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04/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140096786 - Hair treatment method: The present invention provides a method of treating hair, the method comprising the following steps: applying a composition to the hair, the composition comprising one or more active ingredients selected from the following: hair conditioning agents; reducing agents; organic or inorganic bases; hair dyes; abrasive solid particles; and moisturizing agents;... Agent: L'oreal

20140096787 - Mascara: The present invention relates to a mascara having a rotatable contact brush. According to the present design, comprised are: a container main body in which a mascara liquid is stored; a handle which is coupled to an opening side of the container main body so as to be sealable; and... Agent: F.s.k.color

20140096788 - Hair ties: The present invention is a hair accessory having a special coil design. The hair accessory comprising a substantially circular shaped member having a plurality of coiled coil structures, each of the plurality of coiled coil structures is arranged in a way to form a closed helical loop. When the coiled... Agent:

20140096789 - Frenchies - flocked french hairpins: Frenchies are flocked french hairpins with a soft, non scratchy coating, which creates a high-friction, non-slippery surface to keep hairstyles, wigs, and extensions in place. This innovative product is a traditional “U” shaped french hairpin, flocked with a high-friction yet soft coating finish. The flock finish can be offered in... Agent:

20140096790 - Beauty band: The transparent elastic band is not a new product. The patent is being applied for the idea of using the band for the particular purpose for which the claim defines its use.... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140090657 - Artificial nail or tip arrangement and method of making same: An artificial nail or tip arrangement and method of making the same are provided. The arrangement includes at least one body having a concave lower surface with a shape corresponding to a natural nail. The arrangement also includes an adhesive layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface.... Agent: Kiss Nail Products, Inc.

20140090658 - Artificial nail to be applied to natural human nails: The invention relates to an artificial nail (4) and to a device (1) for producing an artificial nail (4) from a matrix (14) which comprises a fiber glass laminate and a suitable synthetic resin. The artificial nail (4) has excellent properties as regards its flexibility and adaptability to the respective... Agent:

20140090659 - Versatile hair color applicator and related kits and methods: A quick and convenient method for coloring hair is disclosed. According to an embodiment, a hair dye applicator is provided. The hair dye applicator includes two containers that can be locked together prior to use. Each container can include at least one hair dye component. In one embodiment, a first... Agent:

20140090660 - Compositions and methods for enhancing the structure of hair fibers: Disclosed are compositions and methods that are able to increase the amount of molecular structure within the cortex of hair fibers. As result, hair fiber diameter, cross sectional area, elasticity and stiffness are all increased. The benefits are long term, surviving repeated rinsing and shampooing. These results are particularly beneficial... Agent:

20140090661 - Hair styling tool with rotatable cylinder: A hair styling tool includes a body, a cylinder extending from the body, the cylinder rotatable relative to the body, a motor for rotating the cylinder, a heater to heat the cylinder, and a styling arm pivotally attached to the body. The hair styling tool may have a generally clam... Agent: Mm&r Products, Inc.

20140090662 - Flossing tool: A flossing kit and tool include a floss cartridge having a length of floss and a pair of tip members each sized larger than a typical spacing behind arch wires of a set of braces, each fixedly coupled to opposite ends of the length of floss. Each tip member includes... Agent: Oralwise, Inc

03/27/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140083444 - System for creating a decorative fashion accessory: A decorative fashion accessory and a system for creating a decorative fashion accessory. The fashion accessory system includes an attachment device that include a fastener disposed on the attachment device. A decorative element such as a bow, also including a fastener that can be removably fastened to the attachment device.... Agent:

20140083445 - Method and device for applying hair extensions: A hair extension apparatus includes a support having a base and an upper surface. The apparatus also includes a plurality of loops on the upper surface of the base and a plurality of cords each having one or more fibrous strands. Each cord of the plurality of cords is freely... Agent:

20140083446 - Hair roller winder: The present invention relates to a motorized hair roller winder, comprising a handle and a rotary drum driven by a motor allowing, during use, to wind a lock of hair around said hair roller fixed beforehand on the winder, characterized in that said winder comprises integrated heating means allowing to... Agent: Babyliss Faco S.a.

20140083447 - Methods and apparatuses for applying eyelash extensions: An applicator for use with an eyelash extension system that has a backbone and a backbone surface configured to be joined with a closure surface. A plurality of eyelash extensions are attached to the backbone. The applicator includes a frame having a first end and a second end spaced laterally... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

03/20/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140076341 - Case for liquid state cosmetics: An airtight liquid cosmetic container is provided. The container includes a body configured to eject liquid contents through an ejection hole, a container inserted into the body through an opening of the body to be slidable and filled with the liquid contents therein, a container cap coupled with an inlet,... Agent:

20140076343 - Cleaning agent composition:

20140076342 - French manicure application devices, kits and method: An apparatus, kit and method for applying a French manicure to a user's own nails or those of a customer using a simple finger guide which permits the positioning of a finger relative to a reservoir of acrylic nail polish powder. In one form, the apparatus is comprised of a... Agent:

20140076344 - Cleansing composition for skin or hair:

20140076345 - Cleansing composition for skin or hair:

20140076346 - Composition comprising an alkoxysilane and a modified starch, and cosmetic use thereof: The invention relates to a composition, especially a cosmetic composition, comprising: (i) one or more alkoxysilanes, and (ii) one or more starches modified with an acid or an acid derivative. The invention also relates to a cosmetic process for treating keratin materials with this composition, and also to the use... Agent: L'oreal

20140076347 - Hair treatment process providing dispersed colors by light diffraction: Hair was coated with polymer-containing fluid and then hot pressed to form a composite of hair and a polymer film imprinted with a nanopattern. Polychromatic light incident on the nanopattern is diffracted into dispersed colored light.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140076348 - Hair curling device: A hair curling device includes an elongated heating member, a handle member, a powering arrangement including a motorized unit supported in said handle member, and a clamping arm pivotally moved between an opened position that the clamping arm is tilted from the heating member and a closed position that the... Agent:

20140076349 - Hair curling device: A hair curling device includes an elongated heating member, a handle member, a powering arrangement including a motorized unit supported in said handle member, and a clamping arm pivotally moved between an opened position that the clamping arm is tilted from the heating member and a closed position that the... Agent: Shenzhen Fashion Beauty Technology Co., Ltd.

20140076350 - Cosmetic applicator: Provided is a tool for applying cosmetics for mascara and eyebrow cosmetics which allows applying a liquid cosmetic in an appropriate amount to eyelashes or eyebrows, and with which a previously unexperienced feeling of use can be obtained. In an application tool (1) for which a plurality of bristles (30)... Agent: Sinwa Corporation

20140076351 - Hair styling device: This invention relates to an improved hair styling device, and provides a hair styling device for imparting a wave to a tress of hair. The device comprises a tube (110) having a longitudinal axis, the tube being open at at least one of its longitudinal ends whereby the tress of... Agent: Sf3 Limited

20140076352 - Tool for separating a hair bundle: The present invention relates to a tool (1) for separating a hair bundle (11) comprising a number of hair strands appropriate for receiving a hair treatment composition (15) for creating a hair bundle effect. The hair bundle (11) is received into a through hole (10) via a slit (50). The... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

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