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Thermal measuring and testing

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05/14/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150131695 - Temperature characteristic correction device, temperature characteristic correction formula determination method, electronic apparatus, and control circuit: A temperature characteristic correction device corrects a temperature characteristic of an electronic device. The temperature characteristic correction device calculates a peak correction characteristic approximating a peak waveform having a peak value in a second range included in a first range of the temperature characteristic using a first formula, and a... Agent:

20150131696 - Device for testing a sensor of train undercarriage temperatures: A test apparatus for testing an IR sensor of train undercarriage temperatures is disclosed. The IR sensor may be used to obtain infrared IR emission data by sensing a wheel or a wheel bearing of a rail vehicle. The test apparatus may comprise a heat emitter for supplying IR emissions... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20150131697 - Industrial machine and method for measuring amount of expansion/contraction of industrial machine: An industrial machine includes a moving mechanism moving one of a probe and a tool relative to a work piece, using three displacement axes parallel to each of three orthogonal axis directions; a low thermal expansion member formed with a material having a smaller thermal expansion coefficient than a material... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20150131698 - Low temperature rtp control using ir camera: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods and apparatus for monitoring substrate temperature uniformity in a processing chamber, such as an RTP chamber. Substrate temperature is monitored using an infrared camera coupled to a probe having a wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens is positioned within the probe and... Agent:

20150131699 - Pyrometer background elimination: Embodiments disclosed herein provide an RTP system for processing a substrate. An RTP chamber has a radiation source configured to deliver radiation to a substrate disposed within a processing volume. One or more pyrometers are coupled to the chamber body opposite the radiation source. In one example, the radiation source... Agent:

20150131700 - High repetition rate thermometry system and method: A system and method for rapid thermometry using intrapulse spectroscopy can include a laser for propagating pulses of electromagnetic radiation to a region. Each of the pulses can be chirped. The pulses from the region can be detected. An intrapulse absorbance spectrum can be determined from the pulses. An instantaneous... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20150131701 - Thermocouple with local cold junction measurement: A thermocouple including first and second thermoelements arranged to define a hot junction and a cold junction. A thermometer is coupled to at least one of the first and second thermoelements to measure the temperature of said cold junction independent of electronics used for conditioning a signal of said thermocouple.... Agent:

20150131702 - Temperature sensor: A temperature sensor includes a substrate, a platinum resistor arranged on at least one surface of the substrate, a protective layer covering at least a portion of the platinum resistor and a cover layer covering at least a portion of the protective layer, the cover layer including Al2O3, SiO2 and... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150124849 - Detecting temperature sensor anomalies in connected thermostats: Discussed generally herein are systems, apparatuses, techniques, and software for determining if a temperature sensor is properly located. In one or more embodiments, a technique can include receiving a series of temperature readings from a temperature sensor, determining if the temperature sensor is properly located as a function of the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150124850 - Detecting temperature sensor anomalies in connected thermostats: Generally discussed herein are techniques, software, apparatuses, and systems configured for detecting an anomaly in a temperature sensor. In one or more embodiments an apparatus can include one or more computer processors configured to: (1) receive a series of temperature sensor readings from a temperature sensor, (2) determine if the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150124851 - Differential adiabatic compensation calorimeter and methods of operation: The differential adiabatic compensation calorimeter comprises sample and reference containers, sample and reference temperature sensors connected back-to-back, in series, sample and reference compensating heaters coupled to the sample and reference containers, and a temperature-controlled chamber. In this differential adiabatic mixing and reaction calorimeter, the sample heat-sink heat loss to the... Agent:

20150124852 - Temperature monitoring device for workflow monitoring system: A host device and temperature monitoring device (TMD) integrated assembly that can automatically collect temperature data and interface with a workflow management system. The TMD is provided in a portable housing and incorporates one or more temperature sensors, such as a physical probe, infrared sensor, or RFID transceiver, along with... Agent: Par Technology Corporation

