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Telephonic communications

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08/07/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140219425 - Systems, methods, and devices for testing communication lines: The invention generally relates to systems, devices, and methods for testing communication lines. In certain aspects, the invention provides systems and devices that include a digital/analog converter configured to operate with a computer processor and memory to send or receive an analog signal over a communication line that includes a... Agent: Intelligent Decisions, Inc.

20140219426 - On-hold message system: A programmable in-the-skin or intelligently connected message on hold delivery system is disclosed which comprises a message storage system and a processor for generating prompts which are transmitted to a control device. The prompts are received at the control device and allow an operator to select from a number of... Agent: Info-hold, Inc.

20140219427 - Eliminating false audio associated with voip communications: Embodiments are directed to eliminating false audio using an egress gateway in a communications network. At least one false audio packet is received by an egress gateway. The false audio packet includes false audio. A DTMF packet is received by the egress gateway. The DTMF packet is received subsequent to... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140219428 - System and method for document transmission and routing with recipient control: Techniques for transmitting information to a recipient under their control are described. In some situations, the techniques are used in conjunction with a fax delivery system to provide, as part of a connection established to perform a fax transmission, a variety of functionalities to a human recipient that is participating... Agent: Open Text S.a.

20140219429 - System and method for automated customer feedback: A system and method for automated customer feedback allows for automatically collecting and analyzing customer feedback data regarding customer satisfaction and customer task completion with respect to self-service applications and live agents. When contacting a customer service center, customers provide one or more customer tasks. The customers are routed within... Agent:

20140219430 - Electronic system and method for screening incoming communications: The present invention relates generally to electronic systems and methods for screening incoming phone calls and more particularly to a system and method of hosting a cloud synced database of authorized or unauthorized callers, phone numbers, or numbers associated with unauthorized merchant identification numbers which is a solution to robo-calling... Agent:

20140219431 - Method and system for communication: A method and system for establishing a communication session between a plurality of communication terminals in an intercom system is disclosed. One of the communication terminals is associated with a room, dwelling, residence, or building structure and is configured to generate a request for establishing a communication session with one... Agent: Axxess Industries Inc.

20140219432 - Telecommunications technology: A telecommunications system for use in a secure facility such as a jail, prison or the like. The systems, devices and methods disclosed provide telecommunications, email, other messaging, financial services, vending, and commissary or canteen services for inmates of a secure facility with respect to family, friends and others. The... Agent:

20140219434 - Methods, apparatuses, and systems for generating an action item in response to a detected audio trigger during a conversation: Embodiments include methods, apparatuses, and systems for generating an action item in response to a detected audio trigger during a conversation. Embodiments relate to generation of one or more action items in response to detection of an audio trigger, such as a spoken command, keyword, audio tone or other indicator,... Agent:

20140219435 - System and method for transferring a call bridge between communication devices: An improved system and method are disclosed for conference bridging. In one example, the method enables a device engaged in a conference call as a participant to bridge the conference call and to transfer the bridge to another device engaged in the conference call as a participant.... Agent: Damaka, Inc.

20140219433 - Timeline interface for multi-modal collaboration: A system, method, and computer readable medium are provided to manage a conference. The start of a conference is identified. For example, the start of the conference is identified when a host dials into a conference bridge. A timeline is created for the conference based on a first event that... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140219436 - System and method for generating forecasts and analysis of contact center behavior for planning purposes: A method of predicting expected performance of a processing center system is accessed. The method includes receiving performance information from a performance monitoring system associated with the processing center system. A computer model of the processing center system is developed based on the performance information. The method further includes generating... Agent: Bay Bridge Decision Technologies, Inc.

20140219437 - Interaction management: A company/organization is enabled to optimize sessions from an agent's perspective across multiple channels. Actions may be performed, such as monitoring the journey of a user across a self service application, raising alerts to the agent based on the journey, selecting an appropriate agent to whom a session may be... Agent:

20140219438 - Systems and methods involving real-time communications platforms and/or processing: Systems and methods are provided for obtaining and providing data about a phone call to a representative. A data repository can be used as transient storage while a phone call is ongoing (and possibly for some time afterwards). Data can be retrieved and stored in the data repository, as well... Agent: Ringdna, Inc.

20140219439 - System and method for automating skillset additions: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for updating customer service agent skillset definitions within a customer relationship management system. According to one embodiment, updating a skillset definition for an agent in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can comprise defining an initial skillset for the agent including indications... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140219440 - System and method for modifying or disabling the ringtone for an incoming call based on the existence or nonexistence of previous calls from the same caller: The present invention provides a system for managing and disabling phone ring tone profiles, the system comprising: a. a storage system comprising (a) a plurality of ringtones adapted to be activated when an incoming call is made; and, (b) at least one list of identified callers; b. processor to execute... Agent:

20140219441 - Voice echo cancellation method and system: A Voice Echo Cancellation system and process are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the present invention comprises an input audio source that is converted to a digital signal via a PCM convertor where the amplitude of the input audio source is sampled at regular intervals and translated into digital PCM... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

