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Toilet March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120073591 - Method of cleansing: Disclosed is a method of cleansing skin which includes processes (A) and (B) below: (A) massaging the skin using an agent which contains a water-miscible solvent, a surfactant and water, and has a continuous phase consisting of an aqueous phase; and (B) massaging the skin using an agent which has... Agent: Kao Corporation

20120073592 - Method and system for creating personalized human hair extensions using hair color: A system and method for creating personalized human hair extensions from a weft of human hair, saturated with heat protectant and ironed into a generally smooth, continuous surface for applying a desired design using hair color.... Agent:

20120073593 - Hair debraider: s

20120073594 - Apparatus for styling hair: The present invention is directed to an aid for styling hair in cooperation with a comb (12) having a spine (14) and a plurality of teeth (16) extending from the spine (14) The aid includes a telescopic extension (18) having a base (20) and a tip (22) that extends substantially... Agent:

20120073595 - Heating apparatus for heat retaining hair clips: An improved hair styling device with heating elements and heat retaining clips inside the device's housing. The clips present double concave inner faces, and form an enclosed space when in a closed position. A heat retaining element with an elevated heat capacity is incorporated into the clips adjacent the inner... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120067364 - Facial make-up application machine and make-up application method using the same: A facial make-up application machine is provided, which includes a base, a robot, a cosmetics provider, and a control device. The control device can control the robot to move the cosmetics provider to a make-up application position in order to spray or apply cosmetic materials to a contour corresponding to... Agent: Zong Jing Investment, Inc.

20120067366 - Hair fashioning apparatus and method of use thereof: A hair fashioning or styling apparatus covered in velvet or similar material, the apparatus comprising an elongated section that is flexible, but which retains its shape once formed, along with a pillow section that is either removable or integral to the elongated section. The hair fashioning apparatus may include earphones,... Agent:

20120067365 - Method and device for applying hair extensions: An improved wefted hair extension method and device that is an improvement upon the standard weft with any grade, shade or texture of hair attached. Extending from the top of the weft are pairs of threads going exactly through the center of the weft. Each pair of threads has a... Agent:

20120067367 - Flossing system: A flossing system including a cradle and a housing. The flossing system includes an array of floss cartridges having a length of floss. The array of floss cartridges include a pair of coupling members each coupled to opposite ends of the length of floss. Each floss cartridge includes a coupling... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120060856 - Cosmetic composition and reshaping method for keratinic fibers: P

20120060857 - Composition for the permanent shaping of human hair: The present invention concerns a composition for the permanent shaping of human hair based on at least one reducing agent and further comprising a cationic polymer consisting of a copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and vinylimidazole and a homopolymer of dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride and process for permanent shaping human hair with... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20120060858 - Infrared emitting hair roller and methods of use: A hair roller and roller cover that emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths that directly affect the disulfide bonds in hair (and may also affect alterations in secondary protein structure). The invention includes methods of perming hair and a kit of infrared emitting hair rollers.... Agent: Elc Management LLC

20120060860 - Applicator with coiled applicator surface: An applicator includes a handle and an applicator head coupled to the handle. The applicator head includes at least one coiled applicator surface disposed about a hollow space. The coiled applicator surface has an interior surface that defines the hollow space. The coiled applicator surface also has a first section... Agent:

20120060859 - Mascara system with thickening benefits: A mascara system comprising, in combination: (a) a mascara applicator comprising a substantially longitudinal stem having a major axis A and a plurality of protrusions extending therefrom, wherein at least two adjacent protrusions are spaced from one another at a distance R at the base of the stem; (b) a... Agent:

20120060861 - Cosmetic holder: This cosmetic holder integrates cosmetic products or makeup into accessories, such as rings, bracelets, watches, or necklaces. This invention minimizes or eliminates the need to carry a bulky handbag or cosmetic compact case, enabling a woman to appear more chic and elegant, particularly useful during formal event. The cosmetic holder... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120055498 - Lip substrate applicator kit and method: A lip substrate applicator kit includes upper and lower applicators adapted to facilitate the application of lip substrates onto the upper and lower lips of a wearer. The lip substrates typically includes an image layer featuring one or more of a variety of colors, graphic designs and text elements. Edges... Agent: Violent Lips, LLC

20120055497 - Oral hygiene implement and method of use: Oral hygiene implement including a handle, a first head mounted to the first end of the handle, a second head mounted to the second end of the handle, including a plurality of cleaning elements extending from the first head and the second head wherein the cleaning elements can exhibit releasable... Agent:

20120055499 - Artificial eyelash and method for attaching the same: An artificial eyelash 100 for increasing a length of an eyelash 50 is disclosed. The artificial eyelash 100 disclosed herein includes an artificial eyelash main body 10 and an annular member 20 for coupling the artificial eyelash main body 10 and the eyelash 50. The annular member 20 is formed... Agent: Matsukaze Co., Ltd.

