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09/04/2014 > 82 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20140247318 - System and method for initiating a video conferencing through a streaming device: The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for initiating by a remote user a video conference through a streaming device of a first user. One embodiment is a computer-implemented method that includes the steps of activating the streaming device; granting the remote user access to a... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20140247319 - Controlling an electronic conference based on detection of intended versus unintended sound: A technique manages an electronic conference. The technique involves receiving a set of audio signals from a set of participants of the electronic conference, each audio signal being received from a respective participant. The technique further involves categorizing the set of audio signals received from the set of participants, each... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20140247322 - In-call command control: Systems and methods are described that provide both a network-based, e.g., cloud-based, and apparatus based in-call command control for dynamically performing user commands such as voice commands or gesture commands. The result allows for hands free operation of a calling system including one where the user is located separate from... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140247321 - Methods and system for simulated 3d videoconferencing: A system and method for manipulating images in a videoconferencing session provides users with a 3-D-like view of one or more presented sites, without the need for 3-D equipment. A plurality of cameras may record a room at a transmitting endpoint, and the receiving endpoint may select one of the... Agent: Polycom, Inc.

20140247320 - Video conference virtual endpoints: A method and a device providing one virtual endpoint dedicated to serve one particular real endpoint, and the virtual endpoint is typically installed on a server in the same local network as the associated real endpoint, where an MCU or a fraction of a distributed MCCJ also is installed. In... Agent: Pexip As

20140247324 - All weather camera system and methods for control thereof: An all-weather, remote camera system includes a camera housing and other components, such as a network connection, that allows the system to be placed in locations for capturing images over periods of time. The camera system includes a megapixel camera linked to a device server and image storage device to... Agent: Earthcam, Inc.

20140247323 - Wide area imaging system and method: The present invention provides a new and useful paradigm in wide area imaging, in which wide area imaging is provided by a step/dwell/image capture process and system to capture images and produce from the captured images a wide area image. The image capture is by a sensor that has a... Agent: Strongwatch Corporation

20140247325 - Guided image capture: Examples are disclosed for determining a suggested camera pose or suggested camera settings for a user to capture one or more images. In some examples, the suggested camera pose or suggested camera settings may be based on an indication of the user's interest and gathered information associated with the user's... Agent:

20140247327 - Image processing device, method, and recording medium therefor: An image processing device comprising a representative parallax acquisition unit, a scene separation unit to separate the stereoscopic video into multiple scenes when a parallax width does not comply with an allowable parallax width, a parallax adjustment unit to decide whether a scene parallax width complies with the allowable parallax... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140247326 - Method and system for alignment of a pattern on a spatial coded slide image: A method for preparing a spatial coded slide image in which a pattern of the spatial coded slide image is aligned along epipolar lines at an output of a projector in a system for 3D measurement, comprising: obtaining distortion vectors for projector coordinates, each vector representing a distortion from predicted... Agent: Creaform Inc.

20140247328 - Terrain visualization for a vehicle and vehicle driver: A visualization technique for a vehicle and a vehicle driver combines a forward facing video camera and a forward facing time of flight camera. The outputs of the camera are combined to provide the vehicle driver with an augmented reality display, whereby topographical features can be identified in relation to... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140247329 - Image processing device, stereoscopic image display apparatus, image processing method and image processing program: According to an embodiment, there is provided an image processing device that displays a stereoscopic image on a display device having a panel and an optical aperture, including: a parallax image acquiring unit, a viewer position acquiring unit and an image generating unit. The parallax image acquiring unit acquires at... Agent:

20140247330 - Local multi view image display apparatus and method: A local multi-view image display apparatus and method is provided. The local multi-view image display method may track a location of an observer, and locally display a multi-view input image on the tracked location.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140247331 - Eyewear to alleviate effects of macular degeneration: A system includes human-wearable eyewear that utilizes an imager in communication with displays via a microprocessor to transform the central pixels of an image into a ring shaped image that may be presented on the displays. Patients with macular degeneration may be enabled to visualize the central pixels of an... Agent:

20140247333 - Endoscope and method for manufacturing the same: An endoscope includes an objective optical system fixed in an observation window provided in a distal end portion main body of the endoscope, an imaging optical system configured to form an image of light incident via the objective optical system and to cause the light to be incident on an... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140247332 - Image sensor calibration: A method of calibrating an image sensor may include detecting a response from a pixel of the image sensor as a result of light having an intensity impinging on the pixel, and measuring the actual standard deviation of the response of the pixel at the intensity of light. The method... Agent: Boston Scientfic Scimed. Inc.

20140247335 - Fall detection and reporting technology: Fall detection and reporting technology, in which output from at least one sensor configured to sense, in a room of a building, activity associated with a patient falling is monitored and a determination is made to capture one or more images of the room based on the monitoring. An image... Agent: Incorporated

20140247336 - Medical tracking system comprising multi-functional sensor device: The present invention relates to a medical tracking system comprising at least one sensor device which can be positioned in a fixed position relative to a target, the sensor device comprising a marker device and a marker device detector, the marker device detector being capable of obtaining information for determining... Agent:

20140247334 - System and method for using a video monitoring system to prevent and manage decubitus ulcers in patients: A video monitoring system captures image frames of a patient in various positions. The captured image frames are analyzed by the system for changes in a patient's position or movement, frames in which the system detects one or both of patient movement and repositioning are retained. The system analyzes an... Agent: Careview Communications, Inc.

20140247337 - Microscope apparatus: Unnecessary degradation of a light detector is prevented. Provided is a microscope apparatus (100) including: a scanner (5) that that performs scanning of illumination light emitted from a light source (3) on a specimen in two directions intersecting each other; an objective lens (7) that collects fluorescence produced in the... Agent:

20140247338 - Nozzle-mounted camera system and method: A spray nozzle with a camera comprising: (a) a nozzle having an adapter for attaching a hose and one or more jets; and (b) a camera operatively connected to said nozzle, said camera comprising at least: (i) a water-proof housing having a transparent window on one end of said housing,... Agent: Envirosight LLC

20140247339 - Filtered smoking article inspection system, and associated method: An inspection system and associated method are provided for inspecting a smoking article having a smokable rod and a filter element serially secured together by a tipping material circumscribing a longitudinal periphery of the filter element and a portion of a longitudinal periphery of the smokable rod adjacent to the... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20140247340 - Test management: Computing resource and mobile test reader are disclosed. Computing resource receives from external entity related to test at least one parameter relating to test result generation of test belonging to certain manufacturing batch, and transmits at least one parameter to at least one mobile test reader. Mobile test reader receives... Agent: Istoc Oy

20140247341 - Avionic display testing system: A method and apparatus for testing a number of display devices. Images displayed on the number of display devices are received by a computer system for a platform during a performance of a number of tests at a number of test locations for the platform. A portion of the images... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140247343 - Method and apparatus for sensing and displaying information: A method and apparatus may capture an image of a second person with a camera on a frame worn by a user, transmit the image to a second device, receive a recommendation for the user to interact with the second person in response to a behavior of the second person,... Agent:

20140247342 - Photographer's tour guidance systems: Photographer's tour guidance systems are formed about a computer-based processor made responsive to location, position and orientation, time-of-day, manual user inputs, among others to provide photo exposure suggestions based upon. information stored as photo tour definitions. In espouse to user requests and sometimes in combination with present conditions such as... Agent: Geovector Corp.

20140247344 - Corresponding point search device and distance measurement device: A corresponding point search device includes an acquiring unit, a search unit and a determination unit. The acquiring unit acquires a first image obtained by imaging a subject with a first imaging apparatus in a focused state in which the first imaging apparatus is focused on the subject by moving... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140247345 - System and method for photographing moving subject by means of multiple cameras, and acquiring actual movement trajectory of subject based on photographed images: The present invention relates to a system and method for photographing a moving subject by means of multiple cameras, and acquiring the actual movement trajectory of the subject on the basis of the photographed image. One embodiment of the present invention provides a method for acquiring the movement trajectory of... Agent: Creatz Inc.

20140247346 - Approaches for device location and communication: An electronic device can utilize image capture technology to detect the presence and location of another device. Using this information, the electronic device can display, in a user interface, a graphical element representing a detected device, along with identity information and the location of the detected device relative to the... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140247347 - Methods and apparatus for video based process monitoring and control: Methods and apparatus for video based process monitoring and control are disclosed. An example method for monitoring a process having at least one state includes obtaining a first set of images of the process and identifying from the first set of images at least one reference image that corresponds to... Agent:

20140247357 - Attached matter detector, and attached matter detection method: An attached matter detector includes: a light source that emits light to a transparent member; imaging device that receives light emitted from the light source and reflected by an attached matter on the transparent member, and consecutively images an image of the attached matter at a predetermined imaging frequency; and... Agent:

20140247354 - Calibration system and method for multi-camera vision system: A calibration system for a multi-camera vision system of a vehicle includes a plurality of calibration targets disposed at an area at which the vehicle is positioned for a calibrating procedure. The calibration targets may include a patterned array of markings, such as colored or black/white or shaded markings or... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140247358 - Image generation device for monitoring surroundings of vehicle: Provided is an image generation device that can generate a monitor display image suited for monitoring surroundings of a vehicle, even from an image captured using a wide-angle lens, such as a fisheye lens. Such an image generation device includes: an input unit to which a captured image of the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247349 - Integrated lighting, camera and sensor unit: In one exemplary embodiment of the invention, an integrated assembly for a vehicle includes a body, a light and a sensor configured to detect objects proximate the integrated assembly. The assembly also includes a camera, wherein the light, sensor and camera are housed by the body within the integrated assembly.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140247356 - Method and system for determining the availability of a lane for a guided vehicle: A method and a system determine track availability. The system is configured to be fitted to a guided vehicle liable to move downstream on a track. The system contains at least one camera able to capture images of a downstream section of track. The downstream section being a track portion... Agent: Siemens S.a.s.

20140247352 - Multi-camera dynamic top view vision system: A dynamic image stitching system for stitching images captured by multiple cameras of a vision system of a vehicle includes a first camera disposed at a vehicle and having a first field of view exterior the vehicle and a second camera disposed at the vehicle and having a second field... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140247350 - Tracking system: The present invention is related to a tracking system, comprising at least one driver and a master control device having a camera module. The driver and the master control device are each allowed to detect spatial change of body, so as to generate a first/second spatial motion data, respectively. A... Agent: Foxeye, Inc.

20140247351 - Vehicle imaging system and method for categorizing objects using relative motion analysis: An imaging system is provided for a vehicle. The imaging system includes: an imager configured to image a forward external scene of the controlled vehicle and to generate image frame data corresponding to each frame of a series of acquired image frames; and a processor configured to receive and analyze... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140247355 - Vehicle vision system camera with integrated physical layer components: A vision system for a vehicle includes an imager for a vehicular camera and a data receiving device operable to receive image data captured by the imager. A data transfer system communicates captured image data from the imager to the data receiving device. The data transfer system includes a single... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140247353 - Viewing system for monitoring the area surrounding a vehicle: A viewing system for displaying to a driver inside a vehicle cabin an outside field surrounding the vehicle includes a deflection device, a recording device, a carrier arm and a reproduction device. The carrier arm is attached to an outer wall of the vehicle. The recording device is disposed in... Agent: Mekra Lang Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140247348 - Virtual rent-a-car system and method with in-car concierge device: A virtual rent-a-car system and method with an in-car device and related systems and methods are disclosed for providing customer service interactions, tools, and entertainment to a vehicle rental customer. The functions of the in-car device include, for example, navigational assistance, local recommendations, driving condition alerts, itinerary management, vehicle comfort... Agent: Hertz System, Inc.

20140247359 - Scanner apparatus: A scanner apparatus comprises a casing having an image capturing window on the front surface thereof, an image capturing section, arranged inside the casing, configured to capture image of an object in a reading area invisibly formed outside the image capturing window of the casing, a plurality of lighting sections,... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247360 - Image surveillance and reporting technology: Image surveillance and reporting technology, in which an event that is indicative of potential physical activity within an area corresponding to a location of a camera unit is detected. In response to detection of the event, the camera unit is controlled to capture one or more images of the area... Agent: Incorporated

20140247361 - Polarized images for security: One embodiment may take the form of a method for providing security for access to a goal including storing a first image and receiving a second image comprising polarized data. The method also includes comparing the first image with the second image to determine if the first image and the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140247362 - Method and system to characterize video background changes as abandoned or removed objects: A method and system for analyzing video data in a security system. An analysis compares a current frame to a background model. The analysis system compares the background model to the current frame to identify changed pixel patches. The analysis system uses morphological image processing to generate masks based on... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140247363 - Resilient remote surveillance system and method: A method, system, and medium are provided for remotely monitoring a surveillance area, including deploying a ruggedized, secure enclosure that includes a controller coupled to a switch, a router, and a video-server appliance within the enclosure, the controller configured to provide remote operation and status information by way of a... Agent: All Systems Designed Soulutions, Inc.

