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Thermal measuring and testing April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120099616 - Icing sensor system and method: In a first aspect the invention relates to a sensor system (10) for determining a proximity to icing conditions of an environment. The system includes a sensor having a sensor surface (12) for exposure to the environment, an electrically powered heat pump means (16) for cooling and/or heating the surface... Agent:

20120099617 - Electronic clinical thermometer: An electronic clinical thermometer for connecting to an electronic device includes a sensing portion comprising and a controlling portion. The sensing portion includes a first audio connecting member and the controlling portion includes a second audio connecting member. The second audio connecting member is assembled with the first audio connecting... Agent: K-jump Health Co., Ltd.

20120099618 - Secondary battery temperature-estimating apparatus and method: An alternating current impedance-estimating section (106) estimates an alternating current impedance (Rh) of the secondary battery based on electric current (I) and voltage (V) of the secondary battery detected when a ripple generating section causes a ripple current to flow in the secondary battery. A temperature estimating section (108) estimates... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

04/19/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120093192 - Method and measuring sensor for temperature measurement: A method and measuring sensor are disclosed for measuring temperature, the method including arranging a measuring element of the sensor into thermal contact with a process being measured, and directing a measuring signal received from the measuring element onward by measuring conductors connected to the measuring element. Close to the... Agent: Janesko Oy

20120093193 - Electronic apparatus of a downhole tool: An electronic apparatus (12) of a downhole tool (9, 11) comprises a first electronic device (13) operating up to a first maximum operating temperature, a second electronic device (14) operating up to a second maximum operating temperature, a switch (15) coupling the first electronic device (13) to the second electronic... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20120093194 - Method and system to measure temperature of gases using coherent anti-stokes doppler spectroscopy: A method of measuring a temperature of a noble gas in a chamber includes providing the noble gas in the chamber. The noble gas is characterized by a pressure and a temperature. The method also includes directing a first laser beam into the chamber and directing a second laser beam... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

04/12/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120087389 - System and method for detecting the temperature of an electrophoretic display device: An apparatus includes a temperature detector coupled to a conductive layer of an electrophoretic display device. The temperature detector is operable to measure a leakage current that is responsive to a temperature associated with the electrophoretic device and determine the temperature associated with the electrophoretic device based at least in... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120087390 - Thermal sensor device: A thermal sensor is provided that includes a front-end component, an analog-to-digital converter and a digital backend. The front-end component including an array of current sources, a dynamic element matching (DEM) device, an analog chopper and two diodes to sense temperatures on the die. The front-end component to provide analog... Agent: Intel Corporation

20120087391 - Probe for an ear thermometer: A probe for an ear thermometer has a mounting bracket, a light module, a temperature sensor and a probe tube. The light module and temperature sensor is mounted on the mounting bracket. The light module is capable of radiating different colored lights to respectively indicate normal or abnormal body temperature.... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120082180 - Electrical component behavior analysis tools: Tools and methods for creating isolated or localized temperature changes on components in an electric circuit. By isolating temperature changes to individual components or small sets of components, the tools and methods allow greater control over the analysis of interactions within a board. This may allow clearer understanding of the... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20120082181 - Temperature sensor: A sensor configured to detect exhaust gas temperature of an exhaust, the sensor including a housing and a sensing element at least partially disposed within the housing. A filler material, including a first media and at least one additional media, is disposed within the housing and at least partially surrounds... Agent:

20120082182 - Integration of an optical waveguide of a sensor into a component: The invention relates to a method for integrating an optical waveguide (3) of a temperature sensor and/or strain sensor into a temperature and/or strain measuring component (1) made of a base material (2), onto which a coating (5) is applied. The optical waveguide (3) is arranged on a predetermined measurement... Agent: Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

20120082183 - Drop-in probe: A drop-in probe is provided for determining phase changes of a sample removed from a molten steel by thermal analysis. The probe includes a measurement head that has an immersion end and in which is arranged a sample chamber having an inlet opening and a thermocouple projecting with its hot... Agent: Heraeus Electro-nite International N.v.

20120082184 - Physiological signal sensing device, containing device and method for transporting a protective film: A physiological signal sensing device, a containing device and a method for transporting a protective film are provided. The physiological sensing device includes a sensing module, a transporter, and a driving assembly. The sensing module is used for sensing vital signals. The transporter is used for transporting a protective film.... Agent: Taidoc Technology Corporation

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