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04/30/2015 > 157 patent applications in 92 patent subcategories.

20150116447 - Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program of information processing apparatus: An apparatus of this invention is directed to an information processing apparatus that predicts the necessity of device connection to a mobile terminal and instructs a user to perform the predicted device connection. The information processing apparatus includes a device connection predictor that predicts device connection to the mobile terminal,... Agent:

20150116448 - Systems and methods for controlling the display of content: Systems and methods for controlling the display of content are provided. In at least one embodiment, a method for controlling the display of live video feeds in a video chat is provided. The method includes displaying the video feed in a first manner, altering the display of the video feed... Agent: Shindig, Inc.

20150116449 - Methods, systems, and products for telepresence visualizations: Methods, systems, and products generate telepresence visualizations for a remote participant to a videoconferences. A central server superimposes the remote participant onto images or video of the teleconferencing environment. The central server thus generates an illusion that the remote participant is in the same conferencing environment as other conferees.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150116450 - Video data transmission method and apparatus, and communications device: A video data transmission method and apparatus, and a communications device is provided. The method includes receiving, by a second communications device, a video call request sent by a first communications device, determining whether media capability information of the first communications device matches media capability information of the second communications... Agent:

20150116451 - Panoramic video conference: In one embodiment, video is transmitted between a sending device and a receiving device. The sending device is configured to receive adjacent camera views and encode the adjacent camera views independently into video streams. The sending device performs an image analysis on the adjacent camera views in order to generate... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150116452 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing device including an acquisition unit that acquires a result of a recognition based on image information or audio information about space surrounding an image capture device having an angle of view of 180 degrees or more, and an image capture control unit that controls... Agent:

20150116453 - Image capturing device, and image capturing method: A multiview imaging part includes a plurality of imaging units. An exposure setting section individually sets an exposure value in each of the plurality of imaging units. The exposure setting section sets, in each of the imaging units, an individual reference exposure value and relative exposure values. The relative exposure... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20150116454 - Mobile terminal and system for controlling holography provided therewith: The present disclosure provides a mobile terminal comprising: a main body of the terminal; a holography module attached to the main body of the terminal and positioned so as to output a holographic image into a preset space; and a first camera module arranged in the direction of the preset... Agent:

20150116455 - Method and apparatus for processing broadcast signals for 3d broadcast service: An apparatus for processing 3-Dimensional (3D) broadcast signals, comprises: a tuner for receiving broadcast signals containing 3D content; a service information processor for parsing target viewing information and at least one reference viewing condition information received from the broadcast signals which are received; a viewing analysis module for receiving viewing... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150116457 - Method and apparatus for converting 2d-images and videos to 3d for consumer, commercial and professional applications: A method for converting a 2D images and videos to 3D includes applying a set of pre-defined heuristic rules to assign a depth value for each pixel of a two-dimensional (2D) image source based on pixel attributes to generate an initial default depth map, refining the pre-defined heuristic rules to... Agent:

20150116458 - Method and apparatus for generating enhanced 3d-effects for real-time and offline appplications: A method for adjusting and generating enhanced 3D-effects for 2D to 3D image and video conversion applications includes controlling a depth location of a zero parallax plane within a depth field of an image scene to adjust parallax of objects in the image scene, controlling a depth volume of objects... Agent:

20150116456 - Video output device, video output program, and video output method: A video output device includes: a drawing portion drawing successively images corresponding to image information at a first frequency; and an output portion outputting to a three-dimensional television receiver two pieces of image information based on the images corresponding to the image information successively drawn by the drawing portion with... Agent:

20150116460 - Method and apparatus for generating depth map of a scene: A method and an apparatus for generating the depth map of a scene are described. The method comprises the steps of: projecting a structured light pattern with homogeneous density onto the scene to obtain a first depth map; segmenting the scene into at least one area based on the depth... Agent:

20150116461 - Method and scanner for touch free determination of a position and 3-dimensional shape of products on a running surface: Line scanning of a radiated and defined strip pattern (2) facilitates determining a position of an edge of each strip (5) by taking images of the line pattern (2) from a different viewing angle and determining an elevation profile along an image line (3) therefrom and by concatenating determining the... Agent: Gerhard Schubert Gmbh

20150116459 - Sensing device and signal processing method thereof: A sensing device provided in the present invention includes a first sensor, a second sensor, a synchronizer, and a combiner. The first sensor has a first resolution and is configured to generate a first image data stream. The second sensor has a second resolution and is configured to generate a... Agent: Lips Incorporation

20150116463 - Method and multi-camera portable device for producing stereo images: A method and a multi-camera portable device for producing stereo images. The device has at least two image sensors, at least one of which is arranged on a first face of the portable device and a second one of which is arranged on a second face of the portable device... Agent: Lateral Reality Kft.

20150116462 - Vehicle control system: A vehicle control system executes a distance calculation process of detecting, corresponding points between a pair of captured images obtained by stereo-imaging , working out a coordinate shift between the corresponding points as a parallax, and calculating a distance up to each corresponding point based on the parallax; and a... Agent:

20150116464 - Image processing apparatus and image capturing apparatus: An image processing apparatus includes: an acquisition unit configured to acquire captured image data and depth map data representing a distribution of depth information of an object acquired from the captured image data; a reduction unit configured to reduce the captured image data acquired by the acquisition unit in accordance... Agent:

20150116466 - Critical alignment of parallax images for autostereoscopic display: A method is provided for generating an autostereoscopic display. The method includes acquiring a first parallax image and at least one other parallax image. At least a portion of the first parallax image may be aligned with a corresponding portion of the at least one other parallax image. Alternating views... Agent:

20150116465 - Method and system for providing three-dimensional (3d) display of two-dimensional (2d) information: A method and system for providing a three-dimensional (3D) display. A variable length z-axis is added to each of plural (x,y) cells in a two-dimensional (2D) Cartesian plane creating plural three-dimensional (3D) cells each with a x, y and z axis. The z-axis includes a variable length light source for... Agent:

20150116467 - Parallax adjustment device, image processing device, and frame format: A parallax adjustment device including a parallax adjustment unit configured to perform parallax adjustment on a left-eye image and a right-eye image that are obtained by imaging, and a data processing unit configured to associate metadata regarding the parallax adjustment with image data including the left-eye image and the right-eye... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116468 - Single display pipe multi-view frame composer method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for providing multi-view composed frames uses a single display pipe mechanism. The single display pipe includes, in one example, a memory requestor that fetches multi-view data from a frame buffer using a plurality of viewports. The single display pipe may also include a multi-view packer. Each... Agent:

20150116469 - Multi-view point 3d display apparatus: A multi-view point 3D display apparatus using an active optical device is provided. The active optical device may change a path of light without a substantial drop of image resolution.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116470 - Method and apparatus for controlling light output intensity and protection from high intensity light: A method and apparatus where the output from a high intensity light source is controlled to produce well-exposed images/videos and to reduce automatically the intensity when an unsafe issue is detected in medical devices such as endoscopes and the like. The method and apparatus overcome problems to control light sources... Agent:

20150116472 - Measuring system and measuring method for analyzing knee joint motion trajectory during cycling: A measuring system for analyzing a knee joint motion trajectory when a rider is riding a bike (cycling) and a measuring method thereof are disclosed. The measuring system includes a pedal-able device, a light emitting component fixed at a tibial plateau of the rider, an image capturing device, and a... Agent:

20150116471 - Method, apparatus and storage medium for passerby detection: A method, an apparatus and a storage medium for passerby detection, adapted to an electronic apparatus having an image capturing unit, are provided. In the method, an image is captured by the image capturing unit. At least one face appeared in the image is detected, and a position of at... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150116473 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus including an evaluation value calculation unit configured to calculate an evaluation value for each range identified based on information about a position of a line of sight of a user and range information indicating the range of calculating the evaluation value concerning the line of sight.... Agent:

20150116474 - Method and device for acquiring and computing data from an ophthalmic object:

20150116475 - Image capturing apparatus and focusing method thereof: In the image capturing apparatus, the optical path difference producing member is disposed on the second optical path. Thereby, at the second imaging device, it is possible to suppress the amount of light on image pickup of an optical image which is focused at the front of an optical image... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20150116476 - Microscopic imaging device, microscopic imaging method, and microscopic imaging program: To provide a microscopic imaging device in which a measuring object can be easily imaged using measurement light having a desired pattern, in which the pattern of measurement light can be changed and a phase of the pattern can be moved, without arranging a mechanical mechanism. An arbitrary pattern of... Agent:

20150116477 - Microscopic imaging device, microscopic imaging method, and microscopic imaging program: To provide a microscopic imaging device, a microscopic imaging method, and a microscopic imaging program capable of detecting a focused position through an appropriate method corresponding to the imaging method. In a sectioning observation, a measuring object is irradiated with pattern measurement light, and sectioning image data is generated. In... Agent:

20150116478 - Microscopic imaging device, microscopic imaging method, and microscopic imaging program: To provide a microscopic imaging device capable of easily switching the imaging method. During sectioning observation and normal observation, a measuring object is irradiated with pattern measurement light and uniform measurement light generated by a light modulation element, respectively. The measuring object is irradiated with the pattern measurement light and... Agent:

20150116479 - Information processing device, information processing method, program, and microscope system: Provided is an information processing device including an image analysis unit which divides an entire image in which an entire observation target region is imaged into a plurality of regions, and then judges whether an observation target is present in each region, and an imaging control unit which controls imaging... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116480 - Adapted mobile carrier and auto following system: There is provided a mobile carrier and an auto following system using the mobile carrier. The mobile carrier is capable of capturing at least an image of a guiding light source and automatically following the guiding light source based on the captured image of the guiding light source. The mobile... Agent:

20150116481 - Mapping damaged regions on objects: Systems and methods for mapping a damaged region on an object. An exemplary system captures an image of the damaged region with a camera, selects target points around a boundary of the damaged region on the image, and determines 2D image coordinates for the target points on the image. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150116482 - Object inspection in an industrial plant: A method, inspecting device and computer program product enable a user in an industrial plant to inspect an object of the plant. The inspecting device is provided in a mobile terminal equipped with a viewfinder and being configured to guide the user to the location of the object in the... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150116483 - Device and method for making measurements: An information-presentation device (100) contains a viewing screen (108) and an image-gathering component (106). The viewing screen presents first and second reference icons (136 and 138) having an adjustable reference characteristic controlled with substantially only a single adjustable parameter. The image-gathering component provides the screen with frames of a video... Agent:

20150116485 - Device to shade persons from bright sunshine, dynamically from large height by matching shade pattern to presence: A device, system and method of shading person large open area from large height without obstruction to view, work and play by matching shade pattern formed by shading unit for the given sun position and the location of the person on land and building, by means of shading units moved... Agent:

20150116484 - High sensitivity biosensor using pixel analysis of cmos image sensor: Provided are a method of analyzing a target substance to be measured, the method including: dividing a surface of a measuring unit of a CMOS image sensor into a plurality of pixels, directly fixing a bioreceptor onto the surface of the measuring unit of the CMOS image sensor, and measuring... Agent:

20150116486 - Terminal device, image measuring system and method of inspection of workpiece: An image measuring system includes an interface module, an automatic measuring module, and an outputting module. The interface module is configured to display an image of a workpiece. The automatic measuring module finds features on the image of the workpiece, constructs a coordinate system according to the searched features, and... Agent:

20150116490 - Doorbell communication systems and methods: Doorbells often include a button to enable visitors to ring a chime to summon building occupants. In some embodiments, doorbells include a camera to take pictures of visitors. In several embodiments, doorbells include covers that are light filters. These light filters can cover infrared light sources such as infrared light... Agent:

20150116489 - Imaging apparatus: A surveillance camera which may communicate with a client apparatus via a network includes an image capturing unit configured to capture an image of a subject, a server configured to receive a command for instructing enlargement of a dynamic range by synthesizing a plurality of images generated by the image... Agent:

20150116488 - Method for controlling a monitoring system and a system for its implementation: The invention relates to video surveillance systems. The method includes the following steps: first, the current information about the object is collected. A path is created for exploring the area by, at least, one means of surveillance, the path consisting of a set of points with fixed values of orientation... Agent:

20150116487 - Method for video-data indexing using a map: e

20150116496 - Camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor: A camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor is described. A system associated with the camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor provides for real-time monitoring of the anchor and for an alert system regarding the status of the anchor.... Agent: Ottarr, LLC

20150116495 - Display device for self-propelled industrial machine: The underneath image of a self-propelled industrial machine is displayed with as wide a range as possible on a monitor with cameras that take images around the self-propelled industrial machine in the form of bird's eye view images. A view point conversion section creates the bird's eye view image by... Agent:

20150116493 - Method and system for estimating gaze direction of vehicle drivers: Methods and systems for continuously monitoring the gaze direction of a driver of a vehicle over time. Video is received, which is captured by a camera associated with, for example, a mobile device within a vehicle, the camera and/or mobile device mounted facing the driver of the vehicle. Frames can... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150116494 - Overhead view image display device: An overhead view image display device includes cameras and that are mounted in a vehicle and capture an image of a vehicle periphery, an image generation unit that converts a viewpoint of the captured image of the vehicle periphery, and compresses an image region of the vehicle periphery toward the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150116492 - Parking area tracking apparatus and method thereof: A parking area tracking method includes: creating a top view image by capturing surroundings of a vehicle; setting a template by detecting a parking area in the top view image; detecting a location of a pillar in the top view image; detecting a region obstructed by the pillar from the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150116491 - Private and automatic transmission of photograph via occupant's cell phone following impact event: An imaging and reporting system includes a wireless communication device having a user-installed program for forwarding a received image to a remote monitor and a vehicle-based network that includes an impact event sensing system, an imaging module including a camera for capturing an image of the vehicle's interior, and a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150116497 - Finish line sensor device: A device and methods of using the device to provide timing and detection of the finish line for a sporting event are described. The device makes use of a Doppler radar transducer to detect the user as they approach and pass the finish line. In some embodiment the device further... Agent:

20150116499 - Computer implemented systems frameworks and methods configured for enabling review of incident data: A DVM system is configured to include an incident trigger, which is actuated either manually or automatically in response to an “incident. In response to the actuation of the trigger, an incident identifier is defined. During the period of actuation, a plurality of recordings is automatically made, based on an... Agent:

20150116498 - Presenting process data of a process control object on a mobile terminal: A method, video control arrangement and a computer program product are provided for determining objects present in a process control system. The video control arrangement includes an object determining unit configured to order a group of video cameras, including at least one video camera, to repeatedly scan an area in... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150116500 - Image pickup apparatus: The image pickup apparatus includes a focus detector to produce, by using a light from an object passing through an image-taking optical system, focus information indicating a focus state of the image-taking optical system, a light-receiving sensor including visible-light receiving elements each receiving the light from the object and respectively... Agent:

20150116502 - Apparatus and method for dynamically selecting multiple cameras to track target object: A method for dynamically selecting multiple cameras to track a target object, the method including selecting a main camera from among multiple cameras; selecting a target object from an image captured by the main camera; projecting a captured location of the target object onto images to be captured by one... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150116504 - Image processing device and method, image processing system, and image processing program: An image processing device includes: an entire image display control portion that performs control to display an entire image of a predetermined region in an entire image display window; and a cutout image display control portion that performs control to enlarge a plurality of tracking subjects included in the entire... Agent:

20150116503 - Imaging device for capturing self-portrait images: A digital camera for capturing an image containing the photographer, comprising: an image sensor; an optical system for forming an image of a scene on the image sensor; a processor for processing the output of the image sensor in order to detect the presence of one or more faces in... Agent:

20150116505 - Multiple means of tracking: A system for tracking a cinematography target comprises an emitter configured to attach to a target and to provide a tracking indicator. The system also comprises a tracker configured to receive tracking data from a separate tracking data reception device and based upon the received tracking data to actuate one... Agent:

20150116501 - System and method for tracking objects: Various aspects of a system and a method for tracking one or more objects may comprise a network capable of communicatively coupling a plurality of cameras, a plurality of sensors, and a controlling device. The controlling device may receive metadata associated with the one or more objects. The metadata identifies... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116506 - Noise simulation flow for low noise cmos image sensor design: A method for noise simulation of a CMOS image sensor comprises performing a frequency domain noise simulation for a readout circuit of the CMOS image sensor using a computer, wherein the readout circuit includes a correlated double sampling (CDS) circuit, wherein the frequency domain noise simulation includes a CDS transfer... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150116507 - Monitoring system for an outdoor display: A display enclosure with a monitoring system includes a display enclosure having an interior, a sensor positioned within the interior of the display enclosure, and a monitoring device coupled to the sensor. The interior of the display enclosure is sized and configured to receive a display device. The monitoring device... Agent: Ciil Technologies, LLC

20150116508 - Information processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, imaging system, method of controlling information processing apparatus, method of controlling imaging apparatus, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including: a wireless communication unit that performs communication between the information processing apparatus and an imaging apparatus using short-range wireless communication; and a control unit that determines whether or not the imaging apparatus is mounted, based on a result of the communication with the... Agent:

20150116509 - Methods and apparatuses for capturing images used for generating 3d models of rooms: Methods and apparatuses for capturing images used for generating three-dimensional (3D) models of rooms are described herein. User location indicators and image location indicators are displayed on a display of a mobile computing device, such as, but not limited to, a smartphone, a tablet computing device, or a laptop computer.... Agent: Insidemaps Inc.

20150116511 - Image device, image device controlling method, and program: An image device connected to an external device via a first communication interface and a second communication interface different from the first communication interface, the image device including an image capturing unit that captures an image in response to a shooting instruction, a sharing unit that shares a communication parameter... Agent:

20150116510 - Electronic device and computer product: The present invention provides an electronic device and computer program product, and the computer program product includes an application that is loaded into the electronic device to perform the method as follows. After a user logs into his account, the selected mobile advertisement is accepted and then played; when the... Agent:

20150116512 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus calculates correlation values between a plurality of images with respect to relative positions, and detects a motion vector between the plurality of images based on the calculated correlation values. The image processing apparatus then determines the reliability of the motion vector based on a value indicating... Agent:

20150116513 - Method and apparatus for correcting multi-exposure motion image: A method and an apparatus for correcting a multi-exposure motion image are disclosed, where the method includes determining a luminance mapping function, where the luminance mapping function is a luminance mapping relationship between a reference frame and multiple extended frames; mapping a luminance of an extended frame by using the... Agent:

20150116519 - Noise reduction: An apparatus including at least one processor; and at least one non-transitory memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to generate a signal from at least one sound transducer of an... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150116514 - Camera lens module: Disclosed herein is a camera lens module. The camera lens module in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a vibration correction carrier, a rolling unit disposed in parallel to a direction vertical to an optical axis and configured to support the vibration correction carrier, a lens barrel... Agent: Jahwa Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116515 - Camera module: There is provided a camera module including: a housing; a lens unit mounted in the housing; a hand shake correction unit correcting a movement of the lens unit with respect to the housing; and a damping member disposed between the housing and the lens unit to thereby reduce the movement... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150116516 - Method and apparatus to correct digital image blur due to motion of subject or imaging device by adjusting image sensor: A method and apparatus for capturing and recording blur-free images by detecting the motion of the imaging device and the subject of the image and adjusting the image sensor and one or more lens elements to compensate for the motion. The combined optical correction and adjusted image sensor provides blur-free... Agent:

20150116518 - Dynamic image selection: Image capture can be improved by capturing a sequence of images and analyzing the images to select the image with the least blur and/or an acceptable amount of blur. Gradients can be calculated for at least a portion of the images, and gradient histograms generated. Two or more component curves... Agent:

20150116517 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: An image processing device includes a stable imaging state estimation portion that performs a stable imaging state estimation process of estimating whether or not a stable imaging state occurs, and a main subject determination portion that performs a main subject determination process. The main subject determination portion outputs a result... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116524 - Image capturing apparatus, terminal apparatus, control method for the same, and system: A system in which an image capturing apparatus is externally operated by a terminal apparatus, the terminal apparatus comprises a unit which instructs the image capturing apparatus to start image capture processing, a unit which receives a first image acquired by the image capturing apparatus, a unit which acquires a... Agent:

20150116520 - Mobile device for requesting the capture of an image: A mobile device for requesting a capture of an image includes a beacon and a processing circuit. The beacon is configured to communicate with an unmanned camera. The processing circuit is configured to generate a request for the unmanned camera to capture an image of a user of the mobile... Agent:

20150116522 - Wireless communication system: A wireless communication system, comprising: an imaging apparatus; a storage medium attached to the imaging apparatus; and a terminal device, wherein the imaging apparatus comprises: a controller to control operation of the imaging apparatus and to execute transmission/reception of data, wherein the storage medium comprises: a first wireless communication unit;... Agent: Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

20150116521 - Wireless control systems for cameras, cameras which are wirelessly controlled by control devices, and operational methods thereof: Wireless control systems for cameras, and operational methods thereof are provided. The system includes a control device and a camera. The camera wirelessly receives a control signal from the control device. The camera captures a plurality of images via an image capture unit, and temporarily stores the images. A processing... Agent:

20150116523 - Image signal processor and method for generating image statistics: An image signal processor (ISP) and a method of generating image statistics. One embodiment of the ISP includes: (1) a client configured to employ image statistics to process a current frame of a scene if changes in the current frame relative to a previous frame of the scene rise above... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150116527 - Compact array camera modules having an extended field of view from which depth information can be extracted: A compact camera module includes an image sensor including photosensitive areas, and an array of lenses optically aligned with sub-groups of the photosensitive areas. The array of lenses includes a first array of lenses and one or more groups of lenses disposed around the periphery of the first array of... Agent:

20150116525 - Method for generating high dynamic range images: The present disclosure provides a method for generating HDR images. Steps of the method include capturing a spatially varying exposure image data of a scene by an image sensing array using a first exposure value and a second exposure value, wherein the first exposure value is larger than the second... Agent: Himax Imaging Limited

20150116526 - Plenoptic color imaging system with enhanced resolution: Color plenoptic images captured by a spectrally-coded plenoptic imaging system are combined with higher resolution higher resolution images captured by a conventional imaging system, resulting in color images with higher resolution than those captured by the plenoptic imaging system alone.... Agent:

20150116528 - Scanning light field camera: A light field camera device comprising an array of light field camera elements, each camera element comprising: a scanner for scanning an input beam across a two-dimensional angular field; an input focus modulator for modulating the focus of the input beam; a radiance sensor for sensing the radiance of the... Agent:

20150116530 - Article authentication apparatus having a built-in light emitting device and camera: An apparatus (100, 1001) comprises an image capturing device (110), a light emitting device (112) for illuminating an object to be captured by the image capturing device (110), a visual guide (114) to guide a user to aim the apparatus (100, 1001) at a target authentication device (140), and a... Agent: Easy Printing Network Limited

20150116529 - Automatic effect method for photography and electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes an camera set, an input source module, an auto-engine module and a post usage module. The camera set is configured for capturing image data relative to a scene. The input source module is configured for gathering information related to the image data. The auto-engine module is... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150116531 - Image capturing system, image capturing apparatus, decoding apparatus, image capturing method, and display control system: An image capturing system includes a photoelectric conversion unit, a charge holding unit, a multiple sampling information setting unit, a multiple sampling unit, a conversion unit, and an image reconstruction unit. The photoelectric conversion unit converts optical signals received by a plurality of pixels to electric signals. The charge holding... Agent:

20150116532 - Image shooting unit and apparatus, integrated display and image shooting apparatus, and image shooting method: The image shooting unit is configured to collect image information, and a formed image is a pixel block including one or several pixels, and the image shooting unit includes a tubular directional hood, a lens group, and a light sensitive module that are arranged sequentially along a light incidence direction... Agent:

20150116533 - Image sensing apparatus and black level controlling method thereof: An image sensing apparatus and a black level controlling method thereof are provided. The black level controlling method includes following steps. A conversion relationship between analog gain values and offset values is provided. An analog gain value is converted into an analog offset value by using the conversion relationship between... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150116534 - Method of calibrating automatic white balance and image capturing device performing the same: An image capture device and a method of calibrating automatic white balance thereof are provided. The method includes generating first and second frame data using first and second image sensors, respectively, in response to incident light; generating first and second color temperature estimation information based on the first frame data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116536 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: The present invention generates first developed image data by correcting image data with use of a first white balance correction value corresponding to a first light source, generates second developed image data by correcting the image data with use of a second white balance correction value corresponding to a second... Agent:

20150116535 - White-balance color temperature measuring device for image pick-up device: A white-balance color temperature measuring device for image pick-up device includes a white or gray light transmitting sheet and a color temperature sensing element and installed in a camera body of a camera, camera phone, video camera or any other image pick-up device such that when focusing or pressing the... Agent:

20150116537 - Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and control method: There is provided an image capturing apparatus comprising an image capturing unit. A control unit controls the image capturing unit to capture a first image having exposure unevenness caused by flicker in a light source. A detection unit detects a timing at which there is a low change in a... Agent:

20150116539 - Apparatus and method for high dynamic range imaging using spatially varying exposures: Apparatus and methods are provided for obtaining high dynamic range images using a low dynamic range image sensor. The scene is exposed to the image sensor in a spatially varying manner. A variable-transmittance mask, which is interposed between the scene and the image sensor, imposes a spatially varying attenuation on... Agent:

20150116538 - Method and apparatus for imaging an object: An apparatus for imaging an object has an image sensor that comprises a plurality of pixels. The plurality of pixels is matrix-arrayed along vertical and horizontal directions. The apparatus also has an image sensor driver that drives the image sensor, and the image sensor driver is capable of reading image-pixel... Agent: Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

20150116540 - Method and apparatus for applying a tag/identification to a photo/video immediately after capture: A method and apparatus for entering an identification tag for an image captured by a mobile device. When an image is captured, a user is prompted to select or enter a tag identifying the image which will be stored in memory in association with the image. The tag can be... Agent:

20150116541 - Method and apparatus for applying a tag/identification to a photo/video immediately after capture: The method and apparatus for applying and searching for a tag on an image captured by a mobile device. When an image is captured, a user is prompted to select or enter a tag identifying the image in which will be stored in memory in association with the image. The... Agent:

20150116542 - Electronic apparatus for making bokeh image and method thereof: An electronic apparatus and a method for making a bokeh image are provided. The electronic apparatus includes an image photographing unit configured to photograph an image, a display configured to display a user interface (UI) to set a bokeh option on the image, and a controller configured to, when the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116543 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: In order to set appropriate parameters for pattern recognition while reducing a processing amount and a memory capacity for processing, an information processing apparatus includes a first setting unit configured to set a parameter candidate(s) to be used for pattern recognition, a first feature data generation unit configured to generate... Agent:

20150116544 - Method and apparatus of working mode control, and electronic device: The embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for controlling a working mode, and an electronic device. The method for controlling the working mode comprises: detecting, by an electronic device, an intensity of light entering a first camera; and switching, by the electronic device, the working... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116546 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method: An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention which performs blurring processing on captured image data based on distance information of a subject includes a dividing unit configured to divide the captured image data into a plurality of image data pieces corresponding to pieces of the... Agent:

20150116545 - Super-resolution in processing images such as from multi-layer sensors: Pixels of an array capture values for an input image. The captured values correspond to pixel center points of the pixels that captured the values. Additional values about the input image may be further computed from the captured values. These additional values may correspond to additional center points, which can... Agent:

20150116547 - Methods and apparatus for use with multiple optical chains: Methods and apparatus for supporting zoom operations using a plurality of optical chain modules, e.g., camera modules, are described. Switching between use of groups of optical chains with different focal lengths is used to support zoom operations. Digital zoom is used in some cases to support zoom levels corresponding to... Agent:

20150116549 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium: An image processing apparatus acquires an evaluation value concerning noise for each region of an image frame corresponding to the image data, and controls image processing of each region of the image frame corresponding to image data in accordance with the evaluation value.... Agent:

20150116548 - Maximizing perceptual quality and naturalness of captured images: A method, system and computer program product for improving the perceptual quality and naturalness of an image captured by an image acquisition device (e.g., digital camera). Statistical features of a scene being imaged by the image acquisition device are derived from models of natural images. These statistical features are measured... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20150116550 - Method and apparatus to correct blur in all or part of a digital image by combining plurality of images: A method and apparatus for use in a digital imaging device for correcting image blur in digital images by combining plurality of images. The plurality of images that are combined include a main subject that can be selected by user input or automatically by the digital imaging device. Blur correction... Agent:

20150116551 - Photographing apparatus, photographing method and recording medium on which photographing/display program is recorded: A photographing apparatus includes: a reference contrast judging section acquiring, for each of parts of a first picked-up image obtained by an image pickup section performing image pickup at a first timing, a reference contrast; a recorded-image contrast judging section determining a contrast of each of parts of a second... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150116552 - Digital camera system and a method for controlling the digital camera system: The present invention relates to a digital camera system comprising an image sensor for capturing digital images, an optical unit for forming an image onto the image sensor, the optical unit having a focus distance that can be varied between a minimum focus distance and a maximum focus distance, a... Agent:

20150116553 - Monocentric imaging: Methods and systems are provided to enable the capture of large (e.g., Gigapixel) images with high image quality using optical imaging systems that have a small form factor. The disclosed systems can be manufactured in a cost effective fashion, and can be readily assembled, aligned, tested and utilized. One such... Agent:

20150116554 - Color imaging element and imaging device: In the color imaging element and the imaging device according to an aspect of the present invention, a basic array pattern is repeatedly placed in a first direction and in a second direction, the basic array pattern includes four or more rectangular patterns each corresponding to 3×2 pixels each composed... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150116555 - Color imaging element and imaging device: According to a color imaging element and an imaging device of the present invention, because one or more pixels of first filters corresponding to transparence are disposed within a pixel line of each direction of a first direction to a fourth direction of a color filter array, it is possible... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150116556 - Solid-state pickup apparatus, its driving method and camera system: There is used an XY address type solid-state image pickup element (for example, a MOS type image sensor) in which two rows and two columns are made a unit, and color filters having a color coding of repetition of the unit (repetition of two verticals (two horizontals) are arranged, and... Agent:

20150116560 - Camera and method of controlling operation of same: An image of a subject formed optically by a objective lens (concave lens) and an eyepiece lens can be seen by a pupil. A light shielding plate is provided in front of part of the objective lens and a shielded region is formed by the light shielding plate. When the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150116557 - Sensor and method for suppressing background signal: A sensor for suppressing a background signal is provided. The sensor includes: a pixel array that detects a signal by using a plurality of pixels; an accumulator that converts a differential signal between two signals detected from an arbitrary pixel of the pixel array at predetermined times into a digital... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116558 - Solid-state image-capturing device and electronic camera using the same: A solid-state image-capturing device includes: plurality of pixels arranged in two-dimensional manner; plurality of vertical signal lines for corresponding column of the plurality of pixels, to receive a signal of the pixels of corresponding column; plurality of signal processing units process a signal of the plurality of vertical signal lines... Agent:

20150116559 - Solid-state imaging device, electronic apparatus, and counter interface circuit: A solid-state imaging device includes: a large number of column cores configured to output analog outputs of pixels disposed vertically and horizontally in a vertical direction; a large number of data latches configured to hold the analog outputs of the large number of column cores, respectively; a counter interface circuit... Agent:

20150116561 - Image pickup system: An image pickup system includes: an image sensor that performs a rolling-shutter image pickup operation; a generator; an adding section that adds image pickup signals from an image pickup signal in a predetermined frame to an image pickup signal in an Nth frame, with the predetermined frame being set as... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150116563 - Adaptive sensing of a programmable modulator system: A technique to collect measurements that are adapted to a signal/scene of interest is presented. The measurements are correlations with patterns that serve as modulating waveforms. The patterns correspond respectively to rows of a sensing matrix. The method uses a sensing matrix whose rows are partitioned into blocks. Each block... Agent: Inview Technology Corporation

20150116562 - Compact spacer in multi-lens array module: An apparatus includes an image sensor partitioned into N image sensor regions. The image sensor is attached to a circuit board. A lens array having including N lenses is disposed proximate to the image sensor. Each one of the N lenses is arranged to focus a single image onto a... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20150116564 - Address mapped repartitioned digital pixel: By adding stabilization and super-sampling to a digital pixel readout integrated circuit (ROIC), line of sight motion, that is usually costly and difficult to control, instead becomes an ally, doubling the effective FPA resolution in some systems. The base repartitioned digital pixel architecture supplements analog signal accumulation with off-pixel digital... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150116565 - Image sensor and devices having the same: An image sensor according to an example embodiment of includes a first pixel and a second pixel in a first row. The first pixel includes a first photoelectric conversion element at a first depth in a semiconductor substrate and the first photoelectric conversion element is configured to convert a first... Agent:

20150116566 - Solid state imaging device, signal processing device, and electronic apparatus: A solid state imaging device includes: a group of a plurality of pixels configured to include pixels of the same color coding and with no pixel sharing between each other; and a color filter that is formed by Bayer arrangement of the group of a plurality of pixels.... Agent:

20150116567 - Multiple channel matching method: A method for matching one or more channels to a reference channel in a multiple-channel detector having a digital output, the method including: receiving an analog-to-digital unit (ADU) input value from the multiple-channel detector for each channel; and replacing the ADU input value by an output value corresponding to each... Agent:

20150116568 - Reduction of spatial resolution for temporal resolution: A method of operating an image-sensing device includes detecting a trigger. The method also includes, in response to detecting the trigger, changing an operating mode of the image-sensing device from a first operating mode having a first spatial resolution and a first temporal resolution to a second operating mode having... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150116570 - Imaging lens assembly, imaging device and mobile terminal: An imaging lens assembly includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element, and a sixth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive power has a... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150116571 - Position detecting apparatus, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the position detecting apparatus: A position detector, includes: a scale having pattern arrays formed in different cycles in a movement direction an obtaining unit which obtains signals in accordance with the pattern arrays; a first deriving unit which derives a temporal position of the scale relative to the obtaining unit based on the signals;... Agent:

20150116569 - Small form factor telephoto camera: A compact telephoto lens system that may be used in a small form factor cameras. The lens system may include five lens elements with refractive power. Alternatively, the lens system may include four lens elements with refractive power. At least one of the object side and image side surfaces of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150116573 - Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same: An imaging lens includes first to sixth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance.... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150116574 - Optical device and stabilizing method for optical elements thereof: An optical device includes a base; an image sensor disposed on the base; an outer frame connected to the base and having a flat surface; an inner frame having a protrusion and movable between a first position and a second position with respect to the base; and a lens group... Agent:

20150116572 - Optical imaging lens and electronic device comprising the same: An optical imaging lens set includes a first lens element to a sixth lens element from an object side toward an image side along an optical axis. The first lens element has negative refractive power. The second lens element has an object-side surface with a convex portion in a vicinity... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150116576 - Image capture assembly, digital camera and a mobile device having an improved construction: The present disclosure discloses an image capture assembly, digital camera and a mobile device having an improved construction. In one example embodiment, there is provided an image capture assembly, comprising: a lens; an image sensor; an optical grade plate disposed between the lens and the image sensor, wherein the plate... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150116575 - Image capturing module and optical auxiliary unit thereof: An image capturing module includes an image sensing unit and an optical auxiliary unit. The image sensing unit includes a carrier substrate and an image sensing chip disposed on the carrier substrate and electrically connected to the carrier substrate. The optical auxiliary unit includes a housing frame for covering the... Agent: Larview Technologies Corp.

20150116577 - Method for adaptive focusing: A focusing method having depth-of-field adaptability and aperture adaptability is provided. The method is applied to an image capture unit. A plurality of first images are captured in an image capture window according to a plurality of objects for obtaining a plurality of distances between the plurality objects and the... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20150116578 - Focusing apparatus, focusing method and medium for recoring the focusing method: Provided are a focusing apparatus for generating an image signal by converting image light incident through a focus lens to an electrical signal by an image pickup device, storing the image signal in a memory, calculating an AF evaluation value for an image signal read from the memory in a... Agent:

20150116579 - Apparatus and method for driving a voice coil motor of a camera lens: The present invention relates to a device and method for driving an under damped voice coil motor (VCM) actuator of a camera lens. In one embodiment, the device for driving an under damped VCM actuator comprises a first generator operable to read a first manufacture data from an image signal... Agent:

20150116581 - Image capturing module: An image capturing module includes a circuit substrate, an image sensing element, an actuator module, a lens assembly and a light transmitting element. The image sensing element is disposed on the circuit substrate. The actuator module includes a holder disposed on the circuit substrate. The lens assembly is movably disposed... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20150116580 - Image capturing module and method of aligning and assembling the same: An image capturing module includes an image sensing unit and an actuator unit. The image sensing unit includes a circuit substrate and an image sensing chip disposed on the circuit substrate. The actuator unit includes a housing frame disposed on the circuit substrate and a movable lens assembly movably disposed... Agent: Larview Technologies Corp.

20150116583 - Apparatus methods and computer readable storage mediums: An apparatus comprising: a processor configured to control a flash unit in an exposure time period of an image sensor array, to provide a first non-zero light intensity in a first portion of the exposure time period and to provide a second non-zero fight intensity, different to the first light... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150116582 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: A captured image obtained by capturing, by an image capturing unit, a target object to which a pattern has been projected is acquired. At least either of a first parameter for controlling brightness of the pattern projected from a projection unit configured to project the pattern, and a second parameter... Agent:

20150116584 - Imaging apparatus and shutter operation selecting method: An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging device that includes a plurality of pixels; a first curtain that travels to block incidence of light on the imaging device; a second curtain that permits the incidence of light on the imaging device earlier than the traveling of the first curtain; a reset... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116586 - Illumination systems and methods for computer imagers: The present invention can provide solutions to many common imaging problems, such as, for example, unevenly distributed illumination, shadows, white balance adjustment, colored ambient light and high dynamic range imaging. Imaging systems and methods can be provided through a computer (e.g., laptop or desktop) such that the system or method... Agent:

20150116585 - Time of flight camera system with a data channel: A light speed camera system, with a camera module, which has a light speed photo sensor, preferably based on mixed photo detection, having at least one reception pixel, and with an illumination module which has an illumination light source, wherein the illumination module and the camera module each have a... Agent: Ifm Electronic Gmbh

20150116587 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method, electronic device, and program: The present technology relates to an imaging apparatus, an imaging method, an electronic device, and a program that can stabilize a clamp level at the time of imaging while realizing power saving of the imaging apparatus. In an imaging mode including a valid signal period in which a video signal... Agent:

20150116588 - Image capturing module and actuator structure thereof: An image capturing module includes an image sensing unit and an actuator structure. The image sensing unit includes a carrier substrate and an image sensing chip disposed on the carrier substrate. The actuator structure includes a first actuator unit and a second actuator unit. The first actuator unit includes a... Agent: Larview Technologies Corp.

20150116589 - Image capturing module for reducing assembly tilt angle: An image capturing module for reducing assembly tilt angle includes an image sensing unit, an optical auxiliary unit and a leveling auxiliary unit. The image sensing unit includes a carrier substrate and an image sensing chip disposed on the carrier substrate and electrically connected to the carrier substrate. The optical... Agent: Larview Technologies Corp.

20150116590 - Protective apparatus with temperature-regulating function for video camera: A protective apparatus with temperature-regulating function for protecting a camera is provided. The protective apparatus comprises a protective housing which includes a base, a protective cover and a heat storage unit. The base has a concave space for the camera disposed thereon. The protective cover has a concave structure assembling... Agent: Lontrend Corporation

20150116591 - Camera module: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to a camera module configured to prevent a warp of an optical axis of a lens holder, the camera module including a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounted with an image sensor, a base, a first lens holder arranged at an upper surface... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150116592 - Accessory, and camera body: An accessory that is detachably mounted to a camera body, includes: a first communication unit that communicates with the camera body using a first transmission line; a second communication unit that, when a predetermined condition is satisfied, communicates with the camera body by using the first transmission line and a... Agent:

20150116593 - Autohiding video player controls: Methods are described for maximizing the size of a video displayed in a display area of a video player. The maximum height of the video is determined using its aspect ratio and the dimensions of the display area in the video player. The control panel is removed from the display... Agent:

20150116594 - Pixel clock generation circuit and method thereof: This invention discloses circuits and methods for generating a pixel clock. The circuits utilize an image signal of a first format to generate a pixel clock, which can be utilized to generate an image signal of a second format. The circuits include a reference clock generation circuit, an image processing... Agent:

20150116595 - Video processing apparatus, control method, and effect switcher: There is provided a video processing apparatus that includes a network interface, first and second video buffering sections, a video supply section, a video control section, and a command issue section. The two video buffering sections are configured to receive and store video data coming in packets over a network... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116596 - Display apparatus and method for tuning the same: According to one embodiment, a display apparatus includes a display, a receiver, and a tuner. The receiver is configured to receive position information indicative of a position where the display apparatus exists. The tuner is configured to tune a signal used for displaying an image on the display based on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150116597 - Trajectory features and distance metrics for hierarchical video segmentation: A method to perform hiearchical video segmentation includes: defining voxels over a spatio-temporal video; grouping into segments contiguous voxels that display similar characteristics including similar appearance or motion; determining a trajectory-based feature that complements color and optical flow cues, wherein trajectory cues are probabilistically meaningful histograms combinable for use in... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150116598 - Display device and television receiver: A liquid crystal display device (display device) is provided with: LEDs (light source); a liquid crystal panel (display panel); a light guide plate; a chassis that is disposed on the opposite side of the light guide plate from the liquid crystal panel, is formed in a plate shape, and has... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150116599 - Reception device, reception method, and program: There is provided a reception device which receives signals compliant with a DVB-T2 standard which possibly includes a plurality of different profiles, and demodulates only a signal having a profile first received or only a signal having a predetermined profile, of the received signals.... Agent:

20150116600 - Power supply for television and television including the same: Provided is a television apparatus including: a display panel which displays an image; a front cover which covers a front side of the television apparatus such that the display panel is exposed; a rear cover which is opposed to the front cover; a power supply which is supported between the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116601 - Handheld electronic device and image projection method of the same: A handheld electronic device is provided. The handheld electronic device comprises a main body, a processing unit, an image projection module, a motion sensor, a first light sensor and a second light sensor. The processing module is disposed in the main body to generate display data. The image projection module... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150116602 - Image projection apparatus, image projection system, image projection method and program thereof: An image projection apparatus connected to a network and serving as an access point to connect a client apparatus to the network includes a determination unit that determines whether image data received from the client apparatus are addressed to the access point; a projection control unit that projects an image... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150116603 - Dynamic light distribution system and apparatus: A system and apparatus for dynamically distributing light are provided. The apparatus includes a source conduit configured to collect light from a light source and transmit the collected light for emission towards an optical switch. The optical switch is moveable between several discrete resting positions, each corresponding to a different... Agent: Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.

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20150109399 - Control of a video conference system using personal devices: A system and machine-implemented method for automatically linking a mobile device to a video conference control unit of a video conference site, providing control of the video conference control unit by the mobile device. A proximity detector and a wireless controller provide automatic linking with the mobile device. The linked... Agent: Google Inc.

20150109400 - Method, apparatus and system for controlling multipicture display: A method, an apparatus, and a system for controlling multipicture display. The method includes receiving a sliding track of a user operation, and performing an operation on a multipicture division line according to the sliding track of the user operation; and controlling picture display on a target screen according to... Agent:

20150109402 - Utilizing a smart camera system for immersive telepresence: Video content is received at a computing device including camera views provided by video cameras that are aligned to capture images of participants within a defined space. The video cameras are aligned such that a field of view (FOV) for each camera overlaps a portion of the FOV of at... Agent:

20150109401 - Video-conference terminal device, video-conference system, image distortion correction method, and image distortion correction processing program product: A local video-conference terminal device includes a wide-angle camera lens, a camera image correction control unit that performs distortion correction processing on an image included in digital video signal from the wide-angle camera lens, a camera image correction table storage unit including correction tables for the distortion correction processing regarding... Agent:

20150109405 - Method, computer-readable storage medium, and apparatus for modifying the layout used by a video composing unit to generate a composite video signal: In one embodiment, a method that includes providing, on a display, an object configured to be moved by a user along an axis, associating a plurality of predefined layouts with respective intervals along the axis, detecting a user action on the object indicating a position on the axis, and composing,... Agent:

20150109403 - Selective recording of high quality media in a videoconference: Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for selectively recording high quality media in a videoconference. In a particular embodiment, a method provides receiving a plurality of video streams from a plurality of videoconferencing clients. The method further provides streaming video at a first quality level for the plurality of... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150109404 - Ultrasound pairing signal control in a teleconferencing system: Presented herein are techniques for controlling the level of ultrasound pairing signals generated in a teleconferencing environment. The levels of ultrasound pairing signals transmitted in a meeting room are adjusted automatically based on the ultrasound signal levels received at one or more of the sound receiving devices that can communicate... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150109406 - Controlling resolution of encoded video: A user terminal for participating in video calls comprises: an encoder having a frame size, being the size in pixels at which it encodes frames of video; and a pre-processing stage which supplies a sequence of frames to the encoder at that frame size, each frame comprising at least an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150109407 - Method and handheld distance measurement device for indirect distance measurement by means of image-assisted angle determination function: Some embodiments include determining geometrical data in a space, with a measurement sequence having a measurement of a first distance to a first target point by emitting a laser beam in a first emission direction, and a measurement of a second distance to a second target point by emitting a... Agent:

20150109408 - System and method for capturing and rendering a landscape image or video: The present disclosure provides a system and method for capturing and rendering a landscape image such that the field of view of the captured image remains consistent across any orientation maintained by the camera device at the time the image is captured. The retained field of view corresponds to the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150109412 - 3d caption signal transmission method and 3d caption display method: A method for transmitting a three-dimensional (3D) caption signal and caption display method are disclosed to three-dimensionally display caption text such that it fits a 3D image in a 3D display device. 3D caption box configuration information and caption text are generated to display a 3D caption within a 3D... Agent:

20150109409 - Different-view image generating apparatus and different-view image generating method: An apparatus includes: a generating unit which generates, from each of images respectively obtained at viewpoint positions, one of different-viewpoint images which corresponds to an image at a virtual viewpoint position different from the viewpoint positions, the different-viewpoint image including a hole area in which a pixel value is missing;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150109411 - Image playback apparatus for 3dtv and method performed by the apparatus: An image reproduction apparatus for a 3DTV and a processing method by the apparatus are disclosed. The image reproduction apparatus may determine an output time of a buffer to store a left image stream and a right image stream for a 3D image. The image reproduction apparatus may determine a... Agent:

20150109410 - System and method of material handling using one or more imaging devices on the transferring vehicle to control the material distribution into the storage portion of the receiving vehicle: First imaging device collects first image data, whereas second imaging device collects second image data of a storage portion. A container identification module identifies a container perimeter of the storage portion in at least one of the collected first image data and the collected second image data. A spout identification... Agent:

20150109413 - Video reception apparatus to provide hybrid service based on transport stream system target decoder model: Provided is a video reception apparatus to receive hybrid three-dimensional television (3DTV) content that may synchronize a base video, received over a first communication network, and an auxiliary video, received over a second communication network, using a hybrid buffer or a file buffer, and may output the base video and... Agent:

20150109416 - Depth map generation: Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to generating depth data from a video. As an example, one or more computing devices may receive an initialization request for a still image capture mode. After receiving the request to initialize the still image capture mode, the one or more computing devices may... Agent: Google Inc.

20150109417 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for modifying illumination in an image: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and a computer program product are provided. The method comprises partitioning an image into a plurality of super pixel cell areas and determining surface orientations for the plurality of super pixel cell areas. A surface orientation is determined for a super... Agent:

20150109414 - Probabilistic time of flight imaging: An embodiment of the invention provides a time of flight three-dimensional TOF-3D camera that determines distance to features in a scene responsive to amounts of light from the scene registered by pixels during different exposure periods and an experimentally determined probabilistic model of how much light the pixels are expected... Agent:

20150109415 - System and method for reconstructing 3d model: A system and method for reconstructing a three-dimensional (3D) model are described. The 3D model reconstruction system includes: a low resolution reconstruction unit that converts a first depth map, acquired by scanning a scene with a depth camera, into a second depth map having a low resolution, processes the second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150109419 - Balancing colors in a scanned three-dimensional image: A method of balancing colors of three-dimensional (3D) points measured by a scanner from a first location and a second location. The scanner measures 3D coordinates and colors of first object points from a first location and second object points from a second location. The scene is divided into local... Agent:

20150109420 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurement and image processing device: Three-dimensional measurement apparatus comprises first and second imaging units with baseline length, feature point detector for detecting feature points in image, corresponding point detector for detecting corresponding points corresponding to the feature points, rotation matrix calculator, translation matrix calculator, distance calculator, and data calculator. Based on the feature points and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109418 - Method and system for three-dimensional data acquisition: A method for three-dimensional data acquisition, adapted to acquire three-dimensional data of an object, includes the following steps. A laser light is projected onto a plurality of regions on the surface of the object so as to form a plurality of features within each of the regions. For each of... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150109421 - Stereo-approach distance and speed meter: Disclosed a stereo-approach distance and speed meter system comprising: video camera module consisting of at least two video cameras focused on the analyzed object primary interface module for video camera module interface conversion into data for processing; primary image normalization and rectification module; updating data container module; attribute extraction module;... Agent: Computer Vision Systems LLC

20150109422 - Ranging cameras using a common substrate: A stereo camera system useful in, for example, range finding applications. The system is designed for simple manufacture and long term stability. It includes a thermally stable substrate onto which are mounted multiple imagers. The relative positions of the imagers and corresponding optical elements are maintained in precise alignment.... Agent:

20150109423 - Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device: A three-dimensional image processing apparatus includes: a distance image generating part capable of generating a distance image based on a plurality of images captured in an image capturing part; a pattern generating part for generating a first projection pattern and a second projection pattern whose fringe direction is different from... Agent:

20150109424 - Desktop three-dimensional scanner for dental use provided with two-axis motion unit in which camera and projector are coupled to unit for changing horizontal axis of rotation of stage: In a desktop three-dimensional scanner for dental use of the related art, a two-axis rotation motion unit, on which a target object can be placed and rotated in order to image the entire shape of the target object, is coupled to the scanner, and thus, when a subject is placed... Agent: Dof Inc.

