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04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150114416 - Hair extension clip: A hair clip having a rectangular base frame, with a plurality of prongs forming a unitary structure with the base frame, is disclosed. A weft clip frame is fixedly attached to, or forms a unitary structure with, the base frame. The weft clips which are attached thereto form a U-shape... Agent:

20150114415 - Press and go wig and lace wig snap cap and kit: The invention concerns a wig or lace wig cap, to be worn by the user underneath a wig or lace wig. The cap is comprised of a plurality of panels using stretchable and breathable material, an elasticized banding and a plurality of sew on snap fasteners affixed to, said banding... Agent:

20150114417 - Fingernail cleaning apparatus and method: A fingernail cleaning apparatus (10), comprising: a chamber (60) into which fingernails (44) of a user are placed; a compressor (22), for generating a jet (42) of abrasive powder (40); and a first nozzle (30), for directing the abrasive powder jet (42) onto a front side of the fingernails (44)... Agent:

20150114418 - Bristled toothpick assembly and method of using the same: A toothpick assembly including a toothpick and a case within which the toothpick is detachably engaged. The toothpick includes a tapered tip which is generally triangular in cross-section having opposed sides connected by a generally flat end and an apex. A bristle array is provided on each side and the... Agent: Zee Zee Corporation

20150114420 - Eyebrow sculpting template and method: An adjustable eyebrow template has at least a first template and a second template. Each of the templates has a cut out that is shaped substantially like an eyebrow. By sliding the second template within at least one slot present on the first template, the shape of the cutout can... Agent:

20150114419 - Hair ornament: A hair ornament is provided for engaging braided hair of a person in which the hair ornament includes an ornament element having a generally planar base with a decoration affixed to one surface thereof and an elongated post projecting from an opposite surface, a snap element defining a recess for... Agent:

20150114422 - Eye makeup device: An eye makeup device includes a carrier, which has a surface adapted to adhere to an eyelid of a person. The carrier includes pigment and further has a shape to form an eyeliner for eye shadow when applied to the eyelid of the person. In addition, a plurality of eye... Agent:

20150114423 - Eyelash extension, and method for making and attaching the same: An artificial eyelash 100 for increasing a length of an eyelash 50 is disclosed. The artificial eyelash 100 disclosed herein includes an artificial eyelash main body 10 and an annular member 20 for coupling the artificial eyelash main body 10 and the eyelash 50. The annular member 20 is formed... Agent: Matsukaze Co., Ltd.

20150114421 - Method of bonding false eyelashes: Improvements in a method to enhance eyelashes are disclosed. The method uses placement of multiple clusters along an eyelid. Because multiple flare lashes are used an installer can weave an alternating thread on opposing sides of the real lash and the false flair lashes. The thread is preferably thin and... Agent:

20150114424 - Shaping agent for keratinous fibres and hair shaping method: A method is provided for the lasting reshaping of keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, in which i) a shaping agent containing 1) keratin-reducing substance(s) and 2) a polyisoprene is applied to the fibers, ii) the shaping agent acts for a contact time (Z1), and the fibers are shaped under... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20150114425 - Rotational hair styling device for easily making spiral curls: Disclosed therein is a rotational hair styling device for easily making spiral curls including: an upper case being elongated; a lower case rotatably hinge-coupled with a hinge part of the upper case; a heating member of a bar shape horizontally located in the winding space part; a driving motor embedded... Agent:

20150114426 - Knitted hairnet: A hairnet is formed of a knitted fabric with parallel lines of stitches connected by transverse threads. The density of threads in the parallel lines of stitches is greater than the density of the transverse threads.... Agent: Aburnet Limited

20150114427 - Device for applying makeup: A device for applying first and second makeup material to a skin surface as well as a method for applying a first and second makeup material using a device is provided in accordance with the disclosure. The device includes a template body and an absorbent backing attached to the rear... Agent:

20150114428 - Method for manufacturing an interdental cleaning tool and the interdental cleaning tool: The method in the present invention includes: a base part molding step of providing first metal molds 30 and 31 for molding base parts with a plurality of first molding spaces 32 aligned in parallel and including core base molding sections 32a and handle base molding sections 32b, providing the... Agent: Sunstar Suisse Sa

04/23/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150107615 - Manicure hand-rest: A manicure hand-rest which has an upper surface (1) that is contoured in relief with a rear apron (4) for support of either hand and with seven mutually-splayed recesses (6) extending on a forward region (5) from the apron (4) to a contoured peripheral edge (7) of the hand-rest for... Agent:

