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Toilet February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/13

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02/28/2013 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20130048002 - Hair piece with integrated securing mechanism: A hair piece (1) comprises a foundation (3) having a boundary area (4) extending along a circumference (7); hairs (2) attached to the foundation; and at least one securing mechanism for securing the hair piece to natural hairs of its bearer. The securing mechanism comprises at least one slot (6)... Agent: Arcos Die Haarprofis Handels Gmbh

20130048003 - Hair highlighting applicator comb: A hair highlighting applicator comb is taught which has a hollow body with comb teeth, housing a dual cartridge containing a separate viscous bleach dye compound and a formulated viscous accelerator compound with a dual plunger rod having rack teeth aligned with the dual cartridge. A lever handle is pivoted... Agent:

20130048004 - Cosmetic liquid extractor comprising nonionic polymers: Aqueous liquid compositions are provided, which comprise nonionic polymers, such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), or combinations thereof, and which are free of or substantially free of salt-forming groups. The aqueous liquids form solid, flexible films after direct application to skin, and the films may be peeled from the... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20130048005 - Skin care regimen comprising at least one composition comprising a pyrithione source: A method of treating skin comprising: applying a first composition to a portion of skin to form a prepared surface; and contacting said prepared surface with a hair removal device to form a contacted surface, wherein said hair removal device comprises at least one of: a skin engaging member, a... Agent:

20130048006 - Self administrable hair extension system and method: A holder for securing a hair extension having a weft and a hair piece extending from the weft, to a wearer's natural hair. The holder includes a length, a transverse profile having a hair extension edge and a securing edge opposingly disposed from the hair extension edge. The holder comprises... Agent:

20130048008 - Colouring composition: The present invention relates to a two part aqueous oxidative colouring composition for keratin fibres especially human hair with improved and homogeneous conditioning effect from root to tip, improved colour fastness against washing and for achieving homogeneous even colouration. Present invention is on a two part aqueous composition for colouring... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20130048007 - Novel cationic 4- aminoindoles, dye composition comprising a cationic 4-aminoindole, processes therefor and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a cationic aminopyridine of general formula (I), acid-addition salts thereof and solvates thereof: in which: R1 is a linear or branched, saturated C1-C20 alkyl radical, substituted and/or interrupted with a cationic radical. The present invention is also directed towards a process for synthesizing this cationic... Agent:

20130048009 - Casing for a cosmetic article: A casing for a cosmetic article comprising a housing defining a window, a tray accommodated within the housing and being movable relative to the window of the housing, the tray accommodating the cosmetic article, and a zone defined within the housing and being movable relative to the window of the... Agent: Albea Services

20130048010 - Dental care device: A dental care device for selective use as a toothbrush or a dental floss source. The device comprises an elongate body, wherein the body defines cavity used as a dental floss reservoir, a brush element proximal to a first end of the body, a floss egress aperture at a second... Agent:

20130048011 - Concave-convex roller assembly: A dual-ended applicator is provided. The applicator includes a handle, a first roller having a broad concave surface at one end of the handle, and a second, ball-like roller having a convex surface, at the opposite end of the handle. The first roller, having a greater axial length and surface... Agent:

20130048012 - Dental floss with offset head: A dental floss includes a handle; a head including two parallel arms and a floss having both ends formed with open ends of the arms respectively; and an inclined element having one end formed with the handle and the other end formed with the head so that the head offsets... Agent:

02/21/2013 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20130042878 - Hair styling mask and method of use: A hair styling aid designed to isolate or mask various portions of an individual's hair while exposing others so as to enable precise treatment of the exposed areas. Through use of this styling aid, hair stylists may create complex and intricate designs in an individual's hair with relatively little effort.... Agent:

20130042880 - Hairstyling and style holding accessory: A hairstyling accessory has an elastic band and a comb with bridge extending laterally across the comb. A plurality of tines protrudes longitudinally from one edge of the bridge generally parallel to and spaced apart from one another. A connector has an opening on the bridge and a tongue coinciding... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

20130042879 - Synthetic microfiber wiping cloths: Synthetic microfiber articles of manufacture and methods for use in consume applications for absorbing liquids and cleaning surfaces.... Agent:

20130042881 - Snap clip hair supplements and method of manufacture: The Snap Clip Hair Supplement is designed to increase the volume of hair to compensate for hair loss on top of the head and thinning of the hair. There are two snap clips under the hairpiece that fasten onto natural hair so the hair supplement blends with natural hair. The... Agent:

20130042882 - Colorants for keratinic fibres having optimized viscosity adjustment: A multi-component packaging unit includes a first container containing a color changing preparation comprising, in a cosmetic carrier, a color-changing component and a second container packaged separately from the first container and containing an oxidizing agent preparation. The oxidizing agent preparation comprises at least two phases separated from one another.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20130042883 - Compositions and methods for lightening the color of relaxed or straightened hair: Disclosed are methods and compositions of lightening the color of hair that has been recently contacted with a relaxing or straightening composition, the method comprising combining a bleach composition comprising at least one oxidizing agent selected from the group consisting of persulfates, perborates, percarbonates, their salts and mixtures thereof, and... Agent: L'oreal

20130042884 - Techniques for false eyelash application: False eyelash applicator apparatuses for applying a false eyelash to an eyelid are provided. One apparatus includes an applicator unit having an approximate shape of a hollow cylinder and including a first end, a second end, and a body extending from the first end to the second end along a... Agent:

20130042885 - Hair band: l

20130042886 - Butterfly clip: A butterfly clip includes a body section, a first clip section and a second clip section. When pressure is applied to the body section to invert the body section from a concave orientation to a convex orientation, the first clip section and the second clip section secure a user's hair... Agent:

02/14/2013 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20130037043 - System comprising an electronic means executing a program and controlling an adjustment system: A cosmetic or dermatological system includes a packaging and dispensing device including one or more compositions on the basis of which a product is delivered, an adjustment system coupled or able to be coupled to the packaging and dispensing device, making it possible to modify the amount dispensed and/or at... Agent: L'oreal

20130037044 - Process for permanent shaping of the hair using ultrasound: The invention relates to a process for permanent reshaping of keratin fibres, in particular of the hair, comprising: a) a step of applying, to the keratin fibres, a reducing composition containing one or more reducing agents chosen from non-sulphur-containing reducing agents, protective thiols, sulphites, bisulphites or derivatives of sulphinic acid,... Agent: L'oreal

20130037045 - Use of an amine and/or a quaternary ammonium compound for protecting colour of artificially coloured hair with respect to the washing and process therefore: e

20130037046 - Flexible flat toothpick: A toothpick made of a flexible flat material, which is non-toxic, not brittle, and will not splinter, which takes the form of a substantially rectangular, elongate strip of said material which is pointed at each end, the points forming the tips of the toothpick. Said ends may be triangular, trapezoidal... Agent:

02/07/2013 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20130032162 - Customizable wig with enhancement features and box for same: A customizable wig can be reversibly altered to create a wide variety of hairstyles. A customizable wig comprises a single base shell having an outer surface, a plurality of fasteners affixed to its outer surface, and a plurality of hair segments that can be fastened to the shell. The hair... Agent:

20130032163 - System and method for nail foil application: A nail foil application method comprises cleaning a fingernail surface, applying a first coat of nail polish, adhering a nail foil, adhering the nail foil without requiring thermally activated adhesive, heat, friction, heat lamp, blow dryer, or any other heat source, and sealing the nail foil by applying a second... Agent: Nail Couture L.a. LLC

20130032165 - Conditioning composition for keratin fibres and its use: The present invention is related to an aqueous conditioning composition for hair comprising at least one alkyl ether alkyl amine or alkyl ether alkyl quaternary amine and at least one compound selected from fatty acid fatty alcohol esters and arylated silicones.... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20130032164 - Detergent cosmetic composition comprising anionic and amphoteric surfactants, a highly charged cationic polymer and a water-soluble salt: The invention relates to a detergent composition containing, in a cosmetically acceptable aqueous medium, at least one anionic surfactant and at least one amphoteric surfactant chosen from (C8-C24)alkylamido(C3-C8)alkylbetaines, sulfobetaines, (C8-C24)alkylamido(C6-C8)alkylsulfobetaines, (C8-C24)alkyl amphomonoacetates, (C8-C24)alkyl amphodiacetates, (C8-C24)alkyl amphomonopropionates, (C8-C24)alkyl amphodipropionates and phosphobetaines, in an anionic surfactant(s)/amphoteric surfactant(s) weight ratio of less than... Agent: L'oreal

20130032166 - Multi mascara brush: A mascara brush is provided, which includes a body part made of a first material; and a brush molding part made of second and third materials and having body part-coupling members each coupled to the outer periphery of the body part and a plurality of bristles arranged vertically and horizontally... Agent:

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