20140247364 - Ir signal capture for images: Technologies and implementations for capturing images from IR signals are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140247365 - Techniques for selective noise reduction and imaging system characterization: Various techniques are disclosed for reducing spatial and temporal noise in captured images. In one example, temporal noise may be filtered while still retaining temporal responsivity in filtered images to allow low contrast temporal events to be captured. Spatial and temporal noise filters may be selectively weighted to more strongly... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140247366 - Image sensors with dark pixels for real-time verification of imaging systems: An imaging system may include an array of image pixels. The array of image pixels may be provided with one or more rows and columns of optically shielded dark image pixels. The dark image pixels may be used to produce verification image data that follows the same pixel-to-output data path... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20140247367 - Measurement method, measurement apparatus, computer readable recording medium having stored therein measurement program: A theoretical motion blur amount is calculated. A static state image is acquired. For each of the plurality of shutter speed values, a bokeh amount at the boundary between different color areas in each of a plurality of the static state images that have been acquired is measured as a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140247368 - Ready click camera control: Technologies relating to “ready click” camera control are disclosed. Camera devices may be equipped with a camera, a microphone, a processor, a memory, and a camera control system stored in the memory and executable by the processor. The camera control system may be configured to provide any of a variety... Agent: Colby Labs, LLC

20140247369 - Measurement method, measurement apparatus, storage medium having stored therein computer program: A measurement method capable of measuring a motion blur amount of an image with a high accuracy is provided. The measurement method fixes a camera on a vibratory table of a vibratory apparatus; selects one of a plurality of pieces of vibration data in accordance with the mass of the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140247370 - Method and apparatus for video stabilization by compensating for view direction of camera: A video stabilization method includes: measuring an inter-frame camera motion based on a difference angle of a relative camera view direction in comparison with a reference camera view direction in each frame of a frame sequence of a video; generating a camera motion path of the frame sequence by using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140247371 - Photographing apparatus, photographing system, photographing method, and program stored in non-transitory medium in photographing apparatus: A photographing apparatus of the invention which is capable of photographing a desired object by making a plurality of photographing apparatuses cooperative with one another includes: an image pickup section; a detection section for acquiring photographing information related to an image acquired by the image pickup section; a transmission section... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140247372 - Foveated imaging system and method: A time-varying image is synthesized having at least one time-varying region of interest therewithin. The image is spatially modulated with an array of modulating pixels to form a modulated image. The array of modulating pixels has a modulator resolution. The modulated image is sensed with an array of sensor pixels.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140247374 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium: An image processing system includes a face detection unit to detect a face in an image and a partial region detection unit to detect a partial region of the image based on a position of the face detected in the image. A tracking determination unit may also be included in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247373 - Multiple lenses in a mobile device: Generally, this disclosure describes multiple lenses in a mobile device. A mobile device may include a housing including a first surface, an opposing second surface and third, fourth, fifth and sixth surfaces connecting the first surface and the second surface forming the housing; a plurality of lenses, each lens configured... Agent:

20140247375 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus comprises an input unit configured to input an image; an acquisition unit configured to acquire a parameter for adjusting an image quality, reference environment information serving as a reference when adjusting the image quality by applying the parameter, and shooting environment information representing an environment upon... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247376 - Image capturing apparatus, exposure control method, and computer-readable recording medium: An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing module and a controller that controls exposure of the image capturing module by dividing a captured image by the image capturing module into a plurality of image areas, weighting brightness of a predetermined pixel in each of the image areas, and being... Agent:

20140247377 - Defective pixel data correcting apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and method for correcting defective pixel data: Among defective pixels of an image sensor, defective pixels which need to be corrected are determined depending on the type and defect level for individual defective pixels and on image capturing conditions. Depending on the types of the defective pixels, the correspondences between the image capturing conditions and the defect... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247378 - Exposure control for image sensors: A method of operating an image sensor. Charge accumulated in a photodiode during a first sub-exposure may be selectively stored in a storage node responsive to a first control signal. Charge accumulated in the photodiode during a first reset period may be selectively discarded responsive to a second control signal.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140247379 - Whole slide fluorescence scanner: A system for creating a contiguous digital image of a fluorescence microscope sample. In an embodiment, the system comprises a both a macro camera and a time delay integration (TDI) line scan camera. The system may also comprise a motorized stage, an illumination module, a light source, an excitation filter,... Agent: Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc.

20140247380 - Image sensor pixels with self-aligned lateral anti-blooming structures: Pixels for solid-state CMOS image sensor arrays may be provided that have a lateral blooming control structure incorporated in them. The lateral blooming control structure is built as a separate structure from the charge transfer gate and it is fabricated in a self-aligned manner, which is particularly suitable for incorporating... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20140247381 - Image pickup apparatus, driving method for image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and driving method for image pickup system: In an image pickup apparatus, a counter configured to output a count signal to a second AD conversion unit starts, with a delay, counting clock signals as compared with a counter configured to output a count signal to a first AD conversion unit by a time period corresponding to a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247382 - Random access addressing on active pixel image sensor: An active pixel image sensor comprises a pixel array of active pixels that are capable of being random access addressed to provide pixel readout signals from the addressed pixels on N output lines, where N is a plural integer and M ADC lanes capable of performing analog-to-digital conversion of pixel... Agent:

20140247383 - Mobile device using images and location for reminders: Images can be used to improve setting reminders and the usefulness of reminders. For example, a mobile device can enable the user to request a reminder that uses one or more images obtained from a camera of the mobile device. The user can set a time period for when the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140247384 - Camera device, interchangeable lens device, camera main body, and focus control method: A lens controller 312 of a camera system 1 samples a lens position signal inputted from a lens position detector 307 and a target position signal transmitted from a main body unit 2 for each first time period. The lens controller 312 includes a phase compensation calculator 408 that calculates... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140247385 - Image sensing apparatus, image sensing system and focus detection method: An image sensing apparatus including: an image sensor including a plurality of focus detection pixel pairs that perform photoelectric conversion on each pair of light beams that have passed through different regions of a photographing lens and output an image signal pair; a flash memory that stores shift information on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247386 - Action control device, action control method, imaging device, and program: According to the first aspect of the present technology, there is provided an action control device, including a transmittance specifying unit configured to specify a transmittance of a variable-transmittance neutral density (ND) filter having a transmittance that varies according to an applied voltage, and an applied voltage control unit configured... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247387 - Image pickup device and focal plane shutter: An image pickup device includes: a focal plane shutter including: a board including an opening; a leading shutter and a trailing shutter moving to open and close the opening; a leading-shutter actuator and a trailing-shutter actuator respectively causing the leading shutter and the trailing shutter to move; a leading-shutter sensor... Agent: Seiko Precision Inc.

20140247388 - Image capturing device and activation method therefor: An image capturing device includes a first controller operable to control image capturing; an operation section including a switch; a detector operable to detect a change to an image capturing mode and to send a signal representing the change; a second controller operable to monitor and process the sent signal,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247390 - Automotive camera mounting apparatus: To provide an automotive camera mounting apparatus that has a simplified, lightweight configuration with a minimum increase in weight, is vibration-free during running, and can be steadily mounted on a vehicle body, an automotive camera mounting apparatus 10 for mounting on an inside of a windshield 3 of a vehicle... Agent:

20140247389 - Camera module: The present invention relates to a camera module, the camera module including a base supporting a filter member mounted on a position corresponding to that of an image sensor mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a dust trap unit mounted about the filter member of the base to collect... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140247391 - Signal processing apparatus and method, and program: Signals are provided which allow colors in a wider color range than predetermined standards, which can be handled by apparatus according to such predetermined standards. A primary color converter converts first color signals having primary color points in a wider color range than the primary color points according to BT.709... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247392 - Systems and methods for determining, storing, and using metadata for video media content: Certain embodiments provide methods and systems that link a video recording device and a processing device to enhance video media content development workflow and enable a variety of features. For example, a video camera may send all or a portion of a recorded video to a separate computer that can... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140247393 - Television and method for displaying program images and video images simultaneously: A method for displaying video image of a television includes processing video signals corresponding to video images transmitted from an electronic device and determining whether the TV programs are displayed on a full displaying window or on a partial displaying window. The display is controlled to provide a first video... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140247394 - High definition media content processing: High definition media content processing techniques are described in which enhanced media content rendering techniques may be performed to output high definition media content. In an implementation, luma keying may be provided to define clear pixels in a composite output using an optimum set of graphics processing instructions. In another... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140247395 - Method and device to enhance image quality in digital video processing systems using dithering: A processing chain for a digital image signal applies a dither pattern, having a first spectrum, to the image signal at a point in the processing chain. A further noise pattern is applied to the image signal during the processing chain. The noise pattern has a second spectrum which is... Agent: Barco N.v.

20140247396 - Communication device, communication system, communication method, control program, and television receiving system: A display section (2) includes: a display-end path switching section (50) for detecting, within a LAN, a tuner section (1) with use of a pairing ID which is obtained for establishing communication via a communication path (a) and which is generated with use of a MAC address of the tuner... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247397 - Display device and television receiver device: A liquid crystal display device 10 of the present invention includes: LEDs 22; LED substrates 24 to which the LEDs 22 are attached; a liquid crystal panel 11 where display is performed using light from the LEDs 22; a light guide plate 16 that is arranged so as to overlap... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247398 - Display: A display including a display body, a display portion, a first resin frame including a frame-shaped inner side surface having high light reflectance, a light source and a light guide formed in a substantially rectangular shape, having a light incident side surface consisting of a side surface opposed to the... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140247399 - Healthcare television system apparatus: An apparatus interposed between a healthcare pillow speaker and an internally-unmodified commodity television where said apparatus powers the pillow speaker, enables the pillow speaker to control the television and drives the pillow speaker with said television audio content. The apparatus is designed to attain applicable healthcare safety approvals. The apparatus... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 173 patent applications in 99 patent subcategories.

20140240440 - Method for sharing function between terminals and terminal thereof: A method of sharing a function between terminals is disclosed. A method of sharing a screen in real-time during a chat between terminals may include: transmitting, by a first terminal, a message requesting a real-time screen sharing and chatting while performing a chat with a second terminal; displaying, by the... Agent: Lg Uplus Corp.

20140240441 - Communication terminal, communication method, and recording medium storing communication control program: Example embodiments of the present invention include a communication terminal, a communication method, and a communication control program stored on a non-transitory recording medium, each of which is capable of communicating with a counterpart terminal via a network. While communicating with a counterpart communication terminal being a first counterpart terminal,... Agent:

20140240442 - Remote telepresence server: A method and apparatus for controlling a live avatar include features for directing the live avatar gaze to be consistent with a remote operator's view of the live avatar's surroundings. Indication of gaze direction may be continuously provided to the live avatar using movable optics, for example a heads-up display,... Agent:

20140240443 - Distributed recording or streaming of a videoconference in multiple formats: A videoconference may be initiated between a plurality of endpoints. At least one of the endpoints may be coupled to a recording server, which may be configured to record the videoconference. A configuration may be selected (e.g., automatically or manually) for performing the recording. The endpoint (e.g., acting as an... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20140240445 - System and method for multi-user control and media streaming to a shared display: A system and method for simultaneously displaying, on a wirelessly enabled display connected to two or more of the source computers to display at least one media source from each of at least two source computers. A media source is selected, via each of the source computers. The media source... Agent: Mersive Technologies, Inc.

20140240444 - Systems and methods for real time manipulation and interaction with multiple dynamic and synchronized video streams in an augmented or multi-dimensional space: A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to allow real time manipulation of objects within multiple dynamic and augmented video streams/feeds synchronized in an augmented reality (AR) or multi-dimensional space. Under such an approach, a participant/user of a first AR system would be able to connect with... Agent: Zugara, Inc.

20140240448 - Communication management system, communication management method, and computer program product: A communication management system manages communication terminals transmitting and receiving communication data. The system includes a session management unit configured to manage session identifying information and terminal identifying information in an associated manner, the session identifying information being used to identify a communication session being performed among a plurality of... Agent:

20140240449 - Communication management system, communication system, communication method, and recording medium storing communication control program: A communication management system receives identification information of a first communication terminal, obtains identification information of a candidate second communication terminal that is associated with the identification information of the first communication terminal, and obtains communications protocol information indicating a communications protocol of the candidate second communication terminal using a... Agent:

20140240447 - Layered mixing for sound field conferencing system: A conferencing server (100) receives incoming bitstreams (I1, I2, I3, I4, I5) carrying media data from respective conferencing endpoints (110, 120, 130, 140, 150); receives a mixing strategy (M) specifying properties of at least one outgoing bitstream (O1, O2, O3, O4, O5) and requiring at least one additive media mixing... Agent:

20140240446 - Method for establishing video conference: A method for establishing a video conference is provided. The method is applied in a video conferencing system. The system has a first electronic device, a second electronic device, a third electronic device, a fourth electronic device, and a server. The first and second electronic devices are associated with a... Agent:

20140240450 - Transmission terminal, transmission system and program: A transmission terminal is connected to a management apparatus, which stores information on a destination in a first communication mode associated with a plurality of transmission terminals, via a network. The transmission terminal includes a transmission unit that sends data including at least voice data; a voice input unit, that... Agent:

20140240451 - Plural camera images capturing and processing apparatus, and composite imaging method: A plural camera images capturing and processing apparatus includes a plurality of cameras that capture images of a plurality of adjacent imaging regions which overlap each other, a plurality of laser devices that give a marker to each common imaging region in which imaging regions overlap each other, an imaging... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140240452 - Apparatus and method for creating panorama: An apparatus for creating a panorama is provided, the apparatus including an image obtainer to obtain at least two images via at least two cameras, an overlapping area analyzer to analyze an overlapping area among the at least two cameras, and extract overlapping image information, an image segmentation unit to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140240453 - Apparatus and method photographing image: A method and apparatus for photography using an electronic device. The method and apparatus include a preview display operation of displaying a first image output from a first image sensor as a main image, and displaying a second image photographed by a second image sensor as a sub-image. A panorama... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240454 - Image generation apparatus and image generation method: Methods and apparatus provide for generating a component image in which, with images picked up using a front side camera and a rear side camera built in portable equipment, posture information of the portable equipment is associated; combining a plurality of component images between which the posture of the portable... Agent:

20140240455 - System and method to create evidence of an incident in video surveillance system: A method and apparatus. The method includes the steps of a security camera capturing a panoramic field of view of a secured area, separating portions of the panoramic field of view into a plurality of sub-views that each depict at least some time-related portion of an event detected within the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240456 - Neighbor block-based disparity vector derivation in 3d-avc: Techniques are described for deriving a disparity vector for a current block based on a disparity motion vector of a neighboring block in a 3D-AVC video coding process. The disparity vector derivation allows for texture-first coding where a depth view component of a dependent view is coded subsequent to the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140240457 - Imaging system for digital stereo microscope: An imaging system for digital stereo microscope is disclosed, wherein the system comprising two camera units with each camera unit comprises a lens and the two lenses of the two camera units are focused below the respective lens and optical axes of both lenses are arranged to focus at a... Agent: Guangzhou Jinghua Optical & Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240458 - Video signal processing apparatus and method: A first RGB converter is configured to convert a luminance signal and a color difference signal of a first frame signal to a first RGB signal. The first frame signal is a current frame having a first number of bits. A second RGB converter is configured to place at least... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20140240461 - 3d camera using flash with structured light: An imaging device capable of capturing depth information or surface profiles of objects is disclosed herein. The imaging device uses an enclosed flashing unit to project a sequence of structured light patterns onto an object and captures the light patterns reflected from the surfaces of the object by using an... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140240462 - Fast gating photosurface: An embodiment of the invention provides a camera comprising a photosurface having a substrate comprising photopixels and associated storage pixels and a controller that controls the photosurface to image a scene by maintaining a bias between the photopixels and their respective storage pixels at all times during an exposure period... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140240459 - Laser frame tracer: A laser frame tracer (12) including a laser measuring unit (20) with a laser (36) and one or more cameras (38, 40) for optically measuring dimensions of eyeglass frames (10). A frame carrier (22) is provided for moving the eyeglass frames (10) through a laser line emitted by the laser... Agent: Pro Fit Optix Inc.

20140240460 - Laser frame tracer: A laser frame tracer (12) including a laser measuring unit (20) with a laser (36) and one or more cameras (38, 40) for optically measuring dimensions of eyeglass frames (10). A frame carrier (22) is provided for moving the eyeglass frames (10) through a laser line emitted by the laser... Agent: Pro Fit Optix Inc

20140240463 - Video refocusing: A video refocusing system operates in connection with refocusable video data, information, images and/or frames, which may be light field video data, information, images and/or frames, that may be focused and/or refocused after acquisition or recording. A video acquisition device acquires first refocusable light field video data of a scene,... Agent: Lytro, Inc.

20140240466 - Adjusting motion capture based on the distance between tracked objects: The technology disclosed relates to adjusting the monitored field of view of a camera and/or a view of a virtual scene from a point of view of a virtual camera based on the distance between tracked objects. For example, if the user's hand is being tracked for gestures, the closer... Agent: Leap Motion, Inc.

20140240464 - Context-based depth sensor control: An electronic device (100) includes a depth sensor (120), a first imaging camera (114, 116), and a controller (802). The depth sensor (120) includes a modulated light projector (119) to project a modulated light pattern (500). The first imaging camera (114, 116) is to capture at least a reflection of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140240468 - Frame-sequential multiwavelength imaging system and method: A frame-sequential multiwavelength imaging system comprises a wavelength switching device for producing a repeated series of different wavelength profiles, a detector for detecting the dynamic scene and a signal processing unit for synthesizing a dynamic multiwavelength image of the dynamic scene. The signal processing unit may comprise at least one... Agent:

20140240467 - Image processing method and apparatus for elimination of depth artifacts: An image processing system comprises an image processor configured to identify one or more potentially defective pixels associated with at least one depth artifact in a first image, and to apply a super resolution technique utilizing a second image to reconstruct depth information of the one or more potentially defective... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140240465 - Three-dimensional image pickup apparatus, convergence distance adjustment method, and program: [Solving Means] A three-dimensional image pickup apparatus 100 is provided with a left lens optical system 121L and a right lens optical system 121R including a pair of right and left image pickup lenses disposed at a predetermined inter axial distance. Further, a focus ring that adjusts the focus of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240469 - Electronic device with multiview image capture and depth sensing: An electronic device (100) includes a first imaging camera (116) and a second imaging camera (114) disposed at a first surface (106). The first imaging camera (116) has a first angle of view and the second imaging camera (114) has a second angle of view greater than the first angle... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140240470 - Method, system and device for improving optical measurement of ophthalmic spectacles: A system and method for optical measurement, the system comprising a camera having a lens unit and an image sensor, the image sensor configured to generate image data based on light received onto the sensor; a prism device to receive light from two different angles and to relay the light... Agent: Shamir Optical Industry Ltd.

20140240471 - Method, device and apparatus for generating stereoscopic images using a non-stereoscopic camera: A method, device and apparatus for generating stereoscopic images using a non-stereoscopic camera. In one embodiment, a first image of a scene is captured using a non-stereoscopic camera of an electronic device. In order to create a stereoscopic image, two images are captured from two different viewpoints. In order to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140240472 - 3d subtitle process device and 3d subtitle process method: A 3D subtitle process device causes a 3D display device to three-dimensionally display subtitles each indicated in corresponding subtitle data, including the following units. A setting control unit controls subtitle display setting regarding a subtitle display method performed by the 3D display device. A depth correction unit corrects at least... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140240473 - Stereoscopic image processing apparatus and method thereof: A stereoscopic display apparatus is provided. The stereoscopic display apparatus includes a liquid crystal panel, a backlight, a controller and an active polarizer disposed adjacent to the liquid crystal panel. The liquid crystal panel alternately displays a left image and a right image to passive polarized glasses according to a... Agent:

20140240474 - Wireless communication device: A glasses-type radio communication device (1) which is to be worn on the head of a user, includes: right and left eyepiece parts (11); and an antenna (110) for carrying out radio communication, the antenna (110) being a dipole antenna including an antenna element (100) and a power feeding section... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240475 - Steroscopic image display device, terminal device and display controller: A stereoscopic image display device includes: a display panel in which pixels each constituted with N×N pieces (N is a natural number of 2 or larger) of sub-pixels colored in M (M is a natural number of 1 or larger) primary colors are arranged in matrix; and an optical separation... Agent: Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

20140240476 - Imaging unit and imaging module: An imaging unit includes: a columnar optical member including an incident surface on which light is incident, a reflecting surface for reflecting the light incident from the incident surface in a direction different from the incident surface, and an emission surface for causing the light incident from a direction orthogonal... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140240478 - Driver monitoring camera system: A driver monitoring camera system for a vehicle includes a camera system and an optical beam shaper. The camera system has an exit field of view central axis oriented more vertical than horizontal with respect to a set of orthogonal x, y and z axes, where the z-axis defines a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140240479 - Information processing apparatus for watching, information processing method and non-transitory recording medium recorded with program: An information processing apparatus according to one aspect of the present invention is disclosed, which includes an image acquiring unit acquiring moving images captured as images of a watching target person and a target object as a reference for the behavior thereof, a moving object detecting unit detecting a moving-object... Agent: Nk Works Co., Ltd.

20140240477 - Multi-spectral imaging system for shadow detection and attenuation: Systems and methods for detecting and attenuating shadows in a visible light image are disclosed. In various embodiments, shadows on human skin may be detected and attenuated using multi-spectral imaging techniques. Multispectral image data that includes a living subject can be processed to detect live-subject portions of the multispectral image... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140240480 - Personal identification system: A personal identification system, which uses a vein pattern of a finger, optimizes the amount of light of a light source based on a captured finger image and emphasizes the vein pattern during image processing for identification.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140240481 - System and method for radio-frequency imaging, registration, and localization: A system for performing a medical procedure on a patient is provided. The system can include an imaging head defining a field of view relative to the patient. The imaging head can include at least one transmitter that emits at least one signal in the field of view, and at... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20140240482 - Ultrasound imaging apparatus: Multiple elements 401 receive ultrasound signals from a test subject, and the similarity operator 404 obtains the similarity between the received signals x(n). By using the similarity C(n) between the received signals obtained by the similarity operator 404, the adaptive weight operator 407 computes the adaptive weight w(n) in association... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140240483 - Smart photographing apparatus: The present invention discloses a smart photographing apparatus, comprising a casing, a first photographing module, a second photographing module, and a control module. The first photographing module comprises a sensing lens installed on one side of the casing to capture eye motion images when a photographer is blinking. The second... Agent: National Quemoy University

20140240484 - Support information display method, maintenance support method of substrate processing apparatus, support information display control apparatus, substrate processing system and recording medium: A support information display method is provided with an acquiring process for acquiring a first image by photographing, via a camera provided in a head mount display, a predetermined part of a substrate processing apparatus as a maintenance object, an estimating process for estimating the support information related to the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140240485 - Device for assembling photoelectric element onto substrate: A device for applying conductive glue and assembling a glued photoelectric element on a substrate operates a vacuum-lift nozzle, a driver, a first camera module, a second camera module, and a third camera module. The first, second, and third camera modules take images of the photoelectric element on a supply... Agent:

20140240486 - Substrate processing apparatus, monitoring device of substrate processing apparatus, and monitoring method of substrate processing apparatus: Disclosed is monitoring device of monitoring a state of a substrate processing process in a substrate processing apparatus. The monitoring device includes: an imaging unit configured to image a processing state of the substrate processing process; a storage unit; a storage control unit configured to store a moving picture imaged... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140240487 - Vehicle-to-vehicle distance calculation apparatus and method: The distance between vehicles is calculated in a comparatively simple and accurate manner. To achieve this, a target vehicle traveling ahead of one's own vehicle is imaged by a camera mounted one one's own vehicle. The image of the target vehicle is detected from the captured image. The position of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240488 - Appearance inspection device and method for object having line pattern: An appearance inspection device and an appearance inspection method, capable of teaching a line pattern having an arbitrary shape as a portion to be inspected, in relation to a captured image of an inspection object, by a simple teaching operation. The device has an image storing part, a teaching part,... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140240489 - Optical inspection systems and methods for detecting surface discontinuity defects: Optical inspection system and methods for detecting surface discontinuity defects in glass sheet are disclosed. A reflective diffuser resides adjacent a back surface of the glass sheet and is illuminated with gradient intensity illumination. A digital camera having a two-dimensional image sensor resides adjacent the front surface of the glass... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140240490 - Method for object marking using a three-dimensional surface inspection system using two-dimensional recordings and method: Method for object marking using a three-dimensional surface inspection system using two-dimensional recordings and method by simple recording of two-dimensional images of a component and comparing the images with a known three-dimensional model for enabling the three-dimensional real structure of a component to be captured using best fit. Photographing measuring... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140240491 - Portable lateral test reader: A portable lateral test reader apparatus includes a processing arrangement, a digital camera, a user interface. The digital camera captures at least one image of locations of at least one test line, at least one control line and at least one reference of a test structure. The processing arrangement measures... Agent: Istoc Oy

20140240492 - Depth sensor using modulated light projector and image sensor with color and ir sensing: An electronic device includes a modulated light projector to project an infrared light pattern and an image sensor. The image sensor includes an array of photosensors and a filter array overlying the array of photosensors. The filter array comprises a mosaic of color filter elements and infrared filter elements, each... Agent: Google Inc.

20140240496 - Methods and systems for stabilizing live video in the presence of long-term image drift: Methods and systems stabilization of a camera image for short term or ‘pole shake’ and longer term ‘pole drift’ are provided. The camera is attached to a fixed structure. The pole drift is over periods of times long enough that the imagery can change significantly between a base reference frame... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140240493 - Sensor lighting with image recording unit: Disclosed herein is a sensor lighting which is installed in a building such as a dwelling. The sensor lighting according to the present invention is provided with an image recording unit that includes a sensor module, a camera module and a recording module. The sensor lighting includes a base body,... Agent:

20140240494 - Sensor lighting with image recording unit: A camera apparatus includes a rotatable camera unit; a filter unit which is configured to selectively take at least one of a covering state and a standby state, wherein the covering state covers a light incident portion of the camera unit with a filter and the standby state removes the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140240495 - Surveillance device and control method of the same: A drive controller is configured to control an imaging unit so that a subject is imaged at a first exposure mode and imaged at a second exposure mode. A gain controller is configured to set equal to each other luminance amplitudes of a first and second image signals due to... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20140240498 - Aerial photographing system: An aerial photographing system, comprising a flying vehicle being remotely controlled, a camera (7, 8) tiltably supported in any direction via a gimbal (25), a retro-reflector (9) tilting integrally with the camera, being set in a known relation with the camera and used as an object to be measured, and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140240497 - Constellation of surveillance satellites: A satellite constellation includes a plurality of satellites in respective polar orbits. The orbits are spaced evenly in longitude and the satellites of adjacent orbits are spaced evenly in latitude. On board each satellite is one or more sensors for monitoring activity within the satellite's field of view.... Agent:

20140240502 - Device for assisting a driver driving a vehicle or for independently driving a vehicle: A device for assisting a driver driving a vehicle or for autonomously driving a vehicle includes several distance sensors (2, 4, 5) and camera sensors (1, 3), an evaluation unit, and a control unit. The distance sensors detect objects that are directly in front of and behind the vehicle. The... Agent:

20140240499 - Front-and-rear-facing camera device: A front-and-rear-facing camera device has a camera unit mounted on a selected position on a carrier. The camera unit has a front lens and a rear lens oppositely mounted on a lens-mounting base to take a front-view video stream and a rear-view video stream, and displays the front-view and rear-view... Agent: Cansonic Inc.