07/31/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140205075 - Mobile automatic location identification (ali) for first responders: Automatic Location Indication (ALI) data is digitally transferred from a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to a first responder via a web site accessed by the first responder. The web site lists each live E911 call within their jurisdiction, and appends the caller's ALI and/or other location data relative to... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140205076 - Responding to incoming calls: A method and device for responding to an incoming call. A first device detects an incoming call from a caller. In response to detecting the incoming call, an indication of the incoming call is sent to a second device different from the first device. The indication identifies the caller. A... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140205077 - System and method for biometric identification of a call originator: An embodiment according to the invention provides automatic discovery, via Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Voice Biometrics, of the identification of a caller, when the caller is making a phone call from, for example, a residential line. The caller may, for example, initiate a phone call by voice request to... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20140205078 - System for facilitating loosely configured service worker groups in a dynamic call center environment: A system for soliciting and activating one or more groups of workers to service contact center business includes an interface accessible to the one or more groups for accepting group registration data, publishing contact center business and for enabling the groups to subscribe to receive business; a data repository for... Agent: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

20140205079 - System, method and program for setting wage for call center personnel: System, method and program product for dynamically setting a wage offered to a multiplicity of inactive call center personnel. First program instructions automatically estimate a wait time for calls to a call center. The calls are handled by a plurality of active call center personnel. Second program instructions automatically determine... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205080 - Managing interactive communications campaigns with customer recovery: A campaign strategy manager (CSM) component for a hosted communications campaign system allows users to define more granular and specific campaign strategies, including pass escalation for alternative channels (e.g., text and email) and/or based upon attempt results, contact attributes and response group data. The campaign strategy manager allows users to... Agent: Soundbite Communications, Inc.

20140205081 - Method and system for managing interactive communications campaigns with call pacing: A Web-based hosted system through which business entities create and manage communications campaigns. The system carries out a communications campaign on behalf of a client. A campaign is a series of calls to a contact list using one or more sub-campaigns. A sub-campaign associates a list of contacts, a script,... Agent: Soundbite Communications, Inc.

20140205082 - Methods and systems for reducing crosstalk: At least one example embodiment discloses a method of reducing crosstalk interference in a system having a plurality of communication paths. The method includes obtaining a plurality of signal values corresponding to a set of active communication paths, the active communication paths being a subset of the plurality of communication... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140198902 - Method and system for determining a number of load coils in a transmission line: A method and system for determining a number of load coils in a transmission line are provided. An impulse response of the transmission line is calculated from a characteristic impedance of the transmission line. A number of complex conjugate pole pairs of a transfer function of the impulse response is... Agent:

20140198903 - Method and apparatus for selective silencing of telephone ringing: A system and method for a selective ring silencer that prevents people from having to listen to the telephone ring on and on with nuisance calls. The ringer silencer can be: (1) discretely constructed from a telephone, (2) part of a telecommunication device, or (3) part of a central telephone... Agent:

20140198904 - Telephone number sharing configuration: A system and a method are disclosed for providing telephone number sharing services to subscribers over public switched telephone network or data network. The disclosed system maintains a bank of reusable caller identifiers (IDs). The system receives call details of a call from a subscriber of the system. The call... Agent: Magicjack Vocaltec., Ltd.

20140198905 - System and method for self-service callback modification: A system and method are presented for self-service callback modification. A user may request a callback. A unique confirmation identifier may be issued which may be used by the system to look up the callback record. A user may modify their callback request at any time during the callback process... Agent: Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

20140198906 - Systems and methods for providing answering services: The present invention includes a method and system for the management and routing of telecommunications information on data and telephone lines. In one exemplary embodiment in accordance with the present invention, a flexible system whereby business information is correlated to a user's telephone number is provided. In another exemplary embodiment,... Agent: New I.p. Investments, LLC

20140198907 - Outward calling method for public telephone networks: A call management device is connected between a standard push button or rotary dial telephone and a public telephone network, and it operates to place (dial) calls on the public telephone network. The call management device maintains a telephone book that can be used to look up a phone number... Agent: Nvideon, Inc.

20140198908 - System and method for dynamic phone extension synchronization between call control devices: Systems and methods described herein may allow for the sharing of routing information among call control devices. The routing information may be stored in an information repository, where call control devices may access the routing information as needed. The information repository may be centrally located for centralized access by call... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140198909 - System and method for a digital network for switching web service messages: The present system and method comprises an improved marketplace for providing and consuming services. Using the present system, generally via one or more APIs, comprises a method for integrating value added services within a network of participants, for instance, a payment network. The network can use service switching capabilities to... Agent:

20140198910 - System and method for enabling tracking of contract provisions in a service message switching marketplace: The present system and method comprises an improved marketplace for providing and consuming services. Using the present system, generally via one or more APIs, comprises a method for integrating value added services within a network of participants, for instance, a payment network. The network can use service switching capabilities to... Agent:

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