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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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09/18/2014 > 43 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140270681 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding haptic information in multi-media files: A method for encoding haptic information inside a multi-media file having content includes changing a portion of the content in the multi-media file, and adding the haptic information to the changed portion of the content, the haptic information corresponding to a haptic signal for generating a haptic effect upon playback... Agent:

20140270680 - System and method for synchronization of selectably presentable media streams: A system for synchronizing audio and video of selectably presentable multimedia content includes a memory for storing a plurality of selectably presentable multimedia content segments. Each content segment defines a portion of one or more content paths and includes a decision period during which a user may select a subsequent... Agent:

20140270682 - Self-healing video surveillance system: A self-healing video surveillance system is described. The self-healing video surveillance system includes one or more surveillance cameras that are configured to store configuration data of a network video recorder in operable communication with the surveillance cameras. The network video recorder includes configuration data, and a module configured to store... Agent: Click-it, Inc.

20140270684 - Apparatus and method for playback of multiple panoramic videos with control codes: An apparatus and method are provided for viewing panoramic images and videos through the selection of a particular viewing angle and window within that panorama while allowing the viewer to simultaneously implement temporal transport control, and allowing the video to be in a state of pause, play, fast forward, fast... Agent:

20140270687 - Digital camera with wireless connectivity: Modular digital camera systems, such as modular digital still and motion cameras are disclosed. Individual modules may be removed from the system and replaced, such as to benefit from upgraded technology, while preserving the remaining modules in the system. The modules may be disassembled and reconstructed to convert the physical... Agent:, Inc.

20140270683 - Measuring user engagement of content: A system for measuring user engagement of content comprises an electronic device for playing a piece of content, at least one sensor for capturing data relating to environment context and user activity during playback of the piece of content, and an engagement measurement application for measuring user engagement of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270685 - Personal recording, illuminating, and data transmitting apparatus: Described is a personal and portable recording, illuminating, and data transmitting device constructed for mounting on or being integral to a wearable support device. The device includes, among other features, a light, audio and video source housing; a light source, such as an adjustable LED scope spotlight; an audio/video recording... Agent:

20140270686 - System for wireless video and audio capturing: Certain embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and/or methods in which digital video data from a wireless audio/video receiver system is written directly into a computer's memory for storage or manipulation in order to save time delay, cost and size, instead of converting it back to a standard video format, only... Agent: Teradek LLC

20140270688 - Personal video replay: In one or more embodiments, a camera includes a replay mode which, when selected, the camera automatically captures image data, such as video or still images, and saves the image data to a memory buffer. The size of the memory buffer may be set by the user to determine how... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140270689 - Camera non-touch switch: Various embodiments provide a wearable camera that can be worn by a user. In one or more embodiments, the wearable camera can include a non-touch switch that can be utilized to access and activate various camera functionality.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140270694 - Communication apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium: A communication apparatus includes a communication unit that communicates with an external apparatus via communication lines conforming to HDMI standard, a first detection unit that determines whether a first signal is detected indicating that the communication unit and the external apparatus are connected, a second detection unit that determines whether... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140270693 - Information processing device, storage medium having moving image data stored thereon, information processing system, storage medium having moving image reproduction program stored thereon, and moving image reproduction method: An example of an information processing device displays a moving image on at least one display device. The information processing device first acquires moving image data which includes at least one piece of data of panorama moving image including panorama images each representing an image of a range wider than... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20140270691 - Method and apparatus for modifying the presentation of content: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a method for processing an audio/video stream includes providing an audio/video stream including at least one segment of a show and at least one interstitial of the show, receiving location information to identify a video location within the audio/video stream, and processing the audio/video... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140270690 - Multiple-resolution audio and video systems, methods of production, delivery and uses thereof: A multiple-resolution audio and video system is disclosed that includes: at least one shared network infrastructure; at least one audio file, video file or a combination thereof, wherein each of the at least one audio file, video file or combination thereof has at least one resolution format and wherein one... Agent:

20140270692 - Storage medium storing information processing program, information processing device, information processing system, panoramic video display method, and storage medium storing control data: An example of an information processing device obtains control data for a panoramic video. The control data includes a time condition and a direction condition. The information processing device displays, on a display device, an image of the panoramic video in a viewing range corresponding to a viewing direction determined... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20140270695 - Grand central architecture: A grand central architecture for an all-in-one consumer electronics (CE) media device may include a single IR/RF/Microphone handheld remote control for controlling and/or displaying information for all CE devices of a user(s) in concert with the all-in-one CE media device (e.g., a media player) operative for playback of one or... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270696 - Media device with integrated storage and charging for an accessory device and a universal remote with bi-directional rf and uni-directional ir: An all-in-one consumer electronics (CE) media device may include a single IR/RF/Microphone handheld remote control for controlling and/or displaying information for all CE devices of a user(s) in concert with the all-in-one CE media device operative for playback of one or more media formats including but not limited to optical... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270697 - System for wireless video and audio capturing: Certain embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and/or methods in which digital video data from a wireless audio/video receiver system is written directly into memory of a computing device for storage or manipulation in order to save time delay, cost and/or size. Therefore, certain embodiments allow for storage and/or editing of... Agent: Teradek LLC

20140270698 - Proximity-based control of media devices for media presentations: Embodiments relate generally to electrical/electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, portable, wearable, and stationary media devices. RF transceivers and/or audio system in each media device may be used to wirelessly communicate between media devices and allow configuration and other data to be wirelessly transmitted from one media... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270699 - Auto-summarizing video content system and method: Novel tools and techniques are described for auto-summarizing video and/or audio content. In some embodiments, a summary server might retrieve one or more time codes from a time code database, and might analyze the one or more time codes to determine at least one selected time code among the one... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20140270700 - Display system with media processing mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a display system includes: receiving a recap request for a source media; generating source content descriptors for the source media with a control unit; extracting a source recap segment from the source media based on correlation of the source content descriptors with a recap theme... Agent:

20140270701 - Method on indexing a recordable event from a video recording and searching a database of recordable events on a hard drive of a computer for a recordable event: A method of indexing recordable events from a video recording, a first method of searching a video recording for a recordable event on a hard drive of a computer, and a second method of searching a video recording for a recordable event on a hard drive of a computer is... Agent: First Principles, Inc.

20140270702 - Systems and methods for generating a video clip and associated closed-captioning data: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for generating a video clip and associated closed-captioning (CC) data. An example method involves accessing a first video clip demarcated into frames; accessing CC data demarcated into CC blocks, identifying a starting frame from among the frames; determining a first set of frames that... Agent: Tribune Broadcasting Company, LLC

20140270703 - Exposing media processing features: An apparatus and a system are described herein. The apparatus includes logic to render a video. The apparatus also includes logic to adjust a feature of a video in response to a power consumption, wherein the logic to adjust a feature of a video is integrated into an operating system... Agent:

20140270704 - Show number of seconds before program restart: Provided are methods and apparatus to display a timer that counts down the time remaining in an interstitial of a recorded program stream before a next segment of the program content in the recorded program stream starts. In one embodiment, the interstitial contains at least one advertisement and the timer... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140270705 - Reformatting media streams to include auxiliary data: Reformatting a media stream to include auxiliary data, the method including: receiving the auxiliary data to be inserted into the media stream; determining the amount of data in the auxiliary data; identifying media data in the media stream to be reduced in size; reformatting the media stream to reduce the... Agent: Verimatrix, Inc.

