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Thermal measuring and testing

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10/02/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140294036 - Thermography for battery component quality assurance: Methods and apparatus for the detection of irregularities in a thin film by measurement of transient thermal response.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140294038 - Method for detecting heat generation points and device for detecting heat generate points: A heat generation point detection method comprises: step of stabilizing an average temperature of a surface of an integrated circuit S; steps of applying a bias voltage of a low frequency to the integrated circuit S and acquiring a heat generation detection signal detected from the integrated circuit S in... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140294037 - Methods, systems, and devices for calculating temperature change of an electrocaloric effect material: Examples are generally described that include monitoring an electrocaloric effect device. A varying voltage may he applied across an electrocaloric effect material. A capacitance change of the electrocaloric effect material at least in part responsive to the varying voltage may be measured. A temperature change of the electrocaloric effect material... Agent:

20140294039 - Methods and an apparatus for heterogeneity characterization and determination of thermal conductivity of materials: The methods of heterogeneity characterization and determination of thermal conductivity of materials provides for heating a surface of the heterogeneous solid samples during the movement of the samples relative to a heating source and a temperature recording unit. Prior to the measurements the measurement parameters are adjusted so as to... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140294040 - Method and system for detecting deposits in a vessel: Systems and methods for detecting a deposit in a vessel with a sensing cable including an optical fiber sensor array aligned with a heating element disposed in the vessel. An excitation source is configured to propagate at least one heat pulse through the heating element along at least a portion... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140294041 - Method and system for determining flow distribution through a component: Systems and methods for determining the flow distribution of a fluid through a component with a sensing cable including an optical fiber sensor array aligned with a heating element disposed in the component. An excitation source is configured to propagate at least one heat pulse through the heating element along... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140294042 - Semiconductor temperature sensors: A temperature sensing device for an integrated circuit comprises an oscillator (2) having a characteristic frequency dependent on the temperature and a digital counter (16) arranged to count a number of pulses generated by the oscillator (2) in a given time interval, or the time taken for the oscillator to... Agent: Nordic Semiconductor Asa

20140294043 - Mems infrared sensor including a plasmonic lens: A portable thermal imaging system includes a portable housing configured to be carried by a user, a bolometer sensor assembly supported by the housing and including an array of thermal sensor elements and at least one plasmonic lens, a memory including program instructions, and a processor operably connected to the... Agent:

20140294045 - Capacitor module and detection apparatus: A capacitor module includes a plurality of capacitor elements, a bus bar, a contact portion, and a temperature sensor. The bus bar includes an element connection portion on one end thereof and an electrode portion for external connection on the other end thereof, the element connection portion being electrically connected... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294044 - Temperature and humidity measuring apparatus and method: An apparatus for measuring temperature and humidity includes a detecting unit, an A/D converting unit, a storage unit, a processing unit and a display unit. The detecting unit determines a temperature reading and a humidity reading, and outputs analog signals according to the temperature reading and the humidity reading. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140294046 - Microelectronic environmental sensing module: Sensors for air flow, temperature, pressure, and humidity are integrated onto a single semiconductor die within a miniaturized Venturi chamber to provide a microelectronic semiconductor-based environmental multi-sensor module that includes an air flow meter. One or more such multi-sensor modules can be used as building blocks in dedicated application-specific integrated... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20140294047 - Temperature sensor: A temperature sensor generates a variable voltage whose level decreases linearly as a temperature increases, and compares the variable voltage with first and second reference voltages to generate first and second temperature codes to measure the temperature.... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140286372 - Sensor failure detection device, and method: A sensor failure detection device includes a storage, a predictor, a calculator and a detector. The storage stores temperature information of individual sensors. The temperature information includes measured values of temperatures. The measured values of temperatures are measured by a plurality of sensors. The predictor predicts a temperature distribution by... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140286373 - Thermal resistance measuring device: Contemplated devices and methods allow for simple and accurate measurement of static and dynamic heat flux and heat capacity of a structure in situ. Especially preferred devices and methods use a thermally equilibrated housing that encloses a thermoelectric sensor and an associated microprocessor and external temperature sensor.... Agent:

20140286374 - Test system and method for determining thermal effects of tissue ablation on an ex vivo tissue: A test system and method for determining thermal effects of tissue ablation on an ex vivo tissue includes a power generator, a grounding patch, and a material block configured to emulate an electrical property of a patient. The power generator electrically connects to an electrode to generate an electrical current... Agent: Ohio University

