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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150034112 - Shera - the interchangeable wig: The interchangeable wig gives the wearer the versatility of creating a full or half wig with the hair volume, hair length, hair texture and hair colors unique to his or her style within minutes. The wig cap consisted of multiple looplike bands that permit the use of interchangeable hair giving... Agent:

20150034113 - Electric makeup brush: An object of the present invention is to provide an electrically-operated makeup tool to enable, through electric operation, a motion different from makeup work performed by hand, an excellent finish of makeup relative to when performed by hand, and a comfortable feeling upon contact with the skin that has not... Agent:

20150034115 - Nail polish remover method and device: Nail polish remover strips are pre-sized for toe or fingernails and applied to a painted or artificial nail and left thereon for a predetermined period of time to dissolve the nail polish and/or nail bonding agent. Preferably a color change occurs to depict the appropriate dwelling time to dissolve the... Agent:

20150034114 - Syringe attachment for cosmetics: According to at least one exemplary embodiment, a syringe attachment is disclosed. The syringe attachment can include a base portion for coupling to a syringe, and a tip portion having a distal end with a narrow diameter. The tip portion may include a bend therein and may include brushes, bristles,... Agent:

20150034116 - Dry wipe to decrease frizz, static and increase shine on hair and aid in prevention of reoccurance of static and frizz: The disclosure relates to methods of reducing static on hair or a cloth material, reducing hair frizz and/or increasing shine on hair by wiping the hair or cloth material with a dry wipe product. The dry wipe product comprises a flexible substrate having a first side and a second side;... Agent:

20150034117 - Methods for fixing hair and skin: Compositions, kits, and methods for repairing bonds, for example, disulfide bonds, in hair or on the skin are disclosed. The compositions provide improved conditioning benefit for dry hair or moisturize the skin. The compositions also provide a long lasting moisturized feel and smooth feel to the skin or hair, without... Agent:

20150034118 - Hair treatment accessory: A hair treatment accessory for use with a hair styling apparatus includes a substrate base for mounting to a hair styling apparatus and a treatment agent disposed on the substrate base. The treatment agent is applied to one of the hair or skin of a subject during use of the... Agent:

20150034119 - Hair color smoothing compositions and methods: Compositions, kits, and methods for rebuilding the disulfide bonds in hair that is damaged due to a hair coloring treatment are disclosed. The compositions contain one or more compounds that covalently crosslink at least two thiol groups in the hair. The compositions may be applied subsequent to a hair coloring... Agent: Liqwd, Inc.

20150034120 - Rotating cosmetic container: A rotatable cosmetic container is provided. The rotatable cosmetic container includes a housing case that includes unit housing sections arranged in a circular shape, a rotatable case that is rotatably coupled to the housing case and that includes a selection hole for exposing the unit housing sections to the outside,... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150027479 - Adjustable keeper device: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide an adjustable keeper device for securing strands, such as strands of hair, for example. The keeper device includes one or more flexible guides for conducting a cord in a desired path. The flexible guides act as a conduit to route the cord and... Agent:

20150027480 - Drawing apparatus and control method of drawing apparatus: According to one implementation, there is provided a drawing apparatus including a carriage, a cap member, and a holding/separating mechanism. The carriage holds a drawing tool including a tip. The cap member includes a tip receiving unit which covers and seals the tip. The holding/separating mechanism holds the tip of... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150027481 - Synthetic hair styling apparatus and method: Disclosed is a synthetic hair styling apparatus, and a method of using the same to curl or otherwise style synthetic hair. The device includes an electrically heated bottle having an insulated body, a handle, a lid, and a heating unit. The device may be connected to a power adapter so... Agent:

20150027482 - Composition comprising at least one specific alkoxysilane polymer: The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising: —one or more keratin fibre conditioning agents; —one or more polymers of formula (I): in which: —Z1 represents a divalent group —CH2-T or -T-CH2—; T denoting an oxygen or sulfur atom, or a group chosen from the groups N(R2), N(R2)—C(O), C(O)—N(R2),... Agent:

20150027484 - Liquid pigment composition in an applicator pen to provide instant drying on a hair strand and temporary hair coloration until a first wash: Disclosed are a composition, method, a device and a system of an applicator pen having a unique liquid pigment to provide instant drying on a hair strand and temporary hair coloration until a first wash. In one embodiment, a hair coloring kit includes a liquid pigment having a first property... Agent:

20150027483 - Tri-aromatic azomethine direct dyes comprising at least one unit derived from resorcinol, dyeing composition, method and use: The present invention relates to azomethine-type direct dyes with a tri-aromatic unit having the following formula (I): and their use for colouring keratin fibres, particularly human keratin fibres such as the hair. The invention also relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibres comprising, in a suitable medium for dyeing,... Agent: L'oreal

20150027485 - Method and apparatus for curling hair: A hair curler comprising a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis and a transverse axis and a removable rod extending through the body along the transverse axis thereof. The inventive curler enables a novel method of curling hair including the steps of curling the hair around the curler comprising a... Agent:

20150027486 - Hair volumizing device that utilizes individual treatment elements without leaving a visible pattern: A hair volumizing device is designed specifically for adding lift or volume to any hairstyle. The device comprises two arms with heated interlocking plates that employ interlocking two dimensional arrays of individual treatment elements with alternating spaces. The individual treatment element design and the two-dimensional array pattern provide substantial lift... Agent: Oomph Innovations, LLC

20150027487 - Loose powder compact with compressible platform: Disclosed is a compact for containing a loose powder, such as cosmetic finishing powder, including a base, a cover, a sifter, and a platform compressible against the sifter. The platform may comprise an inner portion flexibly coupled to an outer portion via a gasket disposed on at least a portion... Agent: Hct Group Holdings Limited

