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11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140332023 - Hair iron brush for three-way styling: Hair iron brushes for three-way styling are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, hair iron brushes can provide three hair treatment functions: a brush function, an ironing function performed by heating hair with heating plates while brushing, and an ironing function performed by heating hair enclosed between one pair of heated... Agent:

20140332024 - Multi-compartment container for sun screen application: A multi-chamber container includes at least two separate chambers containing different sun screen products for different use. The product made for use on the lips has a dispenser appropriate for application to the lips, while the product made for use on the body has a dispenser appropriate for that use.... Agent:

20140332025 - False eyelashes and manufacturing method therefor: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method for manufacturing false eyelashes, and the false eyelashes in which an false eyelash part and an attachment part are integrally formed by injection molding, wherein the method comprises the steps of: preparing a mold; preparing a thermoplastic elastomer resin; and... Agent:

20140332026 - Hair highlighting applicator: A hair treatment material applicator comprises a lid, a base, a hinge connecting the lid and base to allow pivotal movement of the lid and base with respect to each other from an open position to a closed position; and a bail pivotally mounted to the lid for pivotal movement... Agent: Ming Company Limited, A Corporation Of Ontario, Canada

20140332027 - Cosmetic implement with polyhedral applicator: Disclosed is a cosmetic applicator that may include a handle and a polyhedral applicator coupled to the handle. The applicator may comprise a first gradient, a second gradient, and a peak where the first gradient adjoins to the second gradient. In some embodiments, the first gradient may have dimensions substantially... Agent: Hct Group Holdings Limited

11/06/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140326263 - Fastening tool for wig, and wig using the same: A fastening tool for a wig which can surely fix a wig by a sufficient holding force, and a wig using the tool are provided. A fastening tool for a wig, adapted for fixing the wig, comprising: a stopper frame body including a first frame body, a second frame body... Agent: Aderans Company Limited

20140326266 - Double colored nail applique having a ultra-violet cured layer, method of making and using: A double colored nail appliqué, method of manufacturing and using, the appliqué having two different decorations sequentially via the user removing the top coat of a second colored enamel layer to expose an underlying base coat with a different, first colored enamel layer. The base coat is covered by a... Agent:

20140326265 - Dual-ended multiple purpose makeup applicator device and method for using the same: A dual-ended multiple purpose makeup applicator device includes a tubular body defining an interior cavity configured to contain a makeup and having an open first end and an open second end; a first makeup applicator removably attachable to the first end; and a second makeup applicator removably attachable to the... Agent: Tight Line Cosmetics, Inc.

20140326264 - Micro toothed cap device with a cavity to penetrate through a hair weave to the scalp: A micro toothed cap device with a cavity can penetrate through a hair weave to exfoliate and stimulate the scalp. The device can be used to apply medicated products directly into the hard-to-reach areas under a hair weave to easily access the scalp. The device is small enough to penetrate... Agent:

20140326267 - Invisible lace weft: An essentially invisible lace weft hair extension comprising a first layer of lace, extension hair knotted into the first layer to define a weft base, a knot sealant/bonding agent applied to the weft base, and a second layer of lace bonded to the first layer over the weft base. The... Agent:

20140326268 - Process for straightening keratin fibres with a heating means and denaturing agents: The invention relates to a process for straightening keratin fibres, comprising: (i) a step in which a straightening composition containing at least two denaturing agents is applied to the keratin fibres, (ii) a step in which the temperature of the keratin fibres is raised, using a heating means, to a... Agent: L'oreal

20140326269 - Coloring agents and methods of use thereof: Dyes, compositions comprising dyes and methods for using the same are provided.... Agent:

20140326270 - Compositions and methods for altering the appearance of hair: Disclosed are methods and compositions for altering the color of hair, comprising treating the hair with a pre-alkalizing composition and then treating the hair with a color-altering composition comprising at least one first oxidizing agent chosen from peroxides, persulfates, perborates, percarbonates, peracids, bromates, their salts and mixtures thereof, and further... Agent: L'oreal

