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09/18/2014 > 27 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140256242 - Vent cap for chimney relining system: A venting system includes a venting installation cap assembly for a venting system having at least an outer wall and an inner exhaust tube. The assembly includes an exhaust cap having an exhaust path coupled to the inner exhaust tube defined by a pipe section. A planar support ring having... Agent: M&g Duravent, Inc.

20140256243 - Universal replacement ventilator lid assembly: A universal kit attaching a universal lid thereof to a rooftop structure includes a plurality of mounts and a pair of hinge arms attached to the interior side of the universal lid, and a pair of braces for pivotally attaching distal ends of the hinge arms to the rooftop structure.... Agent: S.a.w. Group, LLC

20140256244 - Air conditioning device for vehicle: An air conditioning device for a vehicle, comprising an intake portion that is provided at a cabin side at a vehicle ceiling portion, and that takes-in air; a blow-out portion that is provided at the cabin side at the vehicle ceiling portion, and that blows out, into the cabin, air... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140256245 - Box-type generator driven by engine: A box-type generator driven by an engine, comprising a box-type soundproof hood assembly (3) enclosing the whole generator, a controller (2), an oil tank (19), a front and a back fans (13, 14), air ducts (11, 12), a permanent magnetic generator (4), an engine (5), a double-cavity type muffler assembly... Agent: Zhejiang Everlast Power Co., Ltd.

09/04/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140248827 - Aircraft circulation system for passenger cabins: A method and apparatus for an air circulation system. The apparatus comprises a suite and a circulation unit. The suite has walls extending upward from a floor of the passenger cabin without reaching a ceiling of the passenger cabin. The circulation unit comprises an inlet system configured to receive air... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140248828 - Air guide system for a motor vehicle: Air guide system (10) for a motor vehicle, comprising a support structure (12) having an air passage opening (14), an air damper assembly (16) having at least one air damper (18) which is provided on the support structure (12) so that it can pivot about a damper axis (20) between... Agent: R&#xf6 Chling Automotive Se & Co. Kg

20140248830 - Air pressure measurement based cooling: A cooling management system including component racks, a cooling system, pressure measurement devices, and a computing system within a structure. Each component rack includes an exothermic apparatus. The structure includes warm air aisle spaces and cold air aisle spaces located between the component racks. The cooling system feeds cold air... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140248829 - Airflow control system with external air control: A cooling system includes one or more air channeling sub-systems that provide cooling air to electronic equipment, at least one heat removal sub-system that removes heat from the cooling air in at least one of the air channeling sub-systems, at least one temperature sensor measures a wet bulb temperature of... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140248831 - Hybrid ventilation apparatus capable of both natural and forced ventilation: Disclosed herein is a hybrid ventilation apparatus capable of both natural and forced ventilation. In the case of a natural ventilation mode, a worm gear is rotated in a normal direction by drive force of a drive unit under control of a control unit so that a pressing member engages... Agent: Peoplus Co., Ltd.

20140248832 - Method and apparatus to provide ventilation for a building: An improved method and apparatus allows fresh air to be introduced into a building through action of a special manifold which directs air entering the building through the furnace combustion feed tube to be introduced into the interior atmosphere of the building, while air from the interior of the building... Agent:

20140248833 - Smoke ventilation: The invention provides door and window sensors, which can be incorporated into building pressurisation and depressurisation systems, for use in protecting a building's escape routes against smoke ingress during a fire.... Agent:

20140248834 - Roof vent: Aspects of the invention provide a roof vent comprising a first portion, a second portion, a third portion, and a fourth portion. The second portion is connected to the first portion. The third portion is connected to the second portion and defines one or more openings therein. The fourth portion... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140242896 - Ventilation conduit for an aircraft: An aircraft comprises composite skin having an opening, and a ventilation conduit having an end portion that extends to the opening in the composite skin. The conduit is made of metal except for the end portion, which functions as an electrical insulator.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140242897 - One-way exhaust vent: A one-way vent for installation in a panel aperture is described. The vent includes a frame made of a first material, and valve and seal members both made of a second material, which has a lower stiffness than the first material. The frame includes an outer wall for engaging a... Agent:

20140242898 - Centralized fresh air cooling system: A centralized fresh air cooling system that operates with outside air that vents inside house air into the attic of a house or building. A damper redirects air from the output of the central air circulator to the attic area to blow the hot attic air out of an attic.... Agent:

20140242899 - Fan coil unit/crac optimizer system: A system and method for modulating the speed of a fan over a period of time to maintain the space temperature of a room. The system and method involves the use of a CRAC unit or a fan coil unit. In an embodiment, the system is comprised of said CRAC... Agent:

20140242900 - Total heat exchange element and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention is a total heat exchange element in which a spacing member is provided on both sides of a sheet-like partition member to form a flow path and which performs heat exchange between an airflow that flows in a flow path formed on one side of the partition... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140242901 - Airflow outlet of air-conditioning device: The present invention provides an airflow outlet of air-conditioning device, which comprises a main body having one end forming an entrance opening and an opposite end forming a plurality of outward-projecting curved ridges. At least one of the curved ridges has a side wall forming at least one through hole... Agent: Treasure Unicorn Limited

20140242902 - Gravity shutter: An exhaust air shutter assembly may include a housing having a dividing wall separating the exhaust air shutter assembly into an inside portion and an outside portion. An opening may be formed in the dividing wall and a frame may be mounted around the perimeter of the hole. Disposed on... Agent: Petra Engineering Industries Co.

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