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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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02/05/2015 > 20 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150036994 - Obtaining content from direct source and remote source: Examples include a playback device with a network interface and memory with program instructions that, when executed by a processor, cause the playback device to (a) receive, via the network interface from a network device communicatively coupled to the playback device over a local area network (LAN), an address identifying... Agent:

20150036996 - Intelligent print recognition system and method: A system and method for interactive printed media are disclosed in which a mobile or wearable computing device has an application that captures an image of a piece of printed media and associates a link to the piece of printed media using a backend component to make the piece of... Agent:

20150036995 - Recording apparatus and recording method: There is a first writing mode in which data is written to a recording medium in a first recording unit, and a second writing mode in which data is written in a second recording unit whose size is greater than the first recording unit. In an interval recording mode in... Agent:

20150036997 - Recording apparatus and recording method: A recording apparatus of this invention has an interval recording mode in which recording of a predetermined recording time worth of moving image data is repeated each time a predetermined interval period elapses. In the interval recording mode, recording in the interval recording mode is terminated if it is determined... Agent:

20150036998 - Electronic apparatus and control method therefor: An electronic apparatus including an imaging unit detects the attitude of the electronic apparatus, and performs specific processing for an image captured by the imaging unit based on the detected attitude. When performing interval recording in which an image captured by the imaging unit is recorded at an interval based... Agent:

20150036999 - Viewer attention controlled video playback: A method of viewer attention controlled video playback on a video display device is provided that includes displaying a video on a display included in the video display device, determining whether or not attention of a viewer watching the video is focused on the display, and halting the displaying of... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150037000 - Methods and systems for providing variable speed fast-access playback operations: Methods and systems are described herein for a media guidance application featuring variable progression speeds for fast-access playback operations, in which the progression speeds are based, at least in part, on the point of progress of a user during a presentation of a media asset.... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20150037001 - Solution for identifying a sound source in an image or a sequence of images: t

20150037006 - Downloading video bookmark generating data.: A method comprising initializing playback of a video, the video comprising navigation data, at least one menu, at least one trailer, and a movie; obtaining an identifier of the video; downloading, responsive to the identifier and from a remote source, bookmark generating data that identifies a menu selection that is... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150037003 - Synchronizing a map to multiple video formats.: A method comprising comparing a frame rate of a source video program to a frame rate of a target video program to generate a conversion factor between the two sources; retrieving a target frame and retrieving, responsive to a location of the target video frame within the target video program,... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150037002 - Synchronizing navigators to play non-sequential segments: A method comprising utilizing a first navigator to seek to a navigation point appropriate to a begin frame of a first video segment, to step to the begin frame of the one video segment, and to cue a playing at the begin frame of the one video segment; utilizing a... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150037005 - Video bookmark generating data.: A video map comprising bookmark generating data that enables a user to avoid to manually navigate a menu and a trailer provided with a video; seek/step data identifying, for each of a plurality of video frames within the video, a navigation point and a number of video frames that are... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150037004 - Video map synchronizing diagnostic information.: A method comprising comparing a frame rate of a source video program to a frame rate of a target video program to generate a conversion factor between the two sources; retrieving a target frame and retrieving, responsive to a location of the target video frame within the target video program,... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150037007 - Video recording failover: Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for performing video recorder failover. In a particular embodiment, a system includes a first Network Video Recorder (NVR) configured to receive a video stream and record the video stream to a first long-term storage. The system further includes a second NVR configured to... Agent:

20150037008 - Video synchronization based on audio: A content reproduction screen displays a plurality of content items. A video reproduction processing section reproduces substantially simultaneously videos of a plurality of content items on a screen. An audio reproduction processing section reproduces substantially simultaneously audio signals of a plurality of content items. During reproduction of a plurality of... Agent:

20150037009 - Enhanced video systems and methods: A method is provided for enhanced video services to at least one user. The method includes receiving a first input video, and processing the received input video to obtain multi-dimensional information associated with the input video. The method also includes obtaining user recommendation information based on user behavior, and creating... Agent: Tcl Research America Inc.

