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Tobacco May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110120480 - Tobacco powder supported catalyst particles: Cut filler compositions, cigarettes, methods for making cut filler compositions and cigarettes, and methods for treating mainstream tobacco smoke of cigarettes are provided that use catalyst particles capable of converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The catalyst particles are supported on tobacco powder. The tobacco powder supported catalyst particles can... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110120481 - Novel filter segment including a substrate loaded with a smoke-modifying agent: A filter segment for use in a filter of a smoking article includes a substrate loaded with at least one smoke-modifying agent. The substrate is located within the body of the filter segment and is formed from filter plug wrap having an air permeability ranging from about 6,000 Coresta units... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110120482 - Portable vaporizing device and method for inhalation and/or aromatherapy without combustion: A hand-held apparatus (100) to vaporize volatile compounds disposed in a solid source material is disclosed. The hand-held apparatus comprises a housing (105), a mouthpiece tube (118) removeably disposed within, and extending outwardly from, said housing, a heating element assembly (114) in communication with said mouthpiece tube, wherein said heating... Agent:

20110120483 - Pack for tobacco industry products: A pack (1) for tobacco industry products, comprises a housing defining an enclosure in which a plurality of tobacco industry products (4) can be accommodated, and a capsule (10) containing a substance such as flavouring substance, disposed in or on the pack, arranged to be opened manually such that, when... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114103 - False luxury item: The false luxury item 10 of the present invention is characterized by having an outer package portion 14 being the same as or similar to an outer package portion 16 of a marketed luxury item 15 including a tobacco or an alcohol beverage such as beer and the outer package... Agent:

20110114104 - Apparatus for filling cigarette tubes with tobacco: An apparatus (1) for filling cigarette tubes with tobacco comprises a base (10), a magazine chamber (2) adapted to receive a supply of tobacco (T), a lid (20) adapted to close a top of the magazine chamber (2), a filling chamber (4) adapted to receive the tobacco to be filled... Agent: Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken Gmbh

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108042 - Registered banded cigarette paper, cigarettes, and method of manufacture: Registered banded wrapper, cigarettes using that wrapper paper, and methods of making cigarettes with that banded paper result in banded regions of cigarette paper which begin at substantially the same location on each cigarette. With the banded region positioned at a preferred predetermined distance from the end of the cigarette,... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110108043 - Oral chewable tobacco product and method of manufacture thereof: An oral chewable tobacco product includes a gum composition in an amount of about 30% to about 70% by weight based on the weight of the oral chewable tobacco product and tobacco powder in an amount of about 30% to about 70% by weight based on the weight of the... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110108044 - Filter element comprising smoke-altering material: The invention provides a filter element of a smoking article having a longitudinal axis and adapted for filtration of mainstream smoke generated by the smoking article, the filter element including a first region extending along the longitudinal axis of the filter element and exhibiting a first pressure drop and a... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110100382 - Oral moist smokeless tobacco products with net-structured gel coating and methods of making: Oral tobacco products having a gel-coating and methods for making are provided. The method includes (a) molding a portion of tobacco material to form a pre-portioned piece of tobacco material, the tobacco material comprising moist smokeless tobacco; (b) contacting the pre-portioned piece of tobacco material with a gel-coating solution to... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110100383 - Sheet material cutting apparatus, and associated method: A cutting apparatus and an associated method for slitting a tobacco sheet material into cut pieces used to form smoking articles are provided. The cutting apparatus includes a rotatable cutter assembly having a drum member configured to rotate about an axis defined thereby. The cutter assembly includes a plurality of... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20110100384 - Thermally insulative smoking article filter components: A filter component includes a catalyst surrounded by a thermally insulative carbon fiber composite. The catalyst can catalyze the chemical reaction of selected gaseous constituents of a gas stream. During catalysis, the catalyst can reach high temperatures. The carbon fiber composite can contain heat generated during the catalysis within the... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110100385 - Easy light for hookah: A waterpipe with a small gas or electric flame that heats up the tobacco in the hookah, instead of the traditional charcoal flame. This new device will take much less time to light up the hookah and start smoking. It will also have health improvemnt for not inhaling the carbon... Agent:

20110100386 - Cigarette filter: The present invention concerns an at least partially transparent cigarette filter tipping film comprising a biodegradable substrate, and softener in an amount of less than 25% by weight of the biodegradable substrate, and a cigarette filter comprising a filtration material encased in a cylinder of the said tipping film.... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110100387 - Cigarettes and filter subassemblies with squeezable flavor capsule and methods of manufacture: Improved delivery of additive materials to cigarettes is provided through the use of one or more capsules containing additive materials, such as flavor components, in the filter section of a cigarette. The capsule or capsules are provided between first and second absorbent members and the capsules are subjected to an... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20110100388 - Smoking article with a restrictor: A smoking article filter includes a flow restrictor and a cavity downstream of the flow restrictor. The flow restrictor includes an orifice or flow channel for directing smoke into the cavity. The filter is attached to the tobacco rod with tipping paper and includes an air-admissible ventilating zone at a... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

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