20150107616 - Methods for processing keratinous fibers, and uses thereof: Disclosed are methods for processing keratinous fibers such as hair that helps bleach the fibers with less damage to the structural integrity thereof. Disclosed is also keratinous fibers such as hair processed therewith and items of manufacture such as wigs manufactured therefrom.... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150101628 - Scalp protector: A scalp protector for the application of free-flowing hair treatment agents, in which according to the invention a comb-like first bundle of tines (1) protruding from a first web (3) having tines extending essentially parallel to one another is provided, wherein a cover element which adjustably constricts the free space... Agent: Grooba Trading Gmbh

20150101629 - Golden ratio eyebrow shaping method: An eyebrow shaping method includes providing an image of a face. Three guidelines are determined on the image and thee points are located via the guidelines. An eyebrow is shaped to have Golden Ration proportions via the three points.... Agent:

20150101630 - Hair root applicator: A hair-root applicator (10) of the present invention includes: a comb-teeth part (13) in which a plurality of comb teeth (12) are erected from a surface of a comb-teeth base (14); and a container (11) for containing a hair dye as a coating agent. This hair-root applicator is an applicator... Agent:

20150101631 - Method for chemical smoothing of human hairs: A method for reshaping, in particular for straightening, keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, in which (i) a pretreatment agent containing amino-functional silicone(s) with terminal hydroxyl group(s) is applied onto the keratinic fibers and left there, (ii) the fibers are optionally dried, (iii) the fibers are treated in the damp... Agent:

20150101632 - Secure hair tie: A hair tie has a panel of material having properties of neoprene and a slit having a length of from 1.5 to 2.5 inches through the panel of material. Any point on the slit is at least one-half inch from any edge of the panel.... Agent:

20150101633 - Dental hygiene tool and method: A dental hygiene for cleaning tool that is small, inexpensive and lightweight to use by people to care for their teeth and gums. The tool has several components integrated or connected with the body of the tool such as a digger for cleaning between teeth. These components include: a floss... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150096579 - Artificial nails including application tabs: A kit including a package containing a plurality of preformed artificial nails having an application tab that removably clings to a surface of the nail, the application tab assembly including a body protruding from the nail, an attachment portion, and, optionally, an adhesive disposed between the body and the artificial... Agent:

20150096583 - Device and method for selectively bleaching or dyeing a plurality of locks of hair: The present invention relates to a device and method for selectively bleaching or dyeing a plurality of locks of hair. The device basically comprises a selector comb for selecting the locks to be treated from a portion of hair, and a container provided with at least one compartment that can... Agent: Multimechas, S.l.

20150096580 - Hair protection, retention, and styling apparatus: A hair protection, retention and styling apparatus has a triangular shape. The left and right base corners comprise hair protection flaps that extend from either side of a rectangular hair retention channel roll. A top hair retention flap extends from the top thereof to form the top corner. A cylindrical... Agent:

20150096582 - Personal cleansing compositions and methods: A personal care composition includes a surfactant, a water soluble cationic polymer, a hydrophobic benefit agent, and a hydrophobic cationic polyethylene polymer.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150096581 - Pressed cosmetic powder cake devices and methods: A cosmetic product including a pressed cosmetic powder cake is provided. The pressed cosmetic powder cake includes depression formed therein for receiving a liquid to facilitate use of the cosmetic product. The pan defines a recess therein for holding the powder cake. The cosmetic case includes a base portion for... Agent: Mana Products, Inc.

20150096584 - Hair straightening method involving reducing sugars: A hair straightening and/or hair relaxing method comprising: applying a hair care composition to hair, wherein the composition comprises a sugar, a buffering agent and a cosmetically acceptable carrier; and wherein, where the composition is heated to a temperature of at least 100° C., the composition comprises from about 6%... Agent:

20150096585 - Method for chemical smoothing of human hairs: A method for reshaping, in particular for straightening, keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, includes (i) applying a pretreatment agent including amino-functional silicone(s) with terminal hydroxyl group(s) onto the keratinic fibers and left there, (ii) optionally drying fibers, (iii) treating the fibers in the moist or dried state with a... Agent:

20150096586 - Apparatus for holding, securing and styling hair: Hair styling accessories include a flexible body and are configured to hold and style hair and to carry decorative accessories. A hair extension securing apparatus is adjustable between an open and a closed position, to allow a wearer to selectively fasten a hair extension to the wearer's hair.... Agent: Ljl, Inc.

20150096587 - Teeth cleaning device: The present invention enables a person to brush and floss his/her teeth using a single device. The present invention comprises a handle having two ends, a dental floss support near one end of the handle for holding dental floss for flossing teeth, and bristles near the other end of the... Agent:

20150096588 - Oral hygiene kit: An oral hygiene kit, comprising: at least one toothpick (16); a mirror (14); and an envelope (12), enveloping the at least one toothpick and the mirror. Preferably, the mirror is stiff, and the length and width of the mirror are greater than the length and width of the at least... Agent:

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