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Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

The following is a sampling of recent Texas Instruments Incorporated patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110199057 - Battery protection circuit and method for energy harvester circuit
20110199130 - Low-power high-speed differential driver with precision current steering
20110199137 - Loop filter and voltage controlled oscillator for a phase-locked loop
20110199806 - Universal structure for memory cell characterization
20110199972 - Wireless chip-to-chip switching
20110200148 - Systems and methods for low-complexity mimo detection with analytical leaf-node prediction
20110200238 - Method and system for determining skinline in digital mammogram images
20110201158 - Selective removal of gold from a lead frame
20110202695 - Method and system for padding in a video processing system
20110202754 - Usage mode determination of navigation system
20110202807 - Lock state machine operations upon stp data captures and shifts
20110202806 - Tam controller connected with tam and functional core wrapper circuit
20110202808 - Reduced signaling interface method & apparatus
20110202811 - Test access port with address and command capability
20110193539 - Switching regulator with offset correction
20110193588 - Multi-mode circuit and a method for preventing degradation in the multi-mode circuit
20110193598 - Efficient retimer for clock dividers
20110193732 - Bandwidth mismatch estimation in time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters
20110193894 - Pulse width modulation algorithm
20110194220 - Esd protection integrated at system level
20110194408 - Fault tolerant mode for 100baset ethernet
20110197102 - Automatable scan partitioning for low power using external control
20110186933 - Schottky diode with silicide anode and anode-encircling p-type doped region
20110186990 - Protruding tsv tips for enhanced heat dissipation for ic devices
20110187000 - Integrated circuits having tsvs including metal gettering dielectric liners
20110187463 - Oscillator circuit for radio frequency transceivers
20110187596 - Receivers, circuits, and methods to improve gnss time-to-fix and other performances
20110188311 - Efficient memory sense architecture
20110188391 - Interrelated wifi and usb protocols and other application framework processes, circuits and systems

July 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110180842 - High voltage scrmos in bicmos process technologies
20110180870 - High voltage scrmos in bicmos process technologies
20110180881 - Integration scheme for reducing border region morphology in hybrid orientation technology (hot) using direct silicon bonded (dsb) substrates
20110181115 - Power management dc-dc converter and method for induction energy harvester
20110181258 - Low-power feedback and method for dc-dc converters and voltage regulators for energy harvesters
20110182112 - 10t sram cell with near dual port functionality
20110182178 - Randomization management for carrier sensing multiple access with collision avoidance (csma-ca)
20110183465 - Array-molded package-on-package having redistribution lines
20110183464 - Dual carrier for joining ic die or wafers to tsv wafers
20110183471 - Stress buffer layer for ferroelectric random access memory
20110185075 - System and method for preventing collisions in a hierarchical network
20110185243 - Controlling two jtag tap controllers with one set of jtag pins
20110185242 - Interface to full and reduced pin jtag devices
20110175168 - Nmos transistor with enhanced stress gate
20110175649 - Driver circuit for high voltage differential signaling
20110176374 - Bist ddr memory interface circuit and method for testing the same
20110176642 - Systems and methods for low-complexity mimo detection using leaf-node prediction via look-up tables
20110177686 - Stable gold bump solder connections
20110169452 - Battery cell tab monitor
20110169526 - Ic output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
20110169745 - 5-wire resistive touch screen pressure measurement circuit and method
20110171994 - Multi-mode transceiver and a circuit for operating the multi-mode transceiver
20110163429 - Semiconductor chip package assembly with deflection-resistant leadfingers
20110163608 - Reducing corruption of communication in a wireless power transmission system
20110163808 - Amplifier with improved input resistance and controlled common mode
20110164437 - Llc soft start by operation mode switching
20110164665 - Transmitter with internal compensation for variance in differential data line impedance
20110165731 - Method for fabricating array-molded package-on-package
20110165732 - Semiconductor package having buss-less substrate
20110165735 - Flexible interposer for stacking semiconductor chips and connecting same to substrate
20110165754 - Polysilicon structures resistant to laser anneal lightpipe waveguide effects
20110165774 - Contact and via interconnects using metal around dielectric pillars

June 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110156144 - Compensated isolated p-well denmos devices
20110156168 - Sram cell with t-shaped contact
20110156176 - Leadframe-based premolded package having acoustic air channel for micro-electro-mechanical system
20110156178 - Micro-electro-mechanical system having movable element integrated into leadframe-based package
20110156179 - Silicon microphone with integrated back side cavity
20110156209 - Multiple electrode layer backend stacked capacitor
20110156670 - Passive bootstrapped charge pump for nmos power device based regulators
20110156672 - Startup circuit for an ldo
20110156671 - Fast load transient response circuit for an ldo regulator
20110156686 - Ldo regulator with low quiescent current at light load
20110156954 - Position and velocity uncertainty metrics in gnss receivers
20110158018 - Structure and methods for measuring margins in an sram bit
20110158017 - Method for memory cell characterization using universal structure
20110158297 - Joint transmit and receive i/q imbalance compensation
20110158422 - Active snubber for improving stability of headphone amplifiers
20110158439 - Silicon microphone transducer
20110159637 - Semiconductor device
20110159684 - Sram cell with t-shaped contact
20110161757 - Tap and linking module for scan access of multiple cores with ieee 1149.1 test access ports
20110161758 - Adapting scan-bist architectures for low power operation
20110161761 - Probeless testing of pad buffers on wafer
20110161762 - Double data rate test interface and architecture
20110147850 - Carbon and nitrogen doping for selected pmos transistors on an integrated circuit
20110147854 - Indium, carbon and halogen doping for pmos transistors
20110147869 - Integrated infrared sensors with optical elements, and methods
20110147934 - Metal plugged substrates with no adhesive between metal and polyimide
20110148376 - Mosfet with gate pull-down
20110148466 - Logic-cell-compatible decoupling capacitor
20110148506 - Integration of mosfets in a source-down configuration
20110148676 - Digital phase locked loop with dithering
20110150106 - System and method for bi-phase modulation decoding
20110150115 - Pilot subcarriers in wireless transmissions
20110151634 - Lateral drain-extended mosfet having channel along sidewall of drain extension dielectric
20110151637 - Method for improving the thermal stability of silicide
20110151651 - Method for forming integrated circuits with aligned (100) nmos and (110) pmos finfet sidewall channels
20110154088 - Falling clock edge jtag bus routers
20110154140 - Direct scan access jtag
20110154275 - Method and system for defining generic topologies for use in topology matching engines
20110142147 - Multi-rank precoding matrix indicator (pmi) feedback in a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system
20110143502 - Method for low stress flip-chip assembly of fine-pitch semiconductor devices
20110143533 - Poison-free and low ulk damage integration scheme for damascene interconnects
20110143540 - Semiconductor wafer handler
20110145484 - Exhaustive parameter search algorithm for interface with nand flash memory
20110145667 - Serial i/o using jtag tck and tms signals
20110145666 - Adapting scan architectures for low power operation
20110145670 - Method for high-efficient implementation of de-rate matching including harq combining for lte
20110131838 - Dynamically adjustable orthotic device
20110132810 - Method and apparatus for sorting carbon nanotubes
20110132811 - Method and apparatus for sorting carbon nanotubes
20110133287 - Method for forming strained channel pmos devices and integrated circuits therefrom
20110133880 - Integrated circuit inductor with integrated vias
20110133970 - Multipath amplifier
20110134665 - Low-voltage start up circuit and method for dc-dc boost converter
20110134674 - Active rectifier and method for energy harvesting power management circuit
20110134684 - Integrated circuits with split gate and common gate finfet transistors
20110134842 - Address space partitioning and filtering for discretionary wireless connection response
20110135034 - Digital pre-distortion of non-linear systems with reduced bandwidth feedback
20110135150 - Method and apparatus for tracking objects across images
20110136335 - Semiconductor device with improved contacts
20110138197 - Processor power management
20110138238 - Interconnections for plural and hierarchical p1500 test wrappers
20110138239 - Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface
20110127572 - Gated resonant tunneling diode
20110128172 - Low power convert and shutdown sar adc architecture
20110128297 - System and method for maintaining hue constancy
20110128659 - Low power load swich with protection circuitry
20110128787 - Ripple programming of memory cells in a nonvolatile memory
20110129032 - Systems and methods for dual-carrier modulation encoding and decoding
20110131439 - Jitter precorrection filter in time-average-frequency clocked systems

