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The Regents Of The University Of California patents

The following is a sampling of recent The Regents Of The University Of California patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110200531 - Treatment and diagnosis of central nervous system disorders
20110200609 - Monoclonal antibodies specific for pathological amyloid aggregates common to amyloids formed from proteins of differing sequence
20110200787 - Suspended thin film structures
20110201083 - Production of c5-c8 alcohols using evolved enzymes and metabolically engineered microorganisms
20110201084 - Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass through enhanced removal of oligomers
20110201112 - Vault complexes for facilitating biomolecule delivery
20110201557 - Methods and compositions for treating neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimer's disease and improving normal memory
20110201961 - Morphological clustering and analysis of intracranial pressure pulses (mocaip)
20110193062 - Growth of and defect reduction in nanoscale materials
20110195126 - Peptide-coated nanoparticles with graded shell compositions
20110196872 - computational method for comparing, classifying, indexing, and cataloging of electronically stored linear information
20110185854 - Synthesis of fluorescent metal nanoclusters
20110186043 - Mini-channel tube solar collector
20110189140 - Compositions and methods for tissue repair with extracellular matrices
20110189257 - Nanoparticle based therapy for aggregating mucin
20110189500 - Carbon nanotube arrays as thermal interface materials
20110189698 - Protein biomarkers and methods for diagnosing kawasaki disease
20110190157 - Biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
20110190196 - Improved peptide mediators of cholesterol efflux
20110191407 - Web application development framework
20110191610 - Architecture to enable energy savings in networked computers

July 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110179883 - Tunable multiwalled nanotube resonator
20110180696 - Devices useful for vacuum ultraviolet beam characterization
20110182392 - Staged z-pinch for the production of high-flux neutrons and net energy
20110183336 - Method to predict responsiveness of breast cancer to polyamine-type chemotherapy
20110183889 - Salicylanilide modified peptides for use as oral therapeutics
20110184076 - Fullerene composite membranes for direct methanol fuel cell
20110184681 - Authentication device for full intact wine bottles
20110174972 - Apparatus and methods for controlling electron microscope stages
20110175629 - Capacitance displacement and rotation sensor
20110176628 - Symbol timing relative offset multi antenna system and method
20110177340 - Chemical modification of nanocrystal surfaces
20110177493 - Using highly sensitive suspended carbon nanotubes for molecular-level sensing based on optical detection
20110177528 - Methods for detecting and inhibiting angiogenesis
20110177556 - Nucleic acids encoding chimeric cd154 polypeptides
20110178138 - Inhibitors of protein prenyltransferases
20110178302 - Nucleophilic fluorination of aromatic compounds
20110178456 - Assisting transdermal drug delivery by means of tissue freezing, vacuum pressure and photoheating procedures
20110179333 - Lower-complexity layered belief propagation decoding ldpc codes
20110168263 - Design of higher efficiency silicon solar cells
20110168776 - Apparatus and method for dispersive fourier-transform imaging
20110168901 - Novel lanthanide doped barium phosphorous oxide scintillators
20110168968 - Fluidic nanotubes and devices
20110168976 - Micro- and nano-structured led and oled devices
20110169050 - Method using low temperature wafer bonding to fabricate transistors with heterojunctions of si(ge) to iii-n materials
20110169138 - Techniques for achieving low resistance contacts to nonpolar and semipolar p-type (al,ga,in)n
20110170106 - Multiple superimposed interface pattern porous microstructure multi layer biosensing method
20110170569 - Semipolar iii-nitride laser diodes with etched mirrors
20110171631 - Methods of diagnosing endometriosis
20110171711 - Methods and compositions for production of methane gas
20110172139 - Peptides whose uptake by cells is controllable
20110173189 - Graph querying, graph motif mining and the discovery of clusters
20110163242 - Layered semiconductor neutron detectors
20110163292 - Nanowire array-based light emitting diodes and lasers
20110163854 - Surgical object tracking system
20110163850 - Mems sensor enabled rfid system and method for operating the same
20110164799 - Incorporation of mathematical constraints in methods for dose reduction and image enhancement in tomography
20110165098 - Methods to prevent cytotoxicity using n-acetyl-cysteine
20110165122 - Method for targeted and sustained antiviral therapy
20110165422 - Novel lanthanide doped strontium barium mixed halide scintillators
20110166075 - Method of treating degenerative disorders of the nervous system by administration of fibrinogen fragment
20110166209 - Compositions and methods for ameliorating myosin viia defects
20110166349 - Gold catalyzed hydroamination of alkynes and allenes