20140240501 - Localising transportable apparatus: Method and apparatus for localising transportable apparatus (100) within an environment (120) includes obtaining (202) point cloud data (114) representing a 3D point cloud with appearance information of at least part of the environment. The method further obtains (204) first frame data (110) representing an image produced by a sensor... Agent:

20140240500 - System and method for adjusting an image for a vehicle mounted camera: A system and method provides an image that adjusts in response to at least one vehicle mounted sensor.... Agent:

20140240503 - Tamper resistant motion detector: A tamper resistant motion detector is provided that can include a housing, a capacitive sensor, and a microprocessor. The housing can include a window, and the capacitive sensor can be located inside of the housing, behind the window. A capacitance of the capacitive sensor can change when the capacitive sensor... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240504 - Door lock apparatus: A door lock apparatus is provided, which is operated so as to ring and be heard only indoors, without ringing and being heard outdoors when movements outside a door are detected, thereby improving the function of keeping watch indoors over the outdoor movements. The door lock apparatus includes a door... Agent:

20140240505 - Portable digital video camera configured for remote image acquisition control and viewing: A wearable digital video camera (10) is equipped with wireless connection protocol and global navigation and location positioning system technology to provide remote image acquisition control and viewing. The Bluetooth® packet-based open wireless technology standard protocol (400) is preferred for use in providing control signals or streaming data to the... Agent: Contour, LLC

20140240506 - Display system layout for remote monitoring of machines: A display system for presenting information relating to the remote monitoring and operation of machines is provided. The display includes a display screen configured to include a main section adapted to display video image data relating to a selected monitored machine. A first side section is arranged along a first... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140240507 - Online examination proctoring system: The system to proctor an examination includes a first camera worn by the examination taking subject and directed to capture images in subject's field of vision. A second camera is positioned to record an image of the subject's face during the examination. A microphone captures sounds within the room, which... Agent:

20140240510 - Photo conductive antenna, camera, imaging apparatus, and measurement apparatus: A photo conductive antenna irradiated with light pulse and generating terahertz wave includes a first layer formed by a semi-insulating substrate, a second layer located on the first layer and formed using a material having lower carrier mobility than carrier mobility of the semi-insulating substrate, a first electrode and a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240509 - Short light pulse generation device, terahertz wave generation device, camera, imaging device, and measurement device: A short light pulse generation device includes: a light pulse generation portion that has a quantum well structure and generates a light pulse; a frequency chirping portion that has a quantum well structure and chirps a frequency of the light pulse; a light branching portion that branches a chirped light... Agent: Seiko Epson Coporation

20140240508 - Spectroscopic camera: A spectrometry apparatus includes a light incident section on which incident light from an image pickup target is made incident, an image pickup section provided on an optical path of the incident light input from the light incident section, a variable wavelength interference filter configured to transmit light having a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240511 - Automatically focusing a spectral imaging system onto an object in a scene: What is disclosed is a system and method for focusing a camera on an object of interest in a scene. In one embodiment, an illuminator comprising a light source which emits light at a desired wavelength band is aimed at an object in a scene. The source light beam impacts... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140240514 - Full-frame, programmable hyperspectral imager: A programmable, many-band spectral imager based on addressable spatial light modulators (ASLMs), such as micro-mirror-, micro-shutter- or liquid-crystal arrays, is described. Capable of collecting at once, without scanning, a complete two-dimensional spatial image with ASLM spectral processing applied simultaneously to the entire image, the invention employs optical assemblies wherein light... Agent:

20140240513 - Spectroscopic camera and spectroscopic image processing method: A spectroscopic analysis apparatus includes a light source section having a first light source and second light source that radiate light fluxes, a wavelength tunable interference filter, an imaging section that captures light having passed through the wavelength tunable interference filter to acquire a first spectroscopic image when the object... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240512 - Time spaced infrared image enhancement: Techniques using small form factor infrared imaging modules are disclosed. An imaging system may include visible spectrum imaging modules, infrared imaging modules, and other modules to interface with a user and/or a monitoring system. Visible spectrum imaging modules and infrared imaging modules may be positioned in proximity to a scene... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140240515 - Motion picture camera and method for taking a sequence of moving images: A digital motion picture camera for taking a sequence of moving images comprises a rotating mirror sector shutter which alternately transmits a received optical path of the motion picture camera as a first imaging optical path and deflects the received optical path as a second imaging optical path; a first... Agent: Arnold & Richter Cine Technik Gmbh & Co. Betriebs Kg

20140240516 - Aligned video comparison tool: A video quality comparison tool provides for direct visual perceptual comparison of video sequences. Two inputs are presented at the same position and size, with no-look user choice of which to see and easy back-and-forth comparison while the videos are playing, single-stepping, or paused.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140240517 - Monitoring video waveforms: A video signal waveform monitor is shown, which receives an input video signal composed of video lines. A video signal digitizer samples the input video signal at video sample points to generate a sequence of video pixel data, which is written into an acquisition framestore is organized into a video... Agent: Phabrix Limited

20140240519 - Matrix testing targets: An example system for testing camera modules includes: a structure for holding camera modules under test, where each of the camera modules includes an image sensor, and where the camera modules are arranged in a same plane on the structure and offset from each other in the plane; and a... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140240518 - Rotatable camera module testing system: An example system for testing camera modules may include: a polygonal structure that is rotatable, where the polygonal structure includes faces, each of which is configured to receive at least one camera module under test; and targets facing at least some of the faces of the polygonal structure, where each... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140240520 - System and method for calibration of machine vision cameras along at least three discrete planes: This invention provides a system and method for generating camera calibrations for a vision system camera along three discrete planes in a 3D volume space that uses at least two (e.g. parallel) object planes at different known heights. For any third (e.g. parallel) plane of a specified height, the system... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140240521 - Organic light emitting display panel: An organic light emitting display panel includes a display unit at crossing regions of scan lines and data lines, the display unit including a plurality of pixels configured to display different colors, the pixels being arranged in a pattern; a test circuit configured to apply a test signal to the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140240522 - Apparatus for evaluating quality of video data based on hybrid type and method thereof: The present invention provides an apparatus for evaluating video quality based on a hybrid type which, when bit stream data is received, extracts first evaluation parameters based on the received bit stream data to calculate a preliminary video quality score based on the first extracted evaluation parameters and then extracts... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140240523 - Information delivery based on image data: Systems, devices and methods described herein provide or possess functionality that enables capturing an image, images associated with video and/or video. The captured image (or captured images associated with video and/or video) may be communicated to a server (e.g., network operator) that compares the captured image to media stored in... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20140240526 - Method for sharing by wireless non-volatile memory: The present invention includes steps of providing the image capturing device with a wireless transmitting non-volatile memory, wherein the image capturing device includes a first display, and wherein the wireless transmitting nonvolatile memory is used to store an image captured by the image capturing device and includes embedded wireless transmitting... Agent:

20140240525 - System and method for managing distribution of media files: A system, method and technique are provided for managing distribution of digital images and other media. A host computer may store a library of media files, including digital images, such as those captured by a digital camera of a user. One or more applications may run on the host computer,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140240524 - System and method for remotely monitoring and/or viewing images from a camera or video device: A system and method are provided for remotely monitoring images from an image capturing device. Image data from an image capturing component is received where image data represents images of a scene in a field of view of the image capturing component. The image data may be analyzed to determine... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140240527 - Receptacle for an image capture computing device: An apparatus comprises a receptacle configured to receive a mobile computing device that has an integrated image capture component. Further, the apparatus comprises a plurality of handles such that each handle is operably connected to the receptacle. Another apparatus comprises a receptacle configured to receive a mobile computing device that... Agent: Iographer, LLC

20140240528 - Thin form factor computational array cameras and modular array cameras: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement one-dimensional array cameras, as well as modular array cameras using sub-array modules. In one embodiment, a 1×N array camera module includes: a 1×N arrangement of focal planes, where N is greater than or equal to 2, each focal plane... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140240529 - Thin form factor computational array cameras and modular array cameras: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement modular array cameras using sub-array modules. In one embodiment, an X×Y sub-array module includes: an X×Y arrangement of focal planes, where X and Y are each greater than or equal to 1; and an X×Y arrangement of lens stacks,... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140240530 - Photographing device, photographing method, and playback method: A photographing device according to the present invention comprises: an imaging section that captures a subject image and outputs image data; a motion picture recording section that records a motion picture based on the image data; a parameter setting section that sets a photographing parameter to change a photographing state;... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140240531 - Image capture apparatus that controls photographing according to photographic scene: An image capture apparatus according to the present invention includes: sequentially estimating a photographic scene; sequentially setting, based on the photographic scene sequentially estimated, a photographic scene that serves as a basis for judging a photographic condition; sequentially displaying, based on the photographic scene sequentially set, scene identification information indicating... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140240532 - Methods and apparatus for light field photography: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a light field camera uses a light field dictionary to reconstruct a 4D light field from a single photograph. The light field includes both angular and spatial information and has a spatial resolution equal to the spatial resolution of the imaging sensor. Light from... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140240535 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus: An amount of color correction of a facial region is modified based on changes caused in face average values by white balance correction. Also, the amount of color correction of the facial region is modified according to luminance of pixels of interest to perform optimum color correction on the facial... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240533 - Imaging device and image signal processor: Enhancing the image quality by suitable color noise correction is realized without depending on a subject, a photographing scene, and photographing conditions by determining and correcting a color noise component according to photographing conditions of a camera. The present invention is configured of an imaging device that has: an imaging... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140240534 - Method for image processing and an electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for image processing in an electronic device are provided. The method for image processing in the electronic device includes obtaining a first image and a second image respectively from a first image sensor and a second image sensor, determining at least one of a first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240536 - Solid-state imaging device and camera module: According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array and a high dynamic range (HDR) synthesizing circuit 19. A pixel is configured as a small pixel group. The HDR synthesizing circuit 19 includes a valid pixel selecting unit 34, a sensitivity ratio correcting unit 35, and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140240537 - Electronic camera, image-processing apparatus, and image-processing program: There are provided an imaging section imaging a subject and generating a plurality of images; an evaluating section performing evaluation on the plurality of images generated by the imaging section; a selecting section selecting, based on an evaluation result of the evaluating section, a part of images from among the... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140240538 - Imaging apparatus having temporary recording mode and direct recording mode: An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging device acquiring a captured image on a subject; a display section; setting means for setting whether to make effective a temporary recording mode in which the captured image is temporarily recorded in a first storage section; if the temporary recording mode is effective, display... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240539 - Gesture mapping for image filter input parameters: This disclosure pertains to systems, methods, and computer readable medium for mapping particular user interactions, e.g., gestures, to the input parameters of various image processing routines, e.g., image filters, in a way that provides a seamless, dynamic, and intuitive experience for both the user and the software developer. Such techniques... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140240544 - Apparatus and method for photographing an image in a device having a camera: A method for photographing an image in a device having a camera according to the present invention includes displaying a preview image, identifying a face size of a person included in the preview image, displaying a guide in the preview image, according to a photographing type determined by the identified... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240543 - Apparatus and method for positioning image area using image sensor location: An apparatus and a method for processing a plurality of images by using an electronic device are provided. The method includes displaying at least a portion of a first image obtained by a first image sensor functionally connected to the electronic device as a first preview image in a display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240540 - Apparatus and method for processing an image in device: A method of processing an image using an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying at least part of a first image which is obtained through a first image sensor and at least part of a second image which is obtained through a second image sensor through a display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240545 - Electronic apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer readable recording medium: An electronic apparatus is described. The electronic apparatus includes an image capture unit, a first image processor, a second image processor, a display unit, and an image storage unit. The image capture unit generates an input image by a photoelectric conversion of incident light. The first image processor generates a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240546 - Image capturing apparatus and information processing apparatus: An image capturing apparatus includes a temporary image accumulating unit in which still images are stored, the still images being captured automatically and continuously regardless of an instruction of a user; an image capturing timing data storage unit in which image capturing timing data is stored, the image capturing timing... Agent: Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240542 - Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same: In an image capturing apparatus, a generation unit performs image processing to generate a synchronizing signal for an image sensor, an image generation unit generates image data using an electric signal obtained from the image sensor, and a display control unit reads out the image data stored in a storage... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240541 - Image subsystem and image processing system including the same: An image processing system includes a hardware block and a central processing unit (CPU). The hardware block receives a first image and generates a first feature value and a first segmented image from the first image. The CPU generates a first transformation matrix based on the first segmented image and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240551 - Apparatus and method for synthesizing an image in a portable terminal equipped with a dual camera: A method and an apparatus for processing an image in a portable terminal equipped with a dual camera are provided. The method includes selecting an image synthesis mode, performing a simultaneous or a sequential photographing of a front camera and a rear camera, obtaining a first image and a second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240550 - Image capturing apparatus: An image capturing apparatus comprises an image sensor constructed by replacing some of a plurality of image forming pixels of the image sensor with focus detecting pixels, a comparison unit configured to compare outputs of the image forming pixels as a plurality of correction targets adjacent to the focus detecting... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240548 - Image processing based on moving lens with chromatic aberration and an image sensor having a color filter mosaic: Embodiments of imaging devices of the present disclosure correct chromatic aberrations present in color images obtained from an image sensor having a color filter mosaic based on a series of several images taken at different focal positions of an optical imaging lens possessing uncorrected chromatic aberration(s).... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140240552 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: An apparatus including an image processor configured to receive a video, superimpose an object on the video at a distance from a reference point, and modify a location of the object based on a distance between the object and the reference point in a later frame.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240549 - Intelligent computational imaging system: In some embodiments, an electronic device, comprises an image capture device and logic to receive a first set of input frames from an image capture device, analyze the first set of input frames to determine whether multi-image processing is to be implemented, and in response to a determination that multi-image... Agent:

