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Toilet March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073122 - Wig base: An inward retroflexion is formed to prevent an outward retroflexion of a perimeter part by sewing the perimeter part of a net ground fabric on an attachment member attached along a portion or the entirety of the perimeter part of the net ground fabric, on which human hair or artificial... Agent:

20110073123 - Manicure and pedicure implement case: A washable manicure and pedicure implement case is comprised of a rectangular fabric body that includes a bottom edge, top edge, first edge, second edge, a plurality of pockets, and a closing structure attached to the first edge and wraps around the body when the case is rolled into the... Agent:

20110073124 - Ultrasonic artificial nail remover with a natural nail shaped tip: An ultrasonic wave energy artificial nail remover in one aspect includes a handle, a body attached to the handle, an ultrasonic sound wave generator attached to the body, and a tip having the shape of a natural nail. The tip is made to vibrate by the ultrasonic sound wave generator.... Agent: Kiss Nail Products, Inc.

20110073126 - Long-wearing glossy cosmetic composition: A transfer-resistant, single phase aqueous cosmetic compositions are provided. The compositions consist essentially of a water-soluble, film-forming acrylates copolymer and a water-soluble plasticizer for the copolymer. The compositions contain no oils, waxes, surfactants or emulsifiers, are water- and oil-resistant upon drying on the skin, and exhibit high gloss and long-wear... Agent:

20110073125 - Press-on multicolor application system and method: An assortment of color applicators apply cosmetic colors to specific regions of the user body including an instant eye shadow applicator, instant blush applicator, instant powder applicator, instant eye brow applicator, instant eye concealer, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, nails and deodorant applicator, instant lipstick applicator, instant hair applicator and... Agent:

20110073127 - Mascara brush component, mascara brush and mascara application assembly: The mascara brush component comprises: a body (12) that extends along a longitudinal direction (X) and that comprises an outer surface, a row of application members (13) that each extend between a first end (16) connected to the body (12) and a free second end (17) at a distance from... Agent:

20110073128 - Two-part foam hair dye: e

20110073129 - System, method, and appliances for applying hair treatments: A hair treatment foil includes a first hook fastener anchoring strip aligned with and proximal to a leading edge of the foil, and a second hook fastener anchoring strip offset from the first strip, the hooks of the second anchoring strip being taller and less dense than the hooks of... Agent: Pwai, LLC

20110073130 - Cosmetic organizer: A cosmetic organizer is provided. In at least one embodiment, an interactive pad for the cosmetic organizer includes: a base layer adapted for secure coupling to an interior panel disposed within a cosmetic organizer; a sheet disposed upon the base layer and adapted to be operatively marked with at least... Agent:

20110073132 - Dental floss bow: The invention presents a Dental Floss Bow to solve existent flossing problems. The Dental Floss Bow grips dental floss by adjusting the clearance gap between Taper Hole Body and Cone Body, which is achieved by thread engagement between Grip Nut and Taper Hole Body (which has male thread at one... Agent:

20110073133 - Flossing tool: A flossing tool comprising includes a handle having a first end, a second end opposite said first end, and a longitudinal length defining a line extending through the first end and the second end. A head is attached to the handle, the head includes a pair of arms supporting a... Agent: Ranir, LLC

20110073131 - Multi-angled dental floss holder: A dental floss holder includes a shank (11), an adjusting member (12) pivotally mounted on the shank and a cleaning unit (20) detachably mounted on the adjusting member. Thus, the rotation portion (111) of the shank is rotated relative to the mounting portion (122) of the adjusting member to adjust... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110067717 - Hair wash and rinse brush: A hair wash and rinse brush provides for a substantially flat brush structure that comprises a handle portion and a paddle, or “brush,” portion. The brush portion incorporates a plurality of apertures. Some of the apertures have hollow bristles disposed within them. In this fashion, water can be dispersed directly... Agent:

20110067718 - Sanitary apparatus and method for sampling cosmetics: A cosmetic patch for testing and evaluating a cosmetic product. The patch comprises a top surface colored and textured to match that of a user's features, preferably that of their lips. The reverse side of the patch comprises a weak adhesive surface to temporarily bond to the user's hand, forearm,... Agent:

20110067719 - Hair extension device: A hair extension device that allows a user to add supplemental, natural, human hair strands to the natural hair of the user. The hair extension device includes a filament formed into a circular or oval shape to encircle the head. Hair weft lengths are attached to the filament along an... Agent:

20110067720 - Compositions for imparting hydrophobicity and water repellency to hair: Compositions and methods are disclosed for imparting water repellency to the hair. The compositions generally comprise a first hydrophobic particulate material having a coefficient of dynamic friction of 0.5 or greater in combination with a second hydrophobic particulate material having a coefficient of dynamic friction less than 0.5.... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20110067721 - Hair styling method: m

