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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120269489 - Dram package, dram module including dram package, graphic module including dram package and multimedia device including dram package: A DRAM package includes a DRAM package body, and a ball grid array formed at a lower surface of the DRAM package body. The ball grid array includes a plurality of solder balls arranged in the equal interval along row and column directions. The DRAM package is included in an... Agent:

20120269490 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus and method converts a moving image signal into an image data format consisting of a luminance signal and a color-difference signal like that of the YUV format at a signal processing circuit 4, compression-encodes the image data at a compression circuit 10 and records it on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120269491 - Object image display apparatus, object image display method and object image display program: The total number of object images is “N”. Object images whose the number is less than “N” are displayed on a display among the N-object images according to a previously defined display rule. When a selected object image is shifted by n-object images, a position obtained by shifting by a... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20120269492 - Apparatus for outputting broadcast recorded by schedule recording and control method thereof: Methods and apparatus are provided for outputting broadcast recorded by schedule recording. A schedule recording command message is received from a broadcast output apparatus at a cloud server. Broadcast data corresponding to the schedule recording command message is received. A file format used by the broadcast output apparatus is identified.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120269493 - Method of reproducing a still picture from a recording medium, method of decoding the still picture and the recording medium: In the method, video data is reproduced from the recording medium, and an I-picture and a number of P-pictures are output as a still picture based on the reproduced video data. The output data may then be received and decoded for display.... Agent:

20120269494 - Augmented reality for live events: Arrangements for using augmented reality in conjunction with a live event are presented. A data stream corresponding to a live event may be received. The data stream may comprise live video, wherein the live video comprises a live object. Input from a user may be received, wherein the input affects... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120269495 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium: According to one embodiment, a playback method includes decoding data compressed and encoded, by using a first decoder, thereby generating a first image frame, issuing a command for switching non-execution to execution, instructing a second decoder to decode the data, starting with a picture from which is generated an image... Agent:

20120269496 - Associating buffers with temporal sequence presentation data: Techniques are provided for managing Presentation Time in a digital rendering system for presentation of temporally-ordered data when the digital rendering system includes a Variable Rate Presentation capability. In one embodiment, Presentation Time is converted to Data Time, and Data Time is reported instead of Presentation Time when only one... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 12 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120263429 - Microcomputer, system including the same, and data transfer device: A microcomputer is provided, which can load data of different areas in parallel and transfer the loaded data to a storage circuit. The microcomputer includes a CPU to control a DRIs each of which loads image data of a prescribed area out of image data inputted from a camera and... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120263430 - Bookmarking moments in a recorded video using a recorded human action: Video highlights are captured from a video stream during a video recording session of activity in which manual inputs to the camera would be difficult, impossible, or inconvenient for the user. The user provides a software-recognizable signal to the camera, such as by covering the camera lens for a brief... Agent:

20120263432 - User interface for method for creating a custom track: A system for allowing a user to create a custom track on a user apparatus, the user apparatus having a display is described. A memory stores a plurality of video clips and an audio track having a timeline. An application is stored in the memory. The application is configured to... Agent: Capshore, LLC

20120263431 - Video content reproduction apparatus and method of displaying content information: When an instruction receiving unit (620) receives an information display instruction to display information on a video that is not being reproduced (hereinafter referred to as video content not being reproduced) which is a video different from a video that is being reproduced, a control unit (630) causes a display... Agent:

20120263435 - Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals: An audio and/or video generation apparatus which is arranged in operation to generate audio and/or video signals representative of an audio and/or video source, the audio and/or video generation apparatus comprising a recording unit which is arranged in operation to record the audio and/or video signals on a recording medium,... Agent: Sony United Kingdom Limited

20120263436 - Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals: An audio and/or video generation apparatus which is arranged in operation to generate audio and/or video signals representative of an audio and/or video source, the audio and/or video generation apparatus including a recording unit which is arranged in operation to record the audio and/or video signals on a recording medium,... Agent: Sony United Kingdom Limited

20120263433 - Detecting key roles and their relationships from video: Tools and techniques for acquiring key roles and their relationships from a video independent of metadata, such as cast lists and scripts, are described herein. These techniques include discovering key roles and their relationships by treating a video (e.g., a movie, television program, music video, and personal video, etc.) as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120263437 - Human interaction trajectory-based system: A method and associated apparatus for using a trajectory-based technique to detect a moving object in a video sequence at incorporates human interaction through a user interface. The method comprises steps of identifying and evaluating sets of connected components in a video frame, filtering the list of connected components by... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20120263434 - Per-subscriber adaptive bit rate stream management method: Consistent with embodiments of the present invention, a system may be provided to provide per-subscriber stream management comprising: a client capable of receiving a playlist containing a subset of segments associated with a video asset; a video application server to request subscriber state information and to build state representations in... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120263438 - Search system using media metadata tracks: Real-time metadata tracks recorded to media streams allow search and analysis operations in a variety of contexts. Search queries can be performed using information in real-time metadata tracks such as closed captioning, sub-title, statistical tracks, miscellaneous data tracks. Media streams can also be augmented with additional tracks. The metadata tracks... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20120263439 - Method and apparatus for creating a composite video from multiple sources: The present system provides a method for a group of people, related or otherwise, to record an event on separate recording devices. The video from those recording devices can then be synchronized with each other. After synchronization, a composite movie is automatically generated using extracts from all or some of... Agent:

20120263440 - System and method to remotely program a receiving device: A web server presents a web page to a user. The web page dynamically presents information corresponding to a digital video recorder (DVR) associated with the user. The web server accepts input information to control the DVR. A delayed-job server accepts input from the web server and stores a job... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120257869 - Multimedia data recording method and apparatus for automatically generating/updating metadata: Provided is a multimedia data recording method including: receiving one or more search object items for searching for scenes including the same kind of information from media data; selecting one or more scenes that contain each of the search object items during the input of the media data; generating metadata... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120257868 - Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording and reproducing method: A recording and reproducing apparatus which records and reproduces data with respect to a plurality of recording media includes a display unit for simultaneously displaying, on a display screen having a display area for each recording medium, data recorded onto recording media in corresponding display areas, a selection unit for... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257867 - Video transmission apparatus, video receiving apparatus and video transmission system: There is provided a video transmission apparatus including a signal conversion unit for converting a packet of a local area network for transferring data into data suitable for a non-compressed video signal based on a given standard, and a video synthesis unit for recording the data converted from the packet... Agent:

20120257871 - Apparatus, and associated method, for presenting content: An apparatus, and an associated method, provides for an asymmetric-mode playout of content at a display or other playout element connected to a wireless device. When the content is played out in an asymmetric mode, the content provided for playout at the external device is nonidentical to the content played... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120257870 - System for power allocation: A battery powered device including power management includes a display, a processor, a video decoder, a networking circuit, and a power allocation process. The power allocation process modifies the power used to process a video by jointly selecting a lower power usage based upon selectively dropping frames to be decoded... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20120257872 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes: a recording and reproduction control unit that records content on a predetermined recording medium and that reads and reproduces content from the predetermined recording medium, wherein the recording and reproduction control unit transmits and records information necessary for reproducing deleted content to a different information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120257873 - Recording/reproduction apparatus and method as well as recording medium: The invention provides a recording/reproduction apparatus and method as well as a recording medium wherein, when nondestructive editing is executed for an AV signal, the AV signal can be reproduced seamlessly without suffering from any interruption. Information representative of states (an A type, a C type, a D type, or... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120257874 - Real-time interactive personal video recorder interface: Interacting with a television program includes beginning playback of the program for perception by a user, analyzing the program to detect a cue within the program, automatically pausing playback of the program when the cue is detected, accepting user input data in response to the cue, resuming playback of the... Agent:

20120257875 - Temporal alignment of video recordings: Methods and apparatus are provided to establish temporal alignment of media clips. In an example embodiment, first and second media clips each contain an audio portion and the method comprises: determining an estimated global offset between the first and second clips; choosing a first test region of the first clip... Agent:

20120257877 - Media composition system with remote connection: Computer-based methods for time-based media composition of programs that include secondary material. The methods involve searching for secondary media available from secondary material providers over a wide-area network, selecting secondary material, receiving metadata pertaining to the selected secondary material, inserting a representation of the selected secondary media into a media... Agent:

20120257876 - Method and system for generating at least one of: comic strips and storyboards from videos: A method, a system, and a computer program product code for generating a series of still images from an input video file are provided. The series of still images may include, but are not limited to, a comic strip and a storyboard. The method includes extracting audio and visual frames... Agent: Infosys Technologies, Ltd.

20120257878 - Contents playback system and contents playback method: Time information including a date, a time and the like or a condition and the like are recorded in association with contents. When the user simply selects contents, the contents and time information associated with the contents are received at a mobile device and the contents are automatically played at... Agent:

20120257879 - Methods, systems, and products for recording media: Methods, devices, and products are disclosed for recording media. An input is received via a user interface to record media. An entry is created in a recording schedule to record the media. The recording schedule is sent to a restoration server, such that the recording schedule is mirrored to the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p. F/k/a Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation

20120257880 - Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method: A reproducing apparatus includes: a storing unit in which data is accumulated; a readout control unit that controls readout of the data from the storing unit; a cache that temporarily stores the data read out by the readout control unit; and a data transmission and reception control unit that reads... Agent: Sony Corporation

10/04/2012 > 18 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120251071 - Apparatus and method for playing back contents: A content playing device that displays multiple contents including scheduled-distribution contents is disclosed. Multiple player units include a moving picture player unit that, when receiving a start-to-prepare command, performs playback preparation processing based on the type of contents, moves into a wait state, and downloads at least scheduled-distribution contents from... Agent: Gvbb Holdings S.a.r.l.

