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Toilet November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120298127 - Hair extension assembly: A hair extension assembly as described includes at least one hair extension, a hair fastener, and at least one hair extension connector. The hair fastener engages the wearer's hair, and the at least one hair extension is indirectly connected to the hair fastener via a hair extension connector, such as... Agent: Aemilie Hair Inc.

20120298128 - Two-step mascara product: A two-step mascara product that includes a first mascara composition and a second mascara composition. The first mascara composition includes a film-forming polymer dispersed in a first carrier, and the second mascara composition includes a film-former selected from the group consisting of tall oil glycerides, pentaerythrityl rosinate, glyceryl rosinate, hydrogenated... Agent:

20120298129 - Hi-lite clip: Hair clip used for hair coloring services, specific to highlighting and low lighting techniques, and the like. The hair clip is easily maneuverable, easily transportable, inexpensive to manufacture, and lightweight. The hair clip comprises of a first hair gripping arm body, a second hair gripping arm body, and a spring... Agent:

20120298130 - Dual sided cosmetics brush and methods for making same: A two-component brush and methods of providing same, including a method in which first and second bristle portion are each separately glued together at the base, and then the bases are cut into “A” and “B” section, and the “A” section of the first bristle portion is combined with the... Agent: Anisa International, Inc.

20120298131 - Foam applicators to apply cosmetics or nail polish: A cosmetic foam applicator product applies cosmetics to the skin and a nail polish foam applicator applies nail polish to fingernails and toenails. Each foam applicator has a stem and an adjacent head. The stem for the cosmetic foam applicator has sidewalls contoured as finger grips and its head has... Agent:

11/22/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120291795 - Cosmetic compositions having high shine and long lasting shine: at least one hyperbranched polyol compound; at least one at least one surfactant chosen from alkyl dimethicone copolyol; at least one non-volatile solvent having more than one phenyl group; at least one co-solvent chosen from esters; at least one nonvolatile silicon oil; optionally, at least one wax; and optionally, at... Agent: L'or&#xc9 Al S.a.

20120291796 - Hair cosmetic composition:

20120291797 - Hair styling apparatus having hair-protection function: A hair styling apparatus includes a hair-heating device for applying heat to hair. The hair-heating device has a moisture-temperature setting and a dry-temperature setting less than moisture-temperature setting. A moisture sensor detects a moisture-indicating parameter of the hair, and generates a moisture-indicating signal indicative of whether the hair is at... Agent: Rovcal, Inc.

20120291798 - Tapping applicator: According to the present invention, it is provided a tapping applicator which is characterized by comprising: a stationary part consisting of a casing, an insulating spool provided on the bottom of the casing, and a coil which winds around the insulating spool; a vibrating part consisting of a magnet inserted... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

11/15/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120285478 - Disposable flosser: The flossing of teeth for users wearing braces is facilitated by a device having a handle attached to side supporting elements and a central tip element where a piece of dental floss is attached to the side supporting elements. The side supporting elements and a central tip element are attached... Agent: Practicon, Inc.

20120285479 - Mousse-type dyes ii: Products for dying keratin fibers comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, at least one oxidation dye precursor and at least one alkanolamine, the product containing at least one zwitterionic surfactant according to formula (I)... Agent:

20120285480 - Interchangeable headband cover: The Interchangeable Headband Cover is an easily applied and removed material covering that sit on a C Shaped or Horse Shoe Shaped headband. A C Shaped or Horse Shoes Shaped headband typically is used to pull a wearers hair out of their eyes. The exposed area of the design is... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120279513 - Liquid dispensing comb: Disclosed embodiments describe a device for facilitating the combing of hair. The device includes several teeth extending from a lower side of the device opposite a fluid tight reservoir. The reservoir is adapted to expel a fluid when compressed. During operation the fluid is made to exit the device by... Agent:

20120279514 - Cosmetic kit for making up and/or for care of keratinous material: The present invention provides a cosmetic kit for making up and/or for care of keratinous material, the kit comprising at least: • a container containing at least one cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-oil, oil-in-water or multiple emulsion, comprising at least 30% by weight of aqueous phase relative... Agent: L'oreal

20120279515 - Weaving assistance apparatus and method therefor: A weaving assistance apparatus for facilitating differentiation of hair colours comprises a support-engaging portion and an abutting surface. The support-engaging portion has an opening at an end thereof for receiving a finger, and the abutting surface is arranged to provide a contrasting background for differentiating between differently coloured overlying hair... Agent:

20120279516 - Universal docking station compact: A cosmetic compact that is capable of serving as a docking station for an assortment of power transfer, data transfer, and signal transfer connections. In general, power, data, and signal transfer connections will be of the input and output type, with respect to the compact. The compact docking station is... Agent:

20120279517 - Dental flosser with improved strength: A dental flosser including a plastic handle having proximal and distal ends, a flosser head at the distal end of the handle, and two spaced apart arms extending from the flosser head. Two distal end portions extend from the arms and secure a strand of floss. The distal end portions... Agent: Ranir, LLC

20120279518 - Toothpick with floss: An oral hygiene device, which is embodied as a toothpick with floss, includes a toothpick body and a floss. The toothpick body has a closed end, an opening end, and a floss cavity formed between the closed end and the opening end, wherein the closed end of the toothpick body... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 18 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120272981 - Cosmetic kit for making up and/or for care of keratinous material: The present invention provides a cosmetic kit for makeup and/or for care of keratinous material, comprising at least: a container containing at least one cosmetic composition comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least 16% by weight, preferably at least 18% by weight and more preferably at least 20% by... Agent: L'oreal

20120272983 - Hair removal device comprising a modifying surfactant: e

20120272980 - Method of applying makeup to keratinous fibers: The present invention relates to a method of applying makeup to human keratinous fibers, in particular the eyelashes, said method comprising the steps consisting in: a) applying on said fibers, an adhesive first composition that forms a discontinuous deposit on the fibers; and b) applying on the fibers coated in... Agent: L'oreal

20120272984 - Oral hygiene implement and method of use: Oral hygiene implement including a handle, a first head mounted to the first end of the handle, a second head mounted to the second end of the handle, including a plurality of cleaning elements extending from the first head and the second head wherein the cleaning elements can exhibit releasable... Agent:

20120272982 - Patterned brush head manufacturing process: A plurality of cosmetic brush concepts, including the use of discrete strips of brush material to assemble brush heads so as to provide a wide variety of functional and ornamental designs. Also disclosed is the use of different lengths of brush hair in the same head.... Agent: Anisa International, Inc.

20120272986 - Depilation method and kit: p

20120272988 - Depilatory method and kit:

20120272987 - Hair removal method and hair removal kit:

20120272989 - Hair removal method and kit:

20120272985 - Method and kit for depilation:

20120272990 - Coloring agents and methods of use thereof: Dyes, compositions comprising dyes and methods for using the same are provided.... Agent: Living Proof, Inc.

20120272991 - Treating lice with gaseous compounds in an airtight space: A system and a method treat lice and nits on a head of a patient. The system includes a cap for defining an airtight space around the head and a container for storing a mixture of gases for treating lice, a gas release mechanism for delivering the mixture of gases... Agent:

20120272992 - Bristle structure of lash brush: A bristle structure of lash brush includes a bristle arrangement that can simultaneously perform brushing and makeup operations. The bristle arrangement of the lash brush is divided into two substantially halves composed of bristles of different materials and different diameters arranged in a radiating form. The bristles that are made... Agent:

20120272993 - Hand-held hair straightener with a cosmetic product distribution system: Provided is a hand-held hair styling device consisting of hair shaping or styling mechanism, with at least one hair treatment zone, which is at least partly mobile, cosmetic product distribution mechanism including product application mechanism located in or near hair treatment zone, and feed line to supply application mechanism from... Agent: Seb S.a.

20120272994 - Hair styling apparatus: A hair styling appliance (20) comprising a pair of clamping members (24) for clamping hair to be styled, wherein at least one of said clamping members comprises: a hair heating plate (26); and means (22) for manipulating a user's roots spaced apart from the hair heating plate whereby, in use,... Agent:

20120272995 - Hair dyeing tool: A hair dyeing tool comprising a tray (3) with a curved bottom wall (12) contiguous with the side walls (13) of said tray; the surface of the bottom wall (12) is designed to cause the bristles in groups of bristle tufts (5) and (7) to be oriented against each other... Agent:

20120272996 - Oral care dispenser & oral care system implementing the same: An oral care dispenser and oral care system implementing the same. In one embodiment, the dispenser may comprise a collar having an axial passageway in which a drive component is rotatably coupled. The collar comprises a segmented neck portion and a non-segmented body portion that comprises a plurality of protuberances... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120272997 - Cosmetic container with transparent window: A cosmetic container with a transparent window has a main base, a cover with the transparent window and mounted on the main base, a lateral movement base mounted between the main base and the cover, a longitudinal movement base mounted on the main base and a transmission element connecting to... Agent:

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