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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150144145 - Reservoir housing for an electronic smoking article: The present disclosure provides an electronic smoking article including components adapted for retaining an aerosol precursor composition. The electronic smoking article can comprise a shell having a reservoir housing therein. The reservoir housing can be adapted for enclosing an aerosol precursor composition and can comprise one or more apertures through... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20150144146 - Smoking apparatus: An example smoking apparatus for use with smoking materials in accordance with aspects of the present disclosure includes a mouthpiece, a bowl piece, and an inner tube, connecting the mouthpiece and the bowl piece. The smoking apparatus comprises an ejection mechanism to eject used smoking materials.... Agent:

20150144147 - Atomizer and electronic cigarette having same: An exemplary atomizer for an electronic cigarette includes an atomizing tube, an atomizing assembly, a first fixing sleeve arranged at a first end of the atomizing tube, and a fixing tube received in the first end of the atomizing tube adjacent to the first fixing sleeve. The fixing tube receives... Agent:

20150144148 - Atomizing nozzle and electronic atomizing inhaler: An atomizing nozzle of an electronic atomizing inhaler, includes a casing body, provided with a cap at the opening of the front end, with a gas-outlet aperture on the cap, and provided with a rear closure at the opening of the rear end, with a gas-inlet aperture on the rear... Agent:

20150144149 - Smoking article with concentric filter: A smoking article (10) incorporates a tobacco rob (12) and a filter attached to the tobacco rod. The filter includes a concentric filter segment (20) having a central core portion (23) with sorbent material and an outer periphery layer (24) circumscribed about the central core portion. At least about 80... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150136151 - Extractive tobacco material extrusion: The invention relates to a method for extracting agents from a tobacco material, wherein the tobacco material is conveyed through a housing to which an extraction agent is fed and from which the extraction agent is again discharge, wherein the extraction occurs in an extruder under increased extrusion pressure by... Agent: British American Tobacco (germany) Gmbh

20150136152 - High yielding tobacco with oriental tobacco characteristics: This application provides high yielding tobacco plants with Oriental tobacco aroma and flavor characteristics and development of these plants via breeding. This application also provides hybrid seeds that give rise to high yielding tobacco plants with Oriental tobacco aroma and flavor characteristics. This application provides methods of growing and harvesting... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20150136153 - Electronic vapor provision device: An electronic vapour provision device comprises a body 4 and a vaporiser 24. The body 4 comprises a power cell 10 and a processor 16, and the vaporiser 24 is releasably connectable to the body 4. The processor 16 is configured to enter a sleep mode when the vaporiser 24... Agent: Nicoventures Holdings Limited

20150136154 - Smoking article for use with an internal heating element: A smoking article for use in an aerosol-generating device includes an aerosol-forming substrate located at an extreme upstream end of the smoking article; and a support element located immediately downstream of the aerosol-forming substrate. The support element abuts the aerosol-forming substrate and the aerosol-forming substrate is configured to be penetrable... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150136155 - Vaporizer with cover sleeve: A vaporizer may include a battery portion, a cartomizer connectable with the battery portion, and a sleeve fitable over the cartomizer. The sleeve and an outer shell of the battery portion may have the same or complimentary colors or patterns. The battery portion may further include a plurality of illuminable... Agent: Vmr Products, LLC

20150136157 - Electronic cigarette: An electronic cigarette, including a cigarette holder assembly, an atomization assembly, a glass container for accommodating smoke oil, and a gas flow regulator. The cigarette holder assembly includes a mouthpiece, a first sealing ring, a seat for supporting the mouthpiece, a fixed screw, and a pole. The atomization assembly includes... Agent:

20150136156 - Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette device: The present invention provides an electronic cigarette and an electronic cigarette device. The electronic cigarette comprises a power supply, a liquid storage member storing liquid smoke, an atomizing unit connected to the power supply for atomizing the liquid smoke, and a controller connected with the power supply and the atomizing... Agent:

20150136158 - Systems and methods for a vaporization device and product usage control and documentation: Systems and methods are disclosed for managing and preventing liability issues relating to regulating usage and control of controlled substances. Systems include various means of administering controlled substances that are designed to prevent misuse and injury. Methods include various means of controlling dosage and preventing usage by minors or unapproved... Agent: Jj 206, LLC

20150136159 - Filter and tobacco using technology for reducing smell of tobacco smoke on hands: The filter using technology for reducing the smell of tobacco smoke on hands, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a filter unit for filtering tobacco smoke, the filter unit being coupled to a tobacco shred; and filter-wrapping paper for wrapping the filter unit. The filter unit or... Agent: Kt&g Corporation

20150136160 - Oral stimulatory product: The invention provides an oral stimulatory product comprising a stimulating amount of at least one oral stimulant. The oral stimulant being selected from the group consisting of Spilanthes, Szechuan Pepper, roasted Eucommia leaf, and a combination thereof. The product optionally containing Guarana extract, Yerba mate, salt, orange peel, and/or natural... Agent: Foundation Brands, LLC

20150136161 - Basis weight measuring apparatus and method for sheet tobacco, and manufacturing system and method for sheet tobacco: A measuring apparatus for performing a basis weight measuring method for sheet tobacco according to the present invention includes: a light source (28) that emits light to sheet tobacco (ST) passing through a measurement position (P) on a transport path (18); and a visual sensor (30), the visual sensor (30)... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

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