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10/02/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140290680 - Combination hair styling device: The present invention relates to a device for styling sectioning, combing and clasping hair. The device has a first member pivotably attached to a second member, and a spring to urge the device to a closed position. The first member has a hair pick end section, an elongated arcuate body,... Agent:

20140290682 - Apparatus for adorning wearer and associated methods: An adornment assembly includes an adornment component with exterior and interior surfaces and an interior hook fabric. The interior hook fabric including hook and back surfaces. The interior hook fabric assembled with the adornment component such that the hook surface faces away from the interior surface of the adornment component... Agent:

20140290684 - Applicator for applying cosmetic product on the lips of a user and associated application method:

20140290683 - Nail polish remover method and device: Nail polish remover strips are pre-sized for toe or fingernails and applied to a painted or artificial nail and left thereon for a predetermined period of time to dissolve the nail polish and/or nail bonding agent. Preferably a color change occurs to depict the appropriate dwelling time to dissolve the... Agent:

20140290681 - Wiper for a cosmetic container: The present invention generally relates to a wiper which can be easily inserted into neck of a cosmetic container. The wiper is fabricated from elastomeric material and comprises a plurality of collapsible members configured to collapse horizontally on an exterior surface of the wiper when under stress. The plurality of... Agent: Zen Design Solutions Limited

20140290686 - Gentle oxidative hair treatment with oxidizing agent and special starch derivative: The present specification provides for an oxidative hair treatment agent. The agent includes, in a cosmetic carrier, a combination of at least one oxidizing agent and at least one modified starch. The modified starch is modified by propylene oxide, has an average molecular weight between 50 and 2500 kiloDaltons (kDa),... Agent:

20140290687 - Hair cleaning composition: e

20140290685 - Hair treatment agents comprising specific polymers: Hair treatment agents include at least one propylene glycol diester and specific polymers based on protein hydrolysates. A composition for the treatment of keratin fibers includes, in a cosmetic carrier, a total of 0.01 to 5.0 wt. %, relative to the entire composition, of at least one propylene glycol diester... Agent:

20140290688 - Hair treatment composition: i

20140290690 - Compositions for colouring keratin fibres: The present specification provides for a cosmetic agent for coloring keratinic fibers. The agent includes, in a cosmetic carrier at least one color imparting compound and at least one modified starch. The modified starch is modified by propylene oxide, has an average molecular weight between 50 and 2500 kiloDaltons (kDa),... Agent:

20140290689 - Hair treatment process providing dispersed colors by light diffraction: A hair treatment process for providing dispersed colors by light diffraction including (a) coating the hair with a material comprising a polymer, (b) pressing the hair with a pressing device including one or more surfaces, and (c) forming a secondary nanostructured surface pattern on the hair that is complementary to... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140290691 - Dental tape and floss holder with installation cassette: An apparatus includes a bottom portion comprising a spindle for receiving a quantity of floss. A first locking plate is operable for receiving a feed portion of the floss upon a horizontal surface. A plate extends from the first locking plate where a distal end of the plate engages the... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140283861 - Artificial eyelashes with a tapered cut: The present invention relates to artificial eyelashes and, more particularly, to artificial eyelashes that are tapered towards a point, with the point cut-off to create a tapered yet blunt end (i.e., tapered-cut).... Agent:

20140283862 - Wig: An object of the present invention is to surely provide a wig with hairs that ensures the desired voluminous feeling. A wig comprises an alternate arrangement, the alternate arrangement including: a first region of a wig base in which a plurality of first hairs having a first curl diameter are... Agent: Aderans Company Limited

20140283863 - Disposable liquid applicator for individual use: An applicator configured to allow a user to apply liquids to hard-to-reach areas of the user's body, such as the back. The applicator includes an elongated rectangular body of flexible material with looped ends made with a full-width of the body. The body is configured to receive and support the... Agent: Spencer Asset Holding, LLC

20140283864 - Stubble softening device: A hair stubble softening device, including a pliable substrate; and, a first layer of grit material located on a first side of said pliable substrate. The grit layer comprises grit in a range of 300-800 grit for rounding the sharp edges on the ends of trimmed hair. The hair stubble... Agent:

20140283865 - Hair cleaning kit: A kit for cleansing hair comprising: •a) a dry shampoo, in which the dry shampoo comprises a particulate material, preferably aluminium octenyl succinate starch or rice starch, preferably in the form of an aerosol; and •b) a substrate, preferably a flexible sheet comprising a non-woven material, preferably comprising cellulose fibre... Agent:

20140283866 - Lightening process with blonding mousse: Processes for lightening keratinic fibers are provided. In an exemplary process a ready-to-use lightening composition is produced by, immediately prior to application, combining a composition (A) comprising an alkalizing agent, a composition (B) comprising an oxidizing agent, and a composition (C) comprising a peroxo salt, and then mixing. The ready-to-use... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140283867 - Progressive comb for haircut fading: The Fade Perfect Comb is used to provide a seamless fade haircut along the sides and back of the head. The comb guides the hair into the comb to be cut to desired length as would a normal comb, only the Fade Perfect Comb widens toward the top. The teeth... Agent:

20140283868 - Hollow mascara brush: An applicator for applying a cosmetic to eyelashes, comprising a shaft section or at least a coupling section and an applicator section, the applicator section being configured as an internally hollow cage for accommodating the cosmetic, which is substantially or completely closed in the circumferential direction, characterized in that the... Agent:

20140283869 - Apparatus for holding, securing and styling hair: A device for styling hair includes a first flexible, deformable elongated body member having a length and having first and second end portions, and a second flexible, deformable elongated body member having first and second end portions connected to the first and second end portions of the first body member,... Agent: Ljl, Inc

20140283870 - Airtight cosmetic container: An airtight cosmetic container in which an inner container (200) and an inner cover (300) can be airtightly sealed without using a separate rubber seal while compensating for a diameter deviation caused by a molding error of the inner cover (300). The inner container (200) includes a packing case (220)... Agent:

20140283871 - Dental floss: A dental floss apparatus for cleaning the gaps between adjacent teeth which is comprised of a pair of handles that are configured for engagement with the fingers and having one or a plurality of strands of flossing substrate extending therebetween. The floss extends within an opening formed between the ends... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140261508 - Gel polish thinner: A composition for a thinning agent to reduce the viscosity of a traditional gel or gel polish includes at least one monomer and a photoinitiator. The thinner can reduce the viscosity of a gel polish that has thickened, and allow for easy application of the gel to the nails. Aspects... Agent: Lechat Nail Care Products

20140261513 - Apparatus and method for managing hair pins: The present invention is an apparatus comprising a bobby pin holder, a bobby pin opening mechanism, and an adjustable bracelet made out of a durable material such as a leather strap that wraps around the user's wrist and is secured in place. The most preferred embodiments of the present invention... Agent:

20140261512 - Curable nail composition and methods for strengthening and repairing nails: The present disclosure relates to a curable nail strengthening composition comprising a polymerizable material, at least one penetrating agent, and at least one curing agent. The strengthening composition penetrates the nail and is cured within the nail plate without cross-linking the nail proteins. Methods for strengthening and repairing nails are... Agent: Famous Names, LLC

20140261511 - Dental flossing device: Disclosed is a dental flossing device in which dental floss is strung between a dispensing side handle, which dispenses dental floss, and goes into a receiving side handle, which receives used dental floss.... Agent:

20140261510 - Dental plaque removal device: A kit for dental plaque removal comprises a longitudinally extending absorbent dental strip and a holder. The absorbent dental strip has a thickness “t” and a width “w.” T is sized to be receivable in edentulous areas and diastemas, and w is sized to clean the surface of a tooth... Agent:

20140261509 - Hairband and method for using thereof: A hairband which comprises an arcuate portion having two ends for attaching the hairband to the rear part of a person's head and a pair of essentially parallel planar arms, each of which extending from an end of the arcuate portion, for attaching the hairband against the sides of the... Agent:

20140261514 - Method for applying false eyelashes: A method for applying false eyelashes with an applicator for dispensing false eyelashes, which includes a supply wheel and a take-up wheel, the supply wheel comprising a tape having a plurality of pockets, where the pockets secure individual or clusters of false eyelashes until they are dispensed from a dispensing... Agent: Elc Management LLC

20140261515 - Hair-care agents having polyquaternium-71 and cationic silicones: A hair-treatment agent includes an active-ingredient complex including polyquaternium-71 and at least one cationic silicone having at least three terminal amino-functional groups as essential constituents.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140261516 - Hair treatment agent comprising 4-morpholino-methyl-substituted silicone(s): Hair treatment agents include at least one 4-morpholino-methyl-substituted silicone, which comprises in each case at least one of the structural units of the formulae (I), (II) and (III) as described herein, where * is a bond to one of the structural units (I), (II) or (III) or an end group... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140261517 - Compositions and methods for treating keratin based fibers: Formulations, methods and kits are provided for styling keratinous fiber. The hair can be wet, damp or dry. The formulations and kits allow for lower temperature styling for any of curling, waving and straightening hair.... Agent: Coolway Inc.