May 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110120374 - System and method for mitigating oxide growth in a gate dielectric
20110121868 - Clock buffer
20110122242 - Digital microscopy equipment with image acquisition, image analysis and network communication
20110122942 - Techniques for perceptual encoding of video frames
20110123019 - Method and apparatus for cross-talk resistant adaptive noise canceller
20110123112 - Method and apparatus for improving the stability of histogram correlation algorithm
20110125435 - Apparatus and method for impedance measurement
20110114597 - Barrier integration scheme for high-reliability vias
20110115536 - Adc having inproved sample clock jitter performace
20110117967 - Inter-cell interference coordination
20110119540 - Optimizing jtag interface
20110119541 - Bdx data in stable states
20110119543 - Boundary scan path method and system with functional and non-functional scan cell
20110108893 - Integration scheme for changing crystal orientation in hybrid orientation technology (hot) using direct silicon bonded (dsb) substrates
20110108914 - Mos transistor with gate trench adjacent to drain extension field insulation
20110108980 - Stable gold bump solder connections
20110109374 - Dying gasp charge controller
20110109753 - Method and system to improve the performance of a video encoder
20110110160 - Area-efficient electrically erasable programmable memory cell
20110110422 - Transmission bit-rate control in a video encoder
20110111553 - Advanced cmos using super steep retrograde wells
20110111569 - Mos transistor with gate trench adjacent to drain extension field insulation
20110111586 - Method of setting a work function of a fully silicided semiconductor device, and related device
20110111714 - Method and system for false frequency lock free autonomous scan in a receiver
20110112606 - Semiconductor system integrated with through silicon vias for nerve regeneration
20110113310 - Apparatus and method for clock signal synchronization in jtag testing in systems having selectable modules processing data signals at different rates
20110113311 - Apparatus and method for synchronization within systems having modules processing a clock signal at different rates
20110100937 - Adjustable width cassette for wafer film frames
20110101955 - System and method for implementing low-cost electronic gyroscopes and accelerometer
20110102013 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20110102033 - Low power clocking scheme for a pipelined adc
20110102083 - High performace lvds driver for scalable supply
20110102082 - Minimal area, power efficient, high swing and monolitihic ground centered headphone amplifier circuit operable on a low voltage
20110102088 - Low noise amplifier circuit
20110102216 - Apparatus for correcting setting error in an mdac amplifier
20110102903 - System and method for illuminating a target
20110103355 - Packet grouping for a co-existing wireless network environment
20110103432 - Enhanced cross correlation detection or mitigation circuits, processes, devices, receivers and systems
20110103481 - Method and apparatus for predictive reference data transfer scheme for motion estimation
20110107163 - Reduced signaling interface method & apparatus

April 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110096567 - Light guide plate and backlight module

March 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110073955 - Isolation trench with rounded corners for bicmos process
20110074223 - Variable timing switching system and method
20110074470 - Low current power-on reset circuit and method
20110074493 - Configurable np channel lateral drain extended mos-based transistor
20110075306 - Local integration of non-linear sheet i integrated circuit packages for esd/eos protection
20110076806 - Low cost lead-free preplated leadframe having improved adhesion and solderability
20110076822 - Lateral metal oxide semiconductor drain extension design
20110078524 - Automatable scan partitioning for low power using external control
20110068443 - Thermally improved semiconductor qfn/son package
20110068446 - Semiconductor chip attach configuration having improved thermal characteristics
20110068735 - Systems and methods of accurate control of battery pre-charge current
20110068804 - Device test and debug using power and ground terminals
20110068814 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20110068979 - Reducing complexity of calculations performed by a navigation system receiver
20110069565 - Memory cell employing reduced voltage
20110069651 - Conserving power using contention-free periods that lack network traffic
20110069707 - Packet detection and coarse symbol timing for rotated differential m-ary psk modulated preamble signal
20110069751 - Method and apparatus for determination of motion estimation search window area utilizing adaptive sliding window algorithm
20110069750 - System and method for adaptively allocating resources in a transcoder
20110070700 - Apparatus for connecting integrated circuit chip to power and ground circuits
20110070703 - Disposable spacer integration with stress memorization technique and silicon-germanium
20110070719 - Tuning of soi substrate doping
20110071759 - Performance of a navigation receiver operating in a power-save mode with the aid of sensors
20110071782 - Semiconductor outlier identification using serially-combined data transform processing methodologies
20110071812 - Small-signal stability analysis at transient time points of integrated circuit simulation
20110072183 - Initiator and target firewalls
20110072324 - Method and apparatus for test connectivity, communication, and control
20110072325 - High speed double data rate jtag interface
20110062550 - Hydrogen barrier for ferroelectric capacitors
20110063146 - Multistage chopper stabilized delta-sigma adc with reduced offset
20110063765 - Mos device with substrate potential elevation for esd protection
20110063881 - System and method for automatically tuning a voltage converter
20110064029 - Downlink signaling for a multi-carrier communications system
20110064067 - Comma free codes for fast cell search using tertiary synchronization channel
20110064071 - Wireless communications system with secondary synchronization code based on values in primary synchronization code
20110064315 - Method and apparatus for image capturing tampering detection
20110065403 - Methods and apparatus to perform radio frequency (rf) analog-to-digital conversion
20110066042 - Estimation of blood flow and hemodynamic parameters from a single chest-worn sensor, and other circuits, devices and processes
20110066041 - Motion/activity, heart-rate and respiration from a single chest-worn sensor, circuits, devices, processes and systems
20110066907 - Method and apparatus for device access port selection
20110057289 - Ultrashallow emitter formation using ald and high temperature short time annealing
20110057296 - Delamination resistant packaged die having support and shaped die having protruding lip on support
20110057702 - Changing an operating performance point
20110058084 - Imaging input/output with shared spatial modulator
20110058626 - Ultra wideband interference cancellation for orthogonal frequency division multiplex transmitters by protection-edge tones
20110058634 - Plural circuit selection using role reversing control inputs
20110060782 - Hardware implementation of a galois field multiplier
20110049517 - Bipolar transistor
20110049678 - Lateral bipolar transistor with compensated well regions
20110049717 - Integrated circuits having tsvs including metal gettering dielectric liners
20110050247 - Test circuit allowing precision analysis of delta performance degradation between two logic chains
20110050275 - Semiconductor wafer having test modules including pin matrix selectable test devices
20110050351 - Oscillator with reduced phase noise characteristics
20110051639 - Dynamic low power radio modes
20110051706 - Wireless network system
20110051744 - External memory data management with data regrouping and channel look ahead
20110051747 - Short and long training fields
20110051845 - Frequency diversity and phase rotation
20110051923 - Method, device, and computer-readable storage medium for producing digital side tone
20110053372 - Low temperature surface preparation for removal of organometallic polymers in the manufacture of integrated circuits
20110054913 - Asynchronous sampling rate converter for audio applications
20110055643 - Receiver power saving via block code failure detection
20110055655 - Hardware-efficient low density parity check code for digital communications
20110055668 - Method, device, and digital circuity for providing a closed-form solution to a scaled error locator polynomial used in bch decoding

