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12/18/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140366903 - Dental floss and brush apparatus: A dental floss and brush apparatus includes a handle, an arcuate head member including a first arcuate arm and a second arcuate arm, a flossing assembly, and an interdental cleaning member including a flossing element and brush bristles. The flossing assembly includes an elongate channel to accommodate and allow traversal... Agent:

20140366904 - Method for producing a shading on the hair: d

20140366905 - Process for treating keratin fibers: The present invention relates to a process for treating keratin fibers, preferably hair, comprising the steps of: (i) applying to the keratin fibers a reducing composition comprising at least one disulfide and at least one thiol, wherein the weight ratio of disulfide/thiol is from 0.35 to 0.75, inclusive, preferably 0.4... Agent: L'oreal

20140366907 - Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres, comprising particular fatty alcohols, a liquid fatty substance and a cationic polymer: The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibres, comprising: one or more oxidation dyes; one or more basifying agents; one or more non-oxyalkylenated fatty substances that are liquid at room temperature in a content of less than or equal to 20% by weight relative to the total... Agent: L'oreal

20140366906 - Hair colour composition: The invention relates to a hair colour composition, in particular a hair colour composition comprising a flavonoid, a catalyst consisting of iron (II) or cobalt (II) complexed to a non-proteinaceous heterocyclic macrocycle ligand composed of pyrrole or pyrroline subunits, and either a hydrogen peroxide generator or 0.0001 to less than... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20140366908 - Parting comb: A parting comb that parts a user's hair in a straight line is provided. The parting comb may include a first comb and a second comb pivotally attached together. The parting comb may be placed within a user's hair and the first comb and the second comb may be pivoted... Agent:

20140366909 - Automatic hair styling device: A hair styling device is described that has a handle, an elongated, substantially cylindrical, heatable rod providing a curling surface and supported by the handle, a heater for heating the curling surface, a support spaced apart from the curling surface, and a rotatable member rotatable relative to the curling surface... Agent:

20140366910 - Adjustable diameter cylindrical mechanism: An adjustable diameter mechanism includes a plurality of cylinder portions, each of the cylinder portions comprising an arcuate portion of a cylinder and extending along an arc of less than or about 120 degrees of a 360 degree circle and having an inner side and an outer side. The inner... Agent:

20140366911 - Head cover having selectable size and location of opening for exposure of a portion of a user's hair: A head cover (800) has selectable size and location of at least one opening (812, 814) for exposure of a portion of a user's hair to an external hair treatment environment. The cover includes an impermeable outer surface that protects hair thereunder from an external hair treatment environment. A main... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140360521 - Cosmetic applicator: Disclosed is an applicator for applying a cosmetic product to the eyelashes or eyebrows, including: a stem extending along a longitudinal axis; an applicator member located at a distal end of the stem, that includes: a core extending along a longitudinal axis, bristles connected to the core, defining an envelope... Agent: L'oreal

20140360522 - Hair management process: A hair management process includes washing the hair and scalp, towel drying the hair and leaving the hair damp, applying an oil composition to the scalp, applying hair moisturizer to the hair and scalp, covering the hair with a cap, removing the cap and applying hair moisturizer to the hair,... Agent:

20140360523 - Particular quinone direct dyes, dye composition comprising at least one such dye, implementation process therefor and use thereof: The present invention relates to quinone direct dyes of formula (I) below, organic or mineral acid or base salts thereof, tautomeric forms, optical isomers or geometrical isomers thereof and/or solvates thereof: and also to the use thereof for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular human keratin fibres such as the hair.... Agent:

20140360524 - Cordless hair curling tool, method and system of same: A cordless hair styling tool, method and system of same including a heated base unit, a plurality of hair rollers heated within the base unit, and a wand detachably engageable to the heated rollers. The rollers have an exterior surface, a clamping means mounted to the exterior surface for permitting... Agent:

20140360525 - Applicator implement: An applicator implement includes an applicator body formed with a flat applying surface in an applying part; and, an applicator cover that is attached to the applicator body to cover the applying part, formed with a slit that creates communication from the outside to the inside. Under the condition in... Agent:

20140360527 - Multi-functional klassic toothbrush: The Multi-Functional Klassic Toothbrush is a compact, all in one system for maintaining a healthy dental hygiene on a daily basis. Incorporated within the unit is a vibrating replaceable toothbrush head, where toothpaste is electrically funneled onto the bristles. It also includes a tongue-scraper, a refillable reservoir of mouthwash and... Agent:

20140360526 - Tooth brush and flossing aid combination: The device submitted for patent consideration, represents a combination of a tooth brush head, on one end of the device, and a flossing device, presented on the opposite end of it. It will accept any type of floss currently on the market. The floss is easy to place, easily replaceable... Agent:

20140360529 - Cosmetic application instrument: A cosmetic application tool is provided which includes an applying portion attached and integrated with a leading end portion of a brush shaft. The applying portion includes a flat, plate-shaped portion surrounded by a hollow, skirt-shaped portion at its distal end. When the brush shaft is drawn out of a... Agent: Sinwa Corporation

20140360528 - Dispensable eyeliner applicator: A dispensable eyeliner to facilitate applying eye makeup, where the dispensable eyeliner includes a twistable base to dispense the eyeliner onto a curve tipped applicator. Due to its shape, the curved tip applicator may be pressed against a user's lash line to apply an even line above the lashes. The... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140352709 - Nail polish device: The invention provides a nail polish device for applying or removing nail polish. The nail polish device comprises a liquid delivering means for delivering a liquid nail polish or liquid nail polish removing composition; a main body structure substantially enclosing the liquid delivering means with an opening for receiving the... Agent:

20140352711 - Cleansing composition: Present invention relates to an aqueous cleansing composition for keratin fibres, especially human hair, comprising at least one amino acid surfactant and at least one cationic and/or cationizable surfactant.... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20140352710 - Conditioner composition: A composition that rejuvenates hair by providing numerous functions for healthy, beautiful hair. The conditioner composition works best after shampooing the hair, whereby oil, grime, and debris are removed and the conditioner can maximize contact with the hair. The composition includes moisturizers that help retain moisture in the hair. The... Agent:

20140352712 - Compositions and methods for permanent shaping of hair: A hair shaping topical composition comprising materials that emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths that affect tertiary structure (breaking of disulfide) bonds in human hair, and that bring about changes in secondary structure of hair proteins. The intensity of the radiation is controlled and sufficient to cause or facilitate altering of... Agent:

20140352714 - Cosmetic application element: h

20140352713 - Coupler with cationic 7-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline structure, dyeing composition comprising same, processes and uses: The invention relates to the use of specific heterocyclic couplers which are cationic 7-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline derivatives of formula (I) for dyeing keratin fibres such as the hair: in which formula (I): R1 to R6, CAT+, An−, and Ra to Rb are as defined in the description.... Agent:

20140352715 - Cationic tetrahydropyrazolopyridines, dye composition comprising such oxidation bases, implementation process therefor and use thereof: The present invention relates to particular cationic tetrahydropyrazolopyridine compounds of formula (I) below and also to the use thereof for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular human keratin fibres such as the hair. The invention also relates to a dye composition comprising, in a suitable dyeing medium, one or more cationic... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140345636 - 3 dimensional decorative artificial nail tip: The invention pertains to a nail tip comprising of an artificial nail tip having a top surface and a bottom surface. The artificial nail tip has a plurality of decorative particles covering the entire top surface of the artificial nail tip and a base adhesive to attach the plurality of... Agent:

20140345637 - French manicure made easy nail pen device: The claimed invention relates to a nail pen for nail varnish application along a distal perimeter portion of a nail. The claimed invention obviates certain problems associated with the process of applying nail varnish onto the distal-only perimeter of a nail by presenting an apparatus and/or means for applying nail... Agent:

20140345638 - Hair treating apparatus and method of using the apparatus: A hair treating apparatus having a first component with opposite first and second sides. The first side is engageable by a first finger on a user's hand. A second component has opposite third and fourth sides. The third side is engageable by a second finger on the user's hand. The... Agent:

20140345639 - Makeup process: The present invention relates to a process for making up the skin, including the step that consists in forming, on a deposit of a foundation composition applied to the skin, a discontinuous deposit of islets of corrective composition and/or a deposit of corrective composition including visible substances that give it... Agent:

20140345640 - Powdery hair cosmetics: Powdery compositions contain at least one particulate and amorphous metal oxide, with the proviso that at least one cosmetic active ingredient is present in said metal oxide in absorbed form, said active ingredient being selected from waxy esters, strengthening polymers, film-forming polymers, oxidation dye precursors, anionic surfactants, keratin-reducing compounds or... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140345641 - Products for temporarily shaping keratin fibers and methods for temporarily shaping hair: w

20140345642 - Air jet hair rollers: A utility model patent to an air jet hair roller which comprises a closure A for the ends 2 of the cylindrical tube that forms the hair roller 5, to prevent air from escaping. Air is injected through the hole 1, and one of the ends B of the hose... Agent:

20140345643 - Vibration puff having elastic moving body inside: Provided is a puff, which enables the user to apply and spread color cosmetics such as a compact or foundation evenly to the skin so as to be have a sensation of close contact, more specifically, a separable variation puff which is configured such that: various puff members are connectable... Agent:

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