June 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110155665 - Method and system for high recovery water desalting
20110156572 - Interdigitated multiple pixel arrays of light-emitting devices
20110158817 - Vertical axis wind turbine airfoil
20110159000 - Antibodies with mannose binding lectin effector function for inhibiting pathologic inflammatory conditions
20110159070 - Biomaterials and implants for enhanced cartilage formation, and methods for making and using them
20110159496 - Molecular diagnosis and classification of malignant melanoma
20110146771 - Nanoneedle plasmonic photodetectors and solar cells
20110149145 - Network and device aware video scaling system, method, software, and device
20110150313 - Method and apparatus for quantitative analysis of breast density morphology based on mri
20110150502 - High-speed optical transmitters using cascaded optically injection-locked lasers
20110151766 - Residential integrated ventilation energy controller
20110152226 - Development of new selective estrogen receptor modulators
20110152724 - Methods and instruments for assessing bone fracture risk
20110154539 - Control of fruit dehiscence in plants by indehiscent1 genes
20110139707 - Nanoporous inorganic membranes and films, methods of making and usage thereof
20110140798 - Tunable artificial dielectrics
20110142838 - Novel antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastatis
20110143137 - Composite nanorods
20110144134 - Anti-inflammatory pyrazolopyrimndines
20110144919 - Biomarker normalization
20110133601 - Thin film bismuth iron oxides useful for piezoelectric devices
20110133856 - Contour-mode piezoelectric micromechanical resonators
20110135660 - Prevention and treatment of synucleinopathic disease
20110135682 - Recombinant bicistronic flaviviruses and methods of use thereof
20110135742 - Controlled release encapsulated anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nanoparticles
20110135744 - Nanoparticle based therapy for dispersing mucin
20110136252 - Integrated microfluidics for parallel screening of chemical reactions
20110137025 - Chemical framework compositions and methods of use
20110129015 - Hierarchical motion vector processing method, software and devices
20110129411 - Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage
20110130306 - Pro-fluorescent probes

May 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110120674 - Titanium-based thermal ground plane
20110122387 - System and method for light source employing laser-produced plasma
20110122406 - Processes for rapid microfabrication using thermoplastics and devices thereof
20110123997 - Molecular diagnosis and classification of malignant melanoma
20110124185 - Graded core/shell semiconductor nanorods and nanorod barcodes
20110124310 - Switch mode voltage rectifier, rf energy conversion and wireless power supplies
20110124644 - Methods of diagnosing and characterizing cannabinoid signaling in crohn's disease
20110114145 - Nanostructures having high performance thermoelectric properties
20110116742 - Coupled waveguide photo detector
20110117562 - Diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll)
20110117556 - High-sensitive fluorescent energy transfer assay using fluorescent amino acids and fluoresent proteins
20110117648 - Single cell surgery tool and a cell transfection device utilizing the photothermal properties of thin films and/or metal nanoparticles
20110118492 - Polymer-zeolite nanocomposite membranes for proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells
20110118732 - Controlled irreversible electroporation
20110119775 - Hydrazide-containing cftr inhibitor compounds and uses thereof
20110108422 - Ex vivo multi-dimensional system for the separation and isolation of cells, vesicles, nanoparticles and biomarkers
20110108873 - Light emitting diode structure utilizing zinc oxide nanorod arrays on one or more surfaces, and a low cost method of producing such zinc oxide nanorod arrays
20110108886 - Method of controlling stress in group-iii nitride films deposited on substrates
20110108952 - Memory capacitor made from field configurable ion-doped materials
20110111418 - Use of iron-related pathways and genes for treatment and diagnosis of parkinson's disease
20110111478 - Amides as inhibitors of human secreted phospholipase a2
20110113518 - Mandarin tree named 'fairchildls'
20110101272 - Solid solution phosphors based on oxyfluoride and white light emitting diodes including the phosphors for solid state white lighting applications
20110101301 - Light emitting device with a coupled quantum well structure
20110101414 - Light emitting diodes with zinc oxide current spreading and light extraction layers deposited from low temperature aqueous solution
20110102068 - Graphene device and method of using graphene device
20110103077 - Light emitting diode packaging method with high light extraction and heat dissipation using a transparent vertical stand structure
20110103176 - Accurate and rapid micromixer for integrated microfluidic devices
20110103418 - Superluminescent diodes by crystallographic etching
20110104051 - Chemically modified viral capsids as targeted delivery vectors for diagnostic and therapeutic agents
20110104112 - Targeted interferons demonstrate potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities
20110104263 - Claudin-4 binding peptides, compositions and methods of use
20110104586 - Integrated seal for high-temperature electrochemical device
20110105565 - Water soluble small molecule inhibitors of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
20110105629 - Process and system for reducing sizes of emulsion droplets and emulsions having reduced droplet sizes
20110105741 - Nucleic acids encoding a g-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
20110105871 - Monitoring method and/or apparatus
20110105966 - Exoskeleton and method for controlling a swing leg of the exoskeleton
20110105967 - Devices and methods for suppression of tinittus

