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Telephonic communications

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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150103981 - Method and system for single-ended line testing: The present disclosure relates to a method, a node, a system and a computer program for input impedance measurements in the form of return loss measurements, such as single ended line testing. The disclosure also relates to a communication system having a near-end terminal and at least one far-end terminal.... Agent:

20150103982 - Methods and systems for automatically providing an emergency service call handler with context specific emergency service protocols: Computer media and methods for providing emergency services protocols to an emergency service call taker are disclosed herein. A public safety answering point receives an emergency service phone call from a caller. The caller is placed in voice communication with an emergency call handler. The system monitors the voice communication... Agent:

20150103983 - Personal telephone receptionist: An application and process for a mobile electronic device having a speaker, a visual display and a keypad, comprising a receptionist routine to screen an incoming call from a calling party to a receiving party, said routine functioning to receive said incoming call, inquire of and receive information from the... Agent:

20150103984 - System for closed loop decisionmaking in an automated care system: There is disclosed a system functional for operating and updating an interactive voice response self care system which utilizes various types of models. The system is capable of improving the performance of the self care system through updating the models used in that system in a closed loop manner. The... Agent:

20150103985 - Unified services platform using a telephone number as a common subscriber identifier: A system and method for enabling the telephone number as a platform for the association of IP-enabled services with legacy telephone service. A unified services enabler platform may be utilized to associate a customer and their telephone number with a variety of services and applications from multiple different ecosystems. The... Agent: Shango Corp, LLC

20150103986 - Signal transmitting and receiving circuit of digital subscriber line: This invention discloses a signal transmitting and receiving circuit of a digital subscriber line used for transmitting an output signal to a telecommunication loop or receiving an input signal from the telecommunication loop. The signal transmitting and receiving circuit comprises a transformer, which is coupled to the telecommunication loop; a... Agent:

20150103987 - Method and system for generating digital events for analog phone systems: A method for generating digital events in response to inbound or outbound phone calls on analog phone systems is described. The method monitors a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone line to detect a call. The analog audio signal of the detected call is amplified. The method acquires call information... Agent:

20150103988 - Method and system for non-traditional directory assistance: A directory assistance service includes a database and an interface module. The database stores a set of audio advertisements, and the audio advertisements are priced based on a tiered pricing model. The interface module is in communication with the database and receives a directory assistance request from a caller, plays... Agent:

20150103989 - System and method for routing communications: A system and method that includes receiving a communication request of an account, the communication request including communication properties; identifying at least two routing options of a route priority list, the routing options capable of completing the communication request and identified according to a priority heuristic; generating a communication cost... Agent:

20150103990 - Network-based social telephony firewall: A method receives a call from a device of a caller destined to a device of a subscriber of a communication network. The method connects the call to the device of the subscriber and then receives from the device of the subscriber an indication that the call is an undesirable... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150103991 - Conference system with enhanced security and authentication: A system receives, at a conference platform, a communication from a communications device of a requester requesting to host an audio conference. The system determines whether an access code provided by the requester is a valid access code associated with a provider communications address specified by the requester. A processor... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150103992 - Systems and methods for near real-time voice calling to a plurality of recipients: A phone system includes an application server and a phone server. The application server is configured to provide a phone number to a source caller to connect to the phone system, and to receive a subscription of listeners associated with the source caller. The phone server is configured to receive... Agent: Phonio, Inc.