February 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110042753 - Strain-engineered mosfets having rimmed source-drain recesses
20110043247 - Ic output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
20110043255 - Temperature responsive back bias control for integrated circuit
20110043257 - Track-and-hold circuit with low distortion
20110043340 - Concatenated repetition code with convolutional code
20110043398 - Cascaded dac architecture with pulse width modulation
20110043700 - Method and apparatus for analog graphics sample clock frequency offset detection and verification
20110044094 - 10t sram cell with near dual port functionality
20110045641 - Semiconductor device having solder-free gold bump contacts for stability in repeated temperature cycles
20110037447 - Component powered by hdmi interface
20110037509 - Apparatus and method for efficient level shift
20110037523 - Charge pump linearization for delta-sigma fractional-n phase locked loops
20110037527 - Fast start-up crystal oscillator
20110037649 - Enhancing position accuracy in global positioning system receivers
20110038360 - Implant access in the medical implant communications service band
20110039511 - Receiver front end
20110041008 - Clock data recovery system
20110041013 - Electronic device and method for verifying correct program execution
20110041019 - Scan testing system, method and apparatus
20110031557 - Gate dielectric first replacement gate processes and integrated circuits therefrom
20110031581 - Integrated circuit (ic) having tsvs with dielectric crack suppression structures
20110031944 - High voltage latching and dc restoration isolation and level shifting method and apparatus
20110032027 - Switched bandgap reference circuit for retention mode
20110032646 - Methods and apparatus to manage ground fault conditions with a single coil
20110032839 - Multiple rank cqi feedback for cellular networks
20110032983 - Probabilistic bit-rate and rate-distortion cost estimation for video coding
20110033785 - Method of fabricating integrated circuit using alternating phase-shift mask and phase-shift trim mask
20110033985 - Manufacturing method for integrating a shunt resistor into a semiconductor package
20110034023 - Silicon carbide film for integrated circuit fabrication
20110035644 - Data path read/write sequencing for reduced power consumption
20110023929 - Integrated circuit with thermoelectric power supply
20110024895 - Semiconductor package thermal performance enhancement and method
20110024899 - Substrate structure for cavity package
20110025402 - Chopping technique for continuous time sigma-delta adcs without q-noise folding
20110026343 - Bist ddr memory interface circuit and method for testing the same
20110026596 - Method and system for block-based motion estimation for motion-compensated frame rate conversion
20110026616 - Method and apparatus for doppler estimation in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm)
20110026621 - Ofdm transmission methods in three phase modes
20110026651 - Automatic gain control in a receiver
20110026718 - Virtualizer with cross-talk cancellation and reverb
20110026929 - Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
20110027943 - Stud bumps as local heat sinks during transient power operations
20110027953 - Laminated stress overlayer using in-situ multiple plasma treatments for transistor improvement
20110027954 - Method to improve transistor tox using si recessing with no additional masking steps
20110029119 - Process and method for a decoupled multi-parameter run-to-run controller
20110029565 - Generation of a media profile
20110029756 - Method and system for decoding low density parity check codes

January 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20110017806 - Forming gas kit design for copper bonding
20110018035 - Offset geometries for area reduction in memory arrays
20110018107 - Tsvs having chemically exposed tsv tips for integrated circuit devices
20110018115 - Pop precursor with interposer for top package bond pad pitch compensation
20110018595 - Metastability hardened synchronizer circuit
20110018602 - Edge-sensitive feedback-controlled pulse generator
20110018676 - Transformer assembly
20110018750 - Error correction method and apparatus
20110019461 - F-sram power-off operation
20110019464 - Smart well assisted sram read and write
20110019723 - Multiple-input multiple-output wireless transceiver architecture
20110019750 - Mac extensions for smart antenna support
20110020986 - Offset geometries for area reduction in memory arrays
20110021107 - Toy building block with embedded integrated circuit
20110022234 - Integrated gearbox/encoder and control system
20110022398 - Method and apparatus for transcoding audio data
20110022912 - Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off/chip tap interface port
20110022999 - Method and apparatus for low delay recursive filter design
20110011424 - Method for cleaning insulating coats from metal contact surfaces
20110012035 - Method for precision symbolization using digital micromirror device technology
20110012243 - Leadframe having delamination resistant die pad
20110012605 - Current based overvoltage and undervoltage detector
20110012642 - Simultaneous lvds i/o signaling method and apparatus
20110012646 - Bus low voltage differential signaling (blvds) circuit
20110012676 - Systems and methods of reduced distortion in a class d amplifier
20110012678 - Transfer-function control in an active filter
20110012764 - Multibit recyclic pipelined adc architecture
20110013328 - Clamp for controlling current discharge
20110013470 - Structure and method for screening srams
20110014360 - Increasing exposure tool alignment signal strength for a ferroelectric capacitor layer
20110014768 - Method and system for improved nickel silicide
20110014932 - Mobile telephony combining voice and ancillary information
20110016334 - Auto-detect polling for correct handshake to usb client
20110016341 - Continuous monitoring of a usb client for bcs charging capacity
20110016364 - Scan-enabled method and system for testing a system-on-chip
20110016365 - Interconnections for plural and hierarchical p1500 test wrappers
20110016366 - Ip core design supporting user-added scan register option
20110006375 - Method of forming a high-k gate dielectric layer
20110006933 - Time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter
20110007580 - Local sensing and feedback for an sram array
20110008936 - Semiconductor device having grooved leads to confine solder wicking
20110010594 - Interface to full and reduce pin jtag devices
20110010595 - Optimized jtag interface
20110001227 - Semiconductor chip secured to leadframe by friction
20110001462 - Electronic device and method for dc-dc conversion
20110001503 - Integrated circuit having electrically isolatable test circuitry
20110002542 - Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted objects from a streaming image
20110002680 - Method and apparatus for focusing an image of an imaging device
20110004434 - Low power testing of very large circuits
20110004808 - Systems, processes and integrated circuits for rate and/or diversity adaptation for packet communications
20110004859 - Adjustable dummy fill
20110004879 - Method and apparatus for eliminating wait for boot-up

