ported sleeve is further provided... Agent: Oil Rebel Innovations Ltd.

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