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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110123167 - Method and device for linking multimedia data: It is desired to link photo data and video data taken by a digital camcorder. Therefore, there is provided a device and method for linking multimedia data, wherein linking information is formed on the basis of first and/or second multimedia data. The linking information is stored on a recording medium... Agent:

20110123168 - Multimedia application system and method using metadata for sensory device: A multimedia application system uses metadata for sensory devices. The system includes: a sensory-device engine for generating a sensory device command (SDC) for controlling the sensory devices based on sensory effect information (SEI) generated to represent sensory effects by using the sensory devices depending on video contents, user preference information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110123170 - Information processing apparatus and method: An information processing device and method whereby low-delay transmission synchronous playback of an image can be realized in a surer manner. A timestamp control unit of a transmission device performs adjustment of a timestamp value in which smoothing of a transmission rate by a smoothing unit is taken into consideration... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110123169 - Method and apparatus for video image data recording and playback: A video data recoding method suitable for recording computer sessions. Each video image frame is divided into multiple blocks. A server processes the video frames and transmits only changed blocks for each frame to a video log server. The video log server stores the changed blocks with block indices in... Agent: Aten International Co., Ltd.

20110123171 - Content reproduction control system and method and program thereof: Provided is a content reproduction control system equipped with: a signal characterizing quantity sequence extraction means that, for each content item stored in a content group storage unit that stores at least more than one content item, extracts a signal characterizing quantity sequence which is the sequence of the signal... Agent:

20110123172 - Dvd recorder and pvr instant on architecture: A method for transitioning a video system is disclosed. The method generally includes a first step for (A) executing in a processing circuit a standby code stored in a nonvolatile memory while the video system is in an off state, the off state defining a low power configuration for the... Agent:

20110123173 - Trick play advertising systems and methods: Exemplary trick play advertising systems and methods are described herein. An exemplary method includes a media content access system detecting a command to execute a trick play function on a media content program, accessing a splash screen advertisement in response to the detected command, and providing the splash screen advertisement... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110123174 - System for and method of storing sneak peeks of upcoming video content: A system for and method of storing sneak peeks of upcoming viewing content is presented. The system and method provides that the sneak peek clips may be recorded and stored onto a subscriber's digital video recorder (DVR) in response to a determination of the viewing preferences of the subscriber. The... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110123175 - Disc protection scheme: The invention relates to a portable storage medium, a media player and a method of disturbing the perception of content provided in a first media stream. The first media stream is combined with other media streams to at least one transport stream and provided, together with at least one second... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110123176 - Information transmitting apparatus: According to one embodiment, an information transmitting apparatus includes a receiver, a management module, a transmitter, and an update module. The receiver is configured to receive a first content item in which a first viewable time is set. The management module is configured to manage the first content item and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110123177 - Recording device and method of operation: An exemplary method of operating a recording device comprises acquiring a title of a recorded program when a recording operation begins. The exemplary method further comprises determining, at a first specific time period after a next-occurring hour of the clock or after a next-occurring half hour of the clock during... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Ltd

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110116759 - Imaging device and image processing apparatus: Provided are: an imaging sensor that captures light from a subject; a movement information detection unit that detects movement information of the subject; a time setting unit that sets at least one of a recording time for recording a zone movie image based on an imaging signal from the imaging... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110116760 - Distributed scalable media environment for advertising placement in movies: Ads are placed in a movie using a graphical interface that enables selecting of the ads from a set of ads, selecting frames of the movie for the ad, and selecting locations in the frames for the ads. Each of the ad and the movie can be a still image,... Agent: Vignette Software LLC

20110116761 - Broadcast receiver: A broadcast receiver (3) provides independent viewing of live or recorded programmes to primary and secondary locations (42a, 42b), which may share a common planner showing information on programmes selected for recording. The receiver (3) applies rules to govern the use of tuners to prevent conflicts between the two locations.... Agent:

20110116762 - Information processing device, information processing method, playing device, playing method, and program: In the case that 3D playing using Base view video and D1 view video is instructed, “10000.ilvt (ref_to_D1-B_interleaved_file_name) described in interleaved_file_info ( ) of the PlayList file is specified, and Base view video chunks and D1 view video chunks are read out from an optical disc through a UDF file... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110116764 - Non-destructive file based mastering for multiple languages and versions: A method, system, apparatus, article of manufacture, and computer program product provide the ability to non-destructively generate a file based master. A domestic source (having domestic audio and video content) with textless content (have portions of the domestic source that is devoid of text) is obtained. A localized source (e.g.,... Agent: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

20110116763 - Reproduction device, integrated circuit, reproduction method, program, and computer-readable recording medium: A playback device for updating a character string in synchronization with a moving image displays a gradation character using an available index in a color lookup table. The playback device includes a pre-analysis unit that pre-analyzes character-string display instruction information in a text subtitle stream, thereby recognizing in advance the... Agent:

20110116765 - Method apparatus film and system for film viewing with apparatus location control: A system for playing a film on a portable media player, the portable media player comprising a central processor, a GPS module to determine a location of the portable media player within a geographic area, and a storage having stored therein film data of the film for playing on the... Agent:

20110116766 - Video advertising: According to the invention, a method is disclosed for playing a video program for a user that has an associated commercial that can be avoided to some extent if the user is authorized. In one step, the video program is received with the associated commercial and made available for display.... Agent: Starz Entertainment, LLC

20110116767 - Spatial and temporal alignment of video sequences: Some embodiments allow a video editor to spatially and temporally align two or more video sequences into a single video sequence. As used in this application, a video sequence is a set of images (e.g., a set of video frames or fields). A video sequence can be from any media,... Agent:

20110116768 - Data recording apparatus, data recording method and program: A data recording apparatus (101) in the present invention includes: a data recording unit (13) that records and holds AV data supported by a copyright protection system permitting multiple times dubbing; a media recording unit (17) that performs dubbing or moving of the AV data between storage medium and the... Agent:

20110116769 - Interface system for editing video data: Provided is a user interface system which can facilitate dynamic data check and selection upon video data edition and can effectively perform video data edition. It is possible to execute a dynamic image reproduction in a thumbnail icon region by mouseovering thumbnail icons displayed on a display and symbolizing the... Agent: Loilo Inc

20110116770 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: The present invention relates to an information processing device, an information processing method, and a program, whereby playback of PG and TextST images can be controlled from a BD-J application. There are defined a mono PG/TextST stream of a PG/TextST image that is a mono image serving as a 2D... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110116771 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, display control apparatus, display control method, and program: A video display control apparatus that includes a system controller that determines a reproduction speed of a video, and sets a parallax parameter corresponding to the reproduction speed of the video. The video display control apparatus also includes a content control unit that controls reproduction of the video based on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110116772 - Method and apparatus for providing trick play service: A method and apparatus for providing a trick play service in a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) adaptive streaming (HAS) architecture for adaptively streaming media data according to fluctuation of a streaming environment are provided. The method at a server includes: generating a media presentation description (MPD) file including information about... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110116773 - Method and device for controlling playing speed of a compressed digital video sequence (trickmode): A method of playing a compressed digital video sequence, comprising steps comprising attributing to each frame a display duration determined as a function of a playing speed set point, and at each period of a frame synchronization signal: if a display duration cumulative value is equal to or greater than... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20110116774 - Imaging apparatus: Disclosed herein is an imaging apparatus including: an apparatus body in which a heat radiating part is disposed; and a heat dissipating section formed at an upper portion of the apparatus body, wherein the heat dissipating section has a recess provided in an upper portion of the apparatus body, and... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110110641 - Method for real-sense broadcasting service using device cooperation, production apparatus and play apparatus for real-sense broadcasting content thereof: Provided is a method for a real-sense broadcasting service using device cooperation. The method for the real-sense broadcasting service may map and control synchronization of real-sense reproduction devices around a user, deviating from an existing real-sense broadcasting based on an image and a sound, and may reproduce a real-sense effect... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110110642 - System for modifying the time-base of a video signal: A storage device 500 includes an input 405 for receiving a digital video stream complying with a predetermined video encoding standard via a digital video communication system. The stream includes a sequence of digital video frames, a sequence of program clock reference stamps (PCR) and a sequence of video presentation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110110643 - Systems and methods for managing video data: Described herein are systems and methods for managing video data. In overview, various embodiments provide software, hardware and methodologies associated with the management of video data. In overview, a video management system (such as a surveillance system) includes a plurality of camera servers, each of which being configured to make... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110110644 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus of the present invention, in accordance with a data write speed of an external storage device, switches a writing mode between a first mode in which the apparatus suspends reading out moving image data from a memory until a predetermined amount of moving image data relating to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110110645 - Video and audio reproduction apparatus, and video and audio reproduction method: The DVD player includes: a reproducing unit reproducing audio data and video data; a first transmission unit converting, into first data in accordance with a first standard, the audio data and video data reproduced by the reproducing unit, and transmitting the first data to the television; a second transmission unit... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110110646 - Creating and viewing customized multimedia segments: A system for creating and viewing customized multimedia segments allows a user to create event identification data from in-band data in a program stream. The in-band data is processed and compiled into event identification data associated with the content stream. The event identification data identifies patterns or sequences of in-band... Agent:

20110110647 - Error correction for synchronized media resources: A media archive comprising a plurality of media resources associated with events that occurred during a time interval are processed to synchronize the media resources. Sequences of patterns are identified in each media resource of the media archive. Elements of the sequences associated with different media resources are correlated such... Agent: Altus Learning Systems, Inc.

