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10/27/2011 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110259354 - Method for the manufacture of a multi-layer substrate which can be bonded to the skin to form self-adhesive hair prostheses and multi-layer prostheses so obtained: Method for manufacturing bonding systems for hair prostheses which makes it possible to produce self-adhesive prostheses. The process comprises preparing a thin membrane, from 20 to 80 microns, in a single-spreading operation and from 100 to 400 microns in successive spreading operations, comprising a preformed adhesive to which silver ions... Agent:

20110259355 - Personal care products: A hair care product comprising water, a chelating agent, a copolymer, a pH adjusting agent and a hair treatment composition including a polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol copolymer, vinyl acetate emulsion, acrylic emulsion, vinyl acrylic emulsion, vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion or a combination thereof.... Agent:

20110259356 - Hair styling implement: The application discloses a hair styling implement 1 that comprises: a handle portion 3; and first 13 and second 17 styling parts, at least one of which is capable of being heated; wherein in a first operating mode one or both of said styling parts 13, 17 is or are... Agent: Salon Uk Ltd

20110259357 - Heated hair curler for even curling of hair: A device for curling hair comprised of an elongated cylindrical body member with heat-resistant handles on both ends and a housing unit located between the two ends. The cylindrical body is constructed of a conductive material. The cylindrical body further has on its surface a means for evenly spacing the... Agent:

20110259358 - Headband with bangs: The headband with bangs is not like any other headband, wig or hair extension. The headband with bangs has bangs attached to only one side of the headband. The hair attached to the headband is cut in a way to resemble human bangs. The headband with bangs does not require... Agent:

20110259359 - Device for dispensing a personal care product: A device for dispensing a personal care product onto skin comprising: a brush head comprising a base and a plurality of bristles, and a device body operatively connected to said brush head about said base, said device body comprising: an outer container; an at least partially expanded collapsible bag disposed... Agent:

20110259360 - Dental floss: A length of dental floss having spaced members, each member including one or more structural features that is/are configured to remove material trapped between teeth. One structural feature included on the floss is a loop, bound at the location of a first knot along a length of dental floss or... Agent:

10/20/2011 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110253159 - Expanding hair band: A hair band comprises a stretchable body and a center hole. The center hole increases in diameter when the hair band is moved from a rest position to a stretched position. A distance between an outer edge of the body and an outer edge of the center hole is greater... Agent:

20110253156 - Method for sculpting eyelashes: The present disclosure generally relates to a method for treating eyelashes. The method may include applying the bonding agent directly, via one or more applicators, to the one or more eyelashes and sculpting the bonding agent along a length of the one or more eyelashes to coat and shape the... Agent:

20110253157 - Methods for improving skin quality: A skin treatment regimen for delivery of a rinse-off personal skin care composition is provided. The rinse-off personal skin care composition includes varying ratios of a lathering agent to a hydrophobic benefit agent. The rinse-off personal skin care composition can be applied to skin of a user in phases over... Agent:

20110253158 - Methods for improving skin quality: A skin treatment regimen for delivery of a rinse-off personal skin care composition is provided. The rinse-off personal skin care composition includes varying ratios of a lathering agent to a hydrophobic benefit agent. The rinse-off personal skin care composition can be applied to skin of a user in phases over... Agent:

20110253160 - Neutralizing hair composition: A method, composition and kit for straightening human hair. The method comprises applying an alkali relaxer to the hair and then neutralizing the hair with a hair neutralizing composition comprising at least one fatty acid or a quaternary derivative thereof. The kit comprises an alkali hair relaxer or components for... Agent:

20110253161 - Neutralizing hair compositions and methods: The present invention is directed to methods, compositions and kits for neutralizing alkaline hair. The present invention is also directed to methods, compositions and kits for straightening human hair. The methods comprise neutralizing the hair with a hair neutralizing composition comprising at least one fatty acid. The compositions comprise neutralizing... Agent: Spartan Brands, Inc.

20110253162 - Methods of neutralizing relaxed hair and compositions for same: The present invention relates to processes for neutralizing relaxed hair. Still further, the present invention relates to neutralizer compositions for use on relaxed hair. Still further, the present invention relates to a system for neutralizing relaxed hair. Yet further, the invention relates to relaxed hair neutralized by the compositions and... Agent:

20110253163 - Colouring of keratinous fibers using a pretreatment comprising an iron salt and a colour developer comprising hydrolysable tannin: A method of colouring keratinous fibers comprising contacting the keratinous fibers sequentially with a pre-treatment composition and a colour developer wherein: i. the pre-treatment composition comprises: (a) 0.5-25% by weight of an iron salt at a pH below 2 including 0.5-5% by weight of a reducing agent (b) a buffer... Agent:

20110253164 - Hair styling apparatus: Hair styling apparatus (1) comprising:—a first arm (2) comprising a first heatable element (3),—a second arm (4) comprising a second heatable element (5), said second arm being connected to said first arm (2) in such a way to allow the opening and closure of the apparatus (1) by respectively moving... Agent: Tenacta Group S.p.a.