December 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100327335 - Method of building compensated isolated p-well devices
20100327361 - Low cost symmetric transistors
20100327374 - Low cost transistors using gate orientation and optimized implants
20100327393 - Method and structures for etching cavity in silicon under dielectric membrane
20100327777 - Clamp to enable low voltage switching for high voltage terminal applications
20100327908 - Method and apparatus for die testing on wafer
20100327928 - Method and apparatus to improve and control the propagation delay in a current slewing circuit
20100329194 - Concurrent transmission of multiple acknowledge/not acknowledge and scheduling request indicator in time division duplex uplink signaling
20100329202 - Channel utilization improvement in coexisting wireless networks
20100329304 - Circuit and method for beta variation compensation in single-transistor temperature sensor
20100330709 - Wafer temperature correction system for ion implantation device
20100330942 - Linearity of an rf receive path by spurious tone suppression
20100331039 - Integrated poly-phase fir filter in double-sampled analog to digital converters
20100332238 - Method and system for lossless value-location encoding
20100332757 - Integrated pipeline write hazard handling using memory attributes
20100332903 - Locating and labeling device in a multi drop configuration
20100332909 - Circuits, systems, apparatus and processes for monitoring activity in multi-processing systems
20100332929 - Scan testable register file
20100320575 - Thru silicon enabled die stacking scheme
20100320579 - Metallic leadframes having laser-treated surfaces for improved adhesion to polymeric compounds
20100321520 - Digital camera and method
20100322176 - Multiple cqi feedback for cellular networks
20100322415 - Multilayer encryption of a transport stream data and modification of a transport header
20100323486 - Triple-gate transistor with reverse shallow trench isolation
20100324913 - Method and system for block adaptive fractional-bit per sample encoding
20100324914 - Adaptive encoding of a digital signal with one or more missing values
20100325333 - Method allowing processor with fewer pins to use sdram
20100325459 - Peer-to-peer group owner enhanced power management
20100325624 - Method and system for application portability
20100314670 - Strained ldmos and demos
20100314745 - Copper pillar bonding for fine pitch flip chip devices
20100315055 - Buck converter
20100315112 - Socket adapter for testing singulated ics with wafer level probe card
20100315159 - High voltage power integrated circuit
20100315211 - Tactile interface for mobile devices
20100315557 - Reducing flicker in the display of video streams
20100315738 - Motor control device and disk drive device
20100315840 - System and method for indirect control of a converter output
20100315917 - Input current channel device
20100315918 - Laser diode driver with wave-shape control
20100315919 - Current gain control system
20100315915 - Input signal processing system
20100315926 - Hfm enable control system
20100315924 - Over current protection device
20100315929 - Laser diode read driver
20100315937 - High frequency modulator
20100316119 - Preserving text quality in video encoding
20100316133 - Detection of resynchronization markers when decoding an mpeg-4 bitstream
20100317170 - Method for improving the thermal stability of silicide
20100318863 - Parallel and serial access to test compression architectures
20100318866 - Test compression in a jtag daisy-chain environment
20100308416 - Method of fabricating an integrated circuit with gate self-protection, and an integrated circuit with gate self-protection
20100308419 - Sram cell with t-shaped contact
20100308783 - Fast boost regulator
20100308784 - Electronic device and method for dc-dc conversion with variable bias current
20100308785 - Electronic device and method for dc-dc conversion
20100308859 - Local interconnect network transceiver driver
20100309033 - Correction of sampling mismatch in time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters
20100309034 - Pipeline adc
20100309711 - F-ram device with current mirror sense amp
20100309775 - Transmission using nested ofdma
20100309976 - Method and apparatus for enhancing reference frame selection
20100309981 - Reuse of a search region in motion estimation of multiple target frames
20100310248 - Method and system for auto-focusing
20100313003 - Automatic save and restore configuration mechanism
20100313087 - Device testing architecture, method and system
20100313088 - Using zero-bit scan as a control event
20100300654 - Modified heat pipe for phase change cooling of electronic devices
20100301464 - Asterisk pad
20100301470 - Stud bumps as local heat sinks during transient power operations
20100301493 - Packaged electronic devices havng die attach regions with selective thin dielectric layer
20100301496 - Structure and method for power field effect transistor
20100302394 - Blinked eye artifact removal for a digital imaging device
20100302545 - Particulate detector system
20100302618 - Micromirror array assembly with in-array pillars
20100302619 - System and method for displaying images
20100302670 - Disk drive
20100302834 - F-ram device with current mirror sense amp
20100302854 - Area-efficient electrically erasable programmable memory cell
20100303034 - Dual-layer beam forming in cellular networks
20100303145 - Media gateway with overlay channels
20100304547 - Reduction of sti corner defects during spe in semicondcutor device fabrication using dsb substrate and hot technology

