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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120328263 - Method and apparatus for advertisement placement in a user dialog on a set-top box: Methods and apparatuses for presenting targeted advertisements to DVR users are described. After a DVR has finished playing a recorded television program, or in response to other specified events, the DVR presents a screen which comprises a “save or delete” menu. In addition to the “save” and “delete” options, the... Agent:

20120328259 - Multimedia content preview rendering in a cloud content management system: Systems and methods for providing content previews of files, including video files, stored in an online content management system with collaboration environment are disclosed. Permission to view a preview of a file is determined based upon access permissions associated with the file and/or workspace in which the file is stored... Agent:

20120328262 - Reproduction device and method for operating the same: The reproduction device is for displaying video information comprising a plurality of chapters. The reproduction device comprises a control unit which is configured to initiate a display of a chapter menu having selectable menu items. Further, the control unit is configured to initiate a reproduction of a chapter of the... Agent:

20120328260 - System for videotaping and recording a musical group: A system comprising: a plurality of lead computers; a plurality of player workstations; a plurality of audio receivers and transmitters for capturing audio signals and converting said audio signals to a transmittable form, wherein at least one audio receiver and transmitter is associated with each player; a plurality of video... Agent: First Principle, Inc.

20120328261 - Video display apparatus: A video display apparatus is configured such that when a user returns a video signal input source device to a video reproduction device after switching an input source device from the video reproduction device to another device, viewing of the video from the video reproduction device can be started again... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120328264 - Content data recording/reproducing device, information communication system, contents list generation method and program: The present invention provides a content data recording/reproducing device, comprising a communication unit that engages in communication with an external device, a storage unit that stores content data and additional data related to the content data, a content data extraction unit that selectively extracts the content data from the storage... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120328265 - Editing device, editing method, and program: Provided is an editing device including an input material timeline area display control unit that executes control such that an input material timeline in which an event is arranged is displayed, using a material which is an element of selected content as the event, and an output material timeline area... Agent:

20120328266 - Methods and apparatuses for assisting the production of media works and the like: Systems and methods for assisting one or more users in the production of a media work from a plurality of recordings are disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, digital versions of the recordings are stored on a file-storage server accessible over a communications network. A media-library server provides an organized way... Agent: Teresis Media Management, Inc.

20120328267 - Method and device for optimizing storage of recorded video programs: A method of managing video programs and associated program components on a storage unit of an electronic device is provided. A total number of playbacks of each video program stored in the storage unit and a total number of playbacks of each program component stored in the storage unit for... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20120328268 - System and method for providing a variable frame rate and adaptive frame skipping on a mobile device: A processor and method are provided for decoding a multimedia file having video and audio data streams that are configured to be played in synchronization. Frames of the video stream are decoded and played with the audio and, to compensate for saturation of the processor usage, two procedures are performed.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

12/20/2012 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120321271 - Providing video presentation commentary: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to providing commentary for video content. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving and storing an input of commentary data from each of a plurality of commentary input devices, and also, for each input of commentary data, receiving and storing identification metadata... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120321272 - Recordable downloadable video audio wedding and photo album and accessories: A system to record videos and take still photographs of special events, which can be placed into a photo album; the electronic recording and video displaying device as a tablet being preferably built into the cover of the album. The system allows consumers to view segments of their weddings while... Agent:

20120321273 - Video display control using embedded metadata: In a system comprising capture, post production, any known video delivery channel, decoding and display subsystems, an apparatus and method are provided for generating, editing, delivering, processing and displaying video data to preserve the video creator's creative intent. Reference display metadata, used to guide the subsequent processing and display of... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120321274 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a signal processing unit that generates moving image data and still image data using image data output from an imaging unit, a moving image coding unit that encodes the moving image data, a still image coding unit that encodes the still image data, a recording unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120321275 - Companion timeline with timeline events: A time-shifted digital content item is played via a playback screen, and an updateable companion timeline associated with the time-shifted digital content item is accessed. The updateable companion timeline includes one or more timeline events, and each timeline event has a trigger time corresponding to a playback time in the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120321277 - Method of providing key frames of video in mobile terminal: A display configured to display a list of videos that can be reproduced on the terminal on a screen of the terminal, an input unit configured to select a specific video from the list of videos, and a controller configured to select a plurality of key frames from image frames... Agent:

20120321276 - Variable rate video playback with synchronized audio: A system varies the apparent display rate of an audiovisual display by modifying an original set of audio data in accordance with a target display rate, then modifying a related original set of video data to conform to the modifications made to the audio data set, such that the modified... Agent:

20120321278 - Network recorder buffer: A network digital video recording (nDVR) system may take into account the capabilities of a requesting user's local DVR when managing network recordings. The user's local DVR may include a temporary buffer that is normally used to record what the DVR is tuned to, and may be used for local... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20120321279 - Method and apparatus for providing an interactive and or electronic programming guide: An interactive or electronic programming guide is provided, wherein a receiving device such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player, PVR, recorder, set top box, etc., receives data or video signals as well as a trigger, flag or bit pattern signal. A processing and or encoding circuit provides programming, enabling, or... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20120321280 - Picture selection for video skimming: Some embodiments of the invention provide a video preview generator that quickly generates preview displays of different parts of a video. The preview generator includes a skimming tool and a picture generator. The skimming tool is moveable across a representation of a video clip in order to identify different video... Agent:

20120321282 - Interesting section extracting device, interesting section extracting method: Interesting section extracting device 104 for extracting interesting section interesting to user from video file with reference to audio signal included in the video file such that specified time T0 is included in the interesting section. The interesting section extracting device 104 includes: interface device 109 configured to obtain specified... Agent:

20120321281 - Systems and methods for recording content within digital video: A method for recording user content within a digital video is provided. The method may display a visual timeline associated with the digital video at a user interface, reserve one or more frames of the digital video for insertion of the user content, temporally indicate the reserved frames on the... Agent: Exclaim Mobility, Inc.

20120321283 - Multi directional movement: A system for preparing data and video sequences to enable a viewer to scroll content in a plurality of directions including a first and second direction, the content including at least one element in motion, the system including a video sequence preparation module to prepare the video sequences including a... Agent: Nds Limited

20120321284 - Managing digital video recorder storage for a plurality of users: A computer implemented method and apparatus for managing digital video recorder storage for one or more users. Each user in the multi-user environment is assigned an amount of program storage in the digital video recorder. Responsive to receiving a request to record a new program from a user in the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

12/13/2012 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120315007 - Imaging apparatus and control method therefor: An imaging apparatus and control method that allow users to recognize when switching of files will occur during an image recording session in a case where a size of a recording file currently being recorded to reaches a predetermined size. During recording of a moving image, when the size of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120315008 - Remotely configuring content: A system is presented that comprises a third-party ad provider that serves advertisements to different websites being viewed at a plurality of display devices. The advertisements may be from different advertisers, and may include advertisements from a content service provider. The advertisements from the service provider may include a promotion... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20120315010 - System and method for video summarization and navigation based on statistical models: The disclosed method calculates video time density functions based on inter-frame mutual information or other similarity measures. The method includes acquiring a video sequence from memory, computing mutual information or other similarity measures between two consecutive frames of the video sequence, and constructing a video temporal density function based on... Agent:

20120315009 - Text-synchronized media utilization and manipulation: A method of retrieving multimedia content using a mobile computing device is disclosed. The method includes entering search terms on a mobile computing device, and searching for the search terms in a first transcript library stored in a memory of a mobile computing device to return a match. If no... Agent:

20120315011 - Video delivery and control by overwriting video data: Systems, apparatus and methods are provided for generating, delivering, processing and displaying video data to preserve the video creator's creative intent. Metadata which may be used to guide the processing and display of the video data is dynamically generated and embedded in the video data throughout a video delivery pipeline.... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120315014 - Audio fingerprinting to bookmark a location within a video: A method and system for identifying video segments for subsequent playback. Audio from an audio-visual presentation playing on a primary screen device is retrieved using a secondary screen device. At least one audio fingerprint is generated from the retrieved audio. The at least one audio fingerprint is sent to an... Agent:

20120315015 - Automatic generation of video from structured content: Apparatus for generation of playable media from structured data, comprises a structured data reading unit for reading in of content of a first structure, a transformation unit for transforming said content into a second structure, said transformation comprising incorporating media play instructions, and a rendering unit for rendering content from... Agent: Sundaysky Ltd.

