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Toilet August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120216823 - Hair styling method: P

20120216824 - Makeup utensil set for disabled individuals: A makeup tool set for a handicapped person. The makeup tool set includes a makeup tool (110), into which a finger is inserted, to apply cosmetics; and a custody case (120) including a seat groove (122) in which the makeup tool (110) is mounted. A hand handicapped person can easily... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20120216825 - Implant flossing guide: A dental hygiene threading tool used to insert floss between teeth of a user who has permanent oral implants. Traditional flossing for individuals with oral implants and the methods of flossing between implants and the gum line presently available are time consuming and difficult, due to the lack of the... Agent:

20120216826 - Dental cord dispenser: This invention relates to an apparatus for dispensing a cord and comprises a housing having a cavity arranged to hold the cord. The housing also has a top cover and a bottom cover to enclose the cord. The dispenser further comprises a knob, handle or button on the dispenser, for... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120211017 - Finger palette: The present invention relates to a palette attachable to a finger. The palette facilitates transfer of a product from a container to a work surface by serving as an intermediary surface. By attaching to a finger, the palette provides the user with freedom to use both hands while applying the... Agent:

20120211018 - Hair styling apparatus having selectively adjustable curling component: A hair styling apparatus includes a curling component generally proximate to the hair-heating surface and operatively connected to at least one of first and second arms of the apparatus. The curling component has a curling edge selectively movable laterally with respect to a hair-heating surface of the apparatus to configure... Agent: Rovcal, Inc.

20120211019 - Applicator with tubular, overmolded core element: The invention relates to a cosmetics applicator having a handle section, an applicator element and a shaft section connecting the applicator element and the handle section, wherein the applicator element includes a core element of a first material and a bristle element which at least partially envelops the core element... Agent: Geka Gmbh

20120211020 - Helical hair tie: The helical hair tie is a spiraling hair tie that is designed to hold a small braid of hair. The helical hair tie features a plurality of teeth along an interior surface that employs a frictional force to stabilize the helical hair tie onto hair. The helical hair tie is... Agent:

20120211021 - Hairstyling device: A hairstyling device includes a flexible hollow main body having meshes or cellular through-holes and a central hole that penetrates through a center of the main body. The main body further includes first and second ends. The first end and/or the second end of the main body can be wound... Agent:

20120211022 - Cosmetic face mask: A cosmetic face mask is formed by cutting a nonwoven fabric sheet to approximately the shape of a circle and a size covering approximately the entire face and cutting openings corresponding to the eyes and mouth, which is characterized in that the nonwoven fabric is stretchable in one direction and... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120204891 - Nail clipper holding device: A fingernail clipper holding device includes a housing having a hollow interior and having a generally ellipsoid ergonomic configuration that is easy to grip. An upper portion of the housing may include a channel having a configuration to receive the housing of a fingernail clipping device and to hold it... Agent:

20120204892 - Apparatus and method for removing fingernail polish: A disposable nail polish removing device 12 for removing nail polish and other debris from a finger or toe nail. The nail polish removing device 12 is generally spherical and has one or more indentations 18 for grasping the device. One or more operational areas 24, 26 on the remaining... Agent:

20120204893 - Toothpaste droplets: A method for delivering toothpaste to a user includes providing a toothpaste droplet having a dissolvable outer membrane defining a volume with toothpaste inside the volume, where the outer membrane includes a body portion configured to anchor to bristles of a toothbrush, where the outer membrane is formed from dissolvable... Agent:

20120204894 - Hair growth conditioner: A solution to be applied topically to the human scalp in order to encourage hair growth, well-conditioned hair, control of dandruff, and overall health of the scalp. The present invention accomplishes these goals through a mixture of ingredients precisely proportioned to achieve a unique chemical composition that brings about maximum... Agent:

20120204895 - Hair treatment agents comprising polyquaternium-72: Hair treatment agents include polyquaternium-72 and at least one amine and/or cationized amine, in particular an amidoamine and/or a cationized amidoamine.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120204896 - Polyamides of fatty acid dimers and diamines for fixing a hairstyle: Use of a cosmetic product for fixing a hairstyle containing at least one polyamide in a cosmetic carrier, wherein the polyamide is a reaction product of at least one dimerized fatty acid and at least one diamino compound. The invention also relates to a corresponding hair treatment method, and to... Agent:

20120204897 - Foam hair colorant composition: A hair colorant composition being essentially free of surfactant and having a specific perfume system for the hair colorant composition, where the hair colorant composition is capable of forming a foamed hair colorant composition.... Agent:

20120204898 - All in one: An architecture is presented that provides a toothbrush device designed for consumer use, when traveling or away from home. The toothbrush device comprises a handle comprising a first end and a second end, and a brush head and a flossing device. The brush head is secured to the first end... Agent:

20120204899 - Lip cosmetic applicator device: A lip cosmetic applicator device (1) including an applicator (2) for applying a cosmetic (4) to a lip and a receptacle (3) for containing the cosmetic (4). The applicator (2) is withdrawable from and insertable into the receptacle through a neck (33) of the receptacle (3). The applicator (2) includes... Agent: Kao Corporation

08/09/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120199150 - Apparatus and method for attaching and/or repairing fake nails: A flexible sharp drill system with a single common drill controller, and a single foot speed controller. Each flexible sharp is associated with its own drill, thereby eliminating the need to change the flexible sharps. A common drill controller uses sensors to determine when a particular flexible sharp has been... Agent:

20120199151 - Compositions for removable gel applications for nails and methods of their use: Novel radiation curable gel-based mammalian nail coating compositions, kits containing these compositions, and methods of their use are disclosed. The novel compositions and/or kits are useful, inter alia, for providing durable, “soak-off” type nail coatings.... Agent:

20120199152 - Composition and method for treatment of hair loss with a combination of natural ingredients: The invention provides a composition for topical treatment of hair loss/alopecia including three natural, active ingredients, caffeine, saw palmetto berry extract, and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). The invention also provides methods for using this composition to treat hair loss.... Agent:

20120199154 - Cosmetic product for controlling frizzy and unmanageable hair: Cosmetic product containing in a cosmetic carrier at least one polyamide that is liquid at 20° C. and is a reaction product of at least one dimerized fatty acid and at least one diamino compound. The product is suitable for controlling unmanageable and frizzy hair. The polyamides provide the cosmetic... Agent:

20120199153 - Polyamides of fatty acid dimers and diamines combined with special acrylamide copolymers for fixing hairstyles: wherein R is a linear or branched (C4 to C10) alkyl group, especially a branched (C4 to C10) alkyl group, and R′ is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group. The products are especially suitable for fixing a hairstyle. The combination of active ingredients provides the hairstyle with an excellent,... Agent:

20120199155 - Method of creating hairstyles that can be remodeled: Cosmetic product containing at least one polyamide that is a reaction product of at least one dimerized fatty acid and at least one diamino compound. The product is suitable for creating hairstyles that can be remodeled.... Agent:

20120199156 - Composition including a glyceride and an organophosphonic acid or one of the salts thereof, dyeing or colour-lightening method implementing same and devices: s

20120199157 - Compressible cosmetic applicator: An applicator head for cosmetic products such as mascara is described. The applicator head has two arched supports, each with and outwardly directed applicator surface. The arched supports surround a clearance and define a relatively large, expanded configuration for loading and application purposes. The arched supports flex inwardly, into the... Agent:

20120199158 - Compressible cosmetic applicator: An applicator head for cosmetic products such as mascara is described. The applicator head has three arched supports, each with and outwardly directed applicator surface. The arched supports surround a clearance and define a relatively large, expanded configuration for loading and application purposes. The arched supports flex inwardly, into the... Agent:

20120199159 - Dental floss: A dental floss apparatus comprised of a pair of handles that are configured for engagement with the fingers with strands of flossing substrate extending therebetween. The flossing substrates are spaced from each other, running substantially parallel and extending within an opening formed between the ends of the handles. A dissolvable... Agent:

08/02/2012 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120192884 - Facial treatment mask and beauty care method: A facial treatment mask to be attached to the face of a person so as to cover the face includes a mask body having an interior surface of a shape conforming to the shape of the face of the person.... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20120192886 - Methods for disguising dermatological blemishes: Methods for disguising dermatological blemishes are provided. The method includes providing a package containing at least a viscous silicone material and a catalyst. The silicone material or the catalyst is preferably tinted with a cosmetic pigment. The package may also include one or more dispensers, such as double-barrel syringes. The... Agent:

20120192885 - Nit stripping device and method: A nit picking device and method for mechanically stripping nits, eggs, and lice from human hair. The device includes a pair of cooperating tongs each of which is elongated and joined at one end to the juxtaposed end portion of the cooperating tong. The opposite ends of the tong serve... Agent:

20120192887 - Process for treating hair fibers using polysiloxane/polyurea: A process for treating hair fibers comprising: applying to the hair fibers at least one cosmetic composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one polysiloxane/polyurea block copolymer; and subsequently or simultaneously heating the hair fibers at a temperature ranging from 50 to 280° C.... Agent:

20120192888 - Process for straightening keratin fibres with a heating means and denaturing agents: The invention relates to a process for straightening keratin fibres, comprising: (i) a step in which a straightening composition containing at least two denaturing agents is applied to the keratin fibres, (ii) a step in which the temperature of the keratin fibres is raised, using a heating means, to a... Agent: L 'or&#xe9 Al S.a.,

20120192889 - Composition and method for colouring hair: A composition and method oxidative colours hair based on at least one oxidative dye precursor and comprises at least one fatty acid soap, preferably selected from sodium, potassium soaps and their mixtures. The composition is preferably applied onto hair as foam from a non-aerosol foamer vessel after mixing with a... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20120192891 - Lightening agent having cationic acylpyridinium derivatives and certain amino acids: Method for lightening keratinous fibers, wherein a cosmetic carrier comprises (i) at least one oxidation agent, (ii) at least one acylpyridinium derivative of formula (I) and (iii) at least one amino acid comprising hydroxyl groups and/or the physiologically compatible salts thereof and/or the alkyl esters thereof.... Agent:

20120192890 - Lightening agent having cationic acylpyridinium derivatives and certain ammonium compounds: Agent for lightening keratinous fibers comprising in a cosmetic carrier (i) at least one oxidation agent, (ii) at least one acylpyridinium derivative of Formula (I) and (iii) at least one ammonium compound comprising hydroxyl groups of Formula (II).... Agent:

20120192892 - Applicator device, in particular for a mascara applicator, cosmetics applicator, in particular mascara applicator comprising an applicator device, and application unit comprising the applicator device: The invention relates to an applicator device, in particular for a mascara applicator, having a core from which application organs extend. The applicator device can be produced using a primary forming process in which, at least in some portions, the application organs are disposed in a longitudinal extent in rows,... Agent: Geka Gmbh

20120192893 - Hair material application and treatment device: A two-piece hair material applicator wand system and device for treating hair with hair treatment compositions, the wand having a common handle piece and interchangeable head pieces, sponge cover, a timer, various grip configurations, and the ability to connect to and communicate with a microprocessor.... Agent:

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