20140270706 - Generating videos with multiple viewpoints: Videos of an event may be captured by camera (e.g., camera devices). The videos may be processed to generated virtual videos that provide different viewpoints of the event. The videos and virtual videos may be analyzed to identify panning points in the videos. A user may pause the video at... Agent:

20140270707 - Method and system for detecting and recognizing social interactions in a video: A system and method for providing a plurality of frames from a video, the video having been taken from a first person's perspective, identifying patterns of attention depicted by living beings appearing in the plurality of frames, identifying social interactions associated with the plurality of frames using the identified patterns... Agent:

20140270709 - Reducing media content size for transmission over a network: A device receives an indication that a user of the device wishes to share media content with another user. The device identifies a size associated with the media content and an acceptable media content size for successful transmission over a communication network. The size associated with the media content is... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140270708 - Video clip selection via interaction with a hierarchic video segmentation: A video segment selection method and system that determines a set of segment boundaries in the video, determines a segment boundary tree from the set of segment boundaries, presents a video timeline that shows a plurality of segment boundaries from a first level of the segment boundary tree, receives a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140270710 - Optimized audio enabled cinemagraph: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided according to example embodiments in order to create optimized audio enabled cinemagraphs. In the context of a apparatus, the apparatus comprises at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program instructions, the at least one memory and the computer... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140270711 - Generating a custom exercise video: System, apparatuses, and methods can provide customized exercise sessions and customized videos corresponding to the exercise session. Recorded video content of a person performing a repetitive exercise can be obtained from multiple cameras. Metadata can identify certain decision points in the video tracks. At decision points, a decision can be... Agent: Fitstar, Inc.

20140270712 - Advance notification of catch-up events through broadcast metadata: Systems, methods, devices, and computer products to manage recording resources for programming events of interest are disclosed. A first indication of a first selection of a first programming event to record may be processed, and a recording may be scheduled in a recording schedule. A second indication of a second... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20140270713 - Methods and apparatus for dvr and network storage of locally recorded content: Methods and apparatus for expanding the storage capacity of one or more DVRs in a household by attaching them to a shared network storage device are described. Recorded content is encrypted in at least some embodiments on a per customer basis rather than on a per DVR basis allowing content... Agent:

20140270715 - Method and apparatus for updating television recording timers: The present invention allows the user to correctly record every episode of a recurring program by updating the timing of the record for the instances of the recurring program. In addition, the present invention allows the user to record multiple episodes of a television program shown on one or more... Agent:

20140270714 - Methods and apparatus that facilitate controlling multiple devices: Methods and apparatus for controlling a home alarm and supporting various control functions including STB recording functions are described. In some embodiments, e.g., where the STB is a DOCSIS capable device, communications between the control panel and STB is through a gateway and/or server which allow the IP based control... Agent:

20140270717 - System and method for controlling and managing digital media recording: A method of scheduling a digital video recording via a remote device, comprising providing a digital video recorder comprising one or more tuners and a recording database stored on a storage device within the digital video recorder, the recording database being configured to store one or more recording schedules that... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140270716 - Use of near field communication (nfc) to transfer dvr timers: A mobile device running a mobile application accesses a remote content receiver to request the remote content receiver to retrieve a particular recording timer, and upon receiving the recording timer from the remote content receiver, establishes a radio communication link with a second mobile device and transfers the recording timer... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140270718 - Method and apparatus for signal encoding producing encoded signals of high fidelity at minimal sizes: Methods and apparatus for determining encoding parameters of an encoder or a transcoder which yield an encoded signal of optimal measurable properties are disclosed. For a video signal, the encoding parameters may include quantization granularity, a measure of display resolution, and a frame rate. The measurable properties of an encoded... Agent: Ecole De Technologie Superieure

20140270719 - Image encoding device, photographing system, photographing recording system, image encoding method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing image encoding control program: An image encoding device includes a degree of importance calculating unit that calculates a degree of importance on each of a plurality of input images which are consecutively input, a degree of importance period calculating unit that calculates a degree of importance period which is a period of the degree... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140270720 - Video trick mode system: A method for producing an auxiliary video stream arranged for reverse trick mode playback from a video stream including a plurality of uni-directional predicted frames, the method including producing the auxiliary video stream by performing the following steps copying each uni-directional predicted frame included in the video stream into a... Agent:

20140270721 - Upstream quality enhancement signal processing for resource constrained client devices: Methods, apparatuses and program logic in non-transitory media to process video data for quality enhancement. Information is accepted from a resource constrained device, e.g., a wireless portable device related to the quality enhancement and/or environmental quantities such as ambient lighting for the device. The video data is processed to achieve... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140270722 - Media playback workload scheduler: An apparatus, a computing device, a media playback workload scheduler, and a computer readable medium are described herein. The apparatus includes media playback workload scheduling logic to allocate a plurality of media frames for batch media processing, logic to process the media frames, and logic to render the processed media... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140254999 - Data access control method and apparatus: One embodiment of the present invention discloses a data access method comprising: (a) receiving a plurality of data units consisting of filtered data units and un-filtered data units; (b) filtering the filtered data units; (c) storing the un-filtered data units; (d) recovering the timings of the un-filtered data units stored... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140255001 - System for simultaneously playing video files in a platform independent environment: The present disclosure is directed toward a computer-readable medium, tangibly embodied. The medium includes instructions for receiving log-in information and a first plurality of video files from a first user. The medium further includes instructions for defining a first array of video clips based on each received video file; individually... Agent:

20140255000 - Video playback system and method based on highlight information: A video playback system and method based on highlight information are disclosed. The video playback system includes a user interface, an extracting unit, a determining unit, an adjusting unit and a playback unit. The user interface is configured to receive a control command, including a highlight mode command. The extracting... Agent:

20140255002 - Providing video presentation commentary: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to providing commentary for video content. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving and storing an input of commentary data from each of a plurality of commentary input devices, and also, for each input of commentary data, receiving and storing identification metadata... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140255003 - Surfacing information about items mentioned or presented in a film in association with viewing the film: Systems and methods for surfacing information about items mentioned or presented in a media item in association with consumption of the media item. A system can include a request component that receives a request relating to user interest in a portion of a media during playback of the media and... Agent:

20140255004 - Automatically determining and tagging intent of skipped streaming and media content for collaborative reuse: A method, system, and computer program product for bypassing as portion of content of a media. A history of skipped sections for a media is accumulated. Each portion of skipped content is detected during a display of the media. A reason is automatically determined for each portion of media content... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140255005 - Methods and systems of creation and catalog of media recordings: A method for media recording creation and catalog is provided, that creates media recordings according to a reference time provided. The method allows editing the media recordings during and after recording, catalogs the media recordings, and identifies the media recordings that are related to the same event or a related... Agent:

20140255007 - Buffer state estimation method and device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a buffer state estimation method and device. The method includes: obtaining a first continuous play duration corresponding to media data received by a terminal in a period of the present state estimation; calculating a second continuous play duration corresponding to media data in a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140255006 - Content reproduction apparatus and storage medium: There is provided a content reproduction apparatus including an identification unit configured to identify a series of pieces of content that were recorded or reproduced in chronological order, an acquisition unit configured to acquire sequence information that shows time sequence of the series of pieces of content identified by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140255008 - Content-receiving device: A content receiver comprises: an acceptance unit for accepting a designation of a recording medium to which contents are to be output; a license information acquiring unit for acquiring output license information describing the output requirements of the contents; and an output unit for outputting the contents to the designated... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140255009 - Theme-based effects multimedia editor systems and methods: Systems and methods described herein relate to creating or modifying multimedia content using theme-based effects. In accordance with some implementations, a method can comprise the operations of: accessing foundational content having an associated content timeline; receiving a request to apply a theme to the foundational content, wherein the theme includes... Agent: Wevideo, Inc..