20150103993 - Communication control device, communication control method, and communication control system: A communication control device include a call connection count management unit that acquires a call connection count that indicates a number of calls that are being processed by each of call control servers which performs a call process; a server stop control unit that transfers a call process that is... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150103994 - Data and call routing and forwarding: One or more aspects of the disclosure relate to various functions and processes related to routing of calls originating from other service providers. For example, a method includes receiving a request to route a call or a call session, such as a session initiation request, from a second service provider... Agent:

20150103995 - System and method for prioritizing agent intervention into automated customer engagements: A system for prioritizing intervention of live agents into automated customer engagements in a communication system is disclosed. The system includes an intervention prioritization module configured to identify a live agent to intervene into an automated customer engagement in a communication system based on a confidence factor corresponding to the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150103996 - System and method for telephone communications on the internet: s

20150103997 - System for communication routing: A system, method, apparatus, means, and computer program code is provided wherein an electronic communication is received. A communication routing matrix is accessed, from a relational database platform, to select a service representative for the received communication. It may then be arranged for the received communication to be routed in... Agent:

20150103998 - Dialing management system and method: A system and method handling and sorting calls includes maintaining leads in a database, segregating the leads based on type, performing automated calls for each of a first stream of leads, and queuing the second stream of leads in the list manager application to provide a newest available lead to... Agent: 21st Century Insurance And Financial Services, Inc.

20150103999 - System and method for cost-based automatic call distribution with statistically predictable wait time: System and method to select a contact handling mode in a contact center, the method including: receiving, by a communication interface, a contact from a customer; calculating, by a processor of the contact center, an expected wait time by the customer based upon historical contact information stored in a memory... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150104000 - System and method for providing sales and marketing acceleration and effectiveness: A system for handling call transfer contains a talker computer for providing a batch notification that enables a central data server to identify a batch of one or more customer records for calling, a central data server for receiving the batch notification that enables the central data server to identify... Agent:

20150104001 - Method and apparatus for vectoring adsl2 lines: The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for extending the benefits of vectoring technology to xDSL systems including disparate types of xDSL lines. In embodiments, the invention includes a scheme to match the symbol frequencies of ADSL2 and VDSL2 lines, to then enable vectoring of ADSL2 FEXT into VDSL2... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150098554 - Enabling location determination of user device originating emergency service call: A method is provided for processing emergency service calls from a user device to a PSAP, the user device having an associated line number and being configured to originate calls from fixed and mobile access networks. The method includes determining whether a call from the user device originates from a... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20150098553 - System and method for providing alerts: A method and system for generating real-time or near real-time alerts is disclosed, the method and system related to emergency events. Particularly, the method and system generate alerts to a user that may be filtered based on a type of emergency event, such as a crime-based event or a fire-based... Agent:

20150098555 - Voicemail preview and editing system: A voicemail computer system transcribes a voicemail message into text that is presented to a calling party for approval. A calling party is able to approve, disapprove or edit a voicemail message prior to delivery to one or more called parties. The voicemail computer system may analyze a voicemail message... Agent:

20150098556 - Method and system for voice-based contact updation: A method and a system for updating contact information in an electronic device include capturing a voice of a caller to generate a voice signature. The method includes determining presence of the voice signature in the electronic device. The method includes updating contact information of the caller based on the... Agent:

20150098557 - Data entry confirmation system for a device or system with dialing capability: A Data Entry Confirmation System (DECS) is provided whereby a user with a communication device capable of communicating with the DECS is able to perform a pre-dialing operation based on contact information inputted onto the communication device and transmitted by said communication device to the DECS. Thus, the DECS is... Agent:

20150098558 - Method and system for providing to a second party, computer-network related information about a first party: A method and system for providing computer-network related information about a second party. First. the second party receives a telephone number of a first party. The second party's customer premises equipment (CPE) or elements in a telephone network then use the telephone number to index a database, which contains combinations... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150098559 - Synchronizing audio signal sampling in a wireless, digital audio conferencingt system: A digital audio conferencing system has a fixed base station that is in communication with a far end (R.E.) system over a communication network. The base station is associated with a wireless loudspeaker and one or more wireless microphones. The base station operates to receive F.E. audio signals to be... Agent:

20150098560 - System and method for automated assignment of monitoring in a contact center: A system for automated assignment of monitoring customer-agent interactions is provided. A metadata extraction module configured to extract metadata related to each of a plurality of customer-agent interactions is disclosed. Further, a resource attribute collection module configured to collect attributes about each of a plurality of supervisor resources in the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150098561 - System and method for real-time monitoring of a contact center using a mobile computer: A system and method is provided for monitoring a contact center in real-time. An overview page may be displayed providing information associated with a plurality of agents in a contact center including real-time status information indicating that one or more of the plurality of agents are currently involved in customer... Agent: Nice-systems Ltd.

