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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110120484 - Fiber for artificial hair and artificial hair product using the same: A fiber for artificial hair that has an improved appearance with a suppressed gloss is obtained by combining regenerated collagen fibers having different shapes in cross section. An artificial hair product using the same is provided. The fiber for artificial hair according to the present invention is obtained by combining... Agent:

20110120485 - Wig with integral clinging foundation: A wig with integral clinging foundation for enhanced securement of the wig to the head of a wearer. A plurality of hair strands are attached to a foundation base element. One or more securement elements are connected to the periphery of the foundation base element. Each securement element is flexible... Agent:

20110120487 - Hair treatment methods and kits: A cosmetic treatment method for hair, the method comprising the following steps: abrading the hair using abrasion means enabling the hair to be abraded; and applying a cosmetic treatment composition to the hair, before, after, and/or during abrasion of the hair.... Agent: L'oreal

20110120486 - Saline nose wipe and methods of manufacture and use: The present invention generally relates to a wet wipe or sheet that is suitable for contacting the skin and removing mucus from the skin. More specifically, the present invention relates to a wet wipe having an aqueous saline component suitable for dissolving and removing mucus in combination with the fabric... Agent: Little Busy Bodies, Inc.

20110120488 - Hair care method: A method of treating hair comprising the step of applying to dry towel dried hair a hair care product comprising a non-surfactant esterified sugar which is non-crystalline at 20° C.... Agent:

20110120489 - Method of treating hair: A method of styling hair comprising the step of applying to the hair a composition comprising an oligosaccharide comprising mannitol.... Agent:

20110120490 - Daisy chain hair clasps for creating ringlets and waves: Three or more hairstyling clasps can be used to create a hairstyle effect on a person's hair. Each clasp has first and second generally strip-like portions. A lock of the hair is twisted and positioned between the first and second portions of a first clasp, and the clasp is closed... Agent:

20110120491 - Hairdressing device: A hairdressing device includes a pair of arm members opposed to each other and hingedly connected at one longitudinal ends thereof, each of the arm members including a hinge portion, a grip portion contiguous to the hinge portion and a hair-pinching portion contiguous to the grip portion; and a heater... Agent: Sm Ceramic Co., Ltd.

20110120492 - Comb through blow dryer: The present invention relates to a comb through blow dryer for straightening and detangling hair comprising: a filter at a first end of the blow dryer; a heated blow dryer, where the heated blow dryer draws air through the filter for heating and transfers heated air through the dryer assembly;... Agent:

20110120493 - Fresh flower retainer hair clasp: A hair clasp configured for retaining at least one fresh flower includes a receptacle capable of holding water. A hair clasp is attached to the receptacle for temporary attachment of the clasp to the hair of a user. An end cap is coupled to an open end of the receptacle.... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114105 - Single-use multi-abrasive tool to decrease biohazard: A comprehensive cost-effective single-tool-per-job and single-use abrasive device used by aesthetic professionals for shaping and polishing the natural keratin plate or its artificial enhancements on the digits of the human limbs that eliminates the cost-per-use driven standard practice of reusing multiple tools which carries a risk of spreading biohazard contamination.... Agent:

20110114107 - Bowl: A bowl (10) comprises a basin (12) and a holding means (28; 34) for positioning a tag (36). According to the invention the holding means (28; 34) is adapted to position the tag (36) on a different level than the level of a tool (18) resting on the basin (12)... Agent: Kpss Kao Professional Salon Services Gmbh

20110114106 - Continuous curve fingernail acrylics form with handle tab and method: A form for depositing fingernail acrylic onto a fingernail includes a channel member with arched cross-section and curved along its length to define a member rim, and a concave member interior surface and a member outer surface progressing rearwardly along a smooth and continuous curve to a cuticle rim end,... Agent:

20110114108 - Compositions and methods incorporating photocatalysts: The present invention relates to a composition including an active material having groups capable of covalent attachment to a substrate in the presence of an acid or a base, a photocatalyst capable of generating an acid or a base upon exposure to light, and a vehicle. The active is a... Agent:

20110114109 - Compositions comprising at least one silicone phosphate compound and at least one amine compound, and methods for using the same: Compositions, methods, and kits for caring for, treating, conditioning or durable conditioning of at least one keratinous fiber comprising at least one silicone compound comprising at least one phosphate group compound and at least one amine compound comprising greater than three amino groups, wherein the amino groups are identical or... Agent: L'oreal S.a.

