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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110182560 - Binding for audio/video streaming in a topology of devices: Resources may be managed in a topology for audio/video streaming. The topology includes audio/video sources and sinks and intervening branch devices. Messages between these sources, sinks, and branch devices may be used for resource management.... Agent:

20110182562 - Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method for controlling the same: There is provided a digital broadcast receiving apparatus comprising an acceptance unit and a change unit. Subsidiary information includes application control information indicating “finishing” or “not finishing” the execution of a data broadcast application by an execution unit when a program included in broadcast program data in playback by a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110182563 - Method and apparatus for providing subsidiary data synchronous to primary content data: Primary content data is received from an external source and subsidiary data is obtained which corresponds to the primary content data, wherein the subsidiary data is independent of the primary content data. The subsidiary data is provided synchronous to the primary content data.... Agent: Heathway Holdings, LLC

20110182561 - System and method for continuous playing of moving picture between two devices: The present invention relates to a system and method for playing an identical moving picture on different types of devices, in which one terminal registers both a moving picture played thereon and the play information thereof in a server, and another terminal can download the moving picture and the play... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110182564 - Recoverable digital content degradation: The disclosure relates generally to processing audio and video signals. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: electronic memory for storing a media signal, the media signal comprising degradation introduced through use of a key, in which the key corresponds to detection criteria in the media signal, and in which the... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176786 - Apparatus and method for adjustment of video settings: An electronic device includes display control logic for adjusting video settings of the electronic device in order to improve the display of portable media player files on the electronic device. The video settings may include picture settings for a display subsystem of the electronic device, video processing methods stored within... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Ltd.

20110176788 - Method and system for associating an object to a moment in time in a digital video: A system and method for object association with a digital video. The method includes determining a marked moment in a timeline of a source digital video by a computer. The marked moment is associated with an object, and more particularly, the marked moment is associated with a representation of the... Agent:

20110176787 - Systems and methods for providing enhanced recording options of media content: Systems and methods for providing enhanced recording options for media content are provided. The systems and methods permit users to view or otherwise access samples of media content before deciding whether to record additional episodes of the media content or to perform other media guidance application functions. An interactive media... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20110176789 - System and method in a program recorder for managing advertisement presentation: A system and method for managing advertisement presentation in user equipment, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.... Agent:

20110176790 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for coordinating playing of media streams: Methods and systems are described for coordinating playing of media streams. In one aspect, an access by a media player to a presentation device to play a media stream is detected. Additionally, presentation focus information is accessed for determining whether the media player has presentation focus for playing the media... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110170837 - System, method, and computer program product for video based services and commerce: A system, method, apparatus and computer program product for providing location based functions and mobile e-commerce comprising a central processing unit including a processor, a storage device, and programming stored in the storage device, a display device, an audio input device, an audio output device, a communications module, a commerce... Agent:

20110170839 - Method and apparatus for synchronizing data streams containing audio, video and/or other data: Several data streams contain video, audio and/or other data. Some of the data streams are pre-recorded in a multiplex on a storage medium while other data streams are located out of the data stream multiplex on the storage medium. The data streams are synchronized using a navigation file (List_of_PlayItems), which... Agent:

20110170838 - Method for distributing second multi-media content items in a list of first multi-media content items: A method of distributing second multi-media content items into a list having at least one first multi-media content item is provided. The list of the first multi-media content item is to be reproduced on a personal TV system. A playlist of first multi-media content items is selected from a plurality... Agent: Axel Springer Digital Tv Guide Gmbh

20110170840 - Systems and methods for using playlists: Systems and methods for automatically generating a playlist of series assets and systems and methods for grouping assets of a playlist in clusters are provided. In one embodiment, series assets may automatically be included into a playlist for that series. In another embodiment, an interactive media guidance application may group... Agent: Rovi Guides, Inc.

20110170841 - Information processing device, information processing method and program: An information processing device, which includes: a data holding section which holds first time-series data of an operation parameter which varies through a predetermined capturing operation; a data comparing section which compares second time-series data of the operation parameter with the first time-series data, the second time-series data being correlated... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110170842 - Personal video recorder functionality for placeshifting systems: PVR functionality is enabled on a media player of a placeshifting system, which allows a user to record media programs from locations that are physically remote from a source of the media programs. The media player may receive program schedule information and present the program schedule information to the user.... Agent: Sling Media Inc.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164855 - Upstream quality enhancement signal processing for resource constrained client devices: Methods, apparatuses and program logic in storage media to process media data for quality enhancement. Information is accepted from a resource constrained device, e.g., a wireless portable device related to the quality enhancement and/or environmental quantities such as background noise and/or ambient lighting for the device. Media data is data... Agent:

20110164856 - Portable recording/reproducing apparatus: A portable recording/reproducing apparatus has a function of a remote controller and a function of controlling a recording medium. The portable recording/reproducing apparatus includes an operation unit on which an operation relating to reproduction of a video content is performed, a video content reproducing unit configured to reproduce the video... Agent: Buffalo Inc.

20110164857 - Systems and methods for network-based bookmarking: Systems and methods according to the exemplary embodiments provide for bookmarking of content in IPTV systems. Upon receipt of a bookmark storing request, an IPTV server can obtain information associated with the content to be bookmarked from an electronic program guide (EPG). The IPTV server can then determine a position... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110164858 - Video data creation device, video data creation method, video data creation program, recording medium thereof, and integrated circuit: To aim to provide a video data creating apparatus for easily creating multi-angle video data for multi-angle playback. without performing editing that requires a huge amount of effort by handling a plurality of pieces of video data simultaneously, when multi-angle video for multi-angle playback is created. The video data creating... Agent:

20110164859 - Electronic audio/video story construction method: An electronic audio/video story construction method includes the steps of providing an electronic video story category group having a plurality of electronic video story category units; providing a plurality of electronic video story groups connected to the electronic video story category units respectively, and the electronic video story groups have... Agent:

20110164860 - Moving picture playback device, control method for same, and storage medium: When the playback speed of a moving picture is changed to a slower playback speed during playback of the moving picture, the playback at the slower playback speed starts from the top of the range which includes, out of the moving picture being played back, the frames being played back... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110164861 - Systems and methods for providing a scan: Systems and methods for a video scan are provided. The scan may be dynamically interactive and a function of characteristics of the programs in the scan (e.g., commercial breaks or the end of a program approaching) The scan may simultaneously display multiple scan windows for a plurality of programs, for... Agent: Rovi Guides, Inc.

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