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Tobacco December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120325226 - Low sidestream smoke cigarette with combustible paper: A low sidestream smoke cigarette comprises a conventional tobacco rod, and a combustible treatment paper having a sidestream smoke treatment composition. The treatment composition comprises in combination, an oxygen storage and donor metal oxide oxidation catalyst and an essentially non-combustible finely divided porous particulate adjunct for said catalyst.... Agent: Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, Inc.

20120325228 - Alkaloid composition for e-cigarette: An alkaloid composition for an e-cigarette contains a solvent and at least about 25 wt. % anatabine based on the total alkaloid weight of the composition. The alkaloid composition may be contained in a refilling cartridge for an e-cigarette, or in a container as part of a kit for refilling... Agent:

20120325227 - Portable vaporizer: A vaporizer and method of vaporizing a botanical material is described. Embodiments of the apparatus include a self-contained, fully enclosed, battery operated vaporizer having an air inlet and a mouthpiece. The vaporizer includes a window for viewing a botanical material contained therein and a heating element that is also visible... Agent:

20120325229 - Vaporization lighter: A vaporization lighter flame casing is disclosed. The flame casing can include an attachment portion adapted to attach the flame casing to a lighter. The flame casing can also include a channel adapted to direct a hot air stream rising from a flame of the lighter when the lighter is... Agent:

20120325230 - Disintegratable plug wraps and their applications: A filter rod used in manufacture of a smoking article contains: (a) a rod of filter material, and (b) a plug wrap surrounding the rod of filter material. The overlapping side edges of the plug wrap are secured together with a plug wrap adhesive and the plug wrap adhesive comprises... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20120325231 - Filters having improved degradation and methods of making them: Degradable filters are disclosed, as well as methods of making them, that include the steps of applying a plasticizer containing a photoactive agent to cellulose ester fibers to obtain plasticized cellulose ester fibers; and forming the plasticized cellulose ester fibers into a filter. The cellulose ester fibers may comprise cellulose... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20120325232 - Cigarette filter and capsule filter cigarette using same: There are provided with a plurality of filter materials (2) spaced out in a line and whose filter fiber is exposed on the surface thereof; a capsule (3) arranged between the filter materials (2) and in which content liquid to be used as a flavoring agent or adsorbent is enclosed;... Agent:

20120325233 - Cellulose esters having mixed-phase titanium dioxide particles for improved degradation: Degradable cellulose esters are disclosed that have incorporated therein or thereon mixed-phase titanium dioxide particles. The esters may be in the form of filters prepared by applying a plasticizer, having the mixed-phase titanium dioxide particles dispersed therein, to cellulose ester fibers to obtain plasticized cellulose ester fibers; and thereafter forming... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

12/20/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120318283 - Flavor inhalation pipe: A flavor inhalation pipe includes a hollow cylindrical pipe body (10), a tobacco cartridge (12) accommodated, as a flavor generation cartridge, in the pipe body (10), a mouthpiece (30) coupled to the tobacco cartridge (12) and projecting from the pipe body (10), and a coupling device (40) coupling the pipe... Agent:

20120318284 - Device for smoking cessation and use of such a device: The invention relates to a device for smoking cessation, consisting of a cylindrical sleeve (2), the inside diameter dI of which is dimensioned such that the sleeve can be placed positively and completely on a cigarette (1) so that the cigarette (1) projects beyond both free ends (22) of the... Agent:

20120318285 - Additives for tobacco cut filler: Tobacco smoking mixtures capable of producing tobacco smoke are provided which reduce the cytotoxicity and/or mutagenicity of the tobacco smoke. The tobacco smoking mixtures include tobacco cut filler and glycerin in an amount effective to reduce cytotoxicity and/or mutagenicity of smoke produced by the tobacco smoking mixture. The tobacco smoking... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20120318286 - Biodegradable cigarette filter and methods for making same: A biodegradable cigarette filter has a filter tow surrounded by one or more wrapper layers. The filter tow is a mixture of hemp, a second fibrous material comprising cotton, paper, or a mixture of cotton and paper, and a thickening and bonding agent comprising flour or starch initially added to... Agent: Greenbutts LLC

