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10/25/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120266903 - Instabangs attachable hair accessory: The invention provides a bang hair extension secured along the crown line by means of a lightweight and flexible hair comb, thus creating the illusion of stylish bangs, without requiring the commitment of actually cutting the hair. The invention also provides a bang hair extension having embellishments along the spine... Agent:

20120266905 - Adhering ornamental particles to a nail: Adhering ornamental particles to a nail comprises: applying a number of base layers of an adhesive lacquer to the nail; disposing a layer of the ornamental particles over the a number of base layers of the adhesive lacquer; covering the layer of ornamental particles with a number of upper layers... Agent:

20120266904 - Ultrasonic manipulator of dental floss and method for operating the same: An ultrasonic manipulator of dental floss is provided with an ultrasonic mechanism and a floss creep controller mechanism to enable periodic floss creep during use and a reverse of creep upon a tension designation. A process controller controls floss driving and an eccentric mechanism, and a user pause function allows... Agent:

20120266906 - Composition for treating hair, methods of preparing the composition, and methods of using the composition: A composition for treating hair and, in particular, for defrizzing hair, includes blackstrap molasses and honey. Essential oils can be added to the mixture. A method exists for making the composition. The method of making the composition includes heating the composition, possibly to a boil, cooling the composition, adding the... Agent: Organix Xtreme, Ltd.

20120266908 - Cosmetic material applying device: The invention provides a cosmetic material applying device which can efficiently apply a cosmetic material by fixing an applying member so as to be prevented from being detached, and making a contact surface with the hair be exposed much, and makes the hair hard to be entwined at a time... Agent: Tokiwa Corporation

20120266907 - Structure of eyeliner applicator: An improved eyeliner applicator comprises a holding tube, an outer cap, and an outer case. The holding tube includes a buffering tube and a liquid feeding core insertedly fixed in the buffering tube. The liquid feeding core has a front end being fitted with a brush tip and a rear... Agent:

20120266909 - Hair styling apparatus: A hair styling apparatus includes a body member made in the form of a hair hoop, hair ornament or hair band, and one or a number of hook members bonded to one side of the body member. Each hook member has a plurality of hook pins perpendicularly extended from a... Agent:

20120266910 - Matchsticks for cosmetics: This disclosure is directed to a container with a base for housing matchstick applicators having a cover to fold over the base. In some embodiments, a closure may be attached to the cover and to the base to secure the cover to the base. Furthermore, each matchstick applicator includes a... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd

20120266911 - Eye makeup fallout protector: An eye makeup fallout protector for use in shielding the user's face beneath the eye during the application of eye makeup includes a planar flexible shield member and supporting handle. The shield member is curved to conform generally to the user's lower eyelid. The handle is removable to facilitate cleaning... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120260930 - Water works nail pic: An architecture is presented that provides a nail cleaning device designed for cleaning away debris or stains trapped in a user's nail bed. The nail cleaning device comprises a liquid retaining reservoir and a spray nozzle in fluid communication with the reservoir for emitting a liquid stream under a user's... Agent:

20120260931 - Cosmetic applicator systems: Handheld applicator assembly systems for and methods of applying one or more cosmetics to a surface are disclosed. A handheld applicator assembly system may include a handle, motor, and coupling assembly for releasably receiving a set of detachable and interchangeable makeup brushes selected for applying a cosmetic to a surface... Agent:

20120260932 - Natural nail polish: A natural nail polish composition made with all natural fruits and vegetable and only nontoxic ingredients. The natural nail polish composition comprises a lemon juice solution, a powdered form of fruits and/or vegetables, a powdered form of cane sugar, a nontoxic water soluble acrylic polymer, and a plurality of nontoxic... Agent:

20120260933 - Hair extension means and method of attachment: Hair extension means are provided including a material portion with a plurality of apertures defined therethrough, and wherein a plurality of strands of extension hair and/or a hair weft is attached to the material portion.... Agent:

20120260934 - Hair treatment agents comprising trialkoxysilane-substituted compounds and alkoxysilyl-modified macro molecules: Agents for treating keratin-containing fibers, particularly human hair, containing in a cosmetically acceptable carrier (i) at least one macromolecule having at least one alkoxysilyl functionality of the formula (RO)nR′(3-n)Si—*, wherein R and R′ are independently a (C1 to C4) alkyl group (particularly methyl or ethyl), x is 1, 2 or... Agent:

20120260935 - Non-slip hair accessory: The hair-engaging strip includes a plurality of parallel rows of uniformly spaced protrusions. In one embodiment, the hair-engaging strip has three rows of protrusions. In the preferred embodiment, the individual protrusions in the two edge rows are spaced an equal first distance from each neighboring protrusion in either edge row.... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120255570 - Nail care device: A nail care apparatus is disclosed. In one embodiment, a nail care apparatus comprises a housing, a blade extending from the housing to a distal end, a motor disposed in the housing and operatively driving the blade to reciprocate in two parallel planes, and a power source providing power to... Agent:

20120255571 - Skin care device: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations an abrasive exterior is attached to a body about obtuse to a right-angle of a trapezoid geometry of the body. In some implementations, the body includes a pocket along a longitudinal axis of the body and in some implementations... Agent:

20120255572 - Disposable cosmetic makeup palette: A method or process to apply powder makeup without messy spilling of powder from the makeup. The process utilizes a disposable, biodegradable, and/or recyclable and electrostatically-charged material that attracts dust particles. This electrostatically-charged material is used to to blot excess powder from cosmetic applicators, and also serves as a palette... Agent:

20120255573 - Process for permanent shaping of human hair: Present invention relates to a process for permanent shaping of human hair used both for the permanent waving of human hair with an excellent waving effect as well as for the straightening of curled hair. Present invention is a process for permanent shaping hair wherein hair is optionally washed or... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20120255574 - Cosmetic composition comprising polymer comprising direct crosslinks: wherein Ry and Rz are, independently, any suitable atom or moiety; and Ri is an electron-withdrawing functional group; and wherein polymer PX comprises at least one direct crosslink, wherein the direct crosslink is a direct covalent bond between the Cα of the polymer PX and a second Cα of a... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

10/04/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120247495 - Headband with hairpiece: A device for supplementing human hair is disclosed. The device for supplementing human hair includes a headband and a hairpiece coupled to the headband. The headband is shaped to frictionally engage the human scalp. The hairpiece integrates with existing hair on the head of a user so that the hairpiece... Agent:

20120247496 - Fingernail and toenail base coat composition and method of applying the same: Disclosed are compositions and methods for forming a more durable, longer lasting and chip-resistant coating of nail polish upon a fingernail or toenail. The composition comprises a combination of artificial nail builders and photoinitiators, as well as other ingredients, which form a base coat composition. In use, the base coat... Agent:

20120247497 - Fast bonding hair/eyelash extension adhesive compositions based on medical grade high viscosity cyanoacrylates: A fast-bonding and long-lasting adhesive composition with a high viscosity for attaching eyelash/hair extension systems to human eyelash/hair, comprising: a cyanoacrylate monomer having a straight alkyl chain length of from 4 to 16 carbon atoms; an organic polymer thickening agent; an inorganic thickening agent; and a bonding accelerator, wherein the... Agent: Adhezion Biomedical, LLC

20120247498 - Cosmetic composition comprising a surfactant, a liquid fatty alcohol and a nonionic associative polymer, and cosmetic treatment method: f

20120247499 - Cosmetic composition comprising a surfactant, a liquid fatty alcohol and an oxyethylenated fatty alcohol ether, and cosmetic treatment method:

20120247500 - Process for permanently reshaping hair using mercaptosiloxane composition: A process for the cosmetic treatment of hair during an operation for permanently reshaping the hair, comprising a step of applying a composition comprising a silicone functionalized with one or more mercapto groups having a molecular weight of less than 10,000, and also to the use of this process and... Agent:

20120247501 - Hairstyling brush iron: The present invention relates to a hairstyling brush iron which applies heat to the hair of a user to set a desired hair style, and which can protect the scalp of the user from heat. The hairstyling brush iron according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises; and iron... Agent:

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