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Toilet July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180090 - Application tool for applying a product to hair: The present disclosure relates to an application tool and method for applying a product to hair. The application tool may comprise a base and an applicator. The base may at least partially secure and enclose the applicator. The applicator may include a brush section that includes bristles and a comb... Agent:

20110180089 - Container, a device including such a container, the use of such a device, and a method of applying a composition on the nails: Container for receiving a composition, a device including such a container, a use and a method for applying the composition contained in such a container on the nails, the container comprising a side wall that extends along a central axis between a bottom and an opening, the side wall presenting... Agent: L V M H Recherche

20110180091 - Sectional wig: A sectional wig includes a wig material adapted to cover a portion of the scalp, the portion being less than the entire scalp; a wig hair on a surface of the wig material; and an attachment mechanism to attach the wig material to the person's hair. At least some of... Agent:

20110180092 - Hair styling method: Provided is a method for styling mammalian hair that includes contacting the hair with a composition that includes a poly(vinylamine-vinylformamide) copolymer and a first carrier, contacting the hair with a composition that includes a citrate and a second carrier, and styling the hair. The method of the present invention promotes... Agent: Alberto-culver Company

20110180093 - Hair styling method: Provided is a method for styling mammalian hair that includes contacting the hair with a composition that includes a poly(vinylamine-vinylformamide) copolymer and a first carrier, contacting the hair with a composition that includes a cysteine and a second carrier, and styling the hair. The method of the present invention promotes... Agent: Alberto-culver Company

20110180094 - Device for hair volumizing: The present invention provides hair styling devices worn on the user's head to give the appearance of greater hair volume. The invention is adapted to be worn in the hair without being seen using a mechanism that secures one's natural hair to the device allowing for coverage as well as... Agent:

20110180095 - Electric eyelash brush: An electric eyelash brush has a housing, a motor driving module mounted inside the housing, an eyelash brush connected with the motor driving module and having one end protruding beyond the housing, and a cover detachably combined with the housing to receive one end of the eyelash brush. The motor... Agent:

20110180096 - Curling iron with rotationally adjustable handle: A curling iron has a heatable barrel defining a lengthwise axis of the curling iron, a handle assembly having a grip, and a rotation mechanism coupled to a proximal end of the barrel and part of the handle assembly. The rotation mechanism permits rotation of at least part of the... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174326 - Frame for wig: A frame for a wig is provided. In the frame for a wig as half-finished type goods to obtain a finished-product type wig to be worn on person's head by combining natural hair such as person's hair or animal hair or artificial hair with the frame, the frame having an... Agent: Sung Chang Trss Corp.

20110174328 - Ergonomic mascara applicator: An ergonomic applicator is provided for applying a cosmetic composition to the eyelashes. The applicator comprises a handle portion and a head portion wherein the longitudinal axis of the head portion is positioned or can be rotatably positioned at an obtuse angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20110174327 - Gem tip: A unique device that has two sides, one gauze, one cotton, to allow the cleaning and exfoliating of skin in delicate areas, and normal surface areas where delicacy is unnecessary. The device can clean makeup, exfoliate, clean wounds, be used on delicate surfaces and in hart-to reach areas while changing... Agent: Koehi Enterprises, Inc.

20110174329 - Process for reducing hair damage upon treatment of hair by heat: A process for reducing hair damage upon treatment of hair by heat comprising the steps of providing a hair care composition comprising a heat-stable silicone material, applying said composition onto hair, providing a heat generating hair care appliance, and treating hair using said appliance; use and kit thereof.... Agent:

20110174330 - Device and method for mixing hair coloring chemicals: A device and method for mixing and applying hair coloring chemicals to a user's hair. The device comprises a brush applicator, a first compartment capable of holding the brush applicator in a locked position, a second compartment containing a first hair coloring chemical, a third compartment containing a second hair... Agent:

20110174331 - Hair iron: A hair iron includes upper and lower casings defining a grip portion and coupled to each other at a first end with an elastic coupler such that the casings in the side of a second end opposite to the first end are pivotable within a certain angular range about the... Agent: Ghd Korea, Inc.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168196 - Hair extension device: In one configuration of the present invention, a hair extension device for providing a user with the appearance of having longer, fuller hair is disclosed. The device may have a hair cluster having a hair flap which in turn comprises one or more hair wefts. The hair wefts may contain... Agent:

20110168197 - Adjustable device for protecting the edge of the fingernail and positioning a stencil on the nail: The invention relates to an adjustable device that positions itself on any finger in such a way as to protect the edge of the nail without the risk of smudging and enables the nail to be covered with a stencil. Clamp (1) consisting of two jaws (2, 3) hinged about... Agent:

20110168198 - Foam applicators to apply cosmetics or nail polish: A cosmetic foam applicator product applies cosmetics to the skin and a nail polish foam applicator applies nail polish to fingernails and toenails. Each foam applicator has a stem and an adjacent head. The stem for the cosmetic foam applicator has sidewalls contoured as finger grips and its head has... Agent:

20110168199 - Thermal cosmetic treatment process using a semi-crystalline polymer: The present invention relates to a non-therapeutic makeup and/or care process for non-fibrous human keratin matter, such as the skin, the lips and the fingernails, comprising the following steps: placing a heating device on or near an outer surface of a lump of a solid cosmetic composition to heat said... Agent: L'oreal

20110168200 - Cosmetic composition comprising at least one type of hollow particle, at least one starch and at least one cationic surfactant: The present disclosure relates to cosmetic compositions in the form of a deformable solid comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one type of hollow particle, at least one starch chosen from modified and unmodified starches, and at least one cationic surfactant, wherein the weight ratio of the at... Agent:

20110168202 - Bleaching methods and compositions: A method of treating a material, the method comprising applying to the material a composition comprising at least 10 wt % of ammonium carbonate, ammonium carbamate or a mixture thereof; and a source of hydrogen peroxide.... Agent: Perachem Limited

20110168201 - Thickened hair colourant and bleaching compositions: The present invention relates to hair colouring and hair bleaching compositions comprising a first component comprising at least one oxidizing agent and a C6 to C16 alkyl glucoside and a second component comprising an anionic surfactant and a fatty alcohol. The compositions surprisingly provide improved hair colourant and bleaching compositions... Agent:

20110168203 - Wrap device and method for curling hair: A wrap curling device is disclosed which comprises a triangular or quadrilateral shaped, dual-sided pouch which further comprises a heat absorbent material. The heat absorbent material will preferably gain moisture from the air as it is heated. The exterior of the pouch is preferably constructed of a breathable fabric that... Agent:

20110168204 - Applicator for combing the eyelashes or the eyebrows, or for applying a composition thereto: An applicator for combing keratinous fibers, in particular eyelashes and/or eyebrows, and/or for applying a composition on the keratinous fibers, in particular the eyelashes and/or the eyebrows, the applicator including a molded applicator member that includes a core having a longitudinal axis; and teeth extending outwards from the core, at... Agent: L'oreal

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110162669 - Brush for applying a cosmetic product: A bristle brush for applying a cosmetic product to hair is provided with a sleeve having a longitudinal axis and at least one perforation. The brush is disposed within the sleeve so that brush bristles extend through the perforation for contact with the hair. The perforation is circular, arcuate, rectangular,... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20110162668 - Personal care compositions comprising a multi-active system for down regulating cytokines irritation: A personal care composition comprising a multi-active system for down regulating cytokines comprising: bis-abolol and ginger extract, and a surfactant derived from a triglyceride such as olive oil, and methods of use.... Agent:

20110162670 - Composition and method for the smoothing of fibres containing keratin: The invention relates to a composition which is oxidatively effective on keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, and which, besides at least one oxidizing agent, comprises an active ingredient combination of (a) a selected cationic polymer, (b) at least one mono- or di(C.sub.8- to C.sub.30)-alkylammonium salt and (c) at least... Agent:

20110162671 - Bleaching agent comprising 2-acylpyridinium derivatives: wherein R is a C1-C6 alkyl group, a C2-C6 alkenyl group, a C2-C6 hydroxyalkyl group, a C1-C6 alkoxy C2-C6 alkyl group, a carboxy C1-C6 alkyl group, an aryl C1-C6 alkyl group, a heteroaryl C1-C6 alkyl group, a mono- or di-(C1-C6 alkyl)amino C2-C6 alkyl group, a 3-oxobutyl group, a 2-oxopropyl group,... Agent:

20110162672 - Hair styling device: The present invention relates to a hair styling device, for example one that can be used for curling and straightening hair. Particularly, the invention relates to a hair styling device having a first styling part and a second styling part. such that the two styling parts are movable in relation... Agent:

20110162673 - Makeup method and a device for implementing such a method: The present invention provides a method of making up human keratinous material, the method comprising: taking at least two measurements of an optical characteristic of said keratinous material at different locations; and applying a composition to the keratinous material, the composition modifying a characteristic of the appearance of said keratinous... Agent: L'oreal

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