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Toilet January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20130025612 - Swigcap: The present invention discloses a wig cap comprised of pure silk that is stretchable for various head size. A cap has a soft elastic band along the bottom edge covered in silk material for hair protection. The wig cap has several benefits in that it is highly effective in protecting... Agent:

20130025614 - Beauty and health container with floss dispenser: A cosmetic container/applicator having a compartment for holding a dental floss dispenser refill, where the compartment is located at either end of an elongated cosmetic container/applicator. The compartment can be left empty without the dental floss dispenser to hold a pill. This compartment may be an integral piece with the... Agent:

20130025613 - Hair cutting design kit: A kit for creating decorative haircut designs includes a hair design stencil that, when held against a subject body of hair, at least partly defines a desired haircut design, and at least partly bounds a region of hair to be decoratively cut, said stencil having a flexible panel, wherein selected... Agent:

20130025615 - Handling aid for dental floss: A dental floss comprising a first connecting element and a second connecting element wherein the connecting elements interact to form a connecting assembly and thereby form a loop of dental floss. This dental floss can be used for forming a dental floss loop by engaging the first connecting element and... Agent:

20130025616 - Handling aid for dental floss: A dental floss clamp comprising a screw connection having a threaded nut and a threaded bolt which is moveable within a longitudinal axis of the threaded nut and can be screwed therein wherein the threaded nut comprises a jacket and has an interior thread and an interior groove; the threaded... Agent:

20130025617 - Method of preparation of radiation-curable colored artificial nail gels: A method of preparing colored ultraviolet (UV)-curable compositions useful for adornment of natural and artificial nails and artificial nail extensions comprising dispersing a pigment in an organic liquid to form a pigment concentrate, the organic liquid comprised of one or more organic chemicals selected from solvents, ethylenically unsaturated monomers, and... Agent: Mycone Dental Supply Co., Inc.

20130025618 - Novel cationic 4-aminoindoles, dye composition comprising a cationic 4-aminoindole, processes therefor and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a cationic 4-aminoindole of general formula (I), addition salts thereof with an acid and solvates thereof: in which: R1 is a linear or branched, saturated C2-C20 alkyl radical, substituted and/or interrupted with a cationic radical. The present invention is also directed towards a process for... Agent:

20130025619 - Foam oxidative hair colorant composition: An oxidative hair colorant composition to be dispensed from a manually-actuable, non-aerosol dispenser as a foam. The oxidative hair colorant composition contains a foam stabilizing agent and is essentially free of surfactant.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20130025620 - Motorised hair styling iron: A hair styling iron includes a pair of hinged elongate jaws having complementary hair-engaging surfaces configured to hold and engage hair between the surfaces. The iron is motorised for rotating or vibrating at least one of the jaws. At least one elastomeric rib extends along one of the hair-engaging surfaces,... Agent: Kenford Industrial Company Ltd

20130025621 - Hair styling aid: The invention relates to a hair styling aid (1), in particular for curling hair. The hair styling aid (1) comprises guide means (16) for receiving a length of hair to be styled, and a rotatable element (20). In use, the rotatable element (20) rotates relative to the guide means (16),... Agent:

20130025622 - Dental floss comprising plastic parts: A method for producing a length of dental floss having a plastic part attached comprising the steps of providing a mould having a cavity; disposing a length of dental floss within the cavity; arranging the dental floss within the cavity such that the dental floss enters the cavity at a... Agent:

20130025623 - Handling aid for dental floss: A dental floss clamp, said clamp comprising a first limb and a second limb which are mutually hinged at a first end of each limb; each limb having a plurality of projections and recesses configured such that when the limbs are brought together the projections of the first limb can... Agent:

01/24/2013 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20130019889 - Hair extention hairpiece or wig device with flexible-grip cap base: A stretchable base wig for protecting the wearer's hair from damage while providing total hair coverage; the wig having firstly a self-retention capacity of non-adhesive, non-metal, non-abrasive, breathable anti-skid and retention components and secondly hair arrangement that aids ventilation, attractively imitate natural hair yet discreetly reduce manufacturing time and cost.... Agent:

20130019890 - Hair styler capable of producing steam: A hair styler capable of producing steam not only can produce steam to assistant the user doing hair style, but also that the hair styler is provided with leak proof members between the respective parts of the hair styler, which can provide better sealing effect and prevent water leakage problems.... Agent: Manica-taiwan Incorporated

20130019891 - Device and method for heating hair curlers: A hair curler heating system, is disclosed comprising a hair curler having a ferro-magnetic core, a plastic outer shell, an insulator therebetween, and a housing for receiving said curler and for heating it therein. The housing includes an induction coil, a control circuit operatively connected to the coil, a resonant... Agent:

20130019892 - Device and method for heating hair curlers: A hair curler heating system, is disclosed comprising a hair curler having an induction core, a plastic cage surrounding the core, a conductive conical member surrounding the cage, and an outer plastic conical member having frictional conducting material on its exterior. There is a housing for receiving said curler and... Agent:

01/17/2013 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20130014775 - Hair voluminzer and method of use: An apparatus for hair care comprising an elongate foam body having tapered ends. A flexible core embedded within the foam body. Clips attached to the foam body, clips haying an open position and a closed position. Wherein the foam body is configured to be placed underneath a user's existing natural... Agent:

20130014776 - All-purpose wig, method for fitting wig, and customized wig: An all-purpose wig has a base including an ultrathin and moisture permeable film--shaped material, and hair materials adhered to one surface of the base. A first adhesion layer includes an adhesion agent having comparatively strong adhesion and a comparatively large degree of gelling. A second adhesion layer includes an adhesion... Agent: Propia Co., Ltd.

