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07/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140190506 - Method for capturing fingernail clippings: The present invention includes method and apparatus for aiding in the trimming of fingernails and provides a fabric cone with slits in the side for putting hands inside the cone and a transparent top cover over the large part of the cone so that a person can trim their fingernails... Agent:

20140190507 - Compositions and methods for enhancing the structure of hair fibers: Disclosed are compositions and methods that are able to increase the amount of molecular structure within the cortex of hair fibers. As result, hair fiber diameter, cross sectional area, elasticity and stiffness are all increased. The benefits are long term, surviving repeated rinsing and shampooing. These results are particularly beneficial... Agent:

20140190508 - Method: A method of removing colour from hair that has been oxidatively dyed, the method comprising the steps of: (a) contacting the hair with a composition comprising a sulfur-containing nucleophile or a precursor thereof; (b) contacting the hair with an acidic composition; and (c) contacting the hair with an oxidising composition;... Agent: Perachem Limited

20140190509 - Hair styling device: A hair styling device including a handle and a body connected thereto. A plurality of hair separating members comprising fine hair separators and coarse hair separators are secured to the body and extend outwardly therefrom. The body may be hollow and include a plurality of openings through an external wall,... Agent:

20140190510 - Makeup case with individual storage compartments: A makeup case with individual storage compartments comprising a housing, where the housing includes a first portion and a second portion attached to each other at a base, where the first portion includes a first inner cavity, and where the second portion includes a second inner cavity; a seam where... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140182615 - Combination weave removal tool apparatus: A hair weave removal tool comprising a shaft having first and second ends; and at least one peripheral, each peripheral having a base, including the capability of attaching the peripheral to the shaft, wherein at least one peripheral comprises a fork and razor peripheral, comprising: a prong extending from the... Agent:

20140182616 - Decorative hairpin: A hairpin device is disclosed that provides users with a simple and stylish way to fix their hair. The hairpin device comprises an upper and lower leg, whereby hairs can be grasped between the upper and lower legs and secured; a loop which connects the upper and lower legs together;... Agent:

20140182617 - Mount able floss dispenser including a replaceable spool: A nondisposable dental care device that includes a front cover unit and a back cover unit. The front cover unit includes a cutter mechanism on a top portion of the front cover unit and grip levers on the side of the unit. The back cover unit includes two openings for... Agent:

20140182618 - Dental floss filament holder: The embodiments herein provide a dental floss holder for holding dental floss filament. The dental floss holder has a floss filament for removing the tiny food particles from a space between the teeth. A handle is provided for supporting two legs holding the floss filament in a spool container enclosed... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 3 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140174463 - Method for moving color-makeup tool of automatic color-makeup machine: A method for moving a color-makeup tool of an automatic color-makeup machine includes: driving a moving platform to carry a picture capturing module and a color-makeup tool to move relative to a part, to undergo makeup, of a user; during movement of the moving platform, by the picture capturing module,... Agent: Zong Jing Investment, Inc.

20140174464 - Touch sensor application device for cosmetic product, and a cosmetic product application method using such a device: m

20140174462 - Travel mouth cleaning device: A travel mouth-cleaning device contains a roll of floss, a plurality of teeth, a pick and a brush. The device may be used in a travel or non-travel capacity. The invention may be placed on a keychain that can be carried in the pants pocket or in a purse or... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140166033 - Dual cosmetic dispenser: A dual cosmetic dispenser has a hollow body with two axially aligned distinct chambers separated by a dividing member. An end cap is provided for sealingly closing opposite open ends of the chambers. Each of the end caps carries an applicator for dispensing the cosmetic substance from the chambers. The... Agent:

20140166034 - Aqueous hair cleansing agent: d

20140166035 - Two phase developer for medium oxidative color change: The subject matter of the present Application is cosmetic agents for treating keratinic fibers, which encompass at least two phases present alongside one another but separated from one another by a phase boundary, where the first phase (I) represents an aqueous phase that contains at least one chemical oxidizing agent,... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140166036 - Transformation medium for models containing keratin fibers: e

20140166037 - Hair roller with clamp and clip assembly: Described herein is a hair roller device and hair rolling system that includes an integrated hair holding clip with comb teeth to keep the hair straight and held in place when the hair is in the roller. The clip can be flexible and adjustable to accommodate large locks of hair... Agent:

20140166038 - Hair styling apparatus: A hair styling apparatus includes first and second handle members adapted for movement between an open position for receiving hair therebetween and a closed condition adjacent the hair, a heating element associated with at least one of said first and second handle members and a cartridge mountable to said first... Agent: Conair Corporation

20140166039 - Hair styling heating apparatus: A hair styler and its heating device which can heat the thermal storage piece inside the hair roller quickly to a desired temperature by electromagnetic heating. The thermal storage piece is made of high thermal conductivity material which absorbs heat quite quick and disposed inside the hair roller to prevent... Agent: Manica Taiwan Incorporated

20140166040 - Hair clipping device: The present invention is concerned with a hair clipping device. The device has a first member in the form of an arm, and defines an inwardly facing surface. The device has a second member also in the form of an arm, movably connected to the first member and defines an... Agent: Tung Hing Plastic Manufactory Ltd.

20140166041 - Cosmetic brushes having improved carry and application features: Brush apparatuses configured to apply cosmetics to human skin. The use of a generally pointed application tip provides for detail, whereas the contoured shape of the spoon-shaped application surface provides for consistent application of cosmetic product over a similarly contoured skin surface. Various sizes and scales are contemplated for various... Agent: Anisa International, Inc.

20140166042 - Dental floss device: A dental floss device includes an elongated clam shell body having top and bottom halves joined by a hinge at a bottom and having a closed position during operation and an open position to access a spool with floss therein; a pair of spaced apart prongs extending from one end... Agent:

20140166043 - Interproximal cleaning tool and method of manufacture: The present invention provides an interproximal cleaning tool including a handle that is cut from a first plastic material, and a pick molded over a portion of the handle. The pick may be precision injection molded over an extension portion of the handle from a plastic material different from the... Agent: Ranir, LLC

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