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Telephonic communications

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01/22/2015 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150023477 - Extended efficient usage of emergency services keys: An emergency services key (e.g., ESQK or ESRK) is guaranteed to be available from a limited size ESQK pool. A plurality of ESQKs are grouped into a pool of emergency service keys “ESQK Pool ID”, each including anywhere from 1 to N number of ESQKs. Each ESQK preferably has a... Agent:

20150023478 - System and method for providing continued answering of special number calls when a primary psap is incapacitated: A method for providing continued answering of special number calls intended for delivery via a plurality of communication networks to a special number answering position when a primary special number answering position is incapacitated includes: (a) determining at least one pre-identified alternate special number answering position; (b) ascertaining that the... Agent:

20150023479 - Advertisement based on speech recognition: This invention relates to a system and method for providing dedicated television advertisements based on speech recognition of telephone conversations. The home user makes telephone calls using a landline, cellular phone or VoIP phone. The user may also be watching TV. While doing so, the user is able to see... Agent: Audiogate Technologies Ltd.

20150023480 - Voice interactive service system and method for providing different speech-based services: Systems and method are provided for rendering different speech-based services to a plurality of users. A service-providing system may be accessed via a plurality of connectivity ports. Each of the connectivity ports may be associated with at least one of a plurality of different speech-related services. The connectivity ports may... Agent:

20150023481 - Method for personalizing voice assistant: The present invention provides a method for personalizing voice assistant. First, the voice module is activated. Then, the voice message received by the voice module is recognized. According to the recognition result, the personal name in the voice message is converted to the intelligent conversation name at a remote site,... Agent:

20150023482 - Telephone to computational device association: The disclosure relates to a system for dynamic association of a computational device, which includes at least one communication interface and a control system coupled to the at least one communication interface with a communication device. A request to authenticate an association between a computational device and a communication device... Agent:

20150023483 - Method and apparatus for providing virtual messaging: A method and apparatus of providing virtual messaging is provided. The method comprises examining status information associated with a plurality of servers for notifying call recipients of messages using at least one messaging protocol, wherein each of the plurality of servers operates independently, identifying an available server of the plurality... Agent:

20150023484 - Dynamically generated graphical user interface for interactive voice response: A device may be configured to receive information regarding a call center. The received information may include an interactive voice response (“IVR”) menu configuration that includes contact information for contacts associated with the call center, and audible options to place a call to the contacts via the contact information for... Agent: Verizon

20150023485 - Telephone system, apparatus, and method for providing enhanced privacy features: A telephone system for enhanced privacy management includes a telephone switch, a rejected call handler, a user preference database, and an internet app privacy manager, whereby an incoming call can be assigned to a calling class, and routed according to a calling rule associated with the calling class. Using an... Agent:

20150023487 - Method and system for enhanced conference call security: A method for controlling access by of communication devices to a conference call, the method comprising associating proximity settings with a conference call, the proximity settings indicating a acceptable proximity of other communication devices relative to a selected communication device; sensing by the selected communication device proximity of the other... Agent:

20150023486 - Telephonic communication redirection and compliance processing: Processing telephonic communication is disclosed. A request to establish communication is received from a first communication participant. A first identifier associated with the request is mapped to a second identifier associated with a second communication participant. The second identifier is used to establish communication between the first and the second... Agent:

20150023488 - Method and apparatus for moving call: An operation method and apparatus of a terminal for call move are provided. The method includes, if receiving a call move request signal including registration information of a first device that is in voice communication with a second device from the first device, transmitting, by the terminal, a call state... Agent:

20150023489 - Method, apparatus and system for processing a voice call: A method, an apparatus and a system for processing a voice call. The method includes, when a service control entity in a call center determines that a user corresponding to a user terminal needs assistance at a certain node in a self-service process, establishing, by the service control entity, a... Agent:

20150023490 - System and method for automated call distribution: Aspects of systems and methods for maintaining and operating agent nodes are provided. In some embodiments, calls, contacts, and other work units may be routed to individual customer service agents via a centralized queue based on a variety of factors. Some embodiments may provide market-based call pricing and customer service... Agent:

20150023492 - Limiting contact in a networked contact center environment: This document discusses, among other things, limiting contact to a networked contact center that is a host to multiple tenants. In an example embodiment, a communication is received by a networked contact center. In determining whether to allow the communication to reach contact center resources, a contact rate value may... Agent:

20150023493 - Limiting contact in a networked contact center environment: This document discusses, among other things, limiting contact to a networked contact center that is a host to multiple tenants. In an example embodiment, a communication is received by a networked contact center. In determining whether to allow the communication to reach contact center resources, a contact rate value may... Agent:

20150023491 - Method of distributed aggregation in a call center: A method for partitioning a call center having N agents associated with M agent groups, for computation by a plurality of computational nodes, has steps for (a) assigning each agent as a vertex in a hypergraph; (b) assigning each agent group as a hyper-edge in the hypergraph; and (c) applying... Agent:

20150023494 - Vectored dsl crosstalk cancellation: A vector DSL system includes a plurality of modems, which may be multi-port devices. Unprocessed user data is extracted from the modems and passed through a private vectoring data routing apparatus to one or more vectoring modules, such as vectoring cards. Each vectoring module includes one or more vector processors... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150016595 - Recommendation, personalization and pricing engine built in with a centralized telecom product catalog: An apparatus including a server computer processor, a server computer memory, a computer display, and a user computer interactive device. The server computer processor may be programmed to receive a first plurality of user inputs from the user computer interactive device; select a subset of a set of telecommunications service... Agent:

20150016596 - Feature-based software system for programming of a business pbx: A system for processing phone calls comprising a network of servers in communication with telephonic communication devices, and software stored on and executable by the servers, the software being configured to receive inputs from a user, generate an ordered set of PBX Feature definitions executable by the server network in... Agent: Fractel, LLC

20150016597 - Method for carrying out an audio conference, audio conference device, and method for switching between encoders: A method and an audio conference device for carrying out an audio conference are disclosed, whereby classification information associated with a respective audio date flow is recorded for supplied audio data flows. According to a result of an evaluation of the classification information, the audio data flows are associated with... Agent:

20150016598 - Methods, systems, and products for providing ring tones: Ring tones and other alerts are processed based on social networks. A person's contact information, as an example, may be associated with a social network. Each different social network may also have its own custom ringtone or other alert. Calls, texts, and other electronic messages may thus processed with the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150016599 - Cloud computing call centers: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a cloud computing call center that may provide a multi-tenanted platform for scalable, dynamic allocation of telephony, PBX, and call center capabilities. Embodiments of the invention include implementations of a software telephony switch in a cloud computing environment that may dynamically allocate... Agent:

20150016600 - Tiered call routing: A computer device may include logic configured to receive a request to route a call from an interactive voice response system; obtain information associated with the call; and obtain one or more metrics associated with a plurality of automatic call distribution centers. The logic may be further configured to select... Agent:

20150016601 - Dialling phone numbers: Method and apparatus for effecting a voice communication between user terminals connected via a communication network include displaying a menu of country options to a user and receiving a number in local form. Formatting rules are recalled for a destination country selected by the user from the country options. A... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150010134 - Prediction interactive vocla response: A method for responding to calls in an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) of an organization, the method comprising receiving in an IVR a call from a customer of the organization, activating a response in the IVR based at least on former interactions with the organization, and wherein the IVR... Agent:

20150010135 - Providing missed call and message information: m

20150010136 - Systems and methods for visual presentation and selection of ivr menu: Embodiments of the invention provide a system for generating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) database, the system comprising a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory comprising a list of telephone numbers associated with one or more destinations implementing IVR menus, wherein the one or more destinations... Agent:

20150010137 - Charging of calls in a communication network: The present subject matter relates to a method for charging of calls in a communication network. The method includes, receiving subscription information pertaining to a discretionary charging feature, for a call between a first user and a second user, where the first user is subscribed to a first telecom operator... Agent:

20150010138 - Techniques for bypassing call screening in a call messaging system: A call messaging system includes a database comprising a call screening rule for a callee and a call screening engine configured to determine whether a bypass condition exists for an incoming call to the callee, and to bypass the call screening rule for the incoming call, if the bypass condition... Agent:

20150010140 - Automated attendant multimedia session: An automated attendant system is made multimedia capable by adding a combined user agent to the automated attendant. A search is done to verify that the caller to the automated attendant has combined user agent capabilities. If so, the caller receives multimedia content from the automated attendant's combined user agent... Agent:

20150010139 - Method for providing support services using consumer selected specialists and specialist ratings: A general queue and priority queues corresponding to agents are maintained. In response to a user request from a remote device of a user regarding a content item of a content document displayed at the remote device, it is determined whether the user request includes an agent identifier (ID). If... Agent:

20150010141 - System and method for generating natural language comments in a telecommunication system: A system and method for generating a list of natural language comments during a telecommunication session between a customer and an operator wherein the system and method comprises of receiving a geographical code corresponding to the customer's location and obtaining data associated with the geographical code and processing the obtained... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150003594 - Adaptive system with call center and trusted network: In an example system for operating a call center, personal profiles of clients of a service of the call center are maintained. At least some of the profiles include contact information for entities in a trusted network designated by the respective clients. When a contact is received at the call... Agent:

20150003595 - System, method and computer program product for a universal call capture device: A system, method and computer program product records call data, may include, an input couplable to an audio source, memory; network interface; and processor(s), configured to: detect a call, capture digital audio data, and transmit digital audio data over the network interface to a network accessible resource. The apparatus may... Agent:

20150003596 - Data communication: A method and corresponding device for determining a data connection profile for a data connection (15) between one of a plurality of end-user devices (14, 16, 18) and an aggregation transceiver device (24, 34), the data connection belonging to one of a plurality of predetermined categories, each category being associated... Agent:

20150003597 - Method and device for adjusting a power allocation of users in a digital subscriber line environment: A method and a device adjust a power allocation of users in a digital subscriber line environment. An intermediate power allocation is determined for at least one user initializing with the digital subscriber line environment based on a new power allocation determined for the digital subscriber line environment containing the... Agent:

20150003598 - Image communication apparatus and signal processing unit: This image communication apparatus receives a digital signal having a voice bandwidth from an external apparatus capable of communicating through a network, and processes the received digital signal by means of a signal processing unit. If it is determined that the digital signal includes a CNG signal, the image communication... Agent:

20150003599 - Identifying a contact based on a voice communication session: Arrangements described herein include identifying a voice communication session established between a first communication device and a second communication device and, based on the voice communication session established between the first communication device and the second communication device, identifying a plurality of contacts who potentially may be the second user.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150003600 - Systems and methods for blocking undesired automated telephone calls: Systems and methods for identifying and blocking undesired automated calls include checking to determine if more than a predetermined number of calls are received from the same originating telephone number within a certain period of time. If so, information about the calls from the same originating telephone number is analyzed... Agent:

20150003601 - Methods and apparatus to monitor subscriber activity: Methods and apparatus to respond to monitor subscriber activity are disclosed. An example method includes receiving a first set of client telephone number (TN) data associated with a client and a current time period, and receiving a second set of client TN data associated with a prior time period. The... Agent:

20150003602 - Exploring multiple contact channels to determine potential for reaching customers: Improving right party contact rates with a customer by exploring available contact channels and time periods may include periodically reviewing that customer's contact information to determine a set of exploration scores for each contact channel and time period pair of that customer, using an exploration score function based on an... Agent:

20150003603 - System and method for pairing agents and callers within a call center: A system and method for pairing agents and callers within a call center environment is provided. A call is received from a caller into a call center. A voice sample is received from the caller during the call and traits of the caller are identified from the voice sample. The... Agent:

20150003604 - System and method for calculating context-aware estimated wait time for customers: An Estimated Wait Time (EWT) computing system for computing estimated wait time for customers in a contact center is provided. The EWT computing system includes an analysis module for analyzing each incoming contact to determine attributes corresponding to the incoming contact. The EWT computing system further includes a categorization module... Agent:

20150003605 - System and method for providing guidance to persuade a caller: A system and method for providing guidance to persuade a caller is provided. A call is received from a caller into a call center and an offer is provided to the caller. A likelihood of the caller to accept the offer is measured by analyzing voice input of the caller... Agent:

20150003606 - Detecting and quantifying non-linear characteristics of audio signals: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are provided for detecting, quantifying, and compensating for non-linear characteristics of audio signals. External audio devices are detected when coupled to electronic or communication devices. Tuning operations are initiated upon detection of external audio devices to estimate non-linear parameters imparted to audio signals by the external... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

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