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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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12/18/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140369660 - Method and apparatus for interactive two-way visualization using simultaneously recorded and projected video streams: A system and method for point to point video enable communication and the provisioning of at least one commodity. The communication between two remote devices may include both video and audio and may be activated by use of at least one touch screen associated with a device for provisioning the... Agent:

20140369661 - System for filming a video movie: System for filming a video movie in a real space comprising: —a filming camera (9), —a sensor (16), —a computerized pinpointing module (27) for determining the location of the filming camera, —a monitoring screen (15), —a computerized compositing module (32) for generating on the monitoring screen (15) a composite image... Agent: Solidanim

20140369662 - Communication system, transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus and reception method: An AV system composed of an HD recorder and a display unit uses a communication interface of the HDMI. An HDMI source of the HD recorder transmits image data (image signal) in the form of differential signals to an HDMI sink of the display unit through three TMDS channels. The... Agent:

20140369663 - Multimedia playback system and control method thereof: A multimedia playback system includes a multimedia device, for generating a control interface according to a request and performing an operation according to a control signal; a server, coupled to the multimedia device for storing the control interface generated by the multimedia device and generating the control signal according to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140369664 - Imaging system, imaging device and program: An imaging system includes an imaging device and a portable terminal device. The portable terminal device includes a marker time information generation unit, a time difference detection unit, and a correction unit. The marker time information generation unit generates marker time information containing a marker input to a video file... Agent:

20140369665 - Imaging apparatus and method for controlling imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus is controlled in such a manner that, to perform a scenario shooting, a list of the scenes forming the scenario is displayed, and when the scene selected in the list is a captured scene, the selected captured scene is played back, and when the selected scene is... Agent:

20140369666 - Managing time-shift data: There are provided respective systems and methods for recording and playing back media content. The system for recording media content includes a segmenter (303) for splitting transport stream data and index data corresponding to the media content into discrete files at periodic intervals on access point boundaries. Each of the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140369667 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus including: a display control section configured to display on a display section a picture based on a video signal and a caption synchronized with the picture and based on caption information attached to the video signal; and a character string information acquisition section... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140369669 - Electronic device and value exchange method: According to one embodiment, a value exchange method for use in a data management device which connects with a data supply source via a network including, calculating a first value corresponding to information which is received from the data supply source and includes metadata extracted with a specific condition with... Agent:

20140369668 - Method, apparatus, and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an information processing method includes transmitting, receiving, and prohibiting. The transmitting is configured to transmit to a first apparatus, first scene information regarding a first scene of a plurality of scenes included in a first content. The receiving is configured to receive first information indicating that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140369670 - Method and device for selectively combining heterogeneous digital media objects: The present disclosure relates to digital media representations. In particular the present disclosure related to computer implemented methods and devices for selectively merging several rich digital media objects into a combined media asset or object, without sacrificing the rich information represented by each individual digital media object.... Agent:

20140369671 - Mobile imaging application, device architecture, service platform architecture and services: Systems and methods are provided for compressing and decompressing still image and video image data in mobile devices and monitoring applications. Corresponding mobile device and camera architectures, and service platform architectures for transmitting, storing, editing and transcoding still images and video images over wireless and wired networks and viewing them... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140363135 - Storage system with static assignment of storage media and method for setting up the storage system: The invention proposes a storage system having a number of M storage media, having a number of N data producers each providing a data stream and each having one or more data members, and having a storage management device for distributing the data streams from the N data producers to... Agent:

20140363136 - Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same: The present invention provides an image processing apparatus which records, on a recording medium, development parameters corresponding to a plurality of first Raw image frames, of a plurality of Raw image frames, which satisfy a predetermined condition, and a development parameter corresponding to a last Raw image frame, of the... Agent:

20140363137 - Generating a geo-located data movie from certain data sources: Systems, methods, and computer storage mediums are provided for requesting a geo-referenced interactive tour using media objects collected from a plurality of users. An exemplary method includes accessing a plurality of selected user profiles. Each user profile is associated with one or more users. Media objects hosted by the selected... Agent: Google Inc.

20140363138 - Audio-based annnotatoion of video: A technique for determining annotation items associated with video information is described. During this annotation technique, a content item that includes audio information and the video information is received. For example, a file may be downloaded from a uniform resource locator. Then, the audio information is extracted from the content... Agent: Keevio, Inc.

