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11/13/2014 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140332013 - Oral product: An oral product includes a body that is wholly receivable in an oral cavity. The body includes a mouth-stable polymer matrix, cellulosic fibers embedded in the mouth-stable polymer matrix, and a mouth-soluble binder dispersed in the mouth-stable polymer matrix.... Agent:

20140332014 - Smoking article filter and insertable filter unit therefor: A smoking article filter (20) comprises a recess (25) to receive a filter insert unit (30). The filter insert unit (30) is secured to the filter (20) once inserted. The filter (20) and the filter insert unit (30) may comprise additives such as flavourants, colourants or sorbents.... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

20140332015 - Molecularly imprinted polymers selective for nitrosamines and methods of using the same: A class of molecularly imprinted polymers that specifically recognizes and binds to nitrosamines members of which class are useful, for example, in analysis and separation of nitrosamines from biological fluids. Such molecularly imprinted polymers are also useful in methods of treating and manufacturing tobacco products and materials.... Agent:

20140332016 - Electronic vaporizer that simulates smoking with power control: The claimed subject matter provides a control component that regulates output of an electronic vaporizer used to simulate smoking. The control component manages power to a heating element. A power detect component collects a parameter of the heating element to determine actual power output thereof. The control component dynamically adjusts... Agent: Evolv, LLC

20140332021 - Atomizing device and electronic cigarette having same: An atomizing device includes an atomizing sleeve; a mouthpiece assembly and an atomizing assembly received in the atomizing sleeve. The atomizing assembly includes an oil obstructing ring, a supporting sleeve, a porous body being fixed between the oil obstructing ring and the supporting sleeve, a heating wire wrapping around the... Agent: Shenzhen First Union Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332022 - Atomizing device and electronic cigarette having same: An atomizing device of an electronic cigarette includes an atomizing sleeve; an oil reserving member arranged in the atomizing sleeve and configured for reserving a tobacco oil; an air pipe extending through the oil reserving member, a porous body and a heating coil. The air pipe has a clamping portion... Agent: Shenzhen First Union Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332020 - Cartridge, atomizing device and electronic cigarette having same: A cartridge of an electronic cigarette includes an oil reserving pipe, an oil obstructing plug and a heating assembly. The oil reserving pipe has an inner space for reserving a tobacco oil. The oil obstructing plug is arranged at an end of the oil reserving pipe and has an oil... Agent: Shenzhen First Union Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332018 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette is provided comprising an atomizer, a battery rod and a connecting component configured to connect the battery rod and the atomizer, one end of the atomizer or the battery rod which is facing towards the connecting component protrudes to form a first connector, and a second connector... Agent:

20140332017 - Electronic cigarette connection base and electronic cigarette atomization device: An electronic cigarette connection base and an electronic cigarette atomization device are provided; the connection base comprises a top cover; a side wall formed around an edge of the top cover; the side wall defining a filling groove around an outer surface of the side wall; and the filling groove... Agent:

20140332019 - Electronic cigarette device, electronic cigarette, and atomizing device used in the same: An atomizing device comprises an atomizing seat, and an atomizer having a heating wire and disposed at one side of the atomizing seat. A first electrode assembly is disposed at another side of the atomizing seat away from the atomizer. The first electrode assembly includes a first seat body and... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140326256 - Collapsible water pipe: A collapsible water pipe for combusting herbs has a flexible body to facilitate enhanced portability of the collapsible water pipe. In a deployed configuration, a down stem is positioned through a stem opening in the flexible body, and a bowl is positioned into the down stem. The bowl is in... Agent:

20140326257 - Prepackaged smokable material capsule: Disclosed is a prepackaged smokable material capsule, comprising a container having an internal volume that allows a user to place a packaged amount of shisha or similar tobacco product into a hookah bowl without physical contact therewith. The capsule has a removable seal, an inlet, outlet and an internal agitator... Agent: Shishapresso S.a.l.

20140326258 - Litter disposal device: A hand held litter disposal device for temporarily storing and containing cigarette ash, butts, and other litter. The litter disposal device includes a cap, a storage system, a pivot system adapted to permit the cap to move between the closed and open positions, and an extinguishing system containable within the... Agent:

20140326259 - Smoking article comprising menthol: A smoking article (10, 20) comprises a flavour release segment (12). The flavour release segment (12) comprises a plug of fibrous material circumscribed by a substantially air impermeable wrapper and a plurality of solid menthol particles distributed within the plug of fibrous material. The fibrous material comprises randomly oriented fibres.... Agent:

20140326260 - Combustible heat source for a smoking article: A combustible heat source (4) for a smoking article (2) comprises carbon and at least one ignition aid, wherein the ignition aid is present in an amount of at least 20 percent by dry weight of the combustible heat source. The combustible heat source (4) has a first portion and... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140326261 - Mouthpiece lining paper for a smoking article: A mouthpiece lining paper for a smoking article, which mouthpiece lining paper forms the outermost layer of the casing of the filter. The mouthpiece lining paper is provided with locally limited raised areas that are formed by hardened lacquer. Between the raised areas, surface regions of the mouthpiece lining paper... Agent:

20140326262 - Paper filled with tobacco particles: What is presented is a paper for mixing into the smokeable material of a smoking article, particularly into the tobacco rod of a cigarette, wherein the paper contains a share of fibers, which comprises pulp fibers and tobacco particles.... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140318554 - Method of producing expanded tobacco stems: A method of producing expanded tobacco stems for tobacco cut filler comprises the steps of: providing rolled tobacco stems having a rolled thickness of 0.1 to 0.5 mm; conditioning the rolled stems to increase the moisture content; cutting the conditioned tobacco stems; impregnating the cut tobacco stems with liquid carbon... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140318555 - System for moist tobacco extract collection and isolation: A system for a tobacco curing barn is capable of collecting tobacco-derived moisture from tobacco while that tobacco is cured. The system incorporates a tobacco curing barn or other type of curing enclosure, such as bulk curing barn used for the flue-curing of tobacco. The curing barn is equipped with... Agent: R.j.reynolds Tobacco Company