20110253165 - Device for attaching a hair enhancer to a person's hair and hair enhancement apparatus incorporating same: A device usable for attaching a hair enhancer to a person's hair and a hair enhancement apparatus incorporating such a device include a strip of flexible material, at least one hair clip attached to a first side of the strip of material, and an adhesive layer attached to a second... Agent:

20110253166 - Mesh filter compact: A mesh filter compact is provided. The mesh filter compact includes a body a first positioning member, a filter member, a second positioning member, and an upper cover. The body is configured with a primary receiving recess. The body includes a plurality of fixing plates disposed in the primary receiving... Agent:

20110253167 - Cosmetic holder: A holder for a releasably holding makeup stored in metal containers is provided. The holder is magnetized to permit different shades of makeup to be held by the support. A cover is provided to permit the makeup container to be retained by the holder during use, storage, handling and/or travel.... Agent:

20110253168 - Cosmetic casing assembly: A cosmetic casing assembly has a base assembly, a cover, an engaging device and a resilient member. The base assembly has at least one recess defined in the base assembly. The cover is pivotally connected to the base assembly. The engaging device is mounted between the base assembly and the... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110247641 - Portable folding type hairstyling tool: Disclosed herein is a portable folding type hairstyling tool. The hairstyling tool includes a casing unit which also serves as a handle, and a hairstyling unit which is inserted into or unfolded from the casing unit to be used by pivoting. The hairstyling unit includes an electric heating part for... Agent: Ghd Korea, Inc.

20110247642 - Method and apparatus for cleaning and maintaining fingernails and/or toenails: An apparatus including a nail polish brush assembly, a nail polish remover assembly adapted to be temporarily attached to the nail polish brush assembly, and a file assembly adapted to be temporarily attached to the nail polish remover assembly. The file assembly may include a nail file which may be... Agent:

20110247643 - Hair extension: A hair extension includes a weft having an upper edge and a lower edge, a plurality of hair strands that are attached to the weft and are suspended below the lower edge of the weft, and a plurality of elongated rods. Each rod includes a base that is attached to... Agent:

20110247644 - Method for decolorizing keratin-containing fibers: Use of a composition comprising hydrogen peroxide in a cosmetic vehicle allows gentle decolouring of permanently coloured, keratinous fibers which have been coloured with a specific colouring composition. The colouring composition used for colouring the fibres comprises, in a cosmetic vehicle, a combination of at least one CH-acidic compound with... Agent:

20110247645 - Barber's comb for use with clippers: A comb that combines the basic features of a typical hair comb and those of a clipper comb guard which facilitates cut length by using a hook design to be used in conjunction with a hand held hair clipper.... Agent:

20110247646 - Electric hair curling iron: The present invention provides an electric hair curling device comprising a main handle, a cylindrical barrel for emitting heat operationally, a clamp member extending along one side of the cylindrical barrel which is shaped cylindrically to complement the shape of the barrel and a thermally insulated tip coupled to the... Agent: Tai Wah Distributors Pte Ltd.

20110247647 - Hair iron: Disclosed herein is a hair iron having upper and lower casings, a heat generating unit and a hinge connection unit. The hinge connection unit includes a hinge box secured to either of the upper and lower casings. First and second movable members each having a hinge shaft are provided in... Agent: Ghd Korea, Inc.

20110247648 - Cosmetic puff: It is an object of the invention to provide an effective technique for realizing a desired moisture releasing property, in a cosmetic puff having an air-laid non-woven fabric sheet formed of pulp fibers. A cosmetic puff 100 according to this invention includes an inner layer 110 in the form of... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

10/06/2011 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110240050 - Cosmetic compositions containing a fatty acid, arginine, and a co-emulsifier: Disclosed are cosmetic compositions containing a fatty acid, arginine, and a co-emulsifier. Also disclosed are methods for making the cosmetic composition and applying it to keratinous tissue such as skin in order to enhance its appearance.... Agent: L'oreal S.a.

20110240051 - Nit stripping device: A nit picking device and method for mechanically stripping nits, eggs, and lice from human hair. The device includes a pair of cooperating tongs each of which is elongated and joined at one end to the juxtaposed end portion of the cooperating tong. The opposite ends of the tong serve... Agent:

20110240049 - Scissors with bent distal portions: A pair of scissors is disclosed. The scissors includes two members that are pivotally connected. Each member includes a blade and a shank. Each blade includes a proximal portion and a distal portion that is substantially bent from the proximal portion. The distal portion is sized so as to enter... Agent: Crevent, Inc.

20110240052 - Composition for the permanent shaping of human hair: wherein R3 and R4 are the same or different is H or an alkyl with 1 to 4 C atoms, hydroxyl alkyl with 1 to 4 C atoms and di hydroxyl alkyl with 2 to 4 C atoms, R5, and R6 are the same or different, an alkyl with 1... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20110240053 - Static dissipative personal care apparatus for grooming hair: This disclosure relates to personal grooming apparatus that include coatings on the surface thereof that incorporate static dissipative additives that reduce the static build-up in the hair of users as compared to conventional apparatus. Other aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods for producing such apparatus, and methods for... Agent: Rovcal, Inc.

20110240054 - Bleaching/highlighting composition: The present invention relates to bleaching composition for keratin fibres, especially human hair, comprising at least one compound with bleaching and/or highlighting effect wherein a water soluble protein selected from water soluble silk protein, water soluble silk protein hydrolysate and their derivatives is added. The object of the present invention... Agent:

20110240055 - Coatings for personal grooming apparatus containing calcium carbonate derived from mollusk shells or pearls: This disclosure relates to personal grooming apparatus that include coatings on the surface thereof that incorporate calcium carbonate derived from the shell of a mollusk and/or from a mollusk pearl. Other aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods for producing such apparatus, and methods of grooming the hair or... Agent: Rovcal, Inc.

20110240056 - Device to hold the hair: A hair-holding device has a comb-like element having a base supporting a plurality of teeth lying in a plane. The base has first and second mutually-exclusive orientations in the plane and can be transformed between the first orientation in which the distal ends of adjacent teeth are spaced apart from... Agent:

20110240057 - Dental floss: A dental floss apparatus for cleaning the gaps between adjacent teeth which is comprised of a pair of handles that are configured for engagement with the fingers with strands of flossing substrate extending therebetween. The flossing substrates are spaced from each other, running substantially parallel and extending within an opening... Agent:

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