November 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100295149 - Integrated circuit structure with capacitor and resistor and method for forming
20100295161 - Method for semiconductor leadframes in low volume and rapid turnaround
20100295168 - Semiconductor package using conductive plug to replace solder ball
20100295615 - Cml output driver
20100295617 - Apparatus and method for driving an led
20100295984 - System and method for varying exposure time for different parts of a field of view while acquiring an image
20100296329 - Differential plate line screen test for ferroelectric latch circuits
20100296332 - Sram cell for single sided write
20100296333 - 8t sram cell with one word line
20100296334 - 6t sram cell with single sided write
20100296335 - Asymmetric sram cell with split transistors on the strong side
20100296336 - 8t sram cell with two single sided ports
20100296337 - 8t sram cell with four load transistors
20100297793 - In line test circuit and method for determining interconnnect electrical properties and integrated circuit incorporating the same
20100297815 - Transistor layout for manufacturing process control
20100299115 - Modeling of ferroelectric capacitors to include local statistical variations of ferroelectric properties
20100299486 - Electronic devices and methods for storing data in a memory
20100299568 - Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
20100299569 - Wafer scale testing using a 2 signal jtag interface
20100299570 - Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
20100299571 - Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
20100289108 - Silicon dioxide cantilever support and method for silicon etched structures
20100289138 - Substrate structure for flip-chip interconnect device
20100289145 - Wafer chip scale package with center conductive mass
20100289159 - Semiconductor die collet and method
20100289440 - Active pull-up system
20100289497 - Multi-cell power system controller
20100289560 - Systems and methods of bit stuffing pulse width modulation
20100290368 - Half-duplex rfid transponder and a method of operating a half-duplex rfid transponder
20100290528 - Real-time video image processing
20100290533 - Encoders, decoders, codecs and systems and processes for their operation and manufacture
20100291734 - Semiconductor device with an improved solder joint
20100293214 - Method and system for finite impulse response (fir) digital filtering
20100282243 - Solar tracking
20100283119 - Semiconductor device including a deep contact and a method of manufacturing such a device
20100283142 - Mold lock on heat spreader
20100283422 - Current sensing in a disk-drive spindle motor
20100283448 - Reference circuit with reduced current startup
20100283654 - Digital phase locked loop with dithering
20100283665 - Mitigation of rf oscillator pulling through adjustable phase shifting
20100283679 - Methods and apparatus to locate a wireless device
20100284464 - Reducing computational complexity when video encoding uses bi-predictively encoded frames
20100285792 - Coordinated multi-point transmission in a cellular network
20100287431 - Reduced signaling interface method and apparatus
20100287517 - Statistical static timing analysis in non-linear regions
20100276783 - Selective plasma etch of top electrodes for metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors
20100277142 - On-chip current sensing
20100277145 - System for accounting for switch impendances
20100277220 - Self biased gate controlled switch
20100277239 - Current-mirroring systems and methods
20100277623 - Image pickup device
20100277697 - Color splitting method for light sources
20100277824 - System and method for setting bias for mr head
20100278065 - Traffic load estimation for access point functionality enabled mobile devices
20100278292 - Method and apparatus for unit interval calculation of displayport auxilliary channel without cdr
20100278423 - Methods and systems for contrast enhancement
20100279481 - Control of dopant diffusion from buried layers in bipolar integrated circuits
20100280387 - Active delay line for continuous wave ultrasound system
20100280402 - Method and apparatus for heart rate monitoring
20100280995 - File systems, processes, circuits, devices and electronic systems
20100281309 - Power management events profiling
20100281317 - Controller applying stimulus data while continuously receiving serial stimulus data
20100281319 - Removable and replaceable tap domain selection circuitry

August 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100207183 - Sram cell with asymmetrical pass gate
20100207217 - Micro-electro-mechanical system having movable element integrated into substrate-based package
20100207273 - Micro ball feeding method
20100207592 - Class dh amplifier
20100207594 - Auto-tuning power supply
20100207791 - Sar adc and method with inl compensation
20100208086 - Reduced-memory video stabilization
20100208536 - Structure and methods for measuring margins in an sram bit
20100208980 - Apparatus and method for detecting defects in wafer manufacturing
20100210081 - Stress memorization dielectric optimized for nmos and pmos
20100210256 - Transmission of bundled ack/nak bits
20100211728 - Apparatus and method for buffering data between memory controller and dram
20100211761 - Digital signal processor (dsp) with vector math instruction
20100211838 - Boundary scan path method and system with functional and non-functional scan cell memories
20100211853 - High reliability and low power redundancy for memory
20100200915 - Lateral trench mosfet having a field plate
20100200961 - Thru silicon enabled die stacking scheme
20100201433 - Low leakage sampling switch
20100201443 - Reduction of dead-time distortion in class d amplifiers
20100202037 - System for on-chip actuation
20100202354 - Frame structure for medium access in body area networks (ban)
20100202494 - Ultra wideband modulation for body area networks
20100202577 - Plural circuit selection using role reversing control inputs
20100205494 - Selectable dual mode test access port method and apparatus
20100205495 - Dual mode test access port method and apparatus
20100193868 - High-voltage variable breakdown voltage (bv) diode for electrostatic discharge (esd) applications
20100193909 - Thermally enhanced semiconductor devices
20100193918 - Embedded scribe lane crack arrest structure for improved ic package reliability of plastic flip chip devices
20100193944 - Semiconductor flip-chip system having oblong connectors and reduced trace pitches
20100194370 - Reverse current sensing regulator system and method
20100194619 - Adc with low-power sampling
20100194918 - Methods and systems for automatic white balance
20100194954 - Multiplexed read-out architecture for cmos image sensors
20100194988 - Method and apparatus for enhancing highlight detection
20100195189 - System and method for actuation of spatial light modulators
20100195254 - Overcurrent and brown out protection apparatus
20100195368 - F-ram device with current mirror sense amp
20100195552 - Access and power management for centralized networks
20100195603 - Mitigation of interference between wireless networks
20100195664 - Smart adjustment of backoff counter and contention window for improved random access
20100197045 - Power semiconductor devices having integrated inductor
20100197053 - Process and temperature insensitive flicker noise monitor circuit
20100197091 - Gate dielectric/isolation structure formation in high/low voltage regions of semiconductor device
20100198597 - Dynamic pruning for automatic speech recognition
20100198891 - Method and apparatus for base-lining a calculator
20100198903 - Network-supported experiment data collection in an instructional setting
20100199064 - Fast address translation for linear and circular modes
20100199091 - Authentication and encryption for secure data transmission
20100199094 - Pairwise temporal key creation for secure networks
20100199095 - Password-authenticated association based on public key scrambling
20100199137 - High speed double data rate jtag interface
20100199252 - Routability of integrated circuit design without impacting the area

