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Thermal measuring and testing

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01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150023385 - Model based lamp background filtration of stray radiation for pyrometry: The embodiments described herein generally relate to methods of noise compensation for proper temperature detection in thermal processing chambers and devices for achieving the same. Methods can include determining noise produced by a lamp zone and extrapolating the noise from the detected photocurrent. Devices can include a processing chamber, a... Agent:

20150023386 - System and method for automatically calibrating a temperature sensor: There is provided a system and method for automatically calibrating a temperature sensor. More specifically, there is provided a system including a temperature sensor that includes a first resistance configured to indicate a temperature of the temperature sensor and a second resistance, in series with the first resistor, wherein the... Agent:

20150023387 - Steel plate quality assurance system and equipment thereof: A steel plate quality assurance system according to a steel plate manufacturing line, and facilities thereof are provided. Specifically, the present invention provides a steel plate quality assurance system and facilities thereof, wherein the steel plate quality assurance system measures, with a steel plate manufacturing line including a finishing mill... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150023388 - Quartz-temperature-measurement probe and quartz-temperature-measurement device: A crystal oscillator (31) (Y-cut) has a temperature characteristic in which its oscillating frequency significantly changes with temperature, whereas a crystal oscillator (32) (AT-cut) has a temperature characteristic in which its oscillating frequency is stable with temperature. Crystal oscillators (31, 32) are cut from a raw material of the same... Agent:

20150023389 - Optical fiber for temperature sensor and a power device monitoring system: An optical fiber for a temperature sensor and a power device monitoring system that can measure temperatures at different measurement positions by a simple construction are provided. An optical fiber for the sensor 10 comprises a temperature assurance FBG 20 and temperature measurement FBGs 30 as FBGs wherein the refractive... Agent: Institute Of National Colleges Of Technology, Japan

20150023390 - Temperature test unit with processor: A temperature test unit includes two thermometers each having a probe for detecting a temperature at a heat exchanging system, a processing mechanism electrically connected to the thermometers for receiving and processing the temperature readouts, and for obtaining a temperature difference between the temperature readouts, and a displayer device electrically... Agent:

20150023391 - Temperature sensor: The invention relates to a temperature sensor (1) for a motor vehicle comprising:—a housing (3) defining an internal volume comprising a temperature sensitive element (5),—electrical wires (9) linked electrically to said temperature sensitive element (5) and configured to transmit an item of temperature information from said sensitive element (5) to... Agent: Sc2n

20150023392 - Battery pack: A battery pack including at least one battery cell, and a thermistor configured to detect temperature information of the at least one battery cell, the thermistor including: a thermistor body; a fixation portion united with the thermistor body at a first side of the thermistor body and including a ring... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150023393 - Large area temperature sensor: A sensing device is made up of a network of nominally identical temperature dependent resistors which is topologically equivalent to a square resistor network. The device has terminals at which an average resistance value thereof can be measured. The resistors are supported on a substrate which can be reduced in... Agent: Pst Sensors (proprietary) Limited

20150023394 - Metal nitride material for thermistor, method for producing same, and film thermistor sensor: Provided are a metal nitride material for a thermistor, which exhibits high reliability and high heat resistance and can be directly deposited on a film or the like without firing, a method for producing the metal nitride material for a thermistor, and a film type thermistor sensor. The metal nitride... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150016485 - Method of determining the thermal state of a substance in cold condition: A method of determining a thermal state or a thermal state transition of a substance based on how much liquid phase is available is disclosed. The method includes: (a) determining a current thermal state of the substance when the internal combustion engine is switched on based on a tank temperature... Agent:

20150016486 - Remote electromigration monitoring of electronic chips: A method of remotely monitoring electromigration in an electronic chip includes sensing, at a first location, at least one temperature value of the electronic chip, sending the at least one temperature value to a remote monitoring system, accumulating a plurality of temperature values of the electronic chip at the monitoring... Agent:

20150016487 - Flexible temperature and strain sensors: A strain compensated temperature sensor includes a first, temperature dependent resistor, and a second, substantially temperature independent resistor connected in series with the temperature dependent resistor. At least one electrical contact allows an electrical potential difference to be applied across both resistors simultaneously. Both the temperature dependent resistor and the... Agent: Pst Sensors (proprietary) Limited

