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Tobacco August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203599 - Smoking article and method of manufacturing same, and method of manufacturing carbon monoxide reducing agent: A smoking article includes a carbon monoxide reducing agent including particles including a calcium aluminate represented by the formula (CaO)m(Al2O3)n, where 1/6≦m/n≦4/1, wherein the particles have a BET specific surface area of 2 m2/g or more and less than 20 m2/g.... Agent:

20110203600 - Cutting and storage device: Our invention is a combined cutting and storage device designed for use by a smoker who can not or chooses not to finish an entire cigarette. The device contains a cutting mechanism and a sealed storage compartment with a vertical pop-up lid for use with a single unfinished cigarette. A... Agent:

20110203601 - Non-tobacco pouch product: A pouched non-tobacco product includes a lined pouch material of a web and a water-soluble liner adjacent the web and a non-tobacco flavorful component contained within the lined pouch material. The water-soluble liner is interposed between the web and the non-tobacco flavorful component. The liner preferably reduces staining of the... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110197901 - Tobacco dependence attenuation composition: A tobacco dependence attenuation composition and method of preparing the same. The composition includes comminuted alfalfa leaves, peppermint, cayenne pepper, water, honey, and optionally, vitamin C. The alfalfa leaves may be finely ground to powder form. With the water at or near boiling temperature, these ingredients are mixed together. The... Agent:

20110197902 - Tobacco cut filler including metal oxide supported particles: A smoking article composition and a method of making a smoking article composition and an additive, wherein the additive comprises particles anchored to the cut filler by a metal oxide support. The additive can be formed by combining particles and a metal oxide precursor solution with the smoking article composition.... Agent:

20110197903 - Small bowl filtered smoking apparatus and method for using same: A two piece in-line smoking device meant for smoking small amounts of tobacco or other substances. A mouthpiece portion is inserted into a chamber portion and crimps a filter medium into place against a filter support permanently attached near the chamber portion top end. An internal conical lip extends around... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192406 - Device for filling cigarette tubes: An apparatus for filling a prefabricated cigarette tube includes a housing, a tobacco chamber with a tobacco holder, and a movable pressing bar configured so as to form tobacco introduced into the tobacco chamber into a tobacco strand. An abutment for an end of the tobacco strand is assigned to... Agent: Gizeh Raucherbedarf Gmbh

20110192407 - Pipe lighter: A pipe lighter includes a lighter apparatus coupling with an inhaler apparatus. The inhaler apparatus includes a crucible unit coupled with the housing sidewall of the lighter housing and a tubular inhaling guider extended from the crucible unit, wherein the crucible unit has a substance chamber positioned adjacent to a... Agent:

20110192408 - Non-combustion flavor inhalation article: A non-combustion flavor inhalation article includes a heating device including a heater to be heated to a temperature between 80 and 140° C., and a roll including a tobacco sheet to be disposed in contact with the heater.... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

20110192409 - Method and apparatus for smoking a hand-rolled cigarette: The present invention is a holder and method for using a holder that works with a hand rolled cigarette. A hollow tubular member is utilized having a first end that the user breathes from, and a second end that holds the hand-rolled cigarette. The cigarette is tightly rolled about an... Agent:

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186060 - Hookah bowl capsule: A container enclosing smoking material is mounted upon a tube of a hookah with an interface sealed to or integrally formed as part of a single unitary body with a floor and/or at least one sidewall of the container.... Agent:

20110186061 - Hookah spacer: A thermally conductive panel spaces smoking material within a container from a top over the smoking material.... Agent:

20110186059 - Ignition of the water pipe for smoking tobacco: Utilizing a rechargeable battery that can be slipped onto the pipe then connected to a heating coil to ignite and allow a person to smoke tobacco in a water pipe without the use of hot coals.... Agent:

20110186062 - Smoking risk reduction/reduction to quit/cessation aid: This invention provides an aid for smokers to reduce the risk from and/or reduce to quit smoking cigarettes. It comprises a reduced-sized (by length and/or width) cigarette pack that contains reduced-size (by length and/or width) cigarettes. Unlike other smoking risk reduction/reduction to quit/cessation aids, smokers can use this invention as... Agent:

20110186063 - Filter for a smoking article: The present invention relates to smoking articles incorporating an improved filter in which the amount of smoke filtration varies with increased strength of draw. In particular, the filter comprises a plurality of passageways, at least one primary passageway I comprising a section of material which extends from the rod of... Agent:

20110186064 - Multi stage smoke filtration device: A filtration apparatus and method used for the inhalation of smoke that is created from burning substances in a water pipe or similar, useful for reducing the harshness of smoke, removing toxins from smoke and flavoring smoke. A two stage filtration apparatus originates with a mouthpiece adapted to seal off... Agent:

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