July 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100187613 - Method of setting a work function of a fully silicided semiconductor device, and related device
20100188002 - Overvoltage protection for current limiting circuits in led applications
20100188012 - Apparatus and method for dimming a backlight with pseudo-random phase delay
20100188015 - Method and apparatus for controlling and modulating led current
20100188061 - Method and apparatus for switching a synchronous dc/dc converter between a pwm mode of operation and a light-load mode of operation
20100188117 - Defining a default configuration for configurable circuitry in an integrated circuit
20100188148 - Predistortion mechanism for compensation of transistor size mismatch in a digital power amplifier
20100188155 - Closed loop ramp up for pop and click reduction in an amplifier
20100188212 - Applications for a two-way wireless speaker system
20100188333 - Pointing system and method
20100188569 - Multichannel video port interface using no external memory
20100188729 - Ceramic header method and system
20100188947 - Automatic dts cd versus cd-da detection within a file system-based device
20100189024 - Ps-poll transmission opportunity in wlan
20100189038 - Circuit and method for mapping data symbols and reference signals for coordinated multi-point systems
20100190294 - Methods for controlling wafer and package warpage during assembly of very thin die
20100190352 - Use of a biased precoat for reduced first wafer defects in high-density plasma process
20100191788 - Multiplier with shifter
20100191979 - Apparatus and method with controlled switch method
20100191995 - In-band sleep protocol for embedded bus
20100192034 - Termination-specifying arq protocol for wireless communications
20100182067 - Ac clamp circuit for video applications
20100182087 - Anti-pop method and apparatus for class ab amplifiers
20100182574 - System and method for reducing the effect of an image artifact
20100183195 - Method and apparatus for object detection in an image
20100184247 - Semiconductor chip having a photodiode, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
20100184392 - Transmitter linearization
20100185421 - Method and apparatus for pictorial representation of an algebraic expression
20100175722 - Enhanced coat bowl wash: coater tracks/workcells
20100176427 - Hardmask manufacture in ferroelectric capacitors
20100176462 - Method of simultaneously siliciding a polysilicon gate and source/drain of a semiconductor device, and related device
20100176508 - Semiconductor device package and method of assembly thereof
20100176859 - Self-protecting core system
20100177284 - Projector display device
20100177569 - Single poly eeprom allowing continuous adjustment of its threshold voltage
20100178739 - Integration scheme for an nmos metal gate
20100178740 - Bipolar transistors with resistors
20100180166 - Error correcting dpcm transcoding
20100180173 - Hybrid-arq (harq) with scrambler and diversity
20100171149 - Symmetrical bi-directional semiconductor esd protection device
20100171201 - Chip on lead with small power pad design
20100171226 - Ic having tsv arrays with reduced tsv induced stress
20100171522 - Ic output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
20100171543 - Packaged power switching device
20100171659 - Position engine (pe) feedback to improve gnss receiver performance
20100171885 - Video decoder system for movable application
20100172340 - Enabling coordinated multi-point reception
20100172355 - Rapid i/o traffic system
20100172435 - Power tuning system and method for power amplifier
20100173183 - Systems and methods of battery cell anomaly detection
20100173502 - Low k1 hole printing using two intersecting features
20100174432 - Wheelchair control system
20100174513 - Characterization and modeling of ferroelectric capacitors
20100174769 - In-place fast fourier transform processor
20100174842 - Effectively mixing real-time software with a non-real-time operating system
20100174882 - Method for protecting software of embedded applications against unauthorized access
20100174886 - Multi-core processing utilizing prioritized interrupts for optimization
20100163948 - Integrated circuit having efficiently packed decoupling capacitors
20100163997 - Epitaxial deposition-based processes for reducing gate dielectric thinning at trench edges and integrated circuits therefrom
20100163998 - Trench isolation comprising process having multiple gate dielectric thicknesses and integrated circuits therefrom
20100164003 - Multiple indium implant methods and devices and integrated circuits therefrom
20100164004 - Methods for reducing gate dielectric thinning on trench isolation edges and integrated circuits therefrom
20100164005 - Selective wet etch process for cmos ics having embedded strain inducing regions and integrated circuits therefrom
20100164006 - Gate dielectric first replacement gate processes and integrated circuits therefrom
20100164008 - Method for integration of replacement gate in cmos flow
20100164052 - High power integrated circuit device
20100164081 - Micro-optical device packaging system
20100164396 - Dynamic power saving pulse width modulated led driver circuit
20100164457 - Voltage regulator circuit
20100164528 - Methods and apparatus to test electronic devices
20100164531 - Tunable stress technique for reliability degradation measurement
20100164533 - Method and apparatus for evaluating the effects of stress on an rf oscillator
20100164570 - Device and method for generating clock signals for dc-dc converters
20100164574 - Simplified, extendable, edge-based watchdog for dll
20100164616 - Chopping technique for continuous time sigma-delta adcs without q-noise folding
20100164630 - Adaptive signal-feed-forward circuit and method for reducing amplifier power without signal distortion
20100164688 - Auxiliary device for implantable units
20100164716 - System and method for monitoring dispensing of medication
20100164725 - Transponder demodulator for a low antenna limiter threshold
20100164762 - Methods and apparatus to test and compensate multi-channel digital-to-analog converters
20100164768 - Providing digital codes representing analog samples with enhanced accuracy while using an adc of lower resolution
20100164792 - System and method for correlating broadcast station with geographic proximity on earth
20100165151 - Processing image frames in different formats with reduced memory requirements in digital still cameras
20100165314 - Mems device with controlled gas space chemistry
20100165470 - Lens array element and method
20100165686 - Rectifier circuit
20100165690 - Segmented ternary content addressable memory search architecture
20100165895 - Methods and apparatus for canceling distortion in full-duplex transceivers
20100165949 - Space time transmit diversity for tdd/wcdma systems
20100165962 - Method of controlling communication of data packets based on different communication standards, a dual platform communication controller and a wireless transceiver
20100166031 - Laser diode driver architectures
20100166060 - Video transcoder rate control
20100167424 - Variable thickness single mask etch process
20100167427 - Passive device trimming
20100167472 - Implantation shadowing effect reduction using thermal bake process
20100167484 - Gate line edge roughness reduction by using 2p/2e process together with high temperature bake
20100167513 - Dual alignment strategy for optimizing contact layer alignment
20100167514 - Post metal gate vt adjust etch clean
20100167517 - Cross-contamination control for processing of circuits comprising mos devices that include metal comprising high-k dielectrics
20100167518 - Cross-contamination control for semiconductor process flows having metal comprising gate electrodes
20100167519 - Post high-k dielectric/metal gate clean
20100167537 - Partitioning features of a single ic layer onto multiple photolithographic masks
20100167552 - Methods for particle removal during integrated circuit device fabrication
20100167655 - Rf transmission leakage mitigator, method of mitigating an rf transmission leakage and cdma tranceiver employing the same
20100169036 - Methods and systems to align wafer signatures
20100169037 - Flash memory threshold voltage characterization
20100169064 - System, an apparatus and a method for performing chip-level electrostatic discharge simulations
20100169090 - Weighted sequential variance adaptation with prior knowledge for noise robust speech recognition
20100169517 - Multimedia switch circuit and method
20100169578 - Cache tag memory
20100169624 - Adaptive fetch advance control for a low power processor
20100169735 - Low density parity check code row update instruction
20100169742 - Flash memory soft error recovery
20100169744 - Progressively programming flash memory while maintaining constant error correction codes
20100169845 - Method of optimizing esd protection for an ic, an esd protection optimizer and an esd protection optimization system
20100169854 - Esd protection validator, an esd validation system and a method of validating esd protection for an ic