20120315013 - Capture, syncing and playback of audio data and image data: A capture device includes a microphone, a camera, a memory, and a processor. The microphone is configured to record audio data, the camera is configured to capture image data, the memory is configured to store the recorded audio data and the captured image data, and the processor is configured to... Agent:

20120315012 - Weighted playlist: The playback of content from a playlist is disclosed. A user may influence the probability of a specific item from a content playlist being selected during the execution of a pseudo-random (shuffle) algorithm.... Agent:

20120315016 - Multi-purpose image and video capturing device: A multi-purpose image and video capturing device is disclosed. The device comprises a smart phone and a robotic hand gripping the smart phone. The robotic hand is controlled by the smart phone. The smart phone provides the capability of capturing image and video via its camera. Through the application software... Agent:

20120315017 - Content list and content delivery apparatus and method: A technique for achieving secure content distribution with increased copyright protection is disclosed. A content delivery apparatus is network connected to in-home/out-home content reproducible receiver devices, including digital TV sets, mobile phones or the like. The content delivery apparatus includes an optical disk drive, a built-in large capacity storage, a... Agent:

20120315018 - Video image display device, anti-camcording method, and video image display system: Light other than visible light is emitted from a video image display section such as a screen, together with display images, so as to degrade image quality of illegally camcorded video images, thereby making it impossible to use the illegally camcorded image contents. A video image display system includes a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120315019 - Access controls for known content: Personalized access controls associated with digital media are provided. The system records access controls associated with specific digital media assets in a digital library and creates policy decisions regarding use of the asset based on these settings. Data management for the access controls is also specified, including on an individual... Agent:

20120315020 - Distributed digital video processing system: A project network application can provide functionality for a plurality of worker systems to perform digital video editing so as to at least partially perform two- to three-dimensional conversion of a video. The project network application may, for instance, include tools for performing rotoscoping, depth mapping, object offsetting, occlusion filling,... Agent:

20120315021 - Alternate source conflict resolution: A system and methods for acquiring scheduled television programs with coinciding program times. One method includes initially identifying that a conflict exists to acquire the scheduled television programs. Once the conflict is identified, the method identifies one or more alternate sources that contain the scheduled television programs. Acquisition schedules are... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120315022 - Stereoscopic video recording method, stereoscopic video recording medium, stereoscopic video reproducing method, stereoscopic video recording apparatus, stereoscopic video reproducing apparatus: The present invention is for more optimally performing recording and reproduction of stereoscopic video. In the present invention, parallax information is utilized to store, in a recording medium, stereoscopic video including left-eye images and right-eye images. Particularly, for video content that contains stereoscopic images, information is obtained regarding the amount... Agent:

12/06/2012 > 21 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120308191 - Video recording failover: Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for performing video recorder failover. In a particular embodiment, a system includes a first Network Video Recorder (NVR) configured to receive a video stream and record the video stream to a first long-term storage. The system further includes a second NVR configured to... Agent: Verint Systems Inc.

20120308194 - Display control apparatus, recording/reproduction system, and recording medium: Whether images are to be displayed in a display order or at a display speed is determined for each type of event for when images that are recorded in a recording unit in association with events detected by a detection unit, which are to be displayed by a display unit.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120308193 - Electronic apparatus and display control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus, which play 2D video data or 3D video data, includes a 2Dto3D converter and a display controller. The 2Dto3D converter generates 3D video frames corresponding to 2D video frames in the 2D video data. The display controller controls displaying the 3D video frames... Agent:

20120308195 - Feedback system and method: A method, computer program product, and computer system for receiving a video at a computer device. The video includes a plurality of time codes corresponding to a plurality of video segments of the video. At least a portion of the plurality of video segments is played via a user interface... Agent:

20120308198 - Image display apparatus and method: Provided are an image display apparatus and method which enables a user to quickly and easily obtain information related to an image currently being reproduced. The image display apparatus includes: a setting module setting a plurality of sub regions into which a predetermined image frame of an image being played... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120308197 - Media data playback device and replay method thereof: A media data playback device is capable of simultaneously parsing and decoding two different sections of streaming media, where one section of the streaming media comprises a replay section. The device shows replay progress of the replay section on a progress bar and allows switching positions during replaying of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120308199 - Method and system for displaying a menu which has an icon and additional information corresponding to stored image data, wherein the icon can display the image data with the additional information: A menu displaying system and method having an icon for editing image data in an AV (Audio and Video) device, the AV device having a recording medium capable of storing image data and audio data, and which is capable of reproducing image data and audio data. The method comprises steps... Agent:

20120308196 - System and method for uploading and downloading a video file and synchronizing videos with an audio file: A system and method of playing an audio file and a video file on a player are provided. The method includes the steps of selecting a video file, selecting an audio file, synchronizing the video file and the audio file, and playing the synchronized audio and the video files.... Agent:

20120308192 - Systems and methods for selecting videos for display to a player based on a duration of using exercise equipment: Systems and methods for selecting for display to a player, based on a duration of using exercise equipment, videos are provided. The user equipment may monitor an exercise attribute of the user for a given period and compare the monitored attribute to a predetermined threshold corresponding to the attribute. Until... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20120308200 - Contiguous media playback: In one embodiment of the invention, a method for contiguous media playback comprises recording a first media content and storing the recorded first media content in a first media file; recording a second media content and storing the recorded second media content in a second media file; playing the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120308203 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: A depth map generating unit generates depth information indicating the depth of a subject in each pixel of frames of a moving image. An additional information generating unit generates additional information regarding a change between continuous frames. A reading and writing unit writes a depth map and the additional information... Agent:

20120308202 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a metadata acquisition unit for acquiring section metadata indicating an appearance section of each target object appearing in a video, a section information display unit for displaying, using the section metadata, section information visually expressing a section in which each target object appears... Agent:

20120308204 - Method and apparatus for controlling a display of multimedia content using a timeline-based interface: A touch screen control method for controlling a playback of multimedia content using a timeline-based interface includes detecting a selection at a specific location on the timeline; and selectively zoom-displaying an area around the location where the selection is detected the position on the timeline where the event trigger has... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120308205 - Method and mobile terminal for previewing and retrieving video: A method for previewing and retrieving a video is disclosed. The method includes: (101) setting a variable-length buffer sequence; (102) acquiring and processing a video file to obtain images; (103) detecting scene shots in the obtained images and key frames of the scene shots, and storing the detected scene shots... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120308201 - Reproduction apparatus: A reproduction apparatus includes a calculating portion that calculates a packet position corresponding to specified reproduction time based on header information contained in an image and sound file when reproduction time is specified by an operating portion, and a reproducing portion that starts reproduction of image and sound from a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120308206 - Digital network-based video tagging with tag filtering: A method modifies a tag to be displayed during playback of a video distributed over a computer network. The method may be performed by a server computer on the computer network. The server computer may be part of or operate in conjunction with a social networking site. According to one... Agent: Fall Front Wireless Ny, LLC

20120308207 - Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium: For a large capacity recording medium, a user interface having high flexibility and enriched representation is accomplished. A flag that represents whether a play item has a multiple angle structure of which the play item is reproduced with a plurality of angles is described. In addition, a flag that represents... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120308208 - Method and system for advertisement insertion and playback for stb with pvr functionality: A personal video recorder (PVR) enabled set-top box (STB) may be operable to store an advertisement and associated playback control information received from a media provider into a storage device in the PVR enabled STB, schedule the stored advertisement for viewing based on the associated playback control information. The PVR... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120308209 - Method and apparatus for dynamically recording, editing and combining multiple live video clips and still photographs into a finished composition: The present invention relates to a method of dynamically creating a video composition including the steps: a) recording a first real-world event as a first video clip using a video composition creation program residing on a portable device in response to a first user record input, the portable device comprising... Agent:

20120308210 - Previewing effects applicable to digital media content: Systems and apparatus are described to perform methods including receiving input to apply attributes that represent modifications to appearance of content of the video segment, to a video segment. Multiple modified video segments are generated, each modified video segment being associated with a corresponding attribute applicable to the video segment.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120308211 - Asynchronous personalization of records using dynamic scripting: The present disclosure provides a personalized record/video, and method to produce the record/video, that combines stock tutorial record/video information with personalized information. Personalized information can include data that is, for example, inserted, overlaid, or parameterized information (still images, video, audio, text or graphics, etc.); sorted sequence of images and sorted... Agent: Xerox Corporation

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