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Tobacco March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073120 - Smoke and odor elimination filters, devices and methods: A pipe comprises a combustion bowl with bowl vents; an inhalation path for drawing smoke from the combustion bowl through the bowl vents during inhalation; an exhalation filter; and an exhalation path for forcing exhaled smoke through the exhalation filter during exhalation.... Agent:

20110073121 - Vaporizer with foil heat exchanger: This invention vaporizes a botanical substance for inhalation using a combustion generated heat source. A substantially planar non-porous heat exchanger transfers heat to the inhalation air and keeps combustion byproducts separated from the inhalation air. In use, air is drawn past the heat exchanger and then through a reservoir holding... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110067713 - Twin chamber humidifying tube: The present document describes a twin-chamber humidifying tube that permits an even spread of moisture on each side of a cigar for up to six months without drying out thanks to the twin chamber system in the tube. The present invention also allows the recovery of dried cigars. Apart from... Agent:

20110067714 - Apparatus and method for post-threshing inspection and sorting of tobacco lamina: An apparatus and method for post-threshing inspection and sorting of tobacco lamina is described and which includes a separation conduit which receives a source of post-threshed tobacco lamina and other contaminants for inspection and sorting, and wherein a source of pressurized air causes the tobacco lamina to move along the... Agent:

20110067715 - Reduction of constituents in tobacco: Methods of selectively reducing constituents in tobacco as well as the tobacco obtained by such methods are disclosed. Subcritical fluids, e.g., liquid carbon dioxide, serve as the reduction media.... Agent: Phasex Corporation

20110067716 - Apparatus and method for delaminating parcels of tobacco: The apparatus and method for delaminating tobacco in the form of slices from a layered parcel comprise conveyor means for delivering a parcel of tobacco to a separating location and a rotatable tine assembly mounted on an axis extending at right angle to the conveyor means and parallel the layering... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110061665 - Protective cover for smoking pipe and method: A protective cover for a smoking pipe includes a generally elongate generally tubular body member formed from elastic material and defining a bowl portion, a stem portion and a shank portion, the body member including a bowl access opening formed in the bowl portion and a stem utility opening formed... Agent:

20110061666 - Smokeless tobacco composition: A smokeless tobacco product configured for insertion into the mouth of a user of the product is provided, the tobacco product including a water-permeable pouch containing a tobacco formulation, the tobacco formulation including a tobacco material and a plurality of microcapsules dispersed within the tobacco material, the plurality of microcapsules... Agent: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20110061667 - Flavor-containing material for cigarette, process for producing the same, and cigarette: There is provided a flavor-containing material for cigarette in which a flavor is coated with a polysaccharide without need of addition of a gelling agent such as a metal chloride.... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056504 - Cigarette blank filling tube apparatus: A tobacco filling tube having a cylindrical portion having an outside diameter, an inside diameter, a first end and a second end and a hollow tapered portion having a first end with an outside diameter and a second end with an outside diameter. The first end of the tapered portion... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110048434 - Thermal treatment process for tobacco materials: A method of preparing a tobacco material for use in a smoking article is provided, including (i) mixing a tobacco material, water, and an additive selected from the group consisting of lysine, glycine, histidine, alanine, methionine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline, phenylalanine, valine, arginine, di- and trivalent cations, asparaginase, saccharides,... Agent:

20110048435 - Feeder system for rod components of tobacco products, and associated method: A feeder system and associated method are provided for feeding rod components of a tobacco product, particularly a rod-shaped, cylindrical, or stick-type tobacco product, wherein such a tobacco product may be intended to be used in a smokeless manner. A hopper is configured to receive a plurality of rod components... Agent:

20110048436 - Smoking article: A smoking article (10) has a filter (20) located at one end, the filter comprising at least first, second and third sections (34,41,51) disposed in succession along a cylindrical axis of the smoking article. Each of the first (31) and third (51) sections includes at least one tube (35,55) running... Agent:

20110048437 - Tobacco nicotine demethylase genomic clone and uses thereof: The present invention features tobacco nicotine demethylase nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, tobacco plants and plant components containing such sequences, including tobacco plants and plant components having reduced expression or altered enzymatic activity of nicotine demethylase, methods of use of nicotine demethylase sequences to create plants having altered levels... Agent:

20110048438 - Tea based smoking product: A method of converting tea leaves into a smoking product suitable for use with a smoking device such as, but not limited to, a hookah. In one embodiment the method comprises the steps of heating a batch of sundried tea leaves in water to provide a batch of wetted tea... Agent:

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