20150124853 - System and method for integrating sensors in thermostats: Provided according to one or more embodiments is a thermostat having a housing, the housing including a forward-facing surface, the thermostat comprising a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor disposed inside the housing for sensing occupancy in the vicinity of the thermostat. The PIR motion sensor has a radiation receiving surface... Agent:

20150124854 - Ir thermometry probe cover: A protective cover for an insertion probe of a medical instrument. The cover contains a flexible tubular body that compliments the probe geometry and a radially disposed flange that surrounds the proximal end of the body. A series of snap-on fasteners removably connect the cover to the instrument. A camming... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150117487 - Method and device for automatically detecting an incorrect measurement of a total temperature on an aircraft: A method and a device for automatically detecting an incorrect measurement of a total temperature on an aircraft. The detection device comprises several monitoring units configured to monitor the variations of the measured total temperature, provided by a temperature probe, and current values of the Mach number and of the... Agent:

20150117486 - System and method for calibrating temperatures sensor for integrated circuits: In some embodiments, a method may be provided for calibrating integrated circuit temperature sensors. The method may include sensing a first temperature using a first temperature sensor and a second temperature using a second temperature sensor. The first temperature sensor may be calibrated and is external to a package of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150117488 - Pvt cell for foamy oil: A PVT system for evaluating foamy heavy and extra-heavy hydrocarbons, including a cell having a wall defining an inner space; a floating piston slidable in the inner space; a stirring mechanism slidable into the inner space and operative to mix a hydrocarbon sample in the inner space; a volumetric pump... Agent: Intevep, S.a.

20150117490 - System and method for remote temperature measurements in a harsh environment: A temperature sensing device includes a probe unit on a first end and a sensor unit on a second end opposite the first end. The first end is introduced into an environment to be measured, such as an exhaust gas line from a combustion engine, and the second end is... Agent:

20150117489 - Temperature probe: The present invention includes a temperature probe and use thereof. The temperature probe is configured to obtain a temperature of a blow molding preform, especially a temperature of an inside surface of the blow molding preform. In this manner, effectiveness of heating the preform can be evaluated, the presence of... Agent:

20150117491 - Tunable wavelength filter with embedded metal temperature sensor and its application to external-cavity type tunable wavelength laser: Provided are a tunable wavelength filter with an embedded metal temperature sensor and an external-cavity type tunable wavelength laser module. In detail, the tunable wavelength filter with an embedded metal temperature sensor and the external-cavity type tunable wavelength laser module achieve wavelength stability by forming a metal temperature sensor using... Agent:

20150117492 - Temperature detecting circuit and temperature detecting apparatus using the same: A temperature detecting apparatus includes a temperature detecting circuit configured to output a first pulse signal according to a temperature detected by a temperature sensor, and an insulating transformer configured to transmit the first pulse signal to an integrated circuit which is operated by an operation voltage different from that... Agent:

20150117493 - Phosphor thermometry fiber sensor: High precision phosphor temperature sensors are disclosed. The sensors include a light source that emits an excitation light through one or more optical fibers to one or more phosphors that produce fluorescent emission(s) when engaged by the excitation light. The fluorescent emission(s) is transmitted optically from the phosphor(s) directly to... Agent:

20150117495 - Systems and methods for on-chip temperature sensor: Various embodiments of the invention use the characteristics of BJTs to compute parameter values required to de-embed the effects of non-idealities including BJT's-mismatch in the reverse saturation current and process-dependent injection factor. In some embodiments, a temperature sensor circuit and method provide high temperature accuracy in a low-cost way by... Agent:

20150117494 - Temperature sensor and related method: A temperature sensor, including a conduction path, between a line at a supply voltage and a common ground terminal of the temperature sensor, including a capacitor, a resistor and a reverse biased diode a junction temperature of which is to be sensed; a digital circuit coupled with the capacitor, the... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
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