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Toilet June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155159 - Colorthru comb: The present invention, Colorthru Comb, provides a traditional styling comb featuring an elongated handle that is removable so that it is left or right handed friendly, at the distal end of which a two sided comb head is integrally attached. One side of the comb head boasts wide spaced teeth,... Agent:

20110155160 - Hot pour cosmetic mixing and kit: A kit and method for providing the consumer with supplies and instructions that can be used to blend their own custom color or predefined hot pour cosmetic color shades. The hot pour cosmetics involved include but are not limited to lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, cream blush and cream eyeshadow.... Agent:

20110155162 - Method for treating human keratinous fibers: A method for cosmetic treatment of human keratinous fibers including the steps of: a) heating up in contact with or in the vicinity of a heating device, an outer surface of a piece of solid product, notably with hardness greater than or equal to 50 g at 20° C. so... Agent: L'oreal

20110155161 - Methods of treating keratinous material, and apparatus for implementing such methods: m

20110155165 - Cleansing composition: The present invention provides a cleansing composition for the skin or hair, which contains, together with (A) a sulfate type anionic surfactant and (B) an N-acylalanine or a salt thereof, at least one kind of compound selected from (C) an amphoteric surfactant, (D) a cationic polymer, (E) a silicone compound... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20110155164 - Cosmetic composition comprising at least one organic silicon compound, at least one anionic surfactant and at least one aminated silicone as well as a method employing said composition: The present disclosure relates to cosmetic compositions for washing and conditioning keratin fibers, such as human keratin fibers, for example, the hair, comprising in a cosmetically acceptable medium: i) at least one organic silicon compound chosen from silanes comprising one silicon atom and siloxanes comprising two or three silicon atoms,... Agent:

20110155163 - Cosmetic composition comprising at least one organosilicon compound, at least one anionic surfactant and at least one nonionic thickener, and process using the composition: Provided is a detergent and conditioning cosmetic composition for keratin fibers, comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium: (i) at least one organosilicon compound chosen from silanes comprising one silicon atom and siloxanes comprising two or three silicon atoms, wherein the at least one organosilicon compound also comprises at least one... Agent:

20110155167 - Agent for dyeing and/or bleaching keratin fibers in two parts, comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one sequestrant: o

20110155166 - Agent for dyeing and/or bleaching keratin fibers, comprising composition (a), anhydrous composition (b), and at least one fatty substance: The present disclosure relates to an agent for dyeing and/or bleaching keratin fibers, comprising: composition (A) comprising at least one basifying agent, and anhydrous composition (B) comprising hydrogen peroxide and/or at least one hydrogen peroxide precursor, wherein composition (A) and/or composition (B) comprise at least one fatty substance not containing... Agent:

20110155168 - Dental floss holding structure: A dental floss holding structure includes a dental floss and two holding bodies. The two ends of the dental floss are respectively connected with a base, which includes a first coupling portion with a first positioning portion mounted thereon. Each of the two holding bodies includes a second coupling portion... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110146698 - Method for attaching hair extensions; application clamp, pinch applicator, and hair extension assembly for use with the method: The invention relates to a method for attaching hair extensions into basic hair comprising the following steps: providing a carrier foil with a number of hair extensions into the lower arm having lower recesses of an application clamp, closing the application clamp by clamping together the—hingingly interconnected—upper arm and lower... Agent: Euro Hair R&d B.v.

20110146699 - Composition and method for hair straightening: A composition and method of use therefor that allows for permanent straightening or curl of human hair that is not irritating to the skin, that does not have an obnoxious odor, that is significantly less damaging to hair, that allows for the immediate shampooing of hair thereafter and that provides... Agent:

20110146700 - Color and hard anodizing process for application on metal plates of hair straightening and modeling manual equipment: “COLOR AND HARD ANODIZING PROCESS FOR APPLICATION ON METAL PLATES OF HAIR STRAIGHTENING AND MODELING MANUAL EQUIPMENT”, refers to the present invention for improvement applied in hard and color anodization process, especially used in metallic elements of equipment normally employed to straighten and modeling hairs, also traditionally known as “hair... Agent:

20110146701 - Hair band with a firmly positioned decorative strip: A hair band with a firmly positioned decorative strip includes a band body and a decorative strip. The band body has a long hole, a grooved edge respectively formed in two sides of the long hole, plural lateral bridges extending to the grooved edges, an engaging recess respectively formed near... Agent:

20110146702 - Extending cosmetic composition comprising behenyl alcohol as thickener: The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition for make-up and/or care of keratin fibres comprising at least one emulsifying system free from triethanolamine stearate, characterized in that it contains behenyl alcohol, and in that the texture value measured by texture analysis counting from preparation of said composition, namely 24... Agent: L'oreal

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139167 - Nail care device: A nail care device includes a covering part, a light-emitting component, and a light-emitting control module. The covering part is configured for covering a tip of a digit of a limb. The light-emitting component is disposed in the covering part in a manner that light emitted by the light-emitting component... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20110139168 - Nail filing and rounding apparatus: Disclosed herein is an animal nail filing apparatus. The apparatus includes a body having a first end, a second end, and at least one sidewall extending from the first end to the second end. A first parabolic-shaped recess is present in the first end of the body and has an... Agent:

20110139169 - Manicure soaking bowl and method: A manicure soaking bowl and method uses in one embodiment a soaking bowl with a disposable inside liner which can be discarded with the contents after each use. The liner has a lip which fits on the rim of the bowl facilitating removal and replacement. The liner is shaped or... Agent:

20110139170 - Non-sulfate mild surfactant system for skin and hair cleaning: Non-sulfate skin and hair cleansers that impart advantageous properties to the skin or hair and produce a finely porous and creamy foam, containing the following in a cosmetically acceptable substrate—on a weight basis—(a) at least one acylamino acid salt, (a) at least one alkyl polyglucoside and (b) at least one... Agent:

20110139171 - Cosmetic composition comprising at least one silicone copolymer and at least one liquid volatile linear alkane: Provided herein is a composition for treating keratin fibers that comprises at least one silicone copolymer based on at least one silicone resin and at least one fluid silicone, and at least one liquid volatile linear alkanes. Also provided herein is a method of treating keratin fibers, comprising applying the... Agent:

20110139172 - Equipment for hair flattening with coupled brush: Equipment for hair flattening with coupled brush, deals with, in particular, an equipment (1) notably developed to afford more easiness and practicality in the hair treatment, in particular regarding the flattening, incorporating in only one equipment, necessary elements for its accomplishment, and may be electrical or manual, being basically composed... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110132384 - Artificial nail or tip arrangement and method of making same: Exemplary embodiments of artificial nail or tip arrangement and method of making the same can be provided. For example, at least one body can be provided which can have a particular surface with a shape that at least approximately corresponds to a shape of at least one portion of a... Agent: Kiss Nail Products, Inc.

20110132383 - Layered fingernail extension: A layered fingernail extension to be attached to the tip of a wearer's fingernail to enhance the ornamentality thereof. In one example, decorative artwork is applied to a layer of material and a plurality of decorative moving elements are retained above the art work. The decorative art work establishes a... Agent:

20110132385 - Skin care device: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations an abrasive exterior is attached to a body about obtuse to a right-angle of a trapezoid geometry of the body. In some implementations, the body includes a pocket along a longitudinal axis of the body and in some implementations... Agent:

20110132387 - Porous, dissolvable solid substrate and surface resident coating comprising a skin treatment active: The present invention relates to personal care compositions, especially those shave preparation article and skin care articles which are in the form of a porous dissolvable solid substrate having a surface resident coating comprising at least one skin treatment active. The present invention can deliver a consumer benefit as well... Agent:

20110132386 - Prefabricated nails, apparatus and method for producing: The present invention provides a new paradigm in prefabricated gel nails (also referred to as pre processed) gel nails, that lends itself to the mass production of the nails, in shapes, colors, styles that are close to finished, and are configured to enable the nails to be securely attached to... Agent:

20110132388 - Methods for protecting keratinous fibers comprising applying compositions comprising at least one silicone and at least one film forming polymer: Methods and kits for protecting at least one keratinous fiber, including human keratinous fibers, comprising applying to the at least one keratinous fiber a composition comprising at least one silicone and at least one film forming polymer.... Agent: L'oreal S.a.

20110132389 - Agent for fibers containing keratin, comprising at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer, at least one cationic styling polymer that is different therefrom and at least one film-forming non-ionic and/or stabilizing non-ionic polymer: Agent for treating fibers containing keratin, in particular human hair, having in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, (a) at least one amphiphilic, cationic polymer comprising at least one structural unit of formulae (I) to (IV), wherein R1 and R4 are independently hydrogen or a methyl group; X1 and X2 are independently... Agent:

20110132390 - Device, system, and method for applying hair color: A system for coloring hair includes a specialized brush having a narrow tapered end and an elongated handle portion and an opposite bristle head consisting of at least three bristle grouping. Each bristle grouping is separated by a gap. The bristle groupings align with corresponding channels on a color tray.... Agent:

20110132391 - Heating plate for a hair straightener: A heating plate for a hair straightener including a substantially planar hair engagement surface and at least a first and a second edge defining a periphery of a first end of the hair engagement surface, wherein at least one of the first and second edges includes a tapered-shape profile.... Agent: Dickson Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110132392 - Oral hygienic facility: An oral hygienic-utensil comprised of at least one oral hygienic device such as a toothpick, interdental pick, brush, tongue cleaner, dental flossers and/or oral-substance filled containers for personal use after eating in a location where oral hygienic facilities may not be otherwise available. In some embodiments the oral hygienic device... Agent:

20110132393 - Arrangement for dispensing dental floss: An arrangement for dispensing dental floss consisting of a container and a cocoon of wound dental floss therein. The cocoon is unwound from an aperture though the centre thereof and the arrangement therefore does not need a hub formed within the container to rotatably mount a spool with floss, as... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110126849 - Hair building solid: A hair building solid comprising a coating, wherein the coating facilitates the formation of a dipolar electrostatic charge on the surface of the coated solid.... Agent: Pangaea Laboratories Ltd.

20110126850 - Volume giving cleansing composition: h

20110126851 - Cosmetics case: A cosmetics case includes a bottom case, a top case which covers the bottom case, a storing member which is positioned inside the bottom case to store a predetermined contents and includes a spring holder formed at a bottom side of the storing member for holding a spring and a... Agent:

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