20150109425 - Receiving device, transmitting device and transmitting/receiving system: According to one embodiment, an electronic device including an image signal output module, a display, a lighting module, a driving module, and a shutter controller configured to control a timing of opening a first shutter which makes the first image viewable and a second shutter which makes the second image... Agent:

20150109426 - Glassless stereoscopic image display apparatus and method for operating the same: A glassless stereoscopic image display apparatus and a method for operating the same are disclosed. The provision of a glassless stereoscopic image display apparatus included a display, a lens unit disposed in front of the display to separate multi-view images to be displayed on the display according to direction, and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150109427 - Surgical imaging systems: Systems, methods and devices are provided for illuminating tissue with monochromatic or broadband light and imaging light that has been reflected back from the tissue. Imaging may be white-light imaging or hyperspectral imaging. The system can be a stand-alone hyperspectral imaging system, integrated as part of an external video scope,... Agent:

20150109428 - System and method for facial recognition: A user verification system employs forward and rearward facing imaging devices on a mobile communication device. An image is displayed on the display of a computing device from which a user wishes to access computer services. The user captures the displayed image with one of the imaging devices on the... Agent: Mobilesphere Holdings Ii LLC

20150109429 - Driver condition detecting device and driver condition informing device: Disclosed is a driver condition detecting device and a driver condition informing device detecting inattentive or incursive driving by movements of a head and eyeball of a driver during driving. The CPU, when the head and the eyeball of the driver are determined as not facing forward, and neither the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150109430 - Digital imaging system for biopsy inspection: A self-illuminating microscope slide with a biopsy specimen disposed thereon comprises LEDs on the ends of the slide to illuminate the specimen through total internal reflection. A camera device captures a single digital image of the entire specimen in high resolution and large field of view encompassing the specimen.... Agent:

20150109432 - Scanner with increased dynamic range: An instrument and method for scanning all or part of a large specimen mounted on a specimen holder takes a plurality of measurements of each pixel in the whole or part of the specimen being scanned at a plurality of exposure values. A computer controls the movement of the specimen... Agent: Huron Technologies International Inc.

20150109431 - Systems and methods for material texture analysis: The present inventions are related to systems and methods for determining characteristics of a material. The characteristics may include, but are not limited to, crystallographic texture.... Agent:

20150109433 - Optical element: The present invention relates to an optical element for use in a camera system for the inspection of passageways, a camera system for the inspection of passageways and a method of illuminating a passageway during inspection with a camera. An optical element for use in a camera system for the... Agent:

20150109435 - Inspection apparatus: When a size of a block on a wafer is equal to or smaller than an optical resolution of imaging optics, room for improvement in a signal-to-noise ratio has not been sufficiently considered in a conventional technique. One feature of the defect determination of the present invention is to include... Agent:

20150109434 - Inspection device and image capture element: An imaging device includes multiple sensor pixels that are arranged in a predetermined direction, each sensor pixel having multiple sensor pixel borders defining an outer edge part of the sensor pixel, among which at least one of a pair of sensor pixel borders that are opposed in the arrangement direction... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150109441 - Baby monitoring camera: A system for wirelessly monitoring a remote location is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the system includes a camera, a base, and an external device. The camera includes a lens, one or more infrared (IR) sources, a status indicator, a microphone, a wireless network interface controller that connects to a... Agent: Fuhu, Inc.

20150109439 - Digital activity center for pets: In an aspect, a system includes a touch-sensitive surface and a camera mounted to be movable relative to the touch-sensitive surface to acquire an image of an animal interacting with the touch-sensitive surface. The system includes a processor coupled to a memory, the processor and memory configured to cause each... Agent: Forget You Not, LLC

20150109440 - Information processing system capable of automatically configuring settings for functional cooperation between apparatuses, image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium: An information processing system that automatically configures settings for functional cooperation between an information processing apparatus and an image pickup apparatus. The information processing system includes a network camera and an MFP configured to receive predetermined information from the camera. A CPU of the camera sends the predetermined information to... Agent:

20150109438 - Management method for network system and network device, network device and control method therefor, and management system: A log is recorded when an event occurs in an image forming apparatus, a video file recorded by a network camera is tagged at the point in time that the event occurred, and video tag information tagged to the recorded video file is registered in relation to a device serial... Agent:

20150109437 - Method for controlling surveillance camera and system thereof: Disclosed is a method for controlling a surveillance camera, wherein the surveillance camera is remotely controlled by a mobile device, the method comprising: enabling the mobile device to perform an operational motion; and enabling a camera lens of the surveillance camera to perform an operational action corresponding to the operational... Agent: Amaryllo International, Inc.

20150109436 - Smart dual-view high-definition video surveillance system: The present invention presents a smart dual-view video surveillance system, which carries a smart live-view video and a dedicated recording-view video from each camera to the video recorder. The smart live-view video only carries video data for the visible displayed pixels in its displaying video window and is dedicated for... Agent: Safeciety LLC

20150109442 - Video monitoring system: A monitoring system includes cameras adapted to capture images and depth data of the images. A computer device processes the image signals and depth data from the cameras according to various software modules that monitor one or more of the following: (a) compliance with patient care protocols; (b) patient activity;... Agent:

20150109450 - Apparatus, systems and methods for monitoring vehicular activity: Apparatuses, systems and methods monitor vehicular activity. Specifically, the apparatuses, systems, and methods of the present disclosure provide a plurality of sensors and devices for monitoring a vehicle while the vehicle is in use, including but not limited to, impact sensors, cameras, recording devices, and other like devices. Even more... Agent:

20150109445 - Camera arrangement for a vehicle and method for calibrating a camera and for operating a camera arrangement: The invention relates to a camera arrangement for a vehicle, comprising a camera (12), wherein by means of the camera arrangement a brightness of the surroundings of the camera is determinable. The camera arrangement comprises a storage device (38) in which is stored at least one brightness reference value (34)... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20150109443 - Color harmony verification system: A system for non-contact color harmony analysis is provided. The system may include an image acquisition system and an image analysis system. One or more cameras may take images of two regions of an object (e.g., a vehicle). The images may be transferred to the image analysis system, which may... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150109447 - In-vehicle camera: In an in-vehicle camera 1, when an in-vehicle camera body 5 is hooked on a hook portion 33 of a bracket 3 attached to a windshield, a leaf spring 34 presses the in-vehicle camera body 5 against the bracket 3 to fix the in-vehicle camera body to the bracket 3.... Agent:

20150109448 - Method and apparatus to transmit video data: A video system includes at least one video subsystem including a video source coupled to a mobile platform. The video source is configured to capture and transmit video data. A video processing system is configured to receive transmission of the video data from the video subsystem at a plurality of... Agent:

20150109446 - Vehicle monitoring device, vehicle monitoring system, terminal device, and vehicle monitoring method: A vehicle monitoring system is basically provided with a control device, a communication device and an external terminal device. The control device performs a monitoring-image-forming function in which a single monitoring image is formed from captured images taken by a plurality of vehicle cameras. The control device also performs a... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150109449 - Vehicular lamp with a built-in camera: A vehicular lamp includes a light source that illuminates a vehicle periphery; a camera that images the vehicle periphery; and a shield structure configured to protect an image from the camera from light of the light source. The shield structure may include a shield ring configured to shield a light... Agent:

20150109444 - Vision-based object sensing and highlighting in vehicle image display systems: A method of displaying a captured image on a display device of a driven vehicle. A scene exterior of the driven vehicle is captured by an at least one vision-based imaging and at least one sensing device. A time-to-collision is determined for each object detected. A comprehensive time-to-collision is determined... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150109451 - Automated object recognition kiosk for retail checkouts: A system, method, and apparatus for automated object recognition and checkout at a retail kiosk is provided. The system includes a controller configured with a processor and a memory to control operations of the automated retail checkout system. The system further includes an imaging device in communication with the controller... Agent: Mashgin Inc.

20150109452 - Display image formation device and display image formation method: Provided is a display image formation device with which it is possible to designate in an intuitive manner a location which the user wishes to see when multiple panoramic images obtained by multiple panoramic cameras exist, and with which the image for a designated site can be displayed in a... Agent:

20150109453 - Network system and device management method: When a device management server requests obtainment of recorded video at the time of an error in an image forming apparatus, a device management client confirms that there is a request for obtainment of recorded video, and makes a request for desired recorded video to a camera management server. The... Agent:

20150109455 - Ambient light sensor and adjusting method thereof, and electronic product: A method for adjusting an ambient light sensor includes: acquiring a color temperature of light received by the ambient light sensor; and adjusting an output light intensity of the ambient light sensor according to the color temperature to enable output light intensities of the ambient light sensor to be consistent... Agent:

20150109454 - Facilitating analysis and interpretation of associated visible light and infrared (ir) image information: There is provided for an embodiment a method for enabling improved analysis and interpretation of associated image data in an infrared (IR) image and a visible light (VL) image depicting a real world scene, captured using a thermography arrangement comprising an IR imaging system and a VL imaging system, the... Agent:

20150109456 - Tir imaging lens, image capturing system having the same, and associated methods: A method of manufacturing lenses includes creating a wafer-level master, overmolding the wafer-level master to form a daughter replica, casting a polymer lens shapes onto a wafer using the daughter replica, transferring the polymer lens shapes into the wafer, and singulating the wafer to create individual dies with a lens... Agent:

20150109457 - Multiple means of framing a subject: A system for tracking a cinematography target can comprise an emitter configured to attach to a target and to emit a tracking signal. A tracker can be configured to receive the tracking signal from the emitter and to track the emitter based upon the received tracking signal. The tracker can... Agent:

20150109458 - Method of registrating a camera of a surgical navigation system for an augmented reality: A method of registering a camera of a surgical navigation system for an augmented reality which realizes an augmented reality with lowered error range is disclosed. The method of registering the camera of the surgical navigation system for the augmented reality enables single person to do the work by calculating... Agent:

20150109459 - Automated quality control of audio-video media: In an audio-video process chain where measurements are taken between process stages, each measurement is converted to a threshold confidence by normalizing where required and comparing with a threshold value of acceptability taking into account the latitude of acceptability associated with that threshold and an error function relating to the... Agent:

20150109460 - Image display system, method for controlling image display system, image display device and method for controlling image display device: An image display system comprises an image output device configured to output an image signal that matches a plurality of types of image display devices; and a simulation display device that is an image display device having a function of emulating any of characteristics of the plurality of types of... Agent:

20150109461 - Automated testing of media devices: A device testing capability is presented herein. The device testing capability supports automated testing of media devices (e.g., cameras, microphones, speakers, or the like) for verifying that the media devices are functioning properly. The device testing capability may support automated verification by an endpoint that one or more media devices... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150109462 - Checking closed caption consistency in transport stream in real/deferred time: A machine includes an input port to receive closed caption information, which can be decoded from a transport stream. A calculator calculates a bit rate for the closed caption information. The calculated bit rate for the closed caption information can then be output. An alert can also be generated if... Agent:

20150109464 - Apparatus for and method of managing image files by using thumbnail images: Provided are apparatuses and methods for managing an image file by using a thumbnail image. The method includes: sharing the image file stored in a first apparatus with a second apparatus; determining whether the image file stored in the first apparatus is shared with the second apparatus or not; and... Agent:

20150109463 - Method and system for generating modified display data: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a method and system for generating modified display data. One embodiment takes the form of a method, carried out by a display controller, that includes receiving display data having defined therein one or more received-display-data regions of respective pre-defined color values, and further includes generating... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150109465 - Information processing system linking information processing apparatus with image pickup apparatus, information processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor: An information processing apparatus that is capable of automatically performing setting for monitoring the information processing apparatus by an image pickup apparatus. The information processing apparatus is equipped with a display unit. A special pattern display unit displays a predetermined special pattern on the display unit. A reception unit receives... Agent:

20150109467 - Camera and method of controlling operation of same: It is arranged so that a camera user can recognize presence of camera shake in a case where the user is looking at a subject through an optical viewfinder. A portion of the image of a subject captured by a solid-state electronic image sensing device is displayed in an electronic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109466 - Video creation device and video creation method: An image creation device includes an acquisition unit that acquires an image to be processed, a region information acquisition unit that acquires region information specifying an object region where an object to be processed is shown in the image to be processed, a setting unit that sets a fixed control... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150109468 - Image capture control methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for controlling the read out of rows of pixel values from sensors corresponding to different optical chains used to capture portions of the same image area are described. The readout is controlled based on user input and/or determinations with regard to the rate of motion in captured... Agent:

20150109469 - Camera module: A camera module according to an embodiment of the present invention may include a first Printed Circuit Board (PCB) configured to have an image sensor mounted thereon; a housing unit disposed over the first PCB; a holder module spaced apart from a bottom surface within the housing unit at a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150109470 - Pan-tilt-zoom device identification method, pan-tilt-zoom device, camera, and pan-tilt-zoom device control system: A pan-tilt-zoom device identification method, a pan-tilt-zoom device, a camera, and a pan-tilt-zoom device control system are provided. The corresponding method includes, when a pan-tilt-zoom device finds that a device connects to a predetermined interface, sending a keep-alive command to the connecting device, where the keep-alive command includes pan-tilt-zoom device... Agent:

20150109471 - Imaging apparatus and accessory, and method and system of the same, and medium: An imaging apparatus to which an accessory is detachably attached includes an imaging unit configured to convert an object image into an electrical signal, a signal generation unit configured to generate a vertical synchronizing signal that is synchronized with a timing of exposure of the imaging unit and output the... Agent:

20150109472 - Device and method for photo and video capture: A single user input element in an image capture device is used for both photo and video capture. Based on a first user interface activity, a timing reference is engaged at a first reference time. In a first case, photo capture is performed. In the first case, a second reference... Agent: Bigfoot Internet Ventures Pte. Ltd.

20150109474 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: In order to precisely identify a class relating to classification of an object at each of regions of an image, an image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire image capturing information when the object has been captured, an estimation unit configured to estimate distribution relating to a... Agent:

20150109475 - Mobile electronic device with a rotatable camera: A mobile electronic device comprising a processor configured to control the operation of said mobile electronic device, and a front-facing display screen coupled to said processor and arranged on a front side of said mobile electronic device. Also the mobile electronic device comprises a mechanically rotatable camera, said camera being... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150109473 - Programming a camera sensor: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a method for performing camera startup operations substantially in parallel. The method includes programming graphics hardware to perform one or more processing functions for a camera. The method also includes allocating resources for one or more camera operations. The method also includes... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150109476 - Row by row adjustable focal plane array for hyperspectral imagers: An imaging device and method of imaging an object is disclosed. The device includes a two-dimensional focal plane including a plurality of rows of pixels. The pixel is configured to measure an intensity of light directed onto the pixel using a gain parameter. A gain adjuster adjusts the gain parameter... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150109477 - Automatic generation of metadata for a digital image based on meterological conditions: A method and system is provided for automatically generating metadata for a digital image based on meteorological conditions. Aspects of the preferred embodiment include determining a plurality of meteorological conditions associated with a location of a subject of the digital image captured with a mobile image capture device even when... Agent:

20150109478 - Determining an image capture payload burst structure based on a metering image capture sweep: A first plurality of images of a scene may be captured. Each image of the first plurality of images may be captured with a different total exposure time (TET). Based at least on the first plurality of images, a TET sequence may be determined for capturing images of the scene.... Agent:

20150109479 - Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor: An image capturing apparatus comprising: an image sensor controlled at different readout intervals in a plurality of different regions; a selection unit configured to select one of a first image signal read out from a first region and a second image signal read out from a second region that is... Agent:

20150109480 - Augmented reality system and method using a single marker: An augmented reality system includes a plurality of mobile devices. Each mobile device includes: an image capturing unit capturing a real image of a target marker to generate a captured image; a storage unit storing a reference image of the target marker, an individual virtual object and a plurality of... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150109481 - Computer-readable recording medium recording information processing program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method: An example information processing apparatus includes: an image acquiring unit that acquires a captured image of a real space; a feature detecting unit that detects a feature from the captured image; a determining unit that determines a virtual object, or, a virtual object and an aspect of the virtual object... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20150109483 - Image processing apparatus, control method, and recording medium: An image processing apparatus detects a focus state of obtained LF data, and changes methods for recording the LF data, depending on the focus state. At this time, the image processing apparatus records a reconstructed image generated from the LF data without recording the LF data when the focus state... Agent:

20150109482 - Methods and apparatus for capturing images using optical chains and/or for using captured images: Methods and apparatus relating to image capture of image portions using optical chains with non-parallel optical axis are described. In some embodiments different portions of a scene area of interest captured by different optical chains operating in parallel are combined. The use of multiple optical chains in parallel facilitates generation... Agent:

20150109485 - Zoom lens and image pickup device: A first lens group includes a plano-concave and negative first lens, a catoptric element having a flat object side surface and a flat image side surface, and a first cemented lens, for example. Here, the first cemented lens includes a negative second lens and a positive third lens in order... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150109484 - Zoom related methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for performing zoom in and zoom out operations are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.... Agent:

20150109489 - Computational imaging using variable optical transfer function: In selected embodiments, improved image restoration is realized using extensions of Wiener filtering combined with multiple image captures acquired after simple, fast reconfigurations of an optical imaging system. These reconfigurations may yield distinct OTF responses for each capture. The optical imaging system may reduce fabrication cost, power consumption, and/or system... Agent: Ziva Corporation

20150109486 - Filtering extraneous image data in camera systems: In one embodiment of the present invention a camera system includes a frame screener that configures an image signal processor (ISP) to ignore pixel data that does not contribute to image quality. For each image frame, the frame screener processes packets of pixel data. If the pixel data included in... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150109488 - Frame manipulation to reduce rolling shutter artifacts: An image sensor of a camera system captures an image over an image capture interval of time, and waits a blanking interval of time before capturing an additional image. The captured image is provided to a frame controller, and is buffered until an image signal processor accesses the captured image.... Agent:

20150109487 - Image correction method and apparatus for visually impaired person: Disclosed are an image correction method and apparatus for a visually impaired person, which are capable of dividing, enlarging, and photographing a subject to be photographed, correcting images photographed in a divided state, and providing one image. The image correction method includes: a dividing process of dividing a subject to... Agent: Hims Internatonal Corp.

20150109490 - Solid-state imaging device: According to one embodiment, a streaking correction unit corrects a pixel signal read from an effective pixel portion to reduce streaking in the effective pixel portion on the basis of an evaluation result of a pixel signal read from a vertical light shielded pixel portion and a pixel signal read... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150109491 - Color imaging element and imaging device: In the color imaging element, a basic array pattern is repeatedly placed in a first direction and in a second direction, the basic array pattern includes two sets of patterns each including a first pattern corresponding to 2×2 pixels composed of first filters, a second pattern corresponding to 1×2 pixels... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109492 - Color imaging element and imaging device: According to a color imaging element and an imaging device of the present invention, it is possible to simplify processing in a subsequent stage compared to the case of a random array, improve reproduction precision of de-mosaic processing in a high frequency range, facilitate de-mosaic processing as a result of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109493 - Color imaging element and imaging device: A color filter array of a color imaging element is formed with a basic array pattern repeatedly disposed in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction. The basic array pattern is formed with RGB filters arrayed in an array pattern corresponding to 5×5 pixels in the horizontal direction and the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109494 - Color imaging element and imaging device: A color filter array of a color imaging element includes a basic array pattern P of 4×4 pixels in which RGB filters corresponding to red (R), green (G) and blue (B) are arrayed, this basic array pattern P is repeatedly disposed in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction, a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109495 - Color imaging element and imaging device: A color filter array is configured with a 3×3 basic array pattern repeatedly disposed in a horizontal and a vertical direction. The basic array pattern is configured with a G filter array formed by disposing a G filter in the horizontal direction, and first and the second RGB filter arrays... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109496 - Solid-state imaging device, method for processing signal of solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a color filter unit disposed on a pixel array unit including pixels two-dimensionally arranged in a matrix and a conversion processing unit disposed on a substrate having the pixel array unit thereon. The color filter unit has a color arrangement in which a color serving... Agent:

20150109497 - Color imaging element and imaging device: The color imaging element and the imaging device according to the present invention can improve reproduction precision of demosaicing processing in a high frequency region and suppress aliasing. Further, the color imaging element can achieve high resolution by reducing occurrence of color moire (false color). Furthermore, the color imaging element... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109498 - Imaging device, and image processing method: According to the present invention, the first and second phase difference pixels are arranged on the pixel lines in the first direction in the color image that is thinned during imaging of a moving image including that for live view display. Therefore, even during moving image taking, phase difference AF... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109499 - Solid-state image sensor and camera system: Provided is a solid-state image sensor including a pixel array portion formed from a two-dimensional array of ordinary imaging pixels each having a photoelectric conversion unit and configured to output an electric signal obtained through photoelectric conversion as a pixel signal, and focus detection pixels for detecting focus. The focus... Agent:

20150109500 - Image sensor including spread spectrum charge pump: A method of reducing harmonic tones of noise in an image sensor includes generating a system clock and generating a random clock in response to the system clock. A charge pump is clocked with the random clock to generate a boosted voltage. The boosted voltage is provided to a pixel... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20150109501 - Solid-state imaging apparatus, method for manufacturing the same, and camera: A back-side illumination solid-state imaging apparatus, comprising a light-shielding member including a plurality of openings, and a plurality of pixels corresponding to the plurality of openings, wherein each pixel includes a photoelectric conversion portion, a microlens and an inner lens, the inner lens of a first pixel of an Mth... Agent:

20150109502 - Solid-state imaging device and camera system: A solid-state imaging device includes: a pixel section wherein pixels including photoelectric conversion devices are arranged in a matrix; and a pixel driving section including a row selection circuit which controls the pixels to perform an electronic shutter operation and readout of the pixel section. The row selection circuit has... Agent:

20150109503 - Solid-state imaging device: A solid-state imaging device according to the present disclosure includes pixels arranged two-dimensionally, each of the pixels including: a metal electrode; a photoelectric conversion layer that is on the metal electrode and converts light into an electrical signal; a transparent electrode on the photoelectric conversion layer; an electric charge accumulation... Agent:

20150109504 - Image capturing apparatus, solid-state image sensor, and camera: An image capturing apparatus includes a solid-state image sensor, a support member for the sensor, and electrically conductive members. The conductive members are electrically connected to the sensor, attached to support member, and arranged in a direction along one side of the sensor. The sensor is configured to receive a... Agent:

20150109505 - Image sensor, image sensing device, camera, and method of driving image sensing device: An image sensor includes a semiconductor chip and a package covering the semiconductor chip. The semiconductor chip includes a pixel portion including a plurality of pixels, a memory, a readout unit configured to write, in the memory, a signal corresponding to a signal from the pixel portion, an output unit... Agent:

20150109506 - Solid-state image sensing device: A CMOS image sensor used as a solid-state image sensing device includes a pixel circuit for outputting a voltage of a level corresponding to the illuminance, and an A/D converter for converting an output voltage of the pixel circuit into a digital signal. The resolution on the low illuminance side... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150109507 - Image presentation method and apparatus, and terminal: A preview image presentation method and apparatus, and a terminal are provided. The method includes acquiring, by a terminal, an image captured by a camera; and presenting, on a screen of the terminal, a first preview image and a second preview image that are generated according to the image, where... Agent:

20150109509 - Augmented image display using a camera and a position and orientation sensor unit: An augmented image is generated by capturing a visual image of a site with a digital camera, generating a virtual image or associated information from a digital model of the site, and superimposing the virtual image or associated information on the visual image. To register the digital model with the... Agent: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

20150109510 - Camera and method of controlling operation of same: It is arranged so that a user looking at an optical viewfinder and manipulating an operating member of a camera can ascertain which operating member is being manipulated. An optical image of a subject is displayed in the optical viewfinder. Operating members of the camera, which include a shutter-speed dial,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150109508 - Method and apparatus for generating a media capture request using camera pose information: An approach is provided for processing of at least one preview image presented at at least one device to cause, at least in part, an extraction of camera pose information associated with the at least one preview image. The approach also involves determining one or more movement interactions of the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150109511 - Camera-based orientation fix from portrait to landscape: A portable electronic device includes a camera and a display switchable between a portrait mode and a landscape mode in response to an inertial sensor. When it is determined that the display mode should be switched in response to movement of the device, a feature of a user of the... Agent:

20150109512 - Image capturing apparatus and focusing method thereof: In the image capturing apparatus, the optical path difference producing member is disposed on the second optical path. Thereby, it is possible to suppress the amount of light when an optical image which is focused at the front of an optical image made incident into the first imaging device (front... Agent:

20150109516 - Focus adjustment apparatus, focus adjustment method and program, and image pickup apparatus: An image pickup apparatus arranged to perform a focus adjustment by moving a focus lens based on an image pickup signal, parallelly reading out the image pickup signal obtained in a period set by a timing signal for setting a first exposure period and the image pickup signal obtained in... Agent:

20150109514 - Image pickup apparatus, depth information acquisition method and program: Depth information of an object is determined on the basis of a difference in blur between a first image captured at a first focusing position and a second image captured at a second focusing position. A focus movement amount which is a difference between the first focusing position and the... Agent:

20150109515 - Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup element configured to photoelectrically convert an optical image, an image processing unit configured to generate an image based on image signals acquired from a first region and a second region of the image pickup element, a focus detection unit configured to perform... Agent:

20150109517 - Method and apparatus for focusing on subject in digital image processing device: An method and apparatus focus on a subject in a digital image processing device, the apparatus including a digital signal processor (DSP) for focusing on a subject based on an eye detected from a face of a subject having a greater ratio than a predetermined ratio in a picture.... Agent:

20150109513 - Systems, methods, and media for providing interactive refocusing in images: Systems, methods, and media for providing interactive refocusing are provided, the systems comprising: a lens; an image sensor; and a processor that: causes the image sensor to capture a plurality of images over a predetermined, period of time, wherein each of the plurality of images represents a scene at a... Agent: The Trustees Of Collumbia University In The City York

20150109518 - Detection apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and control method of the detection apparatus: A detection apparatus configured to detect a focus state based on an output signal from an image pickup element capable of outputting an image pickup signal and a phase-difference detection signal includes, a first calculation unit configured to calculate information related to a first phase difference based on the phase-difference... Agent:

20150109520 - Image capturing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An image capturing apparatus includes: an imaging element; a main lens that condenses light from a subject toward the imaging element; a micro lens array that is configured by a plurality kinds of micro lenses with different focal lengths that is disposed between the imaging element and the main lens... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150109519 - Single focal length lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same: A single focal length lens system includes a front lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a rear lens unit. The front lens unit includes a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, and a third lens unit having... Agent:

20150109521 - Camera body and interchangeable lens: A camera body at which an interchangeable lens, holding a plurality of sets of optical characteristics data, each expressing specific optical characteristics in one of a plurality of representation formats, can be detachably mounted, includes: an identification information reception unit that receives lens-side identification information from the interchangeable lens, which... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150109522 - Imaging apparatus and its control method and program: The imaging apparatus has: a first exposure mode in which an exposure condition is determined based on pixel data generated by photoelectrically converting, by a plurality of pixels, light rays entering through a pupil division unit, a state of vignetting of the photographing optical system is determined based on information... Agent:

20150109523 - Focal-plane shutter for camera and digital camera equipped therewith: A focal plane shutter is provided with a switching mechanism having an electromagnet and a stopping member. The stopping member is provided with an engaging portion able to lock an engagement portion provided in a first driving member for a leading edge, and an operating portion wherein a direction of... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20150109524 - Methods and apparatus for implementing and/or using a camera device: Methods and apparatus for implementing a camera having a depth which is less than the maximum length of the outer lens of at least one optical chain of the camera are described. In some embodiments a light redirection device, e.g., a mirror, is used to allow a relatively long optical... Agent:

20150109525 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus comprising an acquisition unit configured to acquire an image, a detection unit configured to detect each object region from the image acquired by the acquisition unit a luminance distribution calculation unit configured to calculate a luminance distribution for each object region detected by the detection unit,... Agent:

20150109526 - Camera module: Embodiments of the invention provide a camera module including a lens barrel part in which a plurality of lenses are stacked, a housing having the lens barrel part disposed therein, and an infrared (IR)-cut filter provided in the housing and disposed at a lower portion of the lens barrel part.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150109527 - Wand for a wearable electronic device: A wand and a portable electronic device. The wand includes a flexible substrate having a flat and a curled state and a mount attachable to a portable electronic device. The portable electronic device includes a mount attachable to the substrate. The substrate can enable the portable electronic device to become... Agent:

20150109528 - Apparatus and method for providing motion haptic effect using video analysis: Provided are an apparatus and method for providing a motion haptic effect using video analysis. The apparatus includes a camera viewpoint classifier configured to analyze the camera viewpoint of an input video and classify the input video as a first-person viewpoint video or a third-person viewpoint video, a first-person viewpoint... Agent:

20150109529 - Method and system of playing real time online video at variable speed: The present disclosure provides a method and a system of playing online video at a speed variable in real time, the method comprising: receiving multimedia source file chosen by the user; reading out the multimedia source file; separating audio stream and video stream from the multimedia source file; decoding the... Agent:

20150109530 - Low latency and low complexity phase shift network: A high performance, low complexity phase shift network may be created with one or more non-first-order all-pass recursive filters that are built on top of a plurality of first-order and/or second-order all-pass recursive filters and/or delay lines. A target time delay, whether large or small, may be specified as a... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150109531 - Clock transfer circuit, video processing system, and semiconductor integrated circuit: A clock transfer circuit receives input data synchronized with a first clock, and outputs, as output data, data synchronized with a second clock having a frequency different from that of the first clock. A write address controller is operating according to the first clock, and provides a write address to... Agent:

20150109532 - Customizing mobile media captioning based on mobile media rendering: A processing device determines a rendering mode for a media item being presented in a user interface on a mobile device. The rendering mode is one of multiple rendering modes. The processing device determines a set of captioning parameters that corresponds to the rendering mode of the media item and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150109533 - Projection type display device and method for producing recorded images: A projection type display device includes projection means that projects an input image, representing an object on a background and that corresponds to an input video signal, onto a projection surface on which a user writes information, and processing means that, upon receiving a photographing instruction, stops projection by the... Agent: Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.

20150109535 - Control module of multimedia device and method for controlling multimedia device to generate image data required by display module: A control module of a multimedia device for generating display data required by a display module is provided. The control module includes: a signal receiving and analyzing unit, configured to receive a first signal to accordingly generate a pre-boot command, and to receive a second signal to accordingly generate a... Agent:

20150109534 - Transparent parametric transducer and related methods: A transparent ultrasonic audio speaker includes an emitter and a driver. The emitter can include first and second transparent conductive sheets. The conductive sheets can comprise a base layer and a conductive layer, and can be transparent. The transparent ultrasonic audio speaker can be configured to be positioned on or... Agent: Parametric Sound Corporation

20150109536 - Display apparatus and display method using the same: An aspect of the present invention provides a display apparatus, includes a plurality of projectors, at least one aspherical mirror, at least one image capture device, and an image correction system. Each of the projectors is configured to provide a sub image. The sub images are projected onto a screen... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20150109537 - Video projector: The invention relates to the field of optoelectronics, and may be used in devices and of visualization, displaying, storage and processing of information, in particular in projection displays, etc. Video projector consists of a liquid crystal micro display based on structure FLCoS, and an optical unit of reading the information... Agent:

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