20120251069 - Audio enhancement based on video and/or other characteristics: Audio enhancement based on video and/or other characteristics. Information associated with a media signal is employed to modify an audio signal portion thereof. When undergoing playback, a modified audio signal enhances a perceptual experience for a user (e.g., a listener, a viewer, etc.). Based on information from any desired source,... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120251070 - Method and apparatus for selecting content segments: A method, apparatus and computer program product select content segments based at least in part on a contextual similarity level between the content segments and at least one of brightness levels, blur levels, and shake levels of the content segments. As such, a resultant video may be produced that comprises... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120251072 - Mobile, personsize display system and method of use: A mobile personsize display system and method of use; in general, a platform, a support frame, a module display frame, an LED panel display formed of a plurality of LED display modules having a plurality of pixels, four or more casters, a battery powered supply, a media player (electrically communicating... Agent:

20120251073 - Automated digital video editing system to combine stored video advertising with just-in-time content: A system and method are provided for an automated digital video editing system that can combine previously stored video advertising with just-in-time content video, such as breaking news, sports, traffic and weather. The system and method can deliver the combined video to mobile devices in accordance with demographic, geographic, or... Agent:

20120251074 - Detecting and processing corrupted video recordings: Embodiments of the invention include a method that comprises receiving a request to record television content on a specified channel for a specified period of time. The method can also include tuning to the specified channel at the specified time, and recording the specified content. The method can also include... Agent:

20120251075 - Digital recording/reproducing device, computer program, and server: The invention provides a control program of the digital recording/reproducing device which comprises: a plurality of tuners which can receive a plurality of television signals; a converter by which the tuners convert a television signal into a digital signal; a recording means for recording program data converted by the converter;... Agent:

20120251076 - Secure online access control for accessing media content from discs: In one embodiment, a method of controlling distribution of content can include: sending authentication instructions from a server to a disc player having a disc inserted therein, where the disc includes media content without a plurality of files that are required by the disc player for playback of the media... Agent: Sony Dadc US Inc.

20120251077 - Disc unlock code distribution control via remote physical action and location: In one embodiment, a method of controlling playback of media content can include: receiving a delivery indication that a disc having media content stored thereon has been physically received by a user at a delivery location; receiving an authorization code and a disc identifier via a web interface, where the... Agent: Sony Dadc US Inc

20120251078 - Aggregated facial tracking in video: A facial detecting system may analyze a video by traversing the video forwards and backwards to create tracks of a person within the video. After separating the video into shots, the frames of each shot may be analyzed using a face detector algorithm to produce some analyzed information for each... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120251081 - Image editing device, image editing method, and program: The image editing device creates the sequence of images by combining a plurality of images each of which has ancillary information. The image editing device includes: an input interface for receiving a plurality of candidate images that are specified as editing targets; and an image editing unit for creating the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120251080 - Multi-layer timeline content compilation systems and methods: The application discloses systems of creating multi-layer timeline content compilations. The systems can include a layer-scalable editor launch engine receiving a request to launch an editor window for display on a client. A client-remote content placement engine receives an instruction to place content from the content datastore on a multi-layer... Agent:

20120251079 - Systems and methods for time-based athletic activity measurement and display: Activity metrics may be recorded with granularity to allow a user to view performance information specific to particular times of an activity session. Accordingly, in one example, activity metrics may be detected and recorded for a minimum time unit that may be automatically defined or defined by a user. The... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120251082 - Method, apparatus and system for generating media content: A method of generating media content is described which comprises capturing still or moving image content items at a capture device and uploading the captured image content items and image content metadata indicating a time of capture of each of the image content items to a network. A playback log... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120251083 - Systems and methods for low bandwidth consumption online content editing: Various embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for low bandwidth consumption online content editing, where user-created content comprising high definition/quality content is created or modified at an online content editing server according to instructions from an online content editor client, and where a proxy version of the resulting... Agent:

20120251084 - Replace content with like content to enhance program experience: A method and a system for replacement of programs on a video recorder based on preferences and size constraints of a video recorder. The video recorder compares recorded programs in the computer readable storage media and a schedule of programs to be recorded to a plurality of global preferences and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120251085 - Video multiplexing: A video system including a plurality of video sources, a recording device, a memory, and a controller. The controller receives video frames from the video sources and includes a first and a second write control module, a read control module, and a frame rate control module. The first write control... Agent:

20120251086 - Trick mode technique for a bandwidth limited channel: A method for transmitting frames of fast trick mode video commences by detecting whether a frame of the fast trick video constitute an I-frame, and if so, then replacing the I frame with a dummy B-frame to maintain a target bandwidth. If the frame of video trick mode data constitutes... Agent:

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