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Toilet June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120160256 - Paired artificial nails: A preformed artificial nail assembly comprising a pair of artificial nails sized to correspond to at least a portion of said natural nail, and an application tab assembly extending between the pair of artificial nails. The application tab assembly includes a body portion and a neck portion adjacent each said... Agent: Pacific World Corporation

20120160257 - Exfoliating bath and shower glove: A glove for use in the bath or shower can include a palm front section, a palm back section, five separate finger sections, a wrist section defining an opening for receiving a user's hand, and a multi-layered ruffled inset attached to at least one section of the glove. The ruffled... Agent:

20120160258 - Cosmetic adhesive composition: There is provided an adhesive composition including a non-allergenic latex for attaching a cosmetic material or device. There is also provided a method for the use of said adhesive composition to attach a cosmetic material or device, including a false eyelash to a person's eyelid. The composition can be provided... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20120160259 - Eyelash permanent extender: We, two women inventors, have designed this Eyelash Permanent Extender, our devotions and contributions are for to enhance, improve and provide the innovative make-up goods for women; this device of new invention, in contrary with the gluing traditional eyelash piece on eyelid skin, will eliminate the hectic, time consuming and... Agent:

20120160260 - Modifying visual perception: Various embodiments directed to modifying and enhancing visual perception are disclosed. One embodiment is directed to a camera which includes a lens system for capturing images and a lighting system providing key light above the lens system and providing fill light below the lens system. A processor controls one or... Agent: Matthew Rolston Photographer, Inc.

20120160261 - Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush with mouthwash strip roll compartment: A toothbrush combined with a toothpaste dispenser with a wall mounted holder. The present invention comprises of a twist knob that is able to push a piston up a toothpaste compartment. The piston creates pressure inside the toothpaste compartment and causes the toothpaste to travel up a main channel. The... Agent:

20120160262 - Cosmetic applicator, a makeup kit including such an applicator, and use of such a kit: The sheath further presents, at its free end, at least one recess that passes radially therethrough and that opens out axially. The length of the stem is adapted so that the applicator head is capable of facing a recess portion on being wiped by the wiper member.... Agent: Lvmh Recherche

20120160263 - Locating/guidance tip assembly for a liquid droplet spray teeth cleaning system: The spray assembly for a droplet spray teeth cleaning system includes a guidance member (40, 56, 80, 86) at the end thereof. The spray assembly includes a nozzle (24) through which a spray of liquid is directed to the teeth for cleaning. The guidance member is configured and mounted relative... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

06/21/2012 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120152269 - Dental floss device: A method and a dental floss device for floss the teeth of a user, and a production process of the dental floss device, in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention. The dental floss device includes a single use dental floss packaged inside a dental tubule. The dental tubule... Agent:

20120152268 - Encapsulates: Encapsulates, compositions, packaged products and displays comprising such encapsulates, and processes for making and using such encapsulates, compositions, packaged products and displays. Such compositions have improved deposition and retention properties that may impart improved benefit characteristics to a composition and/or situs.... Agent:

20120152267 - Pedicure slipper with toe separator and method: A pedicure slipper having a toe separator is provided. The pedicure slipper features a thin sole and a fabric toe separator attached to the sole at a single location. The fabric toe separator is wrapped about each toe and about itself between the toes. A tee-shaped toe-retaining member is defined... Agent:

20120152270 - Method & apparatus for applying hair root concealer: The present invention provides an aerosol spray unit 10 containing the hair root concealer composition, having an aerosol dispensing unit 12, which includes a spray nozzle 14 and an inserting tube 16 for insertion directly into the hair roots for applying a hair root concealer composition 18 directly onto the... Agent:

20120152271 - System for highlighting hair: The present invention relates to a system to highlight the hair. The system comprises a device (10) and a composition (50). Device (10) comprises a first portion movably joined to a second portion. Composition (50) comprises a percentage of hydrogen peroxide and a percentage of an alkalizer by weight of... Agent:

20120152272 - Ez roller brush: The invention provides a hair brush having a removable curler which is easily applied to the brush, thus enabling the user to style their hair in a quick and easy fashion. The curler fitting over the end of the brush is designed to freely rotate, with a spring loaded release... Agent:

20120152273 - cosmetic article including an electrochromic multilayer structure: A cosmetic device for applying to human keratinous materials, the device including an electrochromic multilayer structure having an electro sensitive stack formed by at least: first and second electrode layers; first and second active electrochromic layers; and an electrolyte layer; and further including: an optically-active layer that is superposed, at... Agent: L'oreal

20120152274 - Cosmetic system for disguising skin defects: The present invention provides a cosmetic system for disguising dermatological blemishes. The cosmetic system includes a viscous silicone material and a catalyst. The silicone material or the catalyst is tinted with a cosmetic pigment according to a selected skin tone. In one aspect, the silicone material or the catalyst also... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120145173 - Method for mult-layer eyelash painting: A method for multi-layered eyelash painting is described. The method is directed to fastening a user's eyelashes against the user's face and then painting one layer of eyelashes at a time in a multi-layered approach. The eyelash paint is applied to the user's eyelashes one layer at a time such... Agent:

20120145171 - Personal care implement with low active cleansing composition: A personal care implement is disclosed having a water insoluble absorbent/adsorbent layer attached to a water insoluble scrubbing layer and a mild, low active, low viscosity cleansing composition contained in the absorbent/adsorbent layer. A sufficient quantity of the composition is transferred on demand to the scrubbing layer by squeezing the... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20120145172 - Surface modified pigment: A composition comprising a pigment particle that is coated with Polyquaternium-67. The pigment particle can be included in a cleansing composition for deposition on a surface, such as skin.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120145174 - Braid-on wig hair extension: The braid-on wig hair extension includes a base conforming closely to the wearer's head when installed, the base having an outer surface with display hair extending therefrom and an inner surface with a number of attachment tresses extending therefrom. The attachment tresses are combed together with tresses of the wearer's... Agent:

20120145175 - Hair transformational solution, which transforms hair via a physical change, rather than a chemical change, with the unique properties that act like natural human sebum.: A hair transformation agent, useful in transforming hair texture from kinky to curly, by application of this non permanent solution. The solution acts like the sebum of a human. Hair that is naturally rich in sebum is healthy, shiny, strong, nourished. Hair that is lacking is in typically in bad... Agent:

20120145176 - Composition for permanent shaping of human hair: The present invention concerns a composition for the permanent shaping of human hair used both for the permanent waving of human hair with an excellent waving effect as well as for the straightening of either naturally or chemically curled hair comprising at least one dipeptide. Accordingly, the present invention is... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20120145177 - Hair smoothing and protection treatment: Hair treatments including a reactive amino-modified silicone elastomeric waterborne-emulsion and/or a waterborne hydrophilic silicone copolymer are provided. Methods include using the hair treatments alone, in conjunction with each other, and in combination with other hair care products, such as shampoo or hair color. Hair is protected against color loss, heat,... Agent: Unique Hair Solutions, LLC.

20120145178 - Red light emitting device for use with hair product and blow dryer: A red light emitting device for use with a hair product and a blow dryer. The device with composition is suitable for permanently reshaping human hair by non-chemical means.... Agent:

20120145179 - Applicator for applying a substance onto keratinous fibers: An applicator for applying a substance onto the eyelashes or the eyebrows is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the applicator comprises a rod having an end extending along a longitudinal axis and a brush fixed to the end of the rod. The brush includes a core and bristles extending from... Agent: L'oreal

20120145180 - Hair curling tong: Hair curling tong (1) with a fixed handle (2) and a heated tube body (12) fixed thereto provided with clamp (17) that is fixed in a tilting way to the curling tong (1) and can be tilted between a closed position wherein the clamp (17) is held in contact with... Agent:

20120145181 - Dental flossing material with monofilament threader: The present invention relates to a dental cleaning aid. The aid includes a threader (or leader) including a monofilament. A follower is provided for following the threader and the follower is at least in part wider than the monofilament. Preferably, the aid includes a loop or fold fastening arrangement by... Agent:

06/07/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120138076 - Combination nail polish remover and applicator bottle: A dual purpose fluid container for an integrated makeup kit, particularly an integrated nail makeup kit, wherein the nail polish, polish applicator brush, nail polish remover solvent, and remover pads are combined in a device that is easily carried in a modestly sized purse or handbag, but which can quickly... Agent:

20120138078 - Cosmetic assembly for making up and/or caring for keratin materials: The present invention relates to a cosmetic assembly for making up and/or caring for keratin materials, comprising at least:—one container containing at least one solid cosmetic composition, the said composition comprising at least one liquid fatty phase, at least one wax and at least 5% by weight of pigments relative... Agent: L'oreal

20120138077 - Ponytail enhancer: A ponytail enhancer includes a head portion with a first radius, a band portion with a second radius, and a tail portion with a third radius. The first radius and the third radius are greater than the second radius. The head portion includes a head resting surface shaped to rest... Agent:

20120138079 - Hair treatment composition: This invention relates to a permanent dye for colouring keratinous fibres, in particular one based on the extract of Terminalia chebula, also known as Black Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan, a 30 metres tall evergreen tree native to southern Asia from India/Nepal to southwestern China to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam... Agent:

20120138080 - Shape memory polymer mascara brush: A cosmetic brush includes bristles made from shape memory polymer (SMP) filaments or fibers. The shape memory polymer filaments are selected to exhibit a first shape during assembly of the brush, and a second shape after exposure to an external stimulus in the form of heat or other energy. The... Agent:

20120138081 - Electric curling iron: Disclosed therein is an electric curling iron. The electric curling iron includes: a body part; a heating rod arranged at a side of the body part and having a heat ray heater disposed therein; an upper handle and a lower handle hinge-coupled on a hinge shaft formed at the other... Agent:

20120138082 - Self contained oral hygiene unit: The Dental Hygiene Unit Borrows Its Shape From The Modern Toothbrush, But Is Distinguishable By the Modular Bristle Head And The Self-Contained Dental Floss Dispenser. The Uniqueness Being The Convenient Proximity Of Dental Hygiene Supplies In A Single Source.... Agent:

20120138083 - Dental floss device for cleaning teeth and neutralizing bad breath: A dental floss device for cleaning teeth and neutralizing bad breath includes a handle; a dental floss holder integrally formed with the handle; and a dental floss held between two opposite ends of the dental floss holder, the dental floss including a protective layer formed thereon. Moreover, the dental floss... Agent:

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