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01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150020836 - Applicator comprising a stem connected to an applicator element by an articulation: an applicator element (20) connected to a second end of the stem (6) by an articulation comprising a ball joint (206), characterized in that the articulation comprises a rotation axis that coincides with the longitudinal axis X of the stem (6), and the stem (6) is in one piece, and... Agent:

20150020835 - Mascara applicator: The mascara applicator includes an application stick that is attached to a cap sealing and covering an opening part of a mascara accommodation container and that can be accommodated in the mascara accommodation container, and an application body that is rotatably attached to a tip end of the application stick... Agent:

20150020834 - Nail printing apparatus and printing control method for nail print apparatus: A nail printing apparatus includes a finger/toe placement section, a drawing tool touching a finger/toe nail and making drawing on the finger/toe nail, and a drive unit which moves the drawing tool. When the drive unit moves the drawing tool while drawing, the drive unit is controlled to perform drawing... Agent:

20150020837 - Hair extension: The present invention provides method of attaching a hair extension to a subject, the hair extension including a plurality of hairs attached to a base with an aperture through the base, the method including: i) selecting a first bundle of the subject's hair; ii) passing the first bundle of the... Agent:

20150020838 - Method and chemical compositions for reshaping hair: The current invention comprises methods and compositions for straightening hair. Using embodiments of the current invention, curly hair can be effectively and safely straightened by a method that is milder and less damaging than the current art and does not employ ingredients such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde that are considered... Agent:

20150020839 - Compositions and methods for making hair buns: Process and device for making hair buns is disclosed. The invention described here reduces the effort and shortens the amount of time necessary to form a hair bun that remains in place for an extended period of time without the use of bobby pins or other hairpin devices.... Agent:

20150020840 - Methods and apparatuses for applying eyelash extensions: An applicator for use with an eyelash extension system that has a backbone and a backbone surface configured to be joined with a closure surface. A plurality of eyelash extensions are attached to the backbone. The applicator includes a frame having a first end and a second end spaced laterally... Agent:

20150020841 - Flexible tube with applicator cap: The invention relates to a container (1) with an applicator cap (2) for a cosmetic product, comprising: a flexible tube (3) comprising a skirt (31) and a tube head (32) comprising a shoulder part (321) and a neck (322) with an opening (3221), the tube head (32) being connected to... Agent: Albea Services

20150020842 - Hair clip: Disclosed is a hair clip that can effectively and firmly hold hair, without having to use additional hair clips. The hair clip includes an upper hair clip portion with a first end provided with a first pressed portion, a middle clip portion with a first end connected to a second... Agent:

20150020843 - Advanced toothpick: Disclosed is a toothpick which enables a user to effectively remove foreign matters between teeth, to easily remove plaque or scale from a tooth, and to simply carry the toothpick, so that the user can more improve the health of teeth. The toothpick includes a body, a bending part provided... Agent: Min Sung Precision Co., Ltd.

20150020844 - Cosmetics applicator: A cosmetic applicator whose application part has an arithmetic average surface roughness Ra of 10 μm or less is provided, based on a study of the surface roughness of the application part of the cosmetic applicator, to further reduce the amount of cosmetic material accumulating on the surface of the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150013708 - Lace wig: A wig is provided comprising a lace or mesh skull cap, wherein the skull cap comprises a stretchy lace or mesh material that comfortably conforms to the shape of a wearer's scalp and is soft and gentle against the skin, wherein the openings or interstices of the lace or mesh... Agent:

20150013709 - Devices and methods for contacting keratinaceous nails with solutions: Methods and devices for contacting a keratinaceous-based nail and/or a coating on such a nail comprise placement over the nail and/or coating a cover that is sized to cover all or at least a portion of a keratinaceous-based nail, from the nail bed to the tip of the nail, the... Agent:

20150013710 - Hairpiece comprising a headband for hair extensions: A hairpiece may comprise at least a wide rear band supporting at least one row of hair extensions, a narrow front band, and a length-adjustment mechanism. The back band may comprise two longitudinal portions connected by an elastic bridge(s). The back band may comprise two spaced-apart elongate sub-bands, separated by... Agent:

20150013711 - Oxidative dyeing composition: Present invention relates to an oxidative dyeing composition having especially mild properties to the scalp. The object of the present invention is an oxidative dyeing composition for hair comprising at least one dyestuff and Avena sativa (oat) meal extract.... Agent:

20150013712 - Powdery solid hair composition, powdery solid hair cosmetic, method for producing powdery solid hair cosmetic, and method for hairdressing using powdery solid hair cosmetic: The present invention provides a powdery solid hair cosmetic that enables easy hairdressing, enables hairdressing into an intended hairstyle without sticky feeling, can impart a natural texture, and has an unprecedented, novel form. The powdery solid composition for hair of the present invention is in a powdery solid form, is... Agent: Mandom Corporation

20150013713 - Reciprocating rotating vibrating bidirectional electric mascara applicator: An device not limited to the application of a cosmetic, includes a means for shearing mascara; a means for loading mascara evenly onto the applicator head; a means for choosing the direction of the rotation motion; a means for simultaneous rotation, reciprocation and vibration of the applicator head; a means... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 16 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150007840 - Replacement hair strand having a hair-joining element: The invention relates to a replacement hair strand having a hair-joining element, consisting of a flat thermoplastic platelet having a replacement hair strand embedded in the end thereof, wherein in order to ensure a secure join with a head hair strand at least one rib running obliquely with respect to... Agent:

20150007841 - Nail printing device, print control method for nail printing device, and computer readable medium: A nail printing device recognizes, as a first nail contour, a nail contour from a first nail image obtained by photographing a nail of a specific finger/toe, displays the first nail contour on the basis of data of the first nail contour stored in a storage section, and performs an... Agent:

20150007842 - Hot pic: The Hot Pic, FIGS. 1 and 3, invention will deliver warm to medium heat to the hair thus conditioning by heated prongs or elements, FIGS. 9, 19 and 29, while stroking the hair with the device. The hair must be completely dry and free from water before use of the... Agent: Quinci B. Howze

20150007845 - Application device comprising a composition based on a hydrophobic film-forming polymer and a volatile solvent, and process for treating keratin fibres using the same: The present invention relates to a device for applying a composition for treating keratin fibres, comprising a hydrophobic film-forming polymer and a volatile solvent, and also to a process for treating keratin fibres using such a device. The composition makes it possible to obtain a shampoo-fast coating, leaving the treated... Agent:

20150007844 - Dental floss apparatus: A compact and reusable floss pick having a dispensing supply of dental floss. A floss arm and bridge is provided with two prongs for receiving a length of dental floss removably wrapped around the prongs such that a taut length of dental floss is provided therebetween. A cutting notch is... Agent:

20150007843 - Movable belt mascara applicator: A mascara application device, comprising a container for mascara a manually operable actuator, feed mechanism carried by the container to feed mascara to a loading station, in response to operation of the actuator, a belt having applicator brushes to receive mascara at the loading station as the actuator is operated,... Agent:

20150007846 - Pretreatment formulation and method for facilitating removal of gel nail polish and gel nail strips: A method for the application and removal of gel nail polish with an aqueous solution comprising the steps of applying a pre-application coating of an aqueous composition with a ceramide component to the nail to form an intermediate interposing layer on the nail. Thereafter, 1) a gel nail polish layer... Agent:

20150007847 - Removal system for sewn-in hair extensions, hair weaves, hair augmentation, and wigs: A removal system for sewn-in hair extensions, hair weaves, hair augmentation, and wigs is disclosed. This invention solves issues with respect to facile removal and scalp irritation caused by such extensions through the use of methods using dissolvable thread and dissolving agent, with optional added antipruritic and anti-itch properties or... Agent:

20150007848 - Hair cosmetics: Cosmetic agents, in some embodiments in powder form, containing as component (a) at least one polymer comprising at least one structural unit of formula (I) and at least one structural unit of formula (II), in which X denotes a physiologically acceptable cation (in particular Na+), R1 denotes a hydrogen atom... Agent:

20150007849 - Hair treatment method: s

20150007850 - Hair dyeing composition: Present invention relates to a hair dyeing composition comprising an anionic sugar surfactant which delivers long lasting colouration to human hair. The object of the present invention is an aqueous hair dyeing composition comprising one or more oxidative dyes and at least one anionic sugar surfactant. Suitable and particularly preferred... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20150007852 - Hair treatment agent containing selected fatty acid amides and selected hydroxycarboxylic acids: Hair treatment agents include a synergistic combination of selected fatty acid amides and further selected hydroxycarboxylic acids.... Agent:

20150007853 - Hair treatment agents containing selected fatty acid amides and selected silicones: Hair treatment agents include a synergistic combination of selected fatty acid amides and selected silicones.... Agent:

20150007851 - Means for dyeing and/or matting keratinic fibres containing novel 1,4 diaminoanthraquinone dyes: Agents for coloring and/or matting keratinic fibers, in particular human hair, include in a cosmetic carrier at least one specific substituted 1,4-diaminoanthraquinone derivative of formula (I), wherein the residues (R2, R4) mutually independently denote a grouping of formula (II). The cosmetic method of using these agents can be for producing... Agent:

20150007854 - Hand held appliance: Disclosed is a hair care appliance comprising a body, a fluid flow path extending through the body from an inlet through which a fluid flow enters the appliance to an outlet for emitting the fluid flow from a front end of the body, and an attachment for adjusting at least... Agent:

20150007855 - Hand held appliance: Disclosed is a hair care appliance comprising a body, a fluid flow path extending through the body from a fluid inlet to a fluid outlet and a PCB extending about the fluid flow path. The PCB may be annular. The PCB may be isolated from the fluid flow path. The... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150000686 - Finger palette: The present invention relates to a palette attachable to a finger. The palette facilitates transfer of a product from a container to a work surface by serving as an intermediary surface. By attaching to a finger, the palette provides the user with freedom to use both hands while applying the... Agent:

20150000685 - French manicure application devices, kits and method: An apparatus, kit and method for applying a French manicure to a user's own nails or those of a customer using a simple finger guide which permits the positioning of a finger relative to a reservoir of acrylic nail polish powder. In one form, the apparatus is comprised of a... Agent:

20150000687 - Hairstyling method comprising providing a certain aerosol hairspray product and causing the product to spray at a certain delivery rate: A hairstyling method comprising: providing an aerosol hairspray product comprising: a pressurisable container comprising a reservoir for storing a hairstyling formulation and a liquefied gas propellant, and a spraying device attached to the container; wherein the hairstyling formulation comprises: from about 30% to about 60% water; from about 4.0% to... Agent:

20150000688 - Particular azomethine direct dyes, dye composition comprising at least one such compound, implementation process therefore and use thereof: The present invention relates to direct dyes of azomethine type of formula (I) below; and also to the use thereof for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular human keratin fibres such as the hair. The invention also relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibres, comprising such direct dyes in a... Agent:

20150000689 - Hair styling aid: The invention relates to a hair styling aid (1), in particular for curling hair, and to a method of styling (curling) hair. The hair styling aid (1) comprises a guide (16) for receiving a length of hair to be styled, and a rotatable element (20). In use, the rotatable element... Agent: Tf3 Limited

20150000690 - Method for producing hoods and arrangement of a plurality of hoods: The invention relates to a method for producing hoods in the form of hair nets having meshes, creating hoods having a first dimension over the head from front to rear and a second dimension crosswise thereto. A strand (20) of a net having a mesh (23) is created from threads... Agent: Solida Ag

20150000691 - Coupler with 7-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline structure, dyeing composition comprising same, processes and uses: The invention relates to the use of specific heterocyclic couplers which are 7-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline derivatives of formula (I) for dyeing keratin fibres such as the hair in which formula (I): R1 to R6, Ra to Rc and X are as defined in the description.... Agent:

20150000692 - Lock-in cosmetic accessory sleeve apparatus having engageable and/or constriction means: The present invention relates generally to a cosmetic apparatus. More particularly, the invention encompasses an accessory sleeve for a cosmetic item. The present invention is also directed to a novel lock-in cosmetic accessory sleeve. The accessory sleeve has a first opening to securely and releaseably accommodate a first cosmetic container,... Agent:

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