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12/18/2014 > 148 patent applications in 83 patent subcategories.

20140368600 - Video call method and electronic device supporting the method: A video call method is provided, including forming a video call channel in an electronic device, outputting a screen including a first image received through the video call channel, determining whether a second image being transmitted through the video call channel is displayed on the screen based on image information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368601 - Mobile security technology: In one implementation, a computer-implemented method includes determining a location of a mobile computing device using one or more of a plurality of data sources; communicating, by the mobile computing device, with another computing device as part of a two-way video chat session over a first network connection, the communicating... Agent:

20140368602 - Controlling light sources of a directional backlight: Teleconferencing is performed between two telecommunication devices having a display device and a stereoscopic pair of cameras positioned outside opposed sides of the display device at the same level partway along those sides. The separation between the centers of the cameras is in a range having a lower limit of... Agent:

20140368604 - Automated privacy adjustments to video conferencing streams: Methods and systems may involve determining a user attention level based on video stream data associated with a first participant in an always-on video conferencing session. The video stream data may be modified based on the user attention level to obtain modified video stream data that is automatically adjusted for... Agent:

20140368603 - Unpaired devices: Disclosed is a user device comprising an output component configured to deliver an experience to a user in a standalone mode of the user device and an input component configured to receive a notification of an event. The device also comprises an indication generator for generating an indication for transmission... Agent:

20140368605 - Remote conference control method, terminal equipment, mcu, and video conferencing system: A remote conference control method, a terminal equipment, a multipoint control unit (MCU), and a video conferencing system, where the method includes: when a conference joining terminal receives pause conference indication information sent by a multipoint control unit MCU during a process of a video conference, disabling, by the conference... Agent:

20140368608 - Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: An imaging apparatus includes: an image generation section that generates at least one of a first captured image having a predetermined size and a second captured image having an aspect ratio different from that of the first captured image; a recording control section that, when an instruction operation to record... Agent:

20140368606 - Method and system for adaptive perspective correction of ultra wide-angle lens images: Methods for correcting an image acquired through an Ultra Wide-Angle (UWA) lens is disclosed, where the entire image is mapped via a transformation that substantially improves the perspective, yet maintains all image information. Additional locally adaptive transformations can be applied to regions of interest in the image to fully restore... Agent: Geo Semiconductor Inc.

20140368607 - Systems and methods for panoramic imaging: Systems and methods for panoramic imaging are disclosed herein. An exemplary system of the disclosed subject matter for panoramic imaging includes a fisheye lens, a mirror optically coupled to the fisheye lens, and a detector for capturing light incident on the fisheye lens and reflected from the mirror. In some... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140368609 - Systems and methods for generating a panoramic image: Systems and methods for generating a panoramic image include capturing image data from a plurality of cameras and storing the image data within a memory buffer of the respective camera; transmitting image data from an upstream camera to a downstream camera; and combining, within the downstream camera, the image data... Agent:

20140368612 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus is disclosed. A calculation unit may determine a disocclusion region of a first frame of a video. A processing unit may generate color information of the disocclusion region of the first frame using color information associated with a second frame of the video.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368610 - Method and device for generating, storing, transmitting, receiving and reproducing depth maps by using the color components of an image belonging to a three-dimensional video stream: A method is described for generating a colour image composed of a plurality of components (Y, U, V) by starting from at least one depth or disparity map (DM1, DM2), wherein a first set of pixels of said at least one depth or disparity map (DM1, DM2) is entered into... Agent:

20140368611 - Video processing apparatus for method for detecting a temporal synchronization mismatch: A video processing apparatus and a method for detecting a temporal synchronization mismatch between at least a first and a second video stream of a stereoscopic video content are described. An eye blink of a creature that is imaged in the video content is detected. The temporal synchronization mismatch is... Agent:

20140368613 - Depth map correction using lookup tables: Depth map correction using lookup tables is described. In an example depth maps may be generated that measure a depth to an object using differences in phase between light transmitted from a camera which illuminates the object and light received at the camera which has been reflected from the object.... Agent:

20140368614 - Three dimensional scanning apparatuses and methods for adjusting three dimensional scanning apparatuses: A three dimensional scanning apparatuses and methods of calibrating such apparatuses. The apparatus included a camera moveable along a first longitudinal axis, and a projector moveable along a second longitudinal axis which is parallel or coincident with the first longitudinal axis. Movement of one of the camera and projector along... Agent:

20140368615 - Sensor fusion for depth estimation: To generate a pixel-accurate depth map, data from a range-estimation sensor (e.g., a time-of flight sensor) is combined with data from multiple cameras to produce a high-quality depth measurement for pixels in an image. To do so, a depth measurement system may use a plurality of cameras mounted on a... Agent:

20140368617 - Defocusing feature matching system to measure camera pose with interchangeable lens cameras: A lens and aperture device for determining 3D information. An SLR camera has a lens and aperture that allows the SLR camera to determine defocused information.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140368616 - Image pickup apparatus: An image pickup apparatus includes: an image pickup unit; a first connection unit that allows a stereoscopic shooting interchangeable lens and an ordinary shooting interchangeable lens to be selectively attached thereto so that an image of a subject can be formed on the image pickup unit; a second connection unit... Agent:

20140368618 - Imaging device and electronic information instrument: A means for correcting tilts and positional deviations from a stereo image is rendered unnecessary. The present invention has a solid-state imaging element 2 on which a plurality of light receiving sections for photoelectrically converting and imaging an image light from a subject are arranged in a matrix pattern and... Agent:

20140368619 - Stereoscopic imaging apparatus: A stereoscopic imaging apparatus which uses contrast AF to obviate disadvantages of phase-difference AF, shorten processing time of contrast AF, and improve focusing accuracy. A stereoscopic imaging apparatus including a single photographing optical system, an image sensor for forming a first image which passed through a first region and a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140368621 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product: Provided is an image processing apparatus that includes: a three-dimensional model storage unit configured to store a three-dimensional model data, positions of a plurality of devices including a camera disposed in a three-dimensional region as positions in the three-dimensional model, and a plurality of device icons; an acquiring unit configured... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20140368620 - User interface for three-dimensional modeling: A method of acquiring a set of images useable to 3D model a physical object includes imaging the physical object with a camera, and displaying with the camera a current view of the physical object as imaged by the camera from a current perspective. The method further includes displaying with... Agent:

20140368624 - Display apparatus and touch panel: A display apparatus includes a display panel configured to display an image frame that includes a right-eye image and a left-eye image, and a touch panel configured to sense a user touch, wherein the touch panel includes a polarizing switch panel configured to switch a direction of polarization of light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368623 - Display apparatus providing multi-view mode and method for controlling the same: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a video processor configured to process a plurality of content and generate a plurality of contents views if a multi-view mode is executed, a display configured to display the plurality of content views, a synchronization signal generator configured to generate a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368622 - Display device: According to an aspect, a display device includes: a display section; a barrier section in which a plurality of unit regions are arranged in columns in a first direction, the plurality of unit regions extending in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; and a plurality of light shields... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140368625 - 3d image display device and method thereof: A three-dimensional (3D) image display device and a method thereof are provided. A first light filtering unit obtains a first RGB color light filtered from a first image, and a second light filtering unit obtains a second RGB color light filtered from a second image, to produce a left-eye image... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140368626 - Computer vision application processing: Methods, systems, and techniques to enhance computer vision application processing are disclosed. In particular, the methods, systems, and techniques may reduce power consumption for computer vision applications and improve processing efficiency for computer vision applications.... Agent:

20140368627 - System for display of visual material to the visually impaired: The invention relates to a system for the display of a visual material, in particular an aid system for the visually impaired, comprising a camera to depict the visual material and a screen for controlled display of the material. The system also comprises a control unit, comprised of a user... Agent:

20140368630 - Camera, camera system, and self-diagnosis method: A camera that includes a capture unit, a calculation unit, an object information acquisition unit, and an evaluation unit. The capture unit generates an image by capturing an area in which an evaluation-use object is present. The calculation unit analyzes the image, and thereby detects the evaluation-use object in the... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corportion Of America

20140368629 - Method for delivering cosmetic advice: Cosmetic method in which: a) a color is acquired from a region of the body of an individual, by using a device equipped with a color camera and by placing a color reference chart in the field of said camera during the acquisition; and b) using the device, and the... Agent:

20140368628 - Warning method for driving vehicle and electronic apparatus for vehicle: A warning method for driving a vehicle and an electronic apparatus for a vehicle are provided. An image sequence of a driver is successively captured by an image capturing unit. An ear side location region on a face object is detected in each image of the image sequence. And a... Agent: Utechzone Co., Ltd.

20140368632 - Image processing apparatus, image display system, and image processing method and program: An image processing apparatus includes image data acquisition means, combined-image data generation means, and combined-boundary-region display data generation means. The image data acquisition means acquires multiple pieces of divided image data obtained by capturing images of multiple regions into which a captured area for an imaging target is divided. The... Agent:

20140368631 - Method and apparatus for determining a focal position of an imaging device adapted to image a biologic sample: A method and apparatus for focusing a device for imaging a biologic sample is provided. A method aspect includes the steps of: disposing lenslets within a biologic sample, which lenslets have a height and a refractive index, which refractive index is different from that of the sample, wherein one or... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care, Inc.