June 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100155789 - Low noise jfet
20100155815 - Ammonia pre-treatment in the fabrication of a memory cell
20100155860 - Two step method to create a gate electrode using a physical vapor deposited layer and a chemical vapor deposited layer
20100155949 - Low cost process flow for fabrication of metal capping layer over copper interconnects
20100156362 - Load transient response time of ldos with nmos outputs with a voltage controlled current source
20100156384 - Methods and apparatus for higher-order correction of a bandgap voltage reference
20100156389 - Reducing the effect of bulk leakage currents
20100156433 - Electronic device and method for wire check
20100156477 - Bandgap referenced power on reset (por) circuit with improved area and power performance
20100156497 - System and method for common mode translation
20100156498 - Level shifter
20100156518 - Dynamic charge pump system for front end protection circuit
20100156944 - Circuitry and method for reducing power consumption in gamma correction circuitry
20100157467 - Quiet retraction system
20100157642 - Mitigation of charge sharing in memory devices
20100157936 - Uplink reference signal for time and frequency scheduling of transmissions
20100157937 - Uplink reference signal for time and frequency scheduling of transmissions
20100158155 - System and method for training pre-inverse of nonlinear system
20100158166 - Noise injection circuit and method for signal processing
20100158258 - Binaural sound localization using a formant-type cascade of resonators and anti-resonators
20100158329 - Elegant solutions for fingerprint image enhancement
20100158405 - Aspect ratio distortion minimization
20100158409 - Method to generate object focused thumbnails for digital images
20100159643 - Bonding ic die to tsv wafers
20100159644 - Low-cost flip-chip interconnect with an integrated wafer-applied photo-sensitive adhesive and metal-loaded epoxy paste system
20100159665 - Capacitor formed on a recrystallized polysilicon layer
20100159699 - Sandblast etching for through semiconductor vias
20100161256 - Circuit and method of output power detection for a converter circuit
20100161874 - Multiple slot memory system
20100161952 - Performance optimizations by dynamic reduction of file allocation tables
20100162059 - core circuit test architecture
20100162061 - Tap and linking module for scan access of multiple cores with ieee 1149.1 test access ports
20100162062 - Direct scan access jtag
20100162190 - Feasibility of ic edits
20100148125 - Method of forming semiconductor wells
20100148308 - dopant profile control for ultrashallow arsenic dopant profiles
20100148374 - Method for low stress flip-chip assembly of fine-pitch semiconductor devices
20100148732 - Circuit to spread the spectrum of a pwm signal
20100148737 - Discontinuous conduction mode pulse-width modulation
20100148740 - Voltage buck-boost switching regulator
20100148808 - Methods and apparatus to analyze on-chip controlled integrated circuits
20100148837 - Latch circuit with single node single-event-upset immunity
20100148838 - Wide range delay cell
20100148844 - System and method for common mode translation
20100148850 - System and method for common mode translation
20100148854 - Comparator with reduced power consumption
20100148857 - Methods and apparatus for low-voltage bias current and bias voltage generation
20100148865 - Method and system for calculating the pre-inverse of a nonlinear system
20100148875 - circuit for compensation of leakage current-induced offset in a single-ended op-amp
20100148880 - Method and system for forming resonators over cmos
20100149013 - System and method for common mode translation
20100149420 - Method and apparatus for improving automatic white balance with scene information
20100149493 - Shared-field projection and imaging system
20100149626 - Prism for high contrast projection
20100149773 - Integrated circuit packages having shared die-to-die contacts and methods to manufacture the same
20100151626 - Locking feature and method for manufacturing transfer molded ic packages
20100151651 - Back end thin film capacitor having plates at thin film resistor and first metallization layer levels
20100153798 - Serial i/o using jtag tck and tms signals
20100140327 - Spot heat wirebonding
20100141191 - Systems and methods for determining a commutation state for a brushless dc motor
20100141310 - Operating clock generation system and method for audio applications
20100141345 - Amplifier system with dynamically-adjusted supply voltage
20100141389 - Rfid transponder with improved wake pattern detection and method
20100141902 - Short throw projection lens with a dome
20100142450 - Locally adminstered mac address based method for selectively and efficiently identifying enhanced version nodes of standards
20100142569 - System and method for optical frequency conversion
20100142702 - Kasumi cipher executable instructions and circuitry
20100142931 - System and method for processing video
20100144065 - Method for recycling/reclaiming a monitor wafer
20100144098 - Method for fabricating flip-attached and underfilled semiconductor devices
20100144304 - Reciever dynamically switching to pseudo differential mode for soc spur reduction
20100133512 - Method for fabricating carbon nanotube transistors on a silicon or soi substrate
20100133624 - Cmos fabrication process
20100133693 - Semiconductor package leads having grooved contact areas
20100133909 - Soft-start circuit
20100134187 - Methods and apparatus to reduce idle current in power amplifiers
20100135368 - Upsampling/interpolation and time alignment mechanism utilizing injection of high frequency noise
20100136764 - Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
20100136781 - Simultaneous via and trench patterning using different etch rates
20100137025 - Distributed coexistence system for interference mitigation in a single chip radio or multi-radio communication device
20100138589 - Storage optimizations by directory compaction in a fat file system
20100138857 - Systems and methods for processing data packets

May 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100127335 - Methods to enhance effective work function of mid-gap metal by incorporating oxygen and hydrogen at a low thermal budget
20100127336 - Structure and method for metal gate stack oxygen concentration control using an oxygen diffusion barrier layer and a sacrificial oxygen gettering layer
20100127344 - Contact over isolator
20100127723 - Probe point
20100127775 - Amplifier for driving external capacitive loads
20100127907 - Readback registers
20100128338 - Planarity of pixel mirrors
20100129940 - Vibration monitoring of electronic substrate handling systems
20100131744 - Method and system of a processor-agnostic encoded debug-architecture in a pipelined environment
20100131908 - Sub-circuit pattern recognition in integrated circuit design
20100131999 - Upstream power control for multiple transmit channels
20100123221 - Backside nitride removal to reduce streak defects
20100123442 - Reconfigurable regulator and associated method
20100123446 - Feed-forward compensation for a hysteretic switching regulator
20100123448 - Controlled on-time buck pfc
20100123463 - Battery end-point voltage detection method and battery end-point voltage detection system
20100123466 - System and method for corner frequency compensation
20100123985 - Driver with electrostatic discharge protection
20100124089 - Single-ended sense amplifier circuit
20100124285 - System and method for image coding
20100124291 - Receivers for embedded ack/nak in cqi reference signals in wireless networks
20100124297 - Receiving a pilot design and channel estimation
20100124527 - System and method for production of high purity silicon solids and solids therefrom
20100124871 - Polish pad conditioning in mechanical polishing systems
20100124885 - Interface device
20100117150 - Methods of manufacturing trench isolated drain extended mos (demos) transistors and integrated circuits therefrom
20100117195 - Capacitor integration at top-metal level with a protective cladding for copper surface protection
20100117484 - Driver and driving method
20100117682 - Level-shifter circuit
20100117686 - Current mode controlled dc-to-dc converter
20100117707 - Clamp control circuit having current feedback
20100118540 - System and method for illuminating a target
20100118599 - Process for forming both split gate and common gate finfet transistors and integrated circuits therefrom
20100118819 - Systems, processes and integrated circuits for improved packet scheduling of media over packet
20100119011 - System and method for tuning fm synthesizer
20100119020 - Blanking techniques in receivers
20100120215 - Nitrogen based implants for defect reduction in strained silicon
20100120242 - Method to prevent localized electrical open cu leads in vlsi cu interconnects
20100122008 - Interrupt morphing and configuration, circuits, systems, and processes
20100122118 - Disk-drive write head fault detection
20100122142 - Scalable decoder architecture for low density parity check codes
20100109089 - Mos device and process having low resistance silicide interface using additional source/drain implant
20100109128 - Crack deflector structure for improving semiconductor device robustness against saw-induced damage
20100109610 - Method and apparatus for managing energy in plural energy storage units
20100109678 - Controlling two jtag tap controllers with one set of jtag pins
20100109945 - Loosely-coupled integration of global navigation satellite system and inertial navigation system: speed scale-factor and heading bias calibration
20100109950 - Tightly-coupled gnss/imu integration filter having speed scale-factor and heading bias calibration
20100110042 - Input/output image projection system or the like
20100110107 - Method and apparatus for determining image orientation
20100110222 - Digital camera front-end architecture
20100110226 - Method and apparatus for detecting type of back light of an image
20100110516 - Projection system and method including spatial light modulator and compact diffractive optics
20100110527 - Thermal conduction by encapsulation
20100110736 - Dynamic compensation for a pre-regulated charge pump
20100110807 - Bitline leakage detection in memories
20100111071 - Communication device for providing value-added information based upon content and/or context information
20100111138 - Versatile system for dual carrier transformation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
20100111244 - High speed, symmetrical prescaler
20100111397 - Method and system for analyzing breast carcinoma using microscopic image analysis of fine needle aspirates
20100111398 - Method and system for detection of oral sub-mucous fibrosis using microscopic image analysis of oral biopsy samples
20100112764 - Use of poly resistor implant to dope poly gates
20100112900 - Predictive method to improve within wafer cmp uniformity through optimized pad conditioning
20100113925 - Ultrasound transmitter
20100113934 - Low power continuous wave ultrasound transmitter
20100113935 - Ultrasound transmitter
20100113936 - Ultrasound transmitter
20100115354 - Scan response reuse method and apparatus
20100115386 - Scalable folded decoder architecture for low density parity check codes

