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Toilet November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110284017 - Nail care or finger care tool and nail care or finger care tool set: A nail care or fingertip care tool is constituted by an elastic bag-like material having sufficient size to cover the nail at the fingertip and also having a liquid-absorbing member fixedly attached over an area inside the bag-like material that comes in contact with the nail.... Agent:

20110284018 - Toezeeze - a biodegradable, water soluble individual toe separator used in pedicures.: A system to facilitate pedicures and all applications where comfortable toe separation is demanded. The System consists of small water soluble tubular devices that fit in between each toe to ensure adequate spacing between the toes while polish is applied during a pedicure or other treatment to toes is required.... Agent:

20110284019 - Fairweather faces professional (travel size, color-coded, multi-functional) make-up brushes with face chart fairweather faces mini (color-coded, multi-functional) make-up brushes with face chart fairweather faces face chart: Systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed involving cosmetics brushes and face charts for strategic application of make-up. In particular, embodiments of the invention involve cosmetics brushes having markings color-coded to match make-up types, locations, and application steps within a sequence, as depicted on a corresponding face chart for the strategic... Agent:

20110284020 - hair styling apparatus and method: A hair styling apparatus (10) is disclosed as including a heating barrel (20) and a protecting sleeve (28) which covers part of the heating barrel, the protective sleeve including a wall (30) with a helical slot (32) allowing a tress of hair to be received through the slot to contact... Agent: Sun Luen Electrical Manufacturing Company Limited

20110284021 - Applicator for applying a cosmetic, makeup, or care product composition to keratinous materials: An applicator for applying a cosmetic product to the eyelashes or the eyebrows, the applicator including a molded core that extends along a longitudinal axis and that comprises longitudinal faces; and applicator elements that are carried by the core, each of the applicator elements being connected to the core via... Agent: L'oreal

20110284022 - Hair pad: A hair pad includes a hook-supporting tape and an ornamental sheet attached to a front surface of the hook-supporting tape. A plurality of slender hair-gripping hooks is fixed to a rear surface of the hook-supporting tape. Each of the hair-gripping hooks has a fixing end connected to the rear surface... Agent:

20110284023 - Orthodontic flosser: An orthodontic flosser comprising an elongated handle and a head coupled to the handle at a vertical angle is disclosed. A first and second projection extend from the head for suspending floss, the first projection is sized for insertion of floss between a wire affixed to a tooth and the... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20110277782 - Two-part hair dye: P

20110277783 - Multifilament braided dental floss: A dental floss is formed as a yarn, including multifilament strands braided with each other in a multi-looped manner so that forming knobs connecting adjacent quasi-flat sections that, while being stretched in a straight line, are sequentially disposed and twisted relatively to each other, whose cross-sections can be approximated to... Agent:

11/10/2011 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110271974 - Method and compositions for bath: A method of foot care for a bather comprises: providing a water container partially filled water therein; adding a first material to the water, the first material including a super absorbent polymer capable of absorbing a substantial amount of water; forming a gelatinous mixture with the first material absorbing the... Agent:

20110271973 - Solution for forming double eyelid and method for forming double eyelid using same: m

20110271975 - Training toothbrush having a pivoting brush head: A training toothbrush for children comprising a body portion that includes a head portion, a handle, and a brush assembly that is configured to engage with and pivot upon the body portion. A caming mechanism, such as an oblique or curvilinear channel that receives a tracking element, is disposed between... Agent:

20110271976 - Hair extension, hair accessory using the same and method for producing hair extension: A hair extension that exhibits voluminousness at hair roots and makes the hair puffy when attached to the head of a wearer, a hair ornament using the same, and a method for producing the hair extension. The hair extension of the present invention includes at least main fibers (1) and... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110271977 - Heat retaining curling system and method of styling: An improved hair styling device comprises heating elements and heat retaining clips inside the device's housing. The clips present concave inner faces, and form an enclosed space when in a closed position. A heat retaining means with an elevated heat capacity is incorporated into the clips adjacent the inner surface... Agent:

20110271978 - Cosmetics receptacle: Disclosed is a cosmetics receptacle which has a container part having a container opening, and a container cap combined with the container part in such a manner that the container cap opens and closes the container opening, the cosmetics receptacle including: a guide tube part which includes a pair of... Agent: Taesung Industrial Co., Ltd.

11/03/2011 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110265807 - Hairbrush cleaning screen: A hair removing screen arrangement is displaceably attached to a hairbrush body. Bristles protrude from a surface of the hairbrush body through openings of a screen material of the screen arrangement. The screen material may include parallel wires or strands with rows of bristles received between neighboring strands, or a... Agent:

20110265808 - Hair colouring tool and method of use: A hair colouring tool which includes a body which has an opening and interior walls that define an interior cavity for containing a fluid hair colourant. At least one dispensing structure is provided on the body which is in fluid communication with the interior cavity. A plunger is pivotally connected... Agent:

20110265809 - Portable nail art device and nail art method using the same: The portable nail art tool includes a pattern molding plate on which a plurality of patterns are engraved radially on a bottom surface thereof and an air layer space groove is defined in a top surface thereof, the pattern molding plate being formed of an opaque silicon material and a... Agent:

20110265810 - Hair care compositions: The present invention relates to a hair care composition which includes a volatile hydrocarbon-containing component; a non-volatile hydrocarbon-containing component; and an oil-soluble polymer component. The present invention also relates to a method for forming a hydrophobic barrier on hair to render the hair substantially resistant to moisture absorption which includes... Agent: Philip Pelusi Phytolink 4.0, Inc.

20110265811 - Dental floss: A dental floss device for cleaning the gaps between adjacent teeth. The device features a pair of handles configured for an engagement with the fingers and having strands of flossing substrate extending therebetween. The flossing substrates running substantially parallel in a spaced configuration extend within an opening formed between the... Agent:

20110265812 - Plastic tooth cleaner: d

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