20140326271 - Weighted hair device for elongating curly, coily and kinky hair: The description of the disclosure is merely exemplary in nature and, thus, variations that do not depart from the gist of the disclosure are intended to be within the scope of the disclosure. Such variations are not to be regarded as a departure from the spirit and scope of the... Agent:

20140326272 - Air jet hair rollers: A utility model patent to an air jet hair roller which comprises a closure A for the ends 2 of the cylindrical tube that forms the hair roller 5, to prevent air from escaping. Air is injected through the hole 1, and one of the ends B of the hose... Agent:

20140326273 - Multi-compartment container: The present disclosure is directed to a multi-compartment container with a number of separate compartments, each of which is opened by depressing a separate button. The compartments may be used to hold any number of things, including, solids, gels, pastes, cosmetics or any other non liquid substance. In the present... Agent: La Prairie, Inc.

20140326274 - Dental flossers: A dental flosser design utilizes the shape of the handle, the positioning of one or more floss strands and the shape and materials of the floss strands to increase the ease of use for the consumer. In one embodiment, the flosser combines the advantages of an F-shaped flosser for flossing... Agent: Ranir, LLC

10/30/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140318564 - Uv protective wear for nail treatments: A glove or sock for use during nail treatment where the glove or sock comprises: an opening for inserting a user's hand or foot; sheaths extending from the glove or sock, where the sheaths provide covering for the user's fingers or respectively the user's toes; and an opening at each... Agent:

20140318565 - Cosmetic facial mask: A cosmetic facial mask is described, having high fitting properties onto skin, an excellent skin tightening effect, and an excellent lift-up effect on a flaccid cheek or face line. The cosmetic facial mask includes a laminate in which a non-elastomeric fiber layer and an elastomer layer are integrated through lamination,... Agent:

20140318566 - Dye composition using a specific non-ionic hydrotropic compound in a medium rich in fatty substances, methods and device: The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibres, comprising at least one fatty substance; at least one surfactant; at least one dye for keratin fibres, having a log P greater than or equal to 1.3; at least one alkaline agent; at least one chemical oxidizing agent; at... Agent:

20140318567 - Short hair styling tool that includes a heat resistant safety mechanism to obstruct burns: A hair styling device, such as a curling iron, includes a heat resistant lower section which provides users who wish to style their hair in-home and without a hair stylist present less chance of the likelihood of critical or significant burns. The curling iron protects the integrity of the skin... Agent:

20140318568 - Display case for powdered products comprising a lid and at least one device for braking the movement of the lid: The display case (14) for powdered products (12) according to the invention comprises a receptacle (16) suitable for receiving powdered products (12), and a lid (18) rotatably mounted on the receptacle (16), the lid (18) being able to be moved by rotation in a first movement intended to bring the... Agent:

20140318569 - Multi-layered compacts with rotating tiers: Cosmetic and/or personal care compacts having a multi-tiered design. The tiers are able to rotate relative to each other between defined configurations of the compact. When in any one of its defined configurations, the compact has the same overall shape, for example, a prism. The rotation feature also allows the... Agent:

20140318570 - Professional travel makeup case: A professional travel makeup case is disclosed. The case can include: a shell; an organizing compartment; means for cushioning the organizing compartment disposed between the organizing compartment and the shell; means for opening and closing the case; a plurality of drawers, at least one of the plurality of drawers being... Agent:

20140318571 - Device for protecting areas of eyes of a user from exposure to contaminants: A device is disclosed for protecting cosmetics applied to a user's eyelashes from exposure to moisture and other contaminants (e.g., dust). The cosmetics may be eyelash extensions, false-eyelashes or mascara. The device may also protect the user from rubbing his/her eyes. The device is a moisture preventative eyewear (glasses).... Agent:

20140318572 - Toothpick: The Present Invention relates to an Improved Toothpick which comprises of a Handle that can be held by the fingers, and a Cone that can be used for flossing. Said Handle is composed of a Straight Rod, a Tilted Part which is connected to the Straight Rod on one end,... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140311509 - Disposable hair lightening applicator comb: A hair lightening comb applicator (10) contains all of the necessary ingredients and tools to evenly dispense hair dying mix. The comb has teeth (22) spaced apart the proper distance and a mix of dye and accelerator are contained within two separate squeeze tubes (46 and 54) attached to a... Agent:

20140311510 - Hairbrush device having a variable stiffness of brush filaments: A hairbrush device (100) comprises a first plurality of brush filaments (112) and a second plurality of brush filaments (116). A property of the first plurality of brush filaments (112) and a respective property of the second plurality of brush filaments (116) are different from one another. In order to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140311512 - Article and method for preventing sleep lines: A method and article of manufacture for reducing facial wrinkles, namely sleep lines, formed during sleep. The article is formed having an inner and outer surface wherein each surface has higher or lower friction coefficients relative to one another. The higher friction coefficient inner surface holds the article in place... Agent:

20140311514 - Eyebrow stencil holder: A novel gauging device and associated stencils facilitate the shaping of eyebrows according to a Golden Ratio standard. The gauging device is adapted to be placed over a woman's face and maintained in a fixed position relative to her eyes and nose. A nosepiece and knobs are adjusted such that... Agent:

20140311513 - Improvements in nail embellishment: A kit comprising a tab, the tab having an upper side, a lower side and a perimeter; means sizing and shaping the tab so as to, in use, substantially overlay the face of the human nail of a user, a first one of two adhesive outer layers, said first layer... Agent: Original Additions (beauty Products) Limited

20140311515 - Personal cleaning composition: The invention relates to a liquid personal cleaning composition. The present inventors have found that inclusion selected di or tricarboxylic acid or a salt thereof, when combined with thymol or terpineol provide synergistic antimicrobial action in a rapid fashion and such efficacy is very low concentrations of thymol and/or terpineol.... Agent: Conopco, Inc, D/b/a Unilever

20140311511 - Powder dispensing pad: A powder dispensing pad comprises a bottom barrier layer, a top barrier layer, a seal circumferentially sealing the top and the bottom barrier layers, a storage layer between the top and bottom barrier layers, and a metering layer having pores between the storage layer and the top barrier layer.... Agent:

20140311516 - System and method for personal adhesive promotional display: A method of advertising comprising the use of adhesive stickers for releasable adhesive attachment to the face of a user. The sticker is in the shape of a facial hair growth. Different types of promotional or advertising messages could be printed on the sticker. An advertising method, using printed stickers... Agent: 101122918 Saskatchewan, Ltd

20140311517 - Compositions and methods for altering the appearance of hair: Disclosed are methods and compositions for altering the color of hair, comprising treating the hair with a pre-alkalizing composition and then treating the hair with a color-altering composition comprising at least one direct dye and at least one oxidizing agent chosen from peroxides, persulfates, perborates, percarbonates, peracids, bromates, their salts... Agent:

20140311518 - Pony tail wrap: A ponytail wrapping device for covering and disguising any elastic hair band used to generate a ponytail on a person's hair and includes a device having a length of hair disposed between two insertion pins such that the insertion pins can be inserted into the person's hair and then wrapped... Agent: Brazabra Corp.

20140311519 - Permanent rod: The present invention relates to a permanent rod. The permanent rod includes a tube-shaped rod body. In the rod body, a pair of cut surfaces is provided to form a band-shaped insertion opening over the entire longitudinal section of the rod body, and a plurality of compression grooves each having... Agent:

20140311520 - Hair accessory: A hair accessory holds hair together in place and may be worn as jewelry. The hair accessory is made of a plurality of receiving cavities placed in a series that have openings at the top and bottom ends for hair to be pulled through. A final receiving cavity is placed... Agent:

20140311521 - Multifunctional oral hygiene system: This device is a dental tool that has the integration of three components in a single device: a) Tooth brush, with standard measurements and norms, b) Waxed Dental Floss, up to 50 m rotating reel or cone, and c) Tongue cleaner, with standard measurements and norms. This can be done... Agent:

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