20150037010 - Transferring multiple records including video data: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving from the host a video special mode for reading video data, and sequentially reading the records included in data sets from the tape medium into segments of a buffer. When there is a C2 error during reading of the data sets, a predetermined... Agent:

20150037011 - Methods and systems for recovering media content lost due to a channel change event: An exemplary method includes a media content recovery system 1) detecting that a DVR device is tuned to a first channel used by a media content provider to distribute a first media content program, 2) dynamically storing, in response to the detecting, first program data representative of the first media... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150037012 - Handling requests when available channel selectors are in use: A receiver receives a request for content associated with a channel, determines that all channel selectors are in use, selects a set of options, and transmits the set to a presentation device. The receiver may then fulfill the request utilizing a selected option. All available channel selectors may be in... Agent:

20150037013 - Methods and systems for generating automatic replays in a media asset: Methods and systems are disclosed herein for a media guidance application that can automatically generate replays of particular segments of a media asset. For example, the media guidance application may determine that a segment viewed by a user is of particular interest to the user based on a comparison with... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

01/29/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150030304 - Systems and methods for recording information on a mobile computing device: A computer-readable medium storing computer executable instructions for: (1) receiving video footage taken by a handheld device; (2) identifying one or more indicia associated with a point of interest within the video footage; (3) using the one or more indicia to retrieve information associated with the point of interest; (4)... Agent:

20150030305 - Apparatus and method for processing stage performance using digital characters: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for processing a stage performance using digital characters. According to one embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus for processing a virtual video performance using a performance of an actor includes a motion input unit for receiving an input motion from... Agent: Dongguk University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150030306 - Synchronizing the storing of streaming video: A method, system, and computer-readable medium for synchronizing video are described. The system captures video data with a camera, the video data including a first video data segment and a second video data segment. When a network between the camera and a hub is insufficient to allow downstream real-time streaming... Agent:

20150030307 - Systems and methods for determining check information: Systems and methods are provided for determining check information. According to one or more embodiments, a method may include accessing, by a computer including one or more processors, a video recording of a check. The method may also include determining, based at least in part on the video recording, a... Agent:

20150030309 - Display system, information terminal, display device, and recording medium: A display system includes a display device and an information terminal for communicating with the display device. The information terminal includes a generation unit that generates playback control information that includes information indicating a storing position of playback content data selected from content data stored in a storage part and... Agent:

20150030308 - Method for operating the playback of a video file of an event data recorder: A method provides a more intuitive way of operating the playback of a video file of an event data recorder. By using GPS coordinates on a recorded video file, a route may be generated accordingly and displayed on a map. The GPS coordinates forming the route have exact mapping relation... Agent: Transcend Information, Inc.

20150030310 - Intelligent viewing of a television program series using metadata: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and program product. In certain embodiments, a computing device monitors a viewing selection of an episode multimedia file, wherein the episode multimedia file is included as executable code on an optical disc, and wherein the episode multimedia file is associated with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150030311 - System for data management and on-demand rental and purchase of digital data products: A system for handling data and transactions involving data through the use of a virtual transaction zone, which virtual transaction zone removes the dependency of such transaction on the delivery medium of the product. The invention may reside and operate on a variety of electronic devices such as televisions, VCRs,... Agent: Customedia Technologies, LLC

20150030313 - Displaying session audit logs: Methods and apparatus for generation of session audit log displays are disclosed. Audit log data is captured in association with at least one session in a computerized system. A video presentation is generated based on the captured audio log data. A video presentation of at least a part of the... Agent:

20150030314 - Method of processing video data, device, computer program product, and data construct: t

20150030312 - Method of sparse representation of contents of high-resolution video images supporting content editing and propagation: This invention provides a method of sparse representation of contents of high-resolution video images which supports content editing and propagation. It mainly comprises five steps which are: (1) to input the original images or videos of high resolution to summarize the characteristic information of their pixels; (2) to acquire the... Agent:

20150030315 - Apparatus, system and method for associating one or more filter files with a particular multimedia presentation: A method, apparatus, computer program product and computer accessible code configured to link or otherwise associate content filters with a multimedia presentation, e.g., a movie. The content filter data includes an identifier value with an aspect ratio identifier or as a function of an aspect ratio for a particular multimedia... Agent: Clearplay, Inc.

20150030316 - Signal determination apparatus, optical projection apparatus, signal determination method, and storage meidum: A signal determination apparatus for determining a format of an input image signal input from an image data output apparatus includes a storage unit to store numerical values of at least three parameters for defining a format of each of a plurality of image signals; and a determination unit to... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

01/22/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150023647 - Data synchronous reproduction apparatus, data synchronous reproduction method, and data synchronization control program: A data synchronous reproduction apparatus capable of synchronously reproducing image frames and numerical data at high speed, including: a data storage section configured to store image data including multiple image frames of monitored objects captured by cameras, and process data including multiple numerical data acquired from the monitored objects in... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150023648 - Method and apparatus for resource utilization in a source device for wireless display: This disclosure relates to techniques for resource utilization in a source device when transmitting video data in a Wireless Display (WD) system. A method for wireless display of compressed content may comprise determining, by a source device, a decoding capability of a sink device, receiving, by the source device, a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150023649 - Network connection configuration method for multimedia player and related computer system: A network connection configuration method for a multimedia player includes establishing a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection between a mobile device and a network connection device, such that the mobile device obtains a service set identification (SSID) and a password thereof of the network connection device; utilizing an image capture module... Agent: Ali Corporation

