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Toilet September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120240952 - Hair highlighting device, system and method: A multi-tonal hair highlighting device, a method of highlighting hair, and a kit for highlighting hair is disclosed. In one example, multi-tonal hair highlighting device comprises a cap and a plurality of panels bonded to the cap between the plurality of rows along a width of each of the plurality... Agent:

20120240951 - Nail polish remover method and device: Nail polish remover strips are pre-sized for toe or fingernails and applied to a painted or artificial nail and left thereon for a predetermined period of time to dissolve the nail polish and/or nail bonding agent. Preferably a color change occurs to depict the appropriate dwelling time to dissolve the... Agent:

20120240953 - Hair styling composition: i

20120240954 - Use of ester oil in method for perming hair: The invention describes the use of ester oil for haircare, particularly during the reduction stage, when perming hair, to corresponding perming agents and to a method for perming hair.... Agent:

20120240955 - Hair styling device: A hair styling device that has a rotating cylinder extending from a body that may be easily grasped by hand. The device allows the cylinder to rotate relative to the body, which remains stationary in the hand of a user. The cylinder has a clamp for clamping hair to the... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120234335 - Hair-supplementing and styling hairpiece: A hairpiece for supplementing the natural hair of a wearer person. The hairpiece comprises a support net formed by interconnected strands. The net is shaped to conform with the scalp of the wearer person. A plurality of bands of hair are permanently secured spaced-apart, to the strands of the support... Agent:

20120234337 - Hair cutting device: A hair cutting device and method for facilitating and enhancing the ability to cut hair. The hair cutting device comprises a first elongated guide member that includes a first surface. The first surface includes a gravity field orientation sensor, to sense angular orientation. The first elongated guide member includes a... Agent:

20120234336 - Lip exfoliation and gloss application: Human lip exfoliation is provided using a device to apply flowable exfoliant material to the user's lips, and then effecting powered vibration of a tip of the same device to gently exfoliate the user's lips. The device can include an exfoliator unit and a lip gloss unit, with a magnetic... Agent: Ming Company Limited

20120234338 - Apparatus and methods for hair extensions: A new hair extension apparatus and method are employed to adhesively secure a hair weft at areas of exposed skin behind a wearer's ears to avoid damage to the wearer's natural hair. Two separate pieces of a flexible sheer material are each connected to a seam of the weft adjacent... Agent:

20120234339 - Process for permanent shaping of human hair: The present invention concerns a process for permanent shaping of human hair used both for the permanent waving of human hair with an excellent waving effect as well as for the straightening of curled hair. Accordingly, the first object of the present invention is a process for permanent shaping hair... Agent: Kao Germany Gmbh

20120234340 - Kit containing materials and information for individualized colorizing: A system and method for formulation of a personalized permanent hair color product. The system and method are used to produce on-site at the salon or home, a permanent, semi permanent and/or stained hair color custom mixed to according to features and individual parameters for each person, based upon an... Agent: Steverex, LLC

20120234341 - Hair line grooming kit and method therefor: A facial hair trimming guide has a plurality of templates. At least one of the plurality of templates has at least one straight cutting edge, an inner curved cutting edge, and an outer curved cutting edge.... Agent:

20120234342 - Comb for treating pediculosis: A comb for treating pediculosis id provided. The comb may include a handle and a plurality of teeth, each provided with successive ridges or grooves intended for trapping and removing nits and lice from the hair, wherein each ridge or groove is flanked by a raised edge on at least... Agent:

20120234343 - Hair styling attachment: A hair dryer/blower for use in straightening or styling hair with a round hair brush, comprising a hot air outlet, an attachment to the hot air outlet comprising a heat conducting device terminating in a flat elongated nozzle, an air inlet, and an attachment to the air inlet having a... Agent: Gidon Cosmetics Ltd.

20120234344 - Hair elastic: The present invention provides a hair elastic used as a hair band or a hair fastener. The hair elastic includes an endless ring integrally formed by flexible material. The ring includes inner and outer surfaces opposed in a thickness direction. The hair elastic further includes a plurality of minute protrusions... Agent:

20120234345 - Shaving kit with replacement indicator: Shaving kit (1) comprising a cartridge store (4) for storing at least one spare blade cartridge (31) and a container (2) for storing a shaving fluid like a refreshing or cleaning lotion or a shaving foam. The container comprises a volume of shaving fluid which is sufficient for several series... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120234346 - Cosmetic case with sterilizer and puff: The present invention relates to a cosmetic case with a sterilizer and a puff, and more particularly, a cosmetic case including a puff and a sterilizer for sterilizing the puff. The cosmetic case with the sterilizer and the puff according to the present invention is capable of sterilizing the puff... Agent:

20120234347 - Mountable floss dispenser including a replaceable spool: A nondisposable dental care device that includes a front cover unit and a back cover unit. The front cover unit includes a cutter mechanism on a top portion of the front cover unit and grip levers on the side of the unit. The back cover unit includes two openings for... Agent:

20120234348 - Flossing system: A handle has distal and proximal ends and an exterior surface. Controls with a vibrating coupler are adapted to vibrate rapidly in response to the controls. A head has a distal end and a proximal end. The proximal end has a coupling recess for receiving the vibrating coupler. The enlarged... Agent:

20120234349 - Flossing system: A handle has distal and proximal ends and an exterior surface. Controls with a vibration generating drive mechanism are connected to a vibrating coupler adapted to vibrate rapidly in response to the controls. A coupling head has a distal end and a proximal end. The proximal end has a coupling... Agent:

20120234350 - Dental flosser: A dental flosser having a pair of crossing strands of dental floss oriented to allow the floss to wrap around both teeth within the interdental space, providing a more effective cleaning.... Agent: Dentek Oral Care, Inc.

09/13/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120227755 - Chemically tanning human skin: The invention teaches devices and methods for chemically tanning human skin. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the... Agent:

20120227756 - Sulfonimines as bleaching activators: Agent for lightening keratinic fibers, particularly human hair, wherein the agent contains, in a cosmetic carrier, at least one oxidizing agent chosen from hydrogen peroxide and/or a solid addition product thereof with organic or inorganic compounds, and at least one sulfonimine of formula (I)—... Agent:

20120227757 - Finger sleeve hair curler tool and method: The finger sleeve hair curler tool is a cloth hair curling tool accessorized with a removable curl template spool. It provides an improved method of hair curling and also functions as a novel hair accessory and ponytail holder. Piece 1 is a finger-sized fabric sleeve which is closed on one... Agent:

20120227758 - Hair styling appliance: The invention relates to a hair styling appliance (100, 100′, 100″) comprising at least one heater (103, 104) having plurality of heating zones (Z1-Z5). The heating zones are independently operable arranged along the length of the heater. The sequential arrangement of the independently operable heating zones helps to improve the... Agent:

20120227759 - Combination of make-up dispenser and brush: A combined cosmetic powder dispenser and brush is disclosed in the present invention. Said brush is disposed on the distal end of a cosmetic powder dispenser. The said cosmetic powder is held in a reservoir and can pass through the small holes in the said distal end and be applied... Agent:

20120227760 - Dental hygiene kit: The present invention comprises a dental hygiene kit that includes folding implements or assembly implements such as toothbrush, toothpaste, a dental floss device inside a portable capsule and that because of its characteristics this may be used in vending machines.... Agent: Cigarsolo, S.a. De C.v.

09/06/2012 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120222692 - Elastic and concealable hair piece attachment: An attachable hair piece article is disclosed having a comfortable, elastic and breathable headband attachment means. The hair piece comprises a quantity hair attaching to the headband support substrate, which is wrapped circumferentially around a user's head and conforms thereto. The band is preferably an elastic mesh material, which allows... Agent:

20120222693 - Applicator and partial hair dyeing device: An applicator (100) for applying a treatment agent to one's hair includes a container connector (110) for connection with a dispensing container (ST) accommodating therein the treatment agent, an upper guide member (120) formed in a hollow shape so as to extend forward from the container connector (110) and including... Agent: Kao Corporation

20120222696 - Personal care vaporizer device for hands: A Personal Care Vaporizer Device for Hands. The device has a main housing that is defined by a large aperture formed in its side. The side aperture provides access to an internal treatment chamber. The user can insert one or both hands into the chamber through the side aperture in... Agent:

20120222694 - Stencils and gauging device for aesthetically pleasing eyebrow shaping: A novel gauging device and associated stencils facilitate the shaping of eyebrows according to a Golden Ratio standard. The gauging device is adapted to be placed over a woman's face and maintained in a fixed position relative to her eyes and nose. A nosepiece and knobs are adjusted such that... Agent:

20120222695 - Washing device for humans and animals: A washing device [1000] is described which is uniquely adapted for use by elderly, handicapped, or other users which use one hand for support and have only one hand free to operate the device. The supply line [1010] directs the fluid to a fluid valve [1210] which is controlled by... Agent:

20120222697 - Ergonomic toothbrush storage and toothpaste dispensing system with special applicability to persons with limited use of hands or arms: An innovative ergonomic toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispensing system that is particularly useful and helpful for people with limited motion in their hands and arms. This system allows the toothbrush to remain upright in a hygienic enclosure and further allows an individual to easily uncover the toothbrush and apply toothpaste... Agent:

20120222698 - Elastomeric dental floss: A composition comprising a melted blend of polypropylene and an elastomeric block copolymer, and a plasticizer useful as an oral cleaning device. The elastomeric composition may be used as a dental floss.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

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