April 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110094302 - Micromachined gyroscopes with 2-dof sense modes allowing interchangeable robust and precision operation
20110096885 - Plasma driven neutron/gamma generator
20110097272 - Method and materials for use in diagnosing viral myocarditis
20110098322 - Preparation of novel 1,3-substituted ureas as inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase
20110098572 - Ultrasound guided optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic probe for biomedical imaging
20110098597 - Microfluidic samplers and methods for making and using them
20110089037 - Biological particles
20110089399 - Light emitting device with a stair quantum well structure
20110089415 - Epitaxial growth of single crystalline mgo on germanium
20110089455 - Optical designs for high-efficacy white-light emitting diodes
20110090023 - Composite right/left (crlh) couplers
20110091466 - Ige antibodies for the treatment of cancer
20110092164 - Wireless sensors and applications
20110092534 - Ammosamides as anticancer agents
20110085968 - Articles comprising nano-materials for geometry-guided stem cell differentiation and enhanced bone growth
20110086029 - Novel antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastasis
20110087314 - Implantable thermal treatment method and apparatus
20110082380 - Bymixer apparatus and method for fast-response, adjustable measurement of mixed gas fractions in ventilation circuits

March 2011 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20110073562 - Method of manufacture of atomically thin boron nitride
20110075288 - Magnetic recording medium
20110077406 - Cross-coupling of phenolic derivatives
20110077626 - Minimally invasive glaucoma surgical instrument and method
20110078638 - Layout decomposition for double patterning lithography
20110067984 - Microelectromechanical system (mems) resonant switches and applications for power converters and amplifiers
20110068290 - Chemical modulation of electronic and magnetic properties of graphene
20110068793 - Solvated hyperpolarized xenmr and mri signal amplification by gas extraction
20110070221 - Gnaq mutations in melanoma
20110070490 - Carbon electrodes for electrochemical applications
20110070604 - Analysis of ex vivo cells for disease state detection and therapeutic agent selection and monitoring
20110071301 - Abeta-binding small molecules
20110061697 - Apparatus and method for implementing a mobility aid device
20110061786 - Process for making customized particles by stochastic excitation
20110062415 - Anisotropic strain control in semipolar nitride quantum wells by partially or fully relaxed aluminum indium gallium nitride layers with misfit dislocations
20110064103 - Semipolar nitride-based devices on partially or fully relaxed alloys with misfit dislocations at the heterointerface
20110064286 - Apparatus and method for surface capturing and volumetric analysis of multidimensional images
20110065105 - Novel transcription factor-based biosensor
20110065131 - Assays for mutagenesis detection
20110065645 - Compositions and methods for modulating neuron degeneration and neuron guidance
20110066026 - Rf coil for use in magnetic resonance imaging in integrated spect and mr imaging
20110066578 - Method and system for parallel statistical inference on highly parallel platforms
20110057116 - Fluorescence detection of nitrogen-containing explosives and blue organic led
20110057121 - Single nanoparticle tracking spectroscopic microscope
20110057166 - Nonpolar iii-nitride light emitting diodes with long wavelength emission
20110057198 - Technique for development of high current density heterojunction field effect transistors based on (10-10)-plane gan by delta-doping
20110057770 - Rfid reader revocation checking using low power attached displays
20110058164 - Time resolved single-step protease activity quantification using nanoplasmonic resonator (npr) sensor
20110059448 - Compositions and methods for determining cancer stem cell self-renewal potential
20110060187 - Feeding tube system
20110049379 - Neutron detectors made of inorganic materials and their method of fabrication
20110052548 - Cell culture media to differentiate embryonic stem cells into neuronal lineages
20110052549 - Cell culture device to differentiate stem cells in a specific orientation
20110052671 - Near infra-red pulsed laser triggered drug release from hollow nanoshell disrupted vesicles and vesosomes
20110053041 - Cu-based cermet for high-temperature fuel cell
20110053137 - Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
20110053878 - Acid-sensitive linkers for drug delivery
20110053995 - Benzenesulfonanilide compound inhibitors of urea transporters
20110055985 - Device and method for an atomic force microscope for the study and modification of surface properties

August 2010 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20100204627 - Lower extremity enhancer

September 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070221641 - Laser peening for reducing hydrogen embrittlement
20070225482 - Photoswitchable method for the ordered attachment of proteins to surfaces

July 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070167534 - High strength air-dried aerogels

June 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070145916 - Sequentially pulsed traveling wave accelerator

May 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070107538 - Biobriefcase aerosol collector heater
20070100608 - Speaker verification system using acoustic data and non-acoustic data

April 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070092812 - Optically initiated silicon carbide high voltage switch

January 2007 - The Regents Of The University Of California patents

20070013315 - Bipolar pulse forming line


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