20110110648 - Video recording device, video reproduction device, and method thereof: A video reproduction apparatus includes audio data reading unit for reading audio data in a second file; video data reading units for reading video data in a first file; audio decoding unit for generating an audio signal from the audio data read by the audio data reading unit; video decoding... Agent:

20110110649 - Adaptive video key frame selection: A method and system are provided for adaptive video key frame selection. The system includes a range determination device for selecting portions of a video sequence to be analyzed for video key frame selection at a specific time based on at least a video key frame computational cost estimate. Each... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110110650 - Method and system for real-time video playback: The present invention relates in general to real-time video play back techniques. More specifically, various video enhancement processes are performed using dedicated processors or computational threads for specific types of videos. In an embodiment, whether to perform peaking or deblocking processes for a video is determined based on characteristics of... Agent: Ipera Technology, Inc.

20110110651 - Method and apparatus for processing video and audio data received in decoding system: A method and an apparatus for processing video and audio data received in a decoding system are provided. The method includes the following steps. When a program clock reference (PCR) is unavailable in the system, a system time clock (STC) is recovered by using a presentation time stamp (PTS) of... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110103763 - System and method for identifying, providing, and presenting supplemental content on a mobile device: The present invention is embodied in a system for synchronizing a mobile device with video output by a video output device. In one embodiment, the system comprises a data reader, a remote control, and a router. The data reader is configured to be connected to a video output device for... Agent: Cosmo Research Company Limited

20110103764 - Broadcast content recording and reproducing system: An input unit receives a viewing condition inputted by a user for a received broadcast content. A reproduction unit reproduces the broadcast content which meets the viewing condition while controlling a reproduction rate indicating a reproduction speed of the broadcast content.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110103766 - Media stream processing: A stream (1) of media frames (12-16, 22-26, 32-36) is generated by providing multiple media frames (22-26) having respective assigned default timestamps (40) defining rendering times of the media data of the media frames (22-26) according to a default rendering time schedule. Respective alternative timestamps (50) are assigned to at... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110103765 - Recording device, recording method,playback device, playback method, program, and recording medium: A Base view video stream is an H.264/AVC video stream. The GOP structure of the Base view video stream is the same structure as the GOP structure of the H.264/AVC video stream defined in the BD-ROM standard. The GOP structure to the Dependent view video stream is also defined as... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110103768 - Information processing apparatus, scene search method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes an obtaining unit, a specifying unit, a search processing unit, and an output unit. The obtaining unit obtains at least one content including a sound. The specifying unit receives a specification for specifying sound information, the sound information being in relation with an icon symbolizing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110103767 - Time dependent replacement of stored broadcast content: A method for time dependent replacement of stored broadcast content, wherein such method replaces a time period of broadcast as a function of how many minutes, hours, days, weeks or months have elapsed since the initial broadcast or whether a predetermined date has passed.... Agent:

20110103769 - Secure time and space shifted audiovisual work: Disclosed herein is a system and method for securely providing a time and space shifted audiovisual work. The method includes accessing a time shifted and a space shifted audiovisual work comprising a series of related images that are intrinsically intended to be shown with accompanying sounds. In addition, the time... Agent:

20110103770 - Home telepresence with content insertion: A provisioning device intercepts program content from a video client or another multimedia device, where the program content includes copy-protection encryption, and receives additional content from a local router or another networked device, where the additional content is Internet protocol (IP) content. The provisioning device removes the copy-protection encryption from... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110103771 - Apparatus and method for recording partial encryption of broadcast program: An apparatus for encrypting and recording a broadcasting program includes a packet input unit configured to receive packets of a broadcasting program to be recorded and sequentially output the packets, an encryption selector configured to receive the packets sequentially output from the packet input unit, selectively output the received packets... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110103772 - Editing device and editing method: An editing device and editing method are provided for which it is possible for the operator to immediately recognize whether trim edit is possible or not at the stage of selecting the trim points, and eliminate unnecessary work. The editing device includes receiving means for receiving command input for trim... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110103773 - Method and apparatus to search video data for an object of interest: A method of searching for objects of interest within captured video comprising capturing video of a plurality of scenes, storing the video in a plurality of storage elements, and receiving a request to retrieve contiguous video of an object of interest that has moved through at least two scenes of... Agent:

20110103774 - System and method for extended recording: Embodiments of the disclosed invention include an apparatus, method, and computer program product for enabling a user to configure a media receiving device to auto-extend a recording of a program beyond its scheduled end recording time. For instance, in one embodiment, a computer implemented method for extending recording of a... Agent: Embarq Holdings Company, LLC

20110103775 - Reproduction device, recording method, program, and reproduction method: A BD-ROM contains an AVClip in which a video stream is multiplexed with an interactive graphics stream. The video stream constitutes a moving picture. On the other hand, the graphics stream constitutes menu presentations to be combined with a moving picture. The graphics stream includes a plurality of display sets... Agent: Pamasonic Corporation

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