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Valves and valve actuation

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04/10/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140097363 - Floating seal retainer: Configurations of piston actuators having seal retainers doubly acting as pressure chambers are disclosed. Further disclosed are methods of installing pressure chambers in piston actuators.... Agent: Array Holdings, Inc.

20140097364 - Adjustable diaphragm retainer plate: Disclosed herein are improved diaphragm actuators capable of preventing the inhibition of movement of a diaphragm retainer plate when a stretched or improperly sized diaphragm is used. Such diaphragm retainer plates may be adjustable such that the thickness from the distal side to the proximal side is increased. Methods of... Agent: Array Holdings, Inc.

20140097365 - Rotatable actuator shaft: Disclosed herein are apparatuses and methods of preventing rotational stress on the top shaft of valve actuators. Certain methods and apparatuses include a bifurcated top shaft. Other apparatuses and methods include a method of preventing rotational stress at the distal end on the top shaft of an actuator.... Agent: Array Holdings, Inc.

20140097366 - Actuating drive of an air passage device: The invention relates to an actuating drive of an air passage device for an engine cooling system of a vehicle, comprising a drive gear to be driven by an electric motor, which is rotatable about an axis of rotation, and an output element which is operatively connected with the drive... Agent:

20140097367 - Advanced valve actuator with remote location flow reset: An fluid control valve and actuator assembly includes a valve configured to control a flow of liquid, and a valve actuator configured to control opening and closing of the valve, and further configured to provide both a maximum flow rate and a minimum flow rate of the liquid through the... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings, LLC

20140097368 - Flow regulating valve: Disclosed in the present invention is a flow regulating valve comprises a valve seat (1) and a casing (2). A motor (21) provided inside the casing (2) is connected to a screw rod (3) through the output shaft of the motor. The screw rod is connected to a screw nut... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20140097369 - Solenoid valve for brake system: A solenoid valve for a brake system includes a seat housing installed in a bore of a modulator block and provided with a through hole formed therethrough in a longitudinal direction, a valve seat installed in the through hole of the seat housing and provided with an orifice, a sleeve... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140097370 - Externally controlled switch mechanism: A control mechanism for a refuse vehicle includes a first control valve that operates a first hydraulically controlled mechanism and a second control valve that operates a second hydraulically controlled mechanism. The control mechanism also includes a plurality of switches and a pneumatic control mechanism. The plurality of switches generates... Agent: The Heil Co.

20140097371 - Pigging ball valve: Improved ball valve or pig valves with stems having higher stress yields are disclosed. Additionally, a method of changing using the same stem in a ball valve or pig valve in a low pressure application or a high pressure application is disclosed. Furthermore, a method of ensuring a correct stem... Agent: Array Holdings, Inc.

20140097372 - Flow rate and pressure reduction assembly: A flow rate and pressure reduction assembly includes a tubular housing and a cylindrical plug, having at least two helical grooves in the outer surface, positioned within the tubular housing. The flow rate differential of the assembly is between about 0.3 to 9 gallons per minute.... Agent: Roy E. Roth Company

20140097373 - Movable valve apparatus having conditioned lubricating surfaces: Movable valve apparatus having conditioned lubricating surfaces are described. An example valve includes a valve packing having a graphite packing ring disposed within a bonnet of the fluid valve and a stem or shaft has a conditioned surface to hold a lubricating material. The conditioned surface of the stem or... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140097374 - Excess flow valve with flexible diaphragm member: An assembly for limiting excess flow includes a seat and a disc. The seat has an inner ring, an outer ring having a top surface tapering in a downstream direction from outer ring towards the inner ring, and a plurality of legs attaching the inner ring to the outer ring.... Agent: Brasscraft Manufacturing Company

04/03/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140091242 - Magnet core of a magnet valve as well as a magnet valve: A magnet core of a magnet valve is guided in a core guiding tube of a solenoid so as to be axially shiftable, and cooperates at a first end face opposite a flow opening with a sealing system in such a manner that the flow opening is closed in a... Agent: Buerkert Werke Gmbh

