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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120243846 - Integrated security video and electromagnetic pulse detector: The present invention relates systems and methods of electromagnetic protection for integrated video and electromagnetic detector security system equipment. A security system configured to be protected from electromagnetic events or attacks includes a quantity of video cameras and a quantity of electromagnetic event detectors disposed at a facility. The system... Agent:

20120243847 - Image playback apparatus, image recording apparatus, and methods thereof: An image playback apparatus and in image recording apparatus are designed to permit image playback from a selected position in an image file recorded to a directly accessible memory, such as a magnetic disk. During recording of an image file, the user can designate one or more candidate playback start... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120243848 - Augmented reality system for re-casting a seminar with private calculations: Computer-implemented techniques for viewing a recorded presentation are described. The techniques include receiving by one or more computers a request from a user to view a recorded presentation, retrieving, by one or more computing systems, a segment of the recorded presentation that is comprised of plural segments and information specifying... Agent:

20120243849 - Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing a data stream: A video stream may include portions that are stored while other portions are being displayed. In one embodiment, a portion of the video stream may be stored in digital storage media at one instance while in the next instance another portion of the stream is being read out of the... Agent:

20120243850 - Trick play advertising: A device receives trick play signals during a playing of content. The device determines a trick play being request based on the trick play signals. The device further estimates a length of an available time period based on the trick play and information regarding at least one other trick play.... Agent: Verizon New Jersey Inc.

20120243851 - Content-receiving device: A content receiver comprises: an acceptance unit for accepting a designation of a recording medium to which contents are to he output; a license information acquiring unit for acquiring output license information describing the output requirements of the contents; and an output unit for outputting the contents to the designated... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120243852 - Methods of performing scheduled recording in home network system and digital media server and digital media player for performing the same: A method of performing schedule recording in a home network system is provided that includes receiving a pre-registered reserved word from a terminal and searching a content corresponding to the reserved word and transmitting a reservation list including information on the searched content to a terminal indicated by the reserved... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120237178 - Scenario editing apparatus and scenario editing method, image capturing apparatus and control method thereof, and scenario editing system: A scenario editing apparatus which generates and edits scenario data to be referred at an image capturing, comprises: a first recording unit which records first scenario data appended with identification numbers for respective captured contents; a read-out unit which reads out image data captured with reference to the first scenario... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120237179 - Stereoscopic image display control apparatus and method of controlling operation of same: It is arranged so that a sense of discomfort will not be imparted to an individual observing a stereoscopic image. Cross-point information is recorded on a memory card on which stereoscopic moving image data has also been recorded. When the stereoscopic moving image is played back, an image representing a... Agent:

20120237180 - Signature device and signature method: A signature device including a storage unit configured to store moving image data, and a processor configured to extract original metadata from moving image data for the image data of each of a plurality of images forming the moving image data, the original metadata including location data of the image... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120237181 - Information processing regarding different transfer: According to one embodiment, an information storage medium, and the program comprises referring to a manifest from a playlist that manages playback presentation of a playback presentation object, referring to one of a markup and a script from the manifest, monitoring defining of a name corresponding to an event in... Agent:

20120237183 - Method and apparatus for identifying popular network video segments: A method for identifying popular segments of a network video comprising: receiving video player operation information for a plurality of video players operated by users accessing the network video; evaluating a popularity measure for one or more segments of the network-video using the received operation information so as to identify... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120237182 - Sport program chaptering: In certain implementations, a method consistent with the invention involves at a television receiver device, receiving a television program depicting a sports program, where data associated with the sports program is represented in a score graphic that is displayed on a television display overlaying images of the sports program; storing... Agent:

20120237184 - Signal output apparatus: A signal output apparatus includes: a signal acquiring unit acquiring a video signal and a first audio signal; a measurement sound supplying unit supplying a second audio signal; a first outputting unit outputting the acquired video signal and the supplied second audio signal to a reproduction apparatus; a delay acquiring... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120237185 - Video server apparatus, video editing system, and control method of video server apparatus: According to one embodiment, a video server apparatus includes a table generator, an acquisition module, and a controller. The table generator generates a management table associating a contents ID with the contents data, and stores the management table in the memory. The acquisition module acquires contents management information from a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120237186 - Moving image generating method, moving image generating apparatus, and storage medium: A moving image generating method, a moving image generating apparatus and a storage medium for generating a moving image from a still image. According to one application, a moving image generating method uses a moving image generating apparatus which stores in advance a plurality of pieces of movement information showing... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120237187 - Recording system, receiving apparatus, recording apparatus, recording control method, and program: A recording system includes a receiving apparatus and a recording apparatus. The receiving apparatus includes a creation section and a reservation control section. The recording apparatus includes a recording section and a recording control section.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120237188 - Network video recorder and method for recording video data in the network video recorder: In a network video recorder (NVR), a starting location and an end location of video data in a file are set. One frame of video data is recorded in one element of a storage buffer and the element has an index. The NVR further sets a starting location and an... Agent: Ingrasys Technology Inc.