20140261518 - Formulations and methods for straightening and revitalizing hair: The present invention is directed to methods and formulations of treating keratin fibers, in order to provide long lasting curl reduction and styling results for keratin fibers from a single application. The present invention may include forming sufficient active sites on the keratin fibers followed with fixation and/or cross-linking of... Agent: Zotos International, Inc.

20140261519 - Highlight applicator: A hair applicator comprises a body, a flexible member, and a means of transferring a center of the flexible member. The flexible comprises bristles, which may be arranged in a circular pattern and/or of differing lengths. The hair applicator may also contain a means of adjusting the initial position of... Agent:

20140261520 - System and method of hair coloring and hair highlighting: Systems, devices and methods for coloring and highlighting hair are provided. The hair coloring system includes a removable hair strand support member and a fastener removably attached to the hair strand support member, wherein the removable hair strand support member is comprised of plastic.... Agent:

20140261521 - Hairclip: An apparatus for gathering hair including a body having first and second ends, an inner surface, and a cavity with an opening formed in the body. The body includes a first passage extending from the inner surface to the cavity and a second passage aligned with the first passage and... Agent:

20140261522 - Hair styling device: A hair styling device comprising a first blade section, a second blade section, and at least one fin. The first blade section comprises an inner blade surface and at least one first blade section heating element one of coupled to and integrated with the inner blade surface. The second blade... Agent: Luxe LLC

20140261524 - Hair styling device: A hair styling device comprising a first blade section, a second blade section, and at least one fin. The first blade section comprises an inner blade surface and at least one first blade section heating element one of coupled to and integrated with the inner blade surface. The second blade... Agent: Luxe LLC

20140261523 - Induction heating hair styling systems and method: A hair treatment system having a hair iron comprising a handle portion and a hair treatment portion, wherein the hair treatment portion comprises an electrically conductive material; an induction oven comprising: an internal cavity into which at least a portion of the hair iron is removably insertable; an induction coil... Agent:

20140261525 - Suction powered hair-styling device: A portable hair-styling device is provided for creating attractive ponytails. The device has a primary housing containing a motor, an impeller, a blocking flap, and a filter screen. Connecting to the primary housing is a flexible hose, a plurality of styling tubes, and one or more elastic bands. When powered... Agent:

20140261526 - Heated hair curler with hinged hair grip and applicator handle: A system comprises implements, each including a body, a receptacle disposed on one end of the body and having a bore and an aperture formed through spaced apart wall portions of the receptacle, a clip pivotally attached to the elongated body, and a spring operable to bias the clip for... Agent:

20140261527 - Hair tie, manufacturing method and equipment of the same: A hair tie includes a fabric and an elastic band. The fabric has a first edge and a second edge, and is bent such that the first edge and the second edge are side by side. The elastic band is enclosed within the fabric. The elastic band and the first... Agent: Yumark Enterprises Corp.

20140261528 - Non-slip hair accessories including dual-purpose labels for displaying indicia and/or for providing non-slip features: Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of labels for hair accessories. The label may be used for displaying indicia (e.g., a company name, brand, logo, etc.). The label also provides a non-slip feature to help better hold the hair accessory in place. By way of example, the label may be applied along... Agent: Wee Ones, LLC

20140261529 - Method and apparatus for clip-in hair extensions: A hair extension device can include single and dual clip member apparatuses. Hair extension tracks can be applied to the outer surface areas of an apparatus, along the upper edge of a clip member, allowing hair extensions to lie over the entire outer region of the clip. The entire outer... Agent:

20140261530 - Compact housing and godet for a cosmetic container: There is presented a compact housing which is suitable for assembly with a godet containing a cosmetic product so as to provide a compact cosmetic container. The housing comprises a removable protection layer adapted to cover the cosmetic product of the received godet. The protection layer is releasably attached to... Agent: Toly Management Limited

20140261531 - Dental device: A dental device having a cap and a set of disposable cleaning instruments a user needs for a day or a trip. Each instrument comprising a handle and a portion for cleaning teeth, such as a toothbrush with toothpaste, or a dental flosser, or a toothpick and a handle, or... Agent:

20140261532 - Cosmetic organizer: A cosmetic organizer having deformable walls that define a plurality of slots is shown. Each of the slots may receive a makeup utensil. Moreover, a group of makeup utensils may be complementarily grouped and inserted into the plurality of slots so that the user may have convenient grouping of complementary... Agent:

20140261533 - Compact organizer for cosmetics: A compact, modular, cosmetic organizer that provides portability and ease of use and access to the cosmetics. The cosmetic organizer includes a housing, a tray, a plurality of foldable modular boxes, and a foldable mirror. The modular boxes and mirror are collapsible for storage within the housing. When in use,... Agent:

20140261534 - Hydro pulse water flosser with reservoir: The present invention provides an advanced water flosser utilizing a direct water source, such as, but not limited to, an attachment to a shower head, that also may embody a reservoir and/or compartment capable of introducing other desirable substances designed to enhance the teeth cleaning process, such as, but not... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140251358 - Rotatable hair implement: A hair implement, such as a comb, brush, or pick, is disclosed that includes a handle section containing a ring insert within an annular opening in the handle section. When the hair implement is not in use, it may be held on a user's finger and rotate out of the... Agent:

20140251359 - Eyelash curler, mascara applicator, mascara container, and mascara remover: An ergonomic eyelash curler, cosmetic applicator, container, and mascara remover compromising of a grip type device with anatomical features and a fixed ellipsoid curvature tongue at one end. The tongue and grip are shaped to fit the anatomy of the hand to allow free movement of the thumb and index... Agent:

20140251361 - Long-lasting easy wash-off cosmetic compositions: Cosmetic compositions are provided, which are capable of forming a cosmetic film on a human integument when applied thereto. Cosmetic compositions according to the invention typically include a cosmetically acceptable vehicle, optionally, one or more colorants, and a pH-dependant film-forming polymer of poly(methacrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate) having a ratio of methacrylic... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20140251360 - Nail sticker for coating uv gel layer and application method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a nail sticker including a UV gel layer and a method for preparing same. In accordance with the embodiments of the present disclosure, the need of soaking a nail in a harmful solution for a long time for removal of a UV gel may be... Agent: Jc Korea Corp.

20140251362 - Hairpiece having dual parting areas: A hairpiece or wig is formed of a substrate having at least two layers or sets of fibers. The hairpiece has a wig cap section which forming the core of the hairpiece to be placed on the head of an individual. The wig cap may be formed of a plurality... Agent:

20140251363 - Application device: An application device applies an active agent to a fibrous material. The application device has a housing defining a storage volume which is arranged in the housing and is intended for storing the active agent, and an applicator. By the applicator, the active agent located in an application volume is... Agent:

20140251364 - Hair-care product comprising selected cationic alkyl-oligoglucosides and cationic silicones: Hair-care products include selected cationic alkyl-oligoglucosides and cationic silicones, and specifically hair-care products that include an active ingredient complex including, as essential active ingredients, cationic alkyloligoglucosides and at least one cationic silicone having at least three terminal aminofunctional groups.... Agent: Kenkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140251365 - Hair styling wand: A method for the styling of hair utilizing a portable small styling device suitable for convenient transport in a pocket or purse is disclosed. The device comprises a brush mounted on an applicator cap handle which mates with a container containing a hairstyling material. The brush extends from the handle... Agent:

20140251366 - Dryer for curling eyelashes: The present device relates to a dryer for curling eyelashes. The dryer according to the present device may prevent a user from being burned and also has a novel structure that effectively curls the eyelashes. Since the dryer for curling the eyelashes indirectly heats the eyelashes by using air heated... Agent:

20140251367 - Mascara brush and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a mascara brush for applying a mascara liquid to eyelashes and a manufacturing method thereof, including a first step to fix to a core member many first brush bristles and many second brush bristles having softening point temperatures lower than those of the first brush... Agent: Shinohara Co., Ltd

20140251368 - Protective case with compartment: A protective case for a personal electronic device can include a compartment configured to receive and store an item such as, for example, a credit card, identification card, SIM card, memory card, keys, cosmetics, or cash. The compartment can be a waterproof compartment designed to protect the contents of the... Agent: Otter Products, LLC

20140251369 - Rotary powder container with brush: The present invention relates to a rotary powder container with a brush, wherein powder is discharged through a brush of a powder discharge case by rotating an internal case containing powder in an external case. The internal case is able to be rotated in the external case, wherein powder is... Agent:

20140251370 - Dental floss dispenser with clip: A dental floss dispenser (1) having a clip (2) located on a rear surface (11) of the dispenser for attaching the dispenser to a tube of toothpaste (5). The clip attaches to a lower edge of a tube of toothpaste and serves a dual purpose. The first purpose being to... Agent:

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