20140091243 - Sealing system for a solenoid valve and solenoid valve: A sealing system for a solenoid valve is provided for accommodation in a recess in an actuating element movable by a coil. The recess proceeds from an end face of the actuating element close to a valve seat. The actuating element is movably mounted in a solenoid valve and designed... Agent: Buerkert Werke Gmbh

20140091244 - Device for transferring a liquid: A liquid-transfer device that comprises a tubular coupling element for fastening in sealed manner to a liquid-transfer orifice and including a bore extending through the coupling element, and a valve member mounted to slide in the coupling element between a closed position for closing the coupling element and a liquid-transfer... Agent: Oil System

20140091245 - Faucet handle with control valve parallel to mounting surface: A faucet handle includes a fluid supply line, fluid return line, and valve cartridge. A first portion of the valve cartridge provides a connecting passage between fluid supply line and fluid return line and allows fluid flow when the valve cartridge is open. A valve body having first and second... Agent: WaterworksIPCo., LLC.

20140091246 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve comprising a screw rod and a motor provided with an output shaft. The output shaft is transmissively connected to the screw rod via a gear system. The gear system is supported on a gear base. The screw rod passes through the gear base. The electronic expansion... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140084192 - Linear clutch for blowout preventer: Linear clutches for reducing axial loads in a system are provided. In one embodiment, a system includes a blowout preventer having a ram coupled to an actuation assembly. A locking assembly is positioned within the system to enable an end of the locking sleeve to engage the actuation assembly and... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140084193 - Dual control dead man system: A dual control shut off system, such as a dead man system for a blasting system, blasting equipment, or other equipment having both pneumatic and electric safety control circuits, may include an electric dead man's switch or a pneumatic dead man's switch. An embodiment of the dual control dead man... Agent: Ecoquip, Inc.

20140084195 - Electromagnetic actuator: A solenoid valve includes first and second attraction portions in the interior of a housing disposed on an upper part of a valve body. A movable iron core, which confronts the first and second attraction portions, is disposed displaceably in the housing. Further, in the interior of the first attraction... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20140084196 - Electromagnetically actuated valve: An electromagnetically actuated valve includes at least one sleeve and a magnet armature. A magnetic core is arranged in a stationary manner in the at least one sleeve. The magnet armature is configured to actuate a valve element and is axially movable. An elastically deformable spring element is clamped and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140084194 - Solenoid valve: A solenoid valve is provided with a valve main body having a valve chamber communicating with an inlet port and a first outlet port, a valve body arranged within the valve chamber, a valve holder retaining the valve body, a coil spring energizing the valve holder, a pipe member having... Agent: Fujikoki Corporation

20140084197 - Solenoid valve, in particular for slip-controlled motor vehicle braking systems: The invention relates to a solenoid valve, the magnet armature of which is designed to be movable relative to a first valve-closing element, for which purpose the first valve-closing element is accommodated telescopically in a coupling element attached to the magnet armature, wherein the coupling element is guided along the... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140084198 - Ball valve: Provided is a ball valve which may be manually opened and closed with ease by reducing handle torque and can securely prevent leakage. The present invention relates to a ball valve, comprising a valve body which has a fluid inlet passage, fluid outlet passage, and a communicating part provided between... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Fujikin

20140084199 - Valve stem seal arrangement: The invention provides a valve useful as a production valve in or connected to a production tree subsea, and other similar uses subsea or topside, the valve comprises a valve element, a valve element pressure housing, an actuator, a stem and a bonnet, the actuator is via the stem operatively... Agent: Aker Subsea As