20120237189 - Method and system for dvd smooth rewind: Aspects of performing smooth backwards playback in a DVD system are described. The aspects include reconstructing frame data for every frame in a set of frames of an original playback, the set of frames preceding a currently displayed frame. Further included is the utilization of at least seven frame buffers... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120230650 - Computing apparatus and method for providing a user application to be executed in a media playback apparatus: The present invention relates to a computing apparatus and to a method for providing a user application to be executed in a media playback apparatus. According to the present invention, the computing apparatus executes a developer application, and tests a user application in the media playback apparatus which is connected... Agent:

20120230648 - Method for reading content on a multimedia device, and associated device: The invention relates to a method for reading content (1) on a multimedia device comprising a content reader, the reader also enabling the video display of the content and the navigation within the content, the content containing images I to be displayed during navigation, the method comprising, when the reader... Agent:

20120230649 - Storage management of a recording device in a multi-user system: Systems and methods for managing the storage of recordings in a recording device in which the recordings were requested by several users are provided. Each user may be assigned a storage space limit defining the amount of storage space each user is entitled to use. In some embodiments, the storage... Agent: Rovi Guides, Inc.

20120230651 - Apparatus, systems and methods for accessing missed media content: Systems and methods are operable to retrieve at least a portion of a missed media content event. An exemplary embodiment detects an occurrence of a failed recording of at least a portion of a media content event of interest; transmits a notification of the detected occurrence of the failed recording... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20120230653 - Method and system for digital cinema presentation: A method and system for digital cinema presentation are disclosed. The method provides for automatic comparison of a playlist against at least one attribute relating to digital content, and automatically skipping one or more compositions during playout of content in the playlist based on the comparison results.... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20120230652 - Splicing system: A device including a module to receive a stream including an insertion content item and first timecodes, a module to record the stream, a module to receive a live stream including a timeslot and second and third timecodes, a clock to provide a clock reading updated based on at least... Agent:

20120230654 - Labeling a video, for modifying a video, and for video processing: A computer program product for processing a video having a plurality of objects is provided. The computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having computer readable program code embodied therewith. The computer readable program code is configured for labeling at least one object among the plurality of objects... Agent: International Businesss Machines Corporation

20120230655 - Content access: Techniques are described to provide content access. In an implementation, a determination is made at a client that a high-definition channel has content that matches content provided by a standard-definition channel. Access is provided to the content via the high-definition channel and access is restricted to the content via the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120230656 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: There is provided an image processing apparatus including a converting unit for converting a level range of an input image signal into a predetermined level range, and an outputting unit for outputting the converted image signal and first identification information which indicates the predetermined level range, the first identification information... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

09/06/2012 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120224825 - Selectively using local non-volatile storage in conjunction with transmission of content: Content is created at a first location using a video camera or other device. At least a subset of the created content is stored in non-volatile storage at the first location. At least a portion of the content stored in the non-volatile storage is transmitted to a remote entity via... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20120224826 - Geo-location video archive system and method: A system and method for recording, uploading, and archiving video recordings, including a front-end and a back-end application. The preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a front-end application wherein video is recorded using a mobile device. The recorded video is embedded with date, time and GPS location data. The... Agent:

20120224827 - Operation management device to be mounted to a moving object, portable information terminal, operation management server, and computer program: Provided is an operation management device that works in conjunction with a portable information terminal having an operation management function. A cradle (10) includes a holder (10a) formed with a concave shape for mounting a portable information terminal (20) having the operation management function, a receiving casing (10c) for receiving... Agent: Data Tec Co., Ltd.

20120224828 - Content selection: A method of providing an audio visual output stream includes the initial steps of maintaining a database of video media clips and a database of associated tags. The next steps include receiving information identifying at least one audio track and selecting video media associated with the at least one audio... Agent:

20120224832 - Method of recording and replaying video data, and display device using the same: Provided are a method of recording video data, a method of replaying a video data, and a display device using the same. The method of recording video data receives and stores data provided from the outside, determines whether the received video data is 3D video data, sets a video format... Agent:

20120224829 - Playback apparatus, program, and playback method: A playback apparatus including: a Clip information read circuit 5 that reads supplementary information from a recording medium 1, which also includes a video signal, and judges based on the supplementary information whether the video signal is of a first frame frequency or of a second frame frequency; a mode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120224830 - Program guide system for recording television programs: An interactive program guide system is provided. The system facilitates recording of programs selected from the program guide. The system handles the recording and viewing of pay programs, parentally-controlled programs, consecutive programs on different television channels, and programs with and without copy protection. Programs may be recorded using combination television... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20120224831 - Program guide system for recording television programs: An interactive program guide system is provided. The system facilitates recording of programs selected from the program guide. The system handles the recording and viewing of pay programs, parentally-controlled programs, consecutive programs on different television channels, and programs with and without copy protection. Programs may be recorded using combination television... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20120224833 - Apparatus and method for segmenting video data in mobile communication terminal: In one embodiment, a method for segmenting video data in a mobile communication terminal includes acquiring sensor data periodically together with video data during video shooting, and segmenting the video data based on the acquired sensor data.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120224834 - Apparatus and methods for dynamically optimizing recording schedules: In embodiments disclosed herein, television recording schedules are automatically adjusted in a digital video recording system. In at least one embodiment, the digital video recording system receives a first request to record a first program at the digital video recording system and a second recording request to record a second... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20120224835 - Video recording management: A device may estimate a probability that each video recording, of a group of video recordings, will be played back at the device during a time interval. The group of video recordings may include video recordings stored locally at the device and video recording stored at a remote location. The... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

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