20140368633 - Device for viewing a digital image: The invention relates to a device for viewing a digital image comprising means (2) for viewing at least one portion of the digital image. According to the invention, the viewing means include a viewing mask (2) held by a stand (3) such that the viewing mask (2) is used at... Agent: Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie (paris 6)

20140368634 - Device for analyzing visible defects in a transparent substrate: said control programs are able to control the camera (12) so that the various acquisitions are synchronized with the run speed of the one or more substrates (2) such that at least one given fixed point on the substrate (2) is the subject of an image acquired by a first... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140368635 - On-axis focus sensor and method: A focus height sensor in an optical system for inspection of semiconductor devices includes a sensor beam source that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. A reflector receives the beam of electromagnetic radiation from the sensor beam source and directs the beam toward a surface of a semiconductor device positioned... Agent:

20140368636 - Parking assistance system: A parking assistance system may include: an image obtaining unit including a plurality of cameras, and configured to obtain images at front, rear, left, and right sides of the vehicle; an image composing unit configured to compose the image and generate a composed image in a form of an around... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140368637 - Control surface calibration system: A method and apparatus for calibrating a set of transducers. In one illustrative embodiment, an apparatus comprises a target device, an imaging device, and a calibrator. The imaging device generates a plurality of images of a target formed by the target device as the target device is rotated relative to... Agent:

20140368638 - Method of mobile image identification for flow velocity and apparatus thereof: The present invention provides a method of mobile image identification for flow velocity and the apparatus thereof. The present invention integrates laser-light module and mobile photographing devices such as smartphones, cameras, or tablet computers. After multiple laser spots are projected on the surface of flowing water, water-surface images including the... Agent:

20140368639 - Handheld cellular apparatus for volume estimation: What is disclosed is a wireless cellular device capable of determining a volume of an object in an image captured by a camera of that apparatus. In one embodiment, the present wireless cellular device comprises an illuminator for projecting a pattern of structured light with known spatial characteristics, and a... Agent:

20140368640 - Method and system for performing alignment of a projection image to detected infrared (ir) radiation information: A method of presenting a visible representation of infrared (IR) radiation information onto an observed real world scene based on IR radiation emitted from said observed real world scene, using a thermography arrangement comprising an IR imaging system, a visible light imaging system, and a visible light projecting system.... Agent:

20140368641 - Method and system for projecting a visible representation of infrared radiation: A method for enabling easier interpretation and analysis of an observed real world scene by presenting a visible representation of infrared (IR) radiation information, based on IR radiation emitted from said real world scene, and additional information onto said observed real world scene, using thermography arrangement comprising an IR imaging... Agent:

20140368642 - Lighting audit docking station device and method thereof: A lighting audit system includes a lighting audit docking station in communication with the smart device and a database, where the lighting audit docking station includes a targeting unit and a camera. A lighting audit method includes providing a physical parameter to a lighting audit table for a space-under-study, representing... Agent: General Electric Company

20140368644 - Apparatus and method for tracking driver attentiveness using vector: An apparatus and a method for tracking driver attentiveness using a vector are provided. The apparatus includes an imaging device that detects a driver's attentiveness and a controller that is configured to set an initial attentiveness area of the driver based on a motion of the driver's attentiveness detected by... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140368649 - Image recognition system controlled illumination device: An image recognition system controlled illumination device includes an imaging device that includes therein an imaging module for capturing an image so that an image recognition device recognizes the captured image with transmission thereof being made to a CPU microprocessor, so that the CPU microprocessor issues a signal to simultaneously... Agent:

20140368648 - Method and system for video surveillance system motor overcurrent protection: The present invention provides a video surveillance system, having a video camera; a motor operable to move the video camera; and a processor monitoring a value of a signal provided to the motor, the processor terminating the signal to the motor when the monitored signal value exceeds a predetermined value... Agent:

20140368646 - Monitoring method and camera: A scene is monitored by receiving image data representing a thermal image captured by a thermal image sensor (13) and a visual image captured by a visual image sensor (15), the thermal image and the visual image depicting a same view of the scene. Objects (9) are detected in the... Agent: Axis Ab

20140368647 - Observation instrument with a symmetrical image field given use of asymmetric image sensors: An observation instrument has a hollow shaft in whose distal end region there is arranged an optoelectronic imaging system which has on the image entrance side a distal deflection prism whose deflection faces lead an image into an optical lens system which images the image onto the image plane of... Agent:

20140368645 - Robust tracking using point and line features: Disclosed embodiments pertain to apparatus, systems, and methods for robust feature based tracking. In some embodiments, a score may be computed for a camera captured current image comprising a target object. The score may be based on one or more metrics determined from a comparison of features in the current... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140368643 - Systems and methods for monitoring and tracking emergency events within a defined area: The present invention provides a system, methods, and apparatus to provide surveillance, security, alerting, and tracking functionality. The security system comprises the necessary hardware and software to provide surveillance of a pre-determined area, using a central processing facility located off site to allow for an independent monitoring, information gathering, and... Agent:

20140368650 - Integrated 3d audiovisual threat cueing system: An integrated audiovisual threat warning system configured to detect a threat, estimate a relative location of origin of the threat with respect to a host platform with which the system is associated, and to warn an occupant of the host platform of the threat. The system includes an audio processor... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140368654 - Chromatic aberration compensation for vehicle cameras: A vision system of a vehicle includes a camera disposed at a vehicle and having a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The camera includes a lens and a pixelated imaging array having a plurality of photosensing elements. The camera is operable to sense color via color filters at... Agent:

20140368653 - Method and system for improving responsiveness in a vehicle computing platform: A method and system for improving responsiveness of a vehicle computing platform includes enabling a camera feature during the pre-boot phase of a computing device and using a special-purpose operating mode of the computing device to initiate the streaming of camera image data to a display.... Agent:

20140368655 - Method for operating a driver assist system for maneuvering and/or parking a motor vehicle: A method for operating a driver assist system for supporting a driver during maneuvering and/or parking a motor vehicle includes recording with at least one environmental sensor three-dimensional environmental data of an environment of the motor vehicle; generating with the driver assist system a three-dimensional model based on the three-dimensional... Agent:

20140368652 - Methods and systems for efficiently monitoring parking occupancy: A system and method for determining parking occupancy and maintaining a database of parking occupancy data by receiving video data for a parking area from multiple video cameras, determining parking occupancy data for the parking area using the video data for the parking area, generating textual data corresponding to the... Agent:

20140368651 - Mobile imaging platform calibration: Mobile platforms are used to capture an area using a variety of sensors (e.g., cameras and laser scanners) while traveling through the area, in order to create a representation (e.g., a navigable set of panoramic images, or a three-dimensional reconstruction). However, such sensors are often precisely calibrated in a controlled... Agent:

20140368656 - Three-dimensional object detection device: A three-dimensional object detection device can enhance the accuracy in detecting a three-dimensional object regardless of the brightness in the detection environment. The device has an image capture means that captures an image of a predetermined area and an image conversion means that converts the image through a viewpoint conversion... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140368657 - Vehicle rearview mirror system, and vehicle provided with said vehicle rearview mirror system: [Means for Solving the Problem] A vehicle rearview mirror system of the present invention has: a display device 9 to construct an image by an image signal having been output from an image receiving unit 2a of a vehicle-mounted camera 2 and then cause a display screen 9a to display... Agent: Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.

20140368658 - Communication system with improved safety feature: A communication system and method provide fight detection capability. Bodily parameters associated with fighting, such as limb movements, are pre-stored and individualized for a particular user. The characterization of a fight using limb movements allows for a system that can recognize a fight even when a user is unable to... Agent:

20140368660 - Display device for a plunger matrix mattress: A point-of-sale demonstration systems aids in marketing of plunger matrix mattresses, which include an array of independently movable foam padded plungers visible on the underside of the mattress. The demonstration system includes a display system for viewing the underside of the plunger matrix mattress allowing a person sitting or lying... Agent:

20140368659 - Method and apparatus for displaying an image from a camera: A method and apparatus for displaying video is provided herein. During operation, video is displayed on one of many displays in a geographically correct fashion. For example, in an embodiment involving two displays (e.g., on a firefighter's two wrists), each of which display a video feed, the video is displayed... Agent:

20140368662 - Capturing and processing of near-ir images including occlusions using camera arrays incorporating near-ir light sources: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140368661 - Method and system for depth selective segmentation of object: A method and a system for depth selective segmentation of an object are provided. The method comprises the following steps. An image is captured in an invisible domain of the optical spectrum by illuminating a scene of interest under an illumination corresponding to said invisible domain of the optical spectrum... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140368663 - Method and apparatus for displaying an image from a camera: A method and apparatus for displaying video is provided herein. During operation, video is displayed on one of many displays in a geographically correct fashion. For example, in an embodiment involving two displays (e.g., on a firefighter's two wrists), each of which display a video feed, the video is displayed... Agent:

20140368664 - System and method for measuring tracker system accuracy: The present invention relates to a simple and effective system and method for measuring camera based tracker system accuracy, especially for a helmet-mounted tracker system, utilizing Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). The method comprises the steps of; computing spatial relation between tracked object and calibration pattern using CMM; computing relation between... Agent: Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

20140368665 - Iptv diagnostics system: A method of testing a video decoding device connected to an IPTV service, the IPTV service having a server, the method comprising tuning the video decoding device to a first channel of the IPTV service, the video decoding device receiving the first channel and decoding video from the first channel,... Agent: Telus Communications Company

20140368667 - Apparatus, system, and method for n-phase data mapping: Apparatus, methods, and systems are herein described for providing a method for calibrating a channel by employing a training sequence during at least one blanking interval. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first control logic to send a command to generate a predetermined data pattern during at least one... Agent:

20140368666 - Electronic components matrix of enhanced reliability and method for locating a fault in the matrix: Enhancement of the reliability of an imaging device comprising several pixels is provided, each of the pixels comprising several first blocks of electronic components organized as a matrix and joined by links to row buses and column buses of the matrix allowing the powering and control of each of the... Agent: Trixell

20140368668 - Failure-determination apparatus: A failure-determination apparatus is provided with: a radar device (2); a camera unit (3); a moving target determination unit (12) that determines whether or not the object detected by the radar device (2) is a moving target; an object extraction unit (13) that extracts a specific object from the image... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140368673 - Digital camera: A digital camera includes a communicator that communicates with other digital camera, a receiver that receives a camera information of another digital camera and an imaging device that forms a digital image of an object. The digital camera further includes a processor that creates a digital image data from the... Agent:

20140368669 - Gpu-accelerated background replacement: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for real-time background replacement. Visual characteristics of a visual background, comprised of an image or series of images that make up a motion video, are identified. Frames of a real-time video are captured with a video camera.... Agent: Google Inc.