20140240547 - System and method for creating an image with a wide dynamic range: A system for creating an image with a wide dynamic range includes an imaging unit, a processing unit and a control unit operatively connected to each other. The imaging unit is configured to acquire a plurality of images of a scene at respective exposure times such that each of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140240553 - Method and apparatus for automatically rendering dolly zoom effect: Various methods are provided for automatically adjusting a zoom feature in accordance with a camera movement to perform a dolly zoom effect. One example method may include causing reception of a first image frame from video data, wherein the first image frame comprises two or more interest points, causing reception... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140240554 - Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system: A zoom lens system comprising a positive first lens unit composed of three or four lens elements, a negative second lens unit, and subsequent lens units, wherein the subsequent lens units include an aperture diaphragm, an image blur compensating lens unit, and a focusing lens unit, which are provided on... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140240556 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: In a case where a weighted mean value is calculated by calculating weights according to a degree of similarity based on a target pixel, the mean value is affected by noise included in the target pixel. The mean value thereby converges at a value different from a true pixel value... Agent:

20140240555 - Noise suppression devices and image capturing apparatuses having the same: A noise elimination device includes a low pass filter unit, a noise filtering unit and a signal synthesis unit. The low pass filter unit generates a low frequency image signal by separating low frequency elements from an input image signal. The noise filtering unit generates a filtered image signal by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240557 - Solid-state imaging device and electronic equipment: A solid-state imaging device includes: a semiconductor substrate having a light receiving surface sectioned for red, green, blue, and white pixels arranged in a matrix with photodiodes formed thereon; color filters formed on the semiconductor substrate in light incident paths to the photodiodes of the respective formation regions of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240558 - Method and apparatus for gain and level correction of multi-tap ccd cameras: According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a CCD sensor comprising a pixel array having a first segment configured to produce a first tap signal responsive to receipt of electromagnetic radiation from a scene to be imaged, a second segment configured to produce a second tap signal responsive to receipt... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140240561 - Adaptive gain control image processing system and method: By utilizing scene metrics in an image processing system (such as night vision goggles or a camera), a setpoint controller can set a setpoint used by a gain controller. Using the setpoint and an average video level of a frame, the gain controller can set gain control signals sent to... Agent: Exelis Inc.

20140240560 - Imaging apparatus, method for controlling imaging apparatus and computer-readable storage medium: In an imaging apparatus, a two-dimensional surface on which imaging elements are arranged has a first region that includes one or more lines, and a second region other than the first region that includes a plurality of lines, each line including a light shielded region that is shielded from light... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240559 - Solid state imaging device, portable information terminal, and solid state imaging system: A solid state imaging device according to an embodiment includes: an imaging element formed on a semiconductor substrate, and including pixel blocks each having pixels; a main lens forming an image of a subject on an imaging plane; a microlens array including microlenses corresponding to the pixel blocks, the microlens... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140240562 - Integrated multi-channel analog front end and digitizer for high speed imaging applications: A module for high speed image processing includes an image sensor for generating a plurality of analog outputs representing an image and a plurality of HDDs for concurrently processing the plurality of analog outputs. Each HDD is an integrated circuit configured to process in parallel a predetermined set of the... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140240563 - Signal processing unit, signal processing method, image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus: A signal processing unit includes: a synchronizing signal control section configured to control length of a synchronizing signal for a predetermined row in a frame, in which the synchronizing signal serves as a basis of charge read processing that reads charge from a pixel array on a row basis; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240564 - Solid-state image pickup device and camera system: A solid-state image pickup device including a pixel section arranged with multiple pixel circuits in matrix having functions for converting an optical signal to an electrical signal and for accumulating the electrical signal depending on an exposure time, and a pixel driving section capable of driving through a control line... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240567 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and program: To provide an apparatus that generates an RGB pattern data from an image pickup signal by an image pickup element having an RGBW pattern and a method. An edge detection unit analyzes an output signal of the image pickup signal of the RGBW pattern to obtain edge information corresponding to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240566 - Solid-state image sensor, manufacturing method thereof, and imaging apparatus including the same: An image sensor includes a first semiconductor chip having a first surface and a second surface, the first semiconductor chip a including an array of unit pixels configured to capture light corresponding to an image and to generate image signals based on the captured light; and a second semiconductor chip... Agent:

20140240565 - Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus: Solid-state imaging devices and electronic apparatuses are provided. More particularly, a solid-state imaging device that includes first and second substrates are provided. The first and second substrates are stacked on top of one another. The first substrate includes a pixel array and a peripheral circuit. The second substrate also includes... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240568 - Electronic apparatus, control method, and image sensor: An electronic apparatus includes: a reference-signal output section that outputs a reference signal; a comparator that compares an electrical signal output from a pixel with the reference signal; a counter that obtains a count value as an AD conversion result of the electrical signal, the count value being obtained by... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240571 - Image data processing method, image sensor and image data processing system using the method: An image sensor supporting a normal sampling mode and a 1/N sampling mode for transmitting image data detected by a plurality of unit image sensors and stored in a plurality of latch circuits to a data processor using a plurality of transmission lines, wherein N is a natural number greater... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240569 - Image sensor: An image sensor includes a pixel array including at least one active pixel and at least one line-optical black (L-OB) pixel arranged in a matrix including first to nth rows and first to mth columns, the pixel array configured to output a pixel signal and a dark-level offset signal in... Agent:

20140240570 - Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and method for driving imaging apparatus: There are provided an imaging apparatus, an imaging system, and a method for driving the imaging apparatus, which include a pixel including a conversion unit and an AD conversion unit for converting a signal output from the conversion unit into a digital signal, a first bias line electrically connected to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240572 - Communication system, communication terminal, and method of controlling a communication system: A camera system includes a plurality of first cameras and a second camera. Each of the plurality of first cameras has a first receiving section that receives a control signal, a first image pickup section that photographs a first image based on the control signal, and a first transmitting section... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140240574 - Display control apparatus, display control method, and program: There is provided a display control apparatus including an external memory accommodating unit for accommodating a removable external memory; a database recognizing unit for recognizing a database stored in the external memory, the database being recorded with an image stored in the external memory and information related to the image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240575 - Image processing apparatus, location information adding method, and program: An information processing apparatus (10) that acquires captured image data determines whether a position determining unit of the information processing apparatus detects a location of the information processing apparatus; controls a user interface to prompt a user to enter information when it is determined that a location of the information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240576 - Digital device and method for controlling the same: A digital device according to an embodiment includes a sensor unit configured to sense a user input to the digital device and to provide a signal corresponding to a sensed result to a processor, a camera unit configured to acquire an image, a display unit configured to display the acquired... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140240577 - Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup section configured by an image pickup optical system, and an image pickup device for a storage section for temporarily storing image data, a display section, a dividing operation section for instructing that a region to be displayed on the display section is... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140240578 - Light-field based autofocus: In various embodiments, the present invention relates to methods, systems, architectures, algorithms, designs, and user interfaces for light-field based autofocus. In response to receiving a focusing request at a camera, a light-field autofocus system captures a light-field image. An image crop that contains a region of interest and a specified... Agent: Lytro, Inc.

20140240573 - Shared-field projection and imaging system: According to one embodiment of the present invention a method for capturing images on a screen is disclosed. The method includes directing light from a surface of a spatial light modular to an image field using a projection system; capturing light from the image field using the projection system, the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140240579 - Portable apparatus and method for taking a photograph by using widget: A method and an apparatus for taking a photograph by using a widget are provided. The method includes displaying, on a touch screen, a widget including a storage location name corresponding to a storage location where an image photographed in a camera application is stored, a preview area which displays... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240580 - Method and apparatus of displaying portrait on display: A method and an apparatus are provided for displaying a portrait on a display by a portable terminal. It is determined whether an image is a character-photographed image. If the image is the character-photographed image, face detection is executed from the image. A character area in the image is set... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240581 - Antenna for camera: An antenna for a camera, comprising a camera having a communication module provided therein, a first radiator provided in a predetermined position of a lens barrel of the camera and having a length and a width for receiving a signal from a first wireless communication system, a power feeding line... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240582 - Product having latent image and device for photographing the latent image: According to the present invention, provided is a birefringent transfer foil, comprising a temporary support, an orientation layer, a birefringent layer (preferably a patterned optically anisotropic layer) formed from a composition comprising a liquid-crystal compound having at least one reactive group, said orientation layer being in contact with the temporary... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240583 - Finder optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same: A finder optical system includes an erecting optical system, an eyepiece optical system, and a light metering optical system. An optical axis of the light metering optical system is non-parallel to an optical axis of the eyepiece optical system. The light metering optical system includes a first lens having positive... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240584 - Apparatus for adjusting the focus of an image capturing device: Described is an apparatus, including computer program products, for adjusting the focus of an image capturing device. An apparatus for capturing a focused digital image of a scene includes a lens having an optical surface including a deformation that is asymmetric with respect to an optical axis of the lens,... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140240585 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus is provided which includes: an imaging unit that captures an image through an optical system and outputs an image signal corresponding to the captured image; a focus detection unit that uses the image signal as the basis to detect a focal state of the optical system at... Agent:

20140240586 - Variable liquid device having uneven channel and apparatus including the same: The variable liquid device includes: a chamber including a channel, in which a fluid flows, having an inconsistent height in at least a part of the channel; a first fluid filled in the chamber and formed of a non-transmissive material; and a second fluid filled in the chamber and formed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240587 - Flash synchronization using image sensor interface timing signal: Certain aspects of this disclosure relate to an image signal processing system that includes a flash controller that is configured to activate a flash device prior to the start of a target image frame by using a sensor timing signal. In one embodiment, the flash controller receives a delayed sensor... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140240588 - Electronic component and electronic apparatus: A ferromagnetic body is provided at a front-surface side of a reference plane and located outside a region that overlaps an electronic device in a direction perpendicular to the reference plane, and a conductor is provided at a back-surface side of the reference plane and that overlaps the electronic device... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240589 - Front cover for a housing enclosing a camera: The invention provides for a front cover (10) adapted for a housing enclosing a camera. The front cover (10) comprises an aperture (12) covered by a window (14) made of a flexible material, the window (14) being fixed to the front cover (10) by a flexible adhesive (16).... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140240590 - Image pickup unit and method of manufacturing the same: An image pickup unit according to the present invention includes: a lens frame that internally holds an image pickup optical system; and a backside illuminated image pickup device which has a light-receiving section that receives light entering the lens frame via the image pickup optical system and which is held... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140240591 - Methods and systems for processing content: Methods and system for processing data are disclosed. One method can comprise receiving content data in a first format and context description data relating to a portion of the content data. The method may further comprise converting the portion of the content data to an intermediate format, and converting the... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140240592 - Small form factor pluggable unit used as a video signal conversion device: The present disclosure relates to devices comprising small form factor pluggable units (SFP) having connectors for receiving and sending signals and a processor for converting the received signals prior to sending the converted signals. Received or sent signals may comprise video signals in various analog or digital formats. Conversion of... Agent: Embrionix Design Inc.

20140240593 - System and method for transmitting control signals over hdmi: A device for transmitting multiple control formats from an audio/video source to an audio/video monitor receiver. The device includes a high definition multimedia interface cable that has a plurality of communication channels, including a consumer electronic control channel. Furthermore, a pair of plugs are coupled to the respective ends of... Agent: Key Digital Systems, Inc.

20140240594 - Hint based media content streaming: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for media content streaming can include communicating with a remote device to stream media content to the remote device, accessing hint information associated with the media content, and transmitting a data stream to the remote device based... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140240595 - Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting volume based on media content: Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting a volume are provided. A presentation of a media asset is generated with a user equipment device at a first volume level. A user request to adjust a volume level of the media asset is received. Subject matter of the media asset currently being... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20140240596 - Electronic device and audio output method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device including, a display, an audio output module, a transmission module, a first detection module, a second detection module, a third detection module, and a controller configured to control at least one of the timing of the transmission of the audio signal by the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140240597 - Method and apparatus for automatic second screen engagement: A method includes displaying content on a television, detecting a personal display device in proximity of the television, detecting a selection of content displayed on the television, detecting an instruction associated with the selection, displaying, based on the instruction, information associated with the selection on the personal display device and... Agent: Roku, Inc.

20140240598 - Mobile terminal and method of displaying image using the same: The present invention provides a mobile terminal and a method of displaying an image using the same. A method of displaying an image includes connecting a mobile terminal displaying an image on a screen to a display apparatus through a TV-out cable; terminating the display of the image on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240599 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for presenting a message on a display based on a type of video image data for presentation on the display: Methods, systems, and computer program products for a message on a display based on a type of video image data for presentation on the display are described. A message is presented on a display based on a predetermined relationship between a type of video image data for presentation on the... Agent: Scenera Technologies, LLC

20140240600 - Method for selecting an input media source: System and method for changing a current input terminal of a user device. In one embodiment of the invention, a method includes receiving an input terminal change request, requesting that a current input terminal be changed from a first input terminal to a second input terminal. The method may further... Agent: Sony Electronics Inc.