20140084200 - Fluid control valve having an adjustable valve stem and piston assembly: Fluid control valves having adjustable valve stem and piston assembly are described herein. An example fluid control valve includes a piston to control a flow of fluid through a valve body, a bonnet with a threaded bore coupled to a bonnet yoke to be coupled to the valve body and... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140084201 - Tri-eccentric valve with a symmetric drain-proof ring: A tri-eccentric valve with a symmetric drain-proof ring includes a valve body, a stem, a valve disk, a waterproof washer, and a drain-proof ring. The valve disk is formed as an asymmetric conical shape. The drain-proof ring is an O ring and is arranged in a stepped recess of the... Agent:

20140084202 - Seal disk with a plurality of hardnesses: A seal disk for a fluid flow control valve, such as a fluid regulator, has a body formed of elastomeric material having a first hardness at a seal face and a second hardness spaced apart from the seal face along the thickness. The elastomeric material is softer at the seal... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

03/20/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140077107 - Pinch valve: Proposed is a pinch valve (1) which has a hose-like valve element (3), an actuating element (18) arranged on the outer circumference of the valve element (3), and at least one radially movable plunger (33a, 33b) arranged between the actuating element (18) and the valve element (3). On the inner... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20140077108 - Fluid control valve system and methods: A diaphragm-type control valve having a diaphragm and a valve body is provided preferably for use in the separation of and fluid control between a fluid source and a pressurized gas volume. The diaphragm element and a port in the body together form an intermediate chamber that eliminates the need... Agent: Tyco Fire Products Lp

20140077109 - Fluid control valve: In a fluid control valve, a valve part houses a diaphragm in a valve body including a valve seat, first and second ports, and a drive part includes a piston dividing a piston chamber in a cylinder body into first and second chambers, and a rubber sealing member attached to... Agent: Ckd Corporation

20140077110 - Connector assembly for medical gas applications: A connector assembly for connecting a medical gas cylinder with a medical gas delivery device is provided. The connector assembly includes a jacketed hose connected at one end to a gas delivery device adaptor and connected at the other end to a male quick coupling element that connects with a... Agent:

20140077111 - Methods and apparatus to load a valve packing: Methods and apparatus to load a valve packing are described. An example method disclosed herein includes adjusting a packing flange nut to a position corresponding at least approximately to a free condition of a biasing assembly, coupling a first gauge member to a first flange, adjusting a first gap between... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140077112 - Control system: Disclosed is a control system that may include a tab pivotally connected to a structure, a coupling member pivotally connected to the structure, and a device operatively connected to the tab via the coupling member, wherein the device is configured to control an external system. Disclosed also is a vehicle... Agent:

20140077113 - Ignition reducing shut-off valve: A shut-off valve for controlling flow of a pressurized gas including a restrictor, which at its second axial end extends in a radial direction of a passage to essentially cover a mouth of the passage. Further the restrictor includes a longitudinally extending guiding member for guiding a gas flow between... Agent: Gce Holding Ab

20140077114 - Flow rate control apparatus: A flow rate control apparatus includes a valve mechanism capable of controlling a flow rate of a pressure fluid that flows from a second port to a first port. Second stopper walls are formed on a seating section of a needle valve constituting the valve mechanism and which is capable... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077115 - Rotary valve body for bone cement dispensing device: A rotary valve body for a bone cement dispensing device is arrangeable in rotatable manner in a matching valve seat in the dispensing device, whereby the rotary valve body is rotationally symmetrical about the rotation axis of the rotary valve body at least within a region intended for the valve... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20140077116 - Methods and systems for operating an integrated actuator: Methods and systems for operating an integrated actuator are provided. The integrated actuator comprises an actuator body, an extension rod coupled to the actuator body. The extension rod includes a piston valve and is configured for selective movement between a first position in a first mode of operation where the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140077117 - Fluidtechnishes flachschieberventil: The invention relates to a flat gate valve for fluid applications having a sandwich design and including at least one input port, one output port, a top plate and a bottom plate, with a sliding element being provided between said top plate and said bottom plate, which sliding element can... Agent:

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