20140368674 - Image capture and identification system and process: A digital image of the object is captured and the object is recognized from plurality of objects in a database. An information address corresponding to the object is then used to access information and initiate communication pertinent to the object.... Agent: Nant Holdings Ip, LLC

20140368671 - Image processing device, server, and storage medium: There is provided an image processing device including an extraction nit configured to extract an object from an image picked up by use of a certain imaging parameter, a ranging unit configured to acquire distance information indicating a distance between an image pickup unit that has picked up the image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368672 - Methods for deploying video monitoring applications and services across heterogeneous networks: Methods for the deployment of an image servicing platform over a mobile wireless network ate described. A mobile multimedia service controller (MMSC) includes a video gateway that is capable of transcoding among different video formats supported by an imaging service platform. The MMSC can be connected over a network to... Agent:

20140368670 - System and method for identifying people in an image: Described herein are methods and devices employing low power wireless features to identify persons in a captured image using signals emitted from such persons' personal computing devices. As described, signals emitted from personal computing devices commonly carried on a person, such as cell phones, enable an image capture device to... Agent:

20140368675 - Communication apparatus, control method, and program: A communication apparatus includes a first communication unit configured to communicate in a bidirectional communication mode for performing bidirectional message communication with an apparatus at the other side and in another mode for accepting an access to a predetermined storage area from the apparatus at the other side, a control... Agent:

20140368676 - Drive control apparatus and drive control method: A drive control apparatus includes a stepping motor, a position detection unit configured to detect a rotational position of a rotor of the stepping motor, a feedback drive unit configured to drive the stepping motor by a feedback control based on an output from the position detection unit, an open... Agent:

20140368677 - Actuator driving device, control method for same, and imaging apparatus: An actuator driving device drives an actuator connected to an output terminal. The control unit of the actuator driving device includes a PWM delay time setting unit, a first duty ratio setting unit, and a second duty ratio setting unit. The PWM delay time setting unit sets a delay time... Agent:

20140368678 - Remote guiding system, guiding terminal and seeking help terminal: A guiding terminal to assist non-professionals at the scene of a disaster or other emergency includes a transmission module, a projecting module, a photo module and a photo identification module. The transmitting module communicates with a seeking help terminal. The projecting module projects pictures transmitted from the seeking help terminal... Agent:

20140368679 - Electronic device, imaging device, image reproduction method, image reproduction program, recording medium with image reproduction program recorded thereupon, and image reproduction device: An electronic device includes: a communication unit that performs communication with an external device; and a control unit that issues a command to the external device via the communication unit, on the basis of at least one of capacity of the external device, and capacity of the electronic device.... Agent:

20140368680 - Conversion gain modulation using charge sharing pixel: An image sensor including an array of pixel elements is operated according to two operation modes to modulate the conversion gain of the pixel to operate the image sensor based on the impinging light conditions. More specifically, an image sensor pixel element is operated in a high conversion gain mode... Agent: Pixim, Inc.

20140368685 - Capturing and processing of high dynamic range images using camera arrays: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140368684 - Capturing and processing of images captured by camera arrays including heterogeneous optics: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140368686 - Capturing and processing of images including occlusions captured by heterogeneous camera arrays: Systems and methods for implementing array cameras configured to perform super-resolution processing to generate higher resolution super-resolved images using a plurality of captured images and lens stack arrays that can be utilized in array cameras are disclosed. Lens stack arrays in accordance with many embodiments of the invention include lens... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140368683 - Capturing and processing of images using non-monolithic camera arrays: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent:

20140368681 - Methods and devices for parallax elimination: Devices and methods for reducing parallax in graphic content captured by a camera array include identifying color fringes that correspond to the parallax in the captured graphic content, determining an amount of displacement of the color fringes and adjusting the parallax in the captured graphic content based on the amount... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368682 - Real-time image processing method and device: Disclosed herein are a method and a device of real-time image processing. The method comprises capturing three images, enhancing a resolution of the images to obtain for each image a high-resolution image (HRI), obtaining two displacement vectors using the HRIs, obtaining a superimposed HRI based on the HRIs and the... Agent: Vivotek Inc.

20140368688 - Computer vision application processing: Methods, systems, and techniques to enhance computer vision application processing are disclosed. In particular, the methods, systems, and techniques may reduce power consumption for computer vision applications and improve processing efficiency for computer vision applications.... Agent:

20140368690 - Image generation method, image generation apparatus, program, and storage medium: An image generation method is provided for generating an output image from an input image acquired by an image sensor that has an array of multiple pixels, each of which has arranged therein multiple sub-pixels that each receive a light beam that passes through a different pupil sub-area of an... Agent:

20140368689 - Image similarity determining device and method, and an image feature acquiring device and method: An image similarity determining device and method and an image feature acquiring device and method are provided. The image similarity determining device comprises a preprocessing unit for extracting feature points of each input image region of an input image and each image region to be matched of a data source... Agent:

20140368691 - Object information derived from object images: Search terms are derived automatically from images captured by a camera equipped cell phone, PDA, or other image capturing device, submitted to a search engine to obtain information of interest, and at least a portion of the resulting information is transmitted back locally to, or nearby, the device that captured... Agent:

20140368687 - Terminal device and line of sight detection method: A terminal device includes, a processor; and a memory which stores a plurality of instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute, obtaining information that indicates a state of an imaging unit when photographing a subject; determining whether an image photographed by the imaging unit includes... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140368692 - Real-time correction/calibration system for the color spectrum contained on an image output (transmitted) from an image capture and output macro-system, according to a previously defined color spectrum reference: A real-time correction/calibration system for the color spectrum contained on an image output (transmitted) from an image capture and output macro-system is provided. The system uses a reference of previously defined color spectrum, represented by an inventive solution preferentially in the electro-electronic or computing sectors. The invention is particularly useful... Agent:

20140368693 - Image processing apparatus, method for processing image, and computer program: An image processing apparatus includes a taken image data acquiring unit configured to acquire taken image data, a storage unit configured to store therein one or more pieces of interface data for designating a tag to be attached to the taken image data, an imaging situation information acquiring unit configured... Agent:

20140368694 - Electronic device for processing video data and method thereof: A method for processing video data in an electronic device is provided. The method includes connecting communication with an external storage, obtaining video data through an image sensor, and transmitting the video data to the external storage if an amount of the video data reaches a transmission capacity.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368695 - Control device and storage medium: There is provided a control device including a focus control unit configured to perform control so as to sequentially bring multiple subjects within a captured image into focus, and a recording control unit configured to perform control in response to a trigger from a user so as to record, onto... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368696 - Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup element including a plurality of pixels corresponding to a plurality of respective micro lenses and the first photoelectric conversion portion and the second photoelectric conversion portion that are included in each of the pixels and share a corresponding one of the micro... Agent:

20140368697 - Image processing including image correction: Long and short exposure time pixel information are input to pixel information. A long exposure time image set with the pixel values assuming all of the pixels have been exposed for a long time and a short exposure time image set with the pixel values assuming all of the pixels... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368698 - Display control apparatus, display control method, program, and image pickup apparatus: There is provided a display control apparatus, including: a composition determining section configured to determine recommended composition of an input image; an image generating section configured to generate an image based on the recommended composition; and a display controller configured to control displaying the input image, the recommended composition, and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368699 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same: e

20140368700 - Example-based cross-modal denoising: A method for cross-modal signal denoising, the method comprising using at least one hardware processor for: providing a first multi-modal signal comprising at least two relatively clear modalities; correlating features exhibited simultaneously in the at least two relatively clear modalities of the first multi-modal signal; providing a second multi-modal signal... Agent:

20140368701 - Cloning image data patch in hole of pixel array (patch and clone): An imaging device includes a pixel array with a hole within its pixels, and an image signal processor configured to process data generated by the pixels. In a process hereby called “Patch-Clone”, holes in image data are repaired for the eventually rendered image. More particularly, a patch of the pixels... Agent:

20140368702 - Photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion system, and method for driving photoelectric conversion device: Sum signals are generated in each region provided with a plurality of photoelectric converters. Furthermore, a second signal line is included to which signals based on the sum signals are output, in addition to a first signal line to which individual signals of a plurality of pixels are output.... Agent:

20140368703 - Digital domain accumulative cmos-tdi image sensor with low power consumption: The present invention relates to the field of design of analog digital hybrid integrated circuit. The object of the invention is to reduce ADC conversion rate thus further reducing power consumption of the sensor while not reducing line frequency of the CMOS-TDI. To this end, a digital domain accumulative CMOS-TDI... Agent: Tianjin University

20140368704 - Imaging device and camera system including sense circuits to make binary decision: An imaging device includes: a pixel array section having an array of pixels, each of which has a photoelectric converting device and outputs an electric signal according to an input photon; a sense circuit section having a plurality of sensor circuits each of which makes binary decision on whether there... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368705 - Solid-state imaging device and camera system: A solid-state imaging device and a camera system are disclosed. The solid-state imaging device includes a pixel unit and a pixel signal readout circuit. The pixel signal readout circuit includes a plurality of comparators disposed to correspond to a pixel column array, and a plurality of counters. Each counter includes... Agent:

20140368707 - Imaging apparatus, imaging system, method for driving imaging apparatus, and method for driving imaging system: Provided is an imaging apparatus that generates a signal based on the sum of signals output by a plurality of pixels, and a signal based on the difference between the signals output by the plurality of signals, and performs AD conversion on the generated signals.... Agent:

20140368706 - Programmable gain amplifier and devices including the same: A programmable gain amplifier includes a sampling circuit, a source follower, a first capacitor and an error amplifier. The sampling circuit is configured to perform correlated double sampling on an input signal using a reference voltage. The first capacitor is connected between the sampling circuit and the source follower. The... Agent:

20140368708 - Image sensor, image signal processor and electronic device including the same: An image sensor is provided which includes a plurality of operation blocks configured to provide an image signal in response to an incident light, and a power supply block configured to supply a power to one or more operation blocks of the plurality of operation blocks based on a selected... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368709 - Solid-state imaging device, method of driving the same, and electronic system including the device: A solid-state imaging device includes: a unit pixel including a photoelectric conversion section, an impurity-diffusion region capable of temporarily accumulating or holding electric charges generated by the photoelectric conversion section, and a reset transistor resetting the impurity-diffusion region by a voltage of a voltage-supply line, and having an impurity concentration... Agent:

20140368712 - Image adjustment apparatus and image sensor for synchronous image and asynchronous image: Disclosed is an image adjustment apparatus including a receiver which is configured to receive a first input image of an object which is time-synchronously captured and a second input image in which a motion event of the object is sensed time-asynchronously, and an adjuster which is configured to adjust the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368710 - Pixel signal processing apparatus and cmos image sensor using the same: A CMOS image sensor may include an active pixel sensor suitable for generating a pixel signal corresponding to incident light, a reference pixel array suitable for shielding incident light and generate a reference value, a readout circuit suitable for comparing the pixel signal and the reference value with a ramp... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368711 - Reduced height camera module for small form factor applications: A camera module for a mobile device includes a cover, a base and a lens module. The cover has an outer side from which an annular axial extension protrudes. The axial extension defines a lens opening and a lens movement axis. The axial extension has an outer end surface defining... Agent:

20140368713 - Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus: A voltage limiting unit of a solid state imaging device limits a voltage of a signal line so as not to become a predetermined value or less. A signal processing unit to which a pixel signal is input via a signal line. A controlling unit is disposed between the voltage... Agent:

20140368714 - Solid-state imaging device, driving method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a first chip including a plurality of pixels, each pixel including a light sensing unit generating a signal charge responsive to an amount of received light, and a plurality of MOS transistors reading the signal charge generated by the light sensing unit and outputting the... Agent:

20140368715 - Turbulence-free camera system and related method of image enhancement: A turbulence-free CCD camera system with nonclassical imaging resolution, for applications in long- distance imaging, such as satellite and aircraft-to-ground based distant imaging, utilizing an intensity- fluctuation correlation measurement of thermal light. The proposed camera system has the following advantages over classic imaging technology: (1) it is turbulence-free; (2) its... Agent:

20140368716 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, a sample acquisition unit, a photographing state determination unit, a guide display generation unit and a display unit. The imaging unit acquires a subject image which is an image of a subject. The sample acquisition unit acquires a sample image. The photographing state... Agent:

20140368717 - Photographing apparatus capable of communication with external apparatus and method of controlling the same: A photographing apparatus capable of performing communication with an external apparatus and a method of controlling the photographing apparatus. The photographing apparatus can communicate with an external apparatus and store data received from the external apparatus together with a photographed image, even while photographing the image. Additionally, the data received... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368718 - Display control device, display control method, program, and imaging apparatus: A display control device includes: a composition determining unit that determines a plurality of recommended compositions of an input image; and a display controller that controls one recommended composition to be displayed distinguishably from other recommended compositions among the plurality of recommended compositions.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140368719 - Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, image pickup apparatus system, and image pickup control program stored in storage medium of image pickup apparatus: An image pickup apparatus that can easily perform electric fine zoom adjustment, includes an image pickup section that can change an image pickup parameter, a display section that visibly displays an image signal outputted from the image pickup section, a rotational operation member that performs a change operation to the... Agent:

20140368720 - Imaging apparatus capable of detecting and displaying information with respect to an incline thereof: An imaging apparatus including an incline detection device configured to detect an incline of the imaging apparatus, an image display device configured to display an image based on the image information, an incline computation device configured to compute an incline information that corresponds to a magnitude of the incline, an... Agent:

20140368721 - Image capture device and method: An image capture device includes a device body, a rotary support, a display, and a lens. The rotary support is rotatably connected to a bottom of the device body. The display is rotatably connected to the rotary support. The lens defines an optical axis, wherein the display lies on an... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140368722 - Image lens assembly: An image lens assembly includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive power has an object-side surface being convex... Agent:

20140368723 - Lens module and camera module including the same: There is provided a lens module including: a plurality of lenses; and a plurality of interval maintaining members disposed between the plurality of lenses, respectively, and having light-shielding holes formed therein, respectively, so that light input through the plurality of lenses passes therethrough, wherein sizes of the respective light-shielding holes... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140368725 - Continuous autofocus mechanisms for image capturing devices: At least certain embodiments described herein provide a continuous autofocus mechanism for an image capturing device, The continuous autofocus mechanism can perform an autofocus scan for a lens of the image capturing device and obtain focus scores associated with the autofocus scan. The continuous autofocus mechanism can determine an acceptable... Agent:

20140368724 - Methods for enhancing camera focusing performance using camera orientation: An electronic system for enhancing camera focusing on a portable electronic device is disclosed. The system comprises a body, a bus, and a camera module coupled to the bus and comprising a photosensitive substrate and a lens assembly wherein the lens assembly comprises a lens capable of being selectively moved... Agent:

20140368726 - Machine vision inspection system and method for performing high-speed focus height measurement operations: A machine vision inspection system comprising an illumination source and an imaging system and a method for performing high-speed focus height measurement operations. The method comprises: placing a workpiece in a field of view of the machine vision inspection system; determining a region of interest for focus height measurement operations;... Agent:

20140368727 - Image capturing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus: An image capturing apparatus and its control method for capturing a moving image. Plural movie capturing modes with different control parameters are set in accordance with an instruction from a user. One of selectable frame rates is selected in accordance with video output setting by the user. Moving image frames... Agent:

20140368728 - Methods and apparatus for high speed camera: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a light source illuminates a scene and a light sensor captures data about light that scatters from the scene. The light source emits multiple modulation frequencies, either in a temporal sequence or as a superposition of modulation frequencies. Reference signals that differ in phase... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140368729 - Imaging apparatus, camera system, and control method: An imaging apparatus includes an operation unit and a control unit to perform photographing using an illumination apparatus capable of automatically driving a movable unit, including a light emitting unit, for changing an irradiation direction of the light emitting unit. The operation unit receives an instruction to start a photographing... Agent:

20140368730 - Flashlamp apparatus and method: An apparatus including a flashlamp; a lens member connected to the flashlamp; and a reflector connected to the lens member. The lens member is located between the flashlamp and the reflector. A method includes connecting the lens member to the flashlamp, where the lens member substantially surrounds the flashlamp, and... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140368731 - Magnetic optical adapter for electronic devices: The invention presented generally refers to an optical adapter device which magnetically attaches one or more optical elements or assemblies to a magnetic portion of an electronic device having a camera. In particular, the optical adapter is shaped to align a first opening in housing of the optical adapter with... Agent:

20140368732 - Backwards-compatible delivery of digital cinema content with extended dynamic range: A digital cinema signal is encoded to produce a resulting coded digital cinema bitstream. Decoding the resulting coded digital cinema bitstream allows backwards-compatible delivery of digital cinema content. A digital image or video signal is preprocessed to produce two normalized digital image or video signals of differing quality levels and... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140368733 - Apparatus and method for converting operation mode in image display compound device: An operation-mode conversion apparatus for an image display compound device includes a power-state detector which detects a power state of the compound device, an operation-mode determination unit which determines a present operation mode of the compound device, and an operation-mode controller which converts the operation mode of the compound device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368738 - System and method for allocating bandwidth between media streams: An electronic device with one or more processors, memory and a display receives a first request to display a first video stream and in response, displays the first video stream. The device allocates, in accordance with a bandwidth allocation, available bandwidth for receiving data at the device between receiving the... Agent: Spotify Ab

20140368737 - System and method for playing media during navigation between media streams: An electronic device with one or more processors, memory and a display receives a first request to display a first video stream on the display. In response to receiving the first request, the device displays the first video stream on the display. While displaying the first video stream on the... Agent: Spotify Ab

20140368736 - System and method for selecting media to be preloaded for adjacent channels: An electronic device with one or more processors, memory and a display receives a first request to display a first video stream that corresponds to a first channel. In response to receiving the first request, the device starts to download the first video stream from a content source for the... Agent: Sporify Ab

20140368735 - System and method for switching between audio content while navigating through video streams: An electronic device with one or more processors, memory and a display receives a first request to display a first video stream and in response, displays the first video stream on the display in a first video tile and plays first audio content that corresponds to the first video stream.... Agent: Spotify Ab

20140368734 - System and method for switching between media streams while providing a seamless user experience: An electronic device with one or more processors, memory and a display receives a first request to display a first video stream on the display. In response to receiving the first request, the electronic device displays the first video stream on the display. While displaying the first video stream on... Agent: Spotify Ab

20140368739 - Object-based audio-visual terminal and bitstream structure: As information to be processed at an object-based video or audio-visual (AV) terminal, an object-oriented bitstream includes objects, composition information, and scene demarcation information. Such bitstream structure allows on-line editing, e.g. cut and paste, insertion/deletion, grouping, and special effects. In the interest of ease of editing, AV objects and their... Agent:

20140368740 - Methods, systems, and media for managing output of an hdmi source: Mechanisms for managing output of an HDMI source are provided. In accordance with some implementations of the disclosed subject matter, a method for controlling output of an HDMI source is provided, the method comprising: establishing a connection between the HDMI source and an HDMI sink at a first address of... Agent:

20140368741 - Power circuit part, power control method thereof and display apparatus having the same: A power circuit part, a power control method and a display apparatus having the same control an output DC voltage supplied as operating power to elements such as a display to be variably output at different levels according to a voltage level of input AC power. The power circuit part... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368742 - Power supply, power control method for controlling a standby mode, and display apparatus having the same: A power supply, a power control method and a display apparatus having the same, for controlling a standby mode, are provided. The power supply of an electronic apparatus includes: a rectifier configured to rectify a current of alternating current (AC) power input as input power, into a direct current (DC);... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368744 - Display apparatus and television receiving apparatus: Disclosed is a display apparatus, wherein a holding frame includes a placing portion which protrudes in a direction substantially perpendicular to a back surface of a display panel (a liquid crystal panel 1), and is long in a direction along a side face of the display panel (the liquid crystal... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140368743 - Multiple wi-fi atsc tv antenna receiver: A device is provided. The device comprises of a waveform decompression decoder, Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) Weighted Combining unit for multiple antennas, Frequency Domain Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) Equalizer, Time Domain Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) Equalizer, Equal Gain Combining Unit, and Selective Combining Slicer. The method for producing the device is... Agent:

20140368745 - Image display device: An image display device includes: an image generation unit that generates image display light based on an image signal; a projection unit that projects the image display light generated by the image generation unit; a combiner that presents the image display light projected by the projection unit as a virtual... Agent:

20140368746 - Projector: A projector includes a lamp, a ballast, an aperture member including light-blocking plates, a light-blocking plate driving motor, a control section, a light modulation device, and a projection optical system, and the control section controls the ballast and the light-blocking plate driving motor so as to modulate the lamp power... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140368747 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal includes: a display module formed to output image information to one surface thereof; a window covering one surface of the display module; and a bonding member formed on an upper surface of the display module to bond the window to the display module, wherein the bonding member... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

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20140362159 - Adaptive post-processing for mobile video calling system: A system may include a receiver, a decoder, a post-processor, and a controller. The receiver may receive encoded video data. The decoder may decode the encoded video data. The post-processor may perform post-processing on frames of decoded video sequence from the decoder. The controller may adjust post-processing of a current... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140362160 - Apparatus and methods for modem assisted video telephony: Aspects of the present disclosure provide an apparatus and method for modem-assisted video telephony. As one example, a user equipment (UE) utilizes a modem to perform video telephony (VT) communication with a remote device through a wireless network. The UE determines a network metric indicative of congestion in the wireless... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140362162 - Radio power saving techniques for video conference applications: In video conferencing over a radio network, the radio equipment is a major power consumer especially in cellular networks such as LTE. In order to reduce the radio power consumption in video conferencing, it is important to introduce an enough radio inactive time. Several types of data buffering and bundling... Agent:

20140362161 - System for providing access to shared multimedia content: A system for providing access to shared multimedia content within a defined room environment includes a hub and a plurality of remote connection devices. The hub, configured to provide a wireless network having a frequency of 60 GHz and compatible with the IEEE 802.11ad protocol, delivers the wireless network via... Agent:

20140362164 - Image capture-display device: An image capture-display device includes: a light source that emits a light beam falling within a first wavelength range; an optical system arranged on the optical path of the light beam falling within the first wavelength range emitted from the light source and configured to reflect the light beam falling... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20140362166 - Incoming call display method, electronic device, and incoming call display system: According to one embodiment, an incoming call display method applied to an electronic device configured to communicate with another electronic device via a network. The incoming call display method is directed to selectively display a first display, a second display and a third display as a response display on a... Agent:

20140362165 - Multi-media conferencing system: A multi-media conferencing system that integrates visual, audio, independent data interaction and modification, collaboration of information, independent video and 3D model viewing and manipulation, and networking among all participants in the meeting. Each participant conference display typically shows two content sectors under the control of the presenter and a selectable... Agent: Jigsaw Meeting, LLC

20140362163 - Providing user video having a virtual curtain to an online conference: A technique provides user video to an online conference. The technique involves receiving a live user video signal from a camera device. The live user video signal defines a field of view. The technique further involves automatically identifying live initial content of a presentation region within the field of view... Agent:

20140362168 - Communication device, communication method, and computer-readable storage medium: A communication device includes a determination unit that determines whether there is a speaker in different hubs by using sets of sound-related information that are transmitted from the respective different hubs via a communication network; and a display unit that displays, in a predetermined size on a display surface, an... Agent:

20140362167 - Conference room mode of a media device: Techniques for automatically configuring and controlling a conference room mode setting of a digital media device are described. A digital media device can be programmed to enter a conference room operating mode upon a trigger event. The trigger event can include a time-based trigger or an event-based trigger. In the... Agent:

20140362169 - System and method for pc-based video conferencing and audio/video presentation: A video conferencing/presentation system includes a PC docking station and a room media unit. The dock includes speakerphone and tactile user interface. The wall-mounted RMU, including a wide field camera and speaker(s), is coupled to a monitor. The dock communicates with the RMU. A speakerphone mic captures room audio. During... Agent: New Vad, LLC

20140362170 - Video conference system and method for maintaining participant eye contact: Eye contact between remote and local video conference participants is advantageously maintained by displaying the face of a remote video conference so the remote video conference participant having his or her eyes positioned in accordance with information indicative of image capture of the local video conference participant. In this way,... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140362171 - Bidirectional audio/video: system and method for opportunistic scheduling and transmission: A bidirectional transceiver includes a media transmitter, a media receiver, a network transmitter, and a network receiver. Each of these components includes an interface to a respective differential wire pair of a cable. By coupling a pair of such transceivers, a media stream and network connectivity can be sent over... Agent: New Vad, LLC

20140362172 - System and method for video frame sequence control: A video sequence control system 100 comprising: a video frame sequence component 102 for providing video frames 104 for display by a projector 108, the video frames having a sequence 110 of at least one crosstalk reduction frame 112 followed a n image frames 114; and a synchronization control component... Agent:

20140362175 - Apparatus and method for producing images for stereoscopic viewing: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for producing images for stereoscopic, three-dimensional viewing generated with existing mobile graphical devices, such as cameras, video recorders, PDAs, telephones, and other devices, such as the iPhone™. Two reflectors, which may be mirrors or prisms, are positioned to separate the field of view of a... Agent:

20140362173 - Exposure mapping and dynamic thresholding for blending of multiple images using floating exposure: Special blend operations for wide area-of-view image generation utilizing a “floating auto exposure” scheme are described. Pixel values in the two images being stitched together are blended within a transition band around a “seam.” identified in the overlap region between the images after changes in exposure and/or color saturation are... Agent:

20140362174 - Generating a composite field of view using a plurality of oblique panoramic images of a geographic area: Generating a composite geo-referenced panoramic field of view image of a geographic area is provided. Geodetic coordinates are generated for each of a plurality of pixels in a digital image capturing the geographic area based on a corrected amount of image distortion in each line of pixels in the plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140362176 - Spherical panoramic imaging system: A spherical panoramic image camera system including four receptacles equally angularly spaced about a geometric center and four cameras, each camera comprises a lens having a lens field of view of more than about 180 degrees and an optical axis, each camera is configured to be mountable to one of... Agent:

20140362177 - Method and device for controlling a motion-compensating mirror for a rotating camera: A scanning imaging apparatus including a rotatable support platform, an imaging device that is attached to the support platform; a mirror that is rotatably attached to the support platform and is configured to deflect an optical path of the imaging device; a first motor configured to continuously rotate the rotatable... Agent:

20140362181 - Digital broadcasting reception method and apparatus capable of displaying stereoscopic images: The present invention provides a digital broadcasting reception method, including the steps of: receiving and demultiplexing digital broadcasting signals including reference period and extension period video streams; determining the right/left information of the reference period and extension period video streams by using a descriptor included in at least one of... Agent:

20140362180 - Handling different input signals: e

20140362179 - Image device for determining an invalid depth information of a depth image and operation method thereof: An image device for determining an invalid depth information of a depth image includes a first sensor, a second sensor, a pre-processing module, a depth map engine, and an error determination unit. The first sensor captures first images and the second sensor captures second images. The pre-processing module generates a... Agent:

20140362183 - Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional content based on user preferences: An approach is provided for enabling viewers to control the depth of three-dimensional content rendered via a set-top box. A 3D content platform receives a user input for specifying a user identifier and a mode of operation of a set-top box. A depth setting parameter is determined based on user... Agent:

20140362182 - Method and device for compressing vertex data in three-dimensional image data: A device for compressing vertex data in three-dimensional (3D) image data includes a codebook design module and a codeword search module. The codebook design module is configured for: grouping residual vectors of vertices in 3D image data for codebook design; generating, for each group of residual vectors, a sub-codebook formed... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140362178 - Novel transcoder and 3d video editor: A system and method for conducting 3D image analysis, generating a lossless stereoscopic master file, uploading the lossless stereoscopic master file to editing software, wherein the editing software generates a disparity map, analyzes a disparity map, analyzes cuts, and creates cut and disparity meta-information, and then scaling media, storing media... Agent:

20140362186 - Method and apparatus for calibration of stereo-optical three-dimensional surface-mapping system: A system for, and method of, extracting a surface profile from a stereo pair of images obtained at an arbitrary setting S of an optical system, includes determining surface profile reconstruction parameters for images obtained with the optical system at a reference setting So of the optical system; determining warping... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20140362185 - Method for correcting the zoom setting and/or the vertical offset of frames of a stereo film and control or regulating system of a camera rig having two cameras: The invention relates to a method for correcting the zoom setting and/or the vertical offset in an image assembled from two sub-frames of a stereo film, wherein the one sub-frame is provided by a first camera of a camera rig and the second sub-frame is provided by a second camera... Agent: Truality, LLC

20140362184 - Method of error correction for 3d imaging device: A method is presented for correcting errors in a 3D scanner. Measurement errors in the 3D scanner are determined by scanning each of a plurality of calibration objects in each of a plurality of sectors in the 3D scanner's field of view. The calibration objects have a known height, a... Agent:

20140362187 - Stereoscopic image display control device, imaging apparatus including the same, and stereoscopic image display control method: A system control unit 11 includes a first step of causing a stereoscopic image to be displayed in an enlarged scale according to an instruction on a display device 23, and a second step of determining, when the stereoscopic image is enlarged at a magnification according to the instruction, whether... Agent:

20140362188 - Image processing device, image processing system, and image processing method: An image processing device includes an image acquirer that acquires data of a shot image obtained by a camera, a depth image acquirer that acquires a depth image obtained by representing a distance of a subject from the camera in the depth direction as a pixel value, and a first... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140362190 - Depth measurement apparatus, imaging apparatus, and method of controlling depth measurement apparatus: A depth measurement apparatus including ranging pixels each having plural photoelectric conversion devices, a reading unit shared by the photoelectric devices, and a control unit for controlling the ranging operation, wherein a signal charge accumulated in one of the photoelectric devices is output as a first signal and a second... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362191 - Depth measurement apparatus, imaging apparatus, and method of controlling depth measurement apparatus: A depth measurement apparatus including ranging pixels each having a plurality of photoelectric conversion units for receiving light fluxes that have respectively passed through first and second pupil regions, a reading unit that is shared by the plurality of photoelectric conversion units, and a control unit for controlling the ranging... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362189 - Three-dimensional image apparatus and operation method thereof: A three-dimensional image apparatus and an operation method thereof are provided. The three-dimensional image apparatus includes a projection unit, a photographic apparatus, a display module and a control unit. In a scan mode, the control unit controls the projection unit to project a structure-light pattern onto an object to be... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20140362193 - Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method: A processor of a distance measuring apparatus calculates a three-dimensional position of an object in the surroundings based on the first image, the second image and the amount of movement. The processor determines that calculated three-dimensional position is an error, when the displacement between a fourth position at which a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140362192 - Method for measuring environment depth using image extraction device rotation and image extraction device thereof: A measurement method for environment depth and the image extraction device thereof is revealed. First, rotate an image extraction unit and extract a plurality of images using an image extraction device according to different viewing angles of a target object. Then, use disparity information of the plurality of images and... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20140362195 - Enhanced 3-dimensional (3-d) navigation: One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for 3-dimensional (3-D) navigation are provided herein. A heads-up display (HUD) component can project, render, display, or present graphic elements on focal planes around an environment surrounding a vehicle. The HUD component can cause these graphic elements to appear volumetric or 3-D... Agent: Honda Motor, Co., Ltd.