20140255010 - Digital video recorder conflict handling employing rebroadcast requests: A conflict analysis (CA) information handling system (IHS) receives conflict information from a population of digital video recorder (DVR) IHSs. The conflict information indicates that a conflictee show is in conflict with a conflictor show in a DVR IHS. The conflict information may include a conflictee show identifier and open... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140255011 - Multimedia device and prompt method for scheduled programs: A multimedia device in communication with a communication device of a user is provided. The multimedia device sends a message to the communication device to remind the user that a selected scheduled program is about to start. The message includes at least a recording option and a watching option. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/04/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140241694 - Program title display with anti-aging: A method is provided to perform anti-aging techniques in an informational display. An informational display is located on the front bezel of a consumer recording device that displays information related to the content being recorded or played or the operation of the device. To increase the life of the display,... Agent: Tivo Inc.

20140241695 - System and method for interacting with digital video recorders through networking applications: A method and apparatus are provided. The method includes the steps of providing a web or social networking account within a chat server for a digital video recorder (DVR) of a security system, the DVR receiving a chat message from a person through the chat server and the DVR automatically... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140241696 - Method and apparatus for viewing instant replay: A system includes a client device configured to detect an initial play request for a portion of a video stream and detect a subsequent play request for the portion of the video stream. A content server coupled to the client device is configured to transmit the portion of the video... Agent: Roku, Inc.

20140241699 - Content playback information estimation apparatus and method and program: A content playback information estimation apparatus, for estimating a state on playback of content, that is provided between a distribution server and a terminal in a system in which the distribution server distributes the content to the terminal via a network and the terminal plays the content, the content playback... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20140241697 - Recording apparatus, recording method, and program: A recording apparatus is arranged to control a file name of recorded moving image file and a file name of the recorded. still image file, so as to, after a recording stop instruction, in accordance with the file name of at least one of the moving image file and still,... Agent:

20140241698 - Systems and methods of processing programming wish list data: A method includes receiving, from a first user of a media distribution system, first wish list data identifying a program and a first program option associated with the program. When the first wish list data is received, the program is not scheduled for transmission via the media distribution system based... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140241700 - Movie advertising playback systems and methods: An ad in a movie can be a static ad having a position in the movie that cannot be moved, or a dynamic ad having a position in the movie that can be changed. When a viewer of the movie wishes to skip a portion of the movie containing the... Agent: Open Text S.a.

20140241701 - Image processing apparatus, computer-readable medium storing an image processing program, and image processing method: An image processing apparatus is provided. The image processing apparatus includes a storage unit having a first storage area and a second storage area, as well as an output processing unit, a record storage unit, and a display control unit. The output processing unit executes output processing for exporting and/or... Agent: Nk Works Co., Ltd.

20140241702 - Dynamic audio perspective change during video playback: Systems and methods for a dynamic audio perspective change during video playback are provided. A pre-recorded video is played with an associated raw audio signal. The audio signal is modified in real time based on an audio processing mode. The audio processing mode can be selected during the video playback... Agent:

20140241703 - Transmission scheme and image quality adaptive security camera and dvr system: The present invention relates to an image quality adaptive video security system, a security camera generating an original video signal from a camera sensor, inserting an image quality discrimination signal including image quality information for video to the original video signal and generating a video signal. A DVR system determines... Agent: Idencore Co., Ltd.

20140241704 - Method and system for controlling recording and playback of interactive applications: Disclosed are methods and systems for controlling the playback and recording of television programming containing interactive applications. In particular, the disclosed methods and systems detail how “trick modes” can be handled when playing applications that are distributed with the television programming.... Agent: Opentv, Inc.

20140241705 - Line of sight mounting system for digital media players: The inventions disclosed herein include devices and methods that allow users to couple a digital media player to a display screen. Some embodiments position the digital media player along a bottomside of the screen. Some embodiments position the digital media player along a topside of the screen. In several embodiments,... Agent: Innovelis, Inc.

20140241706 - Line of sight mounting system for digital media players: The inventions disclosed herein include devices and methods that allow users to couple a digital media player to a display screen. Some embodiments position the digital media player along a bottomside of the screen. Some embodiments position the digital media player along a topside of the screen. In several embodiments,... Agent: Innovelis, Inc.

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