20150027488 - Two (2) in one (1) toothbrush floss: My invention is a flosser built into a toothbrush that allows the user(s) to floss and brush at the same time. This invention is directed towards oral hygiene. What makes my invention unique is the application of my mechanism that I've designed that allows the flosser to work in the... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150020836 - Applicator comprising a stem connected to an applicator element by an articulation: an applicator element (20) connected to a second end of the stem (6) by an articulation comprising a ball joint (206), characterized in that the articulation comprises a rotation axis that coincides with the longitudinal axis X of the stem (6), and the stem (6) is in one piece, and... Agent:

20150020835 - Mascara applicator: The mascara applicator includes an application stick that is attached to a cap sealing and covering an opening part of a mascara accommodation container and that can be accommodated in the mascara accommodation container, and an application body that is rotatably attached to a tip end of the application stick... Agent:

20150020834 - Nail printing apparatus and printing control method for nail print apparatus: A nail printing apparatus includes a finger/toe placement section, a drawing tool touching a finger/toe nail and making drawing on the finger/toe nail, and a drive unit which moves the drawing tool. When the drive unit moves the drawing tool while drawing, the drive unit is controlled to perform drawing... Agent:

20150020837 - Hair extension: The present invention provides method of attaching a hair extension to a subject, the hair extension including a plurality of hairs attached to a base with an aperture through the base, the method including: i) selecting a first bundle of the subject's hair; ii) passing the first bundle of the... Agent:

20150020838 - Method and chemical compositions for reshaping hair: The current invention comprises methods and compositions for straightening hair. Using embodiments of the current invention, curly hair can be effectively and safely straightened by a method that is milder and less damaging than the current art and does not employ ingredients such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde that are considered... Agent:

20150020839 - Compositions and methods for making hair buns: Process and device for making hair buns is disclosed. The invention described here reduces the effort and shortens the amount of time necessary to form a hair bun that remains in place for an extended period of time without the use of bobby pins or other hairpin devices.... Agent:

20150020840 - Methods and apparatuses for applying eyelash extensions: An applicator for use with an eyelash extension system that has a backbone and a backbone surface configured to be joined with a closure surface. A plurality of eyelash extensions are attached to the backbone. The applicator includes a frame having a first end and a second end spaced laterally... Agent:

20150020841 - Flexible tube with applicator cap: The invention relates to a container (1) with an applicator cap (2) for a cosmetic product, comprising: a flexible tube (3) comprising a skirt (31) and a tube head (32) comprising a shoulder part (321) and a neck (322) with an opening (3221), the tube head (32) being connected to... Agent: Albea Services

20150020842 - Hair clip: Disclosed is a hair clip that can effectively and firmly hold hair, without having to use additional hair clips. The hair clip includes an upper hair clip portion with a first end provided with a first pressed portion, a middle clip portion with a first end connected to a second... Agent:

20150020843 - Advanced toothpick: Disclosed is a toothpick which enables a user to effectively remove foreign matters between teeth, to easily remove plaque or scale from a tooth, and to simply carry the toothpick, so that the user can more improve the health of teeth. The toothpick includes a body, a bending part provided... Agent: Min Sung Precision Co., Ltd.

20150020844 - Cosmetics applicator: A cosmetic applicator whose application part has an arithmetic average surface roughness Ra of 10 μm or less is provided, based on a study of the surface roughness of the application part of the cosmetic applicator, to further reduce the amount of cosmetic material accumulating on the surface of the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150013708 - Lace wig: A wig is provided comprising a lace or mesh skull cap, wherein the skull cap comprises a stretchy lace or mesh material that comfortably conforms to the shape of a wearer's scalp and is soft and gentle against the skin, wherein the openings or interstices of the lace or mesh... Agent:

20150013709 - Devices and methods for contacting keratinaceous nails with solutions: Methods and devices for contacting a keratinaceous-based nail and/or a coating on such a nail comprise placement over the nail and/or coating a cover that is sized to cover all or at least a portion of a keratinaceous-based nail, from the nail bed to the tip of the nail, the... Agent:

20150013710 - Hairpiece comprising a headband for hair extensions: A hairpiece may comprise at least a wide rear band supporting at least one row of hair extensions, a narrow front band, and a length-adjustment mechanism. The back band may comprise two longitudinal portions connected by an elastic bridge(s). The back band may comprise two spaced-apart elongate sub-bands, separated by... Agent:

20150013711 - Oxidative dyeing composition: Present invention relates to an oxidative dyeing composition having especially mild properties to the scalp. The object of the present invention is an oxidative dyeing composition for hair comprising at least one dyestuff and Avena sativa (oat) meal extract.... Agent:

20150013712 - Powdery solid hair composition, powdery solid hair cosmetic, method for producing powdery solid hair cosmetic, and method for hairdressing using powdery solid hair cosmetic: The present invention provides a powdery solid hair cosmetic that enables easy hairdressing, enables hairdressing into an intended hairstyle without sticky feeling, can impart a natural texture, and has an unprecedented, novel form. The powdery solid composition for hair of the present invention is in a powdery solid form, is... Agent: Mandom Corporation

20150013713 - Reciprocating rotating vibrating bidirectional electric mascara applicator: An device not limited to the application of a cosmetic, includes a means for shearing mascara; a means for loading mascara evenly onto the applicator head; a means for choosing the direction of the rotation motion; a means for simultaneous rotation, reciprocation and vibration of the applicator head; a means... Agent:

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