20140286375 - Temperature measuring apparatus and temperature measuring method: A temperature measuring apparatus includes a light source, a first splitter, a second splitter, a reference beam reflector, an optical path length adjuster, a reference beam transmitting member, a first to an nth measuring beam transmitting member and a photodetector. The temperature measuring apparatus further includes an attenuator that attenuates... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140286376 - Thermometer: A thermometer comprises an emitting unit, a light receiving unit, a lens unit, and a calculation unit. The emitting unit is configured to emit a measurement light into a flue, wherethrough a gas that contains light dispersing particles flows. The light receiving unit is configured to receive, of the measurement... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

09/18/2014 > 32 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140269809 - Gas sensors and methods of calibrating same: A method is provided for calibrating a thermal conductivity sensor in a first medium A from measurements in a second medium B. The method includes maintaining the sensor at a substantially fixed temperature T1, and measuring a heat flux IB(T1) from the thermal element in the second medium B. A... Agent:

20140269811 - Method and apparatus for determining a thermal state of a battery taking into account battery aging: An electronic system, or its battery thermal management system, determines a thermal state of a battery used in the electronic system. A temperature at a position proximate the battery's cell is sensed during operation of the electronic system to produce a sensed value. Additionally, a temperature offset value is determined... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140269812 - Method and apparatus for probe calibration: A temperature probe for determining a calibrated temperature value is described. The temperature probe includes a sensing element, a memory, and a probe communication interface. The sensing element provides a measured value corresponding to a temperature of the temperature probe. The memory stores calibration data from a calibration procedure performed... Agent: Primex Wireless, Inc

20140269810 - Semiconductor device and method of calibrating warpage testing system to accurately measure semiconductor package warpage: A warpage test system uses a calibration block to calibrate the warpage test system over a temperature profile. The calibration block includes a first metal block bonded to a second metal block. The first metal block includes a first metal and a second different metal. The first metal block includes... Agent: Stats Chippac, Ltd.

20140269813 - Temperature and power supply calibration: This document discusses, among other things, a temperature and power supply calibration system configured to compensate for temperature and supply voltage variation in MEMS or other circuits using representations of positive and negative supply voltages and first and second base-emitter voltages, wherein the second base-emitter voltage is a scaled representation... Agent:

20140269814 - Integrity verification of ir detectors for a rail vehicle: An apparatus for integrity verification of an IR detector that is configured to detect a temperature of an IR emission from an undercarriage component is described. The apparatus includes an IR emitter which emits an IR signal at a reference temperature and the IR signal is directed at the IR... Agent: Progress Rail Inspection & Information Systems S.r.i.

20140269816 - Detecting defects during laser welding: A method for detecting defect in a weld seam during laser welding. The method includes performing a two-dimensionally locally resolved detection of radiation that is emitted by a solidified molten mass that is adjacent to a liquid melting bath. The method also includes determining at least one characteristic value for... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140269815 - Method and apparatus for identifying defects in susceptors of microwave food containers: A method and apparatus are disclosed for detecting defects in susceptors of microwave food containers during production of such containers. The method comprises the steps of advancing the microwave food containers in a downstream direction along a processing path; subjecting each microwave food container as it moves along the processing... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140269817 - Phosphor thermometry fiber sensor: A high precision phosphor temperature sensor is disclosed. The sensor includes a light source that emits an excitation light through a first optical fiber to a Y-coupler or splitter that connects the first optical fiber to a second optical fiber and a third optical fiber. The second optical fiber connects... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140269818 - Heat flow measurement device and method: A heat flow measurement device is disclosed with an outflow conduit having an outflow fluid space and an outflow heat transfer surface and also with an inflow conduit having an inflow fluid space and an inflow heat transfer surface. The inflow heat transfer surface is thermally coupled to the inflow... Agent:

20140269819 - Contact detection using laser modulation: An apparatus is arranged to detect contact between an air bearing surface of a transducer and a medium using a modulated thermal sensor signal. A laser source produces modulated laser light. A thermal sensor is disposed at or near the air bearing surface and is subject to cyclic heating by... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140269821 - Multichannel thermocouple compensation for three dimensional temperature gradient: A method of using a thermocouple is provided. The method includes, but is not limited to, disposing at least one temperature sensor at each of two or more respective portions of an electrical connector adapted to receive thermocouple signals, measuring temperatures at the two or more portions, and calculating the... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140269820 - Thermowell insert: A temperature sensing system comprises a thermowell, a sensor, and a solid insert. The thermowell extends into a sensing region of a fluid flow. The sensor has a probe housed in the thermowell to sense a temperature in the sensing region. The solid insert is configured to removably support the... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140269822 - Wafer temperature measurement tool: A wafer temperature measurement tool for measuring the surface temperature of a semiconductor wafer. The tool can be used to measure temperature on different parts of the wafer to provide a high resolution temperature distribution map. The tool includes an internal calibrated weight that is slidably disposed within a tool... Agent: Qualitau, Inc.