20140318556 - Method of processing tobacco leaves: The present invention relates to a method of processing whole tobacco leaves with stem, veins, and lamina material. The whole tobacco leaves are tipped, in order to receive tips and butts. The tips and butts are then separated. The separated tips are further processed by cutting or shredding, in order... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140318557 - Smoking or vaporizing device: A smoking or vaporizing device comprising a body having a cavity defined in the body, a product holder/pen configured to hold a product (including an oil or other substance) to be burned or vaporized for smoking, the holder in communication with the cavity which cavity is configured to expand, pressure... Agent:

20140318559 - Electrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion: An electrically heated smoking system includes a shell and a replaceable mouthpiece. The shell includes an electric power supply and electric circuitry. The mouthpiece includes a liquid storage portion and a capillary wick having a first end and a second end. The first end of the wick extends into the... Agent:

20140318560 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette comprises nicotine without harmful tar. The cigarette includes a shell, a cell, nicotine solution, control circuit, and an electro-thermal vaporization nozzle installed in the air suction end of the shell. The advantages of the present invention are smoking without tar, reducing the risk of cancer, the user... Agent:

20140318558 - Electronic cigarette and its nozzle: The present invention provides an electronic cigarette and its nozzle, the electronic cigarette nozzle comprises an atomizer, a nozzle cover configured at an end of the atomizer, and further comprises a hermetic ring hermetically configured between the atomizer and the nozzle cover, the hermetic ring defines an concave chamber oriented... Agent:

20140318561 - Filter materials and uses thereof: The present invention relates to filter materials comprising cellulose acetate and polylactide in a ratio of about 95:5 to about 75:25 by weight, and to filters (2) or filter elements comprising such filter materials. The invention also relates to smoking articles (1) comprising the filter materials, filters (2) or filter... Agent:

20140318562 - Smoking article with a ventilated mouthpiece comprising first and second airflow pathways: A smoking article (10, 30, 40, 50, 70) with variable ventilation comprises a mouthpiece (12) circumscribed by a first wrapper (24) and a second wrapper (25). The first wrapper (24) and the second wrapper (25) are substantially air impermeable and are movable relative to one another between a low ventilation... Agent:

20140318563 - Single-layer printing method of paper wrapper for smoking articles: The present invention describes a single-layer printing method of a wrapper for smoking articles, so as to obtain a wrapper for smoking articles with low propensity to ignition using the flexographic technique, characterized in that (1) the printing is carried out by means of a central drum flexographic printing machine... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140311500 - Device for enabling a user to smoke a cigarette inside in an enclosed vehicle and discharge the smoke outside the vehicle: A device for enabling a user to smoke a cigarette inside in an enclosed vehicle and discharge cigarette smoke outside the enclosed vehicle includes a housing configured for mounting on an enclosed vehicle. A cigarette holder is provided for holding a cigarette inside the housing and a mouth piece is... Agent:

20140311501 - Method of treating burley tobacco stems: A method of treating Burley tobacco stems for use in tobacco cut filler comprises the steps of: providing rolled Burley tobacco stems having a rolled thickness of 0.1 to 0.5 mm; conditioning the rolled stems to increase the moisture content; applying a casing solution to the rolled, conditioned stems; heating... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140311506 - Disposable electronic cigarette: This invention discloses a disposable electronic cigarette, comprising a cigarette holder and a cigarette rod, the cigarette holder defining an air outlet hole, wherein, at least three air inlet holes are defined in a cigarette rod wall of the cigarette rod, the air inlet holes and the air outlet hole... Agent:

20140311505 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette is provided, comprising a sleeve and a cigarette holder cover configured at one end of the sleeve, it further comprises a covering member covered on the cigarette holder cover movably, and at least one first through-hole is provided on the cigarette holder cover. The user can remove... Agent:

20140311503 - Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette device: The present invention relates to an electronic cigarette and an electronic cigarette device, the electronic cigarette includes: a main lever with a nozzle configured at its one end, wherein, the main lever is further configured with a projection assembly at its another end away from the nozzle, the projection assembly... Agent:

20140311504 - Electronic cigarette atomizer: The present invention refers to an electronic cigarette atomizer, which comprises a heating wire component and a breather pipe, the heating wire component further comprises a heating body, one end of the breather pipe defines at least one U-shaped opening(s), the heating body is embedded in the U-shaped opening(s). In... Agent:

20140311502 - Tobacco with reduced cadmium content: A tobacco plant comprising at least one mutation in a HMA gene, wherein the non-mutated HMA gene comprises the nucleotide sequence. of SEQ ID NO: 1 or a homolog sequence, wherein the mutation causes a substitution or a deletion or an insertion of at least one amino acid in the... Agent: Societe Nationale D'exploitation Industrielle Des Tabacs Et Allumettes-s.e.i.t.a.

20140311507 - Porous catalytic matrices for elimination of toxicants found in tobacco combustion products: Described herein are compositions and methods for capturing carbonylic or phenolic toxicants, or converting these toxicants into less volatile compounds. The toxicants, which may be a component of cigarette smoke, may be captured by physical or chemical adsorption, absorption, or entrapment.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140311508 - Smoking article with visibile contents: The present invention relates to a smoking article (8) comprising a smokeable material and a mouthpiece (1), the mouthpiece comprising at least three segments (2, 3, 5) in axial alignment. One segment defining a cavity (5) is disposed between two other segments (2, 3) and a fluid-containing breakable capsule (6)... Agent:

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