20140240601 - Apparatus, method and article for a dual-program display: A system for enabling two different users to independently view and listen to two completely different programs on the same display at the same time is provided. A user wears eyeglasses with filters to filter out light from the program which the user does not want to view, while allowing... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20140240602 - Scene change detection device, display device, scene change detection method, and scene change detection program: A scene change detection device includes an inter-frame difference calculation unit configured to calculate, based on an image signal, an inter-frame difference value corresponding to an inter-frame pixel value difference, and a determination unit configured to determine whether or not a target frame is the first frame in a video... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240603 - Object detection metadata: A perimeter around a detected object in a frame of image data can be generated in a first coordinate system. The perimeter can be converted from the first coordinate system into a second coordinate system having the same aspect ratio as the first coordinate system. A first metadata entry can... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140240604 - Transmitting device, transmitting method, and receiving device: The present invention includes a first video data transmitting unit and a second transmitting unit. The second video data transmitting unit transmits to an external device video data encoded so as to be DC-free and capable of clock regeneration, via a pair of AC-coupled lines as a transmission path. Accordingly,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240605 - Apparatus for very high speed adaptive spectrum analysis: This invention describes a method by which Broadband Spectrum Analysis can be performed in the Rh and Microwave frequency range with significantly higher speed, accuracy, and flexibility than existing RF and Microwave Spectrum Analyzers. This is done by eliminating the need for the filtering of the incoming signal, a process... Agent:

20140240606 - Display device and television receiver device: A liquid crystal display device (10) includes: LEDs (17); a liquid crystal panel (11); a light guide plate (16); an exterior member that constitutes the exterior of the liquid crystal display device (10), the exterior member including a frame (13) and a chassis (14) that hold the liquid crystal panel... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240607 - Power state management for set-top boxes: When a set-top box determines to enter a low-power state, the set-top box determines a wake-up time based on a recording schedule, a maintenance schedule, and a boot spread. Before transitioning to the low-power state, the set-top box sends a message to a schedule server with the wake-up time. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140240608 - Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, remote control apparatus, and control method thereof: An electronic apparatus, control method thereof, remote control apparatus that controls the electronic apparatus, and control method thereof. The remote control apparatus includes a communication unit which communicates with the electronic apparatus; a user input unit which receives a user button selection indicating an input button; a sensing unit which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240609 - Method for controlling external device and remote controller thereof: A method for operating a remote controller for remotely controlling a device, and which includes wirelessly receiving, by a receiving unit of the remote controller, information indicating that the currently connected external device is a first device, the information received from a second device that is different than the first... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140240610 - Techniques for localized perceptual audio: Audio perception in local proximity to visual cues is provided. A device includes a video display, first row of audio transducers, and second row of audio transducers. The first and second rows can be vertically disposed above and below the video display. An audio transducer of the first row and... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140240611 - Laser driving circuit, laser driving method, and device using laser light: A laser driving circuit, a laser driving method, and a device using laser light that can reduce speckle noise caused by laser light as coherent light are provided. In the laser driving circuit that generates laser driving current for driving a plurality of laser light sources emitting laser light of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240612 - Display device, television device, and method of manufacturing display device: A liquid crystal display device (a display device) 10 includes a liquid crystal panel (a display panel) 11 displaying an image, a backlight unit (a lighting unit) 12 irradiating light to the liquid crystal panel 11, a plurality of LEDs (light sources) 17 that are a light emission source of... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

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20140232812 - Method for handling interference during the transmission of a chronological succession of digital images: A method for handling interference during the transmission of a chronological succession of digital images (I) from a sender (S) to at least one receiver (R), in which the images to be transmitted show the face of a Speaker at least intermittently, involves images in the chronological succession that are... Agent: Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140232813 - Using metadata for video message modifications among wireless communication devices: Systems, methods, and software for transferring video messages between wireless communication devices in wireless communication networks are provided herein. In one example, a method of operating a wireless communication device is provided. The method includes wirelessly receiving a video message and responsively displaying the video message. The method also includes... Agent: Sprint Communications Company L.p.

20140232814 - System and method for managing a presentation: The system and method capture an image of a presenter of a presentation. The image of the presenter may be a still image or a video stream. In one embodiment, the image of the presenter has the background removed. An image of the presentation is captured. The image of the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140232815 - Executing instructions in response to a communication: An instruction execution engine on a user device may be configured to receive an executable instruction assigned to one or more contacts or groups of contacts. A communication from the one or more contacts or groups may be detected. Upon detecting the communication, the engine may execute the executable instruction.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140232816 - Providing a tele-immersive experience using a mirror metaphor: A tele-immersive environment is described that provides interaction among participants of a tele-immersive session. The environment includes two or more set-ups, each associated with a participant. Each set-up, in turn, includes mirror functionality for presenting a three-dimensional virtual space for viewing by a local participant. The virtual space shows at... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140232817 - Systems, methods, and computer programs for joining an online conference already in progress: Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for joining an online conference already in progress. One such method comprises: a conferencing system establishing an audio conference between a plurality of participants accessing the conferencing system via a communication network; the conferencing system presenting to the participants via... Agent: American Teleconferencing Services, Ltd.

20140232818 - Method and device for spherical resampling for video generation: A system and method generates a broadcast image. The method includes receiving a first image captured by a first camera having a first configuration incorporating a first center of projection. The method includes determining a first mapping from a first image plane of the first camera onto a sphere. The... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140232819 - Systems and methods for generating and sharing panoramic moments: An entertainment server provides an entertainment consumer with visual entertainment media. The entertainment consumer sends a request to a panoramic moment generator to export a panoramic moment of the visual entertainment media to a viewer's display device for a viewer, the panoramic moment including panoramic content. The panoramic content can... Agent: Tourwrist, Inc.

20140232821 - Method and device for retargeting a 3d content:

20140232820 - Real-time automatic conversion of 2-dimensional images or video to 3-dimensional stereo images or video: Systems, apparatus and methods are described related to real-time automatic conversion of 2-dimensional images or video to 3-dimensional stereo images or video.... Agent:

20140232822 - Systems and methods for generating compressed light field representation data using captured light fields, array geometry, and parallax information: Systems and methods for the generating compressed light field representation data using captured light fields in accordance embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, an array camera includes a processor and a memory connected configured to store an image processing application, wherein the image processing application configures the... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140232823 - Transmission device, transmission method, reception device and reception method: A container of a predetermined format including a video stream of a single view for the two-dimensional image display and video streams of a plurality of views for the three-dimensional image display in a time division manner is transmitted. For example, the container corresponds to containers of variable formats such... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232824 - Providing information of tools by filtering image areas adjacent to or on displayed images of the tools: An operator telerobotically controls tools to perform a procedure on an object at a work site while viewing real-time images of the object, tools and work site on a display. Tool information is provided by filtering a part of the real-time images for enhancement or degradation to indicate a state... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140232825 - Calibration of a 3d camera: A method for calibrating a 3D camera includes determining an actuation of an element by a person and calibrating the 3D camera based on the determining of the actuation.... Agent: Infineon Techologies Ag

20140232826 - Method for detecting objects in a warehouse and/or for spatial orientation in a warehouse: m

20140232827 - Time-to-digital converter and method therefor: Time-to-digital converter system including: an event detector configured for detecting an event and generating an event detection signal upon detection of the event; and a time-to-digital converter coupled or connectable to the event detector and including a fine resolution part configured for counting fine time intervals, organized such that the... Agent: Fastree 3d Bv

20140232829 - Image processing system based on stereo image: The present invention relates to an image processing system for pointing or making an augmented reality image by selectively capturing a left or right image of a stereo image of a 3D display, and detecting a mark from the captured image.... Agent:

20140232830 - Stereoscopic imaging apparatus: In order to provide a stereoscopic imaging apparatus that can acquire, in a case in which a brightness different is large, parallax information containing a parallax image in all image capturing frames, provided are an image acquisition unit that acquires a first image and a second image different from the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Sytems, Ltd.

20140232828 - Work monitoring system: A system and methods for monitoring work processes. Once example computer-implemented method includes recording a three-dimensional work trajectory. The work trajectory comprises a representation of the actual motion of one or more markers. The method further includes comparing the work trajectory to a work template. The work template comprises a... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc

20140232831 - Modular camera array: Devices, systems and methods employing modular camera arrays are described. A two-dimensional array of cameras may be arranged in a non-rectangular array. A first camera, a second camera, and a third camera in the array may be located approximately equidistant from each other, and/or may be arranged approximately in an... Agent:

20140232832 - Surgical illumination device: A surgical illumination device (1) having illuminating means (2) distributed over an area (A) and a stereoscopic image acquisition device (10) having two optical channels (10a, 10b) which each generate a monoscopic image of an illuminated object (6). At least three optical channels can be present, each of which may... Agent:

20140232833 - Device and method for adjusting parallax, imaging apparatus, and image reproduction device: A distance determining section increases a convergence point distance by a distance proportionate to an operation of an up key. The distance determining section reduces the convergence point distance by a distance proportionate to an operation of a down key. A target convergence point distance is incremented by 1 m... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140232834 - Display unit: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a three dimensional image display device capable of preventing the generation of crosstalk. The three dimensional image display device according to the present invention includes a display panel having a plurality of pixels, a backlight capable of partially illuminating the display... Agent:

20140232835 - Stereoscopic image processing device and stereoscopic image processing method: A stereoscopic image processing device displays a first image that is a stereoscopic image and a second image that is a stereoscopic image or a two-dimensional image on the same display screen at the same time. The stereoscopic image processing device includes: an acquisition unit that acquires the first image... Agent:

20140232836 - Temporally multiplexed display with landscape and portrait operation modes: An autostereoscopic display comprising a temporally multiplexed display arranged to provide viewing windows in a range around 45 degrees to achieve landscape and portrait viewing in cooperation with an observer tracking system. The temporally multiplexed display may comprise a stepped waveguide imaging directional backlight.... Agent: Reaid Inc.

20140232837 - Multi-view 3d image display apparatus using modified common viewing zone: Disclosed is a multi-view three-dimensional (3D) image display apparatus using a modified common viewing zone. The multi-view 3D image display apparatus may use a modified common viewing zone between a central viewing zone (common viewing zone) of the multi-view 3D image display apparatus and a central viewing zone (parallel viewing... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140232839 - Determining document fitness using illumination: According to an illustrative embodiment, a method for detecting a document includes capturing a first plurality of images of a document at a first wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, capturing a second plurality of images of the document at a second wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, and assembling the first and second... Agent:

20140232838 - Imaging apparatus and controller for photographing products: The invention provides an all-in-one imaging apparatus for photographing products, particularly suitable for photographing fashion related products such as apparel products, fashion accessories or other life style products. The imaging apparatus comprising a table part, a portable controller for user interaction with the table part, and a storage for storing... Agent: Visual Retailing Holding B.v.

20140232840 - Apparatus and method for four dimensional soft tissue navigation in endoscopic applications: A surgical instrument navigation system is provided that visually simulates a virtual volumetric scene of a body cavity of a patient from a point of view of a surgical instrument residing in the cavity of the patient. The surgical instrument navigation system includes: a surgical instrument; an imaging device which... Agent: Veran Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140232841 - Radiation video processing device, radiation video capturing device, radiation video capturing system, radiation video processing method and program storage medium: A radiographic video processing device includes: an acquisition section that acquires gradation signals expressing charges; and a control section that, if capture of a video image formed from plural frames is being performed with a radiation detector, and a number of the pixels, from which charges are combined and read... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140232843 - Gain value of image capture component: A device to detect an object within proximity of the device, identify a brightness level of the object and modify a gain value of an image capture component based on the brightness level, determine whether the object includes a face, and capture an image of the face if the face... Agent:

20140232842 - Mobile wireless hand-held biometric capture, processing and communication system and method for biometric identification: A mobile, wireless biometric identification system includes a biometric capture device, associated software and processes which enable a commercially available wireless communication device, such as a smartphone, using a commercially established wireless communication networks, to capture a digital image of a human biometric (iris, fingerprint, etc.) for transmission via a... Agent: Bi2 Technologies, LLC

20140232846 - Image acquisition apparatus and image acquisition system: An image acquisition apparatus includes an imaging optical system configured to form an image of an object, a re-imaging optical system configured to re-form the image of the object formed by the imaging optical system, a reflecting member arranged on an optical path between the imaging optical system and the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232844 - Method and apparatus for defining a z-range in a sample, in which a z-stack of the sample is to be recorded by means of a microscope: A method for defining a z-range in a sample in which a z-stack of the sample is to be recorded by means of a microscope is provided, wherein the z-range is defined automatically on the basis of a z-value situated in the sample and taking at least one predetermined parameter... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140232845 - Method and system for imaging high density biochemical arrays with sub-pixel alignment: A method and associated system for imaging high density biochemical arrays comprises one or more imaging channels that share a common objective lens and a corresponding one or more time delay integration-type imaging cameras with optical alignment mechanisms that permit independent inter-channel and intra-channel adjustment of each of four degrees:... Agent: Complete Genomics, Inc.

