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Toilet December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110315155 - Hair accessory for infants and babies including headband and artificial hair: The present invention provides a hair accessory, comprising an infant or baby headband, artificial hair attached to the headband, and one or more ribbons attached to the headband or the artificial hair. In some embodiments, the artificial hair comprises ponytails or pigtails attached to the headband to provide the illusion... Agent:

20110315156 - Nail ring: The Nail Ring provided by the present invention relates to an artificial nail device and more particularly to a finger or toe ring to which a faux fingernail is integrally attached as used to create a set of manicured nails in little time and with minimal effort. The Nail Ring... Agent:

20110315157 - Device, kit and method for coloring hair: A hair-penetrating shield 220 comprises a tooth array having top 280 and bottom 290 surfaces. In some embodiments, for a majority of the teeth, a cross section of each tooth (for example, triangular in shape) has an asymmetric width profile such that the tooth cross section, on average, is narrower... Agent: Michel Mercier Ltd.

20110315158 - Hair care device with optimized ion release: The present invention relates to a hair care device (1) with a handle (3), an operational head connected to the handle (3) having a hair treatment apparatus (5), in particular a bristle field and/or a comb tooth field, and an ion-producing apparatus (9) for producing ions on the hair, having... Agent:

20110315159 - Water-powered hand-washing method: A hand-washing system for washing fingernail beds and cuticular regions of human fingers and thumbs (collectively “digits”). The hand-washing system includes a work enclosure for containing ones of the digits and a high-velocity, high-flow water spray during a washing operation. The work enclosure defines an interior space, part of which... Agent:

20110315160 - Ornament and hair accessory having the same: An ornament includes a substrate, a reflective layer formed on the substrate and capable of bright reflection, and a printed pattern layer provided on the reflective layer. The printed pattern layer includes a transparent patterned region to reflect light therethrough, and a non-transparent shielding region that shields the reflective layer.... Agent:

20110315161 - Compact system with magnetic slide out brush: A compact system for applying a product to a surface including a removable applicator slideably housed in a compact comprising an actuator and a slide-mechanism. In one example, the slide-mechanism is configured to magnetically couple with a magnet in the base of the applicator, and slides the applicator into and... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd

12/22/2011 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20110308540 - Apparatus and method for treating foot tissue: A footwear apparatus for treating skin of a human foot may include a sole section configured for placement against a sole of a foot of a user during use; a heel section coupled with the sole section and configured for placement against the heel of the foot of the user... Agent:

20110308539 - Artificial nail with upstanding feature and method of use: The artificial nail includes a thin member having a distal end portion, an opposite free end portion, and a concave lower surface and a convex upper surface extending between the end portions, at least a portion of the concave lower surface having a size and a curvature configured for placement... Agent:

20110308541 - Hair treatment composition: A method of styling hair comprising the steps of i) applying to the hair a hair treatment cream composition comprising: a) a blend of MQ resin and polydiorganosiloxane; and b) hydrophobically modified cellulose ether. ii) combing and/or styling the hair.... Agent:

20110308542 - Cosmetic applicator: An apparatus for applying a cosmetic, such as mascara to eyelashes, includes a handle, a boss coupled to the handle, and a stem defining a longitudinal stem axis and having a first end coupled to the handle and a second end, wherein the stem first end comprises a stem extension... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110303234 - Hair prosthesis: Methods and processes for coating a hair prosthesis are provided. A method includes the steps of: providing a lace cap, the lace cap having an inner surface, an outer surface, and a plurality of openings, the plurality of openings extending from the inner surface to the outer surface, coating the... Agent: Wei Hai Follea Art Company

20110303235 - Artificial nail display package: A display package is provided that informs the customer of the product contained therein as well as providing a functional and useful storage unit for artificial nails when not in use. The display package includes a cylindrical neck portion at a first end having one or more grooves and a... Agent: Kiss Nail Products, Inc.

20110303236 - Mascara applicator and method of applying mascara: An applicator applies mascara to a user's eyelashes with a single push of a lever. The applicator has a housing with a front panel having an inwardly contoured surface. Within the contoured surface is an eyelash engagement opening which has a curvature generally conforming to the curvature of the contoured... Agent:

20110303237 - Nail polishing stencil: One embodiment of a stencil for use in applying nail polish to a nail may include a flange. The flange may define an open-ended notch that is adapted to receive at least a portion of the nail. The stencil may also include a retainer extending from the flange. The retainer... Agent:

12/08/2011 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110297171 - Artificial nail composition having improved adhesion property: P