20120055500 - Foil applicator: Foil-type applicator for the selective lightening of keratin fibers, particularly human hair, and use of the applicators for producing targeted lightening effects on the hair.... Agent:

20120055501 - Automated hair care process: A hair treatment device and a corresponding method for treating hair are disclosed. The hair treatment device is suitable for heating hair and has a heating element that is heated to a starting temperature and whose temperature is regulated by a temperature control. The hair treatment device has a sensor... Agent:

20120055502 - Portable hair care product with digital music capabilities: Disclosed is a portable hair care product that is configured to store, receive, and play music such as in an electronic format. A portable hair care device comprises a grasping region sized and shape to be grasped and held by the hand of a user such that the user can... Agent:

20120055503 - Cosmetics box having damping effect when being opened: A cosmetics box includes a housing, a receiving tray secured in the housing, a lid pivotally mounted on the housing to cover the receiving tray, and two pivot mechanisms mounted between the lid and the receiving tray so that the lid is pivotally connected with the receiving tray. Thus, when... Agent:

20120055504 - Oral hygiene system: An oral hygiene system including a handle with a releasable locking mechanism. The system also includes an oral hygiene attachment removably coupled to the handle. The locking mechanism includes a safety gate coupled to the handle, the safety gate being pivotable relative to the handle. The locking mechanism also includes... Agent: Jlc Dental Products, LLC

20120055505 - Brushes with interchangeable heads: One embodiment of a head-switchable brush comprises a brush head, a ferrule, and a brush handle. The ferrule has the head at one end and the handle at the other end. There is a piece of magnet attached to the brush handle and ferrule respectively where the two parts connect.... Agent: Anisa International, Inc.

03/01/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120048287 - Devices, systems, and methods for cleaning teeth: A device for cleaning teeth comprises a substrate and at least one projection. The substrate is made of a substrate material and defines a cavity shaped to receive at least a portion of a tongue. The at least one projection is made of a projection material and extends outwardly from... Agent:

20120048288 - Coloring agent wiht surfactant/emulsifier combination: Agent for oxidative coloring of keratinic fibers comprising a specific combination of non-ionic emulsifiers with a differing degree of ethoxylation and a specific combination of interfacially active substances comprising at least one anionic, at least one zwitterionic and at least one amphoteric surfactant. The agents provide good coloring characteristics while... Agent:

20120048289 - Systems and methods for combing, drying, and straightening hair: The technology described herein provides systems and methods for combing, drying, and straightening hair with a device having one or more rows of teeth. Additionally, this technology provides for an adjustable tension mechanism that provides for the compression of hair, thus wringing it of water and providing the ability for... Agent:

20120048290 - Dispensing apparatus: A dispensing apparatus configured to contain a dispensable product and facilitate the storage and dispensing thereof. The dispensing apparatus includes a flat elongated housing configured to house a dispensable product within an interior chamber therein. The dispensing apparatus includes a minor-like finish disposed on an exterior surface of the housing.... Agent:

20120048291 - Resilient claw hair clip: A hair clip has a body of a resilient material and first and second claws. The body has a dome shape and includes an outer perimeter, inner and outer surfaces, and a body plane defined generally by the perimeter. The body also includes a body axis generally central to the... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

20120048292 - Hair clip: A hair clip comprises a lower clip piece that contacts on and/or slide over customer's hair, an upper clip piece, and a finger pivotally connected to the upper clip piece. The finger has sidewalls, extensions extending from the sidewalls, a stopper that limits the pivoting of the finger, and side... Agent:

20120048293 - Barrette without spring member: A hair barrette includes a barrette element having a number of comb teeth for engaging with a head of a user, and having a hook member formed on each of the free ends or outer ends for allowing the hook members of the barrette element to be engaged with each... Agent:

20120048294 - Compact powder case: A compact powder case includes a top case, a bottom case coupled to the top case to open and close the compact powder case, a mid case housed in the bottom case, a lifter disk coupled to the bottom case by a spring supporting the lifter disk elastically, a container... Agent: Elcos America, Inc.

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