20140232848 - Method for varying the scanning field of a laser scanning microscope: Disclosed is a method for varying the size of the scanning field of a multifocal laser scanning microscope, said scanning field being scanned in X columns and Y lines, and n laser spots being arranged at a distance d from one another in the scanning field along the slow scanning... Agent:

20140232847 - Mirror unit and image acquisition unit: A deformable mirror unit 7A including a plurality of segment mirrors 71 each having a surface 71a, a flexible member 72 configured to connect the plurality of segment mirrors 71 to each other, a driver 74 configured to apply a driving force to at least one of the segment mirror... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232849 - Inspection method and inspection apparatus: An inspection method and apparatus comprising, a step of reflecting linearly-polarized light having a predetermined wavelength using an non-polarizing beam splitter after transmitting the linearly-polarized light through a half-wave plate, irradiating a sample with the linearly-polarized light having a polarization plane of a predetermined angle, causing the light reflected by... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140232850 - Vision testing device with enhanced image clarity: The vision testing device with an enhanced image clarity for determining good or bad of a testing object by photographing a testing object assembled or mounted during the component assembly process and comparing the photographed image with a previously inputted target image, comprising: a stage part for fixing or transferring... Agent: Mirtec Co., Ltd.

20140232851 - M-atv driver's vision augmentation system: Video aids are disclosed to assist vehicle drivers for all phases of vehicle control and driving conditions. In one exemplary embodiment, a driver's vision augmentation system is flexibly configured for installation on virtually any vehicle for real-time video display to the vehicle driver of each tire's contact with the ground.... Agent: United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20140232852 - Optical device and method for inspecting tires: A method for tire inspection which includes taking at least one image of at least one first area of a tread of a tire that is to be inspected; determining the profile depth of a second area of the tread of the tire, the second area being included in the... Agent:

20140232854 - Apparatus to recognize illumination environment of vehicle and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an apparatus to recognize an illumination environment of a vehicle and a control method thereof. The apparatus includes an infrared illumination sensor to detect an infrared illumination amount emitted from the sun, a camera, and an illumination environment recognition unit which detects the infrared illumination amount by... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140232858 - Image pickup device: An image pickup device, which comprises an optical characteristics changing unit (15), an optical system (45) containing an objective lens (47) and for leading a light from the objective lens to the optical characteristics changing unit, and an image pickup element (52) for receiving a light via the optical characteristics... Agent:

20140232853 - Imaging microviscometer: In one general aspect, a capillary viscometer is disclosed that includes a source of fluid pressure, and a first capillary tube having an inside volume that is hydraulically responsive to the source of fluid pressure. A two-dimensional array of optical detectors is positioned proximate the first capillary tube with a... Agent:

20140232859 - Measuring system and method for marking a known target point in a coordinate system: A measuring system for marking a known target point in a coordinate system includes a mobile marking unit and a geodetic measuring device. The measuring device has a sighting unit, angle measurement functionality, and a camera for capturing a camera image. The measuring system has a database storing a target... Agent:

20140232855 - Shape measuring apparatus: A shape measuring apparatus includes a first light source, a second light source, an optical system, an image capturer, and a controller. The first light source emits visible light. The second light source emits measurement light used in a measurement. The optical system emits the visible light and the measurement... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140232857 - Three-dimensional surface inspection system using two-dimensional images and method: The three-dimensional real structure of a component can be captured by means of best fit by simply recording two-dimensional images and comparing a known three-dimensional model. A component is placed on a measurement stage having reference marks and is photographed several times in two-dimensions. The photo recordings are compared with... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140232856 - Vision measuring device and auto-focusing control method: A vision measuring device includes: a camera which images a workpiece and transfers image information of the workpiece; a position control unit which controls an in-focus position of the camera and outputs the in-focus position as position information representing a position in a Z-axis direction; and a vision measuring machine... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140232862 - Anomaly detection using a kernel-based sparse reconstruction model: A method and system for detecting anomalies in video footage. A training dictionary can be configured to include a number of event classes, wherein events among the event classes can be defined with respect to n-diminensional feature vectors. One or more nonlinear kernel function can be defined, which transform the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140232865 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus that provides user interactions is provided, which includes a display main body configured to have an image display surface; and a photographing unit configured to include a camera module that photographs a user to sense a user's gesture, the photographing unit being arranged at a first position... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232866 - Location recognition apparatus and method: A position recognition apparatus and method for determining the position of an object by using a camera are provided. The object may include a controllable light source, and the position recognition apparatus may store identification information of the object. The position recognition apparatus may obtain a spatial image by capturing... Agent:

20140232860 - Method and system for assisting security camera focusing: A system and method for installing security cameras on a security network of a security system. The security cameras include an autofocus routine, manually adjustable lenses, and feedback mechanisms. The autofocus routine calculates the degree to which the field of view is out of focus and the feedback mechanism provides... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140232864 - Method of representing possible movements of a structure for an apparatus of smartphone type: s

20140232863 - Video analytics system: A video analytics system includes a first database for storing searchable time-stamped transactional data indicative of activity within a monitored system, a second database for storing time-stamped video metadata, wherein the time-stamped video metadata comprises searchable attributes associated with a raw video data stream; and a rule-based correlation server for... Agent: Solink Corporation

20140232861 - Video security systems and methods: Systems and methods for the remote verification and monitoring of conditions surrounding an alarm signal are disclosed. In an aspect, a security system can comprise a security gateway located at a premises, wherein the security gateway is operable to detect an alarm condition and to receive video of at least... Agent:

20140232867 - Method for determining attitude of star sensor based on rolling shutter imaging: A method for determining an attitude of a star sensor based on a rolling shutter imaging is provided. The method comprises: optimizing a relation among an exposure time, a line readout time, an interline integral interval time and a frame processing time of an image for the rolling shutter imaging... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140232868 - Camera system for use in a vehicle as well as a vehicle having such a camera system: A camera system for use in a vehicle for simultaneously recognizing rain on its windshield and for monitoring the surroundings, includes: a camera having a camera lens and an image sensor, a mirror system having at least one first mirror and at least one second mirror which are situated in... Agent:

20140232871 - Method for manually calibrating a camera mounted on vehicle: A method for manually calibrating a camera mounted on a camera mount of a vehicle is provided. According to the present disclosure, the method includes acquiring an image data in a field of view of the camera based on an actual position of the camera. The captured image data is... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140232872 - Vehicle camera image quality improvement in poor visibility conditions by contrast amplification: A vision system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor disposed at the vehicle and having an exterior field of view, and an image processor. The imaging sensor captures image data and the image processor is operable to process successive frames of captured image data. Responsive to a determination of... Agent:

20140232870 - Vehicle video display system: A vehicle display system and methods of controlling the same. In certain embodiments, an image processing module receives video signals from a video camera and generates first video data in a first format. A system management mode (SMM) program is stored in a memory. When executed at a processor, the... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20140232869 - Vehicle vision system with dirt detection: A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera disposed at a vehicle and having an image sensor and a lens. When the camera is disposed at the vehicle, the lens is exposed to the environment exterior the vehicle. The camera has an exterior field of view exterior the vehicle... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140232873 - System and method of monitoring the video surveillance activities: A method and apparatus. The method includes the steps of an activity analysis processor monitoring the activities of a security system protecting a secured area and a human operator of the security system and evaluating the system's and operator's activities, the activity analysis processor detecting an event and saving a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140232874 - Method and system for managing data from digital network surveillance cameras: A computer implemented method of establishing and managing an arbitrarily large, geographically distributed video surveillance network is provided. The method comprises a plurality of independent video processing components operatively coupled by a data network, each independent video processing component configured to implement one or more tasks, the one or more... Agent:

20140232875 - Determination of an absolute radiometric value using blocked infrared sensors: Various techniques are provided for using one or more shielded (e.g., blinded, blocked, and/or obscured) infrared sensors of a thermal imaging device. In one example, a method includes capturing a signal from a shielded infrared sensor that is substantially blocked from receiving infrared radiation from a scene. The method also... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140232876 - Thermal imaging beacon, smoke detector and system: A thermal imaging beacon, a smoke detector having an integrated thermal imaging beacon, and a thermal imaging beacon system including a thermal imaging beacon and a smoke detector. The thermal imaging beacon includes a heat source, a power source, and an activation switch in communication with the heat source and... Agent:

20140232877 - Device having built-in digital data device powered by unlimited power source for light device: A device having built-in digital data means is powered by an unlimited power source for a lamp-holder, LED bulb, or light device connected to unlimited power source by prongs or a base that can be inserted into a socket that would otherwise receiving a bulb. The device may take the... Agent:

20140232878 - Method and apparatus for obtaining video quality parameter, and electronic device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for obtaining a video quality parameter and an electronic device. The method includes dividing a target video segment into at least one video subsegment, where duration of every video subsegment is at least time perceivable by human eyes; obtaining... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140232879 - Color calibration chart acquisition: The present disclosure relates to color calibration chart acquisition. In an example, a video acquired by an imaging device may be processed. The video may be analyzed to automatically detect a reproduction of a color calibration chart. Upon detection of a reproduction of the color calibration chart, it may be... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, LLP

20140232880 - Pattern position detection method, pattern position detection system, and image quality adjustment technique using the method and system: Provided is a pattern position detection method that allows detecting positions of patterns used for alignment with high accuracy. According to the pattern position detection method of the present invention, patterns are displayed on a liquid crystal panel (2) and captured by a camera (3). A black image is displayed... Agent: Iix Inc.

20140232881 - Mobile device field of view region determination: A method and system for determining a field of view region on a mobile device display is provided. The method includes receiving by a mobile device from a user facing camera of the mobile device, an image of a user currently using the mobile device. Key features of the image... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140232882 - Storage medium and control device: There is provided a storage medium having a computer program stored thereon and readable by a computer for an imaging terminal including an imaging unit, the program, when executed by the computer, causing the computer to perform operations including: acquiring captured image data generated by imaging a specific region on... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232884 - Auxiliary focusing system for an ip camera: The present invention discloses an auxiliary focusing system for an IP camera. The auxiliary focusing system utilizes an image sensor module to determine whether the focusing is accomplished. Display devices (such as indicator lights, displays) and audio devices (such as buzzers, speakers) are used to inform a user whether the... Agent: Brickcom Corporation

20140232885 - Method and system for generation of images based on biorhythms: Certain embodiments of the invention may include apparatus, systems, and methods for exchanging pictures, images, audio files, and videos over social networks. Said communications comprise transcribed media such as voice recordings, photographs, digitally manipulated images, or videos. A method is described wherein a predictive analytics engine using pre-determined biorhythm criterion,... Agent:

20140232883 - Communication device and control method thereof: A communication apparatus includes an acquisition unit, a determination unit, and a control unit. The acquisition unit acquires capability information on other communication apparatuses in a network. The determination unit determines, based on the capability information acquired by the acquisition unit, whether there is a communication apparatus having a specific... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232888 - Camera module: A camera module (50) is provided with a suspension wire (16) and an AF spring. The spring constant of the suspension wire (16) and the AF spring is set so that the maximum value of stress specified according to the degree of deformation in the longitudinal direction of the suspension... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232886 - Image capture apparatus and method for controlling the same: An offset corresponding to an amount of geometric deformation is added to an amount of drive of an optical member due to an optical image shake correction so that the center of a reference area necessary for geometric deformation processing comes closer to the center of an imaging area. Because... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232887 - Image distortion correction of a camera with a rolling shutter: Correcting image distortion during camera motion using a system including a processor and a camera having a rolling shutter. Multiple image frames are captured by the camera equipped with the rolling shutter. The captured image frames include a base image frame and a previous image frame. Multiple time stamps are... Agent: Mobileye Technologies Limited

20140232889 - Automatically capturing information such as capturing information using a document-aware device: A system and method for automatically changing the operation of a mobile device in response to a presence of information is described. In some examples, the system determines an information capture device is proximate to text, automatically changes operation of the capture device to a certain mode, captures the text,... Agent: Google Inc.

20140232890 - Image sensor and computing system having the same: An image sensor includes a pixel array and an analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion unit. The pixel array generates an analog signal by sensing an incident light. The A/D conversion unit generates a digital signal in a first operation mode by performing a sigma-delta A/D conversion and a cyclic A/D conversion with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232891 - Adjusting perspective distortion of an image: The present disclosure concerns a method and system to accurately remove a three-dimensional distortion in an image of a document and convert the image into an accurate two dimensional image. A method for accurately deducing an image of a document to a precise document boundary is also disclosed. A portable... Agent: Gradeable, Inc.

20140232898 - Digital camera: A digital camera captures an image of a photographic subject and creates image data, and records this image data upon a recording medium. The digital camera includes: an image processing device that, according to operation by a user, performs any of a plurality of types of image processing upon the... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140232894 - Digital camera with multiple pipeline signal processors: A method includes sampling a first intensity of light with a first array of photo detectors of a digital camera. A second intensity of light is sampled with a second array of photo detectors of the digital camera. A first channel processor coupled to the first array of photo detectors... Agent: Protarius Filo Ag, L.L.C.

20140232892 - Digital signal processor buffer management: A camera image sensor captures image data at a first rate, and stores the captured image data at a DSP buffer until it is processed by a DSP image processor. In response to the available capacity at the DSP buffer falling below a first threshold, the DSP buffer notifies the... Agent: Woodman Labs, Inc.

20140232893 - Image sensor and operating method thereof: There is provided an image sensor including a light sensitive device and a digital signal processing circuit. The light sensitive device is configured to output a digital image. The digital signal processing circuit is configured to detect at least one feature point in the digital image and calculate a feature... Agent: Pixart Imaging, Inc.