20150098562 - Voltage regulator with charge pump for generating second voltage source: A voltage regulator includes a switch coupled between an input voltage terminal and an energy storage element, a first output capacitor coupled to a first node defined between the switch and the energy storage element, the first capacitor being coupled to a first output voltage terminal, a charge pump circuit... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150092928 - Emergency incident categorization and alerting: A method and system for identifying and addressing community issues that burden the emergency response system, the method including receiving an electronic report for an incident, matching a person or location identifier from the electronic report with patient-centric data from a database, and providing an alert to a specialized caregiver... Agent:

20150092929 - Dynamic modification of automated communication systems: A script for an interactive communication is dynamically adjusted during the interactive communication. The interactive communication is monitored over a communication network using a computer with a processor and memory for input during the interactive communication. Input incompatible with a script for the interactive communication is detected for the interactive... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150092931 - Methods and systems for obtaining profile information from individuals using automation: Methods and systems obtain profile information from individuals using automation to select and provide the questions that are given to the individual. The answers the individuals provide to the questions can then be used to generate the profile information. Subsequent questions are selected and presented according to analysis of the... Agent:

20150092930 - System and method for routing a communication utilizing scoring: A system and method are presented for routing a communication through monitoring one or more of words and voice characteristics of a communicant during an interaction. A communication may be handled based on a score. A score may be calculated based on several factors that are analyzed during an interaction,... Agent: Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

20150092932 - Personal allowed number system: A system and method for preventing or facilitating communications between individuals who reside in detention environments (such as e.g., prisons or correctional facilities) and individuals who are not in such detention environments using an automated authentication or verification.... Agent:

20150092933 - Stopping robocalls: A robocall is prevented from reaching a telephone subscriber, by an automated calling screening system that tests for presence of a human caller on the line, and disconnects calls absent a predetermined response. Audio messages to stymy a robocaller but answerable by a human are used, such as Broadway-style singing... Agent:

20150092934 - System and method for coordinated call-back revocation: System and method to revoke call-back requests, the method including: transmitting a plurality of communication requests from a caller to one or more callees; determining mootness of a request for a call-back from at least some of the callees; initiating, by use of a single command, a plurality of call-back... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150092935 - Telecommunications addressing system and method: A telecommunications addressing system/method allowing selection of a telephone instrument device (TID) using arbitrary identifiers is disclosed. The system/method allows a source TID (STD) to select a target TID (TTD) by the use of a Target Telephone Identifier (TTI) data string rather than a traditional numeric telephone identification (NTI). This... Agent:

20150092936 - Request process optimization and management: A method of optimizing and managing processes for responding to requests (such as claims for benefits, or insurance applications) includes creating a process definition, performing an optimization of a resource employed for the process, and developing recommendations for process design or execution based on the simulation and optimization. In some... Agent:

20150092937 - Accessible and updateable service records: A first component of a service is provided via a first communications mode by an automated agent to a requester who is a recipient of the first component. After the first component is provided, a record of the first component is provided from a memory controlled by a provider of... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150092938 - Method, apparatus, and system for providing ripple reduction using near term simulation for optional sequencing: A contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. A ripple reduction mechanism is disclosed that provides an interval and evaluates and matches work items that come in until the interval expires. Once the interval expires, the ripple reduction mechanism in concert with a... Agent: Avaya Inc.