20140362194 - Image processing device, image processing method, and stereoscopic image display device: According to an embodiment, an image processing device includes a first detector, a calculator, and a determiner. The first detector is configured to detect a position of a viewer. The calculator is configured to calculate a position variation probability that indicates a probability of the viewer making a movement, based... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140362196 - Display apparatus which displays a plurality of content views, glasses apparatus which synchronizes with one of the content views, and methods thereof: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes: a video processor which, in a multi-view mode, processes a plurality of contents and generates a plurality of content views, a display which displays the plurality of content views, a sync signal generator which generates a sync signal regarding the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140362197 - Image processing device, image processing method, and stereoscopic image display device: According to an embodiment, an image processing device includes a detector, a determiner, and a generator. The detector is configured to detect a real-space position of a viewer. The determiner is configured to determine a first relative position in a virtual space between the viewer and a display surface displaying... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140362198 - Stereoscopic video processor, stereoscopic video processing method and stereoscopic video processing program: An electronic apparatus according to an embodiment is provided with circuitry to separate a video signal for stereoscopic video display into a first signal of a background and a second signal of a foreground, and to determinate a first maximum depth position and a first maximum projection position with respect... Agent:

20140362199 - Surgical port localization: A method, device, and system are provided for placing a port (12, 22, 32) for a surgical tool (20, 30) relative to real-time anatomical data. The method comprises: placing an endoscope (10) in a standard port (12); determining real-time anatomical data from an image from the endoscope; using a port... Agent:

20140362200 - Image processing apparatus and endoscope: An embodiment of an image processing apparatus includes: an illuminating section which sequentially irradiates an object with a first and second illuminating light beams polarized in different directions. The section emits the polarized light beams sequentially so that the wavelength ranges of the light beams do not overlap with each... Agent:

20140362201 - Apparatus, method and article for providing audio of different programs: A system enables two different users to independently view and listen to two completely different programs being displayed concurrently on the same display (e.g., in a split screen mode), or on multiple displays that are visible by different users, by sending the audio signal of one of the programs being... Agent:

20140362202 - Gaze time indicator for a vehicle: A system for tracking a gaze of a driver of a vehicle includes a tracking device, a processor, a memory, and a display. The tracking device is configured to track a gaze of a driver of a vehicle. The processor is in electronic communication with the tracking device. The memory... Agent:

20140362205 - Image forming apparatus and control method for the same: The apparatus has a drive system that drives at least one of the imaging element and a holding member to change their positions, a drive control unit that drives the drive system, every time a small image is captured, in such a way that the positions of the imaging element... Agent:

20140362204 - Information processing apparatus, imaging control method, program, digital microscope system, display control apparatus, display control method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a detection unit configured to detect a failure requiring reimaging relating to an image captured using a digital microscope by evaluating the image, and a generation unit configured to, if the failure was detected by the detection unit, generate setting information for setting... Agent:

20140362203 - Structured illumination projection with enhanced exposure control: A method for controlling a structured illumination pattern generating portion is provided for illuminating a workpiece during an image acquisition by a camera in a precision machine vision inspection system. A controllable spatial light modulator (e.g., a digital light processing projector) is part of the generating portion for generating the... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140362206 - Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating same: A hermetically sealed digital electronic camera that is designed to operate both on land and underwater to great depths, and method of making same. The present invention is a camera which is hermetically sealed by being totally encapsulated, preferably by being cast in plastic, with no seals, holes, joints, penetrating... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation

20140362207 - Optical method for inspecting transparent or translucent articles intended to allocate a reference optical adjustment to the vision system: A method of inspecting articles of transparent/translucent material with a vision system comprises illuminating the articles with a light source having an angular spectrum that is adapted to the contrast selected for refractive items presented by the articles. An image sensor picks up the light that has passed through the... Agent:

20140362208 - High throughput and low cost height triangulation system and method: A triangulation system comprising an area camera, a communication interface, a first image processing module, a second image processing module; wherein the area camera is arranged to obtain, at an acquisition rate, a stream of images of illuminated regions of an object; wherein the area camera is prevented from performing... Agent: Camtek Ltd.

20140362209 - Coaxial cable with bidirectional data transmission: A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera and a control. The camera is disposed at a vehicle and has a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The camera is operable to capture image data. The control includes an image processor. A single coaxial cable connects the camera... Agent:

20140362210 - Remote control system for pointing robot: There is provided a remote control system including a controlled device and a remote device. The controlled device has a light source and moves according to a control signal from the remote device. The remote device is adapted to be operated by a user and includes an image sensor. The... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140362211 - Mobile terminal device, display control method, and computer program product: According to one embodiment, a mobile terminal includes module, display, receiver, and transmitter. The module acquires image of at least portion of screen of display device. When image contains side of the screen, the transmitter calculates distance from the screen to the mobile terminal by using the size of the... Agent:

20140362214 - Apparatus and method for processing image signal: An apparatus and a method are arranged to process an image signal including: a Central Processing Unit (CPU) which outputs a digital image corresponding to an input image from an image collection apparatus to an image display apparatus; a controller, or micom, which monitors an operation state of the CPU,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140362212 - Illuminating surveillance camera: An illuminating surveillance camera includes a sensing module to sense a human body temperature and environment luminance and generate a characteristic signal, a surveillance camera module having a controller to generate a controlling signal in response to the characteristic signal and an illuminating module installed on a side of the... Agent:

20140362216 - Image information management system and method thereof, and image information search system: An image information management system includes: a storage medium on which peculiar information is stored; a reading device which reads the peculiar information stored on the storage medium; an image imaging device which shoots a video of a vicinity of a place at which the reading device is provided when... Agent:

20140362217 - Method and system for monitoring a location: A method and system for monitoring a location via a called telephony communication device is disclosed. The method at the called telephony communication device includes receiving a request from a calling telephony communication device. Further, the method includes determining whether the received request is for monitoring the location. The method... Agent:

20140362215 - Optimum camera setting device and optimum camera setting method: Provided are a camera that images a subject; a person tracking portion that detects a person from an image which is captured by the camera and tracks the detected person; a person interpretation portion that extracts items including a number of face detections, a movement direction, a facing direction, a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140362213 - Residence fall and inactivity monitoring system: A surveillance system for residential buildings that monitors the status of occupants for their location, position, and movement. The system employs a sensor that is mounted near the ceiling or on the floor in each room of the residence. Each sensor continuously scans the X, Y and Z axes for... Agent:

20140362218 - Electromagnetic radiation transmission location system: The present invention apparatus, software and methods for capturing EMR data and correlating the EMR data with image data of a geographic area. The EMR data may be captured from one or both of a ground based system and an aerial based system. The EMR data may also be coupled... Agent:

20140362219 - Camera for a vehicle and vehicle having the camera: A camera for a vehicle, the camera including: an image sensor; and a camera lens system for imaging a coverage region on the image sensor; the camera lens system having at least one lens; and the camera lens system and the image sensor determining an optical axis of the camera.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140362220 - Periphery-monitoring device for working machines: A periphery-monitoring device for working machines creates an output distance image based on an input distance image taken by a distance image sensor attached to a working machine. The periphery-monitoring device for working machines includes a computer programmed to execute a process including obtaining coordinates on an input distance image... Agent:

20140362221 - Vision system for vehicle: A vehicular vision system includes a forward facing camera at a windshield of a vehicle with a forward field of view through the vehicle windshield. The camera is operable to capture image data for a plurality of driver assistance systems of the vehicle. Responsive to processing by an image processor... Agent:

20140362222 - Dynamic zone stabilization and motion compensation in a traffic management apparatus and system: A traffic management apparatus and system performs data processing functions on images in a video data stream to analyze differences between portions of the images and account for movement of a camera at a traffic intersection or other such environment. The traffic management apparatus and system is configured to be... Agent:

20140362223 - Theft deterrent system at product display area with targeted advertising: A theft deterrent system and method at a product display area. In a preferred embodiment, the system displays video of customers on a public view monitor (PVM) located near the product display area in response to detecting customer interactions with the products in the product display area. The system also... Agent:

20140362224 - Surveillance camera and the housing thereof: The present invention discloses a surveillance camera, which comprises: a housing for accommodating substrate and internal components; the housing includes a base and an upper cover, the base is provided with a retaining ring at the periphery of its bottom and a plurality of bolt holes at its periphery in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140362225 - Video tagging for dynamic tracking: A method and apparatus wherein the method includes the steps of showing a field of view of a camera that protects a secured area of the surveillance system, placing a graphical indicator within the display for detection of an event within the field of view of the camera, detecting the... Agent:

20140362227 - Apparatus and method for multispectral imaging with parallax correction: An apparatus and a method for multispectral imaging that may, comprising a cyclopean camera arrangement comprising at least two spaced apart imaging sensors operating at a first waveband, an image combiner arranged to combine images from the at least two spaced apart imaging sensors to provide a first cyclopean image... Agent:

20140362226 - Detecting coolant leaks in turbine generators: An apparatus for detecting a leak in a gas cooled generator is provided. The apparatus includes a subsystem for introducing a non-corrosive second gas having an infrared absorption spectrum into the generator. The apparatus also includes an imaging component adapted to detect radiation at the infrared absorption spectrum of the... Agent:

20140362228 - Systems and methods for infrared detection: A fluorescence detection system includes a light source for coupling with a mobile device and software, having machine readable instructions loadable into memory of the mobile device and executable by a processor of the mobile device, capable of: activating the light source in coordination with capturing one or more images... Agent:

20140362229 - Controlling direction of light associated with a flash device: A flash device includes a light emitting element configured to emit light and light controlling elements. The light controlling elements include a light receiving surface and a light exiting surface that is non-parallel to the light exiting surface of an adjacent light controlling element. The light controlling elements are individually... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140362230 - Method and systems of classifying a vehicle using motion vectors: This disclosure provides methods and systems of classifying a vehicle using motion vectors associated with captured images including a vehicle. According to an exemplary method, a cluster of motion vectors representative of a vehicle within a target region is analyzed to determine geometric attributes of the cluster and/or measure a... Agent:

20140362232 - Objective lens with hyper-hemispheric field of view: i

20140362231 - Traffic enforcement system with time tracking and integrated video capture: A method, system, and apparatus are provided for capturing a video image and speed of a target vehicle. A ranging device detects a distance to a target vehicle. The focal distance or zoom of a video camera is set and adjusted based on the distance. The speed of travel of... Agent: Kustom Signals, Inc.