20110114110 - Hair styling assembly: A hair styling tool kit has cylindrical hair roller(s) having bristles positioned on exterior thereof, a proximate end, a distant end and an opening formed in the proximate end. A handle is configured to detachably engage the proximate end of the hair roller(s), one at a time, and facilitate rolling... Agent:

20110114111 - Hair styling tool with detachable handle: A hair styling tool kit has cylindrical hair roller(s) having bristles positioned on exterior thereof, an open proximate end, a closed distant end and an inner cavity. A magnet is fitted in the distant end of the hair roller, and a mating magnet is fitted in a roller engaging portion... Agent:

20110114112 - Lash brush with adjustable bristle arrangement: The present invention relates to a lash brush that allows for adjustment of the arrangement of bristles formed on a bristle sleeve of the lash brush according to practical needs and enhances the operation of lash make-up. A bristle bar assembly includes an inner bar that is retained in an... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108045 - Fingernail polish protector: A fingernail and toenail protection mechanism particularly useful for protecting wet nail polish until the nail polish has dried. The rigid protector fits over the last digit of an appendage, covering the nail. An opening in the rigid protector allows entry of the appendage. The protector is configured to avoid... Agent:

20110108046 - Nail polish carrier: The nail polish carrier includes a container body containing manicure liquid. A hollow neck is detachably mounted to the container body at one end and includes an integrated applicator at that end. The applicator includes a brush for the user to apply manicure liquid to the user's nails. A cap... Agent:

20110108047 - Finger positioning device for a printer: A finger positioning device for a printer is provided, having a frame, a finger support supported by the frame, the finger support having a loading position and a printing position; and a release latch adjacent the finger support, wherein the finger support is biased to the printing position and the... Agent:

20110108048 - Comb: A comb has a function for preventing slippage occurring when the comb is gripped, and allowing a user to remove a liquid adhered to the fingertips promptly. Further, the comb can be deformed flexibly. The comb has a concave-convex surface formed in a back face part of a comb main... Agent: Park Way Co., Ltd.

20110108049 - Method for growing or nourishing head hair: A hair growth method includes repeatedly washing hair using a washing agent that includes a microbubble washing composition and microbubbles, the microbubble washing composition including a protease and a lipase. The hair growth method exhibits an excellent hair growth effect.... Agent: Thales Inc.

20110108050 - Applicator system: The present invention generally relates to an applicator system and in particular, relates to an applicator system capable of moving the applicator head in an irregular motion. The applicator system is provided with a mechanism that gives the applicator an irregular motion during usage thereby resulting in better application. The... Agent: Zen Design Solutions Limited

20110108051 - Ultrasonic hairstyling device: A device for styling hair includes a handle and a barrel extending from the handle. The barrel has a styling surface spaced from the handle, and the styling surface is configured for winding the hair around the barrel. The device further includes a heating element in thermal communication with the... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

20110108052 - Device for curling hair and/or styling hair: The invention refers to a device for curling hair, comprising a handle, a first arm and a second arm. The first and second arm are arranged side-by-side and parallel to one another and they extend substantially along a longitudinal axis (X). The device comprises at least one heating element for... Agent: Tenacta Group S.p.a.

20110108053 - Ultrasonic hairstyling device: A device for styling hair includes a wand defining a handle grip surface and a first styling surface spaced from the handle grip surface and a plate defining a second styling surface, the plate being pivotally coupled to the wand to clamp the hair between the first styling surface and... Agent: Goody Products, Inc.

20110108054 - Knock-type cosmetic vessel: A knock-type cosmetic vessel includes a button moved in a vertical direction. A knocking unit receives the button in such a way that the button slides in the vertical direction, locks the button such that the button is maintained in a downwardly moved state when the button is pushed once... Agent:

20110108055 - For the people on the go 2-in-1 toothbrush plus toothpaste: Disclosed herein is a pen-shape-like gadget. It's actually a 2-in-1 toothbrush plus toothpaste, just convenient for the people on the go, especially those forgetful people like me. Ha, Ha, Ha, so you don't need to look for your toothpaste because it's already attached to your toothbrush. I hope this gadget... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110100389 - French manicure tool: A tool for forming the white tips of fingernails provided with a French manicure. The tool includes a number of scrapers of different size that are connected to one another. Each of the scrapers has an arcuate blade for positioning against a fingernail to which a French manicure is being... Agent:

20110100390 - Device to treat hair using ultrasound: With a device (1) to treat hair using ultrasound having two clamps (2, 3), which are connected to one another via a joint (4) and which swivel, an oscillating body (5) is arranged on an interior side (6) of a clamp (3). The oscillating body (5) is positioned such that... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110100391 - Modular hair styling apparatus: A hair-styling device comprising a handle with first and second housings having proximal and distal ends. A pivot joint is formed at the proximal ends to bias the distal ends away from each other. The distal ends have a concave opening with male terminal pins disposed therein. A plurality of... Agent:

20110100392 - Makeup tool: A makeup tool includes a body portion with an elongated handle and a pair of arm portions. The pair of arm portions are spaced apart from one another such that an open space exists between the pair of arm portions. At least one collection sheet is removeably secured to each... Agent:

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