20140232897 - Image-capturing device and image processing method: An image-capturing device includes: a photographic optical system; a photoelectric conversion element array made up with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arrayed therein; a micro-lens array made up with a plurality of micro-lenses arrayed therein; a data creation unit that creates pixel data at a plurality of pixels on... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140232896 - Information communication method of obtaining information from a subject by demodulating data specified by a pattern of a bright line included in an obtained image: An information communication method includes: obtaining a first image by capturing a subject; detecting a range of the subject from the first image; determining, from among a plurality of exposure lines, predetermined exposure lines for capturing the range of the subject; setting an exposure time so that, in a second... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232895 - Method and system for adjusting exposure settings of video cameras: A system and method to enhance dark areas of a scenes while preventing bright areas of the scenes from distorting or skewing exposure settings of video cameras. The video cameras capture images and identify bright areas in the captured images. The video cameras calculate exposure settings while excluding the bright... Agent:

20140232899 - Server device, image transmission method, terminal device, image reception method, program, and image processing system: In some embodiments, methods and apparatus are provided for transmitting, via at least one network, a request to another apparatus for still image data generated from moving image data, the request comprising at least one criterion, and receiving still image data generated from moving image data matching the at least... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232901 - Imaging apparatus: White balance correction is performed on RGB color signals output from an image pickup device that includes a particular color filter array in which RGB color filters are arranged on respective lines and the ratios of the numbers of RGB color filters are different between the lines. For calculation of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140232900 - Light sensitive, low height, and high dynamic range camera: A user device includes a dual array camera in which a first camera includes a first image sensor without a color filter array to capture luminance, and a second camera includes a second image sensor with a color filter array to capture chrominance.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20140232902 - Suppressing flicker in digital images: Suppressing flicker in digital images includes deriving pixel values from a non-content area of a digital image, estimating flicker values within the non-content area, and suppressing flicker throughout the digital image based on the estimated flicker values of the non-content area.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140232903 - Information communication method: An information communication method that enables communication between various devices includes: setting an exposure time of an image sensor so that, in an image obtained by capturing a subject by the image sensor, a bright line corresponding to an exposure line included in the image sensor appears according to a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232904 - Combining effective images in electronic device having a plurality of cameras: An image combining method in an electronic device having a plurality of cameras. In response to a photographing signal, images successively photographed through at least a first camera are successively stored. A first image is selected from the successively photographed images which satisfies a predetermined classification reference, such as a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232906 - Method and apparatus for image processing: A method for use in an electronic device is provided, including: acquiring a first picture through a first image sensor; acquiring a second picture through a second image sensor; detecting, by a processing circuitry, an image of a body part in the second picture; creating a third picture based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232905 - Method for dual recording shooting and electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for dual recording shooting in an electronic device including a dual camera are provided. The method includes acquiring a first picture from a first camera that is in an operation state, acquiring a second picture from a second camera that is in a wait state,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232907 - Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling same: If zoom magnification falls within an optical-zoom application scaling range of zoom magnifications Z1 to Z2, image data that has been enlarged by a zoom lens is recorded on a recording medium. If zoom magnification falls within an electronic-zoom application scaling range of zoom magnifications Z2 to Z3, the image... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140232908 - Image processor: Disclosed is an image processor that reduces or eliminates the effects of a flash band regardless of performing a shutter operation or not. An imaging device includes a flash band detector configured to determine whether each image of the consecutive images shown by image signals output from an imager is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232909 - Defective pixel correction apparatus and method: A defective pixel correction apparatus and a defective pixel correction method of the present technique include a first defective pixel corrector for specifying a defective pixel included in an image signal of each of color signals sent from an imaging unit, and obtaining a linear interpolation value from pixels around... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232910 - Signal noise reduction for imaging in biological analysis: A system and method for characterizing contributions to signal noise associated with charge-coupled devices adapted for use in biological analysis. Dark current contribution, readout offset contribution, photo response non-uniformity, and spurious charge contribution can be determined by the methods of the present teachings and used for signal correction by systems... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140232911 - Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof: An image capturing apparatus comprises: a first image sensor configured to photo-electrically convert a subject image and output an image signal; a first image processing unit configured to develop a first image signal generated by the first image sensor; a second image processing unit configured to reduce a number of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232912 - Image pickup unit and electronic apparatus: There is provided an image pickup unit capable of suppressing occurrence of false color and color mixture and acquiring a color image with high image quality. The image pickup unit includes: an image sensor including a plurality of pixels and acquiring an image pickup data; a variable filter provided on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232913 - Solid-state imaging device and driving method of same: A solid-state imaging device includes: a pixel array unit in which there are arrayed in a matrix form a plurality of pixels including a plurality of normal pixels which are pixels for video output, and a plurality of phase difference pixels which are pixels for focal-point detection; an A/D conversion... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232915 - Electric camera: An electric camera includes an image sensing device with a light receiving surface having N vertically arranged pixels and an arbitrary number of pixels arranged horizontally, N being equal to or more than three times the number of effective scanning lines M of a display screen of a television system,... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232916 - Semiconductor apparatus, solid-state image sensing apparatus, and camera system: A semiconductor apparatus, a solid-state image sensing apparatus, and a camera system capable of reducing interference between signals transmitted through adjacent via holes, preventing an increase in the number of the via holes, reducing the area of a chip having sensors thereon and the number of mounting steps thereof. A... Agent:

20140232914 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus capable of realizing image pickup with wide dynamic range and at high frame rate, control method therefor, and storage medium: A solid-state image pickup apparatus which is capable of enlarging dynamic range and taking images at high frame rate. The solid-state image pickup apparatus has a pixel unit having first pixels with a first sensitivity to the light and second pixels with a second sensitivity lower than the first sensitivity,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232917 - Solid state image pick-up device, and pixel: A pixel 10 includes a photodiode PD which is provided between a first barrier region 21 forming a first potential barrier B1 and a second barrier region 27 forming a second potential barrier B2, a first floating diffusion region F1 which is provided adjacent to the first barrier region 21,... Agent:

20140232919 - Solid-state imaging device and camera system: A solid-state imaging device and a camera system are provided. The solid-state imaging device capable of performing an intermittent operation includes a pixel unit and a pixel signal readout unit for reading out a pixel signal from the pixel unit in units of a plurality of pixels for each column.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232918 - Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device having a backside illuminated structure, includes: a pixel region in which pixels each having a photoelectric conversion portion and a plurality of pixel transistors are arranged in a two-dimensional matrix; an element isolation region isolating the pixels which is provided in the pixel region and which... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232920 - Photography guide method, device and storage medium using subject characteristic: A photography guide method, a photography guide device, and a photography guide storage medium that use a subject's characteristics when capturing an image. The photography guide method that uses a subject's characteristics includes: detecting at least one subject in an image for prospective recording obtained from an image sensor; determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232922 - Imaging device, display control method and program: An image processing apparatus that includes an image acquiring unit that acquires a plurality of images, a processing unit that creates a plurality of composite images having a sequential relationship based on a predetermined rule using at least a portion of each of the acquired images, and selects a representative... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232921 - Method and apparatus for processing image: A method in an electronic device, the method comprising displaying a first picture acquired from a first image sensor on a display functionally connected to the electronic device, and displaying a second picture acquired from a second image sensor on display, wherein the first picture and the second pictures are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140232923 - Device independent color differences: In the present disclosure techniques related to display of device independent color differences are described. In examples, a color comparison graphical user interface (GUI) is operated. The GUI displays a color of a sample object. Further, the GUI displays a color of a reference object. Further, the GUI displays a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, LLP

20140232924 - Display control apparatus and method for controlling the same: A display control apparatus includes a display control unit configured to display an image in a display region of a display unit in a first display mode for displaying a whole of the image in a state where an area of a part of the image, the area being a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232925 - Four-lens module for image capture: An optical module having an object side and an image side; the module comprising, from the object side to the image side: a first positive meniscus lens having a convergence C1, made of a material having a refractive index Nd1 and an Abbe number Vd1, a second negative meniscus lens... Agent: Ether Precision, Inc.

20140232926 - Focus adjustment apparatus and focus adjustment method: Focus adjustment apparatus and methods for effectively auto-focusing on a subject by adaptively changing a shape of a focus area according to a determined image condition, and in particular, setting the focus area in a shape of which a width of an upper part is narrow according to the condition.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232927 - Focus estimating device, imaging device, and storage medium storing image processing program: A focus estimating device has an area setting unit which sets an area in which focusing of an image is determined and divides the area into a plurality of blocks, a block selecting unit which selects a block to be used for focus determination, a block focus determination unit which... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140232928 - Imaging method: An aspect of the present invention is an imaging method using a multifocal lens having a plurality of regions, the plurality of regions having different focal lengths, and the imaging method includes a focusing state control step of controlling a focusing state of the multifocal lens, and an imaging step... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140232929 - Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same: There is provided an image capturing apparatus. An image capturing control unit performs image capturing using a first pixel group of an image capturing unit during a first exposure time to obtain a high-exposure image. It also performs image capturing using a second pixel group of the image capturing unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232930 - Optical redirection adapter: An optical redirection adapter for an electronic device having a camera includes a housing and an optical element. The optical element is attached to the housing and positioned such that, when the adapter is attached the electronic device, the optical element is positioned in the camera's field of view. The... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140232931 - Imaging system and imaging method: Provided is an imaging system, including: a light source; an imaging device; a first optical system for irradiating an imaging object with light from the light source; a second optical system for causing one of light reflected from the imaging object and light transmitted through the imaging object to enter... Agent: Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.

20140232932 - Energy-proportional image sensor: The subject disclosure is directed towards energy saving mechanisms of image sensor circuitry (e.g., in a camera). Image quality data, such as provided by an application, is processed to make energy consumption of image sensor circuitry more proportional to output image quality by controlling the operation of one or more... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140232934 - Content server and content providing method of the same: A content server and a content providing method of the same, and more particularly, a content server and a content providing method of the same which transcodes content and transmits and receives the transcoded content. The content server communicates with at least one external device which includes a storage part... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232935 - Image display device, image display method, and program: An electronic device that generates a high frame rate video signal by increasing a frame rate of an input video signal; sets a non-emission frame at a predetermined cycle on the high frame rate video signal; extends an emission time of a frame directly before the frame set to non-emission... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232936 - Image transmission device, image transmission method, and computer-readable device: When the wireless communication connection with the display device is established and the ROM stores the display device identifier for uniquely identifying the display device and the setting information so as to be associated with each other, a control unit causes the format of the image to change by the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140232933 - Method for enhancing motion pictures for exhibition at a higher frame rate than that in which they were originally produced: Previously-produced motion pictures are enhanced for theatrical exhibition, at double the frame rate at which they were originally produced. New, rendered images are interpolated between each of the images of the original motion picture. These new images are generated by computer software that analyzes the actual horizontal and vertical displacement... Agent:

20140232937 - Methods and apparatuses for upscaling video: In one embodiment, the methods and apparatuses detect content that represents original image information; detect a direction of the content wherein the direction corresponds to a portion of the original image information; compare a variation between adjacent pixels that are represented by the original image information; and generate new image... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140232938 - Systems and methods for video processing: Several systems and methods for processing of video frames based on one or more video formats are disclosed. In an embodiment, a video processing system comprises a memory and a video engine. The memory stores a plurality of video frames, a primary set of instructions and a plurality of secondary... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140232940 - Baseband video data transmission device and reception device, and transceiver system: In a transmission device (2): a controller (2a) performs a control of reading, from information regarding video specification, first information indicating whether a reception device is capable of intermittent reception of receiving a video signal at a timing that causes certain number of frames to be intermittent, and, when the... Agent:

20140232939 - Transmission system and relay device: Provided is a system for supplying a power from a sink device to a source device. Not only the source device but also a cable or a repeater device to be connected thereto has compatibility in power supply. A physical address obtained from information of an EDID memory forms a... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232942 - Display apparatus and television receiving apparatus: Disclosed is a display apparatus, in which a rectangular frame covering a peripheral part of a display unit is divided into four frame members, and when the end portions of the adjacent frame members are connected by connectors at the four corners of a rectangle, the frame members and the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232941 - Video display system, video display device, its control method, and information storage medium: To provide a video display system for allowing a user to look at and listen to video and sound on various means. A video display system has a video display device and a portable video display device, connected to each other for communication. The video display device produces own device... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232944 - Remote control with feedback for blind navigation: A user is provided with an indication of a button's functionality on a viewing device before the button is actually selected. The user receives haptic/tactile feedback to let the user know that they are about to select a button and that its functionality indicator is shown on the viewing device.... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140232943 - Remote controller and system having the same: In order to provide a remote control system that is easy to use, a first displaying unit displays a remote controller side display information. Since a first operation unit is used to select the remote controller side display information and then drag towards an image display apparatus, a display position... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140232945 - Display device and television device: A liquid crystal display device 10 according to the present invention includes LEDs 17, a liquid crystal panel 11, a light guide plate 16, a holding member HM, a screw member SM, and a screw attachment portion 21. The light guide plate 16 is arranged on a side opposite to... Agent:

20140232946 - Display apparatus and television receiving apparatus: Provided are a display apparatus and a television receiving apparatus with which safety may be assured while a casing is segmented. A display apparatus comprises: a display unit having a display screen in the front side thereof; a front cabinet which encompasses the peripheral edge part of the display unit;... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232947 - Trailer with display screen storage and support: A trailer with display screen storage and support includes infrastructure necessary to store, support and adjust the position and orientation of a large display screen displaying audio/video programming. The trailer has a bed facilitating storage of screen sections on one side of a telescoping support. A portion of the roof... Agent: Trailex, Inc.

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