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Toilet July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120186595 - Head ornament fastening member and head ornament: A head ornament fastening member (10) that attaches a head ornament (20) to hairs (19) on a head. The head ornament fastening member comprises a first fastening means (13) that includes a base (11), and a plurality of stems (12) which protrude from a surface of the base (11) and... Agent: Aderans Co., Ltd.

20120186596 - Compositions and methods for permanent straightening of hair: A hair straightening topical composition comprising transglutaminase and polylysine, which act to form a surface barrier film and moisture shield around human hair. The transglutaminase also contributes to hair straightening. The composition also comprises one or more additional hair straightening agents, other than TGase, that are capable of affecting secondary,... Agent:

20120186597 - Compositions and methods for permanent straightening of hair: Improved hair straightening topical compositions comprising transglutaminase, sodium metabisulfite, and a system for stabilizing the pH of the composition, and for inhibiting the generation of sulfur dioxide. Optionally, one or more additional hair straightening agents, that are capable of affecting secondary, tertiary and quaternary protein structures of human hair may... Agent:

20120186598 - Hair cosmetic product: A hair treatment method entailing sequentially (i) preparing a hair cosmetic by mixing a first agent containing an alkali agent and a second agent containing hydrogen peroxide to form a mixed liquid, (ii) discharging the mixed liquid in the form of a foam from a foamer vessel without a propellant,... Agent: Kao Corporation

20120186599 - Hair care appliance and method of using same: A hair care appliance for application of vapor to dry hair to provide humidity to the hair, including a housing defining an inner cavity, a vapor-generating system positioned at least partially within the cavity, and a spacer including a cap, a plurality of spacer elements projecting outwardly from the cap,... Agent:

20120186600 - Hair curling device, kit and method: A method for curling hair includes the steps of coiling a portion of hair around an elongate rod formed of heat resistant material and applying a heated hair styling iron to the hair to heat the hair for a period of time sufficient for setting the curl in the hair.... Agent:

20120186601 - Device for assisting with hair styling: A device for assisting with the styling of hair, such as with a flat ironing process. The device includes a tubular body having a first end and a second end opposite the first end, the tubular body including an axial hair passage that runs from the first end to the... Agent:

20120186602 - Hair clip with hidden spring: The present invention relates to a hair clip with a hidden spring. The hair clip includes two clamp bodies pivotally joined by a shaft rod. A spring is mounted around the shaft rod to bias two claw clamp portions of the two clamp bodies into a closed position for clipping... Agent:

20120186603 - Orthodontia flosser: The orthodontia flosser includes a floss head integrally attached to an elongate handle. The handle includes a finger depression at the attachment juncture to facilitate ergonomic gripping of the orthodontia flosser for use thereof. The floss head includes a pair of arms extending perpendicular to the handle. A recess in... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120180804 - False eyelashes: A false eyelash that is easily wearable and prevented from slippage and separation while in use includes an extremely thin base, bonding layer formed linearly on a surface of the base, a plurality of hair segments individually and separately adhered to the bonding layer, and an adhesive layer formed on... Agent: Propia Co., Ltd

20120180805 - Clasping device and accessory system with optional and interchangeable decorative add-ons: A device for holding flowing materials such as hair, fabric, yarn or other loose, and malleable fibers is disclosed. The device includes one contiguous piece of material with a central portion and a plurality of elongated arms or bars extending from the curved or bended portion. The elongated arms can... Agent:

20120180806 - Method of using and composition for a foaming oral cleaner: Compositions for a foaming oral cleaner and related methods and products are disclosed. In one such method, a foaming oral cleaner may be dispensed onto a cleaning surface of a tongue cleaning device in a manner to foam the foaming oral cleaner. A surface of the tongue may be brushed... Agent: Orabrush Inc.