20110297170 - System for skin treatment application: A system and method for the application of a skin care product including a special applicator termed a fingerlette, a spatulette and a palette. The spatulette is used to transfer a skin care product from a its native container to the palette which is then dapped or patted by the... Agent:

20110297172 - Composition comprising derivatives of phenoxazinones for hair colouring: The present invention relates to a composition for the coloring of keratin fibres, notably hair, that comprises a phenoxazinone dye of formula (I) as well as the use of this dye for hair coloring. The invention thus makes it possible to obtain coloration that respects the nature of the hair... Agent: L'oreal

20110297173 - Applicator with extendable implement: An applicator system for applying a product to a surface includes an extendable implement comprising an applicator that is selectively extendable. By virtue of having an applicator that is selectively extendable, the extendable implement is capable of applying various products utilizing individual portions of the extendable implement to apply the... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd

20110297174 - Cosmetic applicator: An applicator for applying a cosmetic composition comprising an applicator element. The applicator element may be elongated along a longitudinal axis. The applicator has a first portion and a second portion separateable from the first portion and capable of moving independently from the first portion along the longitudinal axis. The... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20110297175 - Cosmetic applicator: The present invention generally relates to a cosmetic applicator and in particular, relate to a cosmetic applicator comprising of at least two molded applicator parts that are interlinked such that a non-zero angle is formed at an interface of the at least two molded applicator parts with respect to a... Agent:

20110297176 - Hair spoon: The “Hair Spoon” is a simple curved, double-spoon shaped, device for retaining long hair near the back of the head. This enables a method and apparatus for retaining and adornment of long hair. A hair device is used to hold long hair in a fixed location. The visible surface facing... Agent:

20110297177 - Hair ornament: An hair ornament includes a hairpin, which has an eyelet and two spiral spring wires extended from the eyelet and spirally intersected with each other, an ornament, and a connector, which has a front end fastened to the eyelet of the hairpin and a rear end pivotally connected to the... Agent:

20110297178 - Hair ornament: A hair ornament includes a body having an engagement section to be in contact with hair of a user. The engagement section includes a row of plates arranged along a length direction of the body. Two of the row of plates adjacent to each other are connected by a connecting... Agent:

20110297179 - Hair clip: A hair clip includes a main body provided with plural holes, which can be respectively inserted by a small bunch of hair so that a user is able to make a great diversity of hair styles, advancing practicality a lot.... Agent: Tsorng Ta Enterprise Co., Ltd

20110297180 - Skin treatment applicator: An applicator and method for the even application of a skin care substance upon the skin; the applicator, designed for multiple applications, includes a finger cover with a closed end and a waisted opening at the opposite end for the insertion of fingers. The waisted opening providing a girdling effect... Agent:

20110297181 - Dental hygenic aids having natural antimicrobial properties: A dental hygenic aid (910, 920, 930) comprising a bundle of linear elements, wherein each of said elements comprises multiple strands of natural fiber (800), and wherein at least a portion of said natural fiber-based strands have inherent anti-microbial properties.... Agent:

12/01/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110290270 - Composition and method for aesthetic repair of fingernails and toenails: A composition and method is provided to repair fingernail and toenail anomalies. The composition is a carrier and reflective material that, when applied to a fingernail or toenail anomaly, fills said anomaly and reflects the nearby color, thereby reducing or eliminating the visual presence of the anomaly.... Agent:

20110290271 - Methods and apparatuses for applying eyelash extensions: An applicator for use with an eyelash extension system that has a backbone and a backbone surface configured to be joined with a closure surface. A plurality of eyelash extensions are attached to the backbone. The applicator includes a frame having a first end and a second end spaced laterally... Agent:

20110290272 - Fresh flower holder for hair: Fresh flower holder for hair clip that will supply water to the stem of flower(s). The clip, barrette or other hair accessory will have the plurality of decorative elements such as beads, stones, gemstones, figurines, characters and materials to match hair types and colors. Holder will supply water to the... Agent:

20110290273 - Tooth care implement: A combination tooth care implement comprising a handle unit and a pivoting arm having first and second ends at which respective ends a tooth brush head and a single-use dental floss head are releasably mounted. The arm can be pivoted between first and second positions with respect to the handle... Agent:

20110290274 - Flossing toys and methods of making and using the same: Flossing toys or devices are disclosed. Methods of making and using flossing toys or devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110290275 - Single-use dental floss holders and methods of manufacture: The invention concerns a single-use dental floss holder that includes a base portion, first and second spaced-apart arms integral with and extending from the base portion, each spaced-apart arm having a distal section, and a length of dental floss secured between the distal sections of the spaced-apart arms, where the... Agent:

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