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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110097054 - Video recorder and method for detecting sound occurrence: A video recorder includes a sound occurrence detection system to detect a sound occurrence in an area. A detection method can detect the sound occurrence by using the video recorder. The detection method establishes relationships between rotation angles of the video recorder and sound output orientations of a sound source... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110097055 - Information reproducing apparatus: The present invention provides an information reproducing apparatus which can directly and intuitively designate a reproduction point, as desired by a user, on the basis of a change in level of a visually-provided information amount. An optical disk reproducing apparatus 100 reads content data from an optical disk 10 loaded... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110097056 - System and method for resolution of closed captioning and subtitle conflict: There is provided a system and method for resolution of conflicts between closed captioning and subtitle settings on a media device. More specifically, in one embodiment, there is provided n electronic media device, comprising a processor, and a memory, wherein the processor and memory are configured to cooperate to present... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Ltd.

20110097057 - Data recording method, data recording apparatus and data recording medium: In a data recording method, a data recording apparatus and a data recoding medium, for downloading plural numbers of contents, thereby to record them, additionally, onto a same recording medium, while maintaining the compatibility of reproduction with using an existing player, a maximum file number, which is already recoded on... Agent:

20110097058 - Method of processing audio-video data: An audio-video processing method is adapted to an audio-video device and a storage device for processing an index-based audio-video file. The method for processing audio-video data includes a write procedure, a play procedure, and/or a repair procedure. In the write procedure, audio-video data is captured by the audio-video device first,... Agent: Vivotek Inc.

20110097059 - Video playback apparatus and method for controlling the video playback apparatus: A video playback apparatus capable of adaptively setting a speed of slow playback in accordance with a frame rate of video content that is being played back and performing slow playback suitable for the video content, and a method for controlling the apparatus are provided. A playback speed determining unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110091182 - Television viewer interface system: A television viewer interface system provides a viewer interface that allows the viewer to access different functions of a system. A highlight bar is responsive to the user's commands and is used to indicate the current menu item that can be selected by the user. Information is presented in a... Agent:

20110091184 - Content reproduction apparatus and content reproduction method: A content reproduction apparatus (100), connected to a display and speakers, includes: a content display control unit (200) which can cause a first window (1101) and a second window (1201) to be displayed on the display; a sound output control unit (110) which can cause at least one speaker assigned... Agent:

20110091183 - Information processing apparatus and data transfer method: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus is configured to play back video content data. The information processing apparatus comprises a display device and a control module. The display device is configured to display video of video content data being played back. The control module is configured to display... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110091185 - Playback apparatus, program, and playback method: When playing an AV Clip recorded on a BD-ROM, a judgment is made, for each elementary stream, which of a plurality of predetermined conditions the elementary stream satisfies. The plurality of predetermined conditions include (a) a condition that a playback apparatus has a capability of playing the elementary stream, (b)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110091186 - Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording and reproducing system: A recording and reproducing apparatus (1) includes: an AV recording medium (26) recording an AV data item; a transmitting and receiving unit (21) transmitting and receiving the item and information on the item to and from an other apparatus connected to the apparatus (1) via a network; a retrieving unit... Agent:

20110091187 - Resume point for digital media playback: A system (and method and computer readable medium) are disclosed for configuring a digital media device to resume playback of content stopped at a first digital media playback device to resume at a second digital media playback device. The configuration detects a stop in play of content stored on a... Agent: Mod Systems Incorporated

20110091188 - Playback apparatus and control method of playback apparatus: According to one embodiment, a control method of a playback apparatus includes performing a first process when second video data is subjected to an image quality enhancement process, the first process includes writing first data of one frame of the decoded video data in an intermediate video surface region of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110085777 - Systems and methods for generating compact multiangle video: Provided are systems and methods for providing expedited production of compact multi-angle video. Methods include capturing video content of a moving video subject and a background portion that is proximate the moving video subject as digital video data and generating a motion video data file from multiple sequentially numbered transparent... Agent: Stylecaster Media Group LLC

20110085778 - Imaging device, image processing method, and program thereof: An imaging device includes a display unit for displaying a video image being captured, an index operating unit for inputting an instruction for an index, and an index setting unit for setting as an index section, a section in the video image captured for a predetermined time period including a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110085779 - Information processing device, information processing method, playback device, playback method, and recording medium: At the time of encoding, Picture Timing SEI to be added to each picture of a Base view video stream, and Picture Timing SEI to be added to each picture of a Dependent view video stream are generated so that a Picture Timing SEI set to be added to the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110085780 - Systems and methods for indexing media files using brainwave signals: A method may include selecting a media file and determining if the selected media file has been indexed. If the media file has not been indexed, the method may include playing the selected media file on a media device while simultaneously measure a brainwave signal of a user with a... Agent:

20110085781 - Content recorder timing alignment: A portion of audio content is captured from a network, and a time of occurrence of the captured portion of audio content is determined. An audio fingerprint is generated based on the captured portion of audio content. The generated audio fingerprint is matched to a program scheduled to be recorded.... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20110085782 - Method for synchronizing audio data with secondary data: Disclosed is a method for synchronizing audio data with secondary data. The method includes the step of providing indexes of events corresponding to frames in an audio stream, the step of relating the secondary data to the indexes of the events, the step of checking the indexes of the events... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110081126 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a drawing reading unit configured to read a drawn line on a display, an extraction target still image determination unit configured to determine a point for extracting a still image from moving image data according to a locus read by the drawing reading unit, a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110081127 - System and methodology for utilizing a portable media player cross-reference to related applications: A low-cost portable digital video player receives proprietary compressed data from a source such as a personal video recorder (PVR), and displays the data on an integral display. A rewritable non-volatile memory of the player stores the data and a media decoder of the player transforms and decompresses the data.... Agent:

20110081128 - Storage medium storing moving-image data that includes mode information, and reproducing apparatus and method: A method of reproducing moving-image information recorded on a storage medium, including: reading mode information from the storage medium including an object of a first type for reproducing the moving-image information, an object of a second type for providing additional functions related to the moving-image information, and system data for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110081129 - Broadband recording method and apparatus for video and/or audio programs: A more efficient method of recording programs simultaneously is provided in one embodiment by translating certain bands of the RF spectrum and translating and or reordering the channel allocation into a (analog) spectrum of one or more lower intermediate frequency band(s). A recorder records the analog RF spectrum, which then... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20110081130 - Obscuring data in an audiovisual product: Access to an audiovisual product is controlled by obscuring data. Cells 420 of audiovisual data A, B, C are reproduced by a sequence instruction 410 (e.g. a PGC or Program Chain). One such sequence instruction 410a correctly reproduces the audiovisual data A, B, C, but is hidden amongst many other... Agent: Zoo Digital Limited, A Limited Company

20110081131 - Recording device, recording method, playback device, playback method, recording medium, and program: In an Access Unit storing Base view video, encoding of an MVC header is prohibited. As for a view component stored in an Access Unit without an MVC header, definition is made so that view_id thereof is recognized as 0. The present invention can be applied to a playback device... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110081132 - Video processor, video processing method, integrated circuit for video processing, video playback device: A video processing apparatus acquires audio-visual environment information that indicates an audio-visual environment of a viewer that views video. The audio-visual environment information includes information of a display size of the video that is being viewed, information of brightness around a display apparatus that displays the video, and information of... Agent:

20110081133 - Method and system for a fast channel change in 3d video: Receiver receives a compressed 3D video comprising a base view video and an enhancement view video. The video receiver determines a random access that occurs at a two-view misaligned base view RAP to start decoding activities on the received compressed 3D video based on a corresponding two-view aligned random access... Agent:

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