20140269823 - Outside air temperature measurement device and method: An outside air temperature measurement device and method for vehicles derives a useable final value of the outside air temperature within seconds of the beginning of vehicle movement by developing a mathematical expression (i.e., model) for the exponential data series while discriminating against thermal noise components existing in the measurement... Agent:

20140269824 - Methods and apparatus to monitor components of an aircraft landing system: Methods and Apparatus to monitor components of an aircraft landing system are disclosed herein. An example method includes determining a first temperature of a wheel of an aircraft via a first temperature sensor, and determining a second temperature of a brake assembly operatively coupled to the wheel via a second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140269825 - Wireless temperature sensor having no electrical connections and sensing method for use therewith: A wireless temperature sensor includes an electrical conductor and a material spaced apart from the conductor and located within one or more of the responding electric field and responding magnetic field of the conductor. The conductor is electrically unconnected and is shaped for storage of an electric field and a... Agent:

20140269826 - In-situ temperature measurement in a noisy environment: Disclosed are method and apparatus for treating a substrate. The apparatus is a dual-function process chamber that may perform both a material process and a thermal process on a substrate. The chamber has an annular radiant source disposed between a processing location and a transportation location of the chamber. Lift... Agent:

20140269827 - Portable device with temperature sensing: In one embodiment, a portable temperature sensing system includes a portable housing configured to be carried by a user, a microelectrical mechanical system (MEMS) thermal sensor assembly supported by the housing and including an array of thermal sensor elements, a memory including program instructions, and a processor operably connected to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140269828 - Vibration detection in thermowells: A sensor system comprises a process transducer, a unpowered vibration sensor, and a process transmitter. The process transducer is disposed within a thermowell and configured to produce a first sensor signal. The unpowered vibration sensor is configured to produce a second sensor signal reflecting vibration of the thermowell. The process... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140269830 - Systems and methods for structural sensing: Systems and methods related to the determination of one or more mechanical characteristics of a structural element are generally described. In some embodiments, a mechanical characteristic (e.g., a crack, a deformation, an inclusion, etc.) can be determined based at least in part upon the determination of a temperature generated, for... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140269829 - Temperature transmitter transient protector: A process sensor assembly comprises a hollow protective housing, a temperature sensor, a process transmitter, and a transient protector. The temperature sensor includes a probe extending out of the hollow protective housing to a sensing location, and a top plate movably secured to the hollow protective housing so as to... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140269831 - Power device temperature monitor: A power device temperature monitor is provided. The power device temperature monitor includes a power device having a control terminal and an output terminal, where the output terminal is configured to output a current as directed by a voltage of the control terminal. The power device temperature monitor includes an... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20140269833 - Thermometer: A thermometer includes a temperature sensor, a controller configured to receive a signal from the temperature sensor, and an output configured to display a temperature determined by the controller from the signal.... Agent:

20140269832 - Thermometer user interface: At least one indicator light is located on the body or probe sections of a thermometer to indicate to the user that adjustments should be made to the timing or probe cover positioning of the thermometer. Additionally or alternatively the thermometer retains and displays information from previous uses, and in... Agent: Helen Of Troy Limited

20140269834 - Circuit arrangements: A circuit arrangement may include: a first bipolar transistor; a second bipolar transistor; wherein the circuit arrangement is configured to provide a first current flowing through the first bipolar transistor and a second current flowing through the second bipolar transistor; a resistor connected between a first input of the first... Agent:

20140269837 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for monitoring elevated temperatures in rotating couplings and drives: A system to continuously and redundantly monitor a magnetic drive system includes temperature sensors coupled to the magnetic drive system. The temperature sensors are coupled to a transmitter, which generates output signals representing the temperatures of the temperature sensors. The system includes a transreceiver and a controller, where the transreceiver... Agent: Magnadrive Corporation