20150023651 - Automatic generation of video from structured content: Device for providing a playable sequence in renderable manner comprises: a providing unit for providing defined functions, said functions for applying playable effects to objects, a time unit for adding time boundaries to said functions, to provide time bounded functions, an ordering unit for ordering said time bounded functions into... Agent:

20150023650 - Small-screen movie-watching using a viewport: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for small-screen movie-watching using a viewport. These techniques enable viewers to experience movies and other media programs using a small screen as a viewport to the movie rather than dramatically compressing or cropping the movie to fit the small screen. A viewer may select... Agent:

20150023652 - Updating of advertising content during playback of locally recorded content: A DVR parses advertising audiovisual content, i.e., commercials, from a received audiovisual signal during recording. The DVR stores only commercial-free content and replaces parsed commercials with their URLs for retrieval during playback. During playback, the DVR requests commercial audiovisual content to be played back in place of the parsed commercials... Agent:

20150023653 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium: The present invention comprises an input part for inputting image data, a receiving part for receiving production information relating to production transmitted from another apparatus, a recording part for recording the production information received by the receiving part and image data input by the input part, a detection part for... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150023654 - System and method for distributed trick play resolution using user preferences: Distributed trick play resolution in a distributed video viewing group network includes determining trick play preferences for each device of a plurality of nodes in the distributed video viewing group network with respect to a video item. Conflicting trick play preferences between the nodes is determined based on one or... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150016797 - Media recognition and synchronisation to a motion signal: The present document describes a device and method for synchronizing a motion signal corresponding to a media content with a media signal for the media content, the motion signal being for controlling a motion feedback system. The method comprises: receiving a portion of the media signal; obtaining a fingerprint corresponding... Agent:

20150016798 - Tracking assistance device, a tracking assistance system and a tracking assistance method: A tracking assistance device includes: a target-to-be-tracked setting unit that, in response to an input operation performed by a monitoring person on one of display views to designate a moving object to be tracked, sets the designated moving object as a target to be tracked, the display views displaying captured... Agent:

20150016799 - Method for capturing content provided on tv screen and connecting contents with social service by using second device, and system therefor: Disclosed are a method for capturing content provided on a TV screen and connecting the content with a social service by using a second device, and a system therefor. A capture service system comprises: a service server for obtaining profile information on a user from a social service server in... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150016800 - Systems and methods of facilitating installment-by-installment consumption of discrete installments of a unitary media program: An exemplary method includes a computer-implemented media service system 1) dividing a unitary media program into a plurality of contiguous segments, 2) forming, from the plurality of contiguous segments, a plurality of discrete installments of the unitary media program, and 3) providing an end user of a media service with... Agent: Verizon And Redbox Digital Entertainment Services, LLC

20150016801 - Information processing device, information processing method and program: There is provided an information processing device including a display control unit that controls display of a display screen containing a content display area and a subtitles display area, and an operation recognition unit that, when a first operation on the subtitles display area is detected, recognizes that an operation... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150016802 - Goal-based video delivery system: A system is provided that facilitates achieving a goal associated with a particular video asset. The system may provide an interface through which a user may specify control parameters that are to be the targets of testing, and a goal or combination of goals. The system may control a controller... Agent:

20150016803 - Method and apparatus for processing requests for recording content: A method and apparatus are disclosed for processing content recording requests. The method includes producing a prioritized set of recording requests from all pending recording requests, analyzing the prioritized set of requests with respect to available resources, and producing a list of content requests to be excluded from a recording... Agent:

20150016806 - Signaling tier information to assist mmco stream manipulation: In one embodiment, a method that provides tier information corresponding to a picture, the tier information provided in an adaptation field of a transport packet, the transport packet comprising a first byte of a header of a packetized elementary stream (PES) containing the picture; and provides the first transport packet.... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150016805 - Systems and methods for modifying commercials: Methods and products to deliver at least a portion of an advertisement to a viewer at normal playback speeds after receiving a command from the viewer to fast-forward through an advertisement faster than normal playback speeds is described. In certain embodiments, the invention delivers a portion of the advertisement to... Agent:

20150016804 - Trick play in digital video streaming: System and methods for improved playback of a video stream are presented. Video snippets are identified that include a number of consecutive frames for playback. Snippets may be evenly temporally spaced in the video stream or may be content adaptive. Then the first frame of a snippet may be selected... Agent:

20150016807 - Video processing method and video appliance implementing the method: It is disclosed a video processing method for generating a reverse video stream from an original video stream. Coded frames of the original video stream are buffered and decoded, whereby a reverse video stream is generated wherein the decoded frames are organized according to an order which is opposite to... Agent: Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a.

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