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Valves and valve actuation December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130341538 - Fiber reinforced elastomer anisotropic annular blowout preventer: A packer unit for an annular blowout preventer including an annular elastomer body including an elastomer having a unidirectional grain and a quantity of fiber longitudinally aligned with the grain of the elastomer. A method of forming a packing unit for a blowout preventer including forming a fiber reinforced elastomer... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20130341539 - Valve apparatus: A valve apparatus (100) for a well comprises a valve body (101), and a valve member (102). The valve body (101) includes a first passage (190) that extends through the valve body (101), and at least one second passage (193) that extends through the valve body and laterally from the... Agent:

20130341540 - Adjustable damping valve arrangement: An adjustable damping valve arrangement comprises an actuator for controlling a main stage valve, wherein the main stage valve has a rigid main stage valve body which carries out an axial operating movement relative to a valve seat surface of the main stage valve, wherein a pre-opening valve having at... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20130341541 - Fluid dispenser remote actuation system and method: This invention relates generally to the dispensing of a fluid. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus and method for remotely controlling the flow of an effluent fluid stream from a dispensing hose of a fluid dispenser. An actuator controls at least one valve assembly of the fluid dispenser... Agent:

20130341542 - Valve actuator: The valve actuator (1) includes a housing (2), a motor (4) coupled to the valve, wherein rotation of the motor (4) changes the position of the valve from a first position in which fluid flow may occur along at least one path and a second position in which fluid flow... Agent: Intertechnique

20130341543 - Valve: A valve having a housing, a flap rotatably arranged in the housing and connected to a drive shaft mounted in the housing, an electric motor for driving the drive shaft, having a gearing which has at least one toothed segment and which is arranged between the electric motor and the... Agent:

20130341544 - Solenoid valve: A solenoid valve includes: a valve body having a fitting hole; a tubular sleeve fitted in a fitting hole and having a valve hole, a supply port, and an output port; and a spool valve that is accommodated in the valve hole of the sleeve and that changes a flow... Agent:

20130341545 - Valve and valve cartridge assembly thereof: A valve cartridge assembly comprises a valve cartridge (9) and a transmission device. A recess (90) is formed on the top of the valve cartridge. The transmission device is provided in the recess (90) of the valve cartridge. A first transmission relationship and a second transmission relationship are formed between... Agent: Shanghai Horen Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

20130341546 - Suction tube arrangement with improved actuating shaft: A suction tube arrangement includes a suction tube having a suction tube opening and an actuating shaft which is received in the suction tube. The actuating shaft has a base body made of a first material and an actuating shaft body made of a second material and at least partially... Agent:

20130341547 - Four bar drive mechanism for bleed system: An actuation system for a bleed valve includes first and second bell cranks connected by a connecting link. The first bell crank has a first arm that is coupled to a bleed valve and a second arm that is coupled to the connecting link. The connecting link has a first... Agent:

20130341548 - Contamination resistant butterfly valve: A butterfly valve assembly for use in a fluid flow containing particles of debris is provided including a valve element. The valve element has a seal groove that extends about a periphery and defines an upstream side and a downstream side of the valve element. A seal is disposed within... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20130341549 - Radial sliding seal with subassembly for metering devices, and metering device with such a radial sliding seal subassembly: The invention relates to a radial sliding seal component, particularly for use in metering devices, such as syringes and pipetting piston-cylinder arrangements, comprising a sealing component working together with at least one pretensioning component, wherein the sealing component comprises a sealing segment extending in the axial direction and in the... Agent: Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

20130341550 - Two-way valve: A two-way valve includes a valve body made of a resilient member and connected to a lower end of a shaft. The valve body is made up from a main body portion having an axial member connected to the shaft, and a thin film skirt portion formed on an outer... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20130341551 - Valve housing and assembly unit comprising a valve housing and method of manufacturing a valve housing: A valve housing comprising an outer pipe section which is formed from a prefabricated pipe and has a connector for a valve actuator, and comprising an inner pipe section with a valve seat which represents a fluidic connection between the outer and inner pipe sections, is provided with a cut-out... Agent:

20130341552 - Aerosol dispenser valve: An improved valve member, aerosol dispenser valve containing the valve member, aerosol container for dispensing moisture curable foams, and moisture curable foam and dispenser, in which the valve member is made of a glass filled polyolefin. The polyolefin is preferably a polyethylene. The glass content is between about 2% and... Agent: Clayton Corporation

12/19/2013 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130334446 - Variable orifice rotary valves for controlling gas flow: Gas flow control valves comprising a valve housing including a cylindrical interior passage, and a housing opening extending from the interior passage through the housing. The gas flow control valve further comprises a cylindrical rotary valve element including a sidewall, and a rotary valve element opening extending through the sidewall.... Agent:

20130334447 - Electric expansion valve: An HVAC system has an electronic expansion valve that has a valve body comprising a first motor component and a coil assembly comprising a plurality of stator bars, the plurality of stator bars being sealed from a surrounding environment by at least one fluid tight barrier at least partially disposed... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20130334448 - Device for a valve: A device for a valve has a fixed part provided with at least one fluid port and a rotatable sleeve provided with at least one bore. The sleeve is structured in a manner allowing it to rotate the bore in-line with the fluid port in order to allow a fluid... Agent:

20130334450 - Disposable, sterile fluid transfer device: The present invention relates to a process for the sterile transfer of fluids, be they liquids or gases. It uses a presterilized device comprised of a body having a bore formed through at least a portion of its interior. Contained within the bore is a movable plunger. The body has... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20130334449 - Hydraulic mechanism for valves: A valve assembly includes a first piston member displaceably disposed within a first chamber. A second piston member is coupled to a valve closure element, such as a diaphragm, and the second piston member is disposed within a second chamber. A longitudinal displacement of the first piston member relative to... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20130334451 - Wear ring retainer for a gate valve: The present invention is directed to improved valves having removable interior wear rings secured by a removable retainer ring. In particular, the invention is directed to gate valves having removable interior wear rings that are easily removed from one side of the gate valve upon removal of a retainer ring.... Agent:

20130334452 - Dosage valve and relative method: A dosage valve for a fluid product, for example a colorant, comprising an at least partly elastic or elastomer element, having at least a cut in the central part so as to define at least two closed/open cooperating lips, which comprises a sensor element associated with the at least partly... Agent: Cps Color Equipment Spa Con Nico Socio

20130334453 - Valve wear ring and gate valve with wear ring: The present invention is directed to improved valves having removable interior wear rings and valves containing the removable wear rings. In an example, the wear ring comprises a high-hardness metal ring, the high hardness metal ring having an exterior surface configured to engage the body of gate valve. A polymeric... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327967 - Fluid cooled shape memory alloy actuated valve: A valve assembly (100) is provided. The valve assembly (100) comprises a housing (101) with a plurality of fluid ports (102-105d). The housing (101) includes an actuator chamber (107) configured to receive a fluid. The housing (101) also includes a valve chamber (108) configured to receive the fluid after flowing... Agent: Lluid Automation Systems S.a.

20130327969 - Linear valve actuator system and method for controlling valve operation: The system, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises a stationary coil linear motor to drive a valve with a stem comprising a ferromagnetic property. The linear motor moves the valve in response to control governed by an electronic valve control computer. The valve is movable between a... Agent:

20130327968 - Solenoid valve: A solenoid valve includes: a sleeve having a supply port and an output port; a spool valve that is housed in a valve hole formed in the sleeve so as to be movable in the axial direction, and that changes a flow passage area between the supply port and the... Agent:

20130327970 - Valve for injecting fuel: A valve for injecting fuel, including a valve positioning element, an armature connected to the valve positioning element, a stop that limits a movement of the armature, and a damping element provided between the armature and the stop, the damping element being applied as a damping layer on at least... Agent:

20130327971 - Ratcheting handwheel for compressed gas cylinders: A handwheel and method for use are disclosed. The handwheel including a body and a ratchet assembly disposed within the body, the ratchet assembly can include an interface that connects the ratchet assembly to a valve stem assembly of a compressed gas cylinder, the handwheel can include a chain or... Agent:

20130327972 - Arrangement of a valve in a bore of a duct housing: An arrangement of a valve in a bore of a duct housing includes the duct housing comprising the bore with a stepped design. A valve housing with a stepped outer diameter comprises an inlet and at least one outlet, and is plugged into the bore of the duct housing. A... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20130327973 - Quantity control valve for fuel systems: A quantity control valve of a fuel system comprises an operating element, a valve element, which can be acted upon by the operating element against the force of a valve spring, at least one first housing portion, a guide portion formed on the first housing portion for guiding the operating... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130327974 - Curved flapper seal with stepped intermediate surface: A recess is provided at the periphery of the flapper so that a corner that defines this recess engages an o-ring seal in a seat for the flapper. A reduced contact area of the flapper on the o-ring seal results in increased pressure over the actual contact area. The pressure... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

12/05/2013 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130320249 - Donor tube sealing head with non-tension tube supports: A blood donor tube sealing apparatus includes a housing configured to house an electronic circuit configured to provide a radio frequency signal. The sealing apparatus further includes a sealing device coupled to the housing. The sealing device includes a movable sealing head and at least one movable tube support. The... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20130320250 - Electronic flow control method for a spring diaphragm irrigation control valve using a pulsed signal: Improvements in an electronic valve control system is disclosed where the valve is a spring diaphragm irrigation control valve where the flow rate is controlled with pulsed signal to a control solenoid. This device functions as hydraulic amplifier where the input signal is characterized by the duty cycle ratio of... Agent:

20130320251 - Plug for use in a beverage container: A plug includes: a fluid passage in a main body; a valve body biased to close an inlet of the fluid passage; a cover disposed on an upper end of the main body and closing an upper opening section thereof; and a control lever of the cover that can be... Agent: Thermos K.k.

20130320252 - Control valve assembly: A flow control valve and method for controlling fluid flow includes a valve housing defining a valve chamber. A port member mounted within the valve chamber receives a reciprocally movable piston/spool assembly. The assembly is engageable with a valve seat for blocking fluid flow through the chamber. The assembly includes... Agent: Egc Enterprises, Inc.

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