20110067722 - Thickened hair colourant and bleaching compositions: The present invention relates to hair colouring and hair bleaching compositions comprising at least one oxidizing agent, a specified gel network thickener system comprising a specified tertiary component system, and a polysaccharide and a polyol. The compositions surprisingly provide hair colourant and bleaching compositions which deliver lightening and colour which... Agent:

20110067723 - Thickened hair colourant and bleaching compositions: The present invention relates to hair colouring and hair bleaching compositions comprising at least one oxidizing agent, a specified gel network thickener system comprising a specified tertiary system, a cationic polymer and a mica and or titanium oxide. The compositions surprisingly provide improved hair colourant and bleaching compositions which deliver... Agent:

20110067724 - Flexible level system for a comb: A comb system for creating or replicating a haircut. The comb system has a comb with level attachments and measuring devices that measure different angles of the comb with respect to an object, such as a head. The level attachments and measuring devices are removable and adjustable, allowing for flexibility... Agent:

20110067725 - Variable pitch mascara brush: A brush for applying mascara or the like, comprising an elongated core and a plurality of coating surfaces axially spaced along the elongated core, distributed around the core over a substantial portion of the length of the core extending from the distal end thereof. The coating surfaces are arranged in... Agent: Alcan Packaging Beauty Services

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110061670 - Color changing artificial fingernails: Electronic color changing artificial nails comprise a polymer layer in a general shape of a human natural nail, bistable electro-optic material and a ledge on which display electrodes are disposed located at a tip of the artificial nail. Once the artificial nail is attached to the natural nail, the artificial... Agent: Kent Displays Incorporated

20110061669 - Hand rest vacuum and method: A hand rest vacuum and method is provided for the nail care industry. A body is configured to be supported by a desk between a client and a nail care technician. A cushioned hand rest pad is supported by the body. The body has a retractable nozzle on the technician... Agent:

20110061668 - Nail trimming system: A nail trimming system that provides for retention of nail trimmings includes a nail clipper and a receptacle attached to the nail clipper. The receptacle circumscribes and extends past the blades of the nail clipper, and has an opening for insertion of a finger or toe. The receptacle may have... Agent:

20110061671 - Method for wash-protecting the color of artificially dyed keratin fibers: Disclosed herein is a method for wash-protecting the color of artificially dyed keratin fibers comprising applying to the artificially dyed keratin fibers at least one drying oil or at least one composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one drying oil.... Agent:

20110061672 - Hair shaping device: s

20110061673 - Adjustable-barrel curling iron: An adjustable barrel, a barrel-adjustment assembly, and an adjustable distal tip assembly. The barrel is radially adjustable between an expanded position and a contracted position having different diameters. The barrel-adjustment assembly includes a barrel cam, a gear-set, and a rotary adjustment ring. The barrel cam rotates to unwrap and wrap... Agent:

20110061674 - Fastening device for extraneous elements in hair: The device is formed of a flat polymerized plastic strip (1) which is on one side provided with locking projections (3) made of the same material. The locking projections are preferably formed such that they can penetrate natural hair and can be engage with similar locking projections (3) of a... Agent:

20110061675 - Custom compact cosmetic case with makeup pans and brushes: A cosmetic case is disclosed. The cosmetic case comprises an external shell comprising a lid section and a bottom section. At least one hinge connects the lid section to the bottom section. At least a first panel is attached via at least one hinge to an edge of the bottom... Agent:

20110061676 - Pencil-form cosmetic composition and cosmetic product thereof: The present invention provides a pencil-form cosmetic composition which has a good stability at high temperature, an excellent smoothness during application, and an excellent long-lasting property, and also provides a cosmetic product thereof. The pencil-form cosmetic composition comprises (a) 15 to 50% by mass of volatile oil, (b) 5 to... Agent: Shiseido Company Ltd.

