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Toilet April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110094527 - Assembly for thickening hair: An assembly for thickening hair has a first adhesive tape, apt to be reversibly adhered on hair, having an adhesive face onto which there are arranged connecting elements of hair extensions of a first plurality of the hair extensions at their respective distal end, and a second adhesive tape, apt... Agent:

20110094528 - Vented cushion brush: A hair brush head has a solid, relatively hard body (12), a cushion base (18) attached to one side of the body (12) with a portion spaced with respect to the body in order to form an air space (22) between itself and the body, and a plurality of vent... Agent:

20110094529 - Method of providing transitional hair salon services: A method of alternatively servicing patrons of hair salons during transitional periods of embarrassment and stress resulting from ongoing medical conditions affecting one's hair appearance includes the steps of offering consultations, purchases of whole wig, demi-piece and hair fall adaptations for purchase, and maintenance of the hair adaptations purchased during... Agent:

20110094530 - Weft less hair extension and method for making: A hair extension that has no weft for attachment to the hairs on a person's head. The extension however includes a group of hairs arranged to form a flat strip which has a top end, a bottom end, a width across the group of hairs and a length along the... Agent:

20110094531 - Composition for treating keratin fibers, comprising at least one polyalkene-based supramoledcular polymer, at least one block polymer, and at least one volatile solvent: Disclosed herein is a composition for treating keratin fibers, comprising: at least one polyalkene-based supramolecular polymer, at least one block ethylenic copolymer, and at least one volatile solvent. Also disclosed is a process for treating keratin fibers comprising applying to the keratin fibers the composition for treating keratin fibers.... Agent:

20110094532 - Device for cutting off split ends of hair: To ensure the device (1) is economical and easy to use, it is proposed that the device have a connecting part (7) which can be connected with a hairstyling device, especially a blow dryer or hot air brush (8), to allow a stream of air (9) produced by that device... Agent:

20110094533 - Long-wear mascara compositions: A cosmetic composition for use on eyelashes and/or eyelids that includes from about 15% to about 50%, by weight, of a film former selected from the group consisting of tall oil glyceride, pentaerythrityl rosinate, glyceryl rosinate, and the hydrogenated versions and mixtures thereof. Further there is from about 0.1% to... Agent:

20110094534 - Compressible cosmetic applicator: An applicator head for cosmetic products such as mascara is described. The applicator head has at least two arched supports, each with and outwardly directed applicator surface. The arched supports surround a clearance and define a relatively large, expanded configuration for loading and application purposes. The arched supports flex inwardly,... Agent:

20110094535 - Hair care device: The present invention relates to a hair care device (1), having a handle (3), a function head (4) which can be connected to the handle (3), and which has a hair treatment device (5), particularly a brush and/or a tooth field, and having an ion-discharging device (9) for discharging ions... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110088710 - Combination nail polish remover and applicator bottle: A multi purpose fluid container for an integrated makeup kit, particularly an integrated nail makeup kit, wherein a plurality of varieties of nail polishes, polish applicator brush, nail polish remover solvent, and nail polish remover pads are combined in a size and shape that is easily carried in a modestly... Agent:

20110088712 - Adjustable applicator: The present invention generally is an adjustable applicator employed for application of a cosmetic or a care product such as for application of mascara, coloring strands of hair, for dental flossing or for applying pharmaceuticals or cleaning agents. The invention discloses an adjustable applicator comprising an applicator element having a... Agent: Zen Design Solutions Limited

20110088711 - Wipe with an emulsion containing a thickening polymer and a hydrophobic modified inulin: The invention relates to an article, more particularly a wipe, having at least one water-insoluble substrate impregnated with a particular composition. The invention also relates to the composition itself and to the uses of the article in the cosmetic or dermatological field, in particular for cleaning and/or removing makeup from... Agent: L'oreal

20110088713 - Vibratable and reversibly rotatable mascara applicator: A mascara applicator includes a main body, a rod and a bottle. The main body defines a receiving space therein. The main body has a power source and a reversible DC motor. The power source electrically connects to the DC motor. The DC motor includes a rotor. At least one... Agent:

20110088714 - Hair care appliance which can be employed in a flexible manner: The present invention relates to a hair treatment appliance (1) having a handle (3), a functional head (4) which can be connected to the handle (3) and has a hair treatment device (5), and also an ion application device (9) for applying ions to the hair, said ion application device... Agent:

20110088715 - Box with mirror and handle: This invention relates to packing boxes with a lid hinged onto a mirror which holds the box open and allows the user to see herself. Additionally, this invention relates to packing boxes with attached ribbons which adjusts and become a handle. With this invention, a person who receives a gift... Agent:

20110088716 - Under-eye makeup shield: A makeup shield patch of material is curved at the top to fit under the eye. The front of the patch has a textured surface to catch falling eye makeup. The back of the patch has a weak adhesive which is gentle to the skin. Peel-off strips over the back... Agent:

20110088717 - Apparatus and methods for manufacturing multi-texture floss: A dental floss dispensing unit comprising a housing and a supply spool coupled to the housing and having a length of floss wound thereabout. The supply spool being adjustable between a locked position, where the supply spool is fixed with respect to the housing, and an unlocked position, where the... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110083689 - Salon finishing board: A salon finishing board used for finishing fingernails. The salon finishing board is constructed by securing a non-woven abrasive impregnated fabric material to one or both sides of a salon finishing board. The non-woven abrasive impregnated fabric material allows the salon finishing board to smooth the nail, prepare the nail... Agent:

20110083690 - Ergonomic hair coloring brush: A system of brushes for coloring hair with each brush including an ergonomically shaped handle, recessed valley areas for comfortable and effective finger pressure points, each brush color coded to specific base colors, and each brush provided with a color changing system to alert the user to recent use.... Agent:

20110083692 - Method and apparatus for improving the appearance of nails affected by onychomycosis through the topical application of highly concentrated or supersaturated boric acid: A toenail treatment kit for treating onychomycosis and improving nail appearance for persons suffering onychomycosis, including a highly concentrated or supersaturated solution of boric acid. The boric acid solution is poured into a soaking tray having a fluid reservoir for containing said boric acid solution and a footrest proximate the... Agent:

20110083691 - Vibratory apparatus: An apparatus and a system for use with a traditional prior art hygienic device such as a straight edge shaving apparatus is provided. The improved apparatus may be utilized with known straight edge disposable shavers, for example, whereby the apparatus may be adapted to fit a plurality of different disposable... Agent:

20110083693 - Applicator for applying cosmetic composition to the eyelashes or eyebrows: An applicator may be used to apply a cosmetic composition to the eyelashes or the eyebrows. The applicator may include a stem having a distal stem portion extending along a longitudinal axis. The applicator may further include a brush extending from the distal stem portion. The brush may include a... Agent:

20110083694 - Double profile mascara brush: Double profile mascara brush having a stem supporting a plurality of radially disposed bristles, said stem being connected at one end to a handgrip (capsule), the free ends of said bristles defining a lateral surface of the brush, which presents a make-up application portion for applying the mascara to the... Agent: Chromavis S.p.a.

20110083695 - Hair straightening apparatus: An improved hair iron for straightening or styling hair is presented. The hair iron comprises two arms pivotally connected at one end and includes a biasing spring near the pivot and connected to arms to bias the arms in a normally open position. Included on one arm is a positive... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079233 - Single or multi-point hair extension: A single or multi-point hair extension device includes: an extending hair bundle comprising a plurality of strands of hair; a bundle tip collecting and fixing one end of the plurality of strands of hair for the extending hair bundle; an engaging loop extending from the bundle tip; and an attaching... Agent:

20110079234 - Hole exposed on the key ring nail clipper: The present invention provides a nail clipper having a hole to receive a key chain wherein the hole is a sufficient distance from the lever arm of the clipper to easily expose the hole for receiving a key chain. The key ring hole is better exposed, with no hindrance from... Agent:

20110079235 - System, apparatus, and method for hair weaving thread: A method and system to facilitate the removal of hair extensions, weaves, and other hair augmentation products, wherein a thread that is colored such that it substantially matches natural human hair is treated with a substance. The substance will be one that does not interact with hair products and will... Agent:

20110079236 - Artificial eyelash and method for applying same: An artificial eyelash assembly includes a base strand having a first end and a second end opposite the first end and a plurality of hairs. A first loop is disposed proximate the first end of the base strand and a second loop is disposed proximate the second end of the... Agent: Kiss Nail Products, Inc.

20110079237 - Hairstyling apparatus: The present invention relates to a hairstyling apparatus for styling hair comprising: a first element, where said first element includes a first front portion and a first rear portion, where said first front portion includes a first heatable plate; a second element, where said second element includes a second front... Agent:

20110079238 - Hair style treatment device: A hair style treatment device comprises an arm body 2, at least one vibration means 3 disposed in one or the other arm 2A, 2B or in a device body 4A and generating vibration of a predetermined frequency, and at least one vibrator 9 disposed in one or the other... Agent: Kikuboshi Corporation

20110079239 - Hair dryer: A hair dryer includes a body having an air inlet and an air outlet, a fan for generating air flow from the air inlet to the air outlet, a heater for heating the air flow, and an attachment secured to the body and in communication with the air outlet to... Agent:

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