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01/22/2015 > 16 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150020818 - Methods and systems for incorporating nicotine into oral products: This document provides methods and systems for stabilizing nicotine and incorporating nicotine into one or more oral products. This document also provides oral products. Nicotine can be stabilized by mixing liquid nicotine with cellulosic fiber such that the liquid nicotine absorbs into pores of the cellulosic fiber to form a... Agent:

20150020819 - Smoking apparatuses with an integrated filter holder: A smoking apparatus including a substantially hollow stem defining a bore having a bore diameter, the hollow stem including a first end, a second end disposed opposite the first end. A bowl is situated proximate the first end of the hollow stem and is configured to receive smoking product. The... Agent:

20150020820 - Ashtray system: An ashtray system for a cigarette, cigars, and pipes is provided. The ashtray system comprises a base with a clock tower secured to the base and extending in a general direction away from the base. A clock is mounted in the clock tower. A pair of ashtrays are formed in... Agent:

20150020821 - Oral smokeless tobacco products and oral smokeless non-tobacco snuff products comprising carbamide or carbamide salts: The invention relates to oral smokeless tobacco products and oral smokeless non-tobacco snuff products comprising carbamide or carbamide salt(s). Moreover, use of carbamide or carbamide salt(s) in the manufacturing of an oral smokeless tobacco products or oral smokeless non-tobacco snuff product is disclosed.... Agent:

20150020822 - Electronic smoking article: An electronic smoking article includes a reservoir including a liquid aerosol formulation, a heater operable to at least partially volatilize the liquid aerosol formulation and form an aerosol and a spiral path insert including a channel having a spiral configuration along an outer periphery of the spiral path insert. A... Agent:

20150020823 - Liquid aerosol formulation of an electronic smoking article: A liquid aerosol formulation for an electronic smoking article includes an aerosol former, water, nicotine, and an acid including tartaric acid. The acid is included in an amount sufficient to provide the liquid aerosol formulation with a pH ranging from about 4 to about 8.... Agent:

20150020824 - Nicotine salt formulations for aerosol devices and methods thereof: A nicotine salt liquid formulation for generating an inhalable aerosol in an electronic cigarette comprising nicotine salt that forms about 0.5% to about 20% nicotine is provided.... Agent:

20150020832 - Aerosol-generating device and system: The present disclosure relates to an electrical system including a primary device and secondary device. The primary device includes: a source of electrical power; a cavity configured to receive the secondary device; at least one electrical contact within the cavity configured to contact a corresponding contact on the secondary device... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150020831 - Charging electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette charging system includes a rechargeable electronic cigarette (173) having first and second electrical contacts (183), a cradle (175) that is connectable to a battery charger and a receiving element adapted to receive the end of the electronic cigarette (173). The receiving element has electrically conductive first and... Agent:

20150020826 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette is provided, comprising a case, an atomizer seat, and a battery, both the atomizer seat and the battery accommodated in the case, the atomizer seat defining a first through hole; wherein, a bracket and a sealing component corresponding to the bracket are mounted between the atomizer seat... Agent:

20150020827 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette comprising an atomizing assembly and a battery assembly is provided. A connection structure is mounted at a butt-joint position between the atomizing assembly and the battery assembly, and the connection structure includes a first connection member and a second connection member; a buckle protrudes from an outer... Agent:

20150020828 - Electronic cigarette: An engaging part is provided around the edge of a local outer surface of the first connecting means, and a cross section of the engaging part is polygon-shaped. The second connecting means is provided with an access groove, and a stopping part is defined on an end of the access... Agent:

20150020829 - Electronic cigarette vaporizer with separable components: An electronic cigarette vaporizer with separable components comprising a liquid storage device and a high-temperature vaporizer; the liquid storage device comprises a main body and a top cover; the main body an open end; the top cover sleeves on the open end of the main body; the top cover and... Agent:

20150020830 - Electronic smoking article: An electronic smoking article includes a heater and a liquid aerosol formulation. The heater is a coil heater. The liquid aerosol formulation includes at least one aerosol former, optionally water, nicotine and phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid is included in an amount sufficient to substantially abate corrosion of the heater.... Agent:

20150020825 - Electronic smoking article with haptic feedback: The present disclosure provides an electronic smoking article adapted to provide haptic feedback to a user. The smoking article can comprise a housing that includes a haptic feedback component, such as a vibration transducer. The smoking article can be formed of a control body and/or a cartridge, and the haptic... Agent:

20150020833 - Electronic vaporizer: An electronic vaporizer is provided. The electronic vaporizer includes a cartridge that facilitates provision of a vaporized solution to an individual. The cartridge includes a housing that includes an interior, wherein the housing is one of a polymer housing or a ceramic housing. The cartridge also includes a heating element... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 17 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150013691 - Cigarette tobacco injector with endless roller belt: A machine for manually making cigarettes having a frame, a pair of generally parallel rollers rotatably mounted to the frame with at least one of the rollers also being slidably mounted so that it may be moved laterally toward the other roller, and an endless belt trained over the rollers.... Agent:

20150013692 - Soft electronic cigarette: This present invention relates to a soft electronic cigarette comprising an atomization component, a power component, and an outer sleeve configured for accommodating at least one of the atomization component and the power component; an outer side of one end of the outer sleeve is coaxially mounted with a filter... Agent:

20150013693 - Methods, devices and compositions to enable to flavor of smoking articles including tobacco and marijuana: A device may flavor a smoking article via diffusion. Preferably, the device for flavoring a smoking article includes a support and a composition containing a flavor provided on or in the support, the composition containing the flavor being configured to be vaporizable. A method for flavoring a smoking article, includes... Agent:

20150013694 - Tobacco products and processes: A method of curing tobacco. The method comprises the steps of contacting a tobacco material with a curing additive comprising one or more salts and curing the tobacco material under conditions and temperature for a time sufficient to produce cured tobacco wherein the amount of the one or more salts... Agent:

20150013698 - Control of puff profile: The invention relates to heat not burn products comprising an encapsulated aerosol generating agent, the encapsulation having the effect of controlling the release of the agent during use of the heat not burn product. The encapsulation will control the tinting of the release of the aerosol generating agent during the... Agent:

20150013696 - Extractor for an aerosol-generating device: There is provided an extractor for an aerosol-generating device configured to receive a smoking article including an aerosol-forming substrate and including a heater for heating the aerosol-forming substrate to form the aerosol. The extractor is configured to extract the smoking article received in the device, and includes a sliding receptacle... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150013695 - Inhalable compositions comprising caffeine, methods of use and an apparatus for using the same: Described herein are compositions, methods and an apparatus relating to the pulmonary delivery of an inhalable composition comprising caffeine, or a salt thereof, and a solvent selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol, glycerol, ethanol and a combination thereof.... Agent:

20150013697 - Smoking article with improved airflow: A smoking article having a mouth end and a distal end is provided, including a heat source; an aerosol-forming substrate downstream of the heat source; at least one air inlet downstream of the aerosol-forming substrate; and an airflow pathway extending between the at least one air inlet and the mouth... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150013703 - Carbon heat source and flavor inhaler: A carbon heat source (10) is equipped with: a cylindrical section (11) provided with a cavity (11A) through which there is ventilation communication in the longitudinal axis direction (L) of the carbon heat source (10); and an ignition end (12) which is provided further to the ignition side of the... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

20150013700 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette including a mouthpiece, a bracket for the mouthpiece, an atomization pole including a threaded copper ring, a silicate ring, a heating wire, a joint, an insulating ring, a filter cotton, and a fluid stop ring. The mouthpiece is made of silica gel and is connected with the... Agent:

20150013702 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette, including a limit cover, a seal gasket, heating wires, oil-guiding cotton, a thread ring, a sealing ring for sealing the heating wires, an insulating ring, and a joint. The electronic cigarette includes two heating wires which are disposed on the thread ring. The two heating wires are... Agent:

20150013701 - Electronic cigarette and electrode assembly thereof: The present application provides an electrode assembly including an atomizer outer electrode, an atomizer inner electrode, a battery rod outer electrode and a battery rod inner electrode assembly, all of which being configured to form an electrically conductive loop, wherein, the atomizer outer electrode provided on the atomizer is of... Agent:

20150013699 - Vaporizer for use with a smoking water pipe: A vaporizer for use with a water pipe or hookah has electrically heated beating element. The heating dement extends through a vaporizer body and carries a cup member atop thereof. A pre-determined quantity of a vaporizable substance is placed in the cup member and is heated to cause release of... Agent:

20150013704 - Smoking pipe for both tobacco leaves and oil resin: The invention comprises an improved tobacco smoking pipe such that the pipe may be used to smoke liquid tobacco. The pipe consists of an inner tube that has an open end and a closed end with an intake disposed there between that communicates with the open end. A connecting element... Agent:

20150013705 - Reducing levels of nicotinic alkaloids in plants: Two genes, A622 and NBB1, can be influenced to achieve a decrease of nicotinic alkaloid levels in plants. In particular, suppression of one or both of A622 and NBB1 may be used to decrease nicotine in tobacco plants.... Agent:

20150013706 - Reducing levels of nicotinic alkaloids in plants: Two genes, A622 and NBB1, can be influenced to achieve a decrease of nicotinic alkaloid levels in plants. In particular, suppression of one or both of A622 and NBB1 may be used to decrease nicotine in tobacco plants.... Agent:

20150013707 - Smoking articles with reduced ignition proclivity characteristics: A process for reducing the permeability of a paper wrapper used in the construction of a smoking article is disclosed. The paper wrapper is treated with a film-forming composition that forms treated discrete areas on the wrapper. The treated discrete areas have a permeability within a predetermined range sufficient to... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 7 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150007833 - Wind resistant smoking device and method of use thereof: A smoking device is provided. The smoking device may include a body having a through bore that is configured to house a tobacco product. The body may have grooves in an exterior surface that can direct air flow over the surface of the body under windy conditions. The smoking device... Agent:

20150007836 - Atomizer and electronic cigarette having same: An exemplary atomizer includes an atomizing sleeve, a liquid chamber, a liquid stopper, a liquid filling opening, and an atomizing assembly. The liquid chamber is defined in the atomizing sleeve, and configured for storing tobacco liquid. The atomizing assembly is received in the liquid stopper, and capable of moving along... Agent:

20150007838 - Electrically heated smoking system: An electrically heated smoking system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate. includes at least one heating element for heating the substrate to form an aerosol, a power supply for supplying power to the heating element, electrical hardware connected to the power supply and the heating element, and an interface for establishing... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20150007834 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette comprising an outer sleeve is provided, and the electronic cigarette further includes plant leaves enveloping an outer surface of the outer sleeve. In the electronic cigarette, the plant leaves envelop the outer surface of the outer sleeve, and simulate a structure of a cigar. During use, touching... Agent:

20150007835 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette comprising an atomizer and a first case configured for accommodating the atomizer is provided; the atomizer includes a heating mechanism, a breather pipe, and oil storage cotton, the heating mechanism is received inside the breather pipe, and the oil storage cotton envelops an outer surface of the... Agent:

20150007837 - Multilayer combustible heat source: A multilayer combustible heat source for a smoking article is provided, including a combustible first layer including carbon; and a second layer in direct contact with the first layer, the second layer including carbon and at least one ignition aid, wherein the combustible first layer and the second layer are... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150007839 - Procedure and machine for reconstituting powders of vegetal origin: A procedure and machine for reconstituting powders of vegetal origin by lamination process, in which the machine includes a lamination device, a set of frontal and posterior drag rolls, a hot air insufflator, a thermal chamber and a conveyor, so that the vegetal mass is pressed by laminating rolls to... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 4 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150000681 - Glow in the dark cigar tools: Disclosed and claimed is a glow in the dark, size adaptable cigar splitting apparatus comprising an outer body and an inner size adapting sleeve adapted to be slidingly engaged therewith and further comprising a cutting blade for splitting the wrapper and, if present, packaging, of a cigar, cigarillo or other... Agent:

20150000682 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette is provided, comprising a cigarette rod configured for receiving an atomizing assembly or/and a power supply, wherein, the cigarette rod is provided with spice sending out aroma. By setting the spice sending out aroma on the cigarette rod, the smokers' need of smelling the smell of the... Agent:

20150000684 - Electronic cigarette for convenient battery charging and atomizer starting: An electronic cigarette comprises an atomizer and a battery component connecting with the atomizer at one end thereof. The battery component comprises a battery sleeve, a rechargeable battery received in the battery sleeve, a battery seat disposed at the other end of the battery component opposite to the one end... Agent:

20150000683 - Electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette atomizer, and electronic cigarette-holder: An electronic cigarette comprising a cigarette-holder is provided, the cigarette-holder includes a variable color material; and when the electronic cigarette is smoked, the variable color material generates a chemical reaction or a physical change and causes a color of the variable color material to change. Thereby whether the electronic cigarette... Agent:

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