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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120076470 - Content processing method and recording apparatus: A content processing method includes receiving content and recording the content in a recording apparatus, recording first information to indicate a first period in which the content is displayed on a display apparatus and a second period in which the content is not displayed on the display apparatus during a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120076469 - Electronic apparatus, reproduction system, reproduction method, and program: The present disclosure provides an electronic apparatus including, an acquisition portion configured to acquire video data having a plurality of picture data constituting a moving picture for reproduction of a three-dimensional moving picture, an operation portion configured to give an instruction for thin-out reproduction of the plurality of picture data... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120076471 - Image capture and manipulation: Systems and techniques to provide image capture and manipulation. In general, in one implementation, the technique includes receiving an input stream including image data from a source, displaying the input stream in real-time including displaying a plurality of instantiations of the stream at a same time, each stream different, the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120076472 - Receivers for television signals: A television signals receiver for receives and stores television signals encoded at a variable data rate. Time information is generated based on the time of receipt of the signals that defines the duration of the television signals when output in decompressed form at a substantially constant data rate. The received... Agent: British Sky Broadcasting Ltd.

20120076473 - Systems and methods for providing a scan: Systems and methods for a video scan are provided. The scan may be dynamically interactive and a function of characteristics of the programs in the scan (e.g., commercial breaks or the end of a program approaching) The scan may simultaneously display multiple scan windows for a plurality of programs, for... Agent: Rovi Guides, Inc.

20120076474 - Video playing device and method: A video playing device includes a playing unit, a selection unit, a comparison unit, and an acquisition unit. The playing unit is adapted to play a video stored in a memory which is further used for storing a unique identifier of each frame of the video. The selection unit selects... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

03/22/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120070124 - Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and computer readable medium: To make it possible, when an audio file is reproduced before capturing of a moving image, to prevent the sound from being recorded during capturing. When a short-time moving image capturing mode is set, a through-the-lens image is displayed and an audio file is reproduced. When a first shutter switch... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120070123 - Method of evaluating snow and board sport equipment: A method of evaluating snow and board sport equipment. The method includes an evaluator using the equipment and orally describing perceptions arising while using it, for example by means of a wireless microphone. A video image is made of the evaluator using the equipment, and this video image is combined... Agent:

20120070125 - Method and apparatus for scrub preview services: In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method of streaming media with a media preview includes generating a preview data by extracting preview information from a media file to be streamed. The preview data has a multi-dimensional hierarchical data structure having a plurality of layers with increasing... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20120070126 - Video data processing apparatus and file management method: According to one embodiment, a video data processing apparatus which receives a data file includes a file receiving module, an analyzer, a default data storage module, a data restoration module, and a management module. The data file includes a header, in which a header key field, a header length field,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120070127 - Secure video distribution: An apparatus includes an input circuit, a storage device, a retrieve circuit, a decrypt circuit, and an output circuit. The input circuit is configured to receive packets of encrypted encoded video data from a first network. The storage device is preauthorized by the first network to store the encrypted encoded... Agent:

20120070128 - Information processor, information processing method, and program: An information processor includes a data processing portion which generates a content for delivery to a client. The data processing portion generates and provides a sub-content in which identification information of a content delivery client is recorded in audio data or subtitle data and a main content formed of image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120070129 - Method and apparatus for scrub preview services: In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method of streaming a media preview includes delivering a preview data having preview information from a media file to be streamed. The preview data has a multi-dimensional hierarchical data structure has a plurality of layers with increasing content of the... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20120070130 - Receivers for television signals: A television signals receiver for receives and stores television signals encoded at a variable data rate. Time information is generated based on the time of receipt of the signals that defines the duration of the television signals when output in decompressed form at a substantially constant data rate. The received... Agent: British Sky Broadcasting Ltd.

20120070131 - Dsl video service with memory manager: A digital video recorder (DVR) has a memory manager to determine a particular date and a particular video program in a download schedule for which the DVR will reach a low memory condition based on the download schedule and an amount of unoccupied memory space in the DVR. The DVR... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120063736 - Creating and editing video recorded by a hands-free video recording device: A video recording hands-free device that includes a storage medium, an optical sensor to receive an input image signal, and a processor that is coupled to the storage medium and the optical sensor. The processor is configured to process the input image signal received from the optical sensor into an... Agent:

20120063738 - Digital video recorder system and operating method thereof: The present invention includes a camera inputting videos; a microphone inputting sounds; a sound video recorder unit that converts videos and sounds input from the camera and the microphone into digital signals; a sound recognizing unit that analyzes sound converted into the digital signals and classifies the sound type; an... Agent:

20120063737 - Vehicle-mounted video surveillance system: A system is disclosed to record traffic infractions in the general area of a school bus and its stop arm, consisting of two cameras, a first camera which produces a general overview of the area, and a second camera which produces a focused view of a license plate, both within... Agent:

20120063740 - Method and electronic device for displaying a 3d image using 2d image: A method and apparatus are provided for displaying a 3D image using a 2D image in an electronic device. Information related to an inclination of the electronic device is detected from a motion of the electronic device. The 3D image is generated by moving each of a plurality of image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120063739 - User terminal, server, displaying method and information providing method thereof: A user terminal for reproducing contents stored in a multimedia storage medium includes a contents reproducing unit which reproduces contents, a display unit which displays on a screen contents reproduced by the contents reproducing unit, an information receiving unit which receives information regarding a medium of at least one of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120063741 - Moving image receiving apparatus: A moving image receiving apparatus has a moving image decoding apparatus (303) for decoding received moving image data. The moving image decoding apparatus (303) comprises: a media buffer (401) for storing moving image data; an intra-map memory (402) for storing an intra-map indicating a location of an intrablock included in... Agent:

20120063742 - Entry points for 3d trickplay: Providing entry points for 3D video data is described. An entry point unit (18) generates an entry point table by defining entry points in an incoming 3D video data stream and storing entry point addresses giving the location of the defined entry points. The video data stream comprises a multitude... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120063744 - System and method for recording related programs comprising media content related data: A system a method and a module for recording programs comprising media content data, transmitted by a media content provider via communication channels, where each program is associated with metadata containing details relating to the program. The method comprises: identifying related programs; online recording of programs of at least one... Agent: Orca Interactive Ltd.

20120063743 - System and method for remote presentation provision: A method of receiving and playing a composite video, wherein the composite video includes at least a video asset and a non-video asset in separate files. The method comprising: receiving the non-video asset; receiving at least a portion of the video asset; buffering the at least a portion of the... Agent: Lightspeed Vt LLC

20120063745 - Method for providing data application based on disk media reproduction apparatus: A data application based on a reproduction apparatus of a disk media is disclosed. In accordance with method, a scene resource data corresponding to each scene of a data application based on a base data application of the disk media or the reproduction apparatus to execute the data application on... Agent: Dreamer Co., Ltd.

20120063746 - Method and apparatus for extracting key frames from a video: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for extracting key frames from a video. The method includes: dividing the video into multiple levels of video segments, wherein each video segment at a non-lowest level comprises one or more video segments at the next lower level, the multiple levels... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120063747 - Time stamp creation and evaluation in media effect template: A method of creating a template data structure for a media effect involving a media data item to be presented during a presentation of the media effect is disclosed. The method comprises: defining a time stamp for an event of the template data structure, the time stamp comprising a relative... Agent:

20120063748 - Apparatus and method for temporary storage of image-encoding data: An apparatus and a method for temporary storage of image-encoding data are provided. The apparatus for temporary storage of image-encoding data is utilized for high-resolution image encoding, wherein the apparatus includes an image sensing unit, a storage unit, and an encoding unit. The image sensing unit creates a plurality of... Agent:

20120063749 - Video file creation device and video file creation method: A video file creation device according to an embodiment includes an encoder, a metadata acquisition unit, a file creation unit, and a data storage unit. The encoder is configured to create compressed video data from a video stream. The metadata acquisition unit is configured to acquire metadata related to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kasiha Toshiba

03/08/2012 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120057842 - Method and apparatus for remote voice-over or music production and management: A desktop application and supporting web site for recording voice-over or music sessions is introduced, wherein multiple participants in a collaborative session may be in separate remote locations. The application includes providing a high quality data format for transferring audiovisual data, recordings and the like, and a lower-quality, real-time data... Agent:

20120057844 - Imaging apparatus and control method for the same, shooting control apparatus, and shooting control method: An imaging apparatus includes a shooting rate setting unit configured to set a shooting rate, a shooting unit configured to shoot a moving image at the shooting rate set by the shooting rate setting unit, an acquisition unit configured to acquire a shooting duration time from a start of shooting,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120057843 - Moving image processing apparatus, moving image playback apparatus, moving image processing method, moving image playback method, and storage medium: A moving image processing apparatus comprises an image capturing unit (2) that acquires data of a moving image by capturing a plurality of continuous image frames, an audio data attaching unit (14) that attaches more than one kind of audio data to the data of the moving image acquired by... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120057845 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes: a selection section to select frames of thumbnail targets, as thumbnail frames, from a moving image including frames continuous in terms of time; a division section to divide the selected thumbnail frames in units of pages each including thumbnail frames continuous in terms of time;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120057846 - Moving picture processing apparatus, moving picture processing method, and program: A moving picture processing apparatus including a representative picture selection unit for selecting a predetermined number of representative pictures that are representative of a plurality of pictures from a plurality of pictures of a moving picture, and a configuration image generation unit for generating a configuration image in which the... Agent:

20120057848 - Methods and apparatus for displaying interstitial breaks in a progress bar of a video stream: Various embodiments of apparatus and/or methods are described for presenting information regarding interstitials of a video stream. A recording of a television show may include segments of the show interspersed with interstitials (e.g., commercials). The location of the interstitials within the recording is identified, and the locations of the interstitials... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20120057847 - Methods and apparatus for filtering content in a video stream using closed captioning data: Various embodiments of apparatus and/or methods are described for skipping and/or filtering content from a video stream using closed captioning data associated with the video stream. The closed captioning data is parsed using metadata to identify portions of the video stream to skip during presentation, and/or to identify portions of... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.l.c

20120057849 - Video information playback method and video information playback apparatus: A video information playback method of playing back a recording medium on which a virtual-machine-using content whose video playback can be controlled by a program running in a virtual machine is recorded, including: performing simple resume playback for restarting playback of a main-program video of the virtual-machine-using content without activating... Agent:

20120057851 - Data-providing apparatus, data-providing method and program-sorting medium: In the present invention, image data is edited in response to a demand transmitted from a data-processing apparatus through a network. A moving-picture server (3) acquires a scenario consisting of a plurality of scenes, each lasting for a given time, is acquired in response to a demand made by a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120057850 - Systems and methods for generating and embedding personalized media content: Systems and methods for generating and/or displaying personalized video content are provided. In some embodiments, a video asset made up of a set of frames, including a preliminary frame with an object region, is received at user equipment. A media element is identified and transmitted to a remote server, where... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20120057852 - Systems and methods for the autonomous production of videos from multi-sensored data: An autonomous computer based method and system is described for personalized production of videos such as team sport videos such as basketball videos from multi-sensored data under limited display resolution. Embodiments of the present invention relate to the selection of a view to display from among the multiple video streams... Agent:

20120057853 - Media playlist methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for easily creating playlists of media programs to be played sequentially, where each program on a playlist either is played in real time, i.e., when broadcast, or is played time-shifted when the program temporally conflicts with one or more other programs on the playlist. When a playlist... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120057854 - K rate fast-forwarding and backwarding mechanism for digital videos: A K rate fast-forwarding and backwarding mechanism for digital videos comprises a video including a plurality of Group of Pictures (GOP). Each GOP has an I frame and plural P frames. The video defines a plurality of rounds at the time that the video plays at a rate. Each round... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120051711 - Video playback device and computer readable medium: A non-transitory computer readable medium for playing back video includes: extracting a term from sound information contained in video information; reading material information having description relevant to the term based on the term extracted by the extracting; and combining video at a playback time of the sound information from which... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120051712 - Moving image playback system and image capturing apparatus: An image capturing apparatus selects one of image capturing conditions to be used for capturing images as a reference condition when a total of image capturing time of one frame in each image capturing condition to be used for capturing images is longer than one frame period at a predetermined... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120051713 - Image storage apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, method of storing image, method of reproducing an image, recording medium and photographing apparatus: An image storage apparatus, an image reproducing apparatus, a method of storing an image, a method of reproducing an image, a storage medium and a photographing apparatus are provided. The image storage apparatus records link information of a contents file within a moving image file and stores the linked moving... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120051714 - surveillance and recording device: A surveillance and recording device includes a housing. A controller is arranged in the housing. An image recording device is arranged in the housing and operatively connected to the controller. A memory is arranged in the housing and connected to the controller to store image data generated by the image... Agent: Ts Australia Pty Ltd

20120051715 - Recording apparatus: The present invention is directed to a recording apparatus and method for setting, when moving images are recorded on a plurality of recording media, whether to independently record additional information on each of the recording media.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120051716 - Keyboard having video and audio recording function: A keyboard for recording a video and an audio is disclosed. The keyboard having a video and an audio recording function includes a universal serial bus hub coupling with a computer system, a keyboard controller, coupled with the universal serial bus hub, for controlling a keypad matrix, and a video... Agent:

20120051717 - Content bookmarking: Content bookmarking may be provided. First, a content program may be displayed and a user initiated input may be received. Next, in response to the user initiated input, a currently displayed point in the content program may be jumped from to a time stamped point in the content program. The... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20120051718 - Receiver: A receiver includes a reception unit that receives a digital broadcast signal that includes content, wherein the content includes a video signal and identification information indicating that the video signal includes a 3D video signal; a conversion unit that converts a 3D video signal to a 2D video signal; a... Agent:

20120051719 - System and method for editing recorded videoconference data: In a method embodiment, a method for automatically editing data recorded during a videoconference includes accessing a plurality of video data streams. Each video data stream records a view of at least one of a plurality of human participants of the videoconference. The view recorded by each video data stream... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120051720 - Securing apparatus: The invention relates to apparatus such as a broadcast data receiver which can selectively receive a data storage item therewith to allow the passage of data therebetween and/or storage of data thereon. The invention provides the apparatus with a recess into which the storage item can be placed and connected... Agent: Pace PLC

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