20120318287 - Tobacco chewing gum formulation: A chewing gum formulation including tobacco particles and a gum base, where the gum base includes one or more hydrophobic gum base polymers, and where the tobacco particles are made from tobacco leaves. The amount of tobacco particles is between 0.5 and 30% by weight of the chewing gum formulation,... Agent:

12/13/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120312311 - Cigarette-making machines and methods of using the same: Cigarette-making machines that provide improved safety and improved user ergonomics are disclosed. A disclosed example cigarette-making machine of the tobacco-injecting type includes a faceted handgrip that projects upward from a top surface of the machine and partially encloses a pivot axis of an actuator. The faceted handgrip being configured to... Agent: Republic Tobacco L.p.

20120312312 - Solid oral sensorial products including stain inhibitor: A solid oral sensorial product includes at least one botanical material and at least one phosphate containing stain inhibitor. The botanical material is selected from the group consisting of tobacco, tea, coffee, cocoa, and combinations thereof.... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20120312313 - Padded cartridge for an electronic smoking apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention may provide systems and methods for an electronic smoking apparatus including a main body and a cartridge section coupled to the main body. The cartridge section may include a rigid support and a padded material surrounding the rigid support. The cartridge section may be constructed... Agent: Vapor Corp.

20120312314 - Aerosol generating material for a smoking article: The invention provides an aerosol generating material (6) for a smoking article, comprising particles (1) that consist essentially of diluent (2) encapsulated by barrier material (3).... Agent:

12/06/2012 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120305009 - Cigar shaped smoking device: A cigar shaped pipe, ideally made from premium materials such as briar, yet designed to be low cost to manufacture. The device uses a comparatively thin-walled combustion chamber, which both keeps material costs to a minimum, and also enables a comparatively simple and easy to manufacture design. In a preferred... Agent:

20120305010 - Biodegradable cigar tip: A biodegradable cigar tip comprises an open upstream end configured to surround a downstream end of a cigar, the cigar tip having a mouth end optionally comprising a substantially flat cross-section, the cigar tip comprising a molded biodegradable material. The biodegradable material may consist of pressed cellulosic fibers with an... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20120305011 - Systems and methods for effecting cessation of tobacco use: The invention relates generally to a system and method for treating conditions responsive to nicotine therapy. More specifically, the invention relates to pulmonary administration of a nicotine containing formulation to effect smoking cessation.... Agent: Aradigm Corporation

20120305014 - Filter for a smoking article: A filter (3) for a smoking article (1) comprises one or more segments (4a, 4b, 4c) of filtration media and a substantially transparent wrapper (5). The one or more filter segments (4a, 4b, 4c) and the wrapper (5) define a recess or cavity in the filter (3). An anchoring adhesive... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

20120305013 - Method of applying phase transition materials to semi-porous, flexible substrates used to control gas permeability: Method of applying phase transition substance to impart reduced ignition propensity to a smoking article comprising a tobacco column and a wrapper surrounding the tobacco column and having a porous structure with a base permeability. The method comprising forming a pattern of phase transition material on the wrapper such that,... Agent: Lorillard Tobacco Company

20120305012 - Method of imparting reduced ignition propensity to smoking articles using phase transition materials: A method for imparting reduced ignition propensity properties to a smoking article by treating the smoking article wrapper with a phase transition substance which, upon being subjected to the heat of the smoking article burning firecone, physically transforms and at least partially fills the pores of the smoking article wrapper... Agent: Lorillard Tobacco Company

20120305015 - Coated paper filter: A biodegradable paper substrate and/or biodegradable fiber (including fiber tow) may be coated with cellulose acetate and/or plasticized cellulose acetate for use in a filter material configured for application in a filter of a smoking article. Flocking and/or fibrillation methods may be used to deposit and/or generate a plurality of... Agent:

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