April 2010 - Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

20100101487 - Use of blended solvents in defectivity prevention
20100102859 - Lc voltage controlled oscillator tank with linearized frequency control
20100102870 - Wideband switched current source
20100102889 - Systems and methods for tracking communication parameters over a plurality of frequency bands
20100103033 - Loosely-coupled integration of global navigation satellite system and inertial navigation system
20100103380 - Critical abbe illumination configuration
20100103389 - Multi-mems single package mems device
20100103498 - Digital micromirror device having wavelength-dependent modulation structure and method of manufacturing the same
20100103760 - Memory power management systems and methods
20100104092 - Programmable current-based hook detection
20100104118 - Earpiece based binaural sound capturing and playback
20100104975 - Use of blended solvents in defectivity prevention
20100105338 - Predistortion methods and apparatus for transmitter linearization in a communication transceiver
20100096734 - Thermally improved semiconductor qfn/son package
20100096738 - Ic die having tsv and wafer level underfill and stacked ic devices comprising a workpiece solder connected to the tsv
20100097072 - System and method for checking analog circuit with digital checker
20100097123 - Keep-alive for power stage with multiple switch nodes
20100097145 - Feedback controlled power limiting for signal amplifiers
20100097248 - Method and apparatus for video processing in context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding
20100097250 - Parallel cabac decoding for video decompression
20100097268 - Tightly-coupled gnss/imu integration filter having calibration features
20100097343 - Simultaneous multiple location touch systems
20100097604 - Encoding optical spectra using a dmd array
20100097699 - Screen film for light projection brightness enhancement
20100098155 - Parallel cabac decoding using entropy slices
20100098166 - Video coding with compressed reference frames
20100098169 - Method and apparatus for motion estimation using compressed reference frame
20100099070 - Method and apparatus for aggregating, presenting, and manipulating data for instructional purposes
20100099071 - Method and apparatus for aggregating, analyzing, presenting, and manipulating process data for instructional purposes
20100099072 - Method and apparatus for presenting aggregated data for instructional purposes
20100099363 - Closed loop transmitter iq calibration
20100099368 - Monolithic fm-band transmit power amplifier for mobile cellular devices and method of operation thereof
20100099369 - Automatic frequency tuning system and method for an fm-band transmit power amplifier
20100100740 - System and method for security association between communication devices within a wireless home network
20100100780 - High speed interconnect circuit test method and apparatus
20100100782 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20100100783 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20100100784 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20100100785 - Integrated circuit with jtag port, tap linking module, and off-chip tap interface port
20100090334 - Electronic part manufacturing method
20100090340 - Drawn dummy fecap, via and metal structures
20100090540 - Voltage sensing device
20100090757 - Circuit and method for improved frequency resolution of wide-bandwidth digitally programmable rc active filters
20100090772 - Oscillator with delay compensation
20100091040 - Mitigation of temporal pwm artifacts
20100091181 - System and method for multistage frame rate conversion
20100091472 - Semiconductor package
20100091657 - Methods and apparatus to manage power consumption in wireless local area network devices
20100091678 - Downlink rank indication and uplink rank reporting for dedicated beamforming
20100091688 - Simultaneous multiple signal reception and transmission using frequency multiplexing and shared processing
20100091800 - Integrated circuits, systems, apparatus, packets and processes utilizing path diversity for media over packet applications
20100091821 - Wireless communications system with secondary synchronization code based on values in primary synchronization code
20100093140 - Gated resonant tunneling diode
20100093392 - Protecting uplink transmissions in coexisting wireless networks
20100094150 - Heart rate detection in high noise conditions
20100095171 - Scan testing system, method and apparatus
20100095172 - Low power testing of very large circuits
20100095173 - Matrix system and method for debugging scan structure
20100095174 - Scan frame based test access mechanisms
20100095175 - Position independent testing of circuits
20100095176 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
20100095178 - Optimized jtag interface
20100084712 - Multiple spacer and carbon implant comprising process and semiconductor devices therefrom
20100084755 - Semiconductor chip package system vertical interconnect
20100085087 - Automatic on-chip detection of power supply configuration-modes for integrated chips
20100085096 - Energy-efficient clock system
20100085946 - Adaptive transmissions in wireless networks
20100085986 - Systems, processes and integrated circuits for rate and/or diversity adaptation for packet communications
20100088446 - Prioritizing interrupt controller
20100088542 - Lockup recovery for processors
20100088563 - Saving debugging contexts with periodic built-in self-test execution
20100088760 - Debug security logic
20100078738 - Method to maximize nitrogen concentration at the top surface of gate dielectrics
20100078769 - Environmental die seal enhancement for wafer level chip scale packages
20100079132 - Amplifier topology and method for connecting to printed circuit board traces used as shunt resistors
20100079334 - Low-complexity tightly-coupled integration filter for sensor-assisted gnss receiver
20100079503 - Color correction based on light intensity in imaging systems
20100079581 - 3d camera using flash with structured light
20100079582 - Method and system for capturing and using automatic focus information
20100079606 - Motion stabilization
20100079848 - Speckle reduction in display systems that employ coherent light sources
20100079872 - Double refractive collimator
20100080083 - Time-dependant gain control for an amplifier used in receiving echoes
20100080112 - Frequency offset estimation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access wireless networks
20100080137 - Primary and secondary associations for improving cell edge performance in cellular networks
20100082278 - Apparatus and method for evaluating the performance of systems having time-varying output characteristics
20100082721 - Image and audio transform methods


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