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Toilet September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110232664 - Aqua comb (hair grooming device) continuation-in-part: P

20110232665 - Personal support: Provided in some embodiments is a portable personal support system and method of providing the same. In some embodiments, provided is a portable personal support including a frame having a support member of sufficient height to be grasped by a human while in a standing position. The frame including a... Agent:

20110232666 - Artificial eyelash structure and its fabrication and method of use: An artificial eyelash structure includes a mounting member having a bonding portion for adhering to an eyelid and a bendable portion for enabling the bonding portion to be curved into a smoothly arched shape when bending the bonding portion upwards or downwards, and multiple eyelashes connected with the mounting member.... Agent:

20110232669 - Bleaching with concomitant hair tonicizing: Bleaching method for keratin fibres, using an agent comprising a bleach activator system comprising at least one cationic acylpyridinium derivative of formula (I), and hydrogen peroxide and use of agents for bleaching keratin fibres, in particular human hair, comprising at least one cationic acylpyridinium derivative, for reinforcing the bleaching capacity... Agent:

20110232668 - Cleansing composition: wherein R1 is a saturated or unsaturated, straight or branched alkyl chain with 7 to 17 C atoms, R2 is H or a methyl, R3 is H, COO−M+, CH2COO−M or COOH, n is 0 to 2, X is COO− or SO3− and M is independent from each other H, sodium... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20110232667 - Hair treatment process using a direct emulsion comprising an oxidizing agent and a composition containing an alkaline agent: e

20110232670 - Cosmetic composition for hair and scalp: Present invention relates to a cosmetic composition for hair and scalp obtained by mixing two compositions wherein the one is a water soluble powder and the other is an aqueous composition comprising at least one hair and scalp conditioning compound. The object of the present invention is a two-part composition... Agent: Kpss - Kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20110232671 - Heated mascara applicator and suitable compositions: A handheld mascara applicator comprising an applicator head, a source of electric current, and a heat generating portion that is effective to heat a quantity of mascara located on the applicator head, from an ambient temperature to a product application temperature, in 25 seconds or less, or that is effective... Agent:

20110232672 - Hair styling tool: A hairstyling tool has a bowl having a plurality of bowl convex portions and bowl concave portions. The bowl concave portions form air channels. A plurality of openings is disposed on a bottom of the bowl. There are more than twenty openings. A handle is connected to the bowl. The... Agent:

20110232673 - Hair treatment tool including flat iron: A hair treatment flat iron allows hair to be treated with greater proximity to the root and with reduced awkwardness in doing so by providing angled surfaces at a shallow, acute angle on at least one edge of the heated plate of respective opposing portions of the flat iron. Treatment... Agent:

20110232674 - Bernice evelyn-riley's hair dye band: The present invention provides an adjustable, sectioning headband which fits over the head, dividing the hair and scalp into four quadrants for sectional dyeing. Bernice Riley's Hair Dye Band, by sectioning the hair, makes hair-dyeing easier for both professional beauticians and do-it-yourself consumers, while also preventing hair-dye from running into... Agent:

20110232675 - Mirrored cosmetic case: A cosmetic case, such as a lipstick case, has an ornate mirror disposed on at least one surface thereof. In some embodiments, the mirror may be disposed on at least one surface of a cosmetic case cover, thereby allowing simultaneous viewing of oneself while applying the cosmetic. The mirror may... Agent:

20110232676 - Dental floss device: A dental floss devise comprises two separate rods connected to a length of dental floss. The device may include tooth picking and gum massaging capabilities along with a flossing capability which capabilities may be utilized simultaneously. The device may be disposable. The device may also be multi-use, which provides for... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110226268 - Machine for sanding, buffing and polishing fingernails and toenails: A machine for sanding, buffing and polishing fingernails and toenails with a flat disc of abrasive, smoothing or polishing material, a disc mount made of flexible material to easily adhere the disc to, a rotationally reciprocating disc mounting platform to affix the disc mount to, a removeable head that can... Agent:

20110226270 - Personal nail trimmer: The present invention provides a Personal Nail Trimmer comprising a battery-powered nail trimmer designed for use on humans by humans. The unit is cylindrical, approximately four inches in length and one inch in diameter, with the lower portion of the handle containing a chamber for the batteries housing a pair... Agent:

20110226269 - Powered hand held linear motion device for attaching nail file tools: The present invention relates to enhancing abrasive, buffing, filing, polishing, shaping and callus removing products for the manicure and pedicure industry by use of a linear motion tool. In particular, the invention provides a method and apparatus that uses linear motion to quickly vibrate a detachable platen by which an... Agent:

20110226273 - Method for targeted application of hair care products: The present invention defines a method for applying non-coloring hair care products, such as hair styling or hair conditioning products, to specific areas of scalp hair where the benefit is particularly needed. This method efficiently provides the desired hair care benefit while minimizing unwanted effects that could come from broader... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110226271 - Method of preparation of radiation-curable colored artificial nail gels: A method of preparing colored UV-curable artificial nail gel compositions comprising dispersing a pigment in an organic liquid to form a pigment concentrate and mixing the pigment concentrate with a polyfunctional acrylic monomer and/or a polyfunctional acrylic oligomer, and the resultant highly colored artificial nail gel are disclosed.... Agent: Mycone Dental Supply Company, Inc.

