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Toilet February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120042890 - Soft hair styling device: A hair styling device is comprised of a flexible wand and a shaper. The flexible wand surface area is covered with a high friction material. The flexible wand has a stiffness such that when the flexible wand is bent, it maintains whatever shape it is bent into. According to an... Agent:

20120042891 - Substance applicator: An applicator assembly is provided, the applicator assembly includes a base member, a cap member removably associated with the base member, a container for a substance to be applied; and an applicator member removably associated with the container. The container and applicator member are configured to be received within an... Agent:

20120042892 - Method of manufacture and product for removing tobacco odor from breath: An oral pouch product made from cotton material and filled with coffee beans. The oral pouch is placed in a user's mouth and is chewed to scrub odor-causing bacteria from the user's mouth. A method for manufacturing and using an oral pouch containing coffee beans where the oral pouch scrubs... Agent:

20120042893 - Oral care formulations that enhance amount of soluble zinc: An oral care composition and method are described in which the composition includes a film or a plurality of film fragments entrained in a carrier. The film or plurality of film fragments comprises a zinc compound and the carrier comprises a polysaccharide and a maleic anhydride copolymer. The composition and... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120042894 - Composition comprising the combination of madecassoside, of an arginine and of polysorbate: The invention relates to a composition for caring for human keratinous fibres comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium: a) at least one compound chosen from arginines, their organic or inorganic acid salts and their derivatives; b) at least one compound of the formula (I) in which R1=H or —CH3; R2=H... Agent: L'oreal

20120042895 - Hair holder: A hair holder includes an engaging member having inner and outer surfaces spaced in a thickness direction. The engaging member further includes a pin extending from the inner surface thereof in the thickness direction and can be inserted into a hair tuft of a user. The engaging member further includes... Agent:

20120042896 - Dental care device: A dental care device for selective use as a toothbrush or a dental floss source. The device comprises an elongate body, wherein the body defines cavity used as a dental floss reservoir, a brush element proximal to a first end of the body, a floss egress aperture at a second... Agent:

20120042897 - Flossing tool and dispenser: A flossing tool and dispenser. The flossing tool and dispenser can include a body having a handle end and an operative end, a cavity defined within the body and disposed substantially at the handle end, a first tong and a second tong disposed at the operative end, and defining a... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120037176 - Hairdressing and cosmetic comb and hairdressing and cosmetic method: Provided are a hairdressing and cosmetic comb which catches a lot of hair in the gaps of the comb teeth in single combing, does not need blocking or shifting of the comb from one hand to another, allows hair to be aligned straight easily, allows a practitioner to image a... Agent:

20120037177 - Method for applying hair extensions: A method for affixing a plurality of extension hair strands to a plurality of natural hair strands and accomplishing an non-chemical removable connection using the action of allowing a non-thermoplastic material to seep or flow and purge moisture on its own merit as opposed to being pressed by hand. In... Agent:

20120037178 - Mordant and hair coloring products containing the same: The present invention relates to a mordant for hair dyeing and a hair dyeing product comprising the mordant. The mordant of the present invention comprises an effective amount of a ferrous salt, antioxidant and water; the hair dyeing product of the present invention comprises three parts: a softening agent, a... Agent: Natural Medicine Institute Of Zhejiang Yangshengtang Co., Ltd.

20120037179 - Reusable self-heating hair roller: A reusable self-heating hair roller includes a fluid holding body containing a supercoolable fluid. The fluid holding body may be implemented in many ways, including as non-permeable, incorruptible, air-tight film, bladder or casing. The supercoolable fluid, such as sodium acetate or equivalent, uses thermochemistry to produce on command an exothermic... Agent:

20120037180 - Apparatus for application of cosmetic materials: An apparatus and a system for the application of cosmetic material, such as eye liner, is disclosed. For instance, in one embodiment, the present disclosure is directed to an applicator having a core layer, a first layer of fibrous material disposed above the core layer, and a second layer of... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120031418 - Device and method for shaping body hair: The invention relates to a device for shaping body hair (1, 30, 60, 90, 100), comprising a shape-determining member having a circumference for determining the shape of the body hair to be realized. The device also comprises a handle (3, 33, 62, 81, 91) for user to place said shape-determining... Agent:

20120031419 - Aerosol hairspray product for styling and/or shaping hair: An aerosol hairspray product for styling and/or shaping hair. The product comprises a container for storing a hairstyling formulation and a propellant, wherein the container wall comprises at least about 80% plastic material by total weight of the container. The product also comprises a hairstyling formulation comprising from about 35%... Agent:

20120031420 - Composition and method for thermally activated hair treatment: A formulation is disclosed useful for semi-permanent, thermal conditioning and styling of the hair comprising a mercaptosilicone polymer derived from greater than 25 mole percent mercaptosilicone monomer. A method of straightening the hair is also disclosed which comprises the steps of applying the mercaptosilicone polymer formula to the hair and... Agent:

20120031421 - Method for achieving and semi-permanently retaining a hairstyle: In one aspect, a method for achieving and semi-permanently retaining a hairstyle is provided. This method allows achieving a hairstyle and recovering it after shampooing hair. In another aspect, a kit comprising a film-forming composition and a coating composition is provided.... Agent:

20120031423 - Bleaching composition: The present invention relates to bleaching composition for hair comprising at least one compound with bleaching and/or highlighting effect and at least one dipeptide.... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20120031422 - Fluorescent entity, dyeing composition containing at least one fluorescent entity comprising at least one heterocycle, with at least one internal cationic charge, and method for lightening keratin materials using said at least one fluorescent entity: The invention relates to a dyeing composition containing a thiol/disulphide fluorescent colorant comprising a heterocycle, and to a method for colouring keratin materials, especially keratin fibres, particularly human keratin fibres such as hair, with a lightening effect, using said composition. The invention also relates to novel thiol/disulphide fluorescent colorants and... Agent:

20120031424 - Multi-ribbed dental tape: The present invention includes monofilament dental tapes for removing plaque and/or food debris from interdental spaces of a mammal, which dental tapes have a core body with an aspect ratio of greater than about 5:1 and a first cleaning surface and a second cleaning surface opposite the first cleaning surface,... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120024308 - Method of making up with light-sensitive makeup using a photochromic composition in the already-developed state: A method of making up keratinous material with light-sensitive makeup, the method including applying on keratinous material a photochromic composition including a thermally stable photochromic agent in the already at least partially developed state.... Agent: L'oreal

20120024307 - Nail guide and methodology of use: One possible embodiment of the invention could be a fingernail guide comprising of a body formed into a open-ring shape having a guide portion, a pair of trapezoidal-shaped wings, and a grip portion; the guide portion having the front guide edge and a back concave curved edge, the two edges... Agent:

20120024309 - Bleaching/highlighting composition: e

20120024310 - Method of applying a protective film over natural hair or scalp prior to application of bonding glue: The hair gluing product of the invention is gel or crystallizing protective growth serum that dries down to form a film over your natural hair and scalp. The invention allows for application of hair bonding glue without damaging natural hair or scalp. It contains aloe extract, tea tree oil, chamomile... Agent:

20120024311 - Hair-care device with jaws: A hair-care device includes at least: two jaws, first jaw and second jaw, which are elongated and hinged together so as to be able to shift between an open position and a closed position in which opposing working surfaces define a hair treatment region, and electric heating element attached to... Agent: Seb S.a.

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