20140362233 - System and method for reconfiguration of an entertainment system controlling device: An entertainment device is used to notify a user of a change in an audio visual entertainment system configuration in which at least one of a plurality devices is connected to the entertainment device as an audio and/or visual source and at least one of the plurality of devices is... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140362234 - System and method of calibrating a display system free of variation in system input resolution: This invention provides a calibration system and method for multi-unit display systems without a need for switching the system input resolution/configuration of the display system while calibrating. This serves to avoid carrying out a re-synchronization step. As such, this system and method allows for increases speed and reduced likelihood of... Agent:

20140362236 - Context based management for secure augmented reality applications: An example system that allows a camera enabled application, such as an augmented reality application, to run in a protected area may include a first device including a camera, the camera including a secure mode of operation and a display, an image processing module configured to convert image data from... Agent:

20140362237 - Image module for a photo booth: The invention relates to a photo booth, among others, preferably for rentals and commercial promotions, which is intuitively used by the user, improves handling, connectivity, transport and the services offered and is formed by means of an image module with four multifunctional image areas which, in the working position, are... Agent:

20140362235 - Information processing system and information processing method: An information processing system comprises a terminal device and an image search system that are connected to each other via a network, the image search system comprises: a storage unit storing an object and linkage information; a first receiver receiving a captured image; and a first transmitter transmitting the linkage... Agent:

20140362238 - Photographing apparatus, photographing method, template creation apparatus, template creation method, and program: A photographing apparatus includes a position estimation unit and a photographing control unit. The position estimation unit is configured to use a long-term template of a target to be tracked and a short-term template of the target to be tracked, which are created from a past taken image, to estimate... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140362239 - Surface adhering lens: A lens structure includes an elastomer formed as a lens. The lens has a planar surface and a curved surface opposed to the planar surface. The elastomer of the lens structure may be formed of a base polymer polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) material. When the lens structure is applied proximate to a... Agent:

20140362240 - Robust image feature based video stabilization and smoothing: A method of removing unwanted camera motion from a video sequence is provided. The method matches a group of feature points between each pair of consecutive video frames in the video sequence. The method calculates the motion of each matched feature point between the corresponding pair of consecutive video frames.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140362242 - Camera drive device: A camera driving apparatus according to the present invention includes: a camera section with an imaging plane; a movable unit which houses the camera section inside and includes an attracting magnet and a convex partial sphere on its outer surface; a fixed unit which has a depressed portion in which... Agent:

20140362243 - Camera module: The camera module according to exemplary embodiments of the present invention includes a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounted with an image sensor, a housing mounted therein with camera constituent parts and configured to protect the image sensor, an actuator arranged on the housing, and an electronic circuit pattern layer integrally... Agent:

20140362241 - Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method: An image pickup apparatus including: an image pickup section acquiring a bright-time image and acquiring a dark-time image with a same exposure time period as the bright-time image; a shake detection section detecting a shake; an image cut-out section cutting out a cut-out bright-time image for which the shake is... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140362244 - Helmet camera system: A portable video capture device configured to be securely mounted within a conventional sports helmet. The camera is mounted within the front of the frame of the helmet, a id is designed to be flush with the front of the helmet. The components of the camera, including a power source,... Agent:

20140362245 - Wireless imaging system, method of controlling wireless imaging system, wireless communication apparatus, and storage medium: A wireless apparatus includes a determination unit configured to determine whether the received control information is leading control information for controlling the imaging process or succeeding control information succeeding the leading control information, a decision unit configured to decide a succeeding control timing at which the succeeding control information is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362246 - Photographing controller for controlling photographing executed by a plurality of cameras: A master camera sets temporary conditions at the time of executing photographing by a plurality of cameras, determines whether photographing by the plurality of cameras can be executed under the temporary conditions, sets actual conditions at the time of executing photographing by the plurality of cameras in accordance with this... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140362248 - Image-capturing apparatus, captured image processing system, and recording medium: A mobile terminal apparatus includes a geometrical arrangement detecting section (111) detecting groups of edge pixels arranged in a shape of a line segment in an image captured by an image-capturing apparatus; and a display processing section (112) causes a contour line representative of a contour of a rectangular captured... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362247 - Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method therefor: An imaging apparatus is provided which allows acquisition of a plurality of images in response to one instruction to generate images without requiring a user to perform complicated setting operations and advanced knowledge. A control unit in the imaging apparatus selects a photographing parameter to be changed for the auto... Agent:

20140362249 - Interactive electronic device: An interactive electronic device includes an image capture module, a response module and a processing module. The image capture module is for capturing images. The processing module is for generating a first or second command set according to the image and output a control signal. The response module is for... Agent:

20140362250 - Method for correcting pixel information of color pixels on a color filter array of an image sensor: A method for correcting pixel information of color pixels on a color filter array of an image sensor includes: establishing an M×M distance factor table, selecting M×M pixels of the color filter array, calculating a red/green/blue-color contribution from the red/green/blue pixels to a target pixel in the selected M×M pixels,... Agent:

20140362252 - Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same: A digital photographing apparatus includes a digital signal processing unit that obtains first image data from an input image and generates second image data using the first image data according to a condition that is previously set. A method of controlling a digital photographing apparatus includes obtaining first image data... Agent:

20140362251 - Method and apparatus for automatically categorizing images in a digital camera: A method and apparatus for automatically categorizing images in a digital camera is provided. In one aspect, image data is captured by a digital camera. Image data analysis is performed on the captured image data by the digital camera to automatically generate a category tag to which the captured image... Agent: Kdl Scan Designs LLC

20140362253 - Beamforming method and apparatus for sound signal: A beamforming method and apparatus for acquiring a sound signal in an electronic device includes selecting at least one object for beamforming to acquire a sound, measuring a first distance between the at least one object selected and a sensor for distance measurement, calculating a second distance between the at... Agent:

20140362254 - Information processing device, information processing system, and launch program and storage medium storing the same: A game device according to the present embodiment includes a camera as image pick-up means. An inner camera is accommodated in an upper housing. In addition, a microphone hole is provided in an inner surface of the upper housing so as to sense external sound through a microphone.... Agent:

20140362255 - System and method for providing photograph location information in a mobile device: A mobile device includes a viewfinder, focusing unit for allowing users to select or focus an object in said captured image, a GPS, a compass, a distance unit for measuring the distance between the mobile device and the object, a calculating unit for calculating the current position of the object... Agent:

20140362257 - Apparatus for controlling camera modes and associated methods: m

20140362256 - Reference frame selection for still image stabilization: Systems, methods, and computer readable media to improve image stabilization operations are described. A novel combination of image quality and commonality metrics are used to identify a reference frame from a set of commonly captured images which, when the set's other images are combined with it, results in a quality... Agent:

20140362258 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable recording medium: An image processing apparatus includes a special image processing unit. The special image processing unit includes an image resize unit that performs a resize process of resizing an image size of at least a partial area of an image area of image data by using one position in at least... Agent:

20140362259 - Variable-magnification optical system, imaging optical device, and digital appliance: A variable-magnification optical system has five lens groups, namely, from object side, positive, negative, positive, positive, and negative lens groups, and achieves magnification variation by varying all axial distances between the lens groups. Focusing is achieved by moving the fourth lens group in optical axis direction. Vibration correction is achieved... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140362260 - Pixel arrays & imaging devices with reduced blooming, controllers & methods: A pixel array includes regular pixels for imaging, and special pixel sites interspersed among the regular pixels. When the regular pixels become saturated from bright illumination, at least some of their excess charges are removed by the special pixel sites. The removal can reduce or eliminate blooming. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20140362261 - Image-capturing device and method having image identification mechanism: An image-capturing device having an image identification mechanism is provided. The image-capturing device comprises a first and a second flashlight modules, a processing module and an image-capturing module. The first and the second flashlight modules generate a first and a second color lights respectively according to a first and a... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140362262 - Depth measurement apparatus, imaging apparatus, and method of controlling depth measurement apparatus: A depth measurement apparatus including ranging pixels each having photoelectric conversion units for receiving light fluxes that have respectively passed through first and second pupil regions, a reading unit shared by the photoelectric conversion units, and a control unit for controlling the ranging operation wherein a signal charge accumulated in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362263 - Image sensor with noise reduction: Systems and methods are disclosed for reducing reset noise in an image sensor. Voltage on the column read out is sensed during reset. When the voltage reaches a desired threshold level, a voltage is asserted on the column read out line that turns off the reset transistor. Using column circuitry... Agent:

20140362264 - Solid-state image capturing apparatus, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device, with (a) a pixel array unit including two-dimensionally arranged pixels each including (i) a photoelectric conversion element, (ii) a select transistor configured to perform pixel selection, and (iii) a charge discharging transistor configured to selectively discharge the charges accumulated in the photoelectric conversion element; and (b)... Agent:

20140362266 - Image-capturing device and timing control circuit: An image-capturing device includes image-capturing section, an image-data-generation section, and an image capture control section. The image-capturing section is for capturing an image of a subject and starting generating of image-capture data corresponding to a single frame in synchronization with a vertical synchronization signal, The image-data-generation section is for carrying... Agent:

20140362267 - Semiconductor device, fabrication method for a semiconductor device and electronic apparatus: Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device, including: a first substrate including a first electrode, and a first insulating film configured from a diffusion preventing material for the first electrode and covering a periphery of the first electrode, the first electrode and the first insulating film cooperating with each other to... Agent:

20140362265 - Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes: a semiconductor substrate including a light receiving surface which is divided according to pixels arranged in a matrix shape and is formed with a photoelectric converting section; an electrochromic film which is formed on the semiconductor substrate on a light incident path corresponding to the... Agent:

20140362268 - Solid-state imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging apparatus allows precise observation and analysis of ultra-high-speed phenomena at a frame rate more than 100 Mega frames per second, which has been targeted in advanced science and engineering. The solid-state imaging apparatus comprises pixels arranged in M columns and N rows. Each pixel includes a first... Agent:

20140362271 - Ad converter, signal processing method, solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus: Provided is an AD converter including a first AD converting unit in which pixel columns of a pixel array are divided into at least two groups, and that compares a first ramp signal and a first pixel signal output from a first group of the pixel columns and performs AD... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140362269 - Image processing device and imaging method: An image processing apparatus that comprises a plurality of read out rows in an imaging unit of the apparatus. The imaging region comprises of a plurality of pixels which are equipped with color filters of the red, blue and green type. The apparatus comprises a controller configured to set a... Agent:

20140362270 - Method and apparatus for buffering analog information: Generally, an integrated circuit, an apparatus and a method for buffering analog information capture first analog information with a capture element and store at least portions of the analog information in a first passive variable resistance memory element coupled to the capture element and in a second passive variable resistance... Agent:

20140362272 - Method of generating pixel array layout for image sensor and layout generating system using the method: A method of generating a pixel array layout for an image sensor (wherein the image sensor includes a plurality of unit pixels, and each of the plurality of unit pixels includes a plurality of transistors) includes forming each unit pixel to include a shallow trench isolation (STI). The STI is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140362273 - Solid-state imaging apparatus and semiconductor device: The present invention provides a small-sized inexpensive solid-state imaging apparatus. A D/A converter included in a successive comparison type A/D converter of the solid-state imaging apparatus includes a multiplexer which selects any of reference voltages VR0 to VR16 and sets it as an analog reference signal when coarse A/D conversion... Agent:

20140362274 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for switching between camera interfaces: A method is performed at an electronic device with a display, a touch-sensitive surface, and a camera. The device displays a first camera interface on the display for a first virtual camera that produces media with first output dimensions. While displaying the first camera interface on the display, the device... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140362275 - Autofocus: Systems, methods, and computer readable media to provide improved autofocus operations are described. In general, techniques are disclosed that show how to improve contrast-based autofocus operations by applying a novel threshold-and-select action to window-specific focus scores. More particularly, techniques disclosed herein may evaluate a multi-window autofocus area over a burst... Agent:

20140362279 - Focus detection apparatus and method, method of controlling focus detection apparatus, and image capturing apparatus: A focus detection apparatus comprises: an image sensing unit including photoelectric conversion elements for each microlens, with the microlenses being two-dimensionally arranged; a generation unit configured to generate a first signal pair having a first resolution from signals of a first area of the image sensing unit which corresponds to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362276 - Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same: A defocus amount is corrected according to the difference between the focus state of an imaging optical system that corresponds to the accumulation period of multiple image signals used to generate an added image signal and the focus state of the imaging optical system when the focal point is adjusted.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362278 - Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method: An image capturing apparatus performs rough detection through high-speed focus detection targeting on a face contour portion and then performs focusing through high-precision focus detection targeting on a face-included portion set inside the face contour.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362277 - Imaging apparatus and control method for same: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging element having pixel portions each having a plurality of photoelectric conversion units for each microlens. The imaging element can output a pixel signal depending on a pupil-divided light flux. An image processing LSI processes a video signal based on the pixel signal output from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362280 - Driving member, linear driving device, camera, device and electronic device: A driving member, a linear driving device using the driving member, a camera device and an electronic device are provided. The driving member (10) includes a deformable thin plate (16) having a flexible thin plate (12) capable of expanding and contracting itself under the applied voltage and an elastic thin... Agent: New Shicoh Technology Co., Ltd.

20140362281 - Exposure control device, imaging device, image display device, and exposure control method: It includes a face detection unit that acquires an image from a camera and detects a person's face from the image, a region division unit that acquires an image from the camera and divides an imaging region of the image, a luminance calculation unit that calculates luminance of the person's... Agent:

20140362282 - Exposure controller: An image sensor provides a first image with a first exposure and a second image with a second exposure. An exposure controller sets the first exposure in dependence on pixel intensities of at least one of the images. It sets the second exposure in dependence on a factor and the... Agent:

20140362284 - Camera lens assembly: A camera lens assembly is provided. The camera lens includes a movable Auto Focusing (AF) unit configured to move back and forth in a direction of an optical axis of an image sensor, and a movable Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) unit installed on the movable AF unit and configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140362283 - Microscope observation tube smart-phone adaptor: The present invention generally relates to methods and devices for mounting an image capture device to an optical viewing instrument such as a microscope, telescope, or binocular. More specifically, some embodiments of the present invention relate to an apparatus for mounting a smart phone to an observation tube of microscope.... Agent: Iridex Corporation

20140362285 - Lens module and method for manufacturing lens module: A lens module includes a housing; a lens barrel mounted in the housing; and an actuator unit including an actuator to move the lens barrel. The actuator unit has a coupling area on one end for coupling to the housing, and an adjustment portion on another end for adjusting a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140362286 - Miniature imaging and decoding module: An imaging module for an image scanning and/or reading device, contains a camera module, a decoder module, and a chassis module for mounting the camera and decoder modules. The camera module includes a module body having a surface for receiving a circuit board, the surface including one or more recessed... Agent: Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20140362287 - Multi-directional positioning apparatus for mobile-phone camera shooting: The present invention is related to a multi-directional positioning apparatus for mobile-phone camera shooting, in particular, to a multi-directional positioning apparatus capable of clamping and positioning a mobile phone in a reverse orientation and capable of adjusting angles for the camera lens at temporary positions of eye-level angle (0°), low... Agent:

20140362288 - System and process for image rescaling using adaptive interpolation kernal with sharpness and de-ringing control: A digital video rescaling system is provided. The system includes an image data input configured to receive input support pixels y1 to yn and a sharpness control module configured to generate a sharpness control parameter Kshp. The system further includes an interpolated pixel generator configured to use an adaptive interpolation... Agent:

20140362289 - Method and apparatus for increasing frame rate of an image stream using at least one higher frame rate image stream: An image processing system comprises an image processor configured to obtain a first image stream having a first frame rate and a second image stream having a second frame rate lower than the first frame rate, to recover additional frames for the second image stream based on existing frames of... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140362290 - Facilitating generation and presentation of sound images: A system, method, and computer-readable media are described for facilitating generation and/or presentation of sound images. In one embodiment, a method of facilitating generation of sound images includes receiving a user selection of an image from a video. A user selection of an audio portion from the same video is... Agent:

20140362291 - Method and apparatus for processing a video signal: Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing a video signal, the video signal comprising a plurality of frames, wherein the frames of the video signal are received at a jitter buffer, and the frames are output from the jitter buffer at a variable output rate to account for jitter... Agent:

20140362292 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device including a display panel which displays a video signal is disclosed. The display device includes a panel driver configured to drives the display panel; a light source configured to provide light to the display panel; a light source driver configured to control the brightness of the light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140362293 - Systems, methods, and media for presenting media content: Systems, methods, and media for presenting media content are provided. In some implementations, a system for presenting media content is provided, the system comprising: a hardware processor that is programmed to: establish a connection with a media playback device; respond to a discovery request from a computing device presenting a... Agent:

20140362295 - Display device: In order to enable cables to be easily and correctly connected in a display device requiring a plurality of cables to be connected to source device, even if cables having the same appearance are used, the display device (100) is provided with one display panel (10) and a plurality of... Agent:

20140362294 - On-screen display of input sources with position-based arrangement: On-screen display techniques and configurations for audiovisual content input selection and indications in a television, monitor, receiver, or other electronic display device are described herein. An on-screen user interface of a display device may be enhanced with on-screen indications that indicate the position of the respective audiovisual content. For example,... Agent: Bby Solutions, Inc.

20140362296 - Predictive enhancement of a portion of video data rendered on a display unit associated with a data processing device: A method includes predicting, through a processor of a data processing device communicatively coupled to a memory, a portion of a video frame on which a user of the data processing device is likely to focus on during rendering thereof on a display unit associated with the data processing device.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140362297 - Method and apparatus for dynamic presentation of composite media: The system provides a method and apparatus for constructing, and for dynamically rearranging the order of content in a composite video. The re-ordering of clips in the composite video can be based on one or more weighting factors associated with each clip. These factors can include freshness or newness of... Agent: V-poll

20140362298 - Energy saving circuits and methods for multimedia over coaxial alliance (moca) capable devices: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to MOCA networks including power-saving MOCA-capable devices. Each of the MOCA-capable devices is operable during a normal or active mode to perform the specific multimedia functionality for which the device is designed, such as to function as a digital video recorder (DVR) and... Agent:

20140362299 - Display arrangement change: A remote control device sends an arrangement change to a display device. The display device responsively changes an arrangement of video feeds displayed thereon. The display device transmits the arrangement to every remote control device. The arrangement change transmitted to the display device and the arrangement transmitted by the display... Agent:

20140362300 - Servo feedback control based on designated scanning servo beam in scanning beam display systems with light-emitting screens: Scanning beam display systems that scan one servo beam and an excitation beam onto a screen that emits visible light under excitation of the light of the excitation beam and control optical alignment of the excitation beam based on positioning of the servo beam on the screen via a feedback... Agent:

20140362301 - Display device and television device: A liquid crystal display device 10 includes an LED 17, a liquid crystal panel 11, a gate flexible boards 28 connected to an end portion of the liquid crystal panel 11, a light guide plate 16 arranged so as to overlap the liquid crystal panel 11, an optical member 15... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

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