03/26/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150085994 - Cable damage detection: A system for monitoring connection status of a cable in a network comprising a detector operationally connected to the cable, a metal line test module, and a processor for receiving from the detector one or more connection status reports about connection of the cable to a network node, and configured... Agent:

20150085995 - Selt and delt based diagnostic methods & systems for twisted pair telephone lines: Methods and systems to improve accuracy and fault detection capability of automated line diagnostics through at least one of: joint processing of SELT and DELT data; comparisons of relative strengths of peaks and/or dips to envelope and/or peaks to dips in a time domain echo response; and iterative diagnostics whereby... Agent: Adaptive Spectrum And Signal Alignment, Inc.

20150085996 - Diagnostic methods for twisted pair telephone lines based on line data distribution analysis: Methods and systems for twisted pair telephone line diagnostics based on patterns of line data occurring over time. An observed data distribution is classified as periodic or based on modeled distributions previously determined to correspond to a known line activity, fault type, or fault location. A disruption or parameter value... Agent: Adaptive Spectrum And Signal Alignment, Inc.

20150085997 - Answering or releasing emergency calls from a map display for an emergency services platform: A method and system of emergency call management is provided. Emergency calls received at an emergency service platform (ESP) through one or more communication networks are associated with location information. The location information is identified to a map server through an i3 event logging protocol to be displayed on graphical... Agent:

20150085998 - Bidirectional remote user interface for hmi/scada using interactive voice phone calls: A two-way voice interface allows communication by telephone between a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and a human operator. A phone-HMI gateway communicates with the SCADA system through an application programming interface (API), composes messages to the operator in text format and interprets text derived from voice commands... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20150085999 - System and method for tracking persons of interest via voiceprint: Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer readable media for tracking a person of interest. The method embodiment comprises identifying a person of interest, capturing a voiceprint of the person of interest, comparing a received voiceprint of a caller with the voiceprint of the person of interest, and tracking the caller... Agent:

20150086000 - Real-time voice paging voice augmented caller id / ring tone alias: A communication device and method can include one or more processors operatively coupled to memory and an audible output device, where the one or more processors receive a call from a calling party that includes caller identification information and a voice paging message associated with the caller identification information, presenting... Agent:

20150086001 - Identifying and filtering incoming telephone calls to enhance privacy: A method for filtering a telephone call is provided. The method may comprise receiving from a caller the telephone call directed to a communication device associated with an intended call recipient. The received telephone call may be scored based on predetermined scoring criteria to create a score indicative of a... Agent:

20150086003 - Behavioral performance analysis using four-dimensional graphs: A computing device obtains call data for multiple calls received at a call center and plots individual calls of the multiple calls, based on the call data, against three behavioral measures related to agent activities. The computing device identifies an optimal zone, among the plotted individual calls, for a selected... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150086002 - System and method for managing outbound interactions: A method and system for managing a plurality of outbound interactions is provided. The system comprises an interaction management platform and a parallel predictive dialer. The parallel predictive dialer comprises multiple predictive dialers. The interaction management platform classifies multiple contacts into contact groups based on contact classification criteria and classifies... Agent: Drishti-soft Solutions Pvt, Ltd.

20150086004 - Selective mapping of callers in a call center routing system: Systems and methods are disclosed for routing callers to agents in a contact center, along with an intelligent routing system. An exemplary method includes mapping a first portion (or fraction) of callers to agents according to a performance and/or pattern matching algorithm based on comparing caller data associated with the... Agent: Satmap International Holdings Limited

20150086005 - Audio signal processing in a communication system: Communications equipment for use by a call centre to enable communications between the call centre and one or more user devices is provided, with the communications equipment comprising audio processing circuitry for processing audio signals received from the user devices over a communications network, wherein the processing circuitry is configured... Agent:

20150086006 - Echo suppressor using past echo path characteristics for updating: In an echo suppressor, a frequency bin component detector compares a far-end signal amplitude spectrum with a threshold value for each frequency bin to determine whether or not each frequency bin includes a frequency component. A frequency bin echo path characteristic estimator uses the far-end signal amplitude spectrum in the... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

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