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01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150024669 - Blower assembly for a vehicle air conditioning unit and method for operating a vehicle air conditioning unit: A blower assembly for a vehicle air conditioning unit includes a first air flow duct having a first blower and a second air flow duct having a second blower. A fresh-air inlet opening is arranged in the first air flow duct and a recirculated-air inlet opening is arranged in the... Agent:

20150024670 - Air return bulkhead with quick release mounting system: An air return bulkhead may be removably mounted to the front wall of a cargo container such that the air return bulkhead is releasable and securable without the use of handheld tools. Accordingly, in various embodiments the bulkhead may be quickly and easily uninstalled and reinstalled so as to permit... Agent: Fg Products, Inc.

20150024671 - Efem and load port: There is provided an EFEM that includes a shield gas curtain apparatus 6 that forms a gas curtain capable of shielding an opening 23 when an internal space 5S of a purge container 5, in which the humidity is reduced to a predetermined value by means of a bottom purge... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20150024673 - Cam actuated damper: A damper system includes a first plate having a plurality of openings and a second plate having a plurality of openings. A cam is coupled to the first plate, and a motor is coupled to the cam. The motor turns the cam, and the cam moves the first plate in... Agent:

20150024672 - Industrial on-demand exhaust ventilation system with closed-loop regulation of duct air velocities: A closed-loop regulation method of a ventilation system using a control computer. The method includes the steps comprising: providing a ventilation system with a control computer, an exhaust fan, sensors, and gates; using the sensors to determine actual air velocities within the ventilation system; providing minimum air velocities that must... Agent: Ecogate, Inc.

20150024674 - Agricultural frost protection using induction fans: A system for protecting an agricultural field from frost damage, comprising: one or more induced flow apparatuses, each comprising an induced flow fan that has a primary air flow inlet, a primary air flow outlet, a secondary flow inlet and a secondary flow outlet wherein said primary air flow induces... Agent:

20150024675 - Airflow boosting assembly for a forced air circulation and delivery system: The invention relates generally to the field of airflow boosting devices. In particular, the invention relates to a booster fan for installation into a vent opening of a duct system in a forced air circulation and delivery system. In an embodiment, the booster fan includes a register plate for covering... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150017897 - System and method for maintaining airflow within an inflatable booth: A system and method for maintaining airflow within an inflatable booth is herein disclosed. The system can comprise an inflatable frame, one or more air inlets, one or more air vents, and one or more exhaust panels. The inflatable frame that can at least partially define an interior space. At... Agent:

20150017898 - Integrated workpiece positioning system with integral fume extraction system: A workpiece positioning system integrated with a fume extraction device is provided. The system comprises a movable work surface assembly and a manifold. The work surface assembly includes a plurality of work surfaces and a plurality of ventilation ports. Each of the plurality of ventilation ports is disposed on each... Agent:

20150017899 - System for mixing cabin air and outside air of air-conditioner for vehicle and method of controlling the same: A system and a method for mixing cabin and outside air of a vehicle air-conditioner may include a housing having cabin and outside air inlets for ventilating the cabin and outside air, a first door part to selectively cover at least a portion of the cabin air inlet and/or a... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20150017900 - Windowpane defogging device for a motor vehicle and windowpane defogging method using the same: The present invention provides a windowpane defogging device for a motor vehicle which, upon generation of a fog on a windowpane, comes into a defogging mode to remove the fog generated on the windowpane. The windowpane defogging device includes a relative humidity detecting unit configured to detect a windowpane relative... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20150017901 - Vehicle with selectively reversible cooling fan: A work vehicle includes a cooling fan that selectively and/or periodically runs in reverse in order to discharge accumulated dirt or debris from one or more coolers. The reverse activation of the fan is prevented from initiating when the operator of the running vehicle is outside the operator cab in... Agent:

20150017902 - Vehicular air-conditioning device: There is obtained a vehicular air-conditioning device that can restrain the space of a cabin from decreasing. The vehicular air-conditioning device is equipped with a fan that produces an air current, a main current blowout port from which the air current produced through the operation of this fan is blown... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150017903 - Vehicular air conditioner: In an air conditioner casing of a vehicular air conditioner, an evaporator is arranged in a cold air passage, and a heater core is arranged in a warm air passage downstream from the cold air passage. A first air mixing damper is disposed in a warm air opening between the... Agent:

20150017905 - Protective cover for a hand-held electronic device: A protective cover for a hand-held electronic device includes a base having an inner face and an outer face opposite to the inner face. The base further includes at least one air guiding hole extending from the inner face through the outer face. A positioning member is provided along a... Agent:

20150017904 - Server rack and fan apparatus: A fan apparatus includes a bracket, a fan module installed in the bracket, and a cable management assembly. The bracket defines an opening. The fan module includes a connector received in the opening. The cable management assembly includes a cover detachably mounted to the bracket to cover the opening, and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150017906 - Ventilation device: A ventilation device performs ventilation by supplying outdoor air indoors as supply air and exhausting room air outdoors as exhaust air. The ventilation device includes a heat exchange unit provided with a heat exchange element that performs heat exchange between the supply air and the exhaust air and a humidification... Agent:

20150017907 - Cooling roof construction: A cooling roof construction comprising a substantially horizontal roof having a weatherproof membrane, and where a perforated tile layer is arranged a distance above said membrane, where the space between the membrane and the perforated tile layer is connected by at least one conduit to an outside ambient space.... Agent: Excellent Holding Aps

01/08/2015 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150011146 - Integrated duct step garnish assembly: An integrated duct step garnish assembly for a vehicle includes a deck member defining a stepping area on an upper side thereof and an underside member secured to an underside of the deck member for defining an air duct between the underside member and the deck member. The air duct... Agent:

20150011147 - Inflatable ventilation life curtain: An inflatable ventilation curtain includes a curtain portion and an inflatable portion provided around a perimeter of the curtain portion. The inflatable portion includes an inner layer and an outer layer attached together, wherein the inner layer is provided immediately adjacent to the perimeter of the curtain portion and wherein... Agent: Heintzmann Corporation (usa)

20150011150 - Air distribution units for telecommunication equipment: Novel tools and techniques are provided for providing in-lineup passive air distribution system designs, and for delivering more effective cooling for termination dense network equipment with high heat dissipation. In some embodiments, one or more air distribution units might be positioned in-line with one or more heat generating equipment. The... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20150011148 - Arrangement for providing air to a room: The invention relates to an arrangement for providing air to a room is provided. The arrangement comprises a first inlet for taking in air from the room, a first outlet for providing air to the room, a second inlet for taking in air from a space other than the room,... Agent:

20150011152 - Data center: A data center inside a shipping container having a lower plenum and an upper plenum in its interior. Heated air in the upper plenum exits therefrom into a plurality of heat exchangers adjacent thereto. Air cooled by the heat exchangers travels toward and enters the lower plenum. The data center... Agent:

20150011151 - Field access station: A field access station for housing and protecting an electronic display system in a sealed compartment in a first configuration and in a positively-pressurized compartment having a controlled outflow flow of filtered air in a second configuration.... Agent:

20150011149 - Portable electronic module and heat dissipating mechanism thereof: A portable electronic module includes a casing having an air inlet, a heat generating member disposed in the casing, and a heat dissipating mechanism. The heat dissipating mechanism includes a fixing frame disposed at the casing corresponding to the air inlet, a driving handle, a driving device for driving the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150011153 - Ventilation device for clean room applications: A ventilation device for supplying air to a clean room having a passage duct (16) with a waste air inlet (13) for receiving waste air form the room and a supply air outlet (14) for discharging supply air (34) to the room. A speed controllable rotatable fan (49) is provided... Agent:

20150011154 - Method and system for controlling ventilation in a building: A method and a system for controlling ventilation of an indoor area of a building, comprising the steps of: ventilating the indoor area by means of mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation according to a ventilation mode selected among a plurality of ventilation modes, a set of adjustable control parameters (31;... Agent:

20150011155 - Air deflector driving device and indoor air-conditioning unit using driving device: Disclosed is an air deflector driving device, comprising a driving case and connecting rod (3). One side of the driving case is provided with a protruding opening (11), the connecting rod (3) is slidably provided in the driving case, and a tip (31) of the connecting rod (3) is limited... Agent: Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. Of Zhuhai

01/01/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150004895 - Airborne component extractor with baffled debris collection: An extraction system is designed for metal working and other applications. The system may comprise a blower that delivers a positive pressure airflow to a hood that creates an air region for removal of airborne components from a work area. Return air is filtered in a filter region, and debris... Agent:

20150004896 - Suction apparatus for a work machine, such as a laser bridge, for an embroidery/sewing machine: Suction apparatus for a work machine, such as a guide, or laser bridge, for an embroidery/sewing machine, suitable to take in the harmful fumes generated by work operations, having at least a cutting unit to carry out work operations, a suction channel, provided with at least a longitudinal aperture, a... Agent:

20150004897 - Air flow direction adjusting device and vehicle air conditioning device: An air flow direction adjusting device is provided with a first rear fin and a second rear fin which are adjacent to each other. At a rear fin main body of the first rear fin of these two rear fins that are adjacent to each other, a protrusion portion is... Agent:

20150004898 - Air sampling system providing compound discrimination via comparative pid approach: Methods and apparatus for providing an air sampling system with first and second PID sensors to discriminate ammonia measurements. In one embodiment, air samples are taken from a vivarium environment to determine ammonia levels for controlling air flow to the vivarium.... Agent: Aircuity, Inc.

20150004899 - Storage facility: A storage facility is achieved that is capable of suppressing, with a simple configuration, the inactive gas concentration in the gas discharged to the outside of a storage space. The storage facility includes a storage device including a plurality of storage sections in an inside of a storage space formed... Agent:

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