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04/09/2015 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150099443 - Vehicle comprising air conditioning apparatus: A vehicle includes an air conditioning apparatus configured to be capable of executing ventilation operation to supply air outside the vehicle into a passenger compartment, and cooling operation to supply cool air into the passenger compartment; and a control unit that causes the air conditioning apparatus to execute remote air... Agent:

20150099444 - Systems and methods for controlling airflow in a vehicle: An airflow control system for use in a vehicle is provided. The airflow control system includes a manifold and a recirculation duct in flow communication with the manifold. The recirculation duct includes a fan and a recirculation valve. The system additionally includes a ventilation duct coupled in flow communication with... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150099446 - Chilled air plenum system for aircraft galleys: A chilled air plenum system for aircraft galleys adapted to be connected to a food cart bay for a food cart includes an air return plenum having a return airflow duct with a plurality of midline primary apertures and a plurality of secondary lateral side edge apertures for receiving return... Agent:

20150099445 - Thermal control of vehicle interiors: The present invention relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling the interior of a vehicle at a desired temperature. In an embodiment, thermal control is attained for a car seat of an child, toddler, or infant. The systems and methods use a conduit system that allows air to be... Agent:

20150099447 - Heat removal apparatus and a method of removing heat: Disclosed is a heat removal apparatus to be used in conjunction with a case of a computer processing unit. The apparatus comprises an air permeable cover disposed over a top opening of the case, the air permeable cover for enabling the hot air in the case to egress therethrough and... Agent:

20150099449 - Temperature adjusting apparatus for server and method thereof: A temperature adjusting apparatus for a server and a temperature adjusting method thereof are provided. Rotation speeds and rotation directions of fans are controlled according to sensing results of temperature sensors, so as to adjust temperatures of server units by heat generated from the server units during operation.... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150099448 - Vent box: A vent box for venting gases present on a power cable used to provide power to an electric submersible pumping system includes a front, a back, a plurality of sides, a top and a bottom. The vent box includes one or more upper vents positioned along an upper edge of... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150099450 - Ventilation system and method for monitoring air flow in a ventilation system for a turbomachine assembly: Ventilation systems for enclosing turbomachine assembly components and methods for monitoring air flow in ventilation systems are provided. A ventilation system includes an enclosure defining an interior, an air inlet circuit in fluid communication with the interior for flowing air into the interior, and an air outlet circuit in fluid... Agent: General Electric Company

20150099451 - Methods and apparatus for efficiently pressurizing and ventilating an air-supported structure: A set of methods and apparatus for efficiently pressurizing and ventilating an air-supported greenhouse or other structure requiring pressurization and ventilation. A method for efficiently pressurizing and ventilating an air-supported structure comprises directing any external wind flow and external wind pressure into mechanical flow means, such as a fan, or... Agent: Airstream Intelligence, LLC

20150099452 - Hvac temperature control bypass throttle: The present teachings provide for an HVAC assembly. A first flue can be configured to fluidly couple a first heat exchanger to a mixing flue. A second flue can be configured to fluidly couple a second heat exchanger to the mixing flue. A door can inhibit fluid communication through the... Agent:

20150099453 - Method of manufacturing recuperator air cells: A method of manufacturing a recuperator segment uses metal tubes deformed into air cells in a waved configuration. The air cells are stacked one to another to form a double skinned recuperator segment providing cold air passages through the respective air cells and hot gas passages through spaces between adjacent... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150099454 - Practical flexible connecting apparatus for ventilation duct: The invention is about a connecting apparatus which ensures the connection of the flexible ventilation ducts to the main ventilation ducts, distribution points and all kinds of fan, device and ventilation equipment, and which, distinctly from the existing connecting apparatuses, is installed by being screwed onto the flexible ventilation duct... Agent: Isil M&#xdc Hendislik Makine Ve Insaat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

20150099455 - Pattern controllers for active beam: Pattern controllers located in discharge slots of an active beam comprise a series of planar paddles hinged on an axis disposed at an angle to the planar surface of a side of the discharge slot thereby producing discharged air displacement in both the horizontal and vertical directions when the paddles... Agent: E.h. Price, Ltd.

20150099456 - Air diffuser with manual and motorized plates: A mechanism for opening and closing a damper valve of a diffuser mechanism is provided. Embodiments of the invention include a damper construction that selectively alters the amount of air flow through a diffuser grille using a three-plate damper valve. The three-plate damper valve includes a manual plate, a fixed... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150093981 - Blower noise compensation: A system includes a blower controller that controls the operation of at least one vehicle blower and a processing device that receives a user input associated with operation of the vehicle blower, detects whether a mobile device is in use, and commands the blower controller to control the operation of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150093982 - Ventilated battery storage rack: The invention includes a ventilated storage rack unit and complete storage rack system for storing an array of battery cells in an uninterrupted power source that meets the seismic testing requirements of NEBS GR-63-CORE (Issue 2 Apr. 2002). The storage rack unit of the present invention incorporates a vented vertical... Agent:

20150093983 - Indoor device for cassette type air conditioner: An indoor device for a cassette type air conditioner is provided. In the indoor device for the cassette type air conditioner, an outer edge of a suction grill extends to form inner lines of a plurality of discharge holes of a panel, and the suction grill may be opened while... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150093984 - Ventilation controller: A ventilation system for a building in some cases includes a main HVAC blower for moving temperature-conditioned air through the building plus a smaller ventilation blower for providing fresh air. A controller regulates the ventilation blower's speed to provide a target ventilation flow rate regardless of changes in the pressure... Agent:

20150093985 - Passive cooling system with ambient fluid collection: A passive cooling system routes air from an enclosure to an ambient environment, via a chimney effect, through one or more indirect pathways and re-directs environmental elements received from the ambient environment. One or more vanes are arranged within an interior space, such that the vanes collectively form one or... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

03/26/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150087215 - Charger cooling air source selection method: A charger cooling air source selection method includes cooling a vehicle battery charger by opening an outside air vent door in a vehicle and drawing outside air through the outside air vent door; determining whether the outside air vent door will close; and if the outside air vent door will... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150087216 - Solar-powered fan for a recreation vehicle and solar-powered, fan equipped vent cover that fits on top of a recreational vehicle roof vent: A solar-powered, fan-equipped vent cover is fitted on top of a recreational vehicle roof vent. The vent cover protects the recreational vehicle vent when raining, and includes a solar panel operating a fan to boost the effectiveness of the recreational vehicle roof vent in removing hot air from the recreational... Agent:

20150087217 - Grille for vehicle wall opening: A grille for a vehicle wall opening may comprise a frame, a pair of first louvers, and a second louver. The frame may be receivable on the vehicle wall in an installed position extending around the opening, and may have an inboard side and an outboard side. The pair of... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150087218 - Configuration and method for ventilating a room, more particularly a laboratory room: A configuration ventilates a room with an access area and on either side work tables. The configuration has an air supply duct arranged above the access area for supplying fresh air, and an air exhaust air duct arranged above this for extracting exhaust air. The air supply duct has two... Agent:

20150087219 - Air-conditioning indoor unit: An air-conditioning indoor unit causes a flow of air blown out from a blow-out port to be diverted in a predetermined direction due to the Coand{hacek over (a)} effect. The air-conditioning indoor unit includes an airflow direction adjustment vane varying a blowout angle of blown air relative to a horizontal... Agent:

20150087220 - Barrel-style coil-actuated vent: An apparatus for circulating air includes a barrel through which the air is circulated, where the barrel includes a body having a first end and a second end, and a coil positioned near the second end of the barrel for controlling when the air is permitted to circulate through the... Agent: Vinylast, Inc.

20150087221 - High efficient night cover: A night cover for a refrigerated merchandiser that is positionable to substantially enclose a product display area of the merchandiser. The night cover includes a first portion and a second portion that is disposed above the first portion. The second portion cooperates with the first portion to define a first... Agent: Hussmann Corporation

20150087222 - Air exchange device: An air exchange device includes: an air-guiding tube having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end, the first end having a first inlet and a first outlet, and the second end having a second inlet and a second outlet; a partition settled inside the air-guiding... Agent:

03/19/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150079890 - Method of reducing silicosis caused by inhalation of silica-containing proppant, such as silica sand and resin-coated silica sand, and apparatus therefor: A method of reducing silicosis caused by inhalation of silica-containing proppant, such as silica sand and resin-coated silica sand, and apparatus therefor. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in... Agent:

20150079891 - Method and apparatus for cooling a heat exchanger in a vehicle: An air-guiding device (7) can be arranged in a wheel house of a motor vehicle and has a plurality of slats (12). Each slat (12) has at least one first region (11.1, 11.3) with a first profile and at least one second region (11.2, 11.4) with a second profile. The... Agent:

20150079892 - Climatising device for a vehicle seat: Heating and cooling device for a vehicle seat with separating material (2) that forms at least a portion of an air-distribution chamber (1), with an upper-side layer (4) covering the separating material (2) on its upper side, with a lower-side layer (5) of separating material (2) on the underside opposite... Agent:

20150079893 - Panel for ventilation and noise reduction and manufacturing method: A panel for ventilation and noise reduction and its manufacturing method are disclosed. A left side and a right side of the panel each include one or a plurality of ventilation holes, and a sound insulation board for sound insulation is set near each ventilation hole along an inner side... Agent:

20150079894 - Positive pressure ventilation in enclosed housings: The invention provides a positively pressurized housing ventilated by establishing and/or maintaining a pressure differential between at least two chambers in the housing. The invention also provides a method for ventilating a substantially closed housing that involves establishing and/or maintaining a pressure differential between at least two chambers in the... Agent:

20150079895 - Novel louver system: A louver system for controlling airflow in a duct from a forced air heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system with a housing and a louver located on a mounting fascia. The system having a longitudinal slat located in the perimeter wall that is movable between the fully open position... Agent:

20150079896 - Two-piece ventilation units, apparatus, systems, and related methods: Ventilation units of some embodiments comprise bases and housings which define (twist-on) quick attachment couplings via which the bases and housings releasable couple. Units of some embodiments comprise solar panels coupled to the housings and which are pivotable between stowed positions in which they are flush with the housings and... Agent:

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