20140363139 - Multi-program playback status display: Various arrangements are described that may cause a recording of a television channel to be stored. The recording of the television channel may include a plurality of television programs. A graphical playback status element may be displayed via a display device. The graphical playback status element may indicate a start... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140363140 - Multi-program playback status display: Methods, computer program products and systems for providing video tracking. The method includes receiving a first signal from a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. A location of the RFID tag is determined in response to the first signal. An image that includes the location of the RFID tag is recorded.... Agent:

20140363142 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a control unit controlling playback of an image of an edit target, and a generation unit generating edit information including information indicating multiple edit effects applied in combination with the image of an edit interval and information indicating the edit interval, where,... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140363141 - Methods and systems for creating, combining, and sharing time-constrained videos: A method includes displaying, by a video display device, to a user of a client device, a broadcast of an audiovisual data feed. The method includes receiving, by the client device, an identification of a portion of the audiovisual data feed. The method includes generating, by the client device, a... Agent: Snakt, Inc.

20140363143 - System and method for identifying and altering images in a digital video: A method of identifying distinctive objects or images within a digital video comprises the use of one or more pixel (pel) based “pattern” or “feature” recognition protocols.... Agent: In Situ Media Corporation

20140363144 - Techniques to display multimedia data during operating system initialization: Techniques for displaying multimedia data during operating system initialization are described. In some embodiments, a method may comprise initializing a computing system, initializing a media playback system of the computing system using a first processor circuit and initializing an operating system of the computing system using a second processor circuit.... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 19 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140355946 - Image processing device, development apparatus, image processing method, development method, image processing program, development program and raw moving image format: An image processing device includes: a parameter generating unit configured to receive supply of raw moving image data which is moving image data in an undeveloped state, and generate a development parameter as to a target frame of the raw moving image data; and a recording control unit configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140355947 - System and method for synchronizing multi-camera mobile video recording devices: System and method for synchronizing mobile recording devices for creation of a multi-camera video asset including a mobile recording device, master and slave wireless media sync devices, cloud storage system, video registry, and media management application. Exemplary embodiments provide for timing precision over current methods. Precise time-code within each device... Agent:

20140355948 - Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method: In a high speed image capturing state, a camera signal processing circuit is not needed to perform a signal process at a high screen rate, but at a regular screen rate. In the high speed image capturing mode, raw data of 240 fps received from an image sensor 101 are... Agent:

20140355949 - Audio/visual media storage and playback devices and components therefor: Systems, methods, technologies, and devices for use as stand-alone products or products that interface with personal computers, MP3, or MPEG players are disclosed. Various devices and electronics for recording or loading of electronic information, in particular electronic media, such as audio and visual media or multimedia, on a variety of... Agent:

20140355950 - Method and apparatus for providing stream linking in audio/video disk media: A method and apparatus for providing stream linking in audio/video disk media is disclosed. The present invention sets-up an audio/video stream on a disk drive, uses read and write commands for accessing contiguous data and, given an established stream, establishes a linked stream by sending a linked stream request with... Agent:

20140355951 - Automatically syncing recordings between two or more content recording devices: This disclosure generally relates to systems and methods that facilitate synchronizing recordings between a plurality of content recording devices using embedded markers or metadata, and employing the synchronized recordings on a content recording device or a content server to present one or more of the synchronized recordings concurrently in a... Agent: Google Inc.

20140355952 - Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method: In a recording medium on which is recorded a multiplexed stream including a plurality of first packets (V_main) constituting a first I-picture in a first video stream and a plurality of second packets (V_sub) constituting a second I-picture in a second video stream, information for identifying the first I-picture and... Agent:

20140355953 - Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method: In a recording medium on which is recorded a multiplexed stream including a plurality of first packets (V_main) constituting a first I-picture in a first video stream and a plurality of second packets (V_sub) constituting a second I-picture in a second video stream, information for identifying the first I-picture and... Agent:

20140355954 - System and method for creating and utilizing metadata regarding the structure of program content: Metadata is created in connection with an editing of a copy of a digital media for the purpose of generating a sample of the digital media, such as a ringtone generated from a song. The metadata is published and is retrievable for use in editing another copy of the digital... Agent:

20140355955 - Commercials on mobile devices: Among other things, a set of videos and commercials are downloaded for storage on a mobile device and later playout of each of the videos or commercials on the mobile device. The videos and the commercials are downloaded in an order such that one or more of the commercials may... Agent:

20140355957 - Marking media files: Methods, systems, and products insert markers into recorded media modules. A pair of reference points is received that marks a position and another position in a recorded media module. A copy of the recorded media module is retrieved from memory. Portions of the copy of the recorded media module occurring... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140355956 - Reproducing apparatus and method for controlling the same: A reproducing apparatus comprises a reproduction unit which reproduces a moving image file and a still image file from a recording medium, a file name including a number being added to each of the moving image file and the still image file, and a control unit which controls the reproduction... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355958 - Systems and methods for encoding alternative streams of video for playback on playback devices having predetermined display aspect ratios and network connection maximum data rates: Systems and methods for adaptive bitrate streaming of alternative streams of video encoded at resolution and sample aspect ratio combinations and maximum bitrates in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a source encoder configured to encode a source video stream as a... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20140355959 - Multi-frame patch correspondence identification in video: A method and systems of identifying one or more patches in three or more frames in a video are provided. A region in a reference frame of the video may be detected. A set of regions in a prior frame and subsequent frame that are similar to the region in... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140355962 - Method for processing image and electronic device thereof: An apparatus and method for processing an image in an electronic device are provided. The method includes displaying on a display module a plurality of images acquired through a plurality of image sensors, and applying an editing effect to at least one image among the plurality of images.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355960 - Touch optimized design for video editing: In one embodiment, a digital video device may allow for real time editing of a digital video clip during viewing. A digital video viewer 200 in a standard viewing mode may display a digital video clip to a user. The digital video viewer 200 may overlaying a scrub bar 204... Agent:

20140355961 - Using simple touch input to create complex video animation: In one embodiment, a digital video device may allow for real time editing of a digital video data clip during viewing. A digital video viewer 200 may present a video frame 302 of a digital video clip based on a user frame selection. The digital video viewer 200 may receive... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140355963 - Dvr conflict resolution: A method includes receiving an indication of a DVR conflict that includes at least two conflicting video programs. The method also includes identifying attributes of the conflicting video programs, and identifying a local pattern of DVR conflict resolution associated with a user based on the conflicting video programs. The method... Agent:

20140355964 - Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method: In a recording medium on which is recorded a multiplexed stream including a plurality of first packets (V_main) constituting a first I-picture in a first video stream and a plurality of second packets (V_sub) constituting a second I-picture in a second video stream, information for identifying the first I-picture and... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140348483 - Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television: Embodiments of the present invention provide for broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television. In some embodiments, software key frames identifying a state of a browser at a plurality of points in time may be used for synchronizing a series of graphics to a video stream. Other embodiments may be... Agent:

20140348484 - Safety accessory with situational awareness and data retention: A video recording system for a head safety device includes a microcontroller and an accelerometer mounted in the head safety device. The accelerometer is coupled to the microcontroller. A plurality of camera modules are mounted on the head safety device and coupled to the microcontroller. The camera modules are positioned... Agent: Chaotic Moon, LLC

20140348485 - Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing method: According to one embodiments, a user can selectively view any kind of images in a desired size without any troublesome operation. An apparatus has an input terminal. A first image signal of a first standard and a second image signal of a second standard are compatibly input to the input... Agent:

20140348488 - Creation of video bookmarks via scripted interactivity in advanced digital television: According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for creating and/or altering a video bookmark is described. The method comprises an operation of processing a request from a downloaded scripted object to create a video bookmark. The video bookmark may be information that is used for performing an action... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140348487 - Method and apparatus for dividing and displaying contents: A method for dividing and displaying a content unit includes: extracting a sub-content unit which is generated by dividing an original content unit by a preset time interval; displaying the entire sub-content unit when receiving a sub-content unit display command; receiving a jump command that selects a replay time point... Agent:

20140348486 - Method and apparatus for synchronizing data streams containing audio, video and/or other data: Several data streams contain video, audio and/or other data. Some of the data streams are pre-recorded in a multiplex on a storage medium while other data streams are located out of the data stream multiplex on the storage medium. The data streams are synchronized using a navigation file (List_of_PlayItems), which... Agent:

20140348489 - Post production replication of optical processing for digital cinema cameras using metadata: Recording images, including: receiving an optical effects selection, which indicates a selected optical effect to apply to raw image data capturing the images; receiving an optical effects parameter, which indicates how to apply the selected optical effects to the raw image data; storing the optical effects selection and the optical... Agent: Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc

20140348490 - Intelligent device with both recording and playing back 3d movies and the relevant apparatus and methods: Present invention relates to apparatus and methods for integrating both 3D movies recording and 3D movies playing back together on intelligent devices or smart devices, wherein the method of the 3D movies recording can increase the view depth beyond human eye capability and the method and apparatus of 3D movies... Agent:

20140348491 - Method and apparatus for advertisement playout confirmation in digital cinema: A method and system for tracking playout of auxiliary content (e.g., advertisements) accompanying a digital cinema feature presentation commences by first detecting identifying information in an auxiliary content file associated with the auxiliary content while the auxiliary content undergoes playout. The length of time the detected identifying information remains active... Agent:

20140348492 - Recording apparatus, delivery apparatus, recording method, program, and recording medium: A recording apparatus (1) includes a receiving unit (11) configured to acquire a plurality of components forming content, and a recording unit (12) configured to select a recording method to record the content, configured to combine the plurality of components and then record the plurality of components on a recording... Agent:

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