20110226272 - Shaving kit, article of commerce and a method of shaving comprising a personal care composition: A shaving kit comprising a personal care article is disclosed. The shaving kit comprises a package containing a personal care composition comprising a surfactant, water and at least about 15% of a hydrophobic moisturizing material and a plurality of razor blade cartridges or a shaving razor. An article of commerce... Agent:

20110226274 - Nosho hair extensions and kit: Various embodiments of wefted hair extensions 132 using individual hair strands 108 intertwined with each other to form a wefted product with a cornrow braid 120 base or edge 124, one of the two sides 123 of the cornrow braid 120 having at least one groove housing a plurality of... Agent:

20110226275 - Hair care products containing conjugated unsaturated oils: r

20110226276 - Cosmetic applicator assembly: A cosmetic applicator assembly is shown. The cosmetic applicator assembly includes an applicator head comprising an applicator front portion having at least a first surface, a second surface, and a multiplicity of apertures extending between the first surface and the second surface, at least one applicator component protruding from the... Agent: Alcan Packaging Beauty Services

20110226277 - Hair iron: Provided is a hair iron including a lower case including a lower grill part and a lower heating part in a single body, and a lower heating plate at a front end to heat hair, the lower heating part including a built-in lower heater, and an upper case including an... Agent:

20110226278 - Electrical apparatus for hair styling: Apparatus for hair styling comprising: two handles connected together so as to allow the apparatus to be opened and closed by bringing said handles apart and together, respectively, and two styling elements respectively associated with the two handles, wherein each styling element comprises a roller adapted to rotate about its... Agent: Tenacta Group S.p.a.

20110226279 - Unified floss and guide device for persons wearing orthodontic braces: The present invention is a device and manufacturing method to be used by persons wearing orthodontic braces to simplify the task of flossing their teeth. The device consists of a convenient pre-cut length of dental floss with a first and second end, an elongated guide element fabricated from a semi-rigid... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110220136 - Hair extension: The present invention relates to a hair extension in which false hair 10 has strands of hair of a predetermined length of which the top ends are bonded to each other to form an attachment portion 12, two bundles of false hair 10 being interconnected via a connection string 40,... Agent:

20110220137 - Pinch clamp: The invention relates to a finger nail or pinch clamp comprising a tubular clamping body (1), a spacer tube (2) and a ring (3), with said tubular clamping body (1) having two longitudinally extending and, in cross-sectional view, convexly-concavely curved legs (4) between which longitudinal slots (5) are arranged, and... Agent:

20110220138 - Apparatus and system for a fingernail cleaning device: An apparatus and system are disclosed for a fingernail cleaning device. The apparatus includes a base to attach to an opening of a container, and a tube extending from inside the container through the base. The tube defines a first and a second liquid pathway. The apparatus also includes a... Agent:

20110220139 - Cosmetic or dermatological system including an internal clock and/or a clock data receiver and an adjustment system enabling a characteristic of a preparation to be modified automatically as a function of clock data: A cosmetic or dermatological system including a handheld packaging and dispenser device including one or more compositions from which a preparation to be delivered in a fluid form suitable for an application onto skin, mucous membranes or keratinous fibers, an internal clock and/or a clock data receiver, an adjustment system... Agent: L'oreal

20110220140 - Process for the permanent shaping of human hair: where n is a number between 1 and 10, and at least one salt and at least one oxidizing agent is applied onto hair and after processing of 10 seconds to 10 min and without rinsing off a composition comprising at least one oxidizing agent is applied and rinsed off... Agent: Kpss-kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20110220142 - Hair curling rod for permanent wave: The present invention relates to a hair curling rod for permanent waves which effectively supplies heat, generated from a detachable heater integral to the curling rod, hot moisture and a hair nourishing agent, which neutralize and achieve the desired permanent wave and maintains the permanent wave hair over an extended... Agent:

20110220141 - Styling brush with spinning attachment: An apparatus (10) for styling hair includes first and second members (12, 14) operatively connected to each other and adapted for relative movement between a generally open condition to receive a length of hair and a generally approximated position to engage the length of hair and a brush (22) mounted... Agent: Conair Corporation

09/08/2011 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20110214682 - Head hair dyeing method: There is provided a head hair dyeing method using a two-part hair dye composition which contains a first part containing an alkali agent, a second part containing hydrogen peroxide and a non-aerosol type foamer container for discharging a mixture solution of the first part and the second part as foam,... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110214683 - Reduced variability coated floss: Dental floss includes a coated fibrous substrate where the coating is metered to give a more consistent coat weight on the fibrous substrate. The dental floss is manufactured such that a metered amount of coating is placed on a fibrous substrate.... Agent:

20110214684 - Tooth cleaning object: A tooth cleaning object comprises a force applying portion, a tooth cleaning portion connected to the force applying portion and at least one bracing portion bridging the tooth cleaning portion and the force applying portion. The force applying portion is vertical to the tooth cleaning portion. The tooth cleaning object... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110209719 - Hairpiece: A hairpiece including a base having a first pair of elastic loops connected to one edge of the base at opposing corners, a second pair of elastic loops connected to an opposite edge of the base at opposing corners, and a bottom elastic loop connected to a bottom edge of... Agent:

20110209720 - Methods and kits for permanently coloring hair using a developer composition containing an oxidizer composition and a shampoo: Disclosed are methods, kits and compositions for coloring the hair involving a color base composition having: at least one oxidation dye precursor, and at least 5% by weight water based on the weight of the color base composition, wherein the color base composition has a pH ranging from 2 to... Agent: L'oreal

20110209721 - Ultrasonic hair dryer: A device for drying hair includes a housing having an air inlet and an air outlet spaced from the air inlet to define an airflow path through the housing. The device also includes a fan disposed within the housing along the airflow path, a hairstyling implement disposed at the air... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

20110209722 - Hair clip: A hair clip, comprising: a lower clip body and an upper clip body pivotally connected together at one end of each; corresponding locking and fixing devices formed at the other ends of said lower clip body and upper clip body; wherein a plastic slice is formed at an end of... Agent: French Fashion (h.k.) Limited

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