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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206342 - Recording system: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for recording transmitted data items, and particularly television and radio programmes. The data items are received at one or more inputs along with ID data identifying the transmitted data items and the programme series to which the data item belongs. An input... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20110206343 - Method and apparatus for receiving metadata, epg, or ipg signals in an integrated circuit for control purposes: An integrated circuit or system receives a bit pattern from a metadata, IPG, and or EPG signal. This bit pattern is then coupled to a circuit to provide a content control command to a recorder or to a processing circuit to generate a content control signal. In particular the bit... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20110206344 - Method and apparatus for providing a synchronized video presentation without video tearing: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for feeding a video stream from a video source in a manner that prevents video tearing.... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20110206345 - Playback apparatus and playback method: According to one embodiment, a playback apparatus includes: a sound information input module configured to receive a surrounding environmental sound as sound information; a sound information management module configured to manage feature information of noticeable environmental sounds; a sound information analysis module configured to analyze the received sound information; a... Agent:

20110206346 - Playback apparatus, program, and playback method: An Interactive Graphics Decoder 13 decodes a graphics stream, and overlays a Page including a plurality of Buttons on a moving picture. The Interactive Graphics Decoder 13 then executes a command corresponding to one of the plurality of Buttons on the Page, to thereby perform (1) a control of switching... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110206347 - Information storage medium containing subtitle data for multiple languages using text data and downloadable fonts and apparatus therefor: An information storage medium on which video data are recorded, includes: a plurality of clips that are recording units in which the video data are stored; and text data for subtitles which are recorded separately from the plurality of clips and overlappable with an image according to the video data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110206348 - Content providing apparatus and processing method of content providing apparatus: A content providing apparatus, which provides content to a playback apparatus, acquires digital data, performs a plurality of processing types to generate content from the acquired digital data, and transmits, to the playback apparatus in response to a request from the playback apparatus, content information for enabling the playback apparatus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206349 - Method, apparatus and system for anti-piracy protection and verification: A method, apparatus and system for anti-piracy protection and verification include a first projection device configured to project image frames onto a screen. A feedback device records a plurality of consecutive frames, an image analyzing module analyzes image properties of the recorded frames and a modulator creates anti-sampling system content... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110206350 - Digital chip and method of operation thereof: A digital chip system, digital chip, methods for embedding data and methods for extracting data are provided. In some embodiments, a digital chip includes: a watermark encoder digital chip configured to receive one or more watermark bits and generate a stego-video; and a watermark decoder digital chip configured to receive... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20110206351 - Video processing system and a method for editing a video asset: A video processing system and a method for editing a video asset, the method includes: obtaining a video asset of a first resolution; compressing, by compressing module, a video asset to provide a compressed video asset of a second resolution that is lower than the first resolution; transmitting, by a... Agent:

20110206352 - Image editing apparatus and method for controlling the same, and storage medium storing program: The present invention is directed to an image editing apparatus that automatically selects an appropriate frame rate that improves image quality of a new moving image generated by combining a plurality of moving images having different frame rates to prevent a user from working much on the selection, when the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206353 - Televison apparatus: In one embodiment, there is provided a television apparatus. The television apparatus includes: a display configured to display video; an audio output module configured to output audio; a confirmation module configured to confirm the presence of a viewer; and a power controller configured to supply an electric power to at... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110206354 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium storing program: An information processing apparatus includes: a first obtaining portion configured to obtain plural pieces of motion information representing type of motion; a second obtaining portion configured to obtain motion video information including a video corresponding to the motion information obtained by the first obtaining portion; a motion list generating portion... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206355 - Content reproduction system, content receiving apparatus, sound reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method and program: There is provided an AV system including a sink device including a tuner unit that receives and demodulates broadcast wave content, a buffer unit that stores a stream as a demodulation result, a decoding unit that decodes the stored stream by reading the stream from the buffer unit, an SPDIF... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110206356 - Method for embedding video annotation data into a coded video stream and video recording device: The invention concerns a method for embedding video annotation data into a coded video stream. The method comprises the step of—encapsulating said video annotation data into a unit, so-called video annotation unit, of the coded video data stream which format corresponds to at least one format used for sending the... Agent: Thomson Licensing A Corporation