20140269835 - Measurement of fluid temperatures: A method, device, and system for improved measurement of fluid temperatures are provided. In one embodiment, a temperature probe structure comprises a header having a cavity; a longitudinal probe disposed at least partially within the cavity of the header; a temperature detector disposed within the longitudinal probe; and an insulator... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140269836 - Sensor, method of manufacturing the sensor, and image forming apparatus including the sensor: A sensor is disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate including a cold junction area and a hot junction area and a thermocouple including a pair of thermoelectric elements which is formed to extend linearly between the cold junction area and the hot junction area, and stacked on an upper surface... Agent:

20140269838 - Resistance temperature sensors powered using reader bond pad sharing: A head transducer comprises a reader coupled to reader bond pads and configured to interact with a magnetic storage medium. A first thermal sensor is configured to produce a first sensor signal. The first sensor is biased relative to a common mode voltage at the reader bond pads. A second... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140269840 - Temperature detecting circuit and method thereof: A temperature detecting circuit and method thereof, adapted to a voltage converter circuit which includes a current detecting circuit having a detecting output port outputting a current detecting signal proportional to an output current of the voltage converter circuit, includes: a current signal processing unit, having a signal input port... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20140269839 - Thermal sensor with temperature control: In a thermal sensor. a capacitor voltage of a capacitor is compared with a reference voltage, and an output voltage is generated based on the comparison. The output voltage has a pulse density indicative of a temperature detected by the thermal sensor. The capacitor is charged or discharged using at... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

09/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140254622 - Method for verifying a temperature measurement in a micro-environment and system for verifying a temperature measurement in a micro-environment: P

20140254623 - Differential carrier temperature sensing method: A method of sensing an internal temperature of a differential carrier includes providing a differential carrier temperature sensing package with an electronic circuit board having a first temperature sensor that is in thermally conductive contact with a thermal conductor, where the thermal resistance of the package and thermal conductor is... Agent:

20140254624 - Ultrasensitive ratiometric capacitance dilatometer and related methods: An ultrasensitive ratiometric capacitance dilatometer and related methods are described. The dilatometer provides a capacitance measurement based on a ratiometric capacitance, or the capacitance ratio measured between two or more parallel plate capacitors of the dilatometer. In this regard, an absolute capacity bridge is not required, and even more advantageously,... Agent: Quantum Design International, Inc.

20140254625 - Systems and methods of determining load temperatures: Systems and computer-implemented methods of determining a temperature of a load introduced into a chamber are provided. The computer-implemented method includes applying a power output to a medium in at least a portion of a chamber at a level to modify the temperature of the medium to achieve a predetermined... Agent:

20140254626 - Infrared temperature measurement and stabilization thereof: Infrared (IR) temperature measurement and stabilization systems, and methods related thereto are provided. One or more embodiments passively stabilizes temperatures of objects in proximity and within the path between an infrared (IR) sensor and target object. A protective housing may encase an IR sensor, which may include a sensing element... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20140254627 - Method and an apparatus for measuring temperature of a fluid stream: The present invention concerns a method and an apparatus (12) for measuring the temperature of a fluid stream (11), said apparatus comprising a movable frame (13, 14) having first end facing towards the fluid stream to be measured and an oppositely directed second end; a beam splitter (9) which is... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140254628 - Scale deposition testing device: A scale deposition testing device, which is capable of precisely evaluating the state of scale deposition in consideration of an effect of retained geothermal water that occurs in an actual geothermal power plant, includes a plurality of scale deposition containers filled with particulates; hot water supply means for causing hot... Agent:

20140254629 - Optical fiber temperature distribution measurement device and method of measuring optical fiber temperature distribution: An optical fiber temperature distribution measurement device for measuring a temperature distribution along a longitudinal direction of an optical fiber is provided. The device includes: a light transmitter configured to input a train of code-modulated light pulses into the optical fiber; a light receiver configured to receive Raman back scattering... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140254630 - Single wire analog output sensor architecture: A analog integrated sensor device has an interface with only a single ground line and a single signal line configured to receive power and output an analog value. A power capacitor is coupled between the ground line and the single signal line. An analog sensor circuitry is operable to be... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20140254631 - Actively cooled gas turbine sensor probe housing: An actively cooled turbine sensor assembly is designed to withstand post-combustion gas-path conditions of gas turbine engines. The housing forms part of a cooling system and includes an elongated tubular structure that may be inserted into the hot flow path. The distal end portion of the sensor assembly is contoured... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140254632 - Instrument for adjoining temperature detecting element: Disclosed is an instrument for allowing a temperature detecting element to adjoin the coil of a stator, which is part of a rotary electric machine, the instrument including an elastic member which is formed from an elastic material and presses the temperature detecting element to the coil, and a securing... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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