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08/07/2014 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140216488 - System for attaching artificial eyelashes on a tape strip: The present invention relates to artificial eyelashes and, more particularly, to a system and method for attaching, the artificial eyelashes to a tape strip. The system includes an elongated strip having an edge that runs along a length of the elongated strip. A plurality of artificial eyelashes are attached along... Agent:

20140216491 - Aerosol dispensing attachment: An aerosol spray dispensing comb for applying an aerosolized spray compound to strands of hair through multiple prongs comprising a connection for fluidly mating with a receiving connection in an aerosol can spray nozzle, at least two hollow prongs for dispensing an aerosolized spray, with each of the hollow prongs... Agent:

20140216490 - Applicator: An applicator having a concave surface comprising a non-absorbing elastomeric material is effective in topically compositions to minimize the appearance of fine facial hair on women.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140216489 - Combination curler and pre-moistened applicator: Embodiments of the present invention relate to devices and methods for applying cosmetic products. One embodiment comprises a pre-moistened applicator configured for single use to provide a hygienic application of a cosmetic product such as mascara to the eyes, the pre-moistened applicator comprising a body member comprising a plurality of... Agent:

20140216492 - Method for assessing hair conditions and diagnostic system for prescription of customized cosmetic treatment and/or product: It describes a method for assessing hair conditions, conceived to prescribe a customized cosmetic treatment and/or product, comprising the following steps: A) obtaining information about the hair of at least one user by means of at least one questionnaire with at least one question that combines parameters of tactile perception... Agent: Natura Cosmeticos S.a.

20140216493 - Hair straightening iron: A hair straightening iron including and an air heating device in air flow with the blower. The hair straightening iron includes a hose functionally coupled to the blower. The hair straightening iron includes an iron in airflow communication with the air heating device. The iron includes a body consisting essentially... Agent:

20140216494 - Hair styling device: A hair styling device is described, having a body defining a chamber adapted to accommodate a length of hair, with the length of hair being styled while it is located within the chamber. The chamber has a primary opening through which the length of hair may pass into the chamber.... Agent: Tf3 Limited

20140216495 - Method of treating hair with foam: A method of treating hair more precisely including providing a hair treatment composition in a foam dispenser, dispensing the hair treatment composition directly onto the hair as a foam, leaving the foam on the hair, and rinsing the foam from the hair. The foam dispenser includes a reservoir for holding... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140216497 - Cosmetic applicator: The present invention relates to a cosmetic applicator comprising at least two molded applicator parts that define a portion of an applicator head. The at least two molded applicator parts have a respective first molded surface and a second molded surface defined thereon which meet at an interface defined on... Agent:

20140216496 - Efficiency enhancing device for replaceable cosmetic skincare pads: An efficiency enhancing device for replaceable cosmetic skincare pads includes a main body with a containing space, a motor installed in the main body, a driving platform installed at the top end of the main body and electrically connected to the motor and having first ribs on a surface of... Agent: Micro Base Technology Corporation

07/31/2014 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140202481 - Wig base for a wig, which is a type of covering whole head of wearer: A wig base is disclosed, which comprises a first stretchable net-region with a predetermined width, two non-stretchable net-regions connected to lower right and left sides of the first stretchable net-region, and a second stretchable net-region between the two non-stretchable net-regions. An area of a wearer from “hollow of the neck”... Agent: Aderans Company Limited

20140202480 - Wig base provided with camouflage strip on its periphery: w

20140202482 - Decorative devices, and methods for making and using same: A disclosed decorative device includes an elongate, flexible foam body, an elongate, pliable core element, a pair of adapters, and a pair of end pieces. A method for making the decorative device is described, as is a method for retaining hair using the decorative device. The decorative device includes the... Agent:

20140202483 - Exfoliating foot covering: A foot covering to be worn on a human foot includes a sock that covers the human foot. The sock is characterized by a frontal opening that causes the toes of the human foot to be exposed. The sock includes an inner material that causes skin on portions of the... Agent:

20140202484 - Skin cleansing composition: f

20140202485 - Personal care composition and methods incorporating low gelation temperature methylcellulose: Described are personal care compositions, comprising water, a methylcellulose that gels at 45C or less, and at least one one hair fixative polymer, moisturizer, conditioner, humectant, cationic conditioning polymer, anti-aging active, or sun care active.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20140202486 - Multicolored applicator for eyelashes; three-in-one lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss; nail polish; and multicolored hair applicator: Four separate applicators which are used to simultaneously apply a multiplicity of different color cosmetics to different body parts. One applicator is used to simultaneously apply a multiplicity of different colors to eyelashes and eyebrows. A second applicator is used to simultaneously apply a multiplicity of different colors to lips.... Agent:

20140202487 - Steam hairdressing appliance equipped with a remote control circuit board: Provided is a hairdressing appliance, which comprises a portable treatment unit provided with gripping means and a heat and steam treatment system configured for heating hair and for applying steam to this hair, a base remote from the portable treatment unit, and connection means between the base and the portable... Agent: Seb S.a.

20140202488 - Multi-functional device for styling hair: The invention refers to a multi-functional device (101) for styling hair comprising a handgrip (102), a first and a second arm (104, 105), and means (124, 125) for heating the first and/or the second arm (104,105). The first arm (104) comprises a first fixed half-arm (114) integral with the handgrip... Agent: Tenacta Group S.p.a

20140202489 - Pinless hair grip with hidden spring: A pinless hair grip with hidden spring includes two gripping bodies and a spring body. Each griping body respectively includes a gripping member and a covering member which is connected with the gripping member. The two gripping bodies are pivoted with each other by pivotally connecting the two covering members,... Agent: Haw Yang Co.,ltd.

07/17/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140196738 - Hair care solution protecting natural hair from gluing products: The hair gluing product of the invention is clear gel or crystallizing protective growth serum that dries down to form a peelable film over your natural hair and scalp. The invention allows for application of hair bonding glue without damaging natural hair or scalp. It contains aloe extract, tea tree... Agent:

20140196739 - Hair augmenter attachment device including hair clip pockets: An apparatus comprises a hair clip pocket that includes a first hair clip pocket panel located on a first side of the hair clip pocket, a second hair clip pocket panel located on a second, opposing side of the hair clip pocket, the second hair clip pocket panel including at... Agent:

20140196740 - Hair care products with enhanced care performance: The present invention describes compositions for the treatment of keratinic fibers, in particular human hair, that significantly improve the conditioning properties and also the shine and feel of keratinic fibers, in particular human hair, as compared with prior-art compositions. The compositions according to the invention include as essential ingredients cationic... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140196741 - Process for treating straightened keratin fibres: The present invention relates to a process for treating straightened keratin fibres, in which a composition comprising at least one carboxylic acid in its acid or salified form, the pH being greater than 8, is applied to the straightened keratin fibres.... Agent: L'oreal

20140196742 - Method of using cosmetic compositions including natural or naturally derived polyesters: A method for styling hair comprising the steps of applying to substantially dry hair, a composition comprising at least one naturally derived poly(lactic acid) film-forming polymer and a carrier; and shaping hair.... Agent:

20140196743 - Interdental cleaning device: An interdental cleaning device is adapted for use with a dental floss roll and includes a main body and a floss holder. The main body defines a receiving space configured to receive the dental floss roll. The floss holder is pivotally connected to the main body and defines a guiding... Agent: Geefloss Corporation

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