20120180807 - Method for chemically modifying the internal region of a hair shaft: A method for chemically modifying the internal region of a hair shaft. The method comprises applying an oxidising formulation to the hair; de-wetting the hair; applying a monomer composition to the hair, wherein the monomer composition comprises an ethylenic monomer having a molecular weight of 500 g/mole or less and... Agent:

20120180808 - Makeup applicator: A makeup applicator is constituted by: a slice sheet made by slicing an open-cell sponge, one side of which slice sheet forms an application surface, where a film layer is provided on the other side of the slice sheet by adhering along the shapes of inner surfaces of recessed sections... Agent:

20120180809 - Easy dental flossing device and flossing method: A dental flossing device comprises a handle, two holder elements, a hook, a slider, and a spring. A strand of floss with several tied knots on two open ends generates closed loop of floss. A closed loop of floss is positioned in slots of two holder elements. A reciprocal moving... Agent:

07/12/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120174937 - Hair styling tool with movable dividers: A hair styling tool having a plurality of bristles and one or more movable members extending radially outward from the core and movable between opposing positions is provided. The movable members move between a retracted position where the divider is fitted between and even with or slightly above or slightly... Agent:

20120174938 - Rotating toothbrush: An electric toothbrush contains a plurality of bristles attached to a bristle carrier which rotates 360 degrees continuously. The electric toothbrush can assist in the correct brushing of teeth in humans. The electric toothbrush includes reloadable batteries with reverse polarity and an electric motor which connects to the bristle holder,... Agent:

20120174939 - Interchangeable wiglet with anchor cap apparatus and method: The present invention is directed to a detachable, self adhesive, multi-piece wiglet and anchor cap system. This system is made up of individual shapes and sizes that accommodate users with full to no natural hair strands seeking full to partial hair coverage. The Interchangeable Wiglet is made up of base... Agent:

20120174940 - Hair treatment composition: The present invention pertains to a hair treatment composition that contains (a) a specific long-chain acylsulfonate type of anionic surfactant (such as an N-stearoyl-N-methyltaurine salt), (b) a higher alcohol, (c) an anionic polymer, and (d) a reducing agent or an oxidant, in which the combined amount of component (a) and... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20120174941 - Applicator for applying a composition to the eyelashes or the eyebrows: An applicator for applying a cosmetic composition to the eyelashes or the eyebrows, the applicator having an applicator member having a core; and applicator elements that extend from the core, having ends that define an envelope surface, the applicator elements including first and second applicator elements; the first applicator elements... Agent: L'oreal

20120174942 - Beauty bun: A hair collection center structure encompass a nylon halo cylinder for allowing a hair bundle to pass through the center. The nylon cylinder is tightly rolled with hair elastic connected to the nylon to extend letting the rubber band snap around the halo cylinder keeping the hair in place. The... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120167908 - comb and method for cleaning thereof: In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a comb (2) comprising teeth (4) extending from the body (8) of said comb, said comb comprising: a teeth cleaner (14) comprising a perforated bar (6) in which the holes (20) thereof surround said teeth (4), wherein said perforated-bar (6) and... Agent:

20120167909 - Hair clip apparatus and method: A hair apparatus and hair retention method includes a spine having a longitudinal axis, wherein the spine includes a hole and a peg outwardly protruding from an edge of the spine and substantially along the longitudinal axis of the spine. The spine includes a plurality of protrusions outwardly projecting orthogonal... Agent: Rust Innovations, LLC

20120167910 - Cosmetic applicator with internal applicators that can be pushed out and rotated: The invention relates to an applicator for applying a decorative cosmetic with a flowable consistency from a storage container, such as in particular mascara, comprising an applicator brush equipped with a bristle area consisting of outwardly protruding bristles and/or bristle discs that comprises stationary bristles and/or bristle discs, wherein the... Agent: Geka Gmbh

20120167911 - Multi-edge dental floss: The present invention is comprised of an antibacterial dental floss device to provide the user with enhanced dental hygiene care. The present invention is further comprised of processors and modules to fray dental floss to provide more thorough cleaning with bristled floss coated with oral antibacterial compounds to increase prevention... Agent:

20120167912 - Touchless dental floss dispenser: Embodiments described herein relate to an automatic, touchless dental floss dispenser that comprises a housing with a front cover, a sensing mechanism for detecting of an object adjacent the front cover without the object contacting the front cover, a dispensing mechanism for dispensing a predetermined length of floss, and a... Agent:

20120167913 - Flossing devices and methods of using same: A device for flossing teeth comprises an elongate handle having a central axis. In addition, the device comprises a head including a pair of spaced apart posts and a base portion extending therebetween. Each post has a central axis. The central axis of each post is disposed in a plane... Agent:

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