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Tobacco January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

- Modular storage receptacle for smoking material, system for storing smoking material, and method for using same: A storage receptacle for smoking material may open on two opposite sides. A first end of the storage receptacle may have teeth which extend from the first end of the storage receptacle. A second end of the storage receptacle may have one or more cavities which store a pipe, a... Agent: Allin1e, LLC

- Atomizer switch device in electronic cigarette: An atomizer switch device provided in a disposable electronic cigarette comprises a key-switch (1), a battery (3) and a heating unit (2). The key switch (1) is provided on the housing of the disposable electronic cigarette and connected in series in the current loop comprising the battery (3) and the... Agent:

- Plasticizer composition for degradable polyester filter tow: A filter material adapted for use as a filter element of a smoking article is provided, the filter material being in the form of a fibrous tow that includes a plurality of filaments of a degradable polyester and a plasticizer composition applied thereto, the plasticizer composition and the degradable polyester... Agent: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

- Sheet filter materials with additives: The present invention relates to the inclusion of additives in a filter element comprising a non-woven sheet material or paper as the filter material to increase the selective removal of semi-volatile compounds and to improve the taste characteristics of the smoke drawn through the filter element. The increased selective removal... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

01/24/2013 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

- Cigarette with increased volatile flavor delivery: A cigarette includes a tobacco rod in which a tobacco filler containing cut tobacco is wrapped with a cigarette paper, the tobacco rod being constituted by a distal end portion, a proximal end portion and a center portion, and a filter, the proximal end portion being connected to the filter.... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

- Parallel cigarette filter combining techniques with particle filling of cavities: Apparatus and method for forming cigarette filters comprise a single or multiple hopper system for forming filter components of single or multiple sizes. The filter components with spaces therebetween are partially wrapped and then conveyed to at least one media applying wheel where media is deposited into the spaces between... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

- Method of preparing a rod for use in the preparation of a smoking article: A method of preparing a rod for use in the preparation of a smoking article is described. The rod has a first end and a second end. The rod has located therein a solid support. The solid support extends in a linear fashion from the first end of said rod... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

- Electric-cigarette: An electric-cigarette comprises a heating element and a battery electrically connected to the heating element. The cigarette further comprises an annular, semi-annular or arc illuminant arranged on the housing between the butt and the mouth of the electric-cigarette, the illuminant electrically connects to the battery.... Agent:

- Smoking article: A smoking article comprises a multilayered tube member (9) including at least one metal layer and one paper layer, a carbon heat source (4) arranged in an end portion of the tube member (9) to be at least partly in direct close contact with an inner surface of the tube... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

01/17/2013 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

- System and method for patching and accessorizing a cigarette of cigar: A system for patching and accessorizing a cigarette or cigar comprising is disclosed. Said system comprises a patch (having a first end, a second end, a top, a bottom, a front, a back, a width, and a height) and an attaching means is disclosed. Said attaching means is capable of... Agent:

- Tobacco-derived components and materials: The invention provides a tobacco composition for use in a smoking article or a smokeless tobacco composition that includes an additive derived from a flower of the Nicotiana species. The additive can be a flower isolate derived from a flower of the Nicotiana species. In certain embodiments, the flower isolate... Agent: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

- Electric flue-cured tobacco: The present invention relates to an electric flue-cured tobacco. It includes a storage tank filled with extractant and an atomization device. The electric flue-cured tobacco also comprises a device for flue-curing tobacco, which includes a heating mechanism and a heated chamber for loading cigarette or tobacco. The heating mechanism comprises... Agent:

- Vaporizing pipe with separator for flame filter support: Provided is a vaporizing pipe having a separator 40 for maintaining a separation distance between a screen (or constriction) and a flame filter. In a simple, one-piece vaporizing pipe, it is necessary to mechanically fix the location of the screen and flame filter. Forming mechanical features for this function on... Agent:

- Segmented cigarette filter for selective smoke filtration: A filter material of a filter element configured for application in a smoking article may include a fibrous substrate material finished with a fiber finish composition. The fiber finish composition may be formulated to selectively interact with at least one target component of mainstream smoke drawn through the filter element... Agent:

01/10/2013 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

- Portable tamper article: A portable tamper article is disclosed, including a non-flammable tamper device, and a retaining member secured to or integrated with the tamper device, said retaining member adapted to engage a portable device. Also dislcosed is a portable tamper article, including a non-flammable retaining member comprising a tamper device, wherein the... Agent: Twisted Foot, LLC

- Immobilized additive inserts: Delivery of additives in a smoking article is provided through thermally degradable, robust immobilized additive inserts. Additives can be immobilized in an elongated device or an insert, wherein the elongated device or the insert is sufficiently robust to allow the elongated device or the insert to be manually or machine... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

- Kind of preparation method of e-cigarette liquid: This invention relates to a kind of preparation method of E-cigarette liquid. First, put the tobacco with the amount of 5-20% of E-cigarette liquid volume into the extracting tank and add the mixed solvent into tank to soak tobacco for 30-100 minutes. Then, heat the mixture up to 40-60r and... Agent:

- Oral tobacco material: An oral tobacco material includes a powdered tobacco, and a basic salt of carbonic acid and an acidic salt of phosphoric acid as a pH adjusting agent. The basic salt of carbonic acid and the acidic salt of phosphoric acid are included in a total amount of 6% by weight... Agent:

01/03/2013 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

- Filter: The invention relates to filtering systems having high adsorbent and filtering properties. A filter comprising an adsorbent powder placed in a nonwoven material, wherein an adsorbent powder of 0.01-10 μm, or 0.01-40 μm, or 0.01-100 μm, or 40-100 μm, or 40-500 μm, or 40-1000 μm, or 100-500 μm, or 100-1000... Agent:

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