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200295 - Exemption screen display device and exemption screen display method: According to one embodiment, an exemption screen display device includes a display module and a recording module. When utilization of a service using a communication function based on a network is requested, the display module displays an exemption clause for the requested service on the screen. When consent is given... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110200297 - Image display system and display method thereof: An image display system and a display method thereof are provided. The image display system includes an optical disc having image information thereon, an image display device having extended display identification data (EDID), and a reproduction device to analyze the EDID to determine an interface to connect with the image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110200296 - Moving image reproducing apparatus, moving image reproducing method, and recording medium: A moving image reproducing apparatus includes a moving image obtaining part which obtains first moving image data having, luminance data representing luminance of an image, and color data representing color of the image, a color data reduction part which generates second moving image data having the same luminance data as... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110200298 - Playback apparatus and method of controlling the same: According to one embodiment, a playback apparatus includes a graphic unit, a central unit, and a control unit. The graphic unit is configured to generate a video signal to be outputted to a display device. The central unit is configured to decode a coded moving image data, and to execute... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110200299 - Reproduction device and reproduction method: A reproduction device (100) includes: a resume information generation unit (121) which generates first resume information (R1) indicating a reproduction stop operation position and second resume information (R2) indicating a reproduction position at one or more of the following moments: upon switching of the reproduction operation type, upon switching of... Agent:

20110200300 - Closed caption tagging system: A closed caption tagging system provides a mechanism for inserting tags into an audio or video television broadcast stream prior to or at the time of transmission. The tags contain command and control information that the receiver translates and acts upon. The receiver receives the broadcast stream and detects and... Agent: Tivo Inc.

20110200301 - Recording medium, program, and reproduction method: ABD-ROM 100 and a local storage 200 contain dynamic scenarios (programs) such as a Java application and a Movie Object. A dynamic scenario reads profile information from PSR 31 of the playback apparatus and judges whether or not the playback apparatus is an audio-only type. If it is judged that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110200302 - Information processing device, information processing method, playback device, playback method, program and recording medium: An information processing device includes first encoding means for encoding an image by placing strip-shaped areas in the upper and lower sides, second encoding means for encoding data of first subtitles displayed in a third area formed by joining at least a part of one area of a first area... Agent: Sony Pictures Entertainment

20110200304 - Feature activation on occurrence of an event: A cable provider could offer a promotional feature, such as live pause of video, above and beyond a tier of service to which the customer subscribes, limiting the feature to being activated only upon occurrence of one or more events. In a network video delivery context, a set-top box plays... Agent: Csc Holdings, LLC

20110200303 - Method of video playback: A non-transitory computer readable storage medium includes a computer-readable code for executing a method of video playback, capable of displaying a video file in a three-dimensional environment (2) from any perspective, by projecting two-dimensional frames (1) of the video file on said environment (2), according to a position and perspective... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20110200305 - Low bandwidth television: The present invention is concerned with client-side production in a personal computer environment of low bandwidth images and audio. A series of low bandwidth still images along with a “script” and audio data is sent over a network in a client/server architecture or is read from a compact disk or... Agent: Dacreous Co. Limited Liability Company

20110200306 - Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program and reproduction method: A BD-ROM has recorded therein an AV Clip generated by multiplexing a video stream and a graphics stream. The graphics stream represents an interactive display to be overlayed with the video stream, and includes a sequence of three Button State groups. The interactive display includes a plurality of buttons, each... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110200307 - Methods and systems to fast fill media players: Methods and systems are provided to fast fill media players and buffers associated with media players. A bandwidth associated with initial startup of a media player is overloaded to rapidly fill the buffer and initiate the media player. Alternatively, multiple simultaneous data communication sessions are established with a media data... Agent:

20110200308 - Digital image decoder with integrated concurrent image prescaler: According to some embodiments, encoded information associated with an image is received at a decoder. The encoded information may be decoded at the decoder to generate full-sized first image pixels representing a full-sized version of the image. Moreover, the full-sized pixels may be scaled at the decoder to generate scaled... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110194831 - Device and method for controlling clock recovery: A clock recovery device includes a PLL circuit and a tuning circuit. The PLL circuit includes a first frequency divider, a second frequency divider, and a clock recovery unit. The first frequency divider divides a first frequency of the input clock by a first divisor to generate a reference signal.... Agent:

20110194832 - Reproducing device and reproducing method: According to the present invention, a removable disc (Di1) in which moving image content stored in one file and another content are stored is played back, and, when playback of MPEG4 moving image file in the disc (Di1) that is played back is stopped and the disc (Di1) is removed,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110194833 - Receiving external recording commands at a television receiver: A television receiver includes a communication interface operable to receive television programming from a television distribution system and to receive profile information, associated with a plurality of profiles, from a server. The television receiver also includes a storage medium and control logic operable to select at least one of the... Agent: Echostar Global B.v

20110194834 - Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program: Disclosed herein is a recording apparatus including: an input section configured to input data to be recorded; a data placement section configured to suffix write complete information indicating that a written state of the data written to recording media is normal, to the data; and a recording control section configured... Agent:

20110194835 - Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program: Disclosed herein is a recording apparatus including: an input section configured to input or generate main data and added data thereof; and a recording control section configured such that when the main data and the added data input or generated by the input section have each reached a predetermined data... Agent:

20110194836 - Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program: Disclosed herein is a recording apparatus including: an input section configured to input main data and added data attached to the main data; and a recording control section configured such that when the main data and the added data input through the input section have each reached a predetermined data... Agent:

20110194837 - Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program: Disclosed herein is a recording apparatus including: an input section configured to input data to be recorded; and a recording control section configured to reserve a recording region beforehand on recording media by updating file management information about the recording media to which the data is to be recorded, the... Agent:

20110194838 - Methods and apparatus for presenting supplemental content in association with recorded content: A digital video recorder is operable to receive and record an audio/video stream including a segment of a program and at least one first advertisement. The digital video recorder is then operable to identify a temporal location within the segment of the program for insertion of a second advertisement during... Agent: Echostar Global B.v.

20110194839 - Mass participation movies: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for mass participation movies. A storyline is provided to story line subscribers. Video segments based on the storyline are received from the story line subscribers. Viewers are enabled to view at least one of the video segments as part of a... Agent:

20110194840 - Systems and methods for automatically scheduling recordings of programming events: Systems and methods allow for automatic scheduling of audio/video recordings made by in a digital video recorder (DVR) or similar device. The various times during which each of the programming events will be available are determined and maintained in a list. Conflicting periods of time during which multiple programming events... Agent: Echostar Technologies LLC

20110194841 - Video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots: The present invention is directed to a video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots. An embodiment of the present invention includes a set top box having an internal storage device, such as a hard drive where broadcasts are transferred from a broadcast input source to the storage... Agent: Aptiv Digital, Inc.

20110194842 - System and method for selectively recording program content from a mosaic display: A broadcast recording system for selectively recording broadcast program content from a mosaic display while continuing to display the mosaic display. The system may include the ability to present a categorized mosaic, program guide information for selected program content, and/or audio associated with selected program content.... Agent:

20110194843 - Information terminal and control method: According to one embodiment, an information terminal includes a storing unit configured to store image pickup data picked up in time series by an image pickup apparatus that picks up images of a sales floor and sales data obtained by recording sales of a commodity displayed in the sales floor... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110194844 - Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method, data structure, recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method, and program: A right-eye video stream includes offset metadata for generating offset information. In a data portion of each TS packet of the right-eye video stream, only any one of video data of an encoded right-eye main image and offset metadata is arranged. In a header of each TS packet of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110188831 - Intelligent portable memory device with display: Roughly described, a portable, removable memory device also includes a display for rendering images stored in the memory device in standalone mode. The memory device has a standard attachment interface to enable attachment and communication with different kinds of hosts. It also includes at least sufficient intelligence to be able... Agent: Jmz LLC

20110188832 - Method and device for realising sensory effects: Provided is a method and apparatus for generating sensory media. The method includes: generating sensory effect metadata (SEM) for a sensory effect which is applied to media; and outputting the SEM. The SEM includes sensory effect declaration information defining a sensory effect type other than a core sensory effect type... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110188833 - Disc playback device and disc playback method: Disclosed is a disc playback apparatus and disc playback method that make it possible to automatically start playing back content such as a BD-J title of a BD-ROM disc, especially the main body of a movie or similar work. In a disc playback apparatus (100) to play back content automatically,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110188834 - Recording apparatus and control method thereof: A recording apparatus is disclosed that records information data and file system information for managing a file containing the information data in accordance with a predetermined file system to a recording medium having a plurality of blocks including an alternative block for a detect block. The data recorded in the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110188835 - Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium: The present invention relates to a recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and to reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium. The present recording medium has script files including additional information about moving picture data, e.g., scene descriptive text and introduction of characters, etc. In... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110188836 - Apparatus and method for identifying insertion zones in video material and for inserting additional material into the insertion zones: An apparatus and method for automatic detection of insertion zones within pre-recorded video material are provided. The apparatus includes a video analysis unit configured to automatically determine at least one candidate insertion zone within the pre-recorded video material suitable for receiving additional material to be inserted and configured to generate... Agent: Mirriad Limited

20110188837 - Electronic apparatus, motion picture playback system, and motion picture playback method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiving module, a receiving module and a sound output module. The receiving module is configured to receive data of a motion picture and data of sound associated with a given timing in the motion picture, the data of the sound generated... Agent:

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