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056505 - Hair brush: A multi-functional hair brush comprising an elongate body including a handle segment and a bristle segment. The bristle segment of the multi-functional hair brush includes at least two types or styles of bristles, each performing a separate and different function in styling hair. In one embodiment, the multi-functional hair brush... Agent:

20110056506 - Pre-shave preparation with enhanced lubricity using carboxy silicone polymer: Pre-shave compositions to lubricate skin during electric shaving that comprise at least one carboxy silicone polymer and a volatile component to serve as a carrier to the polymer. The pre-shave composition lubricates the skin to reduce skin friction between the electric razor and the skin surface, provides a closer shave,... Agent:

20110056507 - Hair extension and method for hair extension: A hair extension strip includes a hollow hair extension strip end piece and a number of extension hair strands that are embedded in the hair extension strip end piece. The hair extension strip end piece comprises a hair extension hollow tube having predetermined inner diameter and predetermined length. The hair... Agent:

20110056508 - Bleaching agent comprising cationic 3,4-dihydroisoquinoline derivatives, special alkanol amines and hydrogen peroxide: h

20110056509 - Apparatus for hot and cold processing: The invention relates to an apparatus for hot and cold processing (1), the apparatus comprising: a heat pump (74) configured to pump heat from a first part of the heat pump to a second part of the heat pump, thereby cooling the first part of the heat pump for cold... Agent: Hot-stixx Limited

20110056510 - Method and kit for producing a semi-permanent design or tattoo onto your pet and/or livestock: It is desirable to provide a kit and method especially useful as to allowing an inexperienced person the joy of forming and applying a decorative and/or identifying long lasting semi-permanent, affordable tattoo (mark, label, number, letter, etc.) particularly to, but not exclusively to your pet's or livestock's coat (hair, feathers,... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110048439 - Adjustable comb: An adjustable comb including at least two comb portions is disclosed herein. The two comb portions each include a plurality of teeth, and one of the comb portions can be connected to the other in at least two positions in order to vary the alignment of the teeth of the... Agent:

20110048440 - Composition of matter comprising a semi-permanent mascara and process to professionally apply the same: A composition of matter which includes a type of black pigmented, pharmaceutical grade cyanoacrylate, mixed with a small amount of irregular shaped, insoluble polytetrafluoroethene in microfiber powder form, and then professionally applied to the eyelashes creating a semipermanent mascara application that is 100% waterproof, will not run, smear, or smudge,... Agent:

20110048442 - Container for powder products: The present invention generally relates to containers for powder products. The present invention described herein relates to a container capable of generating powder in loose form.... Agent:

20110048443 - Container for powder products and scraper therefor: The present invention generally relates to containers for powder products. The present invention described herein relates to a container capable of generating powder in loose form. The invention further relates to cosmetic containers for powder products that present pressed and loose powder products for usage as per the convenience of... Agent:

20110048441 - Hair apparatus and method: An apparatus in accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure comprises a comb having a spine and a plurality of teeth, the spine having a first end and a second end and a band coupled to a first clip at a first end of the band, the first clip... Agent:

20110048444 - Mascara applicator and method of use: A novel mascara applicator blows air over a user's eyelashes after mascara is applied, wherein brushing of the mascara as it dries results in the appearance of fuller and longer eyelashes. The mascara applicator includes a housing that houses a mascara tube and brush, a fan and a battery. The... Agent:

20110048445 - Hair extension and hair extension process: A hair extension to be attached to a hair under attachment is provided. The hair extension comprises extending hair portion and a thread connected to the extending hair portion and configured to be tied to a hair under attachment, and a ring portion is formed between both ends of the... Agent:

20110048446 - Method of delivering a hair-care benefit and a fragrance: The present invention relates to a method of providing a benefit to the hair comprising applying a hair-care composition to the hair and applying a moist-heat wrap to the hair. The moist-heat wrap comprises a suppressed fragrance releaseably associated with a suppressing agent. The benefit is selected from the group... Agent:

20110048447 - Method for smoothing fibers containing keratin: Method for smoothing fibers containing keratin, in particular human hair. Fibers are subjected to a thermal treatment and to a treatment with an agent containing at least one conditioning compound selected from cationic polymers, quaternary ammonium compounds, silicones and protein hydrolyzates. The invention also relates to the use of an... Agent:

20110048448 - Cosmetic applicator with disparate material application zones and backwipe return: A cosmetic applicator with disparate material application zones and a backwipe return for permitting the achievement of multiple cosmetic material application effects with a single applicator and for permitting the return of backwiped cosmetic material to a cosmetic bottle. The applicator has a wire core formed from first and second... Agent:

20110048449 - Multiple product system for hair: A multiple product system regimen for providing improved conditioning benefits to hair.... Agent:

20110048450 - Hair binder: A hair binder for arranging the hair is disclosed to include an elastic cord member, a clamp affixed to the elastic cord member to join the ends of the elastic cord member, and a flexible protective sleeve covering the clamp and carrying a design.... Agent:

20110048451 - Compact for liquid cosmetics: A cosmetic compact (1) having a lid (3) hingedly connected to a base (2). The compact further comprising a container (9) to hold liquid cosmetics, in which the container comprises an inner container (21) inside an outer container (20) so as to form an air space between the inner container... Agent:

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