01/08/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150010037 - Restrictions on the validity of thermal conditions at a porous fluid interface and its applications: A method and system for analyzing variant thermal conditions at the porous-fluid interface under LTNE condition is disclosed. Exact solutions can be derived for both the fluid and solid temperature distributions for the most fundamental forms of thermal conditions at the interface between a porous medium and a fluid under... Agent:

20150010038 - Infrared contrasting color temperature measurement system: Devices and corresponding methods can be provided to measure temperature and/or emissivity of a target. Emissivity of the target need not be known or assumed, and any temperature difference between a sensor and the target need not be zeroed or minimized. No particular bandpass filter is required. Devices can include... Agent: Exergen Corporation

20150010039 - Temperature measurement method: The invention relates to a method for measuring the temperature of at least one electronic component (2) using a sensor (4) that supplies a temperature-dependent voltage. The method comprises the following steps in which: a signal representative of the voltage delivered by the sensor (4) is made to pass through... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150010040 - Wireless thermometer: A wireless thermometer is provided, which measures a deep temperature with high accuracy and has an improved communication distance. A wireless thermometer includes a flat film-like substrate. A quartz crystal vibrator and an antenna are disposed on a principal surface of the substrate. A quartz crystal vibrator and an antenna... Agent:

20150010041 - Circuit arrangement: According to various embodiments, a circuit arrangement is provided which includes a bridge circuit having at least two field effect transistors and a measurement circuit configured to measure a forward voltage of a body diode of any one of the at least two field effect transistors resulting from a current... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150003490 - Resistance and offset cancellation in a remote-junction temperature sensor: A temperature sensor uses a semiconductor device that has a known voltage drop characteristic that is proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT). A controllable current source is coupled to the semiconductor device and is operable to sequentially inject a bias current having a value I(bias) and fixed ratio N of I(bias)... Agent:

20150003491 - Temperature measuring device and temperature measuring method: A temperature measuring device includes a reading unit configured to read a first temperature value from a first temperature sensor that measures a temperature of a heat generating component and a second temperature value from a second temperature sensor that measures an ambient temperature, a calculation unit configured to calculate... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150003492 - Thermal resistance measuring method and thermal resistance measuring device: A temperature of a semiconductor element is measured based on a temperature coefficient of a voltage between the first electrode and the second electrode when no heat is generated when causing a constant current of an extent such that the semiconductor element does not generate heat to be input wherein... Agent:

20150003493 - Occupancy sensor for occupiable item e.g. seat or bed: An occupancy sensor for detecting the occupancy state of an item occupiable by a human or animal occupant, e.g. a seat or a bed, the sensor including a thermistor, to be arranged in compression-dependent heat-conducting relationship with the occupiable item, and a control circuit operatively connected to the thermistor, where... Agent:

20150003494 - Temperature-controlled bath: A temperature-controlled bath capable of swiftly changing the temperature of a sample to a target temperature and maintaining the temperature of the sample at a fixed temperature after the temperature change is provided. A temperature-controlled bath includes a temperature changing means, a temperature-controlled chamber, a sample holding chamber, and connection... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20150003495 - Heat exchanger testing device: An apparatus and a process for testing fluid from a heat exchanger. A first fluid from a heat exchanger to be tested is passed through a test heat exchanger. A second fluid is circulated through the test heat exchanger with a pump. The second fluid is heated with a heater... Agent:

20150003496 - Method and apparatus for measuring the temperature of rotating machining tools: A method for measuring the temperature of rotating machining tools, comprising providing an optical fiber sensor; inserting said optical fiber sensor into the rotating machining tool; directing light from a light source into said optical fiber of said fiber sensor; detecting changes of optical properties of said optical fiber sensor... Agent:

20150003498 - Monitoring power combiners: The disclosed embodiments show a fused fiber combiner with sensors that are strategically located at various locations, thereby permitting performance monitoring of the fused fiber combiner. Additionally, the disclosed embodiments show various processes for determining causes of any performance degradations.... Agent:

20150003497 - Temperature and strain sensing optical fiber and temperature and strain sensor: Disclosed is a temperature and strain sensing optical fiber including a first doped radial zone (Z1) with an associated first Brillouin shift (BS1) caused by the doping of said zone (Z1) and a second doped radial zone (Z2) with associated second Brillouin shift (BS2) caused by the doping of said... Agent:

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