20130014777 - Hair holding device and method of use: The invention discloses a novel hair accessory comprising a monolithic curved base that is ornamental on the outer side and comprises multiple loop shanks on the inner side. The loop shanks are capable of holding an elastic band, affixing the elastic band to the base. The directionality of the look... Agent:

20130014778 - Actuatable cosmetic device: In cosmetic equipment, the combination comprising, a support receptacle containing a chamber, a cosmetic device at least partly concealed in stored position in the chamber, a pusher to controllably displace the device from stored position so that at least a portion of the device protrudes from the chamber and is... Agent: Lava Industries, Inc., Dba

01/10/2013 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20130008459 - Facelift bungee: Facelift Bungee is a non-invasive hair accessory product that inserts into the user's hair to instantly, and uniformly lift a person's facial skin. It is painless and affordable with unlimited use. This product is made of two plastic combs and a piece of cotton webbed elastic which runs through the... Agent:

20130008460 - Colouring composition: The present invention relates to an aqueous oxidative colouring composition for keratin fibres especially human hair with improved conditioning effect, improved colour fastness against washing and for achieving homogeneous even colouration. The object of the present invention is an aqueous composition for colouring keratin fibres especially human hair, based on... Agent:

20130008461 - Hair styler used for conditioning, drying and curling hair: A hair styler is used for conditioning, drying, and curling hair, comprising a cylindrical hair styler body with a hair curling lever on the hair styler. A handle is coaxially provided on one end of the hair styler body. A micro motor is provided in the handle. The said micro... Agent:

01/03/2013 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20130000656 - Multi task hair grooming pick: A multi-task hair grooming pick that utilizes a hair pick to perform myriad hair grooming procedures such as combing, parting, flipping, braiding, separating, or any other creative manipulation of hair. The hair pick is detachable; so many different varieties of hair picks may be utilized with this invention. The hair... Agent:

20130000655 - Ninja pick device: The Ninja Pick Device of the present invention comprises of a glove, a detachable pick, and a detachable finger strap. The Ninja Pick Device is a device that adds flexibility to hair grooming processes. The Ninja Pick Devise is easily maneuverable, easily transportable, inexpensive to manufacture, and lightweight.... Agent:

20130000657 - Apparatus and methods for maintaining an equal length for sideburns: A sideburn guard device for maintaining a substantially equal length for each sideburn of a user. The device comprising a support member that may be mounted on the head of a user. The support member may engage with two housings, which may adjusted up and down so as to cover... Agent:

20130000660 - Body cleansing apparatus: A body cleansing apparatus including a base member having one or more contoured profiles that conform to a user's body part, and multiple cleansing members is provided. The cleansing members are positioned and attached at multiple locations on the contoured profiles of the base member. Each of one or more... Agent:

20130000658 - Combination toothbrush, floss dispenser and tongue scraper: A combination toothbrush, floss dispenser and tongue scraper apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprises an elongated member having a first end with a brush head and having an opposite second end with a tongue scraper and having an inner cavity with a floss dispenser disposed within the member between the... Agent: Mizaru Enterprises, LLC

20130000659 - Toothbrush/toothpaste fluoride dosing toothbrush, system and method: A toothbrush, system and method for use of same are provided to enable a user to deliver a consistent volume of toothpaste to deliver a correct dosage of fluoride to children to avoid fluorosis. It is particularly advantageous to employ the toothbrush which indicates a predetermined length of toothpaste to... Agent:

20130000661 - Method for treating hair fibers: A hair fiber treating method not containing a fixing step, comprising, applying to the hair fibers at least one reducing composition, free of ceramide, comprising at least one reducing agent; and raising the temperature of the hair fibers using a heating iron at temperature of at least 60° C., wherein... Agent: L'oreal Sa

20130000662 - Thickened oxidation preparations: Thickened oxidative preparations are provided herein. In one embodiment, a cosmetic agent for changing the color of keratinic fibers is provided. The cosmetic agent includes a preparation (M1) containing a color-changing component and an oxidizing agent preparation (M2) containing in an aqueous, cosmetic carrier at least hydrogen peroxide as a... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20130000663 - Branched applicator tines and an applicator brush head incorporating branched tines: A cosmetic applicator brush head has a plurality of molded tines, each with a main shaft and a first and a second branch extending from the shaft. The first branch extends at a point between the base of the shaft and the free end of the shaft. The second branch... Agent:

20130000664 - Hair grooming tool: A hair grooming tool that is comprised of a pick shaped housing that houses a light source cartridge. The pick shaped housing is attached to a finger hair stabilizer, A user inserts one of his or her fingers in the pick hair stabilizer when the hair grooming tool is used,... Agent:

20130000665 - Nail art tool: Disclosed herein is a nail art tool, which includes a finger insertion portion having a through hole to permit the insertion of a finger, and a blade portion and a stamp provided on a first side and a second side of a body portion, thus enabling the nail art tool... Agent: Konad Co., Ltd

20130000666 - Multi-function teeth cleaning device: Present invention teaches to modular and removable/attachable teeth cleaning device, wherein an electro-magnetic driver pump or a motor piston pump on the handle will actuate the mechanism on the nozzle, shooting water jet blocks out the tapered tip, and also a length of a floss string to oscillate in and... Agent:

20130000667 - Housing base and associated housing and assembly method: The invention relates to a housing base suitable for containing a cosmetic product and comprises a compartment, a part, a first hollow element, a second protruding element, a third hollow element and a fourth protruding element. The compartment comprises a bottom and a lateral wall. The part for containing a... Agent:

20130000668 - Dental interproximal cleaning device: By the invention a dental interproximal cleaning device is provided including a handle and a holder, the handle having a proximal end and a distal end, the holder having a base joined to the distal end and a bifurcation forming two branches and a cleaning element extending between the branches... Agent: Niels Madsen Holding Aps

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